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1. BOMATA Precision Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless

BOMATA Precision Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless

The DEVIRMEN food weight scale is a must-have for every serious cook, it streamlines your meal prep, allows you to step up your baking skills, and cut down on your kitchen chores in one fell swoop. It can also be used for dog food, packages, and craft works, which makes it easy to keep track of your weights. Kitchen items are waterproof and more durable. It is important that the water is waterproof and easy to clean. The internal parts and circuits of this product are dustproof. The scale will not be damaged if water enters it. It is simple to clean and more convenient. The range is between 0.01oz to 11 lbs. The weighing sensor is high quality and stable. It is more widely used than 1g products, and can measure things like yeast powder, baking powder, seasoning, etc. The scale has 4 units (oz, lb, g, ml), tare function, auto-off, accuracy calibration and other functions. The materials are high-quality and include touch-sensitive buttons, advanced LEDs-backlit large display, and a weighing platform. There is a green protective film on the platform. There is a dual power supply. The built-in battery can be powered by 3*AAA batteries, or it can be charged via ausb cable. Plug-in use can be done directly from theusb cable. When washing, make sure to take out the battery. The purchase risk guarantee is0%. The warranty period lasts for one year. If there is a problem, they will do their best to fix it. They would appreciate it if you could contact them at any time. Bomata insists on quality and is committed to creating high-quality products.

Brand: Bomata

👤I need a waterproof, durable and accurate scale to work in the food prep room. The unit has more than filled the bill so far. I chose it because it's waterproof and so far it's exceeded my expectations. It weighs 1/3 as much as the company's $300 set up and tares, but it is set up and tares faster. It acceptsAAA batteries. The readout is dim for power use. I'll be very happy with this purchase if it's as waterproof as they claim. I would recommend it if you work in a wet environment after a month's usage. There is a It's proven to be waterproof after several months of daily use. I rinse it off and dry it, but have never submersed it and it works fine. After a couple of taps, it gets stuck and restarts its faithful operation. The scale pan gets stuck because a light tap or two will get it back to normal. The Ohaus models we have here are expensive and less reliable.

👤I bought this after my scale broke down. The ability to measure at 0.1g or 0.01oz has been really nice and I use it for food. There is a The pros are 1. It works out of the box. 2. The battery charges last a long time. 3. It's perfect for those recipes where precise measurement is important. 4. It's easy to wash. 5. The scale is in the same drawer. There is a Cons 1. None really. I'll consider this a good purchase if this thing doesn't break on me in the near future. There is a I'm happy with the product. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. You turn it on, zero it out, and then weigh it. You turn it off, clean it, and put it away. It is easy, simple, and accurate. That's how I like my scales.

👤I had a KitchenAid scale that had two platforms and I loved it, but it started malfunctioning after liquid spilled on it, so I decided to look for a water resistant scale with an internal battery that did grams in 0.1g, and this scale fit the requirement. This scale has less measurement options than some of the others, and I liked that. I'm not sure if it's enough for me to return it, but it does sound for every button push. I use it every day for coffee bean measurement, and the beeping doesn't make sense for something I'm looking at the whole time.

👤The scale is loud when you press a button, but I don't like that. I put a piece of electrical tape over the place where the sound comes out, but it is still not great.

👤It's not too small to be inconvenient to weigh ingredients and it's more accurate than my last scale. I threw out the instructions before I checked to see if it could be turned off.

👤No me acostumbro, funciona, el tiempo de auto apagado es una corto para m.

2. CHWARES Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless Ingredients

CHWARES Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless Ingredients

The portable food scale is lightweight and compact, meaning it won't take up much space in your kitchen or pantry. If you frequently diet, it is important to weigh the food you consume and count calories accurately. The battery has a built-in charging port. High precision sensor system provides you with instant and accurate results. It's perfect for measuring ingredients, water, milk, and letters. It's easy to clean and use, making it an ideal choice for homes and kitchens. There are multiple functions. An instant and automatic tare function is included. With the press of a single button, you can quickly and conveniently convert measurement results between g, oz, lb, ml, kg, milk ml. Digital kitchen scale weighs between 0.1g and 3000g and can be adapted to a variety of items. There is a backlit display. The design of the electronic food scale is stylish. You can get the accurate readout with the clear and large display. There is an energy saving with the use of theusb charging and theusb Rechargeable. The low battery indication and auto-off function helps to preserve battery power and efficiency. It is possible to charge once for one or two months.

Brand: Chwares

👤A great little guy. I got it because I only use the kitchen for a short time. Weighing coffee grounds for a golden cup is the best way to accurately bake and share a recipe. American cooks need to get more involved with this form of measurement. The scale is small, but I knew it from the description. It has a couple of plastic covers that can be used as small dishes and scales. Zero-out any containers is easy. It's not dead. I wanted a scale that I wouldn't have to wonder if the battery needs to be replaced if I don't use it for months at a time. It can be put in any micro-usb cable charger. It's pretty basic. It is easy to change between measurement units. It was cheap. Cheers!

👤The size of the scale should be emphasized more clearly. My fault is that I took it at face value. The pictures show my hand and phone. It does work and I hope it is accurate. The scale is small and I don't trust it to measure large batches of bread doughs.

👤I couldn't calibrate this because I couldn't get it to work. It's impossible to find information or a manual online. I don't exist. I had different weights for weighing the same item.

👤The scale is small but accurate and comes with two small trays and a charging cord.

👤I bought this for coffee making. It was the perfect size for my espresso machine and it was rechargeable. It keeps going up and up and up, even though it doesn't register the weight correctly anymore.

👤This scale is perfect for a small kitchen. It's easy to use and doesn't take up much space. It's small, 5x4 inches, so it's easy to store in my kitchen counter space, which is 2 square feet. The heaviest thing I've needed to weigh so far was 2 pounds. It is as accurate as I need it to be, weighing in at the hundredth of an ounce and a tenth of a gram. The weighing surface is small, but it's still very usable because it stays on long enough to weigh multiple portions or ingredients. I've been using this for a couple of weeks and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

👤It was much smaller than I expected. My mistake. There is a I turned it on and it said 0.0, then climbed up to 0.8 and then down to 0.5, with nothing on it and no change in position or movement. The tare button went to 0.0 after I hit it. I weighed an English Muffin and it was way below what the package said it weighed. I had the Weight Watcher before and I wish I had bought it again. I will try it again tomorrow after 24 hours of charging. I will return it if not. I will have more pictures and results tomorrow. The grapefruit should weigh at least 200 grams. I was weighed by this scale.

3. Weigh Gram Digital Jewelry Kitchen

Weigh Gram Digital Jewelry Kitchen

Shiness always aims to provide the best products with the best prices and perfect service for their customers. Natural soy wax and essential oil candles are used to make the scented candles in this amazing gift set. If you have an issue, please contact them. The Pocket Scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of 100g and readabilities of 0.01g, to guarantee you an accurate and precise weighing session. The pocket scale is portable and lightweight and has a protective flip cover. Pocket Scale has easy touch buttons, large size digits, and a blue backlit display that makes it easy to read in all light conditions. The Pocket Scale has 4 different weight modes and a 60 second auto shut off to preserve battery life. The weigh gram pocket scale is used to measure a range of objects. Small knickknacks such as gold, silver, coins, jewelry, and gems.

Brand: Weigh Gram

👤I got this scale to weigh my baby crested geckos, as I have heard that it is very accurate. I had another that wasn't accurate, but only 1 gram. This one is amazing when it comes to weighing smaller animals that you can put in a cup.

👤Had high hopes that the reviews were good. This product is trash. I think the company paid for fake reviews. I did not weigh it out correctly. After weighing the same weight multiple times, the results are very inconsistent. Huge deviations. After calibrating it for the third time, I thought it was working, but after turning it on again, it was failing to register weight. I don't like writing negative reviews, but I will be back again after having a bad experience with this.

👤I use this one to measure out my espresso doses and it always shows up with a quick measurement. The unit is easy to store and has a bright display. I could use weed for that if it ever becomes legal here.

👤The scale is very accurate. I have a different scale that I use when I need a more accurate measurement. I didn't calibrate the scale because it is pretty accurate to a centigram. The scale has a 10g weight on it. The scale is out of the box. The accuracy is.02g. This is accurate enough for what I need it for, and probably accurate enough for most uses. This is straight out of the box. I can imagine it would be even closer to the truth if you calibrate it. The scale comes in a small box with a small manual that explains what you shouldn't do. The scale itself has instructions on the inside of the lid. The scale will be good out of the box if you don't measure hundredths of a gram 100% accurately. If you want it to be as accurate as possible, I would buy a calibration weight set. The scale requires 100g of calibration weight, which is cheap. It is a steal considering the cost. I highly recommend it.

👤I'm really disappointed in this scale. It moved. It wants to go up to more than 3 grams. No scale should do that. There is a calibrating with 20 U.S. nickels. I thought it would work out. If you remove one nickel, it reads 93.xx and if you remove 2 nickels, it reads 86.xx. nickels weigh 5 grams I bought this to weigh some supplements. It only displays the correct weight when I have 100 grams on it, otherwise it is so far off. I'll contact the seller and see if I can get a replacement. I hope I got a dud. I contacted the seller to inquire about a replacement. They told me that all exchanges are handled by Amazon. The "exchange item" option was nowhere to be found when I went to the returns page. Some of my purchases did have an exchange option, like this product, but others didn't. I was only able to return it and not get a replacement. I returned it because it was too much to deal with. My impressions of this product have not changed, despite my limited exposure. I might have gotten a faulty scale, as other reviews indicate that it is accurate. This is just my experience with the seller.

4. Digital Electronic Graduation Waterproof Tempered

Digital Electronic Graduation Waterproof Tempered

The company is committed to creating quality kitchen products. If you don't like the product, you can contact them to get a replacement or a refund. Precise Measurement Their digital food scales have built-in load sensors and are equipped with 5 precision units. The measurement range is 22 lbs with a 0.1 oz/1 g division all the time. It's good at measuring food with portion control and cooking in smaller amounts. The meat scale for food has "tare function", which helps to zero out the container weight when weighing powder and liquids inside the bowl. It's convenient to reset the scale to zero and get a measurement. There is a large display. The large food scale has a platform that is larger than other food scales on the market, with a clear backlit display, which makes it easy to read out your weight and calories. The scales digital weight grams are waterproof for running water to the surface and easy to clean, thus, any spills can be dealt with easily without threat to the electronic scale. The service is called the warranty service. It is a snap for you to make banana bread or cheesecake with it, it is a good cooking and baking scale as your kitchen helpers. They have a digital food scale and a cooking scale.

Brand: Trace Kasa

👤The instructions state that the scale is not waterproof, despite the description showing water running onto the scale. Do not expose to the elements. Your picture is telling people to expose the scale to the water. The instructions state to clean the scale with a damp cloth. This seems to me to not expose the scale to water. Maybe it's a translation issue and they mean the whole thing isn't waterproof but just the glass? It's not clear. I can't be buying things based on translation issues, so I'm going to have to switch to name-brand stuff. The scale will turn on even if you don't touch it, even if you're not close to the "on" button. It takes about 2 minutes to turn it off. I don't know how long the batteries will last if I turn it on in my cupboard.

👤The scale is easy to use. It is easy to slide into a cabinet. I use it to send packages from home. Highly recommended.

👤There is a significant lag to this scale. It doesn't want to measure small changes so when I'm pouring out small amounts it doesn't change as much. To jump the value up I have to use my finger on the scale. There is a If the plan is to use this for packages, I think it would be more useful. I'm using it for measuring and will be replacing it soon.

👤The food scale is easy to use and clean. The big screen shows the number well. Don't put water on the food scale. When you touch lightly, it will turn on, so put it somewhere you can't touch. It makes me happy when I work on my food.

👤I use a scale to weigh wood products. The average weight of my product is 10 grams. I am not sure of the validity of the weight displayed because it varies on repeated measurements for the same object. I use a mode of three trials to describe the product.

👤I think I have a bad scale. I had to return it. It would add when I removed food. I have to make sure that I have the correct measurement for the food. I couldn't keep it.

👤The scale doesn't work after five months. There is a It's not water resistant if you can't get it wet.

👤I take the batteries out after use because it will come back on. It seems pretty accurate.

5. LEVIN Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

LEVIN Digital Graduation Stainless Tempered

WARRANTY & SUPPORT Customer satisfaction is the top goal. CROWNFUL has a 12 months warranty for quality issues. The kitchen scale is FCC/CE/Rohs certified. 33lb maximum weight and display. The kitchen scale can weigh food from 2g to 33lb. You can see the weight on the high-quality display if you weigh a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of beef. 5 weight units for convenience. The digital food scale has 5 weight units, which is great for your kitchen life. A square meal is made with 2lb salmon, 5oz lemon juice, 3g wasabi, and 100ml wine. 33lb maximum weight and display. The kitchen scale can weigh food from 2g to 33lb. You can see the weight on the high-quality display if you weigh a small amount of seasoning or a heavy cut of beef. The food scale has 4 advanced weighing sensors distributed at the corners evenly that give you precise weight graduation to 0.1g/0.05oz. Whether you want to control the amount of seasonings or the amount of cake ingredients, it's perfect! One-Press TARE and side switch button. The scale has a separate tare button and switch button, which makes it easier to choose the right function. The switch button is on the front side. After 90 seconds, it switches off, saving energy and eco-friendly. The scale surface is easy to clean with just a wipe. They have a 180-day Refund policy. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Levin

👤It's odd that all these great reviewed are clustered around the same date, May 28 - June 3rd, 2020. People were waiting in line to get this hot product. It's odd that almost everyone leaves a lot of pictures and glowing comments. It's odd that reviewers buying the same weird products like "FRETREE Jump Rope" bought by Shripple Krak and Aidan LeMay at the exact same date. You get my drift, I can go on with comparison. This is in violation of professional and ethical standards.

👤It seems like a pretty nice, simple and straight forward item that I just received. The only thing that people need to know is that the scale I ordered was purple-y silver, with a clear blue peel off sticker over the top, which may matter to some buyers.

👤I use this to weigh my packages.

👤If you're worried about the scale's accuracy, you may need a higher end scale, but for this gal, it will be much easier to read, and it will be a slight fluctuation from the front, middle and back of the scale.

👤I dao una produccin de panadera. No da el Peso is real. La presicion es nula. Devolvi.

👤It is easy to use and accurate. The price is great.

👤The scale will probably do the job if you buy it. It is not suitable for scientific measurements, medicines, or accurate measurements of less than 5g. There is a For a very light object, the scale would be between 3 and 5g. It seemed to allow the object to settle down if you pressed on the scale and released it. For small quantities, give the scale time to settle. It did not seem like it would react quickly to changes in weight, which could be a problem if trying to add an ingredient by pouring. I put a 10lb dumbell on the scale and it showed 10lb, which was in line with another scale that showed 10lb. 5oz. The error is only 3%, which is good enough for cooking and baking, but not good enough for science, medicine or commerce. There is a Inexpensive. * There are modes for lbs, oz, grams, and kilograms. * The 33lb (15Kg) capacity is sufficient for weighing big turkeys or roasts, and the display is easy to clean. It doesn't take up a lot of space. There is a You can see 20oz or 1.25lb, but not 1lb, 4oz. It takes a second to get used to the fact that when you press the buttons, the display goes crazy. This is also a pro. It has the capacity to weigh a large turkey, but good luck getting the bird on the platform and still being able to read the display.

👤This is the best scale I have ever used for cooking and dieting. There is a I have tested others that were 15% off and they were very accurate. There is a Even accurate at light values under 10g is possible. Oh well. Looks great! The buttons are easy to use for battery life saving and responsive. If I had to give a cons, it would be really non issues for me. Tare and power buttons are not the same. Americans don't use pounds and ounces. It gives ounces or pounds. 19 ounces instead of 3oz. Milk and fluid ounce measurement is not given.

6. Etekcity Luminary Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless

Etekcity Luminary Waterproof Rechargeable Stainless

There is free support. If you have a problem, please feel free to reach out to them, they will address it promptly. The Max Capacity is the weight of the objects as light as 0.1oz/2g and as heavy as 22lb. An IPX6 waterproof design allows you to easily measure liquids and wipe the scale clean. The battery is Rechargeable. The scale comes with a charging cable. You can choose between grams, ounces, pounds and ounces. The tare feature and hold function are bonus features. The scale can be used for a variety of purposes, including baking, meal prep, baby food prep, weighing babies and pets, and parcel weighing. Warm tip. The scale is water resistant, which makes it impervious to most spills. They recommend wiping the scale dry with a soft cloth after spills to keep it in optimal condition. Before washing the scale, make sure the charging port cover is in place.

Brand: Etekcity

👤I wanted to weigh the dough. It's a nice scale. It is easy to clean with a very sleek and low profile. The buttons are on the scale. I chose a scale that uses standard batteries instead of button batteries so it won't be difficult to replace. This one fits the bill. Two quarters round off accurately to 11 grams because a quarter weighs 5.67 grams. A dime is 2.268 grams. The scale reported 1 gram for a single dime but 2 dimes at 4 grams. It didn't register accurately starting at 1 gram. I'm not using it to weigh crack, so it's accurate.

👤This was useful for measuring food for a while, but last night when I tried to use it, it was all over the place, giving me different weights for the same items. I ordered it in October and it's December. It stopped working quickly but I can't do much about it. The seller reached out to me after my previous review and sent me a new one. I appreciate the attention to customer service since I have just started using it, but I'm not sure if I'll have the same issue again. So far, so good.

👤I track my calories on a daily basis. Everything that goes into my body that has calories is entered into an excel sheet that shows calories eaten and calories lost over time. I had an issue with how rough some of the numbers were before I got this scale. It probably didn't matter if the errors were more or less consistent over time, but it was always a pain to try to decide if the banana was in the small, medium, or large size. I noticed that the volume serving size listed on the nutrition label wasn't as close to the weight numbers as it should be. I have no idea how many cups a package contains, but I have noticed that the cups per package they claim is correct is far from being correct, and I can now confirm that with this scale. The scale helps with accuracy because I eat cereals so frequently that the calories/protein/carbs numbers are important. I'm sure for many other products as well. Tracking calories is easier now that I have a scale, and I feel more confident that it's also a lot more accurate. Drop a banana on the scale and get the number of grams. Put a bowl on the scale, press the reset button, pour cereals, and count the grams. I don't need to use a measuring cup with my coffee anymore because they have an option to weigh fluid ounces of milk. Put the cup on the scale, set it to milk ounces, pour the milk, and read off the number. Some reviewers have had problems with the scale not staying at zero, but I have had no problems with that. It's always at zero when I turn it on. When I put a dish on it, it always goes to zero. Some reviewers said they had a problem with the plastic tabs on the unit, which were not required to be removed before use. I don't know if they updated the model or not, but the one I got was just about ready to go out of the box, but I had to pull out the plastic protectors from the battery compartment, which took two seconds.

7. CHWARES Rechargeable Stainless Detachable Waterproof

CHWARES Rechargeable Stainless Detachable Waterproof

WATERPROOF & DURABLE- The high-quality glass panel is waterproof and has excellentDurability, so it can be easily handled without threat to the scale. It is easy to clean and anti-fingerprint. Press the scale surface to wake it. Press the scale lightly to power on, there is no power on or off button. When there is no operation, the scale will turn off. ThePrecise Measurement has a 11lb/6kg capacity with a division of 0.1oz/1g. There are multiple functions. An instant and automatic tare function is included. With the press of a single button, you can quickly and conveniently convert measurement results between g, oz, lb, ml, kg, milk ml. The design is made with steel for a long time. The bowl can be used for a variety of uses. Scales are modern and sophisticated. It's perfect for measuring ingredients, water, milk, and letters. It's easy to clean and use, making it an ideal choice for homes and kitchens. Easy Tare features tare and auto-zero functions for easy compatibility with other containers, and it's easy to measure in a mug, plate, or different sized bowl with dependable and hassle-free accuracy. The type c fast charge mode is available for three months. There is a touch button and a white backlit display.

Brand: Chwares

👤The buttons stopped working after about 6 months. Completely dead is the second update. It won't power on. It was great before that happened. It's easy to read.

👤The included cable is a microusb one, but the scale needs ausb. C. I had ordered 2 cables to spare my phone. If you don't have the right cable, it would be inconvenient. I found a major design flaw. I plugged in a charging device after I used the scale and it wouldn't work while I was charging it. A scale that can't be charged? Down to 2 stars.

👤Many scales tried, including big brands, with their own issues. There is a This is very close to perfect. The internal battery is quite accurate. It works when you charge. It is easy to read even with large plates. It is easy to switch units and self shut-off. There is a Mooore is not recommended.

👤I'm tired of spending my money on things that work for a short time and then don't work anymore. This is another example of it. The scale worked for about a month. It won't have to. I didn't abuse it or drop it. The manufacturer has my money because it's a badly made product.

👤I received a broken one and was immediately shipped another one. I thought the first one was a mistake because it came on when I plugged it in. I tried to use it but it didn't work. It never came back on after I plugged it in all day. I contacted the seller to let them know, but they never responded. I have an item that doesn't work.

👤I gave in and bought a digital scale after the bowl broke and I had a perfectly functioning analog scale. I like how it works and how easy it is to weigh my ingredients in grams. I wanted a style with a bowl, and this one is perfect. It's great to just flip the bowl over. I haven't tried the other modes yet, but it has the standard pounds/ounces and liquid measures. I'm happy with weighing my ingredients instead of measuring them with cups.

👤Really large scale. It has an automatic on and off, and it is rechargeable. We have had it for a while. The first charge is still going on. The digital display is easy to read under bowls. I think it is a better scale than other choices.

👤The accuracy is spot on. It was easy to use. There is a The bowl is so useful that it charges. Holds charge well. Works well for kitchen use, art work, and herbal uses.

👤These scales are very good. They are easy to use and look good in the kitchen. Everything I could wish for. There is a They are worth every penny. I have bought cheap ones in the past and have been disappointed, so I chose these. Great purchase.

👤The scales failed just outside the 30 day return window, but they were easy to use. I contacted the seller and asked for some help with the scales and the chargers were working. Can you send a picture to check that I have not damaged or destroyed the scales? The second response was that they need to be charged. I said that the scales were charged and that the chargers worked. We will send a new set of scales. After leaving a review, I received a replacement set of scales.

8. Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

Throw some seasoning on the grill for a crowd pleaser. The digital kitchen scale has a precise weight of up to 22.06 lbs (10,200 grams) with a graduation of 0.1 ounces (1 gram). The range is 0.1oz to 22 lbs. The automatic unit button instantly converts between 6 units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read screen. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The tare button makes it easy to calculate tare using the weight of the plate or container. The food scale is designed with glass for strength and sleek steel for anti-fingerprint and easy clean for convenient storage. All light configurations can be seen with backlight. Which is friendly to the environment. Lifetime support is hassle free. If you have a problem, feel free to reach out to them, they will address it. Your help for living with healthier living. You have found an inexpensive scale that is easy to use. Order now with no risk.

Brand: Back Ktcl

👤This scale is amazing! I don't think it's a good idea to measure the weight of food ingredients. I bought it for the purpose of weighing our puppies after they are born. The puppy will weigh the same weight each time I take it back to back. I like that I can weigh the puppy as it gets older and bigger, because I can zero out say a bowel. It makes it easier to weigh puppies. The scale is much more accurate and cheaper than regular puppy or infant scales. You will love this scale if you are weighing food or four legged friends.

👤I was offered $20 to remove my negative review. Business practice that is despicable! There is a I have received daily+emails from the vendor and they are offering a $50 bribe to remove the negative review. There is a If they are not allowed to be read, what good are reviews? I will never purchase from this vendor again and suggest someone else to buy the kitchen scale from. I'm sorry if it's a small business. They're giving people $20 to make a better product. I use mine to measure cat food. It is important to measure to the gram accurately. The scale does not do that. It takes a long time to register a change as I add portions, it doesn't zero out without hitting the button multiple times, and I often have to restart it. There is a I get different readings if I take a plate off and put it back on. It is beyond frustrating and everything one would not want to happen in a kitchen scale. The precision ends there. I will send it back.

👤The scale is a decent size and items placed on it do not block the screen. The clean sealed design allows it to be cleaned without damaging the unit. The buttons on the scale allowed water to intrude which shorted out the scale. It is well worth the price because it is simple to use, easy to read and looks great on my counter. You would not get any more then what this scale offers, if you were by a scale 2 or 3 times as much. I would recommend it to you.

👤The scale died after 5 years. I went to put in new batteries for the first time. I fiddled with the batteries and it worked again, after I tried and it didn't turn on again. Oh well. There is a The scale is easy to use and sturdy. I don't know what the pull-out plastic tab is for. Turns on and off in a flash. It remembers the last unit you used. There are options from top to bottom. If the Ikea one kicks the bucket for good, I will use this to weigh packages in the kitchen.

👤The picture for the scale suggests that it is waterproof. It's not. If you washed it, it would short out. There are two holes in the white base, and you can see wiring and other internals. One hole seems to be a hole for a non existingusb port, and the other appears to be a plastic scale hook. You can see a large gap at the juncture of the glass top and plastic bottom. I assume many others have noticed the defect, but have not posted a review, because Amazon didn't want the item back. You can skip this item if you post.

9. 【NASA Grade】33lb Precisely】Weight Graduation Stainless Waterproof

%E3%80%90NASA Grade%E3%80%9133lb Precisely%E3%80%91Weight Graduation Stainless Waterproof

The service is called the warranty service. It is a snap for you to make banana bread or cheesecake with it, it is a good cooking and baking scale as your kitchen helpers. They have a digital food scale and a cooking scale. This digital food scale gives you precise weight graduation to 1g/0.1oz. The range is 0.1oz to 33 lbs. The Smart Unit Button instantly converts between 5 units of measurement. Automatic overload prompt and low voltage indicator help to avoid damage. The gram scale has two power methods: battery powered or a battery that is plugged in. It can be turned on/off with a single press of the button, and it will turn off if there is no operation in 120s. You can get net food weight in a container with just a tap on the "TARE" button. The package includes a digital kitchen scale, a cable and batteries. They take full responsibility for loss or damage of the product during transportation and defects in materials and workmanship.

Brand: Trudin

👤The scale shuts off after 2 minutes to save battery, and I wish I had known about it. The problem is that when it shuts off, it resets to zero, just like when using the tare/zero function. There is a If you are building ingredients that take longer than 2 minutes to measure and do not want to zero the scale, you will have trouble. There is a And second, not a problem. The charging port on the scale is Microusb. The cable is included, and charging works, but this is an older format that is going away. I don't have any other Microusb devices, so will need to keep another cable around. I was hoping it would be a flash drive. The scale is easy to read and appears to work.

👤I like this scale. It doesn't need a battery and is rechargeable. You can link it to a website by connecting it to your computer. I use it the same way I always have. It can measure liquid as well.

👤I used the scale to weigh fruits, cheese, meats, nuts, and more, I bought it for my business, and I was really happy with it. It works well.

👤I finally found a scale that had the most usable units in it, and I used it in the kitchen. It is very well made and works. It had two batteries, a cable and an instruction manual. I didn't try to charge it yet as it was a little bit charged.

👤This was given to a deer hunter just in time for him to harvest this year's deer. It worked great when he used it to make deer burgers and pack bags. It is easy to make perfect burgers and even some sausage meats with 33 pounds of ingredients. The price was better than some of the other products.

👤If you can deal with the scales being slow to react to small amounts being added, it's a great tool for the kitchen. There is a You have to move the scales to get the correct measurement.

👤I wanted a scale that was battery powered, so I could always have new batteries at the most inconvenient times. I wanted one that had a tare button, unit button, and on/off button. I tried another scale without these features and it was not good.

👤I have been a part of my weight loss journey. It was accurate and reliable.

10. GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Multifunction Measures

GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Multifunction Measures

It is made in Korea and has outstanding performance and exceptional quality. The Greater Goods classic kitchen scale is the perfect introduction to measuring your food for better cooking and portioning at home. A scale that does everything you need, does it well, with a little extra, looks great, and is priced right is a scale that does everything you need. All of the qualities you need and expect in a kitchen scale: readings down to the gram, an eleven pound capacity, four units of measurement, and an easy-to-clean, smooth surface. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The design of this scale is simple and modern, which is perfect for thetrendiest space. It is easy to store and looks good. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work. They design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤I needed decimal points in grams, but it doesn't do it. I read what I was told. The battery that was supposed to be included was not included. The scale is garbage for measuring small. I was adding weight in half grams without the numbersudging on the scale. When I took it off, it read -18g, which is the only way I knew it was 18g. This scale is not worth the money.

👤I have learned how to really get the most out of my scale. I shared a video as well. The original review was original. The quality scale that I received today was ready to use immediately, right out of the box. They have online instructions for the little details. I am very impressed with this company. If you can, check out the picture I posted. Talk about giving back and reducing waste. They are having a contest with temporary tattoos opposite the scale in the same photo, which their site has information on. I think I got more than a scale in the box, which sounds so hokie, I know. When I finish this review, I will go back to their site to see what else is going on.

👤My wife and I recently began living a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, and I purchased the Greater Goods kitchen scale to help us do that. If you want to improve your life by eating healthy, you need a good food scale. I bought this one because the company seems to have a great product, which looks good, at a great price, and they are a responsible company. I don't like to have a lot of stuff in my kitchen. I keep this scale on the counter or in a drawer. It is very easy to use and it is sleek and slim. I usually use the oz. The gram setting is the most important. It is easy for those that have never used a food scale. If I am making chicken taco, I will put the plate and two tortillas on the scale first. I will zero it out after that. I will know how much I am having when I add my chicken. Then I add cheese, zero it out again and add more. It is easy to use and helps in counting calories. It is amazing if you enter your food intake into an app. There is a The first one I purchased stopped working after receiving it, but they company promptly shipped another. If this one holds up, I will increase my rating to 5. It is a good chance that it was a one-off defect. I would like to thank you for rating and reading my review. Cheers to you and your healthy lifestyle! It's a good thing.

👤Product isn't accurate over half an ounce. It was too much for my diet.

👤The battery lasts a few days before dying. It's terrible. It's not a AA orAAA battery that most of us have lying around the house. If I continued to use it, I would have to order batteries weekly. I would have returned the packaging if I threw it away. I would like to read the reviews more closely. Choose another scale. This one is useless because of how quickly the battery dies.

11. KUBEI Upgraded Digital Precision Electronic

KUBEI Upgraded Digital Precision Electronic

We offer a365+ days warranty and a money-back guarantee. Please see the detailed instructions included with the product or contact them at any time if you have any problems with kitchen scale. The grade design. To meet the needs of more people who love cooking, the size of the kitchen scale, large platform, large screen and large button design should be upgraded. The KUBEI kitchen scale can be used to remove the weight of the container in order to get the exact weight of the object. The mode button and counting functions are on it. The quality is high. The digital kitchen scale pan is easy to clean. The weighing is stable because of the four-corner anti-skid base. There is a waterproof keyboard sticker. The range of applications. Scales can be used to weigh a variety of items. The digital kitchen scale has double trays that can be replaced depending on the different objects, large and small, suitable for a variety of scenarios, can be used as a dust cover. POWER There are three upgrade charging methods for this digital kitchen scale, and two ways of automatic and manual shutdown. There are two batteries and a cable for charging them.

Brand: Kubei

👤I tested it with a 500g weight. It was well outside of the tolerance. After calibrating it with a 100g weight, it seemed to measure correctly. I noticed a serious additional accuracy problem. When you add small amounts of weight to the scale, it ignores the weight. A piece of paper weighing 0.8g was set onto the scale as a test. It was zero. I think that this is due to some sort of software that increases the accuracy of the scale. I will return the item because it is a design flaw.

👤This is a decent scale. I replaced it with a bigger one. I was worried that it would take up too much counter space in a small kitchen. The weighing capacity is also greater in the larger size. I can put a full-sized dinner plate or empty tea kettle on the scale platform and press "tare" to zero out the weight. It saves me from having to weigh in a larger container. There are some issues that I'm not happy with. The large display is hard to read. The blue background is not a light. I don't understand why manufacturers use displays with black characters on a dark blue background. Just like the text on the Amazon page, it should be black with a white backlight. There was good contrast and good clarity. There is a second issue where you have to weigh a lot of small objects like coffee beans and then remove some to reduce the weight. Sometimes the scale reading doesn't decrease. The scale's reading doesn't change when objects are added or removed.

👤It's not clear why it's called a larger size kitchen scale, it's smaller than the two other kitchen scales we own, but it's not a negative due to the way it's built and the two trays it comes with. In every aspect, it beats both. There is a I love the scale because it doesn't need batteries. There is no waiting for the result. The result stays the same no matter how often I put the item on the scale. User instructions are brief. You will need to provide the adapter to plug in. Unplug. Turn around. Use. There is a smile. Turn off. In between or while using, charge as needed. I didn't think I'd be gushing over a scale. You learn to appreciate the value of a scale that is precise, highly responsive and doesn't need batteries when you use a kitchen scale.

👤At first, I loved this scale. The plastic trays were great for measuring out food and making it easier to clean up. I would put vegetables in the larger tray and use the smaller one for meat. I knew I wasn't overdoing it on broccoli and carrots. I loved the 0.1 gram accuracy because I like to weigh things in small amounts. There is a The scale hasn't been working as well lately. It takes a long time to turn on the "HELLO" message. When on, the number changes. I'll destroy it. The number on the scale will change at random. I don't know if the number I'm seeing is correct, that makes the scale useless. I am in search of a new scale that will meet my needs.


What is the best product for cooking scale waterproof?

Cooking scale waterproof products from Bomata. In this article about cooking scale waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Chwares and Weigh Gram are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking scale waterproof.

What are the best brands for cooking scale waterproof?

Bomata, Chwares and Weigh Gram are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking scale waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Trace Kasa, Levin and Etekcity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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