Best Cooking Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware

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1. Hotec Silicone Resistant Stainless Dishwasher

Hotec Silicone Resistant Stainless Dishwasher

DI ORO has set the bar with their FOREVER WARRANTY and second to none customer service, because their customers mean everything to them. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they will replace it for free or give you a full refund. 100% made in food grade Silicone Material. Non-toxic, lead free Odourless. No damage to your pots and pans can be found. Seamless one piece design is easy to clean and has a soft handle for better grip. The temperature resistant is -104F600F. The average heat resistance of a spatula is between 400 and 600 degrees. Anything less is not recommended. Also can be. Good gift, quality life, safety first. The package includes 5 pieces, 1 x Medium Spatula Spreader / Knife, and 1 x Large Spoon Style Spatula. Large Spatula 10.8*2.16''(27.43*5.49 cm),1 x Small Spatula 72.95*1.57' (20.19*3.99 cm) It's dishwasher safe, perfect for your cookware.

Brand: Hotec

👤I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy these. I noticed metal popping from the silicone when I first used them. I requested a full refund after calling Amazon. If you're looking for an inexpensive spatula, the ones at the Dollar Store are better quality.

👤I was looking for spatulas to cook on my non-stick pans. You would use these for spreading condiments or frostings. My flat ware is barely larger than the two larger ones. They get a haze in the dishwasher because they are textured.

👤I usually expect to be disappointed when shopping for cookware here. Either the item is cheap and falls apart, or it's not worth the money. I'm very satisfied with the spatula set. There are no gaps in the single-piece design of each item, which makes me uneasy because there are no crevices forbacteria to grow. This also means that there's no need to disassemble or assemble in order to clean or store. My previous spatulas all had replaceable heads, which at first seemed pretty cool, but then I realized that cleaning them is a pain, drying them properly is even worse, they are full of gaps for germs to accumulate andtrigger my inner germaphobe, and on top of that. Being a single-piece design is a huge deal for me, and these spatulas accomplish that perfectly. The design of the spatulas is something that I'm very pleased with. I had no idea what I was missing until I used the other spatulas in the set. The purple and teal spatulas have a flexible lip around them, which is great for spreading sauces or liquids, and the little blue spatula is a fancy knife/spreader that is really useful for spreading sauces or whatever. I haven't owned these for a long time, so I can't give a long-ranging opinion on their resilience, but so far I've used them a lot and they're holding up well, and they haven't melted or weakened under normal use. It's worth at least giving them a try for the price.

👤The metal piece poked out of the red spatula. Very disappointed.

👤A spatula may be the wrong size or shape for a particular task. The set is easy to clean. There is a Silicone rubber may leave an oily film. I can put a spatula back on its hook if I squirt a squirt of cleaner containing borax or washing soda. They clean food out of pans, jars, and cans for less waste. The jar is easier to wash if I want to reuse it. Mushroom soup will boil over quickly. I used a spatula instead of a spoon to stir it up. Something happened. I left the spatula in the pan. There is a It may have been half an hour later when I remembered the soup. It had not boiled over. The bubbles were collapsing because of the spatula. The handle didn't feel hot.

👤I love these. The W&S spatulas that I'm replacing have wooden handles and can't be put into the dishwasher. They can go into the dishwasher without having to separate the handle. I was excited to add the jar spatula to my inventory and finally got to use it to remove the last bit of nutella from the jar. I didn't know I needed it until I got it. I like the vibrant and mixed colors, they replace my clear W&S ones which have gotten dingy in appearance. Each spatula has a different purpose. I like to have a couple of spatulas on hand because I like to mix sourdough starter with the smaller spoonulas. Great price. Very happy with the purchase.

2. OXO 65191 Grips Flexible Turner

OXO 65191 Grips Flexible Turner

The dishwasher is safe and free of harmful chemicals. The flexible head slides easily. It is heat resistant to 450F. It's safe for non-stick cookware. The handle is soft and comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤It's just about perfect. Better than any other I've tried. If you are having trouble with egg yolks breaking, there are three things you should do. Make sure the egg is cooked on the bottom before you flip it. Make the pan jiggle a little to make sure the eggs are moving in it. There is a The flipper should be slid under the egg and turned over. If you want to be healthy and not use grease, scramble your eggs.

👤I'm very disappointed. The edge of the turner has melted even though it was used in a pan that was not very hot. The handle began to melt when in contact with the pan edge. Food sticks to the flimsy turner. It is hard to clean. I was expecting better quality from OXO as previous products were good.

👤I've used an OXO turner for a long time. I decided to leave the old in the RV and order a new one for the house. It was a big mistake. The one melted around the edges after flipping 4 pancakes. It was not left in the pan. Is this really an OXO product? Not sure... I am certain that the quality is not up to par. It was very disappointing.

👤I ordered the Oxo flexible turner to replace the one that broke. The handle separated from the turner portion on the broken one. I was surprised to see how little the metal handle went inside the turner. The turner portion is very thin. I ordered another one because I love its flexibility and thinness, despite the fact that the one we owned broke. It's easy to slide it under any food. It cannot endure temperatures over 400 degrees because it is made of nylon.

👤The turner is perfect for any level of cooking. The grilled cheese god was served by the product. It is a turner and also a nylon flexible spatula. I have used other good brands of cooking utensils and paid an arm and a leg for my last thin non stick spatula, but this one is a steal. The size is visible in the images. It is small, flexible, and hangs up nicely. This cookware is my favorite brand of cookware and I use it a lot. My husband and I both use oxo as it is a neutral brand for all cooking expertise. Their utensils last forever and are affordable. It's easy to clean with plus cleaning. If you don't have the right non stick tools in your kitchen, you can cause surface damage to your food. I have the best grilled cheese on the block. It is hard to master a good grilled cheese, that is a life goal of mine. There is a Even though it is dishwasher safe, I recommend hand washing spatulas. I recommend only using oxo brand pots and pans. When I use my oxo products together they don't get damaged. There is a The heat is absorbed by the metal bar connecting the head of the spatula to the firm grip. It can handle temperatures over 400 degrees. Don't go over 400 degrees if you want to keep it from being damaged. It is safe and doesn't get hot. The nylon turner head is thin and flexible and is perfect for cooking and baking. There are no broken eggs, crepes, pancakes, or cookies. Are you right around the holiday? This is important for baking. I used it on a non stick pan and it didn't scratch my pan, but it probably would have scratched it if I hadn't been careful. It is easy to clean and maintain, I recommend only using brands like oxo, they increase the quality of your food and preserve your cookware for years. This brand is very fair on price. The grilled cheese master has a small grip and no surface damage. Absorber. It is safe. The product is hard to get off and is a must for the kitchen.

3. Resistant Silicone Spatulas Nonstick Non Stick

Resistant Silicone Spatulas Nonstick Non Stick

The dishwasher is safe. All of their Silicone spatulas Set are made from food grade Silicone, which will not be polluted or eroded, making your cooking always safe and health-preserving. The kitchen spatulas are heat resistant up to 446F. Their rubber spatula sets are scratch resistant and will not harm cookware such as non-stick pots and pans. The spatula set with wooden handle is perfect for mixing, scraper, and spatulas and is the perfect size for cooking and baking. There is enough spatulas for the whole kitchen, 1 spoon spatula, 1 large mixing spatula, and a small Silicone Spatula as a gift. Global one year warranty. They're here. They are behind every product. They will make it right if this isn't one of the best performing spatulas you have ever used.

Brand: Origrace

👤I wanted to like this product. It's doing what you expect it to do, it's heat resistant, and I had no issues with holding it, I can't believe that this is a thing for some people. There is a The finish on the handle is horrible, and that is my only complaint. I've been using mine for about a week and the finishing is gone. I don't think a picture is doing it justice, but the left one is the one I've been using. I have never used the right one. Over time, I expect the finishing to give away. One week is not an acceptable time frame. Don't finish the wood at all, and save people the disappointment.

👤Don't buy this product because it's for my restaurant industry people. It will break in a month. It would be great for a home kitchen, but not for a busy environment. I will give them that it holds up well on heat resistance. What good is that if it isn't strong from the start. I used it for risotto and it was too heavy for both spats. Imagine if it was used for a heavier consistency. Do me a favor and save your money.

👤The spatula fell apart in the first week of use. This item is very disappointing to me.

👤The photos were exactly as expected. Would buy again. Happy to see that the wood is finished, will need to oil it when cutting it. There is an update. Changed from 5 stars to 2. The spatulas have cracked after about a month of use without oiling. The spatulas are great for scrapers, have the right amount of flexibility, and are comfortable to hold and use, but if the wood is cracking already, I don't think it will last. You should oil the wood when you buy them.

👤I bought these because they were on sale, and we love Silicone cooking utensils, but they are not worth the price. One of the wood handles is dark and the other is light, and even the Silicone doesn't match. Some are grey and some are black. I'm not sure why they can't match the wood. They are awkward shaped and aren't good cooking utensils. I'm not sure what to do with one of them, it was made to be a children's toy, and the other is weirdly rounded. I don't recommend these 0 stars.

👤The smell of the oil used to make them. I washed them with hot water. It made the Farina smell like oil when I was trying to make it into a brown skin. I don't use a high heat setting. It's very weird! I have been making Farina more years than I would like to admit, and I am sending these back to you.

👤I got these out of the box and they looked good. Silicone was in good order. Sturdy all around. The silicone part was gapped from the wood after being washed. The wood felt like old sticks. They didn't have a coating to survive the wash. The first one was thrown away. The second felt terrible in my hand. All of the silicone is in good shape.

4. TENTA KITCHEN Lightweight Resistant Thickness

TENTA KITCHEN Lightweight Resistant Thickness

It is safe for easy clean up. The old handle is too short and inconvenient to operate, so it's time to replace it with a long and thickness qualitystainless steel handle. The nylon blade is easy to use and does the turner job perfectly. It's not suitable for the iron pan to cook at over 410F during cooking time. The spatula turner head is slotted so it can be used for delicate food. It's easy to remove oil from food when it's over 12 inches in length. SPECIFICATION: Don't use dishwasher, size: 12.6*5*0.6inch, weight: 0.18LBS. It's easy to use and clean with a light weighted but utility for cooking. No-hassle free-replacement guarantee for quality restaurant.

Brand: Tenta Tenta Kitchen

👤I have been contacted multiple times by the manufacturer since writing this review. If I remove my bad review, they will give me a refund. The product has an average rating. Real customer experience is not being reflected because other people accept the deal. They say they are working on a better product. If a spatula that doesn't melt is a good product, they can send me one, and if it is a bad product, I will change my review. We are sorry to bother you again. There is a Sorry for the nylon spatula melting. Thank you so much for your reflection, it could help our store. There is a We will try to improve the quality control for furter product and try to be more professional. There is a Customer's review is an important part of our shop and we hope that it will help us to remove it. If you don't want it anymore, we will send a new one to you, and you will get a refund. Thanks for your support and understanding. Looking for your reply. The Tenta Kitchen Service Team melted. The product details state that this item is not heat- resistant. The money was wasted.

👤Poor quality. I only had it for a few weeks. The spatula cannot handle heat. I don't want plastic in my food. It's now garbage. There is waste.

👤I would love to give it zero stars. It is in a pan. A cheap product. Don't buy.

👤The Tenta Kitchen Flexible Slotted Spatula is reviewed. It's not for cooking or using heat. I don't like that it melted when used in a skillet. It is a well designed turner for this type. The separation slots are light, flexible, rounded corners, not metal that scratches non-stick pans, and they are sturdy enough to lift small chops and chicken breasts when cooking. That is not a good thing. If you just want to remove cookies from a baking sheet or remove a steamer from a fish, this is the tool you need, but keep it away from fire and hot pans and mind the edges of a hot pan. I hope that the vendor that represents this company will let them know that they have a great start and maybe go with a heat resistant silicone. I would pay more for one that didn't melt.

👤The Spatula is outstanding. There is just the right amount of flexibility for eggs. Not too flexible. It's correct. nylon will melt, as far as the people who have melting issues. Your pan is too hot for non-stick. spatulas are used with a non-stick pan. Non-stick pans are not meant for high heat. You should use a cast iron cooking surface and a spatula if you are cooking vegetables. The spatula and non-stick pans won't melt if you use them correctly. If you stir-fry with a nylon spatula, you'll ruin the pan and cause it to melt. That's right. I had a spatula for 3 years before it broke. I'm still giving it 5 stars and buying a new one today, because of the price point and the excellent utility of this utensil.

5. Wanbasion Multicolour Silicone Resistant Spatulas

Wanbasion Multicolour Silicone Resistant Spatulas

The 14 piece Silicone kitchen utensils meet your baking, cooking, grilling party needs. Wanbasion kitchen silicone spatula set are heat resistant up to 600F and are free of the harmful substance, BPA. Wanbasion cooking spatula set is food grade heat resistant and must keep their food safe and healthy. Silicone spatulas, icing spatulas, fish spatula, cake spatula, cooking spatula, baking spatula, and mixing spatula are dishwasher safe. Wanbasion premium heat resistant kitchen silicone spatula utensil set have astainless steel core inside for extra strength. Silicone spatulas won't break like cheap plastic spatulas. Silicone spatula set can hold up to the demands of cooking, baking and mixing. The grip is non-slip and comfortable to handle. Wanbasion kitchen spatula set have two Silicone spatulas specially designed for you. The smooth edge of soft silicone makes it easy to easily remove the sides of your mixing bowl or icing from your cake. The radian design of the hard silicone head is great for mixing batter and baking. The non stick and dishwasher safe Silicone Spatula Set can be cleaned in the same way as regular cooking utensils, they resist stains and flexible, and the Silicone Spatula Set will not warp, melt or chip in the dishwasher. The Silicone Spatula Set includes a large Silicone Spatula, a long Silicone Jar Spatula, a Mini Silicone Spatula, and a Hard Silicone Spatula. You can cook on the stove top and mix cookie dough.

Brand: Wanbasion

👤It was used to remove the sides of a bowl. I washed it in my dishwasher and it came out with metal exposed. Go with a company that is legit.

👤These are great. I use them no matter if I'm cooking with them or not. Great tools. They are labeled on the handles, but there are many other things you can use them for.

👤I received what I was expecting. The wooden utensils can irritate the bottom of my Lifetime pans, but these do not, and I find that even some of the wooden utensils can irritate the bottom of my Lifetime pans.

👤I've been using these for a while now and they are great. I had other red spatulas, but the bottom wouldn't fit on the handle and soap and water wouldn't go inside. I threw away all of them after cleaning them a few days ago. There is no way water would accumulate and cause mold in these ones. They are strong. I didn't see the need for the long one initially, but if you are trying to get every single nutella from the jar, this will be a life saver. I'm sure this would work with any jar item or frosting for a cake. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for safe spatulas and doesn't want to deal with the mold that accumulate inside of the ones that detach.

👤It's a great purchase to be able to use different sizes of bottles.

👤The jar spatula alone is worth it, which is one reason I chose this set over others. I am addicted to almond butter. It is the perfect length for getting into larger jars. Each one is labeled so you know what you are grabbing. I used a large spatula to make a banana zucchini bread. All have been easy to clean.

👤Really like the range of sizes. It's good to stir and serve food from pans or bowls. It is easy to clean up. The shapes are well designed.

👤This was a good buy for me because of the quality and price. They do what they are supposed to do.

👤Nothing special, not worth the money. Silicone around the end of the metal spine wears off, metal protrudes and spatulas become useless after a few weeks. I would look elsewhere.

👤I like these utensils, but I don't like how sticky they are, they need a wipe down before use, because they attract dust and anything floating in the air. There is a The sizes are perfect for what I needed.

👤A good set of products. It's flexible but feels solid. Great range from the large spatula to the jar spatula. It's perfect for those who want to bake as well. It's a bonus that the dishwasher is safe because I don't like washing up.

👤Good value and so far holding up. The metal centre was slightly protruded on the cake spatula, but as it's not one that I would use a lot, it wasn't an issue. I would have contacted the seller if it was one of the others.

6. GEEKHOM Silicone Resistant Spatulas Non Stick

GEEKHOM Silicone Resistant Spatulas Non Stick

It's great for kid-friendly projects. Large heat-resistant spatulas set of 4 makes cooking easy and fun. Silicone Spatula is perfect for flipping eggs, pancake, fish, burgers, pizzas and dishes without breaking them. The set includes: Standard Spatula, Large Spatula, and Long Slotted Turner. The YXTEC-US provides a 12-month worry-free REPLACEMENT WARRANTY and 60 days money back guarantee for the barbecue gloves. When you click on the button, choose YXTEC-US because GEEKHOM did not authorize any third party. 600 is high-quality. Spatulas that are heat resistant. The spatula turner set is made from a steel core and coated with a silicone substance. The flexible non-stick turner part is heat resistant up to 600F, so you don't have to worry about it melting or scratching your cookware. The TPR Handle and Dishwasher Safe are anti-slip. The soft non-slip grip with thumb grooves is easy to hold and provides maximum comfort and control. The ring hook at the end of each spatula's handle makes it very convenient for storage when not in use. The spatula is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The GEEKHOMs Silicone spatulas heat resistant with an exquisite gift box is a perfect gift for families and friends on Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding, house warming or birthday.

Brand: Geekhom

👤I put the spatulas in the dishwasher right out of the package so I could use them quickly. They came out of the dishwasher with soap scum on them. I scrubbed them by hand to make sure they were clean before I washed them on the next load. I haven't used them yet, but they came out with soap streaks all over them. I attached a picture to compare my old spatula with the new ones. All fresh out of the dishwasher. Returning these

👤It's nice to have something that is heat resistant. The spatulas are not very stiff at the tip so if you're looking for something that will scraper well, this might not be the best choice. I'm really happy with the purchase and I can say these are fantastic quality. I had already used them and they are not perfect in the video.

👤I was not happy with the way these arrived. The quality of these is comparable to what you would find at a department store. They aren't the worst quality but they are a big rip off. The metal under the spatulas was peeling off when I opened the box, making them unsuitable for cooking. The other 2 spatulas seem to resist heat on the head, but the handles don't have any heat resistance. I put the 2 that weren't peeling apart into the dishwasher. They came out in one piece but now have a hard film that I can't remove. I have a very good machine and my other safe items never get a film. These are not dishwasher friendly. It was a big let down. I went to a bed bath in person for my premium spatulas. They will be decent if they charge $30 for spatulas.

👤Just arrived. A new set is needed. We usually get hard plastic but decided to try these. It is a nice texture. The handle seems flimsy. I haven't used them yet. I am writing an initial review for reimbursement. I might update this review after use. Eggs were made with one of the spatulas. It works well and is strong. The non stick pan coating is not scratched by the silicone. The product will be raised from 3 to 5 stars. I have yet to receive reimbursement. I received an email that asked me to remove my original review and write a good one. I decided to keep the original review and give an update with honest, transparent information.

👤The spatulas are perfect in every way. They are heat resistant and can break off into your food. They are easy to clean. The handles are not heat resistant so don't allow them to rest on the hot surface. Great purchase!

👤I had to order spatulas three times. The first two times they were shipped in a bag and the boxes were destroyed. I had to re-order because this was a gift. The third time I spoke to the woman, she made a special note on the order to ship in a box as other orders were damaged. Nope. The third time came in a bag. The corner of the box was crushed this time, so I used it as is. I would expect better packaging for the spatulas, but they seemed decent. If you have to return them twice, it's not worth it. There are many other options out there, hopefully with sturdy packaging.

7. Cuisinart WMR CA Classic Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart WMR CA Classic Certified Refurbished

It's easy to maintain, simply wash by hand or dishwasher. Don't use microwaving to ensure long lasting chopsticks. A large waffle is baked. Five-setting browning control. Baking plates are nonstick. The housing is brushed STAINLESS STEEL. There is a limited 3-year warranty. "Ready to bake" and "Ready to eat" indicator lights are easy to operate. The control adjusts to bake waffles with light-to-deep-golden-color. 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This is a basic waffle-maker. There's no locking mechanism and the hinge rattles. It's not worth the full price of $35, but it's a charm because you can force it to waffle "not waffles" (pizza, panini, etc). It is okay at that, but not optimal if you let anything leak out. There are no seals, no fill marks, if the batter / grease / cheese / whatever over flows this thing. It gets stuck in the asymmetric lip, clings to the sides, and flows underneath and to the bottom. Even if you lay down paper towels, the underside gets greasy. I've used other waffle makers where overflow doesn't affect the machine at all. This seems to be a defect of "Reasonable Alternative Design", it works well for perfectly measured and practiced waffles, but people don't always practice, measure, or make JUST waffles in their waffle-makers... It's a little annoying. There is a You want waffles, thumbs up. If you can put up with cleaning, you want to use this for other things.

👤I bought a waffle iron from Amazon and I'm glad I did. I could not tell if this waffle iron had been sold before. Works well! I am very happy that the issue of keeping clean and fingerprints free is not the main one. You can make waffles for a crowd very quickly. You can adjust the temperature control so the waffles cook perfectly if you stick with it. Very happy!

👤I've purchased refurbished items before and never had a problem. This was not an exception. Works well! Just like new! I decided on this one because of 1. It's the perfect serving size for two people. You can choose your doeness. It's not a Belgian waffle maker. Those things are everywhere. You have to look for the classic style waffle maker. What is going on with that? This little thing cooks waffles great. It's very easy to clean when you run the batter over. You can wipe it off with a paper towel or dishcloth. It's pretty fast to heat up. I took a picture of the waffle I made with the setting just a little over the recommended setting, it did not disappoint me. It was perfect, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. My waffle is not as puffed up as an original waffle would be, but it was very tasty and I think it was because I was experimenting with Almond flour and Tapioca starch. Threw on some melted butter and Natural unstrained honey and it was the bomb. Are you still wondering what the two little holes on the left side of the waffle iron are for? When you're done with the waffle maker, you can put the end of the plug into the notch to hold the lid together, then you can store it upright. It works, but needs a little tuning. It is very space saving. I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

👤Yes! The waffle iron is great. It's heavy so it won't flop around on your counter as you open the iron. There is a lot of play in the hinge to let your waffle fluff up. There is a It works better as a "sandwich" waffle than a belgian waffle because it takes less waffle batter. I made pizza waffles last night and they worked great for this. There is a It's nice to look at and clean up easily with a slim profile. I just make sure to pay attention to the indicator lights to know when it's done.

8. Rachael Ray Gadgets 2 Piece Spatula

Rachael Ray Gadgets 2 Piece Spatula

Kitchen utensils with unique functions will become your best kitchen helpers. It's a great gift for anyone who loves to cook, or for your friends and family. The large and medium nylon spatulas are perfect for cooking with all types of cookware and bakeware. The spatula set is heat safe and can be used to cook at high temperatures. Go clean and rinse. These kitchen utensils are dishwasher safe. Kitchen spatulas are easy to reach deep into bowls. The set includes 10-Inch and 12-Inch Spatulas.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤I don't recommend this product. The plastic is getting old. I would expect a better product from Rachel Ray.

👤I almost didn't buy them because of all the reviews complaining that they melt, but at $7 for two in the same shape I wanted, I decided to give them a chance. I bought a flimsy plastic flipper 25 years ago and it broke a couple of months ago because I banged it too hard on the side of the sink. I use a wooden spoon and a metal flipper in my non stick pans to flip and lift things out. My cheap flipper lasted so long because of this. I don't use flippers in the same way that I use spoons, as the burn marks on my wooden implements attest, but I am not a careful cook. The Rachel Ray flippers are made of plastic that is much stronger and will last just as long. Before you order these, consider your cooking style. These are not for people who are used to leaving their flipper in contact with a hot pan for long periods of time. You will find them to be well balanced and attractive if you order them. A great buy.

👤The product doesn't stand up to the rating. It burned the ends at a low temperature.

👤I like spatulas. They can't handle heat. I posted a picture of a spatula that was used to get a hamburger out of the pan, and it turned out that the grease made it bubble up, not sitting in the pan for very long. I used it and put it away, but it couldn't handle the heat.

👤This item is terrible. "Rachel Ray" is what it says. " I was very disappointed when I used the smaller one to make pancakes and the end was terrible. I chose this color because I just bought the Rachel Ray cooking set. I don't want melted plastic on my food, so I didn't use it in the pan, but now it's useless because I don't want it on my food.

👤Wow! These spatulas are very nice. I fried a bag of hash browns and 1.5 pounds of crumbled sausage and found them to be just the right amount of flexibility and not too thick. They are well designed and slide under food. The spatula end doesn't touch the stovetop if they are balanced on the stovetop. I cook on med heat and it helps prevent sticking. I think they'll be great for meat patties. nylon utensils are a must when using non stick cookware. I used to buy nylon spatulas that were inferior to these. I highly recommend them.

👤I use these spatulas with my electric griddle. They are well sized for everything from silver dollar pancakes to grilled sandwiches to burrito size tortillas, and they are also well able to get under food and lift without pushing. The bevel is very important to me. I don't like fighting to get a spatula under food, but these are not a problem. They slide well under delicate items. The spatulas are sturdy enough to lift heavier foods. Clean-up is easy. If something is stuck on an egg, a kitchen scrubber will take it off without any effort before they go into the dishwasher. There is a The orange is a nice pumpkin color. I chose orange because they are my go-to spatulas, and it made them easy to find in my utensil bin.

9. Westmark Germany Non Stick Thermoplastic 11 8 Inch

Westmark Germany Non Stick Thermoplastic 11 8 Inch

The dishwasher is safe. This turner is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean up. High quality kitchenware is made in Germany. Westmark's Spatula is one of the best kitchenware brands available today and is ranked among the best in the world. Each product is made using high quality heat resistant polyamide with a thermoplastic elastomeric handle. For more information, see below. The product is easy to use and has good heat resistance. The spatula is comfortable to use and has a secure grip thanks to the soft touch handle. It's easy to clean a dishwasher.

Brand: Westmark

👤This spatula is very nice. The red part of the handle is made from soft red rubber and not non-stick thermal plastic like the rest of the spatula. If the handle touches the edge of the skillet, it will instantly melt like butter. I was surprised that a German manufacturer would allow such a flaw. One shouldn't have to baby any kitchen utensil, especially one being used on hot surfaces.

👤I have been looking for a good spatula for a long time, they are flimsy, thick, and not durable, but this one is thin, so it slides under with ease, and I have not broken a single yoke since I got it.

👤Not very heat resistant. There is a After the first pancake flip, began melting. The nylon flipper I threw out was the same as the one I left with the food. It was disappointing for the price. It's difficult to get under food in a non-stick pan with the silicone spatula.

👤I thought it was thin andflimsy, in contrast to my OXO and kitchen aid spatulas which have a thicker profile. I haven't had it for a long time, but the plastic is ridgid, so I can't say for sure if it's durable. The dishwasher has a top rack. Since I have Carpal T.S, and the slimmer profile makes it take up less space in a drawer or small tote, the light weight is appreciated. It works well for breaking up sausage/ground meat and flipping pancakes in shallow and deep frying pans. The stove heat settings have not phased this spatula yet. I ordered a second one because I liked it so much. I will follow up if there are any issues.

👤I wanted to like this spatula a lot. It turns out that it is not completely non-stick, as eggs adhere to it, making washing harder than I wanted. The leading edge is thick enough to slide under a lot, without skill or extra finger. It seems like it will last a long time.

👤It was melted on the first use. Not much else to say. I like the price and size. I can't flip something without it melting. Will be back.

👤This is the best non-metal spatula I have ever owned. It is perfect. I'm picky about my tools. It doesn't melt in normal use. The edge is almost to a sharp edge. It's stiff enough to chop or break up various items in the pan, yet it's not too stiff to slide under thin foods. The handle is comfortable to hold, just the right size in the hand, with a nicely textured surface to give a grip. The length is long enough to keep one's hand away from the hot stuff, but not so long that you loose control. The ergonomics of this spatula are great. I would replace the spatula if it ever broke. I plan to put another one in storage just in case.

👤"Non-stick thermoplastic" is the description. I can't figure out what they mean because stuff sticks to it like crazy. It's a spatula. It's okay.

10. Silicone Spatulas Resistant Utensils Cookware

Silicone Spatulas Resistant Utensils Cookware

There is a forever warranty. Their promise is to provide a superior experience for everyone who owns DI ORO products. Their warranty lasts forever, so you can enjoy your purchase with full confidence. They pay more attention to the safety of product materials than other ordinary sellers. Their spatulas are made of food grade silicone. There is no need to worry about melting at high temperatures. The soft silicone won't scratch the coating, which can help protect your pot. The design of the 18/8stainless steel is thought to be the most thoughtful, as it is more durable and keeps you away from the trouble of kitchen utensils rusting or breaking. The anti-scald silicone handle is more comfortable to hold than traditional utensils. You should protect your hands from being scalded while cooking. You can clean with hot water or the dishwasher, it's easy to do. The round hanging hole makes it easier to dry. Life comes from details. Bundlepro Kitchenware wants to control the details. The modern black color can be matched with any kitchen style. The soft food-grade silicone is used for cooking. It's ideal for flipping. Their service is available. Good cookware often gets twice the result with half the effort, even though no one is born to be a good cook. Bundlepro is committed to providing customers with the highest quality kitchen utensils. If you have any questions about their products, please contact them, they will be happy to serve you.

Brand: Bundlepro

👤When you wash them, they fill up with dirty water. After drying and sitting for a few days, the smell of water in the food you are cooking is still present. It was gross... This isn't a sanitary product.

👤Water gets stuck from the space where the silicone meets the metal when you wash these spatulas, and water leaks from the space when you cook with them.

👤Silicone spatulas are sturdy, but they are too thick to flip. No matter what I've tried to use for, it's not going to work. I can't put it under it. These are pretty useless because of that.

👤I didn't want to use metal turners in my new skillets, so I ordered these because I thought the price was reasonable. I have used both the solid and the slotted and they have worked well. The edge is a little thick for getting under things, but I have had issues with other silicone turners. Some people complained about water getting into the handles and then dripping into the food when they used them, when I looked at the reviews before I bought them. I don't soak them in dishwater. I don't know if soaking created this issue for others, so I either wash them immediately or put them in the dishwasher.

👤It's difficult to get under eggs to cook them. The design is nice.

👤I have only used the spatula a few times and it has cracked on one corner. Very disappointed! I liked the spatula before I noticed the crack.

👤The tip is too thick and the rake angle is too great for the blade to get under the food to lift or flip. I might grind down the tip to make sure my easy overs don't get scrambled.

👤I absolutely love spatulas. They are what I was looking for. They're easy to clean and come in some nice colors. I don't have to worry about my pans being scratched because I can use these on my non-stick pans. The dried water on the blue colored spatulas is a very minor problem.

👤These were a good purchase. Good handles and no heat transference. The metal shaft has split and is now useless. It isn't the most expensive tool, but it is the cheapest. We don't have a dishwasher. It's only been washed. I would not recommend.

👤It seems to be a decent set. I can't say much else.

👤Exactly what I needed for my expensive pans. They are encased in metal with a soft tip.

👤Excellent price and quality will be used again. Highly recommended.

👤The item is easy to use and clean, it fits the job perfectly.

11. Chef 3 Piece Silicone Turner Spatula

Chef 3 Piece Silicone Turner Spatula

Once the bottom is cooked, remove the ring and flip. 2 sets are included. Their food grade, BPA Free, and LFGB Certified Silicone is not harmful to your cookware and will not scratch it. The spatulas in the Chef Series 3-Piece Set are heat- resistant up to 600F so you can rest easy. The Chef Series 3-Piece Set is dishwasher safe and can be quickly and easily cleaned by hand. The thoughtful design of each spatula prevents food and dirt from getting into the kitchen. The pro- grade turner spatula makes cooking fun and easy. Their design makes flipping food easy and hassle free. The soft grip texture on the handles provides superior grip and handling with wet hands. Dishwasher safe Their guarantee, their forever warranty, is not satisfied with your purchase? Let them know. You will get a full refund. They will replace any damaged Di Oro product for free. No questions, no hassles.

Brand: Di Oro Living

👤In August of last year. I thought these were the best spatulas/turners I've ever used. I still think they are good and designed well, even though they have a major flaw in the picture. I felt the edge of the pan collapse as I used more force to turn the food, because it was sticking a little bit in the pan. The metal core was exposed and the silicone tore. I would call this normal use. I haven't contacted the company or looked into a replacement policy yet, but I wanted to share my experience with others, because it seems that I'm not the only one who's had this happen to them. July 1st is an update. They immediately sent a replacement spatula, standing by their warranty, after contacting customer service. Excellent service and back to 5 stars. The product is great, but I wish it was reinforced/durable.

👤The spatulas are nice. I worry about how long they will last because the covering is very thin and I feel like I need to be gentle as I use them. The two spatulas with the holes in them are larger than I expected. The one is longer than I expected. It makes them hard to use. I wouldn't have bought them if I knew how big they were. Attaching pictures to make others see the size.

👤I want to explain the problem with the spatulas. The end of the statement is when you say to flip an egg, the very edge at the end of the spatula. I bought spatulas in May of last year. They were not usable by the end of the year. The metal is surrounded by rubber on the flipping end. The edge of the flipping end is only flexible rubber. The edge is meant to be flexible. The problem is here. The edge of rubber breaks. Leaving the edge exposed against the skillet is what you should do. That was a real problem for me. It's going to happen to every spatula; a nice concept is a design flaw. Purchase at your own risk. You have been warned. Good luck, but you won't have any with this brand.

👤My family melted many non scratch spatulas. I searched for a better solution. Di Oro Living spatulas were exactly what they were. They feel professional and sturdy. Food doesn't stick to them as much as other kitchen tools. There is a I bought another standard Di Oro spatula because my family liked using them so much, we could cook other dishes simultaneously without cross-contamination. There is a One spatula failed on us and they have held up well through the years. The jury is still out, but my son is a brute, so it could have been user abuse. When I went shopping for a replacement from Di Oro, I forgot about their "forever warranty". Jessica at Di Oro was nice enough to recite the warranty and give me a confirmation of which spatula I needed. That company is behind their products. Di Oro will do the right thing if their other spatula set fails, so I'm inclined to purchase their other spatula set. Thank you Di Oro. You have been a loyal customer.


What is the best product for cooking spatulas for nonstick cookware?

Cooking spatulas for nonstick cookware products from Hotec. In this article about cooking spatulas for nonstick cookware you can see why people choose the product. Oxo and Origrace are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking spatulas for nonstick cookware.

What are the best brands for cooking spatulas for nonstick cookware?

Hotec, Oxo and Origrace are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking spatulas for nonstick cookware. Find the detail in this article. Tenta Tenta Kitchen, Wanbasion and Geekhom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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