Best Cooking Spoon Holder

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1. Ceramic Farmhouse Kitchen Counter Heat Resistant

Ceramic Farmhouse Kitchen Counter Heat Resistant

The GDCZ only makes high-quality ceramics. Quality service is what you should provide. Don't struggle with spoon rests that are too small for your utensils and will still leave your counter messy and full of drips. Their ceramic spoon rest is large enough to hold larger cooking utensils with ease and it also accommodates multiple utensils when rotating. The spoon holder is designed with the sleek text and rustic farmhouse look style and will add a country charm to your kitchen countertops, stovetops or coffee bars. The spoon holder for stove top is perfect for farmhouse decor and kitchen accessories. The spoon rest protects your counter and stove top from messes, because of its unique shape. Ceramic is heat- resistant and has good strength. The spoon rest is heavy to keep it on the counter. When resting spoons, it won't move. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean. It is easy to clean a dishwasher. You can put the spoon in the dishwasher. Life is easy.

Brand: Dayyet

👤Excellent size and easy to clean. They are large enough to hold ladles, spatulas, and even the shells of 8 eggs. I love having one on each side of the stove. When you are cooking, who doesn't need 2? I was worried about these being tough but they have been. They are cute.

👤There was a chip at the edge of it. I am keeping it because it wasn't worth sending back. It's still cute and funny.

👤Everyone comments on my spoon rest. It's perfect for what I needed in my kitchen.

👤This spoon rest is adorable. It is a larger size than most rests spoons. It seems well made.

👤This is a fun addition to the kitchen. Thank you for the nice craftsmanship, I'm glad I bought this.

👤The spoon holder can hold 2 utensils. It works out well.

👤You can put 2 big spoons with the looks of it.

👤It fit on my stove well and held my utensils well.

2. SleepySpoon Rest Pot Lid Holder

SleepySpoon Rest Pot Lid Holder

Please contact them if you have any questions about the utensil crock. They will help you solve the problem until you are satisfied. Keep your countertops clean by using their lid and spoon holder for the stove top. Their curved design and convenient drip catcher keep liquid from spilling out. Buy now and you will receive a bonus Silicone lid lifter. The tool will help to keep the boiling water from bubbling over. This pot lid holder and spoon rest can be used as a sponge holder and a smart phone holder. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Their kitchen accessory is small and lightweight. It is easy to store in your kitchen cabinet without taking up a lot of space. Also makes a great utensil holder. This heat resistant utensil rest for countertops and lid rest is made using sturdy and durable heat resistant plastic. The metal won't crack, warp or break easily.

Brand: Sleepyspoon

👤It is a hard product to make a mistake with and fortunately they did not. Very easy. Comes in two pieces. It is possible to split the two halves again. I wouldn't do it every day. The pieces are firmly attached after being snapped together. The small lid in the picture could hold a lot of larger ones. The product is a bit smaller than expected. It can barely fit my utensils. It is the perfect size since I didn't want to waste counter space. I think it would survive a dishwasher just fine since it is plastic with no interior cavities. There is a slight waviness to the vertical member in the product photo on Amazon, but I don't think it's a problem. It does the job for the price.

👤I bought two of them. One for me and one for a friend. The holder is two pieces. There is a Looks nice. The bottom part of the device works well. There is a I can't use the pan top holder because it doesn't stay together. This is the reason I bought this device. The top part of the device pops off. The cheap plastic hooks don't lock into place. Very disappointing.

👤It is perfect! Even the big glass pan and pot lids can be held by it. We were surprised. The little thing is better than a ceramic spoon rest.

👤I really like this spoon rest. It is large enough to hold your utensils yet small enough to not take up much counter space. The lid lifter is a bonus that I didn't know I needed. I was impressed with its strength. I put a large glass lid in the lid holder to see if it could hold the weight. It did not have a problem at all. A well made, all in one kitchen!

👤I ordered a broken one and it looks like a great idea. The back piece had one tab that was cracked off. I'm not sure if it will stop fitting tight or even break more down the road. I was going to return it. The item is currently unavailable. The manufacturer asks you to leave a review and says they are a family-owned business. Someone is working on quality control. The product is made in the U.S. and is free of the harmful substance. I would like to return for one that is not broken.

👤It's perfect for what I want to use it for. The larger pot lids are not ideal for this. I wish the thing had cups. The novelty wears off and I'm too used to using a spoon to prop it up.

👤I didn't want to see one of those rubber spoons. My mom has one and it doesn't look good. The spoon rest is clean and easy to clean. The fact that this will hold a pan lid was a bonus for me. There is a The little lid-lift guy is too cute for words. I used him the other night when making rice and he worked well and we avoided the rice water boil-over. There is a Definitely a great purchase!

3. Oversized Spoon Rest Kitchen Countertop

Oversized Spoon Rest Kitchen Countertop

Fall in love with this spoon rest! It's perfect for Christmas, thanksgiving, and gifts. Their concept is to protect and care for your kitchen. Please email them any questions at Amazon. They are always at your service. Less clean-up. Let this kitchen spoon rest so it can do the dirty work. A cleaner kitchen can be created with a larger base and raised sides. These spoon rests are designed for the kitchen. It gives your kitchen a clean and fresh look while adding a stylish country feel. Size matters! Don't worry about awkward spoon rests that are too small for your utensils and leave your counter messy. All kitchen utensils will have a place to rest with the large spoon rest. It's easy to clean the kitchen spout holder. It is possible to place it in the dishwasher. The spoon rest is long- lasting and can be used time and time again.

Brand: Ultimate Hostess

👤These are about 5 inches wide. They are the perfect size to use when you need a small plate for a snack but don't want to clean up a large plate. I immediately bought 2 more sets because I wanted to use them for spoon resets or snack plates and have backups in the dishwasher. I like that they don't have a long handle. Storage is not as easy to clean as ceramic because the long handle gets in the way when not in use. I have metal and Silicone spoon rests. I'm getting rid of them all and going to these.

👤This is small and not large as thought. It would have been nicer if it was a bit bigger. It could fit inside of my other spoon rest. It's nice, but not what I wanted.

👤The product was clearly represented. I bought it for my daughter because she loved it. It was a great gift idea and it came with two. Can be used on two different kitchens.

👤They are easy to clean and have enough space to pour a fair amount of oil. They are designed to make a mess on the floor if the spoon falls out. One can use more than one spoon. There is a Both my wife and I love to cook, so I bought "Tasty" and "Yum" as a joke. Our food is just that, so I always kid myself that I am "Yum" and she is "Tasty". They make good gifts for the cooks.

👤These are useful. The flatness of them makes it hard for the utensil to roll around, or worse, right off of it. The holder is large enough to hold larger utensils. They are dishwasher safe and come in a pack of two, so you can have one out at all times while the other is being washed. The design on both of them has not faded or chipped, and I throw them in the dishwasher all the time.

👤They are bigger than I anticipated. I didn't know how big it would be in my kitchen. I use one as a spoon rest and the other as a table spoon.

👤I'm very happy with the purchase. It's the perfect size for my spoon, spatula, and tongs. at the same time! There were no annoyances with the drips over the edges. All drippings stay put because they have a lip.

👤I was very pleased with the shipping service and the Durability on the easy to use it with your coffee and tea. No spills... Right size and convenience... If it broke, would you purchase it again?

👤Me gusto mucho. Depende on the tamao de los utensilios. Tengo unos ms pequeos, pero lo tiene una perfeccin.

👤Fcil de usar, ideal! It is related to todo bonito.

👤De buen tamao, bonitos, and prcticos.

👤Lindos y originales. En Cocina, es una gente.

4. Kitchen Utensil Utensils Strainer Slottled

Kitchen Utensil Utensils Strainer Slottled

100% food grade silicone material is heat resistant. It is heat resistant up to 480F. There was no melt. The 9 pack of wooden cooking utensils are organic and healthy. Their wooden kitchen utensil set includes Fried Spatula,Slotted spoon,Soup Ladle,Strainer spoon,Serving spoon,Salad Fork,Mixing spoon,Egg whisk and a steel holder. The wooden spoon set is perfect for your kitchen. Wooden spoon sets are made of one piece of wood. The wooden kitchen cooking utensils will not crack or degrade. The wooden spoons have hole handles for better storage. You can put them in the holder. Warm soapy water is the best way to wash hands. It's heat-resistant and safe. You don't need to worry about the temperature when using the wooden spatula set because wood is good at preventing heat transfer. The long wooden spoons are not dangerous. Non Stick&Won't SCRATCH: The wooden spoon sets are perfect for cooking with non-stick cookware, and the wooden utensils are comfortable to use. Their kitchen utensils set is made of wood. The wok utensils are made of solid, one-piece teak wood. The gift and knick update is here. This wooden utensils set will allow you to have everything you need for food prep tasks without spending a lot of money or time. It is a great gift for festivals, housewarming party or even Christmas. The wooden kitchen utensils can give your kitchen a retro feel.

Brand: Aiuhi

👤These cooking utensils are beautiful and sturdy, but they are advertised as not having any kind of coating on them and being just burnished wood. The wood is not burnished and has a coating that is not in the description. If there is a chemical coating on the utensils, I am not comfortable putting them in contact with my food. Disappointed with the description.

👤There was mold on the utensils. I ordered a replacement set because it looks really nice and there is no mold on the spoons. I will return for a refund if the replacement is not perfect. There is a Update as of 19 May 2020: Initial rating is 1 star. I ordered a replacement set and it arrived in good condition. I'm happy with them. I am very pleased with the customer service of the seller. I would order again from this seller. The rating has been changed to 5 stars.

👤Silicone utensils kept coming apart, so I bought wooden ones. I love these! They are sturdy and beautiful. Highly recommended! I contacted the seller and she sent out a replacement for the broken one, along with a hand written letter of apology and a gift. If more sellers cared about their customers. Thank you so much!

👤These are good for non-stick pans. They are sturdy and made to last. I put them in the dishwasher to make sure they don't get damaged. The pieces are made of wood and the various shades give them character. They are lightweight and make cooking more efficient. I think they will last for a long time if properly cared for. These are a good wooden utensil set.

👤I have never had a wooden set like this one. I was looking for a nice wooden set, but couldn't find anything close to this set. The wood is beautiful. If you have arthritis, the handles are thicker and have a little weight to them. They are easy to use. I will be giving these as gifts to everyone this year, I was very impressed by the craftsmanship of each piece.

👤I received a new one. I hadn't returned the first order yet, but there was a noticeable weight difference. The last picture shows mold on some of the new order spoons. * The first time I used it, it broke. I bought this set for the whisk. The wood may not be the same for some pieces and the holes may be different. The hanging holes are rough. * I received my original review in the mail. I was looking forward to displaying them, but I am disappointed because I ordered them with the holder.

👤This is not a set that is prone to collapse. The pieces look like they came from a different set. The wood doesn't match between the different sizes. Some of them seem more sturdy than others, but a few feel like matchsticks waiting to break in my hand. I will return these items immediately.

👤I would suggest buying something a little stronger and a little more sturdy after breaking the fork in less than a day.

5. Kitchen Spoon Ceramic Spoon Home Acre Designs

Kitchen Spoon Ceramic Spoon Home Acre Designs

Unlike wood or bamboo, these nonporous boards are easy to clean and won't splinter, crack or peel, even after many washes. Whether you're making coffee or soup, you need a place to put that spoon down. They've got you covered! Their kitchen spoon rest can hold any spoon from a small one to a large one. Life gets busy, so why complicated it with washing instructions? The spoon holder can be put in the dishwasher. No worries, no sweat, no mess. Counter protectors are used to remove countertop stains and makeshift paper towels. The spoon holder catches drips and drops from your cooking utensil. Vintage design. Those looking for a farmhouse look can stop looking! This spoon and ladle holder is a great way to add a little country charm to your kitchen decor. Use this rest as a coffee spoon holder or tea spoon holder in your living room or dining room for guests, because it looks good everywhere. The options are endless with a sleek design like this.

Brand: Home Acre Designs

👤This is aOON rest. It's designed for regular silverware, but won't fit larger cooking utensils. This is not the size you would find in stores, it is smaller and shorter. There is a It is a wonderful product if that is what you are looking for. It's easy to clean, sturdy, and very heat resistant, and it's perfect for placement on a gas stovetop, even with all the burners on. I am happy with the quality of the product, but was disappointed when I realized it was small. I think you get what you pay for. Save a few bucks and remove a few inches from the item.

👤Glued it when it broke. And then it broke again. I give up. I bought a new one because the first broke. While washing dishes, it dropped out of my hands and fell on the sink. It broke again! There is a If something is fragile, it can't coexist with me. There is a _____ The utensil holder looks the same. The width and length are compatible with all types of cooking tools. I was so pleased with it that I put it in my kitchen. It matches my decor. There is a I dropped the dishes onto the pan and it broke in half. I opened my Amazon app and ordered another one after groaning. There is a This one is worth buying.

👤The spoon rest is adorable and looks great in my kitchen. If you fit a spoon perfectly on the rest, it can hold two spoons, but only one.

👤I didn't really use it because it was just for decor purposes, and the long stem broke when I laid a spoon in it, it was a waste of money.

👤It's a spoon rest. These things should last because it performs that function well. Within a few months the edges were chipping. Touched them with a black sharpie. It is not as strong as other spoon rests. The handle cracked off recently when it was hit around, which may have been a factor, but we have granite or granite-like countertops, which may have been a factor. A spot of glue seems to have fixed it. I'm pretty sure that hand- washing will erode that bond over time. I wouldn't purchase again due to the issues with the ceramic construction, and will probably use something else for future spoon rest needs.

👤There was a small crack on the side of the spoon and there were brown and black paint specks in the center of the spoon. I thought I could get it off, but it's not a good job. I don't want to leave it on my stove.

👤You buy cute products when you're stuck at home and need to make your kitchen more cheerful and charming. It's easy to clean off, it's durable, cute, and even spaghetti sauce comes right off with a little soap and hot water, but I'm not sure it's dishwasher safe. It makes my kitchen look really cute. I highly recommend it.

6. GDCZ Porcelain Utensil Kitchen Colorful

GDCZ Porcelain Utensil Kitchen Colorful

Use this rest as a coffee spoon holder or tea spoon holder in your living room or dining room for guests, because it looks good everywhere. The options are endless with a sleek design like this. The height of the porcelain spoon rest is 8 "L x 3.8" W x 0.8"H. This spoon rest can be used to put down your existing crockery. It is very practical. The spoon rest is very easy to clean. It's dishwasher safe. You can switch between dishwasher and hand washing. Are you still annoyed because there is no place to put the kitchen tools? With the spoon rest, you can keep your kitchen clean from grease and dust. It was very easy to use. It's suitable for a lot of things. Multiple scenarios can be applied to the scene. Professional porcelain production.

Brand: Gdcz

👤I bought this spoon rest at a big name shop a few years ago, but after a few years of use decided to toss it. It was no longer available on their site, so I was happy to find it on Amazon. It is easy to clean. I've already been praised for it. The price is pretty high.

👤My husband doesn't like the idea of having a pretty spoon, cup and spoon rest with your coffee or tea, because he broke my last spoon rest. It's relaxing and just a plain old napkin or saucer is not the same. The spoon rest is beautiful to look at.

👤It's colorful, yet classy. The red whistling kettle is sitting on the stove.

👤It is very beautiful. My wife loved it, but it didn't have a hole at the end of the handle to hang it up.

👤The spoon rest is very colorful. It was a nice addition to my stove.

👤Good purchase! I like having a spoon rest. It's my backup when the main one is dirty. It works great in the dishwasher. I recommend this.

👤It is just beautiful. It adds color to my kitchen.

👤It was pretty but not worth the price.

7. Home Acre Designs Embossed Spoon

Home Acre Designs Embossed Spoon

Protect your kitchen surfaces by placing your spoon or utensil in a place that is safe from messes. Whether you're making coffee or soup, you need a place to put that spoon down. They've got you covered! Their kitchen spoon rest can hold any spoon from a small one to a large one. Life gets busy, so why complicated it with washing instructions? The spoon holder can be put in the dishwasher. No worries, no sweat, no mess. Counter protectors are used to remove countertop stains and makeshift paper towels. The spoon holder catches drips and drops from your cooking utensil. Vintage design. Those looking for a farmhouse look can stop looking! This spoon and ladle holder is a great way to add a little country charm to your kitchen decor. Use this rest as a coffee spoon holder or tea spoon holder in your living room or dining room for guests, because it looks good everywhere. The options are endless with a sleek design like this.

Brand: Home Acre Designs

👤My new countertops have a nice addition. I have seen a lot of spoon rests with pictures or cutsie sayings on them in the stores. The new countertop and blacksplash are the center of attention. The white color is great and the design adds texture.

👤I bought a spoon for a friend after I ordered a similar one for myself. The spoon is easy to keep clean. My friend likes it too.

👤The size is perfect and just as described.

👤Good quality, sturdy, and looks great!

👤I haven't used my spoon rest yet. It's pretty and seems to have been made well.

👤The spoon rest is a bit thicker than my old one, but it does the job and looks nice by my stove.

8. LIANYU Stainless Spatula Holder Dishwasher

LIANYU Stainless Spatula Holder Dishwasher

It's great for gift giving. Many home chefs don't think to purchase a spoon rest for themselves. A good stove top spoon holder is an excellent gift. Every time someone looks at their sparkling clean counter, they'll appreciate a practical gift like this. The spoon holder is large and wide, perfect for resting large and small spoons, ladles, spatulas and any other kitchen cooking utensils. The spoon rest is made of thick gaugestainless steel and is a great alternative to the constant broken ceramic spoon rest. The handle base is well balanced to hold utensils, deep enough to keep your counter and stovetop clean. The spatula rest is stylish and sleek, and it goes perfect with any kitchen appliance. The ladle spoon rest is easy to clean, it's versatile, nice sturdy and can be used for kitchen, stove top, counter, coffee station, bar, camping and the buffet table set up for festivals.

Brand: Lianyu

👤I was tired of wasting paper towels or hanging spoons from the sink. It's easy to question why something like this exists. You don't realize how much time and energy you waste trying to figure out what to do with a utensil until you have it. I wanted something simple and durable. It should be easy to clean and endure intense scrubbing and heat. This thing is what it looks like. There is a The official product pictures are not real. It looks and feels like I wanted it to. In case that's important to you, I included horizontal dimensions.

👤We had to replace breakable spoon rests in the past. I can't imagine how we could break this spoon rest. It looks great sitting on a stove made of steel.

👤I was anxious to try this model because I have broken many spoon rests. It's a great addition to our stove top as it can handle all of our needs for a quick spot to place a spoon or spatula. It should last for many years and not cause any problems.

👤I liked it so much that I bought another one. I wanted something attractive that I could leave on the counter and I was tired of laying my mixing spoons on paper towels. These work well. Sturdy and nice looking. I washed my dishwasher by hand with no issues.

👤It's a strange thing. The way they bend the end makes it weird and makes it difficult to move. No 90 bends, my old one was wrapped around. It's well made and you can catch everything when you move it. I don't like the handle. Don't do the weird jag, Tuck it in and loop it.

👤I didn't have it long before it was spotted and the marks won't come off. I don't think this is a piece of steel, it's not heavy and tends to move when you place a spoon on it. It is not well weighted at the bottom.

👤I like this spoon rest. It's great for laying down spatulas, spoons, or other stirring tools. It helps to prevent the run-off from getting onto the stove. There is a This is something else to clean, but at least it's not on the stove, which can be difficult.

👤The spoon holder is easy to clean. This spoon holder is large enough to hold my large spoons and other cooking utensils. My kitchen is very similar to the farmhouse style, it looks nice and matches the items on my counter. I think it's a good idea.

👤The suo punto di forza is the praticit. Spazio perfetto, ma se i potrebbe risultare eccessiva. Un ambiente dove ci sono rifiniture. There is lavabile in lavastoviglie.

👤In tutto, perfetto. I pu anche appendere sulla barra porta mestoli. It is Utilissimo e Pratico.

👤Cattiva qualit, ha diversi graffi e soprattutto grossi segni di lavorazione. Anche senza. La forma non giusta, il fondo del "cucchiaio" non allineato col supporto nel "manico" e traballa sul piano.

9. RADICALn Handmade Marble Spatula Utensil

RADICALn Handmade Marble Spatula Utensil

A special deep U-shaped design holds the lid in place when used as a pot holder. The small pans/pots remain stable in the tier without slipping, and the rubber tube prevents the pan from moving, thanks to the deep U shape. The spoon rest is made of marble. Comes with branded packaging. The width is 5.25 Inches. The length is 8 Inches. The height is 0.7 inches. A strong base is easy to use. It can resist hot utensils without being damaged. It can be used as a serving tray. It is easy to clean. The marble spoon rest can be cleaned with a soft cloth.

Brand: Radicaln

👤This spoon rest is perfect for people who want a bigger place to sit their spoon while cooking, or for people who want a 10lb item to kill a zombie. I like it. The only thing I have left to cook is the spoon rest, and I often fantasize about someone breaking in. I use my dancer-like movements to turn a full circle and backhand him after grabbing it. He had a life of crime, and I had to finish my spaghetti sauce. This thing is for sale. It is awesome.

👤I looked for Porcelain after chipping the edges of Ceramic spoon holders. When I ordered this marble, I didn't know what I was ordering, it was in a small box, and I was told it would not break if thrown off a cliff. I slit open the box and found a bag of dried chives on top of the other items. I did laugh too hard.

👤It was clearly broken and repaired. There is a crack all the way through the new packaging. I would give it a better rating if it hadn't arrived in this condition. It's a nice piece.

👤Customer service is great. I took my spoon rest out of the package. It slipped out of my hand and hit my counter top. The little info card that came with the website said it would be 30 days. They were very responsive and will send me a new spoon rest without me having to return the one I chipped. As far as quality. It's somewhat fragile but beautiful. Definitely classes in the kitchen.

👤I wanted a bigger spoon rest so I could put more than one utensil on it at once. This one is wide and heavy and flat enough to not move or unbalance. Haven't tried to clean it much yet, so I can't say how it stands up. Very happy. Better than similar items at the store. I saw some reviews that said they had been broken and mended, but this doesn't seem to have been broken at any point. I made sure it was returnable.

👤This chunk of black and white marble is very pretty and easy to wipe off with a sponge. It's not necessary to put it in a heated dishwasher. There are rubber pads. If you dropped from 4', it would chip or break. We keep it by our stove because there are rubber pads on the bottom. It's nice to leave out.

👤Bigger than I had thought, but in a good way. It was easy to wipe down. The bottom of it has pads on it so it doesn't scratch my stove. I love it!

👤I loved this spoon rest. I wanted something that would fit a spoon. This is bigger than I thought it was.

👤It works and fits.

👤The quality of the spoon rest was really good. Excellent and would recommend.

👤It has a cheap edge and scratch on the surface.

👤I like the marble piece on my kitchen counter. It is heavy so it does not move or slip on the counter. The marble is easy to clean. This product is recommended by me.

10. Cuisinart SBC 1000FR Blend Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart SBC 1000FR Blend Certified Refurbished

A machine that makes soup, whips up smoothies, and does a lot more. Simply add pre-cut ingredients and the machine will blend and keep the soup warm. Push-button digital controls make it easy to set cooking time and temperature. Three temperature settings bring soup from a gentle boil to a boil. Four speeds, plus stir and pulse functions, blend ingredients to desired consistency.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤I was going to use my blender for lunch today. I have everything set up correctly and it won't turn on. I will be giving this back for a full refund.

👤I can blend roasted tomatoes, garlic and basil, cook on high for 20 minutes and pour into canning jars and seal. It saves a lot of clean up.

👤The item wouldn't blend. The mode was soup. The manufacturer was very disappointed.

👤I bought a refurbished blender to try to cut down on waste but it arrived with the glass broken into tiny pieces. When I opened it, there were shards of glass in the kitchen. I will buy items like this in person.

👤I had one before that stopped to work and I really wanted a new one as I drink soup every day, so I was thrilled to find this one again.

👤Returning! This item did not work. When the basic function was not tested, how is it sold as "renewed"? Amazon is still selling it despite other reviewers reporting the same thing. I won't trust "renewed" items again.

👤I was very glad I bought it. It works well and is great for the price.

👤I like the fact that I can put all the ingredients into the blender and make a smooth puree. It is possible to make something delicious in a short time. Looking forward to trying new things.

👤It was in perfect condition. Great product.

11. Oggi 7048 Stainless Steel Spoon

Oggi 7048 Stainless Steel Spoon

Hand-wash is recommended to extend product life. Clean. The spoon holder prevents messy counter and stove tops. Securing: A long handle holds a kitchen utensil. It isdurable: It is easy to clean a spoon rest with a damp cloth. There is a rumor. The design and colors of the kitchen accessories are great. The size is 8.25 x 4.5 and will fit kitchen spatulas, large spoon, ladles and much more.

Brand: Oggi

👤After 2 washings, the top and bottom are rusty. I can't get the rust off and won't use anymore. Oggi 7048 is a 8.25 inch by 4.5 inch spoon rest.

👤I didn't find this product to be heavy. I expected it to be a little bit more stain- resistant, as it gets a lot of traffic when I'm cooking and doesn't always seem to be clean. I have to wash it after every use to prevent permanent stains like my mother did, and I have to scrub it with hot water and then wash it after every use. It's a little awkward, as the handle of the rest is oddly rounded. It serves its purpose and isn't ugly.

👤The cheapest thing you can buy is terrible quality. There are nicks and scratches all over them, and the edges around where the metal was stamped shows obvious marks. If you want a quality piece, don't buy it.

👤The spoon rest is too small for a spatula or a laddle. This is not the point of a spoon rest. The glue on stickers at the front and back is worse. I scratched the rest of the glue when trying to get rid of it. Since it is a food grade item, I don't think it will work. I don't recommend it because it is not the quality I was looking for.

👤I've bought this item twice and they are simple and sweet. I use it everyday after the first one, and it was what I expected. If it were half an inch longer in the handle, it would be better because my utensils would rest in the cup instead of hanging over the end. When I bought the second one, I paid close attention to the advertised dimensions because I wanted a larger one so I could use it as a spatula holder and not have to use the smaller one for spoons. The second one was exactly the same as the first, but the dimensions were either straight up incorrect or presented in a different way.

👤I have been using this for a while. It is as good as new. It will last a long time if not decades. The handle portion has a slight curve. I don't like resting in it. I turn the rest around. A hole in the handle would be the only other improvement suggestion I have.

👤I like the spoon rest. It is easy to clean and will not break when dropped. I kept breaking the ceramic ones, but when I accidentally dropped it, it still looked like the day it came. The brushed steel style is perfect for my other appliances. Couldn't be happier with the product.

👤Me agrada todo lo de the producto, evitas, para mantener todo limpio, soy fanatica de la limpieza.


What is the best product for cooking spoon holder?

Cooking spoon holder products from Dayyet. In this article about cooking spoon holder you can see why people choose the product. Sleepyspoon and Ultimate Hostess are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking spoon holder.

What are the best brands for cooking spoon holder?

Dayyet, Sleepyspoon and Ultimate Hostess are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking spoon holder. Find the detail in this article. Aiuhi, Home Acre Designs and Gdcz are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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