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1. BROMECH Digital Capacity Stainless Included

BROMECH Digital Capacity Stainless Included

There is a 2 year warranty. Within 30 days, they provide a refund service with no risk and a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer. Their after-sale service team will be able to help you if you have a question. It can provide you with a 0.1oz/1g graduation capacity. The scale has 2 models of gram andlb:oz to switch between imperial and metric measuring units. The food scale and bowl are made of 202 steel. The large bowl is easy to mix and pour and can accommodate bulky food items. It is not easy to damage. The kitchen scale has unique features. You can easily measure your recipe ingredients in fluid ounces or liters by water volume or milk volume. The taring and auto-zero function allow you to subtract the weight of the bowl, dish, or container from the weight of the food. To ensure food safety, you can use multiple-sized bowls. A large display with a white backlight can show the reading more clearly than a small display. 2 x batteries are included. A 2-year warranty is provided.

Brand: Bromech

👤It looks nice and works as advertised. There is a If you're trying to add up weight in a container as you prepare, the system will sometimes shut off and lose its weight. There is a There are areas on the display that are constantly lit up. Like the bottom row. It doesn't make a difference for reading it, but it makes you question the quality of parts used. There is a If you need that in your kitchen, this isn't the guy for you.

👤The scale I bought was at the end of August. It worked well before Christmas. I wiped the scale down and it got error lights. They were over-weighing everything once they cleared the scale. I received a new scale that weighed 97 grams, which was more than the 163 grams that the old scale weighed. The scale appears to have no issues but is no longer usable. It was a bad purchase for me. We will see if the scale holds up. I am an avid bread maker and use the scale a lot. The random failure and continued over weight issue rendered it a paperweight. The seller of this scale is amazing. They sent me a new scale to fix the problem. I am thrilled to have a working version of this scale again and I was very pleased with the seller's diligence.

👤If you put a plate of bowl or something that overlaps the scale, it blocks it. Have to use something that fits it evenly.

👤It is Rechargeable. It's true! Where have you been my entire life? Tired of changing batteries in my food scale, my husband told me to find a rechargeable one. I loved it for a week. When you turn it on, you have to go through modes to get ounces, grams, and liters. My old scale was not a deal breaker. Yes, I love it.

👤It is accurate. The scale worked after I washed it. It is hard to use. It's not possible to start with the unit I use the most. I need to press 3 times to get to gr. It turns off quickly so you have to set the units again. The touch buttons stop working when it is completely dry. Only if being waterproof is important to you.

👤You have to press the unit button multiple times to get the weight back to grams on the scale, as it will display weight in pounds each time it is powered on. Retaining the last units setting is a feature that should be included. It's worse because the scale emits a loud noise when a button is pressed. For the price, I was expecting better.

👤The scale doesn't work with any of the standard ones. There is a The auto-off only dims the screen when the battery is low. The money was wasted. In 5 days, the company has not responded to email.

👤I bought this for work and it's done great so far, but the display was messed up, but it works.

2. Nicewell Digital Stainless Graduation Tempered

Nicewell Digital Stainless Graduation Tempered

Satisfy all your measuring needs from large meat, beef, pet, cat/dog food, hair color to small coffee, mail, postage, letter, jewelry, seed, drug, and more. The digital food scale has 5 unit conversions and can measure up to 10 kilogrammes. The large display is easy to read. The Nicewell kitchen scale has enough platform to weigh food, which is better than other small scale. The hook design is easy to store. The food scale has a separate tare button for calculation, you can easily subtract the weight of the plate or container and get the net weight. Don't wash the scale in water or wet the display screen to prevent malfunction. The design of the food scale makes it easy to clean. Try not to use metal containers for weighing. The digital kitchen scale requires two batteries to power it. If it isn't operated for 120 seconds, it will auto off. If there is a problem with the scale, please contact them.

Brand: Nicewell

👤I reached out to customer service, they asked for a video, and I provided one I just took from my cell phone, because the scale I received at first would sometimes vary the weight measurement by a few grams. They apologized and asked me if I wanted a replacement or a refund for the hassle. I received a replacement two days after I asked for it. Completely free of cost. I didn't have to return my first purchase. The best customer care I have received has been provided by the customer service representative. If there is a flaw or issue with the product, they will send a new scale for no extra cost. If it is preferred, they will give a refund. There is a The scale is great. Absolutely worth it.

👤The scale is nice. The company is very deceptive. Nicewell is a front trademark for a Chinese company. Amazon should be ashamed of itself. I researched the best made in America. I paid more for this than other products. Nicewell is an American made company.

👤It's perfect for the kitchen or eBay. The scale has bright blue numbers that are easy to read. The shiny white face is similar to an Apple product. I have a scale that is perfect for measuring coffee at an accuracy of.10 gram. This one is equally impressive for a larger scale, reading to.10 ounce. It is thin and easy to store. It can read up to 22 pounds. If I decide to go on a diet, I might just hop on for a ride. It is a high five rating.

👤I like the solid glass top and the fact that there is no food in the working controls. The light stays on for a long time. I am happy that the ounces only go to tenths of ounces, instead of hundredths of ounces, because I want to control my weight. I only had one time when I put something on the scale and it turned off a second later. I bought some scales. I only used these for one day, but I am happy. I was happy to know that there is a lifetime warranty. I've been using these for about a week now. I love them! Great purchase. They work well. It's easy to clean. Couldn't be happier. I'm telling them to friends already. This scale is for sale! I've been using this since the fall of 2020. I could not be happier. I've never used a scale like this before and I've bought five or six. I bought a third one just in case.

👤In January it started acting up and wouldn't weigh, tare, turn off, etc. The batteries were changed per other reviews. Send an email to the service department with the order ID and a picture of what it was doing. They responded within hours and shipped a new scale. It is working perfectly after it was received a day later. They made it right with the service.

👤My scale broke. A new one was needed quickly. The scale is easy to use. It has a separate tare button. I was looking for a scale that would do the weight of the liquid and this one has that option. Very happy with the purchase.

3. Food Weight Scale Bowl Custom Built

Food Weight Scale Bowl Custom Built

The HNZYFUTA Small kitchen scale has two weighing trays and two batteries that you don't have to buy. The most accurate digital kitchen scale from Greater Goods is now in its most premium form with a slick, STAINLESS steel weighing platform, a cool, backlit color screen, and a stacking bowl! The scale they have created is perfect for building single-serve meals and makes bulk prep work even easier, because it is a single sensor model. The Freshest Features include: readings down to the gram; an eleven pound capacity; high contrast, color display; easy-to-clean, food grade weighing platform; four different units of measure; and super accurate single sensor. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The sleek design of the prep scale fits in with the decor of thetrendiest space. They have combined the best of both worlds, slim and easy to store, as well as their best-selling kitchen scale and more accurate. The bowl is designed to stack on the scale so it doesn't take up any extra space in your cabinet. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your digital kitchen scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work. They design and produce high functioning, slick looking food scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤I received this as part of the Greater Goods promotion. I wanted to see what the scale was like. I already own a AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale, so I had something to compare it to. There is a The scale has a shallow bowl that works well. It has a slightly larger footprint on the counter than the AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale. I put the freezer bag into the bowl, rather than weigh it in a different bowl and transfer it to the freezer bag, because I usually weigh it in the freezer. The AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale only weighed ounces or grams. I had to divide ounces by 16. The scale measures ounces, pounds, and grams. They both weigh the product exactly the same. There is a The AmoVee Digital Kitchen Food Scale works well, but not measuring pounds, and not being able to stand a freezer bag on it. I'm giving it to someone else. The scale gives me metrics in pounds and a shallow bowl. The scales measure the same.

👤This is a great scale. The plastic bowl and display are features that I love. The bowl is perfect because it serves as a container for weighing items and it also acts as a cover for the scale. The bottom of the bowl is designed to fit over the scale platform so it doesn't move around while on the platform. The scale is very easy to use and the display is large and bright, which makes it easy to see. Great product!

👤I wanted to measure mail. I have an old scale that I use to measure letters and packages. It maxed out at 3 pounds, which was not good for larger packages. The new one maxes out at 12 pounds. I have also used it for items in the kitchen. The scale part is metal. If you're looking for a nice scale, this one is perfect.

👤I have the best kitchen scale. The display is large and bright and works very well. Increasing time before auto turns off is a really useful thing. It's easy to move around. It's nice looking. I am very happy with this purchase, I think you understand. It is worth more than what they are charging.

👤The scale is easy to use and has a bowl for adjusting it. I've always had an interest in measuring my coffee grounds, but never felt like I could justify the purchase. Greater Goods is the one to come to the rescue. I'm glad I waited as long as I did because the scale is exactly what I've always wanted.

👤Greater Goods delivers again, from the easy-to-open recyclable packaging to the ease of register for the 5-year warranty. I got this scale to replace a scale that I thought was an inaccurate "no-name" scale of about the same size. The old scale, the GG pocket scale, and the new GG one have been used to weigh items. I'm assuming the two GG scales are accurate because the old one was off by a bit. The display is large and easy to read. Touch lightly to turn on, then longer to turn off. The bowl is handy for dry measurements and the scale is upside down when not in use. I received a manufacturer's rebate for answering some research questions about the scale I bought. GG products have been purchased by me in the past and all of them are still in use. The company is behind its products and partners with charities to make lives better.

4. Weigh Gram Digital Jewelry Kitchen

Weigh Gram Digital Jewelry Kitchen

Shiness always aims to provide the best products with the best prices and perfect service for their customers. Natural soy wax and essential oil candles are used to make the scented candles in this amazing gift set. If you have an issue, please contact them. The Pocket Scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of 100g and readabilities of 0.01g, to guarantee you an accurate and precise weighing session. The pocket scale is portable and lightweight and has a protective flip cover. Pocket Scale has easy touch buttons, large size digits, and a blue backlit display that makes it easy to read in all light conditions. The Pocket Scale has 4 different weight modes and a 60 second auto shut off to preserve battery life. The weigh gram pocket scale is used to measure a range of objects. Small knickknacks such as gold, silver, coins, jewelry, and gems.

Brand: Weigh Gram

👤I got this scale to weigh my baby crested geckos, as I have heard that it is very accurate. I had another that wasn't accurate, but only 1 gram. This one is amazing when it comes to weighing smaller animals that you can put in a cup.

👤Had high hopes that the reviews were good. This product is trash. I think the company paid for fake reviews. I did not weigh it out correctly. After weighing the same weight multiple times, the results are very inconsistent. Huge deviations. After calibrating it for the third time, I thought it was working, but after turning it on again, it was failing to register weight. I don't like writing negative reviews, but I will be back again after having a bad experience with this.

👤I use this one to measure out my espresso doses and it always shows up with a quick measurement. The unit is easy to store and has a bright display. I could use weed for that if it ever becomes legal here.

👤The scale is very accurate. I have a different scale that I use when I need a more accurate measurement. I didn't calibrate the scale because it is pretty accurate to a centigram. The scale has a 10g weight on it. The scale is out of the box. The accuracy is.02g. This is accurate enough for what I need it for, and probably accurate enough for most uses. This is straight out of the box. I can imagine it would be even closer to the truth if you calibrate it. The scale comes in a small box with a small manual that explains what you shouldn't do. The scale itself has instructions on the inside of the lid. The scale will be good out of the box if you don't measure hundredths of a gram 100% accurately. If you want it to be as accurate as possible, I would buy a calibration weight set. The scale requires 100g of calibration weight, which is cheap. It is a steal considering the cost. I highly recommend it.

👤I'm really disappointed in this scale. It moved. It wants to go up to more than 3 grams. No scale should do that. There is a calibrating with 20 U.S. nickels. I thought it would work out. If you remove one nickel, it reads 93.xx and if you remove 2 nickels, it reads 86.xx. nickels weigh 5 grams I bought this to weigh some supplements. It only displays the correct weight when I have 100 grams on it, otherwise it is so far off. I'll contact the seller and see if I can get a replacement. I hope I got a dud. I contacted the seller to inquire about a replacement. They told me that all exchanges are handled by Amazon. The "exchange item" option was nowhere to be found when I went to the returns page. Some of my purchases did have an exchange option, like this product, but others didn't. I was only able to return it and not get a replacement. I returned it because it was too much to deal with. My impressions of this product have not changed, despite my limited exposure. I might have gotten a faulty scale, as other reviews indicate that it is accurate. This is just my experience with the seller.

5. Etekcity Food Scale Bowl Digital

Etekcity Food Scale Bowl Digital

Digital Kitchen Scale with user guide, free life-term friendly service and 1 year warraty are what you will get. Minimum weight recommendation is 5 g. You can quickly convert units between oz, g, mL, and FL'oz. Water and milk volume measurement modes are included. Easy Tare has tare and auto-zero functions for easy compatibility with other containers, and it's measure in a mug, plate, or different sized bowl with dependable and hassle-free accuracy. The Practical Bowl is a bowl with a design that can be used as a protective cover and as a direct measure. Food, ingredients, milk, grains, button, drugs, chemicals and pet are all versatile. It's perfect for food portion, diet, weight loss and meal prep.

Brand: Etekcity

👤The food scale did not come with bowl or batteries. If the scale is shipped back, Amazon will send the missing bowl, but I don't want to send it back and have the bowl.

👤I compared item measures with a different scale and both read exactly the same, as I am not making medicine or measuring out fuel for a rocket launch. Pre-measure my snacks and portions for my diet is what I try to do. The family pack meat gets cut down to proper sizes and then frozen in disturbingly small single serve portions after being measured and labeled with how many delicious carbs are contained therein. My own internal snack and meat portion skill measure is grossly inaccurate, so this keeps my diet on track. I hold no resentments, and my waistline is appreciative, even though I am often disgruntled with this scales spot-on accurate portion measures. The bowl fits onto the scale in the perfect fit that my jeans only dream of, and makes storage easy, but unfortunately impossible to lose, since you will have to measure your snacks without the excuse of having the bowl to hold them. It is a mixed blessing.

👤I love this scale. I looked online for a kitchen scale. I searched on Amazon. There is a The scale is made by a company I have never heard of, but it was just what I needed. I wanted a scale that came with a bowl. It is a personal preference. The bowl is a thin but sturdy clear plastic and when not in use, you can turn it upside down and it fits perfectly, so it takes up less space. There is a The grey covering is modern. The instruments are easy to use. When you turn on, put the bowl on top, and hit reset, it will return to zero at the time you weigh your food. It's easy to use, accurate, and it's a good price.

👤A scale with a dish. The Tare feature is easy to operate. Product is light and has a lot of options. LB, etc). Nothing else was needed. The plastic bowl is easy to clean and a little bit less sturdy than other bowls.

👤The scale exceeded my expectations, even though I assumed it would be similar to other cheap scales. The scale was ready to use when it arrived in the box. I've owned cheap scales before and have been disappointed, but this seems to be accurate most of the time. The buttons are not too sensitive and the screen is clear, which was a problem on my other scales. Would recommend this to others.

👤I ordered this to weigh kittens. I needed a scale that had a bowl so I could weigh young kittens, as their weight gain is important in determining how well they're doing. The accuracy is good and the bowl is the perfect size. I was happy to find what I wanted for a good price.

👤The features for measuring water or milk by weight are useful. There is a The battery compartment has extra space and batteries can come loose in storage. Tare function needs to be reset once scale turns itself off. There is an empty container needed for this. It would be nice to be able to lock this in during a session or temporarily disabling the auto-off feature. I had to do the math on how much cake batter was needed for the recipe.

6. Digital Kitchen Cooking Precise Function

Digital Kitchen Cooking Precise Function

If the main parts of the scale are broken, directly replace the new machine, and you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you in time. It can weigh foods up to 22 lbs, with built-in four high-precision load sensors that can easily access and display the measurement within a second. The Tare function can be used to get accurate readings of ingredients. Food grade 304 glass panel is waterproof and protects against spills, food damage and water damage, making it easier to clean and maintain. The user experience is vital during cooking, baking or meal prep and extra-sensitive touch buttons make it easier to use. It has enough platform for weighing various ingredients and won't take much space in your countertop for easy storage and slide into a cabinet, making it an easy to store size. Anti-fingerprint technology and a blue backlit display are included in the design. If the weight stays the same for 3 minutes, the food scale will turn off. 2 xAAA batteries are included. Enjoy lifetime support. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them at any time.

Brand: Votsupkitdinok

👤The scale is sturdy and has all the features you need. You can change between units and weigh more than other scales. You will never need another scale.

👤I had trouble with the unit when I opened it, but it seemed like it was quality. There is a button under the metal plate. Do you want it to turn on and not work? I pressed it again. Did you hear that then went off? I pressed the button again, but this time I waited a bit. The button does all the features. If you want to change from gram to ounce, good luck, the weight plate is semi hidden, so you will most likely get aggerated, and the single button is hard to see. The batteries were removed and sent back. It is not user friendly.

👤I use this scale to weigh my bird. I attached a wooden T-perch to it with industrial velcro. I zeroed out the perch and it was ready to weigh my bird daily. The scale is very nice. The displays are easy to read and the touch buttons are easy to use. It is a bonus that it cleans easily. I needed grams versus ounces and you can use different measurements. I think this would be a great choice for a baker or someone monitoring food intake. It's easy to store away and the backlit display makes it easy to read. It is well balanced and has no slip bottom. Highly recommended.

👤I like the scale. The color is very sleek. It was very easy to use. The review was part of a promotion.

👤The digits are clear to see and big. Being able to choose what unit you want is amazing. It's easy to clean a small kitchen.

👤I was looking for a food scale that displayed total ounces in addition to pounds. This one has a feature. It's easy to change measurement units. It is easy to subtract the weight of a bowl from the food. You put the empty bowl on the scale and then add the food to see its weight. I give it points for its sleek, minimalist appearance. It lives on my counter.

👤My newborn kittens weights were measured and I got this food to bake. I tried the new scale after getting a pound of apples and using the old school manual scale. Is was 100 percent accurate. I can put more on it because it has a large surface area. If you're looking for a scale that will fit large plates or bowls without covering the screen, I would highly recommend it. It was a great purchase.

👤This scale is great for calculating weight amounts. The scale registered a couple of grams. After zeroing it out, it fluctuated between 0-1. If I took the object off the scale and put it back, it would weigh different amounts. There was a discrepancy on the scale between the amount of objects with a known weight and the amount of objects with no weight at all. Do not use this scale if you want precise amounts.

7. Nicewell Accurate Measures Stainless Platform

Nicewell Accurate Measures Stainless Platform

If you don't like the scale or the warranty, you can get your money back in 30 days. They will help you with any problem. A rate and a prediction. The digital food scale has an instant and accurate response, and can give results in 5 units: gram(g), ounce(oz), pound(lb), milliliter(ml), pound:ounce(lb:oz), with 1g/ 0.04oz division, weighs from 1g to 6 friendly The kitchen scale is made of 304 STAINLESS- STEEL for easy cleaning and maintenance. It features responsive and easy-to-reach buttons, fast to boot up, and units converts, which makes it easier to use. It's easy. The tare button makes it easy to get an accurate amount in a plate. There is a clear display. You could easily read the amount you weigh on the food scale. It looks very nice sitting on your kitchen counter because of the compact and lightweight design. You can come with a pastry mat and batteries.

Brand: Nicewell

👤I gained weight during Covid and have gone on a diet. There is a I am giving this scale a great review because it had great reviews. I decided to try it. It is pretty and accurate. The scale is set to '0' so you can weigh only what you add to the item, such as a plate, measuring cup, or something else, if you put a large item on it. I have never done a "portion measuring" before. I didn't realize that my idea of 1 portion was not necessarily 1 portion.

👤It was simple and perfect. The batteries are easy to insert. I ran a comparison test and the scale was the same as it was. The large numbers are clear and easy to clean. I keep the box and insert to store the scale and batteries since I don't use it often. The heat resistant mat was a bonus. All in all, a great product.

👤I keep this food scale in my office because I count macros frequently. Having a food scale at work can help me stay within my macros because I like to snack at 3 PM. Like the oatmeal pictured. The display has a bright blue background and dark numbering which makes it easy to read. The scale has buttons toggling between units and "zero-ing". The buttons will make a click sound if you push them down. It's old-school and nothing annoying. But really useful. My food scale at home has a lighter touch to it and it can be difficult to use. I like this style. There is a I had a problem with an old food scale because it had a smooth surface covering over the buttons so that they wouldn't get stuck in the small spaces around them. There is a This is a great product. Totally serves its purpose. It could even replace my food scale at home.

👤The buttons don't work. The on off button and the rate button are used. I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, but it seems like it's malfunctioning.

👤I have had a food scale for a long time. It has always been random, like panic buyers through toilet paper. There is a I decided to invest a few dollars in a new food scale. What was I waiting for? The little dynamo is very easy to set and stay in the unit you choose. It is easy to read. I don't have to worry about my food scale being unreliable. A nice surprise inside the box was a baking mat with measurement conversion tables. It has a lifetime warranty and simple contact information. I would recommend this product.

👤You get what you pay for with electronics. The scale I received was not accurate. Most items were off by less than a quarter of an ounce. Most of the time, it weighed the same item differently when I tried it again. I tried installing premium Energizer batteries instead of the cheap ones that come with them and still got the same results. A warranty registration is included in the package. The order number couldn't be found when I entered my info and Amazon order ID on the website. It's convenient! I wouldn't recommend this scale to anyone. Get something of quality if you spend the extra money.

8. Pohl Schmitt Multifunctional Measuring Stainless

Pohl Schmitt Multifunctional Measuring Stainless

Free 2-year warranty with a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime support by Koios. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will resolve it in 24 hours. Buy with confidence. It has never been easier to cook and bake your favorite meals. Measure and prepare your ingredients with the new digital kitchen scale. You can switch between grams, ounces, pounds, fluid ounces and milliliters with the Unit button. 4 high precision transducers give you precise measurements every time. The scale measures ingredients in ounces and pounds. You don't have to worry about measuring every ingredient separately. The scale fits perfectly on every kitchen counter with their sleek yet simple design. Weighing your food will make you eat better and prepare you meals quicker. You will be able to spend more time enjoying your meals. This product is made from superior quality components and will make your life easier. If the display is not in use, it will automatically shut off. You don't have to worry about turning the scale off or wasting the batteries now. There are batteries included. They are giving you a 1 year warranty and a life changing experience with their digital scale. If you have any questions, you can get professional customer support. Order now and make the right decision.

Brand: Pohl Schmitt

👤It's a nightmare to turn on/off. It is so flimsy and light that when you press it down enough to turn it off, it moves with you and adds weight to the scale. If this scale was a little heavier it wouldn't be an issue but it made using it a nightmare. You could travel easily with it.

👤I have not been dissatisfied with the products I have ordered. I have continued to choose that brand because of that. I was happy to see that they had a food scale. My mail was delivered in a bubble lined envelope. I have had issues with items being destroyed in these packing envelopes and I was happy to see that the packaging from Pohl Schmitt was very durable and not a scratch on the box. The scale is very thin and light which makes it great for storage when not in use. The scale was in mint condition thanks to the box the scale was secured in. It doesn't have back lighting to read the display, that's the only disappointment for me. It is a minor annoyance. The company and products are great. I will keep buying the products from Pohl Schmitt. This is an honest and unbiased review.

👤The scale is sleek and easy to use. I tested many items and this unit was spot on. Simple controls can be used to switch from one unit of measure to another. This is essential for cooking. Many recipes will have 1/3 cup or 1 cup of an item, but more and more are using grams to get accurate amounts. Should I pack the cup down? I know I am getting an accurate reading when I convert my recipes to grams and 100 grams. This is important for portion control. It's easy to stop eating 6 ounces of meat. The design is very appealing and this is a must have.

👤The scale is small and easy to read, but the buttons are not responsive. Sometimes you need to press multiple times to switch between units. Sometimes it doesn't react at all if you slowly add or remove the product. You need to add 1 gram of salt to get from 9 gr to 10, but it's already 11 grams. If I still had a package box, I would return it.

👤After my old kitchen scale died, it was nice to give this $10 kitchen scale a try, so I could buy a new one. I was initially thrown because it was very lightweight, but I had to remind myself that this is a very inexpensive product. The measurement features are what I love the most and they include the option to choose mLs. Accuracy appears to be on point and the ease of use is simple. If you are not looking for something heavy duty, I would recommend this scale.

👤It's perfect for my diet. It's better than the old fashion ones. It is easy to use and consider the Tare weight. I count calories on my diet plan. A small profile sits on my kitchen counter. Very detailed instructions. Highly recommended.

9. GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Multifunction Measures

GreaterGoods Digital Kitchen Multifunction Measures

It is made in Korea and has outstanding performance and exceptional quality. The Greater Goods classic kitchen scale is the perfect introduction to measuring your food for better cooking and portioning at home. A scale that does everything you need, does it well, with a little extra, looks great, and is priced right is a scale that does everything you need. All of the qualities you need and expect in a kitchen scale: readings down to the gram, an eleven pound capacity, four units of measurement, and an easy-to-clean, smooth surface. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The design of this scale is simple and modern, which is perfect for thetrendiest space. It is easy to store and looks good. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work. They design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using. The side tab has short videos about how they give back.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤I needed decimal points in grams, but it doesn't do it. I read what I was told. The battery that was supposed to be included was not included. The scale is garbage for measuring small. I was adding weight in half grams without the numbersudging on the scale. When I took it off, it read -18g, which is the only way I knew it was 18g. This scale is not worth the money.

👤I have learned how to really get the most out of my scale. I shared a video as well. The original review was original. The quality scale that I received today was ready to use immediately, right out of the box. They have online instructions for the little details. I am very impressed with this company. If you can, check out the picture I posted. Talk about giving back and reducing waste. They are having a contest with temporary tattoos opposite the scale in the same photo, which their site has information on. I think I got more than a scale in the box, which sounds so hokie, I know. When I finish this review, I will go back to their site to see what else is going on.

👤My wife and I recently began living a healthier and cleaner lifestyle, and I purchased the Greater Goods kitchen scale to help us do that. If you want to improve your life by eating healthy, you need a good food scale. I bought this one because the company seems to have a great product, which looks good, at a great price, and they are a responsible company. I don't like to have a lot of stuff in my kitchen. I keep this scale on the counter or in a drawer. It is very easy to use and it is sleek and slim. I usually use the oz. The gram setting is the most important. It is easy for those that have never used a food scale. If I am making chicken taco, I will put the plate and two tortillas on the scale first. I will zero it out after that. I will know how much I am having when I add my chicken. Then I add cheese, zero it out again and add more. It is easy to use and helps in counting calories. It is amazing if you enter your food intake into an app. There is a The first one I purchased stopped working after receiving it, but they company promptly shipped another. If this one holds up, I will increase my rating to 5. It is a good chance that it was a one-off defect. I would like to thank you for rating and reading my review. Cheers to you and your healthy lifestyle! It's a good thing.

👤Product isn't accurate over half an ounce. It was too much for my diet.

👤The battery lasts a few days before dying. It's terrible. It's not a AA orAAA battery that most of us have lying around the house. If I continued to use it, I would have to order batteries weekly. I would have returned the packaging if I threw it away. I would like to read the reviews more closely. Choose another scale. This one is useless because of how quickly the battery dies.

10. Upgraded Accuracy Measures Function Batteries

Upgraded Accuracy Measures Function Batteries

POWER There are three upgrade charging methods for this digital kitchen scale, and two ways of automatic and manual shutdown. There are two batteries and a cable for charging them. The kitchen scale uses a high-precision sensor with an accuracy of 0.1g and a weighing range from 0.5g to 3000g, allowing you to weigh more accurately. It is suitable for many occasions, such as weight loss, cooking, weighing herbs, and so on. The mini scale is easy to store and takes up less kitchen space than a full scale. Put on the container and press down the skin button screen display return to zero, then put on the item. The scale uses a very smooth and shiny countertop, it is easy to clean, and can be used as a small container, 2*AAA battery, can be used directly after receiving. If the main parts of the scale are broken, directly replace the new machine, and you have any questions, please feel free to contact them, they will reply to you in time.

Brand: Yoncon

👤I love it! It's easy to use and set tares. The 2 dishes fit on the unit so they can sit on the countertop without getting dirty. I use it to quickly measure my turtles.

👤Skyforce95 Pros: simple, easy to use, has all the features you would expect (tare, unit changes, backlit screen,stainless steel top)

👤A good value for the money is a small scale. There is a The two trays are nice. The trays make it easy to keep the scale platter clean. There is a I have two other digital scales and all of them are within a tenth of a gram of each other. The scales were off in the same direction. If there is a discrepancy, I will report it. There is a A good buy for people looking for a small scale that is easy to use and accurate is this one.

👤I like this scale. It helps me achieve my portion control goals. It is very easy to fit in a small space.

👤The scale is stored in the trays that are shown in the images. I don't know why but it makes me happy. It seems to be very protective of the unit. I keep this scale in my tool box because I use it in my garage to weigh engine parts. The engine parts need to be balanced.

👤It is easy to use and works well. If you put them on really slow, it will glitch and show the hello screen.

👤There is nothing I dislike about this scale. I was skeptical when I opened the box. I wasn't sure if this device was going to work. I was certain that it would be limited use. There is a I am pleasantly surprised. I have only had accurate readings. The tare function is a time saver and the device is easy to read. The plastic pans that come with this product are used to protect the scale mechanism when not in use. I plan to use a rubber band to keep the pans attached to the scale when I carry my bag or purse. There is a This scale is cute. Its small size doesn't deter it from its function. It's easy to travel with the small size, in case you plan to measure your meals during travel or eating out. This is sleek, pretty, and cute. I am very happy with the purchase.

👤Each time, it gives different weights for the same amount of coins. I will keep it as a kitchen scale.

11. 【NASA Grade】33lb Precisely】Weight Graduation Stainless Waterproof

%E3%80%90NASA Grade%E3%80%9133lb Precisely%E3%80%91Weight Graduation Stainless Waterproof

The service is called the warranty service. It is a snap for you to make banana bread or cheesecake with it, it is a good cooking and baking scale as your kitchen helpers. They have a digital food scale and a cooking scale. This digital food scale gives you precise weight graduation to 1g/0.1oz. The range is 0.1oz to 33 lbs. The Smart Unit Button instantly converts between 5 units of measurement. Automatic overload prompt and low voltage indicator help to avoid damage. The gram scale has two power methods: battery powered or a battery that is plugged in. It can be turned on/off with a single press of the button, and it will turn off if there is no operation in 120s. You can get net food weight in a container with just a tap on the "TARE" button. The package includes a digital kitchen scale, a cable and batteries. They take full responsibility for loss or damage of the product during transportation and defects in materials and workmanship.

Brand: Trudin

👤The scale shuts off after 2 minutes to save battery, and I wish I had known about it. The problem is that when it shuts off, it resets to zero, just like when using the tare/zero function. There is a If you are building ingredients that take longer than 2 minutes to measure and do not want to zero the scale, you will have trouble. There is a And second, not a problem. The charging port on the scale is Microusb. The cable is included, and charging works, but this is an older format that is going away. I don't have any other Microusb devices, so will need to keep another cable around. I was hoping it would be a flash drive. The scale is easy to read and appears to work.

👤I like this scale. It doesn't need a battery and is rechargeable. You can link it to a website by connecting it to your computer. I use it the same way I always have. It can measure liquid as well.

👤I used the scale to weigh fruits, cheese, meats, nuts, and more, I bought it for my business, and I was really happy with it. It works well.

👤I finally found a scale that had the most usable units in it, and I used it in the kitchen. It is very well made and works. It had two batteries, a cable and an instruction manual. I didn't try to charge it yet as it was a little bit charged.

👤This was given to a deer hunter just in time for him to harvest this year's deer. It worked great when he used it to make deer burgers and pack bags. It is easy to make perfect burgers and even some sausage meats with 33 pounds of ingredients. The price was better than some of the other products.

👤If you can deal with the scales being slow to react to small amounts being added, it's a great tool for the kitchen. There is a You have to move the scales to get the correct measurement.

👤I wanted a scale that was battery powered, so I could always have new batteries at the most inconvenient times. I wanted one that had a tare button, unit button, and on/off button. I tried another scale without these features and it was not good.

👤I have been a part of my weight loss journey. It was accurate and reliable.


What is the best product for cooking scale in grams?

Cooking scale in grams products from Bromech. In this article about cooking scale in grams you can see why people choose the product. Nicewell and Greater Goods are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking scale in grams.

What are the best brands for cooking scale in grams?

Bromech, Nicewell and Greater Goods are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking scale in grams. Find the detail in this article. Weigh Gram, Etekcity and Votsupkitdinok are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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