Best Cooking Spoon Set Black

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1. Utensils CHEF Heat Resistant Nonstick Cookware

Utensils CHEF Heat Resistant Nonstick Cookware

Adding a steel core to each kitchenware will maintain an optimal memory state. Never warp. And full of flexibility. There are no gaps to capture food. They only use the highest quality materials in their production, making sure the utensils will last for years to come. Common cookware set could meet your needs, like serving, cooking, scraper, frying, mixing, and pasta server. Kitchen utensils are made of food-graded silicone, No worries about toxic materials or coating leeching into your food, No peculiar smell, No musty or no chipping, Smooth silicone head ensure scratch-free to protect your non-stick cookware, Proper. Turner can serve hot soup, hot butter or hot chocolate sauce with a silicone spoon or spatula that is heat resistant up to . The big hole on the handle end for easy to hang on the pothook, also can put them in your holder, maximizes the use of the utensil. One-piece seamless design come with no dead corner to prevent the build up of food, Silicone surface make it released food easily, easy clean by hand-rinsing utensil under running water and wipe by sponge or dishcloth, Rust free and warp resistant, Dishwasher safe.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤The set I had from Target was starting to be too flimsy, they are plastic and the handle and the body are separate pieces, and where they are joined is a bit too much from the pressure I'd put on them. Silicone utensils were my first choice because I use non-stick ceramic coated pans so I don't want metal that will scratch. I chose these because of their design and price. When I opened the box for these, I was struck with a strong tire store smell and I knew they were not real silicone tools. I washed them thoroughly. They were fine after, but they are not real silicone. There is a I'm happy with the design. The ladel is a good choice if you want a bigger scoop. The spatula head was my main concern. Many of these spatulas/turners are very thick, which can cause softer foods, like a burger, to tear or break apart when trying to get under it to flip. The spatula in this set is not as thin as a plastic or metal spatula, but it seems like it will work. The material is very rigid and can be used to get between food and a pan to flip it. There is a These are very easy to clean. After cooking, a coating of olive oil can be easily cleaned off with simple dish soap. The products are good for the price, but keep in mind the low price. Some people who cook their own meals at home are fine with them being small.

👤This set is inexpensive. The spoons are small, as other reviewers have noted. I get two portions at the beginning. Not a dealbreaker. Silicone from end to end, they stand up to heat, and there's a choice for anything you want to do when you're cooking. I recommend.

👤I am very happy with these. The two spoons are pretty small, but the only downside is that. I can only use them for stirring and not serving.

👤Silicone utensils can be a hit or miss, but these are sturdy and hold up well, and I have used them for many years. It was easier to clean than the wooden utensils I had.

👤This complete set is perfect for my kitchen and I was surprised to find it. The teal color is what I needed. The whole set was not much more than the replacement ladle that I was looking for.

👤The quality is amazing. There are a lot of useful utensils. It was well packed and I am impressed with the set.

👤I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it. The food surfaces are shallow and the handles are short.

👤I love my new utensils. They are a perfect accent to my new utensil holder and the exact colour I wanted to have for my kitchen. It is very sturdy and easy to clean.

2. OXO 1190600 Grips Nylon Spoon

OXO 1190600 Grips Nylon Spoon

It's safe for non-stick cookware. It's perfect for soups, sauces and stew. Non-stick cookware is safe with Sturdy nylon. It is heat resistant to 450oF. The grip is soft and comfortable. The metal accents add style.

Brand: Oxo

👤I was trying to get a piece of pot pie out of the tin. When I can't find the spoon in the room, it cracks in half, and the sharp edge ripped a chunk out of my finger. It's not cool. The spoon, pot pie and finger are attached.

👤I have bought Oxo before and liked it. I got a new one. The metal ring connects the handle. The ring is not strong. It leaks out soapy water when I remove it from the dishwasher. I tried to get all the water out, but when I used it to cook I decided it was time to go! There was a lot of liquid in that area. Yuck!

👤Kitchen implements that are easy to get right are things that I am picky about. I have used many bad spoons. I launched an effort to find and buy the best kitchen spoon. I bought the Tovolo Silicone spoon. I will stick to the OXO one for now. The perfect middle ground is where this spoon is located, it is either a flat paddle or a deep ladle. The handle is comfortable and it's sturdy enough to stir and lift. I might make the handle a little larger in diameter if I could change one thing. It doesn't have any crevices that food gets stuck in making it. If you leave it propped up on a pan you can melt it, but that feels like a user error and not a design flaw. I put this in the dishwasher and I don't see the material graying over time, so kudos to OXO there. This is the best cheap kitchen spoons you can get and it is nice enough to serve with.

👤Just got a spoon. I like to ladle out soups over a traditional ladle. It is very satisfying to use. The bowl of the spoon is just right, and it scoops out a healthy portion of whatever you are serving. I don't think the handle is too long, but it is an inch too long. Maybe people with larger hands will like it. It is easy to wash. Oxo spoons, ladles, and silicone spatulas don't last for long and I have used them for decades. It could come apart years down the line because of the seam in the spoon where it goes from nylon to silicone. Oxo designs have improved over the years and some tools last longer so I am not too worried. The spoon is very good for daily use.

👤I told my girlfriend that I never needed a spoon in my life, so why spend the money on one? I realized that I had been looking for one for a while, and so I am reviewing a large spoon. I bought Oxo's and surprised my girlfriend when I presented her with a large spoon because Oxo hasn't let me down in the past. She said, 'your so adulting hard now'. I'm reaching towards mid-life. I've made it.

👤I've got 2 of these spoons, but it seems like I can never find a clean one when I need one, so three is the magic number for me. I love everything. The ease at which these products can be washed is more important than the price. I wash them by hand. They are the perfect size for cooking.

3. TeamFar Stainless Non Toxic Dishwasher Heat Resistant

TeamFar Stainless Non Toxic Dishwasher Heat Resistant

If you want to save a lot of money, buy an economical set, it will cater all your needs with their different feature. It's ideal for your daily kitchen cooking tasks, such as frying, baking, whisking, mixing, basting, measuring and serving up the perfect dishes, more economical than buy them separately, perfect gift for people. The dishwasher is safe and easy to use. The Silicone cooking utensil is dishwasher safe, easy to clean by hand, and it is also good for storing in the utensil holder. HEALTHY AND DURABLE: TeamFar kitchen utensils are made of pure steel and food grade silicone, which are healthy for daily use. The cooking utensil set included a spoon, spatula, ladle, tongs, and a brush. Non-scrutch and heat-resistant are included. The kitchen utensils set is heat resistant up to

Brand: Teamfar

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the strength of the utensils. The handles feel solid and the silicone parts don't give while cooking. They hold up well in the dishwasher. I like the bright colors. I think these will last a long time.

👤When we got married, I moved in with my husband and his mother. Since his father's death, he has taken care of her. Poor woman had a lot of things but they were old and she loved the touch of color, so she bought this and it lit up the kitchen.

👤I like the variety of colors but I haven't had a chance to use them. I love the colors in my kitchen, I don't cook very often.

👤It would be nice to be called an amateur cook, but I have avoided burning or melting these tools. I have been turning out decent meals and these are words of high praise.

👤They worked great and were easy to clean.

👤The utensils are flexible. The spatulas are affected by pressure. The rubber handles keep coming off. I think it's worth spending more money to get a better set.

👤There is nothing to dislike about it.

👤Good for the price.

4. Miusco Kitchen Utensils Silicone Cooking

Miusco Kitchen Utensils Silicone Cooking

The range is 50C to 550. C/ It is easy to get the temperature outdoors and indoors with the portable and anti-slip design. The set includes 1 spoon, 1 spoonula, 1 Spatula, and 1 Turner. The best quality material was carefully crafted with the highest standard Silicone and natural Acacia hard wood handle. Their utensils set is very practical and easy to grip because of the top-graded material. Silicone parts can be heat resistant up to 464 degree fahrenheit. Silicone utensils set will protect your cookware from any scratches. Even without any special treatment, the wood can last up to 40 years. The rustic modern style cooking utensils are made of natural wood and each handle has a unique pattern. Clean lines, rustic finishes, and rustic texture give it a timeless appeal. They are a great gift for anyone. The wood should not be exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Do not put them in the dishwasher.

Brand: Miusco

👤The products are pretty. But that is all. We work in the food industry. We tried to use them for home cooking. The wooden handle on the utensils ends loosened within the month making them unreliable to cook with. The wooden handles started to splinter around the month mark, and that's because they started to dry up. This was done under normal household cooking conditions and no use of industrial strength chemicals. I wouldn't recommend it. Attempted to reach out to the manufacturer, but never got a response.

👤Don't buy. I cannot get off the smell. I have washed them three times and they are starting to mold where the wood and silicone meet.

👤The spatulas are not sturdy and I love the concept but they are not sturdy. You can't mix anything with them. It's not hard. I would like for them to be a little more sturdy.

👤I waited two years to write my review. A small piece of the lip of the spatula fell out of it. I don't know what happened but it looks like a small piece has been cut off. I am not sure how this could have happened, I admit that my husband cooks sometimes. I still recommend this product.

👤I was unable to remove the scent from my dish washing detergent even though I tried. I tried everything to remove the smell. Everything. These were thrown in the trash.

👤The wood handles are not made with good quality control, and they are not pretty. Some of the pieces are okay, but others are not connected straight, and the wood is not finished properly. They look nice in my utensil croc, but I had to put paper in the bottom because they are short.

👤I ordered a set in black and it arrived in good shape. Several people got some that weren't put together well, but mine was in perfect shape. They are sturdy enough to scoop and won't scratch pans. The flat spatula is a joke as it's only big enough to hold one small cookie, but the rest of the set is great. The handles are wood, so you don't want to let them sit in liquid for a long period of time, but I have forgotten once or twice and they are not worse for wear. They tend to spot if you don't wash it. I have not had any problems with the dishwasher. These are very much recommended by me.

👤Great product. I was a little hesitant to order the set because I didn't know the company. I am happy I ordered their product. The nice solid wood handles, good quality silicone, and overall built quality were immediately noticed by the person who opened the box. It is worth the purchase price. I find myself reaching for these utensils when I cook, especially since I just purchased new cookware. I would recommend this set to friends and family.

👤I've been looking for a set like this for a while, and I'm happy to say they are perfect. I'm scared to put them in the dishwasher in case the join between wood and Silicone gives way, but hand washing is a breeze, and the spatula is a little thin, so you can't give it. For the most part, I give all parts 5 stars. They are holding up well, but can't say how long they will last. It was unfair to give less because of the chance that they might give up the ghost.

5. Cuisinart SBC 1000FR Blend Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart SBC 1000FR Blend Certified Refurbished

A machine that makes soup, whips up smoothies, and does a lot more. Simply add pre-cut ingredients and the machine will blend and keep the soup warm. Push-button digital controls make it easy to set cooking time and temperature. Three temperature settings bring soup from a gentle boil to a boil. Four speeds, plus stir and pulse functions, blend ingredients to desired consistency.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I was going to use my blender for lunch today. I have everything set up correctly and it won't turn on. I will be giving this back for a full refund.

👤I can blend roasted tomatoes, garlic and basil, cook on high for 20 minutes and pour into canning jars and seal. It saves a lot of clean up.

👤The item wouldn't blend. The mode was soup. The manufacturer was very disappointed.

👤I bought a refurbished blender to try to cut down on waste but it arrived with the glass broken into tiny pieces. When I opened it, there were shards of glass in the kitchen. I will buy items like this in person.

👤I had one before that stopped to work and I really wanted a new one as I drink soup every day, so I was thrilled to find this one again.

👤Returning! This item did not work. When the basic function was not tested, how is it sold as "renewed"? Amazon is still selling it despite other reviewers reporting the same thing. I won't trust "renewed" items again.

👤I was very glad I bought it. It works well and is great for the price.

👤I like the fact that I can put all the ingredients into the blender and make a smooth puree. It is possible to make something delicious in a short time. Looking forward to trying new things.

👤It was in perfect condition. Great product.

6. Countertop CHEF Silicone Utensils Measuring

Countertop CHEF Silicone Utensils Measuring

The mixing and serving spoon has a 100% guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their Silicone Mixing spoon, please contact them, they will provide the best product and service to you. Their black cooking utensils set will meet your all kinds of needs in the kitchen, more convenient for cooking, baking, serving, and mixing. P&P Chef's Kitchen Utensils are made from food-graded Silicone Head and Wooden Handle, and other accessories are made from non-toxic healthy Silicone and plastic. You can use them to make everything, ladling out soup by ladle, stirring fry vegetable by turner, and mixing hot butter and sauce by spatula. The wooden handle and Silicone head have strong connections that won't worry about it breaking down, and Handle Conforms to ergonomics for gripping easily, even if your hand is wet. There are some accessories in their utensil set, which can make your life easier, for example, Basting brush and tong for brushing sauce and picking up hot food, Silicone.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤Nick is already in the silicone spoons and spatulas. There were no children in the house. Just my husband and I. They won't last long.

👤I finally found the perfect color of teal and with wooden handles, and added a butterfly to the sides of the canister, which made it even more beautiful.

👤The wooden handle has a pop of color. They ran through the dishwasher and held up well. If they don't last, will update review.

👤These work well and are very resistant to heat. The price is a great bargain and fun to look at.

👤The container to hold the measuring spoons is ugly. It is a bit weak.

👤Excellent set, thick container, perfect set. It was well made.

👤I like how this product looks and performs.

👤I have used others before, but this is better. It is easy to grip.

7. Utensils Far Non Stick Resistant Spaghetti

Utensils Far Non Stick Resistant Spaghetti

SATISFACTION is guaranteed. The 6 piece cooking utensil set is just enough to perform basic tasks for most home chefs. Silicone is made from high-quality food grade silicone, non-toxic, odorless, and can last longer than plastic kitchen utensils. Silicone head is non-stick and flexible enough to remove food from pots and pans without damaging them. Ensure you have a pleasant cooking journey. Natural wood handle is lightweight and comfortable to the touch, it's designed to prevent heat transfer and avoid the chef's hands from being burned, and it's left out of the dishwasher. It's easy to use and has a hanging loop for easy storage, it's a great gift for Christmas.

Brand: E-far

👤This set is amazing. The silicone quality is great and unlike my other Silicone turning/flipper spatulas, these are likely not to rip. I have used almost all of the utensils in this set. The cheap, narrow, extremely light plastic base is the only thing I don't use because I already have a really great one. The base that came with this is narrow and has holes at the bottom to drain the water, which is perfect for my bottle and straw brushes. It will become your favorite set just by getting it.

👤They are easy to use, won't scratch your nonscratchables, and they are great if you are cooking a stew or flipping burgers. Silicone parts are very stable and won't break on you. Excellent quality. I recommend!

👤Some of the tops were fixed with glue after they came off the wood. It looked like it was rotting wood. I don't recommend soaking or washing dishes.

👤I love my new kitchen utensils. They are pretty. This set is very nice. It has everything I need.

👤The cooking utensils are sturdy. I bought these for my Gramma for Christmas and I'm getting mom a set as well. They won't scratch your pans.

👤I needed some new utensils to use with my new pots and pans. Didn't expect much, as Amazon can be hit or miss. I am very happy with them, they are very sturdy and heat resistant. I used them right away after washing them. I've only used them a couple times but I can tell they are going to last and I would buy them for a gift.

👤I gave these to a client as part of my closing gift. I can't tell you the heat resistance or use, but they looked sturdy when I took them out. I will buy these again.

👤I don't know what kind of Silicone it is, but when I use it to stir oil in the fryer, the new oil starts to get very foamy.

8. AOOSY Advanced Performance Perforated Stainless

AOOSY Advanced Performance Perforated Stainless

We are dedicated to creating elevated, high- functioning kitchen tools that balance practicality and elegance, while standing the test of time. Don't hesitate to reach out if you aren't completely satisfied with your life. The 3 Pieces Matte Black Buffet Slotted Spoons and 3 Pieces Matte Black serving spoons are plain and shiny. Service use for dishes like Appetizers, Currys, Salads, Party platter, Fruit tea, Ice cream and more is perfect with serving Styrofoam. Perforated spoon surfaces allow cooks to easily skim and strain food remnants from the entree's natural juices. It's perfect for cooking soups, skimming fat from dishes, and basting meats. The perfect serving utensils set is ideal for food service, picnics, weddings, buffets, holiday dinners, party serving, family reunions and everyday use. A classic white color is perfect for concession stands, cafes, or office break rooms. It is recommended to use neutral detergent to wash it, but do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals to wash it. After cleaning your utensils, make them dry and keep them clean.

Brand: Aoosy

👤I was looking for serving spoons. I always run short at the holidays, so I wanted inexpensive spoons. I have included a photo of regular spoons, iced tea spoon, and measuring spoons. Hope this helps you figure out if the size is right for you.

👤I was looking for a set of serving spoons to have for everyday dinners and holiday dinners. This set serves both purposes and is great. They are a perfect size, bigger than a table spoon, which is what I had been using before. The price is very reasonable. I did not get anything in return for this positive review. I rely on reviews of others when purchasing items from Amazon.

👤The spoons have a heavy feel and a flawless finish. They are a good match for our everyday utensils. There is a The angle of the bowl to the handle is correct and the bowl is unique in shape. Highly recommended!

👤I have problems with serving spoons not being in my kitchen drawers. The dark of my closet does not seem to have many hangers. The spoons arrived on time and were used on the table. They are pretty and awesome to have actual serving spoons. My family and friends will be appearing at all my events because I have already recommended them. Good price for good quality.

👤These spoons are great for serving food. We recently started family style dinners and needed something bigger than the usual big spoon that comes with a set of silverware but smaller than a giant plastic spoon. These spoons fit the bill. It is nice that half the spoons are not straight. They are a good thick metal. It would be very difficult to bend these.

👤These are extra serving spoons that I bought. Three solid, three slot. They are perfect! A photo of one of the spoons next to a serving spoon and standard spoon was included in my regular silverware set. They are a bit lighter than my regular serving spoon. They work well, look nice, and seem durable.

👤These are a nice size and seem to be a good quality for the price. I would have preferred my Mom's old serving spoons as they were still in great condition and were the ones I used to use. I left many items in the kitchen that I needed, such as serving spoons, because my brother was very anxious to have an estate sale before my Mom's house was put up for sale and I ran out of time. The Estate Liquidator only made $350 for us after he deducted his charges for cleaning out the house and I don't think he sold the serving spoons or other kitchen items that I left. I would not be surprised if the stuff I had to replace was donated to Goodwill or put in the trash because I ended up spending more than I earned replacing the items I had left.

👤This spoon is large enough to hold cereals. The handle is large for easier grabbing. It's big enough to sit on a bigger bowl. The head should be rounded for milk. I am still happy.

9. LIANYU 12 Piece Silicone Utensils Dishwasher

LIANYU 12 Piece Silicone Utensils Dishwasher

Prepare for many sessions of exciting cooking. Pan fry or stir fry as much as you want, you can grill, whip cream, stir sauces, mix ingredients, flip eggs, burgers or pancakes. No excuses! An extra utensil holder that allow you to store all your kitchen gadgets in one place, Solid holder base ensures utensils fit properly, circular opening at the bottom ensures that the silicone cooking utensils in the holder is always kept in a dry environment, and an extra utensil holder that allow you to store all Various utensils, 12 pieces set of cooking tools include spatula, skimmer, spoon, slotted spoon, ladle, spoonula, pasta server, tong, basting brush, whisk, utensil holder, meets all your needs for cooking Their black kitchen utensils are made out of food grade silicone which is safe for cooking and would not scratch any pots or pans. It's not a problem to have pieces melting into your food, it's just a matter of being heat resistant and sturdy for everyday cooking. Their silicone cooking utensils set comes with a utensil holder for storage and all the pieces are one piece design, solid construction and easy to clean. Black kitchen utensils are a great gift because they are modern and will keep you in good mood when cooking.

Brand: Lianyu

👤These are very small. There are almost mini versions of the standard sizes. I laughed when I saw that they were being used by small children and not grown adults. They are a one piece design and I like it. I will not be ordering these again if they start to fall apart. I can't recommend them to anyone over the age of 10.

👤I received my item a few days ago and I am very happy with it. I wanted to replace some rubber utensils that I had for a long time. I thought the holder was a bonus. I reached out to the seller of the item I had an issue with and they addressed it immediately. I have been using my items happily.

👤I have been using this product for almost a month and have decided to change my review. There is a The products are small but close enough to a standard size that it isn't an issue with the exception of the spatula and the brush. The main utensils have some give to them. There is a I have had 4 major issues so far. The package was damaged and the box was intact, which is definitely questionable. The box didn't say whether or not the items were dishwasher safe. Which leads me to... The ability to go in the dishwasher is questionable because of the marks on the dish washer. There is a If you sample your food from them, be prepared to taste the smell of your dish detergent because the silicone absorbs it. There is a The silicone on the whisk broke off in one area after less than a month. I think I have only used this utensil twice. I wouldn't buy this again. I think I will invest in better silicone utensils slowly. Gave them 2 stars because they don't melt.

👤I bought these to go with my new cookware set. I was surprised that a few of the utensils were small, since the box was well packaged. There is a That is more than okay. I put them in the dishwasher and took them out and put them in the canister that came with them, and they looked great sitting on my countertop. This was the first purchase that I have made since I began rebuilding my cookware in the kitchen.

👤My daughter is fond of borrowing my actual cooking utensils to play with, but I can't find them. I bought this for her to play with. They are very high quality. I end up using them more and she uses them less. It's a good thing.

👤The set of utensils is nicely colored, they feel great in my hand, and they are gentle on my ceramic coated pans. They are easy to clean and cook with. There is a The purchase is worth it for the little purple spoontula. I didn't see that coming. There is a The little container it comes with is a pretty mint/teal color, but it is just okay. I don't mind because I have a ceramic vase for my kitchen tools, but if you keep them in the bucket, I could see you being frustrated or disappointed. The utensils are light and skinny and not flimsy, so I can see the plastic bucket not staying on the counter when you grab something out of it or tipping over. The actual things you will be holding and using are great if you buy a glass, ceramic or metal holder.

10. LIANYU 15 Piece Utensils Silicone Stainless

LIANYU 15 Piece Utensils Silicone Stainless

Attach utensils holder, their cooking utensils plus holder for convenient storage, each handles of kitchen set have a small hole for hanging, keep your kitchen neat and organized, wonderful gift for wedding, housewarming, thanksgiving, Mother's day, Christmas and more. The set comes with a spoon, spatula, spoon, and spatula holder. Sturdy structure, black silicone with a steel handle, solid and durable for long time use, anti-scalding Silicone handle sleeve protects your hand from burning when cooking, great weight size and comfortable to hold Silicone head is not a problem when using these cooking tools, they are heat resistant up to 446F, perfect for everyday cooking, baking, mixing and stirring, works perfectly when using with heavy foods. Silicone cooking utensils are scratch resistant, they extend the life of your cookware, and they look great in your kitchen. Their cook utensils have a loop at the end of the handle that is easy to hang, and a utensil holder that is attached to the handle so that you can keep your utensils handy.

Brand: Lianyu

👤The color is beautiful. I got the teal set. They are well built and not flimsy. I used about four or five pieces. I they all function just fine. It is a match made in heaven. I used high heat as well and the spatula was undamaged. I hope the lifespan of this set is long because I can immediately see a difference in ease of cooking compared to my old set. It's easy to clean. Nothing really stuck to it. There is a This set is holding up well. It is easy to clean. The kitchen is definitely a game-changer.

👤There are a lot of different utensils. The ends of the silicone are flexible. They are not sturdy to pick up food. Nothing sticks to the silicone when you clean it. Push the handles all the way down over the section of steel. There were gaps at the end of the handle because the grips weren't fully in place. It only takes a minute. There are several sets of similar utensils that are the same as the one from the same factory. I ordered additional spatulas that way, and the additional items complete my set. The colors are the same. I highly recommend this item.

👤I've been using these for a couple months now and the rubber handles on some of them have begun to loosen. The rubber handle on the bowl can spin in your hand making it difficult to stir it. I would not buy them again, I was very disappointed in them, and I would go with a well known brand name. I was hoping to save money, but it was a mistake. There is a After reading this review, the company has kindly refunded my order.

👤The tool set is complete and useful. The color red is great and it looks attractive. The container to hold the utensils is plastic, but it is not as sturdy as it could be, and the handles have rubber sleeves instead of a coating, so if you pull them out they would come off. For the price, it is a great purchase.

👤A nice set of kitchen utensils. They work well and look nice. The sleeve that fits on the end of the utensil handle is a problem, it is already slipping off some of the pieces in my set. I wonder if the water in the sleeve will cause any problems. It is a nice kitchen utensil set.

👤The mango is es de goma. Asa para colgarlo, por lo. There is a El recipiente para mantenerlos juntos es de plastico. There is a No rayan las sartenes, El numero de piezas es suficiente.

👤I love this set. There is a lot of variety in the colors and they are easy to clean. I have the right tool for every meal. I was worried about staining the spaghetti scoop since it is a light pink, but I washed it in the dishwasher and it was as new as new can be. I am very happy with my first set of silicone utensils. They look very cute in my kitchen.

11. TOOKSA Premium Multi Toned Silicone Non Slip

TOOKSA Premium Multi Toned Silicone Non Slip

The one-year warranty policy is flexible. There is a They are proud to offer a full-service return or replacement warranty for up to one year from the date of purchase. Each wood grain has its own odor and is one of a kind. Non-SLIP SILICONE hands. It is recommended to wash your hands. SATISFACTION is guaranteed.

Brand: Tooksa

👤The set seemed to be of good quality when I received it. The first time I used the spatula, it snapped in two. I went back to my old spoon immediately after I saw the rest of the items in the set, as I couldn't speak to the construction of the rest of the items. It is disappointing that the spatula snapped in two. I don't recommend these utensils as they are a dime a dozen from so many manufacturers that there is no reason to bet on the design of this spatula. The square edge under the rubber handle may have been a bad design decision, the intersection appears to be beyond the load capabilities of the material.

👤I was disappointed that these would not be a beautiful product. The woods were different colors, there were pieces of wood hanging off, and the product I got didn't look like the photos. I wish I could come back.

👤When I saw the dark stain on the box and the pictures on it, I was very excited, but when I opened the box, I found all the different wood colors, but not one stained dark like on the box or pictures on here... Such a shame... They are not sending me better ones so I have to ask if they can send me better ones.

👤There is a beautiful set of cooking accessories. Allow for variations in the wood. That is what makes the set great. This won't be what you are looking for. The sound of metal on metal makes me angry. They are not made to go in the dishwasher. After you use them, wash them. It is simple to clean up.

👤These are cute and durable. I like the wooden utensils over the plastic. I absolutely adore these!

👤I didn't put them in the dishwasher or soak them in the sink because of other reviews. The part of the spatula that popped off was washed the second time. Returned.

👤The glue for the rubber handles was still wet and sticky after these came chipping.

👤I love these! They look great in my kitchen. I left a dumb in water for a few hours and it dried out without any issues. It is definitely worth the money.


What is the best product for cooking spoon set black?

Cooking spoon set black products from P&p Chef. In this article about cooking spoon set black you can see why people choose the product. Oxo and Teamfar are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking spoon set black.

What are the best brands for cooking spoon set black?

P&p Chef, Oxo and Teamfar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking spoon set black. Find the detail in this article. Miusco, Amazon Renewed and P&p Chef are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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