Best Cooking Spatulas Stainless Steel

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1. Norpro 1167 7 5 Inch Spatula Handle

Norpro 1167 7 5 Inch Spatula Handle

It's easy to clean a dishwasher. The measures are 7. 25" X 5" The measurement is 19 cm x 5 cm. 5 cm x 1. The tool is perfect for cutting and serving. The wood handle is comfortable in the hand and made of durable steel. The perfect size for brownies, cookies, lemon bars and other baked goods. It's easy to clean and it's great for casseroles and other square-cut dishes.

Brand: Norpro

👤My mom had a similar one. I went looking for a new one because it is finally starting to loosen up after 50 years. The size and width of the spatula are perfect for square-cut dishes. I would not want to be without it. There is a The spatula Norpro is very similar to the one my mom had. I am very happy that I was able to find a replacement for the old one. I would recommend this in a minute. Next December, family members will receive one in their stockings. The old spatula and the new Norpro spatula are shown side by side.

👤Not like the one I was trying to replace, might be better. I kept a close eye on my little thirty-five cent garage sale brownie server for thirty years. I liked it. It was a part of me. You have a small brush with death, and the loved ones scatter your belongings. I think I will eventually start to care for this little guy, he has great bones, he is sturdy, and he is always on top when I need him. I am sure we can work it out, he is a little rigid, but not what I am used to.

👤A nice spatula. The size of the working portion of a tool is used for description in my world. This isn't quite 8 in length, handle and blade. The size you would use for lifting one cookie is about the size of the working end. I can only imagine it being useful for an EasyBake Oven. I think I can use it as a bondo knife. I don't use it in the kitchen. There is a I left it in the kitchen for a while. I lifted cookies from the baking sheet. It works well. I kept using it on different items and it turned out to be more handier than I thought. I never expected it to be used to remove spatulas and pans from other pots and pans. It has been placed in the top kitchen drawer.

👤The way it's designed made me get this. You need a spatula with rounded corners and a flat edge. It won't scratch the seasoning on the pan, so it's perfect on cast iron. There is a It's a small one and you should read the details. It's perfect to cook up a couple eggs with bacon or sausage. I keep my hook on a cast iron scrubber.

👤It's surprising how well little spatulas work. We usually make 6 eggs or 4 slices of bread for a sandwich, but sometimes we make pancakes. We use them with both of our family's cast irons. They are small with thin handles. I reach for them as frequently as the other spatulas. This one works. Small and thin are great for cooking.

👤I should have looked at the reviews to see how small this spatula is. It looks like a kid's kitchen set.

👤I lost my small pampered chef in a move and haven't been able to find a replacement spatula. I looked everywhere for one the same size and found this one. When cutting cakes and brownies into smaller slices, these are an absolute necessity. I wash it. I use it more than my large spatulas and it lasts longer. The size is perfect and the quality is great.

2. Hiware Stainless Spider Strainer Skimmer

Hiware Stainless Spider Strainer Skimmer

All the major rotisseries like the George Foremans, Hamilton Beach, Ronco, and so on. The heat resistance and resilience is there. The strainer is made of premium food grade 18/8stainless steel which is heat resistant and sturdy, and the material is much safer and more durable than plastic or other materials in the market. DIMENSIONS The bowl has a diameter of 5.4 inches and a depth of 1.6 inches, which makes it perfect for French fries, doughnuts, boiled eggs, hotpot, seafood, chicken soup. The long handle protects you from oil splashing and burning when cooking. The crafted attachment between the handle is stronger and lighter than a solid handle. There is a double canister of oil. The strainer has a unique design. It is faster than a fine mesh strainer, retains the temperature but leaves little oil or water, no more need to endure high temperature, improving efficiency by quick and massive frying and cooking. It's easy to use, store and clean. The utensil is non-stick and doesn't cause any problems. The hanging hole at the end makes it convenient to store and use, so that your kitchen is not cluttered. It is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Hiware

👤I have been without a hand held strainer for many years. I cook a lncolb boil (sausage, potatoes, corn, shrimp and seafood seasoning) once or twice a month and the pot is huge and heavy. Once the shrimp is done, it needs to be strained quickly. I struggle to get the pot poured over the strainer in my sink. I saw someone using a handheld device on a cooking show and ordered it immediately. I now have a quick and easy way to strain this dish after watching the video. It's easy to handle and holds a large amount. I have run it in the dishwasher a few times. Great purchase!

👤I am not disappointed in the least. Under normal use, this will last forever.

👤The product is flimsy metal shipped in a bag, part of the bag had ripped and could be seen through and after opening found the handle bent. This is a definite skip because of the poor quality shipping.

👤After years of cooking, I just recently found out about the "spider strainer". I put it to the test and it worked perfectly, the food came out light and crisp. I will only use this strainer from now on.

👤The strainer works as advertised. It's a good strainer. There is a The handle gets very hot if you are not careful. I burned my hand when I picked up the strainer and it was sitting next to the stove. I would buy a strainer with an insulated handle if I could do it again.

👤I wanted to remove Coconut Beer-battered Shrimp from the hot oil. The inside of my hand, fingers, and palm were burned when I used this item to scoop the food out. The handle should have a barrier between the metal and the skin. My burns are still not healed 3 weeks later.

👤I bought this for my niece. She said it's sturdy and well made. She sent me a picture of it and it looked exactly like the picture on Amazon. I've ordered another one for her. This is a great way to get Spaetzle out of the boiling water so they can squeeze in the next batches of dough.

👤I looked for reviews on to help me with my purchase decision, as I needed something to make retrieving food from stir fried meals or pan fried food easier. I have given this spider a test and found it to be well constructed, and everything about it says quality and great construction. Customer service inquires about my initial experience with their product, as they request my initial experience with their product. I think that this will bode well for great customer service, similar to my experience with Instant Pot. I couldn't find the electrical connection out of the box. They are giving me one for free. I told them that great customer service is more important than a great product. I think the company has the same mentality.

👤It looks good, well made, nice weight, and aesthetically pleasing.

3. RSVP Endurance Stainless Flexible Spatula

RSVP Endurance Stainless Flexible Spatula

Zulay guarantees no hassle with a lifetime guarantee on the Stainless Steel Wok Spatula. If there are ever any issues with this product, please contact them and they will make it right. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. If it does not, they have your back. Chances are you will not need to reach out. The quality material is made with santoprene handle. Functions: It's great for flipping burgers. A long handle with a soft grip is easy to use. You can check out more of their spatulas in different shapes and sizes. Care instructions. It's dishwasher safe. Place securely in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Brand: Rsvp International

👤I want a thin, flexible spatula for eggs. It's very flexible. Not much, not very much. Just perfect. We will see how it works. It's for a bad review if I come back. I can't stop cooking with it if you don't hear from me.

👤I bought it with my money the same as all the items I get from Amazon, so it wasn't free or discounted. There is a We had no metal spatulas. I needed something thin to cook on the center griddle of our gas range. Sausage patties were difficult to make, even though they were thick at the edge, as I had nothing to turn eggs with. This one worked out perfectly. It's very thin metal makes it flexible and perfect for sliding under eggs or sausage patties or hamburger patties without tearing the egg or spilling the yoke.

👤The flexible part could be improved by using a heavier gauge metal. The spatula isn't strong enough to lift a heavier object. The spatula will suddenly flex at a certain point. The smaller version is well proportioned. This larger size would be greatly improved with a heavier gauge blade.

👤I bought this to replace a spatula that was missing. This is a better fit for the smaller skillet that I use most often. It's easier for me to use in a small skillet with this narrower and longer flexy spatula. It's easier to hang from a magnetic hook on my range hood because of the longer, narrower handle. It looks good hanging when not in use. I haven't had a chance to judge it yet, but its attachment points look sturdy on examination.

👤This is my husband's favorite spatula. You might ask, what's a favorite spatula? If he's cooking at work, he makes sure to bring it, if we go on a trip, he'll talk about it, if people come over while he's cooking. The original spatula was purchased 10 years ago and was starting to show wear so I replaced it with this one. I can't tell you how excited he was when he opened the package. This one is holding up just as well as the original.

👤I bought this to replace anOXO 34491 Good Grips Flexible Turner, Medium, which is too thin and flexible in my opinion. The oxo thickness is about 0.050". I think this one could be a hair thicker, but it's the best I've found so far. It's thin enough to slip under a fried egg and sturdy enough to remove scrambled egg from a cast iron pan. 5 stars if it had been a little bit stronger.

👤The spatula is advertised as flexible. It is almost too flexible. It is very thin. It slips under the eggs. Some foods are too heavy to pick up without a spatula. If I had gotten the smaller one, it wouldn't have flexed so much. The spatula tends to pick up a little of the oil when picking up fried food, so I wish it was slotted. Even if it was not slotted, you would probably pick up some of the oil anyway. It's okay. I threw it away a few years ago because the Ekco spatula I used for many years was so old it began to rust. I've been trying to find a replacement ever since. I don't think they make Ekco anymore. This spatula is okay. I'll use it until it breaks or becomes useless. I'll keep looking for the perfect spatula.

4. Chef Craft 10210 Spatula Stainless

Chef Craft 10210 Spatula Stainless

The dishwasher is safe. The dishwasher safe turner makes it easy to clean up. It's made from heavy gauge rust-resistant STAINLESS steel and it feels good reaching for every day. The attractive design with a brushed handle and shiny working end is great to use for serving. A hole in the handle makes hanging and storing easy. After use with any food, the dishwasher is dishwasher safe for easy, quick, and convenient cleaning. Length is perfect for cooking, it provides a large enough distance from your hand to the pot while still providing control.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤Thin and flimsy. It's easy to bend. Cheaply made.

👤The spoon is stamped out of flimsy metal so it will bend almost of the way in. It's its own weight. It hurts to hold it because the edges are sharp. The appearance is used to sell it. This isn't worth the energy or materials used to make it. This is for people who don't need a spoon. Do not buy this if you do. Get something that is not flashy. This product is not good.

👤It's smaller than I expected, but it probably told me that in the description. I was surprised that the edge is curved. The edge of the spatula needs to be straight to get to the bottom of the pan. I leaned it over the edge of the pan, and it slid off, and fell to the floor. I was fortunate to have another spatula. This one is not worth much.

👤The price and workmanship are both good. There is a I wish I could give this a higher rating, but The Handle takes away three stars. There is a The handle is stamped with a curve on the top and a curve on the bottom, similar to the spatula. The thinness and narrowness of the handle makes it hard for me and my wife to hold it. When trying to flip something in the skillet, the feeling is magnified because there is no spatula. There is a The handle is short. Many quality spatulas are longer than this. The spatula is light. There is no balance to the spatula. It was difficult to flip anything heavy because of the unbalanced nature. I can see using this in a situation where it's being used to flip eggs all day, but that's about it.

👤I was looking for a turner with a steel body. A few for a lot of money. Thought of Amazon and found a Prime item for less than $7. There is a I thought I would try it. There is a It is great for the money. I wanted a turner to use in the pan I bought my wife. There is a The handle is a bit small but it works great. I would buy it again. I think it's a good idea.

👤A very well designed ladel. It is much easier to pour from the ladel if the handel is at a slight angel to the bowl. The ladel bowl is an ideal design for pouring soups and stew. The handle is flat and can fit into the utility caddy. The design features of this ladel are why I would recommend it over any other ladel, even though I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a ladel. A terrific tool for any kitchen.

👤This spatula is far to thick for a kitchen spatula measuring at a whopping 3/64 of an inch thick at the leading edge. It is a mockery of proper dimensions for an indoor tool to slide under the edge of a peanut butter cookie or a fried egg. Although 1/64 was noted on one of the implements, it seems like a reasonable thickness for such implements on the premises. There is a With all of that, the metal where shown in the picture is more than aesthetically pleasing and presents other concerns, rendering the utensil useless without a re-machining of the surface. I can do this. I shouldn't have to. Boo Hiss on the quality assurance of the manufacturer. It is made in India. The thickness comparison photo shows the product as a wall above a spatula. thinner specifications are needed to be truly useful.

5. OXO Good Grips Restaurant Turner

OXO Good Grips Restaurant Turner

A professional-quality turner easily flips and serves food. A wide head with a beveled edge slides under pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs and hash browns to ensure uniform cooking. It's great for roasting nuts and vegetables in the oven. The head is flexible for easier maneuvering. The handle is not slippy to prevent hand from slipping forward. It's dishwasher safe.

Brand: Oxo

👤I really like the build of this spatula and the function. It is very sturdy for being as thin as it is. I apply oil to both sides of it to help it slide under the eggs, which I think is how restaurants get them so perfectly flipped. The handle is big enough to feel solid and has a nice casing over it. The spatula is big enough to slide under heavy objects. It gets 5 stars from me. My spatula develops stains on it that make no sense to me. I thought it might be a coating, but then I realized it might be something else. I saw a rub off of the coating. I called OXO and they told me that it is not a case. I thought it was the dishwasher. I have a second one. That wasn't the case. It was stained with no reasonable reason. There is a It's the best spatula I've ever bought and I absolutely love it. If I displayed my utensils upside down, the staining would be rather unattractive. I did not see this complaint anywhere else. I know there's something weird happening with me. People who display their utensils. I would buy a second one if it broke. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with any OXO product.

👤I ordered the restaurant turner and after one run through the dishwasher it was covered in rust all over every metal surface, despite being marked as dishawasher safe. Returned for a refund.

👤The seasoning on my pan was scratched by the sharp front edge of the turner. I had my husband hone the bottom front, but it still wasn't great. I was hesitant to try it in a cast iron skillet. It looks like something has rubbed off the surface metal. The blade is too long for my liking and the turner is large. I got something else from another source.

👤I have owned the Good Grips Restaurant Turner,Black/Silver for just under six months and I use it about two times a week. I have washed both of them via the dishwasher. Occasionally, I use a small amount of spray on the front and back for a couple of inches. As I was washing my hands, I noticed that the back was discolored and that the front was beginning to look like it was being damaged. After using my Norwex Envirocloth, I cleaned with an SOS pad and a Scotch-Brite scrubber. I may use another type of metal polish, or even remove corrosive elements from the steel if it gets worse, even though my Norwex cleaning paste advises against it. It does its job. I don't know how it would hold up if used daily.

👤The second washing was not cleaned even with a steel pad. I was disappointed with the product.

👤The flat edge is great for getting under the food in the pan, and it's a little bit sharp so you can get under it. I use it for a lot of things. Don't use it with coated cookware because it leaves tiny scratches. I love it when we have it. There is a It does well in the dishwasher, but occasionally it gets little spots and there are no baking soda or Bartender's Friend to handle.

6. Sabatier 5154549 Triple Rivet Turner

Sabatier 5154549 Triple Rivet Turner

It's perfect for turning. The narrow head of the Sabatier Wide Turner is perfect for picking up and flipping large and small foods. The handle is made of durable POM and has steel rivets for added strength, so you won't have to worry if a burger patty is too big. STAINLESS STEEL. The handle and head are made from durable and sturdy steel. The dishwasher is safe. The dishwasher safe turner makes it easy to clean up.

Brand: Sabatier

👤I like the size and shape of this spatula, and the curved end is sharpened slightly. It should be a great tool. There is a The handle is plastic, and not a high temp kind. I left it in the pan while cooking. It survived, but is no longer cute. The edges of the metal needed to be sanded down a little to be perfect. It's easy to do. I contacted the company as their warranty requires return of the item, which would cost more than it's worth. I'm not sure if they will be nice, and send a new one. I received an email from the French company that said that they have nothing to do with the Chinese ones that feature a logo that is basically the same as the French one. They were just upgraded to one star. There is a AMAZON should get some credit for marketing a fake product. I can't give AMAZON one star.

👤Used once. There were rust marks on both sides of the dishwasher. The inferior steel was used for the application. The product is not worth much. Do not recommend.

👤I ordered two sizes of this spatula. There are rust spots on the smaller one of the two. We were very happy with the spatula. My wife wanted to stop using plastic products. The wooden handle is light. The whole thing worked well. The spatula has never been put into the dishwasher. It has only been a few weeks, but it is starting to show rust spots. I bought this because of the high ratings, but the inferior quality is not acceptable.

👤Very low quality. The entire spatula came covered in black plastic dust because the plastic handle was so bad. The spatula's metal end is rough and not smooth. The handle is falling apart. I know you pay for what you get. I wouldn't have paid for this at the dollar store.

👤I would like to know more about the country of origin of Amazon. I searched for "spatula made in USA" and found this brand. Only after I read all of the questions and answers did I see that it is made in China. The company's logo and name are misleading, it's unclear when they moved to China. There are only a few companies making spatulas here. Will be back. There are too many experiences with cheap purses. I'm not saying this spatula is cheap, but I won't be using it. The two stars are for misleading information.

👤This is one of the great products that Sabatier can make. This turner/spatula doesn't mess around for all pans that don't have a coating. I use it in cast iron and it goes under the food and securely holds it while I turn it over. There is a There are so many spatulas that are like this one. I've thrown away several items that were too large for turning one egg or that were stuck out of a pan. This turner is large enough for chicken, hamburgers, and steak, but small enough for one egg and does not bend while I'm using it. There is no hole or ring to hang it with. This turner is very good.

7. Stainless Spatula Non Slip Ergonomic Slotted

Stainless Spatula Non Slip Ergonomic Slotted

The handle is soft and comfortable. Premium 304 steel is rust-proof. It's great for lifting, turning and flipping fish and other delicate foods. The steel core construction is comfortable. The non-slip surface design gives you the best control. The hanging loop is easy to use.

Brand: Jxwing

👤The KitchenAid Fish Spatula was replaced. The angle doesn't work well in a skillet because it is not as flexible. It would be good on a grill, but not for us. I will be ordering a KitchenAid.

👤At this price point, that much can't really be expected, and this isn't as well-constructed as I had hoped. The metal feels low quality and the head and handle have a small gap, which makes it feel like a home forbacteria. It's okay for the money. I would recommend spending more and getting a better spatula.

👤I initially bought this spatula for use with my wok, but have since found it to be more useful. This is the beauty of it, it is lightweight and flexible. It won't work for moving heavy foods, but that's not the purpose. The spatula is wide at the end and is 8 inches long. The picture of me holding it gave the measurements some perspective. I love this spatula. It is very easy to get under delicate foods like eggs and thin fish filets with the thin end. There are two more It is easy to get under food in a pan or casserole dish. There are 3 more It is made of steel and won't rust. There are four The handle is easy to hold and not slippery when wet. I don't recommend leaving the handles resting on a hot pan, but I do recommend that for the handles of many utensils. There are four The angle of the end makes it easy to get to the corners of casserole dishes. There are five The spatula has a slight bend. There are five Grease and other liquids can be drained by the design of the slot. There is a I can see many uses for this spatula, even though I originally bought it for use in a wok. I use nylon and silicone spatulas for turning eggs. The ends of the eggs make it difficult to get under them. The nylon and silicone spatulas lose pieces into the food as they degrade. The spatulas are easy to turn. It is much easier to turn large, thin filets of fish, such as petrale sole, with the large size and thin, flexible edge. I have found using this spatula to get food out of a casserole dish easier. This spatula is great for turning sandwiches such as patty melt and ham and cheese sandwiches that need a large spatula to turn them without them falling apart. I have found this spatulas to be the best for many uses. I find new uses for them almost every day. I recommend this spatula. It has exceeded my expectations. I hope the review helped you. If my opinion of this spatula changes, I will update this review.

👤The problem with this product is that the dishwasher water collects in the handle. The water is in the handle mold.

👤You know you have an el cheapo fish spatula when your fish spatula doesn't spring back. That's what the fish spatula is all about. Asian manufacturing has a bad name because of junk. Save your money for a better tool, but be prepared to pay more than six bucks.

8. Spatula Stainless Resistant Utensils 14 7Inch

Spatula Stainless Resistant Utensils 14 7Inch

Hand wash in warm soapy water. This metal is made of 304stainless steel. The handle is easy to hold. It will hold up to the demands of home cooks and professional chefs. The reasonable size is 14.7-inch in length, 3.8-inch in width,212g. It can be used in the dishwasher. Your satisfaction is their first priority.

Brand: Gxone

👤A nice looking spatula. A clean design and a good length. The solid metal handle is easy to clean, but it can get hot if left on the rim of the wok. The easiest way to fix it is to set it on the counter, but I leave my tools in the cooking vessel as I prepare my next ingredients. The sharp edge on the spatula is my biggest complaint. The metal is most likely stamped during manufacturing. It will destroy the finish of your wok. I smoothed it out on a leather wheel after putting it to a grinding wheel. It should be smooth if you rub emery cloth on it. There is a Pros: sturdy, clean lines, and sharp edge.

👤The quality of this product is amazing. This is definitely a good restaurant. This could last generations if taken care of properly. It is one solid casting, no hollow spaces or grooves that could collect food particles, making it an absolute breeze to clean up, as well as providing peace of mind knowing that it is completely clean and sanitary, no risk of hidden mold andbacteria. I can't wait to use them. I have been in the restaurant industry for over a decade and I expect a lot out of the tools I use in the kitchen, and this company has knocked it out of the park with the design of this collection. I know there are cheaper versions of this product, but you have to read the reviews to see that they are not up to par. The design is very well thought out and executed. Highly recommended.

👤The spatula had a rough finish, but the size and shape are nice. It caused scratches in my wok. I have a spatula that has a smooth finish. This one did not cause scratches like that one did.

👤A spatula for cooking. I use it to cook stir fries in a cast iron skillet. It is also great for fried rice on a cast iron.

👤The design is dishwasher safe, which is the primary reason for the purchase. There is a The issue I'm having with this spatula is that it has hard edges and I end up scratching my wok. I've used it for at least 6 months and thought it would take time to break in, but edges are still hard.

👤The photos are of the product. The wood handle is too small for the metal shaft. The wood splits over the metal when the handle is pressed into it. I handled the spatula for the first time. I could try to trim, sand, and refinish the handle, but it's not worth the effort. This is going back to Amazon.

👤I don't like the handle as much as I thought I would. It's out of balance for me compared to my old one with a wood handle, but it should last until I'm too old to use it, but it had a burr on the edge that would scratch you.

9. OXO 59091 Turner Spatula Silver

OXO 59091 Turner Spatula Silver

The head is large enough to flip pancakes. Extra strong for difficult tasks. The construction is brushed steel. Flexible fins for comfort are what the handle features.

Brand: Oxo

👤One use! It was washed in the dishwasher and has rust marks on the blade, but it is dishwasher safe, and I never buy anything unless it is. What happened to OXO?

👤The front and back of the spatulas began to rust after I purchased two of them. I ordered two more on July 22, 2019. One of the new ones started to rust badly after just a few uses. The spatula is shown after two runs through the dishwasher. The water in our home is not conditioned with a salt-based conditioner. The area of Arkansas where I reside is some of the best water quality in the world. There is a I contacted OXO and was told they would give me a credit if I sent more pictures of the spatula and the receipt. Not good enough, OXO. I would like to get my money back for the faulty products.

👤I liked it but didn't write anything after giving it 5 stars. I have been using it for 6 months and I can honestly say I love it. The smart design on the handle is what I like most. The sides of the handle are rubber, but the flat areas on the top and bottom of the pan are made of metal, so I never have to think twice before leaving the spatula resting in a hot wok/pan. There is a metal piece between the handle and the stem that protects the rubber/sillicone parts from melting, and the spatula can rest on the side of the wok. Really nice touches!

👤The spatula is nice, but it's not the flexible type of spatula that I used to use. It's large and thick, which is fine for flipping burgers, but it doesn't slide under the edge of a pancake I was looking for. It's a shame, because I was so excited when I saw this that I bought two, one for me and one for my sister, because we'd just been talking about the difficulty of finding those flexible, thin-edged spatulas of our childhoods. Maybe the Vermont Country Store will carry them. It's a nice spatula with a solid frame, good heft, easy-grip handle, but it's not the Platonic ideal of a sharp, pancake-flipping, egg-turning spatula.

👤I hope my kids enjoy them as much as I do. I will use them daily. There is a The turner is very comfortable to hold and use. The spatula surface is strong enough to cut large pieces of lasagne before serving. I searched reviews for a sturdy spatula that could be put in the dishwasher after months of searching for the right one, or washing the one I prefer. For this price, it made perfect sense for someone else to purchase two of them. I might get a third. I have one for camping. The spatulas are strong and well-constructed. I've broken an all-metal spatula in the past, but my kid broke it. I expect them to survive. They're easy to wash after use, and they're attractive enough to put on a table to serve portions. To serve sheet cakes, lift cookies from baking sheets, and serve casseroles that hold together well after baking are some of the things these would be good for. I plan to try them on eggs. Buy a few of these. You will be happy you did.

10. Homi Styles Stainless Skillets Griddles

Homi Styles Stainless Skillets Griddles

The head is dishwasher safe. The wooden handle should be washed with soap and water. There are small spatula packs. Silicone spatulas and rubber spatulas have their place. This 11-inch professional spatula is great for cooking in the kitchen or grilling. The steel is 11 inches long by 3 inches wide. The kitchen spatula is intended to be used on cast iron skillets, griddles, flat top cooking surfaces, and grills. They don't recommend using it on non-stick cookware. It's great for pancake flipping, fish, eggs, Burgers, Omelet, and more. If you have ever tried to slide a spatula underneath food to flip it or take it out of the pan in one piece, then you will love this small spatula. It gets underneath the food with ease. The wooden handle is 7 inches long and has an angle which ensures maximum comfort and control. It is well balanced and strong. Only hand washed can it be. Anyone that loves to cook, bake, or grill will love this griddle turner. It is an excellent gift idea for a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Holiday, Father's Day, Wedding, Housewarming, and so much more.

Brand: Homi Styles

👤I bought this product because I was told I should have a metal spatula. I stumbled upon this one because I didn't want to pay an arm and leg. It is not the cheapest or the most expensive, but the quality is perfect for the price. I would recommend it to anyone, especially a cast iron beginner like me.

👤I used this for cast iron cookware. It works well for turning, flipping, and sautéing. It's not good for anything else. The metal part of the spatula is weak and the handle is loose. I tried to make a smash burger, but it broke. There's not enough leverage to divide ribeye for cheesesteaks. I bought this to save money, but I wish I'd bought something more heavy duty.

👤The spatula has a deep offset. It is thick so it doesn't flex, something that worried me at first. There is a It is an ideal scraper to clean a frying pan after you have fried some beacon. It gets it completely clean. There is a It is worth the money and my goto for most cooking.

👤The weight of the spatula and the feel of the wood handle made me like it. I used it in my iron skillet camping and it worked out perfectly. I was looking for a well made wood handled spatula and found yours.

👤Great construction and feel. It is easy to cook delicate foods in the pan with the offset spatula. The edges are sharp so I can use them as a knife. I need a hole in the handle to hang it from a hook.

👤The first day of using, the rivets came loose. I will replace them with something I can tighten. It's not that the spatula is loose in the handle, but it juggles around a bit, which is enough to annoy me. The cooking edge is great for cooking on cast iron. It is a wonderful job of flipping eggs and taking things off when needed. If I can't get this one to be a bit more solid, I'll probably drop the money on a nicer one. There is a This style of spatula is recommended if you use cast iron cookware.

👤The plastic spatulas are getting old for me. They are fine for non-stick, but they don't work as well on cast iron and STAINLESS steel. This one is heavy enough to do the job. The edges help flip the food. I use this all the time. This should last a long time. 2 thumbs up.

👤I use this spatula with my cookware. It's heavy duty and doesn't bend, so it was bought to replace a turner that bent if we used too much force. Rivets have stayed put so far. The rivets have gotten hot on me a couple of times, but not enough to burn. The pan is sharp enough to cut most foods in it. The wood handle is a bit rough after my daughter put it in the dishwasher. This is a good quality turner.

11. MANNKITCHEN Professional Stainless Spatula Skillets

MANNKITCHEN Professional Stainless Spatula Skillets

The hanging loop is easy to use. The steel is Hardened. For even cast iron skillets. It is a straight edge for optimal food release. The single piece hardwood handle is heat resistant. Heavy duty construction is used for long periods of time. Flex is eliminated for Smash Burgers and Tough Scraps with stiff heavy gauge steel.

Brand: Mannkitchen

👤This is a great spatula. You can press a hamburger with it without the blade looking at you and saying "you can't be serious". You can be serious. The blade is so heavy that it will cause the spatula to sit up straight with the bottom of the spatula flat on the surface. That's a positive thing. Some reviews seem to have issues with a sticker. They seem to have corrected that. The sticker was stuck on the bag. It works for me. Now for the problems. There isn't any. Save for an issue. There is a This piece is too expensive. Here's why. There is no mention on this website of the spatula being "Made in China". Only one place can you find it, and that's on the plastic bag sheath it came in for shipping purposes. There is absolutely no excuse for this product to be made in China. Better quality, cheaper cost, and employing Americans are some of the benefits. The price you pay for this is more than the price you would have to pay for the same product in the U.S. This is proof that having things made in China is a complete ripoff. Make it here in America and have pride. I just bought it and it will get bought.

👤I was fed up with large turners and spatulas that were too flexible and flimsy to handle smashing burgers in a single push or getting under a skillet grilled cheese without ripping off precious toasty bits. When I had never spent more than 5, I was Fed up enough to spend $25 on a cooking tool. It was worth every dime, even though it was a bit steep for a single tool. This thing is heavy duty, sturdy, and all around amazing. You should stop wasting time and buy this thing now. The spatula shows no signs of abuse after 7 months of daily use. It still has an edge, without any signs that it has loosened. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

👤I use it a lot as a general use spatula and cook with cast iron because I only had it for a few weeks. It has a bit of heft and the edges work well sliding under food. One of the sharp corners had to be filed down after it got dinged. It has been washed. I try to keep the wooden handle dry, but the rivets are loose enough to be noticed. I will not be buying another one for my son.

👤Don't misunderstand me. This spatula is very nice. My love for it was ruined by my neighbor who showed me that Amazon sells a similar spatula for $7. I had to order one myself. There is a The New Star spatula is the same weight as the gram. Same cut, feel, and shape. The only difference I can see is the Mannkitchen label. There is a If this spatula was made in North America, I would pay $24 instead of $7. It's not. No matter where it's made, the craftsmanship is excellent. I bought two more of the New Star ones and love them all. I wouldn't have bought the New Star Foodservice one if I'd known it was $7. I assumed it was a great spatula.


What is the best product for cooking spatulas stainless steel?

Cooking spatulas stainless steel products from Norpro. In this article about cooking spatulas stainless steel you can see why people choose the product. Hiware and Rsvp International are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking spatulas stainless steel.

What are the best brands for cooking spatulas stainless steel?

Norpro, Hiware and Rsvp International are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking spatulas stainless steel. Find the detail in this article. Chef Craft, Oxo and Sabatier are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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