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1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set

Kitchen utensil handles made of top-grade STAINLESS steel and silicone are durable and will last a long time without being worn down. It was designed to not bend, break or rust. Everything you might need is a 10-piece modern non-stick utensils. Includes a spoon, Sturdy and convenient utensils have a comfortable grip for a long time. All gadgets are made of one solid piece, making them the most perfect utensil set around. Will last you for a lifetime of eating out. The set is smudge- and fingerprints-free and looks great on countertops or a picnic table, so the place looks pleasant and uncluttered even while food is being prepared. It's made from pure steel, and it doesn't have any of the harmful substances plastic has to offer. It is possible to wash a set by hand with soap and warm water. The set is dishwasher safe and can be stuck into the dishwasher. The attractive, sturdy holder keeps all utensils organized. The utensils have a loophole that allows them to be kept together in a drawer.

Brand: Finedine

👤If you want to cook with rusty utensils, this is the set for you.

👤They are not made of steel. The spatula had rust on it.

👤The finish is not solid. The parts are black and look scorched. I don't recommend this product. The country of origin is not present.

👤I was happy with the purchase until I received the package and tools as tolls. The red flag is number one. The utensils are cheap. There is a coating that is not even. The brown colored water was dripping off the utensils after they 888-282-0465. I can only guess that the plastic coating started to break off after three washings. Don't trust this product, it's very low quality.

👤Don't buy! Big scam! DEFECTIVE FROM CHINA CHEAPEST metal, thin, easily scratchable, came with lots of ding, scratches, discolored spots and parts of package were opened, definitely looked used and cleaned!!) Words can't describe the thickness of the metal, it looks horrible, not even close to the picture. The quality of the products is similar to that of this junk.

👤Even though I was not happy with the product, the seller contacted me and was helpful and rectified the situation completely. There is a This was a disappointment. I am replacing my kitchen utensils with new ones made of steel. I thought it would be a good starter. It ended up being a flop. The items are beautiful from a distance. There are scratches on two of the utensils and one of the utensils came with strange white particles on it. I wouldn't recommend a friend to buy something from me.

👤Nice looking tools. All made or very thin. It was semi-cheesey. It was not a substantive feel to them. A good starter set. Think of them as Ikea utensils. Will last for a while and you will get to the good stuff.

👤It was dirty and damaged. I returned the package I received today. I will wait for the stores to open. Terrible experience.

👤Absolutely disgusting. I'm really disappointed that I received a gift that was part of a housewarming gift. The packaging is sticky. When I saw how bad the box was, I thought I'd better look inside. The utensils look like they have been used. They're covered in an orange substance and sticky. They are all scratched and worn. Will be returning. It's not worth buying.

👤The tools were crumpled in the battered box and the cellophane over them looked like they had been sent to another buyer. There is a The kitchen utensils were heavy in weight but that was not a problem. They have a cheap feel to them, and that was not good for quality. There is a The utensil holder that came with the utensils was a bit loose and wasn't sitting straight as it was supposed to but at a sloping angle. You get what you pay for at the end of the day. Quality suffers because of the amount of items in the set, which is a lot for the money. Even though I am not happy with the quality, I will still use the kitchen utensils. I think it's worth spending twice as much for a better quality item, I was surprised how high this kithen utility set was on the Amazon best seller list. Maybe the price is appealing to buyers. There is a I was happy with the price but not with the quality of the items, and wish I had spent more money for a better purchase. Thank you.

2. Norpro 1167 7 5 Inch Spatula Handle

Norpro 1167 7 5 Inch Spatula Handle

It's easy to clean a dishwasher. The measures are 7. 25" X 5" The measurement is 19 cm x 5 cm. 5 cm x 1. The tool is perfect for cutting and serving. The wood handle is comfortable in the hand and made of durable steel. The perfect size for brownies, cookies, lemon bars and other baked goods. It's easy to clean and it's great for casseroles and other square-cut dishes.

Brand: Norpro

👤My mom had a similar one. I went looking for a new one because it is finally starting to loosen up after 50 years. The size and width of the spatula are perfect for square-cut dishes. I would not want to be without it. There is a The spatula Norpro is very similar to the one my mom had. I am very happy that I was able to find a replacement for the old one. I would recommend this in a minute. Next December, family members will receive one in their stockings. The old spatula and the new Norpro spatula are shown side by side.

👤Not like the one I was trying to replace, might be better. I kept a close eye on my little thirty-five cent garage sale brownie server for thirty years. I liked it. It was a part of me. You have a small brush with death, and the loved ones scatter your belongings. I think I will eventually start to care for this little guy, he has great bones, he is sturdy, and he is always on top when I need him. I am sure we can work it out, he is a little rigid, but not what I am used to.

👤A nice spatula. The size of the working portion of a tool is used for description in my world. This isn't quite 8 in length, handle and blade. The size you would use for lifting one cookie is about the size of the working end. I can only imagine it being useful for an EasyBake Oven. I think I can use it as a bondo knife. I don't use it in the kitchen. There is a I left it in the kitchen for a while. I lifted cookies from the baking sheet. It works well. I kept using it on different items and it turned out to be more handier than I thought. I never expected it to be used to remove spatulas and pans from other pots and pans. It has been placed in the top kitchen drawer.

👤The way it's designed made me get this. You need a spatula with rounded corners and a flat edge. It won't scratch the seasoning on the pan, so it's perfect on cast iron. There is a It's a small one and you should read the details. It's perfect to cook up a couple eggs with bacon or sausage. I keep my hook on a cast iron scrubber.

👤It's surprising how well little spatulas work. We usually make 6 eggs or 4 slices of bread for a sandwich, but sometimes we make pancakes. We use them with both of our family's cast irons. They are small with thin handles. I reach for them as frequently as the other spatulas. This one works. Small and thin are great for cooking.

👤I should have looked at the reviews to see how small this spatula is. It looks like a kid's kitchen set.

👤I lost my small pampered chef in a move and haven't been able to find a replacement spatula. I looked everywhere for one the same size and found this one. When cutting cakes and brownies into smaller slices, these are an absolute necessity. I wash it. I use it more than my large spatulas and it lasts longer. The size is perfect and the quality is great.

3. OXO Stainless Flexible Turner Medium

OXO Stainless Flexible Turner Medium

It's perfect for lifting cookies from a cookie sheet. The head is thin and flexible. Sturdy double-rod construction. The handle is soft and comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤A flipper. I only use mine to cook bacon. It's not a spatula. It is meant to be used for getting under something. The turner is 1/3rd of a millimeter thick, so you won't be able to cut or separate things with it very well. I wouldn't trust these people with a stapler. This is a turner. If it were flat, it would bend backwards under the weight of whatever you were flipping. It would be similar to flipping something with a piece of paper. A piece of paper bends back and forth, but it's rigid enough to stand on its own. This is the same idea. It's meant to bend one way. It won't bend backwards, so you can flip things. The tac-welds are weak, so I'm changing it from a 5 to 3 star review. My first one lasted for 2 years, but my latest only lasted 9 months. I just wish it was more durable.

👤It was fun because it allowed you to remove food that might be slightly stuck, which is great for a cast-iron skillet. If you don't know how to use stir fry, you'll flip food out of the pan sometimes. The manufacturing is poor, with the spatula attached to the handle with small welds.

👤Very thin and flexible. It works great for cooking on cast iron and getting underneath food that other spatulas would destroy. It sleeps with me.

👤The spatula broke after 9 months of use. We washed it at least once a week. It takes about 9 months for a kitchen tool to be washed. I'm willing to give OXO a split rating and possibly one more chance, given that our last one broke after 5 years. I would ask you to consider how much you will use this and then make a purchase with your eyes wide open. The best spatula for flipping eggs, fish and other flimsy objects. We beat the first one into the ground and have had two in 5 years. It's not to discourage you from buying, but to compliment the spatula's longevity. For the last 5 years, we used our last one for at least 5 meals a week. That spatula is very durable. I am very happy to have a new one in the house.

👤This is the best Spatula of all time. It bends like a rubber band but not down. It uses the same principle as paper, curve it and it will be strong but only in one direction. The handle is made from micro rivets, and the forks of the handle are welded too, so it has a cool hand grip. I don't have a hole in the handle to hang it up, but it is if you do. The blade is thin to get under stuff, but won't cut your hand. This will be your go-to spatula for fried eggs and other things in a fry pan. I am very impressed.

👤I burned my old one when I bought this as insurance, and I can see in the photo that it melted the handle. It is sturdy and useful. I bought the new one because of the risk of Oxo tsking it out of production. I use it to turn Crepes. Or something similar. Or toast from France. I use my old Carbon-Steel Crepe Pan to cook. There is a The Medium Turner is the right size and weight for this job. Lifting Cookies is good. Not intended for heavy lifting. It's excellent and used with care.

4. Spatula Stainless Resistant Utensils 14 7Inch

Spatula Stainless Resistant Utensils 14 7Inch

Hand wash in warm soapy water. This metal is made of 304stainless steel. The handle is easy to hold. It will hold up to the demands of home cooks and professional chefs. The reasonable size is 14.7-inch in length, 3.8-inch in width,212g. It can be used in the dishwasher. Your satisfaction is their first priority.

Brand: Gxone

👤A nice looking spatula. A clean design and a good length. The solid metal handle is easy to clean, but it can get hot if left on the rim of the wok. The easiest way to fix it is to set it on the counter, but I leave my tools in the cooking vessel as I prepare my next ingredients. The sharp edge on the spatula is my biggest complaint. The metal is most likely stamped during manufacturing. It will destroy the finish of your wok. I smoothed it out on a leather wheel after putting it to a grinding wheel. It should be smooth if you rub emery cloth on it. There is a Pros: sturdy, clean lines, and sharp edge.

👤The quality of this product is amazing. This is definitely a good restaurant. This could last generations if taken care of properly. It is one solid casting, no hollow spaces or grooves that could collect food particles, making it an absolute breeze to clean up, as well as providing peace of mind knowing that it is completely clean and sanitary, no risk of hidden mold andbacteria. I can't wait to use them. I have been in the restaurant industry for over a decade and I expect a lot out of the tools I use in the kitchen, and this company has knocked it out of the park with the design of this collection. I know there are cheaper versions of this product, but you have to read the reviews to see that they are not up to par. The design is very well thought out and executed. Highly recommended.

👤The spatula had a rough finish, but the size and shape are nice. It caused scratches in my wok. I have a spatula that has a smooth finish. This one did not cause scratches like that one did.

👤A spatula for cooking. I use it to cook stir fries in a cast iron skillet. It is also great for fried rice on a cast iron.

👤The design is dishwasher safe, which is the primary reason for the purchase. There is a The issue I'm having with this spatula is that it has hard edges and I end up scratching my wok. I've used it for at least 6 months and thought it would take time to break in, but edges are still hard.

👤The photos are of the product. The wood handle is too small for the metal shaft. The wood splits over the metal when the handle is pressed into it. I handled the spatula for the first time. I could try to trim, sand, and refinish the handle, but it's not worth the effort. This is going back to Amazon.

👤I don't like the handle as much as I thought I would. It's out of balance for me compared to my old one with a wood handle, but it should last until I'm too old to use it, but it had a burr on the edge that would scratch you.

5. Metal Spatula Set Stainless Commercial

Metal Spatula Set Stainless Commercial

The item shape is rectangular. The spatula set includes a cooking spatula, a grill spatula, and a griddle scraper. Great for use as a pancake turner, fish turner, spatula, kitchen spatula, wok spatula, pizza spatula. Professional quality spatula and scrapers are good for use by professional chefs in restaurants and food shops as well as for your home kitchen indoor or backyard barbecue. Made from rusty steel, it's non-reactive,hygiene and durable. The Spatula blade is 1/25 inch in thickness. The tool kit is perfect. The plastic handle is comfortable and easy to hang. The spatula and turner are balanced. The spatula set is dishwasher safe. The spatulas are perfect for cast iron outdoor griddles or even cookie cutter cooking.

Brand: Anmarko

👤It's perfect for my cast iron skillets.

👤These spatulas are larger than those in our local stores. The offset angle and the smaller spatula's edges are what I like the most. It's easy to get the first piece of cake out of the pan. The spatulas can handle the extra heat on the grill plates. They have a smooth surface that keeps food from sliding off. They can go in the dishwasher, but we wash ours by hand.

👤We live in a warm weather state and cook all the time on the grill. I was disappointed when I opened the package, but once I used them, I realized how good they were. They are strong enough to flip a steak.

👤We are very pleased with the set. Exactly what we wanted.

👤I had these spatulas for under a month and had hand washed dozens of times, which usually means a hand dying. I put one in the dishwasher last night and took it out this afternoon and it was pitting and rusting. If you plan on using the dishwasher, you should prepare yourself. The smudges in the photos are from my attempts at cleaning it after the dishwasher did its damage.

👤I use my cast iron griddles with these spatulas. They are perfect! Well made and heavy duty. They were serious when they said they were professional. I will use them on my grill as well. There is no need to worry about these falling apart. The price for these two spatulas was very good. I will recommend them to others.

👤Commercial grade and STAINLESS STEEL were advertised. Neither is true. The items were washed by hand and allowed to dry. Both items started to rust. They never had a chance to use them. Completely unacceptable. I have never used astainless steel kitchen utensil in my life. Another example of inferior Chinese products. I don't understand how others rated these higher.

👤This is garbage. There are ruts in the bevels. This is junk. Poorly made things.

👤Sturdy spatulas. After going in the dishwasher, they are showing signs of wear. The dishwasher steam dries them, so it may be that I'm not drying them. They're still good items, even though it's not enough to put me off.

👤It looks like it's going to be the right tool for the job, but as we've only unwrapped it, we'll have to see. It looks and feels sturdy, and if it's as durable as it looks, it's definitely value for money.

👤spatulas are useful for turning omelettes, frittatas, burgers and all. A hole at the top of the handle makes it possible to store it on a rack ready for use. The bigger spatula has a larger blade which makes it difficult to turn a full pancake in a frying pan.

👤We use this product in our bakery business to make soda and wheaten Farls potato bread pancakes and other things on the hot plate.

👤My husband's first spatula broke after 2 days of use. These are top quality and outstanding. I would highly recommend anyone in a commercial or domestic setting. Excellent value for money.

6. Stainless Spatula Non Slip Ergonomic Slotted

Stainless Spatula Non Slip Ergonomic Slotted

The handle is soft and comfortable. Premium 304 steel is rust-proof. It's great for lifting, turning and flipping fish and other delicate foods. The steel core construction is comfortable. The non-slip surface design gives you the best control. The hanging loop is easy to use.

Brand: Jxwing

👤The KitchenAid Fish Spatula was replaced. The angle doesn't work well in a skillet because it is not as flexible. It would be good on a grill, but not for us. I will be ordering a KitchenAid.

👤At this price point, that much can't really be expected, and this isn't as well-constructed as I had hoped. The metal feels low quality and the head and handle have a small gap, which makes it feel like a home forbacteria. It's okay for the money. I would recommend spending more and getting a better spatula.

👤I initially bought this spatula for use with my wok, but have since found it to be more useful. This is the beauty of it, it is lightweight and flexible. It won't work for moving heavy foods, but that's not the purpose. The spatula is wide at the end and is 8 inches long. The picture of me holding it gave the measurements some perspective. I love this spatula. It is very easy to get under delicate foods like eggs and thin fish filets with the thin end. There are two more It is easy to get under food in a pan or casserole dish. There are 3 more It is made of steel and won't rust. There are four The handle is easy to hold and not slippery when wet. I don't recommend leaving the handles resting on a hot pan, but I do recommend that for the handles of many utensils. There are four The angle of the end makes it easy to get to the corners of casserole dishes. There are five The spatula has a slight bend. There are five Grease and other liquids can be drained by the design of the slot. There is a I can see many uses for this spatula, even though I originally bought it for use in a wok. I use nylon and silicone spatulas for turning eggs. The ends of the eggs make it difficult to get under them. The nylon and silicone spatulas lose pieces into the food as they degrade. The spatulas are easy to turn. It is much easier to turn large, thin filets of fish, such as petrale sole, with the large size and thin, flexible edge. I have found using this spatula to get food out of a casserole dish easier. This spatula is great for turning sandwiches such as patty melt and ham and cheese sandwiches that need a large spatula to turn them without them falling apart. I have found this spatulas to be the best for many uses. I find new uses for them almost every day. I recommend this spatula. It has exceeded my expectations. I hope the review helped you. If my opinion of this spatula changes, I will update this review.

👤The problem with this product is that the dishwasher water collects in the handle. The water is in the handle mold.

👤You know you have an el cheapo fish spatula when your fish spatula doesn't spring back. That's what the fish spatula is all about. Asian manufacturing has a bad name because of junk. Save your money for a better tool, but be prepared to pay more than six bucks.

7. Commercial Spatula Stainless Teppanyaki Professional

Commercial Spatula Stainless Teppanyaki Professional

The spatula turner is great used as frying turner, flipping spatula for fish, meat, eggs, pancake, seafood and more. The Classic 4-Pcs grilling set includes a large Spatula, a Long Metal Spatula, and a Small Spatula. The Griddle turner blade is 1.5mm thick and made from STAINLESS STEEL to ensure itsDurability, Triple-rivets structure handle will stay strong and not fall apart. The Flat is a smooth finish, the Full Tang handle is tightly connected without any bare metal, and the Edge spatula is polished to no burrs. 45 angle between the handle and blade protects you from high temperature and splashing oil, and it's a non-slip handle. This grilling spatula set is a great gift for a birthday, house warming, husband, father, boyfriend, or any other occasion.

Brand: Leonyo

👤My daughters and I do a lot of holiday cooking and baking together. I have been buying supplies for her kitchen as I can afford them. I haven't used them yet, but will soon. I know I will Lovw them since I have the same set. She'll have her kitchen look like mine if I give her more time. She's my baby and I love whatever mom gets her. She gave me our first grand last year. I think it's a nice pay off. It's a funny thing.

👤I was surprised at how heavy they are. I have liked using them. The edges of the knife are like a knife for cutting through things in a casserole or waffles.

👤These items are light and strong and can be used with cast iron cookware or outdoor grilling. Stable handling of all types of food is assured by their curved edges. A great price point makes this a solid st.

👤After about a month, it is already rusting. I washed and dried the rust. I thought they wouldn't pitt because they are so heavy.

👤A great set of tools. The sharp edges make it difficult to check doneness of meat. I think the wood handled handles will last longer than the handles. I recommend these tools to anyone who wants to improve their game.

👤These are very heavy duty, but they are not smilng. I have a magnetic timer that is stuck on one of them and it won't stick to the steel. If not dried or wiped clean, they stain. Inexpensive and heavy duty, but not what they claim to be.

👤Love them. It's nice when you need a longer reach. We use our standard spatulas more often, but sometimes you need that extra size. It's worth buying these if you have the right tool.

8. OXO Grips Stainless Steel Turner

OXO Grips Stainless Steel Turner

DI ORO's Promise, Their forever warranty is unlike other brands that only sell a product to their customers, they aim to provide years of lasting memories and positive experiences in your home for you and your family. Their customers mean everything to them, so they have set the bar with their warranty and service. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will replace it for free or give you a full refund. Sturdy turner is made of steel. Broad head has more surface area to flip large patties. Perforated head keeps food from sticking. Even when wet, the grip is soft and comfortable. A sleek, polished design for a kitchen.

Brand: Oxo

👤After many years of cooking soup, I finally decided to buy a ladle. I wish I would have brought this sooner. It was difficult to scoop up soup with a big spoon. I wanted to show you what type of spoon I was using, which is right next to the new OXO ladle that I recently purchased. It would take a long time to pour from the stock pot to the bowl. I have purchased OXO products in the past. The ladle is strong. It scoops up soups, beans and sauces. I like the dual-sided pour spouts. I am able to hold the handle even when it's wet. The steel shines. It has a hole on the handle. It's dishwasher safe. I'm happy.

👤These are the utensils that I like the most. Oxo utensils have been in my possession for the last 20 years. They are made to last. I bake a lot. These are great because they are made of steel and have a nice grip. It is easy to wash them in the dishwasher. Gifts for family and friends.

👤I was tired of buying flimsy spatulas from other stores. They bend, they rust, and eventually they separate from their handle. I didn't want to pay more for a spatula, but it's worth it. Everything I've owned from OXO has always been of the highest quality. The spatula is solid. I can't imagine it bending. I bought another one because I liked it so much. They will probably last me a long time.

👤We were looking for a ladle for a long time. I went looking for a metal ladle because I was trying to remove plastic from our lives. An all metal handle could get hot. We looked in many stores and they were all plastic, metal or both, and they didn't have the little pour spouts. We were at our wits' end and I'm not fond of buying without touching. I had seen this brand in many stores and knew that it was a sturdy product. It was worth the risk. It's not as easy to handle as one with a slight angle to it, as people on the shorter side. It's a great product for what we got. I won't take stars if we're not tall.

👤I have arthritis in both hands and this is perfect for me. The handle and balance are good for arthritisies.

👤I have bought several ladle's and if they didn't get rust on them, they were not cheap. Most of the things they make come from China. This is a good size and no smell after washing.

👤This carving fork was purchased 4 months ago and only used a few times. It felt like my carving knife bit into the fork as I was carving a roast last night. The knife was caught on one of the tongs and a divot was placed on it. This has never happened before. The return window is only a month. I will lightly sand this spot. The plating has been compromised. It will happen again if this happened once. You can't expect a carving knife and fork not to be touched.

9. Chef Craft 12510 Turner 1 Pack

Chef Craft 12510 Turner 1 Pack

Non-stick safety design. The design is non-toxic and won't scratch the surface. A plastic handle provides comfort. 13 inch length provides enough distance from the pan to prevent getting burnt and also enough control to flip foods. The thin edge slips under the food. The dishwasher safe makes it easy to clean up when cooking with food. Without welding points, the turner is constructed with strength and durability.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤This is a bait and switch. The metal is shown in the photos as a single piece with a plastic handle. The base of the metal spoons/turner/skimmer/fork and the metal stem are joined by a cheap piece of furniture. These aren't going to hold up, and they don't look good. Don't waste your time with this set if you see the photos.

👤More of a pusher than a turner. The blade is too thick to hold under the food. Maybe not for grill. It was put in the garbage after being used.

👤The spatula is not an edge. It is a thick rounded end that does not fit under a pancake.

👤Very poor made. The handle on this thing will bend if you apply any pressure. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

👤I needed something to use in the cast iron pans that I bought. Plastic turners don't work well in cast iron and can sometimes melt, so I only had plastic ones. The turner is light and thin and can turn food without tearing it up. When food sticks a bit, it holds up well. I haven't noticed any chipping or wearing from cooking. I will be buying more since one is not enough.

👤It was exactly what I wanted. There is a The blade is thin enough to slide under food. The turner is very well made, and I don't think it will fail. The most likely point of failure is between the blade and handle. That was what happened in my last one.

👤This is a good low budget spatula. I don't like the angle of the blade end. A straight blade end is what I would prefer. The thickness of the blade prevents it from sliding under food, which is my biggest dislike. The overall length and handle angle are good. I think it's worth the money again.

👤I was surprised by the angle of the head. It doesn't look like it's facing in the photo. It's difficult to get a good photo. It's in the description, but it's not the most obvious thing until you see it in person. When you lightly drag it across the foil it will rip it. When you're preparing to cook brussels sprout, you use a foil covered pan. Or cooking fish in a pan. I'm not sure if it's actually solid steel, but I was thinking of taking a sander to it. I'll probably throw this in the camping box and get a better spatula for everyday cooking. It's difficult to find ones with rubbery handles that grab at other utensils when you pull them out of a crock.

👤I was looking for a spatula to use with my cast iron pans that was sturdy enough to remove the stuff I burn in there. I have two different brands, and this one has held up the best.

👤The material of the mango is de plstico, and it is un poco maltratado con rayones leves. Aunque el costo no tienes, relacionado con la calidad.

10. Houstailens Staleness Cooking Tools Flexible Stainless

Houstailens Staleness Cooking Tools Flexible Stainless

Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer on all 23 Utensils, dishwasher safe for fast and easy clean up, top rack recommended. You always need your tools on hand, quickly, to help you flip your steak just in time, and that's why they have a set of multi-use spatulas. The long handle of the smasher means that your wrists won't tire if you're planning to cook several fish fillets at the same time, and your hands will be protected from burns when cooking over open fire. The top steel. Nothing gives you more comfort than using professional cooking utensils made of top quality materials, designed to last longer, enhancing a kind of nostalgia during the time, and they guarantee for their set made ofStainless steel, very flexible, thin yet sturdy enough to hold a dozen of ten pancakes without making them Each meal is better with the right utensils to cook, bake or grill and enjoy a delicious feast. You don't have to spend a fortune to make your life easier in the kitchen with these restaurant-alike cooking tools, they are made of durable STAINLESS steel, and they are 3 premium quality spatulas with longer life for less money. They all do an excellent job flipping an egg, pancakes, hamburger, fish, Chinese food, vegetables, whether they are cooked in or not.

Brand: Houstailens

👤They were beautiful. I was not happy with the quality. I thought they would be solid handles with no backing and hollow. Not high quality or commercial grade. The handles are pressed.

👤The set of cooking utensils is disappointing. They have developed several rust spots after only a few washes.

👤I bought this to use with my wok, and now I have to buy a different one. This was a good deal. It works very well. I don't cook fish but if you do that one utensil and there is a set that is sturdy and worth the money, it would be great for flipping fish beyond that.

👤We found our perfect spatula at a reasonable price after many trials and errors.

👤This is a nice set. The wood handle looks great. I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher because they would last longer. The metal is strong and nice. It is easy to clean. I love the rounded spatula.

👤It is cheap plastic. The metal looks cheap. I wanted to return them when I got them.

👤These spatulas are really nice and I wanted metal ones with wood handles.

11. Chef Craft 10110 Stainless Slotted

Chef Craft 10110 Stainless Slotted

This grilling spatula set is a great gift for a birthday, house warming, husband, father, boyfriend, or any other occasion. The construction is durable. It's safe to lean on hot cookware. It's great for use in family-style dinners.

Brand: Chef Craft

👤Alert! Buyer beware! If you want to use it as a spatula, it is too small to be used that way. I found that the heat would get immediately transferred to my hand as I used it to prepare my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches since the handle was so short. I made a mistake and wanted to let people know that this product can be used as a spatula for pancakes, burgers, sandwiches, etc.

👤I wanted more but it was not enough. I thought they were smaller than my other spatulas. They were smaller than I thought. They are still usable. I would have returned them. They arrived with a few scratches. The price of the model I bought was different from the model that was on the other seller's website. I wish I had gotten them instead. I would be more satisfied with them if they were cheaper. They are on the smaller side. They work. I have had worse quality before. If you are on a budget, you can get a tape measurer and see the size. You will be satisfied if you find it adequate.

👤The Chef Craft turner is very good. I read the product description and it was correct. I use it for the two small cast iron skillets that I use for eggs or sautéing. It is not a regular length for a turner, so you could use it for larger skillets. I like that the handle is thin, because the fat handled utensils take up a lot of room in the utensil holder. Unless you have arthritis, you don't need to use the handles for an item that doesn't need any pressure to use and that you can hold for a few minutes. There is a It's made of one piece of the same material so it won't break or burn. I am glad I bought this tool. Chef Craft has a long handled spatula. I threw out my nylon kitchen tools. The product arrived within 5 days of my order, with free shipping on orders over $25.00. I've been using this product for over a year. I unwrapped it and it still looks new. Even though it's been used almost every other day and left in the sink more times than my car, it's not rusty or anything. This spatula is very good. It's a lifetime product and won't need a replacement.

👤It's great for small kitchens. These are small enough to be a toy. My fault for not reading the measurements carefully. They are easy to handle and will likely last awhile, if you don't mind being close to the hot pan. They definitely seem plated, so down the road, rust could become an option, especially with regular dishwasher use, but for the price, I could buy one each year and still be saving in comparison to the usual brand.

👤It's a nice size for flipping eggs over easy when the pan is crowded, and it's also a good size for cutting and lifting individual portions from casseroles. Most spatulas are too large for me to handle crowded work. This is a great replacement for my old short, narrow spatula that broke when the welds between the handle and the "trowel" broke. The front should be a little less curved to make it easier to cut individual portions. Hence 4 instead of 5 stars.


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What are the best brands for cooking spatulas metal?

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