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1. Escali V63 Measuring Preprogrammed Ingredients

Escali V63 Measuring Preprogrammed Ingredients

The dial cover is shatterproof. The ingredient code list is laminated.

Brand: Escali

👤The battery isn't held tightly enough in the slot. It's a hassle to return this item. I used a paper towel to hold the battery in the slot. It only works half the time. If the scale had included the optional wall charger, this wouldn't be a problem. I'm not sure if I should return it or fight it. There is a The paper towel fix had to be moved. Not a solution. There is a I bought the AC adapter after reading reviews that said the scale functions better with it, especially if you are weighing multiple ingredients and resetting the tare between each addition. When you buy the scale, my suggestion is to buy the power adapter 9VAD.

👤I've had two of them. The first gift was from a baker and lasted 7 years before the buttons wore out. I bought this one expecting a similar life span, but after a month the tare/power button started having issues, and within two months of purchase, the scale will no longer turn on, just outside of the return window. I went back to the first one that I owned.

👤I was suckered into the volume measurement thing when I bought this scale. I used that function on the first day I got the scale, but have never used it again. The scale has a sheet of paper with codes that you input for the ingredient being weighed, so it converts the weight into it's appropriate volume. I don't know where that sheet of paper is after 5 years. I use the scale for baking and have a cheat sheet of volume-to-weight conversions that I use. There are online calculators that will convert a volume to weight, so you might be better off using them. I found the scale to be pretty accurate for the time I've used it, but it was too small for baking. It's not much for making a bunch of dough for a few loaves. The tare/on/off button has stopped working after 5 years. The scale can't be turned off without removing the battery or waiting for the automatic shut off. We'll see if they honor the lifetime warranty after I submit a warranty request. I'm going to keep the KD-8000 as a spare, but I'm going to upgrade to the My Weight KD-7000 or KD-8000, which have a bigger capacity. I contacted the company about the warranty, and they told me to send the scale to them. I received a new scale a week ago. I bumped it to 4 stars because of the great experience with their customer service and the warranty process.

👤I purchased this scale to use the volume conversion for accurate measurements when baking. The first time I used it, I tried to measure out the water by volume. I thought that my measuring cups are off. I tried different measuring cups, different brands of cups, and they were all wrong, the measurement said I had a cup of water when it was about 1/6 cup low. Try a recipe with 4 cups of water and you will get a 1/2 cup difference. Not insignificant. The weight of a cup of water should be 236 grams. I tried again using the grams setting on the scale. There is 236 grams on my measuring cup. A cup of water came in at 206 grams. An error of about 13%. I have worked in a laboratory for many years, and am familiar with the use of this scale. The tare was used correctly and the results were the same. The scale gives accurate weights, but the volume conversion doesn't work. I received a scale. I will return it for a new one, and see if the next scale is any better. If you get the results with this scale, you should check it with water. It should be 236 grams. The use of water does not cause any errors.

2. Escali C115W Digital Scale White

Escali C115W Digital Scale White

The ingredient code list is laminated. The scale is 9 x 5. The 9 x 0. 6 in is capable of holding 11 lbs and has a weight reading of 0. The following units are used for 1 oz (1 g) increments. Clean-up is fast and easy with a single smooth glass surface. Blue black-light is easy to read in any lighting environment. Tare is a feature that subtracts a container's weight. The majority of the products from Escali are against defects in material and workmanship in the product under normal use with a limited lifetime for consumer scales and a 2-year professional for professional scales.

Brand: Escali

👤I was looking for a kitchen scale with large digits that could be easily seen in any light condition. There is a This is it! There is no scale that is better for the purpose. The design is clean and the display is beautiful. The scale is perfect. It's a great way to use it every day. It's easy to clean and use. You can put a container first, then push a zero button to add food, and then you can weigh the food, not the container. Really lovely.

👤It looks nice. The "Power" button is not always working. The button never works. There is a The weight readings were bouncing all over the place. The unit was shipped with batteries that were almost dead. The buttons still have the same issue despite the new batteries fixing it. I've used an Escali scale before and I was happy with it. This one is not so much. A replacement was ordered. We will see what happens with that one.

👤I am surprised this scale is so bad, because Wirecutter rated it as their 2nd choice, and the more expensive model by this same company. I tried to reset it multiple times. It wouldn't stay at 0. I tried different surfaces to see if it was an issue, and it was on a completely flat surface each time. There is a It gave different weights for the same item every time I weighed it. I tried a bag of flour and a hand weight. I centered each item when weighing it. There is a I'm not going to exchange it for another one, even if it was a malfunctioning one.

👤I have been using it occasionally since I purchased it in January. I wanted to wait and write a review. I bought this scale based on the reviews. I find this scale to glitch when changing unit and when turning off, which involves pressing long and hard to turn off. The batteries are usually removed by me. When I move the scale away, it turns on.

👤I like the sleek design and the color. It fits in a drawer. It is hard to use. Sometimes, it gives me readings that are not real.

👤I'm very happy with how this scale performs. It is a very small issue for me, and I wish I could have an off switch. There is a lot of space to place bowls and cups to weigh out ingredients and the blue backlight is excellent for reading.

👤I would give zero stars if I could. I quickly realized that the buttons didn't respond consistently to turn on the scale or change the unit. I returned the unit for a new one. I gave up on the scale because of the same defects in the second unit, but I got a reliable Amazon basics scale that does exactly what it says on the box, and I was able to get a second unit for a full refund.

👤Have used food scales for a long time. I purchased the C115R to replace an old scale that I had admired. The scale stopped allowing me to use metric and imperial weights. It inaccurately weighs. I returned to get a refund.

3. Escali B180RC Classic Bathroom Capacity

Escali B180RC Classic Bathroom Capacity

The scale has a capacity of 400 lbs and can be used with the following units: pounds, kilograms, stones, andst:lb. There is a clear platform of glass. Digital display is crisp. The Tempered Glass has a lifetime warranty. Li-ion batteries included. Even after stepping off the scale, the hold feature still shows weight.

Brand: Escali

👤I was disappointed as I love the design and styling and the ease of reading, but there was as much as a 4 pound difference when I used it on various places of my hardwood floor. Our floor is good quality and level, the batteries were new. I hope they resolve this issue. I returned the other one.

👤I stopped weighing myself after a few years and decided I needed to know the current shocking results. I didn't want a scale with options on the display. It's lightweight and seems to be accurate for me, I love the look of this one. I can get back to keeping track of the numbers. Hopefully it will fall soon.

👤The design looks great on the bathroom floor. It is easy to clean the glass. The display can be hard to read because it is not backlit. If you stand in place a few extra seconds, the display will hold long enough for you to step off the scale, and then you can look at the display. A backlight would have been a better solution.

👤I have a traditional balance scale that works well, like my cardiologist used to have. I need a flashlight to read the weight in my small bathroom. I thought the digital scales had improved since I had a flaky one in the 1990s. I compared the readings of this scale to those of the balance scale. They were the same. The scale gives me the same weight if I get on and off several times in a few minutes. My flaky 1990s scale gave me different weights. I can fit this scale under the piece of furniture that houses the sink.

👤I have had this for about 1.5 years and it has worked well. I replaced the battery for the first time and it was pretty good. There is a The scale is accurate. I don't need a scale that is more accurate than the doctor's scale since I just want to track my weight and it goes up/down/holds. There is a It's easy to use, it's stable on the floor, and I'm happy with my purchase.

👤I can step on this scale several times in a row in a matter of minutes and the results vary so widely that it is not usable. They didn't register when I tried to put my hand weights on it. Completely useless.

👤If the package was left on the porch in cold weather, the scale wouldn't work and it wouldn't give accurate data. We received the scale in the spring and it was still cool in the house. We have a thermostat that can be set to 64 at night. When the house was warm, it worked well. The first thing in the morning is not good. Neither of us have any health problems that cause our weight to fluctuate. If you live in a warm weather climate, this scalle will work for you. Find another one if you have to. We went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a square scale from Homedics that works perfectly.

4. Escali 136DK Alimento Digital Stainless

Escali 136DK Alimento Digital Stainless

Most of the products from Escali are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, with a limited lifetime warranty for consumer scales, and a 2-year professional guarantee for professional scales. The fabric type is plastic.

Brand: Escali

👤I got this scale because of the display. Sometimes the item I was weighing would block the display on the scale. The display on this scale is a big improvement, but I can not set the backlight to be on as I want. There is a The buttons aren't very responsive and I have to push them. It's not always great with wet hands. The Tare button is separate from the power button. If you tapped the power button, the scale would tare, and if you held the power button down, it would tare again. If the buttons were more responsive, this feature would probably not bother me as much. It doesn't seem to be as precise as my old scale. It jumps by twos when I weigh grams. The manual doesn't show the calibration precision. There is a It is light, takes up minimal space in my kitchen, and legible. For the price, I wish it was more responsive, easier to use, and sturdier.

👤I love the look of this scale, but it just isn't accurate. The weight of the item will be determined by what part of the platform you place it on. I weighed a nickel on it and it will read anywhere from 4g to 6g on the scale. It is very odd. I had the same problem with the scale I swapped for another one because I thought I might have received a faulty one. I will have to return it and continue my search for an accurate baking scale.

👤I have had this scale for over 10 years. Two of the buttons have worn out. I covered them with tape and the scale kept going. If you want a scale that will last a long time, this is it. I use it at least 3 times a day. It's easy to change between grams and ounces, it's easy to measure a salad or recipe while adding ingredients, and it's just plain easy to use. I love it!

👤I just got a scale and I like it. I had a cheaper digital scale and it was annoying, but the Escali Alimento has fixed it. There is a The scale didn't have an AC adapter. You had to use batteries, and it's annoying when they run low in the middle of weighing, having to refill them, etc. It shuts off after 3 minutes of not being used. I would spend too long chopping veg's or have to do something else and it would turn off and cause me to lose weight. I had to keep the scale from shutting off. It's not fun to have to cater to an appliance. I bought the Escali Alimento with an AC adapter, and it only turns off when you're done using it. You turn it off. It has an automatic shutoff for batteries. There is a You can choose from ounces, pounds, and ounces, digital pounds, and grams. You don't have to use a calculator to convert pounds and ounces to digital pounds. There were less options for the weight units on my scale. There is a The weighing plate on the Escali Alimento can be removed. You can take it off to clean it. I risked getting water into the interior of the scale if the weighing area didn't come off. It started acting weird after a while. A scale with a plate will live longer. There is a The buttons are covered. The scale might be damaged if food or liquids get in around the buttons. My scale didn't have buttons. There is a Local stores have cheaper scales than online stores, so you may want to get a higher-end scale. There is a The scale is covered in a grey plastic shell, which is obviously trying to look like metal, but I can't see why it would be a problem. It doesn't look good.

5. Escali L125 Precision Professional Scale

Escali L125 Precision Professional Scale

The fabric type is plastic. The scale has a capacity of 125 g and can be used in a variety of ways. Measures in grams, ounces, pennyweights, carats, grains and troy-ounces. The weighing platform is made of steel. The feature includes memory, hold and parts counting.

Brand: Escali

👤I paid a high price for it because I thought the quality would be better. It doesn't work as of June 14th. It reads 0.0 no matter what I do. The batteries were changed. It does not weigh more than minuscule amounts. Scales are back to less expensive. That work.

👤I thought I was stepping up with this product after buying cheaper scale at Walmart. We didn't use for a couple of months because we were moving to a new home. I tried a lot of different things to make it work but it's not worth the trouble. There is a I sell spices as part of my living and have a couple other scales so I am familiar with them, I bought a Taylor for 20 bucks and it works great.

👤This is my second scale. The first one died after minimal use. I bought a second one because I'm an idiot and it died after minimal gentle use. If you enjoy buying electronic scales and need an excuse to do so, then this is the product for you. Look elsewhere for everyone else.

👤The scale I bought never worked. I returned the batteries I bought because the scale didn't turn on, but I thought the batteries were dead.

👤It broke within the first month.

👤I bought this on Feb 12th and it's not working anymore. I used it about 3 - 5 times a week.

👤At first, I loved this scale. It was portable and easy to use. The only button that works is the on button. I have to wait for it to shut off before I can weigh my next item. I don't have time for that. So disappointed. Don't waste your money.

👤After a good deal of research, I found the Escali L600 at Amazon for two-thirds of the price I was asked to pay elsewhere. There is a The scale performs exactly as advertised, but might be a bit bulky for some users, and the 9-volt AC adapter may be incorrect.

👤My scale wouldn't calibrate, and would jump between -1.00g and 1.00g when something was placed on it. I think my unit was damaged or malfunctioning during shipping, which I think is unlikely. I will update this review if the replacement is better. I received a new one and it works perfectly. It is a nice scale. I have a set of weights that range from 50 to 100g, and they all work perfectly. Some of them are off by a small amount.

👤After a few months of using it, the backlit and tare buttons have stopped working. I was expecting a few months of good use for the price. It seems to be a very good scale on the accuracy level. After 3 years of use, it is still working well. I can use the same function as the tare if I press the "on" button twice. I've only had to change the batteries twice or so, because it has been used multiple times a day for years. It is a good scale.

6. Escali EW180 Platform Bathroom Capacity

Escali EW180 Platform Bathroom Capacity

The scale has a capacity of 400 lbs and can give weight readings in 0.2 lbs per unit. Extra wide platform to accommodate a natural stance. The display is bright and efficient. There is a display hold feature. When the user steps on the scale, the instant-on feature turns on. Most of the products from Escali are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship, with a limited lifetime warranty for consumer scales, and a 2-year professional guarantee for professional scales.

Brand: Escali

👤The scale is very small. It's nice that it's wider. The problem is that it is too narrow. I wear a size 11 shoe.

👤I do weigh-ins for a medical condition. I wanted to try this because the one I have doesn't do tenths. It only does those (123.4, 124.6, etc.). I didn't gain any accuracy or width because the new scale did the same thing. I tipped the scales on my dismount because my heels and toes were too high.

👤The original EatSmart scale is several years old. My husband got a new scale. He felt the scale was too narrow for him because of his stance. I assumed the perfect solution was found when I searched "Extra Wide" scale. There is a It's not any bigger than the 2 we already have after receiving the scale. There is a I am partially responsible for buying it without checking the measurements. I assumed all scales were standard sizes and this one was larger. It's a fine scale, except for the size issue. It looks nice and seems well made. I might have kept it if I had more scales. I returned it because I don't need 3 scales the same size. The reason I bought it was that it was not extra large. It seems like a well-made scale, so I left 4 stars.

👤I need to keep a record of my dog's weight for 2 weeks to see if the diet is working. My dog sits on the scale and we can read his weight, instead of placing him in our lap and putting him in the lap because of the difference between our weight and his. Most others were either for small dogs or expensive ones. He needs to lose 7 pounds.

👤Since it arrived, this scale has worked great. It started returning weights between 335 and 325 lbs this morning. A person weighed in at over 300 lbs. An adult with a bag of sugar came in at 327 lbs. A child who weighs under 100 lbs was standing on the scale and couldn't register it. New batteries were installed. Consumer Reports recommended this scale. I'm going to let them know about my experience. I think the scale will last more than 7 weeks.

👤The wide size makes it easy to step on it.

👤I like it, it doesn't lie. I keep it in a position. It works without a problem when you lay it down. It is large enough to not make a balancing act.

👤It's better to read on a hard surface. It's size makes it easier to store by the toilet on the edge. It's easy to read bright numbers.

👤It weighed about 3 lbs heavier than my office scale, but it was fine for about 7 months. This morning, I stopped working and was giving a wide variety of weights. Repeatedly gave an error message and replaced batteries. I would have expected the scale to last longer than 7 months. It worked for 2 stars.

7. Escali Precision PR500S Functionality Capacity

Escali Precision PR500S Functionality Capacity

The included components are Scale, Batteries, Owners Manual and Warranty Information. The scale has a capacity of 500 g and can be used with the following units: g, oz, lbs, andoz. The small pocket design allows for easy storage. Large quantites of small items are counted. When weighing large items, the display hold feature holds the weight on the screen.

Brand: Escali

👤I think it's intended for small time drug dealers because it's too small for kitchen use, but nobody has time for that level of single tasking. There is a The display is hard to read. The back light is too dim. If you are looking directly at it, it probably isn't too bad. You aren't doing that due to the size. It is impossible to clean. The cheap scales with the non-removable platforms have some over-hang, but this one is flush with the base.

👤In the before and after photos I posted, the escali registered 0.2 gram and the oxo didn't after adding a tablet. There is more accuracy there. The escali is only 4.2 and the oxo max is 6 pounds. Oxo is larger so you can put your items on easily, but the escali is smaller so that might be a challenge. Oxo has a start/stop timer, but escali doesn't. I might keep the escali for espresso making and the oxo for other uses. If you put a tablet on the scales by yourself, they don't register any weight, so you can't know what the weight is unless you have a small container and add it.

👤Someone said that it can't be used in the kitchen, so it must be for drug dealers. I thought I would correct the errors in the description and tell you what it is used for. There is a The limit for the Escali Pico is 500 grams, and the size is tiny. It's used to count a lot of small things. You need 500 small glass or metal beads. If you want to know how many you have all together, you can either use count mode to tell you how many you have, or you can use the directions to weigh a much smaller number. I don't use it that way because I'm a mathematician. There is a I use it for yarn. I know how many yards are in a skein. The leftover yarn should be taken in grams and divided by the weight of the full skein/hank to get the number of yards. It gives you an idea of how many yards are left. It is a blessing if you knit or crochet. It allows you to use your leftover yarn in a different way.

👤This product does not zero out. The manufacturers problem is mine. I would like to have a plate that I can put on and measure my food. I am happy that I bought it, I love it for travel. The ability to zero out the scale to measure the way that I stated could be improved by the manufacturer.

👤When firing this puppy up for the first time, I got the code. A quick call to their customer service. The load cells must have been damaged. They are sending me a new one after I fill in thewarranty evaluation claim form. Fortunately they accept scanned emails, so that speeded things up a bit, and after only 4 days, I have my new unit, and it is very slick, tenths of a degree for grams. They get one star for a nice looking product and one star for polite customer service. Another star is needed for a quick replacement.

8. Escali 157R2 Digital Scale 0 75

Escali 157R2 Digital Scale 0 75

The feature includes memory, hold and parts counting. The included components are scale, batteries, owners manual and warranty information.

Brand: Escali

👤I don't like the scale. It looks nice. It is accurate. The tare function is a pain because you lightly tap it. There is no light. A plate hides the reading. I bought this because I thought it could replace my old one. But no. After 2 months of use, the batteries are dead. My Oxo is back.

👤The Food Network Scale did not hold the weight. I had to return it. The Escali seems to be better in construction. The "Tare" feature allows users to discount the weight of the container when weighing ingredients or food items in a container, and the batteries provide enough energy to provide a fast, clear reading. This scale is not to be thrown around carelessly. In a chaotic kitchen, you will need to treat it with respect. I don't want to spend a lot at this point because I am a relatively new cook and I don't use a lot of measuring methods. The scale helped.

👤I am a professional chef and home cook. I love my escali model scale, it has a push-button control. It has auto shut-off and is reliable. I thought I'd branch out to a nicer model of escali. However! The product is unreliable and terribly designed. The watch batteries are hard to find and they turn on twice, leaving me with wasted time calculating volume conversions. The design of the power and Tare button is terrible, it's often not working at all or requires multiple presses. I recommend this product enough. I don't want to waste my time with new batteries. This was a failure, but Escali doesn't make bad scales in general.

👤It looks great, but... There is a The old Taylor is more accurate than the cheaper one. Since the buttons are on the same surface that you weigh on, be careful when touching the tare button since it is easy to throw off the calibration since the buttons are on the same surface. It would have been a better design if the buttons and display were attached to the surface.

👤I can sell a lot of things online. When I go to the post office, I pay the correct weight for the shipping because I needed a scale to weigh my product. The scale will be useful for a while. It's easy to read and understand and I like using it. When it arrived, I couldn't believe the small size. It's perfect for my needs.

👤Measures in lbs, oz, fluid oz, g and ml! Even if you put things in a large bowl, it's easy to read. The tare feature is great. It is easy to clean the glass. When our fur baby developed an allergy to store-bought food, we bought this scale to make his food. We can mix up a week's worth of meals at one time. We can use the tare feature to zero out the scale before adding the next ingredient. It came in Red after a long display time before the auto-shut off kicked in. Overall very happy with the scale.

9. Escali 157FW Glass Digital Scale

Escali 157FW Glass Digital Scale

Plastic/metal is the fabric type. The metallic colored glass platform creates an irresistible shimmer effect with the movement of light and change in perspective. The scale has a capacity of 7 000 g and a weight of 15 lbs. The display is large and easy to read, it measures 27 x 13 in. It is easy to clean the scale with a damp cloth and mild detergent. If you want to keep the weight measurement on the screen, you have to remove the item from the platform. The weight of an item placed on the scale before it is turned on will be cleared to zero automatically. The included components are Scale, Batteries, Owners Manual and Warranty Information.

Brand: Escali

👤I have never used a scale like this before. I am a chef, and I know how good the scales are. This is not one of them. It is cheap, and won't make you change your mind. Don't buy this piece of garbage.

👤First thing I did upon unpacking was to check the accuracy of the reference weights I have from the lab at work. The Escali Arti is accurate. All the way up to 5,000 grams. The Arti didn't mind that the weights were moved off-center. Tares were perfect. The glass top makes for a clean look and is easy to clean up after use. I'm mostly using for baking. Baking soda, flour, sugar, and baking powder are all in the same place. There is a Since the glass surface is contiguous from the weighing surface to where the buttons are, pressing any of the buttons while in the midst of weight will cause the displayed weight to vary. I was playing with all the functions and only noticed this. I wouldn't switch between units while in the middle of weighing something, so it's not really an issue. Within a few moments, the weight returns to the correct number. The "Shiny Silver" color is the cheapest and it looks great. The rest of the kitchen appliances look like they are made of steel. We decided to keep it out of the counter because it looks so nice, but we'll lean it up again behind the knife block. It will be even more useful if we have it handy at all times. I was very happy with the purchase.

👤The return policy only lasts for 30 days. 40 days after purchase, it is no longer reliable or returnable. The label says it was made in China. I used it to bake bread and rolls. When you remove the dough from the scale, it doesn't always return to zero. What does that mean? Sometimes you add water to the mix bowl and then tare out before adding flour. It would "zero out" when adding the flour. You should make all the rolls 100 grs if you want to form 12 rolls. The last roll is usually light. Amazon doesn't support what they sell. BOO!

👤I bought this scale in April 2020. I have used it for a long time, and I'm comfortable reviewing it. It was hard to retire the scale and go back to using what I was using before, because it has many positive features. I like the ease of cleaning and the long bed. The hold feature is great. There is a It's too easy to accidentally reset it. Too often I have been in the middle of measuring ingredients and looking down to see that the weight has returned to zero. I'm giving up on it because it has happened to me several times. It takes a small brush. It doesn't have to be a hand. The edge of a dishrag could be a trailing edge. I don't know what happened. The design is great.

10. Escali DS115B Mechanical Removeable Functionality

Escali DS115B Mechanical Removeable Functionality

Even after stepping off the scale, the hold feature still shows weight. The scale has a capacity of 11 lbs and can give weight readings in 1 oz (20 g) units. The measuring bowl is made of steel. Tare is a feature that subtracts a container's weight. The dial cover is shatterproof.

Brand: San Jamar

👤It is an attractive, mostly metal scale that is at least as accurate as comparable scales and looks nice on the countertop. Silly packaging is to blame for the flawed installation. The screws for the brackets that hold the bowl are screwed into the brackets rather than in a small bag. They are screwed into hidden nuts and you have to loosen them with a wrench in order to remove the screws. The silliness of this turns into insanity because there is no provided instructions or tools.

👤It's the third time. First bought another brand and then it was returned because it was faulty. The rack that held the pan was missing when I ordered the Escali. The box had probably been opened and returned. I took a chance and got another one that had all the parts, and I really liked the look of the scale. Absolutely love it. I was glad I didn't give up. It was difficult for me to get the screws undone to install the weighing pan rack, you need a sockets screwdriver and a screwdriver. I was very pleased with the scale. Would buy again. Highly recommended.

👤I bought this on December 12th, 2020 and it was dead by the middle of February. My dog is on a raw diet and I measure his meat. I get a different weight every time I measure out the pan empty. The scale could not be zeroed out. I place the bowl on the scale and get a different measurement with the same amount of food raised out of the bowl and replaced into the bowl. The money was wasted.

👤This is a new scale for me. The last one was destroyed. I used to make bread using it for about three years. This product can't live with out. It works and looks great. The bowl comes off to wash or add ingredients to and then back on the scale. I feel confident that it is weighing grams or pounds and ounces. I think this is a great idea. This is great if you like the look of old school and don't want a digital.

👤I am happy with this scale. It is weighing correctly. It was easy to calibrate. It's not as precise as an electronic scale, but I was tired of using batteries. It was easy to assemble, using a needle nose pliers to hold the nut in place while installing the two screws. I like the fact that one can weigh and dump the contents without having to tare them. It looks cute on my kitchen counter.

👤We decided to use the Escali for looks after resisting getting a real kitchen scale for a long time. This is a performer and a looker. The bowl can be used for both weighing and for whisking eggs for pasta or dry ingredients for other baking needs. Cleans like a dream. The tare function is good, and the accuracy against known quantities is appropriate. It is lightweight and easy to drag around in our kitchen and prep area, and the analog aspect makes us happy. Digital isn't always better.

11. Escali P115C Precision Lightweight Lifetime

Escali P115C Precision Lightweight Lifetime

There are multi- functions. The cooking scale has a blue back-lit screen that can convert measurement results between in g, tl, oz, ct, and gn in seconds. The trays can be used as protectors or scale trays. Measure different things. The scale has a capacity of 11 lbs and can be used with the following units: ounces, lbs, and g. The buttons are sealed for protection against spills. The operation is easy. Tare is a feature that subtracts a container's weight. The digital scale in chrome is easy to use and has a lifetime warranty. The body and face are large. Automatic shut-off and tare feature are included.

Brand: Escali

👤I've been using this for a long time. I use it a lot. It is useful. You can use less dishes with an accurate scale and get more accurate measurements. I bought a set of little weights from 1g to 500g in order to figure out if the scale is accurate. It was. I tested the scale again yesterday and took those weights out. After six years of daily use, I didn't think it would still be accurate. It was completely accurate. The scale says 1g if I put 1g on it. The scale says 393g if I put it on. I decided to write a review after that.

👤The scale shown in the image is the one I was expecting to buy and searched for. The item I received was a generic white kitchen scale. I requested the product be resent when I received the mismatching order. The second shipment arrived. The generic food scale is in a banged-up package. Not happy at all.

👤The scale is accurate and consistent. I'm happy with it. I won't put food directly on the scale because I don't trust the finish or paint. There is a The scale showed 1 gram for the weight, but I used a 1 gram calibration weight. I re-weighed different objects multiple times, keeping the scale on, turning it off, etc. Each object's weight was the same. Plastic is the material of scale. It is chrome-colored. The scale is a single piece. If something spills on the round top, you just wipe it. You have to wipe the scale to make sure you can't just put it in the dishwasher. There are no nooks or crevices that are hard to get spills out. There is a The round top where you weigh things has a chrome finish that looks and feels like something I wouldn't want to put food directly on. What is the finish of the paint? I asked the manufacturer if there was any lead in the paint. But... I wouldn't put food on the scale. I decided not to buy the add-on for the scale because the manufacturer pointed me to it. I Tare function is convenient. I don't use it often. A. I first weigh the container I'm using for the food, and then subtract the weight from my head. If you want to see the weight of the food on the scale, put whatever empty container you don't want included in the weight of the food on it. You can just add the food that you want to weigh into the container. If you want to add something to the container, you can take it off and put it back on the scale. Click on the tare button again if you want to tell the scale to stop using the tare. If you turn the scale off and have something on the scale, the scale will subtract the weight from the scale. So... When you turn it on, you want to not have anything on the scale.


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