Best Cooking Scale for Baking

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1. Etekcity Nutrition Kitchen Digital Stainless

Etekcity Nutrition Kitchen Digital Stainless

The scale is easy to store and portable. It looks very nice sitting on your kitchen counter. Lifetime tech support is offered for this food scale. If you have any questions, please contact them. The Choice Smart Nutrition Scale is the perfect upgrade to any kitchen. You can set your own nutrition goals with 19 nutrition metrics on the free VeSync app. Scan your food barcode to add it to the Nutritionix database. Nutritionix's extensive nutrition database is where VeSync gets its food data. The scale has a display with measurement units highlighted. You can remove the units you don't use in the VeSync app from the scale. You can sync your nutrition data with Apple Health if you share your progress with friends. You can change the auto-off time in the VeSync app to be anywhere from 30 to 300 seconds. The max weight is 176.4 ounces / 11 lbs / 5000 g / 5000 mL and the 1- gram increment is between 5 and 5000 g. The barcode scanner is only available in the US.

Brand: Etekcity

👤You can go wrong with the price. I was surprised by how light it is. It is easy to convert from American to metric. I use British cookbooks to take the guess work out of measuring. It is easy to clean, shuts off automatically and is easy to store.

👤The scale is easy to use. It shows the amount of food in a serving. When you look at nutrition labels, you can guess how much food is in a serving. Guess how much food that is. That doesn't work very well. The power in your decisions about what to eat and what not to eat is dependent on how much you care about nutrition and how much you add up to your diet. You can use the Vesync app on your phone to know how much food you eat and what your intake is by linking it to the scale. The Vesync app makes it easy to use the scale if you want to lose weight or make better eating choices.

👤It is very easy to use. As you prepare your dish, you can quickly determine the nutrition of it. It's light in weight makes it easy to carry around. The design is elegant. There is a It only allows you to evaluate the three major meals of the day. Eating five small meals per day is not possible. You can't add items that aren't related to your meal values. I want to be able to add items in the future. You can create your own meals, in which you have to calculate all the nutrition values.

👤The scale is easy to use and large. It was packaged perfectly. There is a I like it and have used it.

👤Excellent quality and easy to use. I had to try it out. The dessert was heavy and Onolicious.

👤I like the fact that it connects to your phone and you can input calories, fat, calories, and more.

👤I can make my recipes in grams without having to ask for the correct conversions.

👤It's perfect for me and my recipes. You need to be careful with the gummies. The brand Etekcity is excellent.

2. Vitafit Electronic Weighing Tempered Platform

Vitafit Electronic Weighing Tempered Platform

CROWNFUL has a 12-month warranty for quality issues. Customer satisfaction is their top priority. The food scale is FCC/CE/Rohs certified. The kitchen food scale has a capacity of up to 33 lbs and a minimum weighing of 3g, which can be measured in 1g. The Large Extra crystal clearLED display in white digit is easy to read from any angle and in all light conditions. The Add & Weigh function allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same container without moving. The kitchen scale is made of glass and has a jumbo weighing platform for your kitchen weighing needs. Energy-saving auto off function, Low battery and overload indication, powered by 3AAA batteries with a long lifetime, has been certified by the following.

Brand: Vitafit

👤I was very excited to get this. I needed a scale that could weigh things over 30 pounds in the kitchen. It doesn't have buttons, but instead has a label over the areas that says to remove after reading. I had three other people trying to find the buttons. Nobody could turn it off or set it off. I was disappointed. I need a different scale in my work and I was glad I bought two scales at the same time.

👤The scale is sleek and stylish, but still has all the features I need. It has a lot of space on the large glass plate and almost the whole space can be used, but we need to check the digital display, which is large and illuminated, but there's not much space to check it because the numbers are large and illuminated. That's better here. The measurements seem to be consistent in different spots and seem to be very accurate. The unit is the same as grams. It has 3AAA batteries which are included. The tare function is very helpful to measure items we put in already partially filed cups or bowls.

👤1. A lot of 1 star statements were not accurate. Yes, but how you view it. A small difference on the last digit is acceptable. My old one Gdealer had 26g and 934g. 2. The button on the side is different than the one on the top face. That makes a big difference. A lot of the time when I weight, food touches the button. I need to be adjusted back. I can use full top face, not worry. 3. The top face isn't big enough. Bigger is better.

👤Many similar scales have only a 22lb capacity, while this scale has a 33lb capacity. The units are grams, kilograms, ounces, and pound-ounces. One gram or 0.1 ounce is the measurement. The front edge has two buttons. The buttons were easy to reach with a finger and push. One button sets the unit, the other powers the scale on and off. The display is on top, but I didn't find it blocked by the container being weighed, and the numbers are large and can be read at an angle.

👤I use this to sell small items or to weigh food to manage my diet after working out. The package had batteries already included and it was easy to hit the power button and weigh it. I checked the accuracy by weighing my item and then checking again at the post office and it came out the same. The price is accurate and easy to use.

👤The read-out is on the edge so you can put a large plate. The weight can still be read by the bowl. It has been reliable so far.

👤The scale stays on for 2 minutes so that it doesn't go off in the middle of the weights. I like the looks of it and it is easy to clean.

👤The scale was not consistent. It wouldn't register a piece of ginger and would sometimes weight things that weren't there.

3. INEVIFIT Accurate Multifunction Stainless Batteries

INEVIFIT Accurate Multifunction Stainless Batteries

2 xAAA batteries are included. Enjoy lifetime support. They will solve the problem for you as soon as possible if you contact them at any time. Meet your fitness goals. You can easily weight your meals and track your nutrition with the brushed-steel platform. The batteries are included. Simple and convenient. Weighing foods and small items should be easy, so they have implemented smart features such as Auto-Off, Tare Function, Units Conversion, and even a Low Battery Indicator. From the kitchen to everyday life, the Multifunction capabilities allow you to measure liquid volumes and even postage outside the kitchen. It is easy to clean and durable because of the best quality materials. They have designed the new digital scale to look sleek and elegant in Southern California, and have used a larger backlit display to make it easy to read. It can now weigh up to 13 lbs in precise 0.04 oz ( 1g) increments thanks to their fine craftsmanship and upgraded sensor. The customer service is unsatisfactory. The INEVIFIT Digital Scale comes with real USA customer support, and their products include the industry leading quality. You can be sure that you will get the ultimate INEVIFIT experience.

Brand: Inevifit

👤I needed a new food scale to replace the one I have had for years. I was looking for one that was durable and accurate. I bought the INEVIFIT DIGITAL KITCHEN SCALE based on reviews. I was surprised at how light it was and worried that the button area wouldn't hold up. I put the batteries in the numbers. I had the same problem when I switched batteries. The manufacturer advised that the product was damaged during shipping. I returned the scale because I didn't think it would be durable. It was the same price and had great reviews. The Accuweight scale is more durable than the Inevifit. The buttons are sturdy. It is easy to zero and accurate. I hope the review makes your next food scale decision easier.

👤It's a very accurate scale and I was hoping that we would be happy with it. The scale has a backlit display and easy to read display, but when you add a full size plate to it, it becomes an issue. You can't tell the weight on display if you look at an angle and the screen they use washes out. It is an awesome scale but not having the visibility in a prime use is a major disappointment.

👤I needed a cheap scale for weighing my pet bird. It's important for us to know her weight. I just got the scale and I love it! The scale showed the exact same weight for each item as it did the first time I weighed them. There is a The US nickel is exactly 5 gr. The scale is proving it. 5 gr is 1 nickel. 10 gr is 2 nickels.

👤I used the scale twice last week because I was waiting for my other stuff. I encountered a problem with this scale. For example, I had to measure 2.45oz and it kept jumping from 2.43oz to 2.55oz back and forth for at least several minutes and the scale shut off. It started all over again, so I turned it back on. It kept jumping from 2.17 oz to 2.21 oz. I would not recommend this product. It is.

👤Very happy so far! There is a The buttons on/off/tare and lbs/oz/gram fit nicely in my drawer. The backlit display is well worth the extra few bucks, it's not necessary to turn all the kitchen lights on or use a flashlight to look under the shadow of a plate. It seems to be accurate to the best of my ability, but no dead batteries, 90 second auto shutoff, and long enough to complete measuring. Nice looking. We keep it in a drawer, but we leave it out on the counter. Large bowls and plates can obscure the display, can't see a way around this with the slim design. I knew it would happen. The backlit display helps with this. It depends on which feature is more important to you. Had it less than a month. Will update later on how it goes.

👤I received this scale and have only been using it for a few days, but I already love it and hope it will live up to the many positive reviews, which is why I chose it. The product is nice and the company has great customer service. I hope they will live up to their reputation. The display is easy to see. The tare function is very useful. It appears accurate and gives you enough time before the self-shut-off feature turns it off if you don't use it. I feel like I can weigh everything in the kitchen. It's a good thing. I think it is worth the investment, even though it was a few dollars more than others I was considering.

4. KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Waterproof Tempered

KOIOS Rechargeable Graduation Waterproof Tempered

There is service support for Kokeec. If you have a problem, you can contact them on Amazon. RECHARGEABLE & ENERGY-SAVINGKOIOS food scale uses rechargeables which are extremely efficient in lowering carbon impact. The digital scale has a long battery life of up to 3 months, so no batteries are needed. The 33lb large weight capacity kitchen scale has been upgraded with a full plate sensor and four built in high-precision load sensors for stable and accurate results in different places on the scale's surface. Whether it's a small amount of seasoning or a huge piece of meat, accurate responses with 1g/ 0.1oz increment meet your diverse needs. The range of measurement is between 0.1oz and 33 lbs. You can switch between 6 different measurement units with the unit button. You can subtract the weight of the plate or container with a single push of the tare calculation button. Couldn't it be simpler? In order to make measuring food easier and more precise, a digital food scale with an automated overload and low battery warning was designed by Koss. The auto shut-off function shuts off the food scale after 10s and the digital kitchen scales after 2 minutes of not being used. Analytical & User- FRIENDLY. The sleek surface of the premium glass panel is easy to clean. It feels secure under the tap. The portable digital kitchen scale is easy to use. An attached hook saves space in the kitchen.

Brand: Koios

👤This scale is very nice. I've never bought one before. Its sleek and accurate.

👤A food scale became a necessity for my wife after she decided to go on a strict diet. I was looking for a food scale on Amazon and found one by Koios, a brand I had already purchased a masticating juicer machine from. I knew this white scale would be perfect for the machine since it had worked perfectly for almost a year now. The results of this scale have been very good so far. I can fit a saucer or a bowl on the large surface and still be able to read the numbers. It has a large capacity for a food scale. My wife can do it if she needs to, but I can't think of what kind of food she would measure. The scale has an ON/OFF button that you can use to turn it off and on. It has a charging cable and a rechargeable battery, which is awesome. I don't need to buy batteries every now and then. I would highly recommend this scale to anyone.

👤The original review was very sleek and stylish. I ordered another digital scale but was dissatisfied. The scale is large. Not so large that it can't be stored yet not so small that you can't see the weight when a bowl is on it. It was very unstable when I used it the next day. I used the scale to compare since I had not returned it. They did not. Who is correct with their weight results? The scale started jumping numbers while I fed my starter. I had hit the Tare button to zero out and then dug into my bag of flour, but I couldn't see the scale. It was very frustrating. I went to a local store and picked up a scale since I was so desperate. I compared them back home. They are not in line but due to the fact that Koiso has just whole weight. Sending it back.

👤I like the flat rectangular shape of this scale more than the small round one I used to have. I am hoping the larger surface area will hold up to daily use, and I am glad it has a warranty just in case.

👤I am enjoying the features of the food scale. It is easy to store in a drawer. There is no cord in daily use. A bright panel. The button is Tare. The on button is off. The button moves the units through the system. OZ. There is a person named ML. G. The range of capacity is 33 lbs. The glass is easy to clean. I find it difficult to read the KG because of my poor eyesight. Part of the clock. The numbers are large and bright. I have memorised the position where each type of unit appears.

👤It was on time and as expected. It was very easy to use. I've stored it in many places. I will recommend this to my friends.

5. WeGuard Nutritional Calculate Smartphone Tempered

WeGuard Nutritional Calculate Smartphone Tempered

The scale surface is easy to clean with just a wipe. They have a 180-day Refund policy. If you have a question, please contact them. The food weight scale can be used with a smart app. The WeGuard Digital kitchen scale is easy to use and work with a smart nutrition app. You can download "FOODIET" to monitor your intake, analyze your nutrition, and store your diary. Track your daily intake with aNutritional Analysis. The FOODIET app has access to a USDA food database of over one million meals and can display up to 12 nutrition facts. You can set a health goal for your diet, track your daily intake to help you reach that goal, and make your own food data available to the APP. Premium quality with sensitive tare function The 2mm thick glass surface is very strong and sensitive. The tare button can be used to remove the weight of the container without changing it. It is easier to read data for all ages with this smart kitchen scale. WeGuard scale for food with 4 Auto-calibrating sensors provides reliable accuracy, weigh anything between 2g and 5000g in measurement of 1g / 0.05oz. To meet the weighing requirements of various ingredients, five units can be converted to oz, g, ml, and flaoz. 2 in 1 food scale with real customer support The food scale for weight loss with 2 functions - use as a food weight scale or a kitchen nutrition scale, controlled by APP to upgrade your kitchen and help your whole family become healthier! You will get a food weight scale, user manual, and battery, as well as a worry-free 18 months warranty.

Brand: Weguard

👤I ordered the scale yesterday and was able to unbox it today. I was pleasantly surprised when my husband commented on it's sleek and modern look as I opened it. I was amazed at the performance of the scale as I tried it out. The fact that you can weigh food without a container is amazing. You can use a smart application to sync it. I would order it again and again. There is a This is the perfect scale for someone who is watching their intake of vitamins and minerals.

👤I am in the honeymoon phase weighing everything. I weighed 3 pairs of eyeglasses because I could, and I was shopping for lighter ones for long wear. I like this scale. The tare function works and the scale is effective. The app that works with the scale allows you to weigh food, calculate calories based on that weight, and store that data in a food diary. It gives a lot of value. It's a good idea to recommend it.

👤I use the scale to weigh the coffee for my espresso machine. It was easy to set up, it is accurate and water resistant, and it is doing the job I bought it for. There is a It can weigh items up to 5KG in multiple units of measure, and it is smart enough to show me the weight of ingredients when I weigh the container with it. It is more accurate and versatile than my kitchen scale. There is a The scale is very good value. I would not hesitate to buy this product again.

👤The scale was received as promised. A card was included with the scale that said if we left a favorable review, they would send a second scale for free. Had to send a picture of the review. The free scale never happened.

👤We have two of them and love them. It is easy to use and keep clean. We have owned a lot of the best scale we have ever owned. Highly recommended!

👤I need a portable scale to make crafts. Errors can make the product useless. The scale worked great this morning. I would buy it again.

👤Kitchen scale is the best scale and it is cheap. The scale is sleek and perfect for measuring food for my diet. Would definitely recommend.

👤I like that there is an app that goes with it. I think it will be worth the effort to get my portions right.

6. Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

Multifunction Measures Graduation Stainless Tempered

Throw some seasoning on the grill for a crowd pleaser. The digital kitchen scale has a precise weight of up to 22.06 lbs (10,200 grams) with a graduation of 0.1 ounces (1 gram). The range is 0.1oz to 22 lbs. The automatic unit button instantly converts between 6 units of measurement and displays results on an easy-to-read screen. The digital weight scale can be used for a lot of things. The tare button makes it easy to calculate tare using the weight of the plate or container. The food scale is designed with glass for strength and sleek steel for anti-fingerprint and easy clean for convenient storage. All light configurations can be seen with backlight. Which is friendly to the environment. Lifetime support is hassle free. If you have a problem, feel free to reach out to them, they will address it. Your help for living with healthier living. You have found an inexpensive scale that is easy to use. Order now with no risk.

Brand: Back Ktcl

👤This scale is amazing! I don't think it's a good idea to measure the weight of food ingredients. I bought it for the purpose of weighing our puppies after they are born. The puppy will weigh the same weight each time I take it back to back. I like that I can weigh the puppy as it gets older and bigger, because I can zero out say a bowel. It makes it easier to weigh puppies. The scale is much more accurate and cheaper than regular puppy or infant scales. You will love this scale if you are weighing food or four legged friends.

👤I was offered $20 to remove my negative review. Business practice that is despicable! There is a I have received daily+emails from the vendor and they are offering a $50 bribe to remove the negative review. There is a If they are not allowed to be read, what good are reviews? I will never purchase from this vendor again and suggest someone else to buy the kitchen scale from. I'm sorry if it's a small business. They're giving people $20 to make a better product. I use mine to measure cat food. It is important to measure to the gram accurately. The scale does not do that. It takes a long time to register a change as I add portions, it doesn't zero out without hitting the button multiple times, and I often have to restart it. There is a I get different readings if I take a plate off and put it back on. It is beyond frustrating and everything one would not want to happen in a kitchen scale. The precision ends there. I will send it back.

👤The scale is a decent size and items placed on it do not block the screen. The clean sealed design allows it to be cleaned without damaging the unit. The buttons on the scale allowed water to intrude which shorted out the scale. It is well worth the price because it is simple to use, easy to read and looks great on my counter. You would not get any more then what this scale offers, if you were by a scale 2 or 3 times as much. I would recommend it to you.

👤The scale died after 5 years. I went to put in new batteries for the first time. I fiddled with the batteries and it worked again, after I tried and it didn't turn on again. Oh well. There is a The scale is easy to use and sturdy. I don't know what the pull-out plastic tab is for. Turns on and off in a flash. It remembers the last unit you used. There are options from top to bottom. If the Ikea one kicks the bucket for good, I will use this to weigh packages in the kitchen.

👤The picture for the scale suggests that it is waterproof. It's not. If you washed it, it would short out. There are two holes in the white base, and you can see wiring and other internals. One hole seems to be a hole for a non existingusb port, and the other appears to be a plastic scale hook. You can see a large gap at the juncture of the glass top and plastic bottom. I assume many others have noticed the defect, but have not posted a review, because Amazon didn't want the item back. You can skip this item if you post.

7. Removable Electronic Stainless Temperature Batteries

Removable Electronic Stainless Temperature Batteries

The new platform food measuring scale is more durable and easy to clean than other scales. The new kitchen food scales are covered with a blue protective film to protect them from the elements. Easy to use strain gauge sensors that deliver trustworthy results every time, with a backlit display. Ambient temperature sensor, alarm timer, overload indication, auto-off function are included. You can choose between 5 different units of measurement with the unit button. : ounces, grams, liters. The food scale is made of durable steel. You can use your own bowl or plate instead of the included bowl for easy mixing and pouring. It's perfect for baking, cooking, and small package cooking. tare and auto-zero functions are easy to use. It is easy to measure in a mug, plate, or different sized bowl with reliable and hassle-free accuracy. The product comes with 2 xAAA batteries and a user manual, so you can use it after installing the battery.

Brand: Folind

👤I use this scale daily to weigh the kittens I work with. The bowl is large enough for my babies.

👤I like the look and feel of this scale, but it's not what I would choose for accuracy. I try to measure by weight, rather than volume, when cooking. When adding ingredients, the scale likes to jump in increment. It will sit at 95 grams if you add a little more. There are over 100 grams. Nothing in between. When a container is on a scale, it changes. If you're using a bowl other than the one that comes with, I've seen changes as much as 10 grams depending on where the bowl sits. It's not acceptable to prepare recipes by weight. I wouldn't recommend it and will probably find something else.

👤I use this to measure salt, magnesium, and liquid chemicals. I am surprised by the low price of the scale, considering how well made it is and how well it works. The bowl is not included in the weight if the scale is turned on and zeroed out. It is very sensitive and you can weigh in pounds or grams. I use my Erlenmeyer flask instead of the bowl to measure liquids because it allows you to put anything on it and turn it on zeroed out. The scale is easy to operate and has a nice display. I keep it in my garage and expose it to a lot of chemicals because it has held up so far. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤I love this scale. It's the perfect size to keep on my counter. It has been correct. I like being able to put the food in the bowl, measure it, then put it in a freezer bag. It has helped me to have the right amount of food to eat since I'm trying to improve my diet. The only reason I gave this product 4 stars is that the bowl is a little light weight for my liking, but I guess it is a reason for this. If you are looking for a small scale with a bowl, this is the scale for you.

👤It can be hard to read from an angle. It's not worth marking it down a star because I'm standing in front of it most of the time. It has different settings for different units of measurement. It makes it easy to keep track of calories. The bowl is not needed. I see it as a bonus. I am a science nerd and I like to measure things. It works well. I have not run into any problems that are worthy of major criticism.

👤It works better than I expected, it looks good and it's easy to maintain.

👤I bought a bread maker but it wasn't doing very well even though I was following the recipes. After many disappointing results, I started researching and found that bread making is a science. You can't just throw everything in the pan and expect bread to come out perfect. I found some useful clips on how to measure flour on the internet. What an eye opener! I've been measuring flowers wrong my entire life. I bought a scale every time I watched a clip. I'm happy with the results I'm getting. Buying a scale is a learning experience. The first scale I bought was not easy to read. The difference is like night and day after I bought another one. The scale is more than double the price, but when will I learn that you get what you pay for? It was worth the investment. I can read the display on this scale with ease. I have converted cups to ounces and grams and it must be correct because you can see the results in the pictures. The first picture of bread without measuring the flour with the scale was the first picture I had ever taken. It was perfect! It tastes delicious. Most homemade breads are too dense for me because there is too much flour to measure without a scale. I made a country white bread that was just as good as a bakery's bread. I like this scale. I can see many uses for this scale. I'm going to use it for portion control because I've gained a few pounds since I tasted all these breads.

8. KitchenTour Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction

KitchenTour Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction

The scale is 1 50 gram. Calibration weight is 1 Weighing Pan, 1 Tweezers, and 2 AAA battery. KitchenTourEG5001 has a weight capacity from 0.2g to 3000g to help you measure jewelry, medicine, and cooking ingredients with refined accuracy. You can change the units easily and press the reset button to get the measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl. It would be a good partner if you were on a diet. It's easy to read with a display and it's easy to change from grams to ounces, ounces to ct, and ounces to Troy by pressing the single button. You can save time on cooking and baking by using this kitchen scales. The sleek aesthetic of the design makes it easy to clean and store in the kitchen. The touch activated keys make for a clean and elegant design. The design is slim and easy to store. It's a great addition for anyone who cooks ingredients while they're cooking. Measure different things. It is the perfect gift for cooks who like a combination of style and precision.

Brand: Kitchentour

👤I put water on it. The reading is 0.0 g and there are 20 drops to a gram. High school chemistry. The first photo is zero water, the second is ten and the third is 35 drops. All were read 0.0 g.

👤I found a simple solution to the problem with the scale not holding the tare weight. I put some pressure on the pad with my hand to make sure everything is seated correctly when I first set the scale down on the countertop. I have had no issues after doing this, and the scale returns to 0.0 grams every single time. --- I wanted a scale that would measure to 0.1 gram. I was disappointed after using this for a few weeks. I usually place an empty measuring cup on the scale and zero it with the "T" button, weigh the coffee beans, and then transfer the beans to a grinder. When I put the empty cup back on the scale, it should still read 0.0 grams, but it usually reads anywhere from 0.6 to 1.1 grams. When I'm almost at the desired weight, and adding beans one at a time, it seems frozen at the current displayed weight, and it won't change again until it's well over the weight I was aiming for. I think it's a built-in stabilazation, designed so the reading isn't constantly jumping around, but it's too good to be true.

👤This is the second small scale that I have purchased after I wasn't happy with the other models. I use it to weight coffee beans for a 21 gr espresso and the accuracy is better than 0.1g, as I have verified by using weights. The 0.01 gr resolution is great to have as a trend indicator when you pour more material to weight but I don't trust it, rather I round the result to the next 0.1gr. The precision is better than a bean. The scale is small and the display is beautiful. The tare pushbutton makes it easy to pour coffee into a heavy cup.

👤The food scale I bought this year became hard to zero it. I ordered a new one from a different company. The scale is smaller than I expected, but I like it. I can easily destroy it. It's accurate. The scale is sentivity is something I like. The scale has a top and bottom lid that prevents it from getting messy when not in use. I recommend this product. It will help with fitness goals.

👤If you can work quickly, this may work for you, as long as you aren't measuring wider objects. The manual says the scale has an auto off feature, but it is actually 8 seconds. I timed it multiple times. It's quite frustrating to get the scale setup and zeroed, then turn to get the item you want to weigh, and the scale is already off.

👤This is a scale that I love. This is my fourth gram scale. The last one was only a month long. They are used to mix minerals to add to my horses feed. They should be put on a mouse pad. They are very sensitive to temperature.

9. KUBEI Upgraded Charging Electronic Accuracy

KUBEI Upgraded Charging Electronic Accuracy

Analytical & User- FRIENDLY. The sleek surface of the premium glass panel is easy to clean. It feels secure under the tap. The portable digital kitchen scale is easy to use. An attached hook saves space in the kitchen. The grade design. The maximum weight of the digital kitchen scale can reach 1 kilogram. PORTABLE: The small size of the product is convenient to carry, occupies less space during use, and is convenient for storage. Scales can be used to weigh a variety of items. The double trays on the digital kitchen scale can be replaced. VERSATILE: The tare function on the scale allows you to get the exact weight of the object. Their scale has a conversion function. The quality is high. The digital kitchen scale pan is easy to clean and durable. The four corners of the scale have a non-slip design. A waterproof keyboard sticker is included. POWER There are three upgrade charging methods for the electronic kitchen scale, and two ways of automatic and manual shutdown. There are 2 batteries and a cable for charging them.

Brand: Kubei

👤It's very handy to start on Grams so you don't have to switch it. Zeros-out on start up after weight is removed. If it finds an error. You don't have to zero it out. Very accurate. I have a set of standards that have been certified. I used my Lewis And Clark nickel to show the scale and it read exactly 5.00g, it was tested against the 5.000 standard on multiple scales. -- The size is perfect. Sometimes I have to use a paper plate for material, and it always frustrated me that I couldn't see the weight on my other scale without moving the plate or using my mental prowess to see beyond the plate. It's very easy to see the plate on this scale because it's bright. -- My scale shuts off quickly and can't be set. The scale lets you set it, which makes it funnier than the limitation. -- The scale lets you charge it. -- There are two trays. One over the scale and one over the platform. The platform tray is very smart and protects the platform from being smashed. The larger tray is very large. There is a The initial weight shown is always correct, but sometimes after about 30 seconds, it dips or climbs back again. I don't think it applies to me because I think it's measuring the difference in waves. No problem. There is a This scale is everything I could have asked for. Thank you so much!

👤I like the scale's features and design, but I got a bad unit. It will power itself at random intervals. I've tried adjusting the timeout feature, adjusting time via Mode, and adjusting Power to read PASS, but none of the setting values make a difference. I can't finish the procedure fast enough before it ends. I've tried a lot of different combinations of battery and cable for power, but nothing has worked. I bought this to measure the small batches of epoxy. It's worthless because it will power off before I finish my pour. I don't have a return option anymore because I discarded my packaging. Very disappointed.

👤The 500gr version has an issue with the T button and I decided to go with the one with the almost identical design. There is a 1000gr with a resolution of 0.01gr is a pros. The label is perfect for water proofing the buttons. The clearance for fitting a tall up under the portafiler is good because of the low profile. There is a Sometimes, the scale goes below zero when I remove the weight from the scale, and quick tare fixes the problem. There are two things that I don't like about the one with timer and 3 kilogram with 0.1gr resolution. People reported that they are very responsive and that it's not a deal breaker. It may be a problem for using it under the portafilter.

👤Features, function and quality are improved over the other models. The max weight was above specifications. It didn't overload until 1100 grams. It is easy to use. It comes with a cable. The buttons have a plastic sticker over them. Liquid in the buttons killed my previous scale that looked like this scale. The sticker is not flat. There is a It has buttons that fit over the dimples. The sticker over the buttons partially obscures the decimal point on the number display. I have to look down from the top to see the decimal point, but it's not a problem.

10. Greater Goods Digital Baking Scale

Greater Goods Digital Baking Scale

It looks very nice sitting on your kitchen counter because of the compact and lightweight design. You can come with a pastry mat and batteries. The most accurate digital kitchen scale is A Premium Choice. The baking scale they have created is a budget friendly model that makes it easier to prepare bread, cookies, and pastries. The Freshest Features include: readings down to the gram, an eleven pound capacity, high contrast display, easy to clean surface, four different units of measure, and super accurate single sensor. Don't let a kitchen accessory ruin your style again. The design of the baking scale is simplistic and modern, which is perfect for thetrendiest space. They have combined the best of both worlds, slim and easy to store, as well as their best-selling kitchen scale and more accurate. Their friendly team in St. Louis are ready to help you with any questions you might have about your kitchen scale. They want you to have a great experience with their work. They design and produce high functioning kitchen scales, but they value the positive impact of a purchase on a global level. They only partner with ethical factories and ensure a portion of every sale is given back to a charity that matches the nature of what you will be using.

Brand: Greater Goods

👤Don't bake without one. Accuracy in baking is more important than weighing ingredients for cooking. If you let several people measure a cup of flour by volume, you'll get many different results. It's probably not catastrophic results, but all different. If you want excellent results, weigh your ingredients, as flour will always be 8 ounces. This is useful when weighing liquids because you can simply weigh your bowl and eliminate the need for measuring into a cup and then pouring the liquid into the bowl. If you weigh sour cream in a mixing bowl or cooking vessel, all of it ends up in the product, instead of being left in a cup that you can't remove. If you want to add an ingredient, press the "zero" button and continue adding ingredients, as if you were working with an empty container, then having a scale with the "zero" feature is really helpful. This can work with up to 11 pounds of ingredients. You can use this for weighing packages for mailing, where the cost of postage is calculated in ounces and pounds. You will never go back if you are annoyed by recipes that only give you ingredient amounts by volume. I add information to my recipe when I have a recipe that only has volume measurements. You can find accurate weight measurement on the internet. Being able to measure in grams is very useful for small amounts of flour. You will raise your baking game if you purchase one of these. Go. bake!

👤I wanted a scale that was super accurate for small batches of baking, where a few grams more or less can make a difference. I read that the single sensor made the scale more accurate on the whole surface, so I decided to try it. I have a 50g weight that I use to calibrate my dye scale, so I tested it out in the center, and it worked perfectly. It took a few seconds to settle at 50, but it did every time. There is a The scale I chose was the only one I had thought of that had a weighing platform raised, so large items don't cover the display. I use it to weigh outgoing packages and envelopes to buy online postage labels, but it can be difficult to see if there is a large overhang. I use my phone camera to take pictures. I have had the scale for a while now. I keep it in a cabinet because it gets moved every time I use it. I was worried that it would be flimsy and break easily, but so far, so good. It was spilled on and cleaned up without any problems. The pictures were taken today, so they are still accurate. I can't believe it cost me less than $20, I love this scale. I would have liked it more if it was twice the price. I highly recommend this scale if you need a basic but very accurate kitchen or postage scale.

11. Digital Food Scale Supports Stainless

Digital Food Scale Supports Stainless

The product comes with 2 xAAA batteries and a user manual, so you can use it after installing the battery. The base of the Broad Surface has a backlit display that makes it easy to see the measurement. 33 lbs accuracy makes it easy to weigh liquids poured from other containers. The max weight of the crock pot is 33 pounds, so you can divide the food into meals. It's easy to read display with different weight functions makes portion size for meal prep a breeze. T/Z feature allows you to reset the container after each item in the salad, so that you can get the food you want. The sleek design of the scale makes it easy to clean, and the finish looks nice with all kitchen appliances.

Brand: Bifrost

👤The scale is used in the kitchen to weigh ingredients for cooking. It is not meant to be accurate or have any useful features other than weighing small items or amounts in containers. It's made of plastic, so you can't put hot pots from the stove or containers that were in the oven on top of it. I'm pretty sure it would melt. The top is plastic, not metal, and it is easy to scratch and collect fingerprints after removing the protective plastic coating. If you like the color blue, you can leave this on it. There is a It is light, thin and looks attractive. It's small enough to fit in a drawer or stick vertically on the side of a cabinet. It could be used as a display stand in your kitchen. There is a It fails for a number of reasons that make me want to send it back. There is a The display is built into the top so that it can be covered by plates or large containers. You can't read the display if you look underneath the item. The styrofoam plate in the first and second pictures is not 8 grams. Zeroes, twos, threes, fives, sixes, and nines all look like eights from an angle. When the display is not obscured, you can't see it from an angle. I couldn't get the dsiplay to stay on for more than 2 minutes. I don't know if there is a different scale around, but the display turns off after 2 minutes if the weigh doesn't change. There is a The scale is not very accurate at the lower end. I poured 14g of rice into the container that the third picture shows, which is 2g. This would be registered on the scale as 2 grams. It shows the accuracy in ounces or grams. I couldn't get it to read 1g. The weight can change by a few grams or fractions of an ounce. Some scales at this price point are sensitive enough to weigh items as small as 1 gram. I would like it to do this. There is a When you attempt to weigh items over 33 pounds, the scale will display "Err". I wouldn't expect 33 pounds to handle over 10 or 15 pounds for a small scale. There is a The buttons respond, but you can't feel them or hear them. It would've been nice. If you want to turn it off, you have to hold the on/off button for a few seconds. The buttons are hard to read on the silver background. Why didn't they use higher contrast colors? There is a I have a bigger scale for weighing packages and letters, but I wanted a smaller scale for smaller items and liquids. The scale doesn't do the job. I'll be looking for a better scale that will cost more. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would think that those who deal with drugs know how to make accurate scales.

👤The scale is nice. It is easy to store after use. It doesn't take a lot of space. It's not so small that you can't put a large bowl on it. The display is easy to see. It has a lot of units, probably even more. The scale has a large capacity of 33 lbs. Most kitchen scales are not that high. The scale has a blue film on it. It was difficult to get off, so I would recommend peeling it off before installing the batteries. You have to remove the plastic from the batteries for them to work. This is a great addition to the kitchen and a nice scale.


What is the best product for cooking scale for baking?

Cooking scale for baking products from Etekcity. In this article about cooking scale for baking you can see why people choose the product. Vitafit and Inevifit are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking scale for baking.

What are the best brands for cooking scale for baking?

Etekcity, Vitafit and Inevifit are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking scale for baking. Find the detail in this article. Koios, Weguard and Back Ktcl are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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