Best Cooking Rings for Griddle 8 Inch

Griddle 2 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. HUINF Stainless 3 15x1 57 Cooking Professional

HUINF Stainless 3 15x1 57 Cooking Professional

Whether you're an amateur baker or a professional pastry chef, these ring molds are great for personal or commercial use. If you want to eat cake, you don't need to go to the cake shop. The set of small ring mold can be used to make round cake, sandwich, Japanese pancake, mini cake, mousse, egg, pastry or biscuit. The small cake ring mold with pusher is made of food gradestainless steel, which is polished surface and safe to use. They are becoming more popular. The party is inseparable from desserts. Children like all kinds of mini cakes. You can't see the cake anymore for the ring. It is easy to make cakes. The ring mold is 8 cm in diameter and 1.57 cm in depth, and includes 4 ring mold and 4 pushers. The gift box is beautiful. The set of pastry ring mold is easy to use. The cake ring set has a handle that you can push and pull. It saves time, makes the table less messy, and says no to failure.

Brand: Huinf

👤The ring is not round. The welded part makes it difficult for a round pusher lid to enter. The ingredients will stick out from the gap if the pusher enters. The edge finish is easy to cut. It is not finished well.

👤The rings and lid handles are a little flimsy, but they work as advertised. The jangles are easy to accidentally flatten if you push too hard, and some of the round molds need help to be made sufficiently round for the lids to fit in them. The price is good for what you get.

👤The product arrived on time and I was happy with it.

👤It's strong enough to use for hot cooking and a cold mold.

👤I used the molds to press friends with my presentation.

👤It is easy to use a mold for desserts.

2. Stainless Nonstick Silicone Breakfast Omelette

Stainless Nonstick Silicone Breakfast Omelette

High quality and useful. If there is a quality issue with the Egg Ring, you should contact the seller. Feel free to contact them. How long have you been using it? The package includes 6 pieces of egg rings in 3 different sizes, various sizes and adequate amount can meet your diverse cooking and replacement demands, and they are practical and necessary cooking tools for your home. The pancake ring is made of high quality steel with a non-stick coating, it is safe to use, it is easy to change, and it is soft and comfortable to hold. You can choose from 3 different sizes of the egg rings, which are 10 cm/ 4 inches, 15 cm/ 6 inches and 20 cm/ 8 inches. The design of the silicone handle can protect your hands from scalds, and the egg ring molds are practical and convenient, you can use them to make breakfast, omelette, pancake, sandwich, burger and more. The pancake rings can be used for home use, as well as being nice supplies for restaurants, bakeries, dessert shops, snack bars, hotels, cafeteria and other places.

Brand: Patelai

👤Multiple sizes of the rings are great. The handles are made to be used safely and easy - no burnt fingers. Storage is easy because the collapsing handles take up less space when they are nested. A great product!

3. PROFESSIONAL Silicone Pancake Nonstick Benedict

PROFESSIONAL Silicone Pancake Nonstick Benedict

If you're dissatisfied with their service, you can either replace it or get a full refund. Problems will be responded to within 12 hours. Made from high-quality materials. : The egg ring is made of high quality silicone and has a protective foldable handle. It's essential to have heat-resistance of up to 450F in the kitchen to perfect your round shape egg. It is easy to use. Their egg rings are very easy to use. For about 30 seconds, just heat the pan and mold it. Place the eggs in the frying pan and crack them. Cook for 30 seconds. The pan will get 2 liters of water. Put a lid on it. Wait for 2 minutes before you put the egg on the plate. Thank you! A perfect egg is what you get. MULTI-FUNCTION Egg maker is ideal for eggs, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, Benedict eggs, and more. It can be used for many things. You can make the best Silver Dollar Pancakes. It's great for frittatas and veggie patties. There is a mold of a hamburger. The perfect fried egg is available. Their egg ring molds are easy to clean, simply rinse in soapy water and do easy cleaning of the rings. Keep it dry after cleaning. Don't scratch your pans. The perfect solution. Feel like a professional chef with this handy accessory. Useful equipment! You can easily explore your creativity. Show off with your dessert. For small cakes in the oven or cookies mold, there are many options. AMAZON has a quick filling up.

Brand: Abam

👤Silicone baking products work well for me. The problem with these rings is that they leak. 3 were warped due to packaging. I tried soaking in hot water and placing a heavy item on top, but it didn't work out. The other two leak egg. I am using a flat surface. I use the warped rings to make hashbrowns. I guess you get what you pay for. They are a cute idea. The diamater should be a bit bigger. A note re seller is perfect for an English muffin. The seller sent me a follow up email. Before leaving a negative feedback, it had a link to contact Amazon. There were preset questions on that link to address my comments. I would not have been able to share this info with a potential buyer.

👤These work well and are easy to clean up. If you want to get a good seal on the griddle or skillet, you have to make sure you heat the griddle or skillet first, put olive oil on the ring, then put it on the heated surface. Push it down with a spatula. Put your eggs in it. It works perfectly for sunny-side up.

👤These are useful. I make egg sandwiches for breakfast. The size is large enough to hold an egg on an English muffin. When you put in the egg, pancake batter, they say to press down for a few seconds. I put the ring in the pan while it's warm, then let the pan get hot enough to set the egg fairly quickly. Put the egg in slowly so that the bottom of the yolk starts to set as it spreads to fill the ring. The yoke doesn't cause the ring to float up. It's easier to hold the ring down on the pan than it is to crack an egg. If you want, you can cover the skillet with a lid and flip the egg ring, then remove the ring and turn it. Either works.

👤I only used these once, and the result was a failure to inspire me to throw the things in the trash. None of the four rings had the ability to hold a raw egg despite being oiled and using only the flat center of the plan. You end up with a contraption that does nothing for the look of the eggs.

👤I use my cast iron 13 inch griddle pan for pancakes and it's great for dipping edges in oil or batter to reduce leak on grill recommended flat surface pans.

👤They work well, they don't hold heat. The batter sticks to this surface when used for pancakes. The egg comes off a little more quickly. I still use them because they are easy to clean and work well.

👤I own a fun-shaped set. The shape needs to be held down and the egg added with one hand. If you don't know how to crack eggs one-handed, you should use a small bowl. You can let up after a few seconds.

4. Winco Round Egg Ring 6 Inch

Winco Round Egg Ring 6 Inch

It is made of high quality, long lasting STAINLESS STEEL. Winco products are made to meet the high demands of a kitchen. Winco has a wide range of products. Winco products are used by many industry experts.

Brand: Winco

👤It works well as opposed to a silicone one I bought.

👤I am very happy to have a 6” ring for my cake. It is the same as the way pancake or eggs are usually done. I don't need to trim off the edges of the ring because it helps to keep the perfect round size. Love it.

👤It will work great for funnel cakes.

👤I was looking for these for a long time. They feel like they'll last a long time because of the good quality and simple design. It's perfect for pancakes and omelettes.

👤The egg mixture tends to leak under the edges, defeating the purpose.

👤This is what I wanted. I use it for eggs. It is amazing!

👤Great for making breakfast.

👤No importa, no aceite le ponga, todo se pega. No recomiendo.

👤The quality of the steel is from India. I need to grease it before I put it in the pan so the egg doesn't stick to the edge.

5. Round Cake Pastry Heavy Gauge

Round Cake Pastry Heavy Gauge

Professional quality and quality design has been done by Ateco. A cake ring made of 16 gauge steel. D x H. A straight-sided cake is perfect for baking. The bottomless design makes it easy to release. It is made of high quality, long lasting STAINLESS STEEL.

Brand: Sunrise Kitchen Supply

👤The product was good, but it is not perfect. I expected it to be a round cookie cutter, but it is not a perfect circle and makes everything look bad.

👤I'm using these in a kiln. It didn't make sense to me that glass work mold prices ranged from $30 to $60. I bought this for less than that price. The gauge is very sturdy and there is no seam. I'm going to put it in the kiln for the first time. I don't think there will be any problems. If you're thinking of buying this for baking, think heavy gauge and no seam. These seem to be high quality and worth the price.

👤Sept 2020. My review was changed from 4 stars to 5 stars. The quality of these rings has changed since I bought more of them. The ring is not dishwasher safe and seems to be made of aluminum alloy. I like the new quality. It is round and doesn't bend under pressure. I will be buying pastry rings from this company in the future. Excellent pastry rings. I fixed the oblong shaped rings by pressing on both sides of the ring until they fit my circular mixing bowls.

👤I use it to make burgers. Don't smash the meat into the mold, use a light touch. You can make a bunch of them and freeze them, they will go right on the grill or in the pan. The 5 inch mold is perfect for patties. If you want to make burgers this way, I recommend it.

👤The ring is not 6” It's 5.75 I have 3 rings that are 6” and I bought this to add to them. I noticed the cake was smaller than it should be when I baked it. If you are expecting a 6” ring, please do not buy this. Disappointed!

👤These are so thick that I don't see them getting bent out of shape from normal use, they sit flat in a pan and will be perfect for my needs, I wanted an egg frying ring that would hold several eggs at a time and I couldn't be happier.

👤I needed to make mini Momofuku Milk Bar layer cakes. They are very sturdy and can be washed with a paper towel.

👤I've been looking for a ring of this size for a while. I use it to make venison burgers. It is a lot of work. I use it on my griddle and it works great for hash browns. I found that neither side was completely flat. If you lay it down, it still has a small gap on either side.

6. Silicone Cooking Pancake Breakfast Sandwiches

Silicone Cooking Pancake Breakfast Sandwiches

It is easy to get the perfect shape with a convenient handle. You will receive 8 pieces of 4-inches Silicone egg mold rings, 2 for each color, and 2 Silicone brushes. Silicone egg rings have FDA certification, are safe and non-toxic, and can be applied without much worry. The handle has a 180 degree rotating design, which is convenient to use and convenient to store. The top of the handle is not easy to heat so that you don't get scalded by it. They are dishwasher safe and non-stick, so they are easy to clean, and you can wash them with soap and water. Silicone egg rings can be used for eggs, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, Benedict eggs, fritters, omelettes, pancake batters and more.

Brand: Boao

👤I received them and they were in a clear bag. They are mis-shapen because they are crammed. I am trying to get them to go my way again. I tried to make them fit over the cans. There is no sticking of food, heat resistance and clean up is easy with Silicon. If the round shape comes back, I think these will be smaller.

👤The mounds are terrible. The pancake batter makes a mess when it sleeps out from the sides. The moulds don't stay flat on the pan and the little handle stays up on all the moulds. A cheap tacky product and a waste of money. Don't buy!

👤I got cheap after buying cheap. One reviewer said the rings were crammed into the bag. All of them had an egg. Not what MickeyD would allow. I'll buy the pricier ones when they're back. Buy at your own risk.

👤It's great for pancakes, but make sure to have thinner batter and add a few Tlbs of batter. They are thinner. There is a Eggs are more of a challenge, you have to hold mold down for a short time so it doesn't run out. I wiped the brush with vegetable oil. They took a little time to get used to, but they worked well. I could use all of them at the same time. If you like Mcriddles, it's worth buying.

👤These would not lie flat on the griddle, so they were useless. They will be back. I bought some earlier that were more sturdy. I ordered another set of those. Get what you pay for.

👤These are messy. The egg is moving. I believe they were bent on arrival. I tried to let them rest, but they are warped permanently. They don't work.

👤The envelope was mangled. Even after sitting on the counter for weeks, I won't lay flat. The eggs are super weird and come right out the sides.

👤Better than nothing. The egg can leak out from under the edges if they sit flat in the pan. If the pan is very hot, the egg cooks quickly to slow down the leak. If you are not careful, the little handles can fall over. It is very easy to clean up. I put them in the top rack of the dishwasher, but they must be taken care of.

7. Cooking StarBlue BONUS Recipes Book

Cooking StarBlue BONUS Recipes Book

24 hours of customer service. It is safe and durable. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours and give you a satisfactory solution. The cooking set contains 2 circle-shaped fried egg rings, 2 heart-shaped egg rings, 2 egg poachers, 1 egg yolk separator, 1 egg slicer, 1 egg timer, and 1 Silicone whisk. The items are packed in a box. The egg maker set is more reliable than regular egg cooking items because it is made from high-quality material. The food-grade cooking utensil set is going to be your long-term kitchen companion. The dishwasher safe kitchen utensils could be easily cleaned without leaving residuals behind. After every use, wash the items. They are easy to store in the kitchen cabinets or drawers. Silicone kitchen items are great for helping in quick and efficient cooking. The egg shaper and other items can help you cook your perfect egg in a variety of ways. The egg separator and egg whisk make it easier to cook while the egg molds help to create the perfect shape. The egg timer and heat-resistant egg poacher help you to get the perfect boiled and poached egg as you please, and a versatile egg slicer cuts them in your favorite style.

Brand: Starblue

👤Everything you need for a cute breakfast is in this egg set. It comes with tools to make eggs and shapes, just make sure you have the right material on the frying pan. It comes with three different egg cutting tools that can be used to cut your hard-boiled eggs in half and two cubes and shapes. It has an egg type holder for making poached eggs. It's great for making omelettes and various scrambled eggs. This is the best gift to give for a gathering.

👤The rings don't keep the whites inside well. The slicing kit works well. It is easy to clean. I would buy again except for rings.

👤I am very happy with my purchase. The items were packaged nicely. The bundle has everything you need to cook an egg. Would recommend.

👤I got it for eggs and it will be good for pancakes.

👤This package was wonderful. Thank you included a book of recipes. I've used all of the items and they are all great. If you're not sure, it's worth it.

8. English Muffins 3 15inch Stainless Crumpet

English Muffins 3 15inch Stainless Crumpet

It is made of high quality, long lasting STAINLESS STEEL. The shopping list. There are enough metal round ring mold for baking replacement. The metal ring mold is made of high qualitystainless steel, sturdy and heat resistant, not easy to bend, and it is rust-free. Double rollers bend at the upper and lower edges, smooth and rounded surface, protect your fingers as well as baking pan and pan bottom, make your desserts look better and more delicious! The standard size allows the mold to hold the dough and bread in place. The double rolled tart rings baking tool is widely used. It's suitable for muffins, cakes, English cakes, and more. Tools for home bakeries are not included.

Brand: Pengxiaomei

👤It's used to make crumpets. The batter sticks to the rings very badly. My solution is to use a paper cutter. They can be put into the rings and no more sticking will happen.

👤I bought these after reading some negative reviews. They were sturdy and easy to use. I fried eggs in cookies to keep them confined round shape and had very little sticking, even though cookies are made with a lot of fat. I think they are as good as can be expected.

👤There are shiny steel rounds. I washed the metal that was hanging off mine. The metal is not sealed where the ring joins, so just soak out any small particles that may accumulate there. I prefer these to be non-toxic.

👤We have not used these rings yet, but it seems like they will be the right thing to make the oat English muffins we have been craving. They seem to be well-made and do not look like there will be any problems cleaning them by using a brush.

👤These English Muffin Rings are quite nice. They are sturdy in comparison to previous rings I have purchased, which eventually became misshapen with continued use. I know that English Muffins and peckets need to be round, but still. These are sturdy and will be useful.

👤They worked well. I have to go on a diet.

👤Clean up was easy, the rings were sturdy. It's better than cutting off tuna cans. Would buy again.

👤I had to choose a ring that was non-stick. I thought greasing would work for crumpets. My bad.

9. JORDIGAMO Professional Ring Pancake Combo

JORDIGAMO Professional Ring Pancake Combo

There are 4 cake rings for baking in 4 different sizes. . The essential tools in the kitchen utensils set include 4 heavy-duty fried egg rings with 3.5-inch diameter and 1.2mm thickness, 2 durable pancake molds with 5.9 inch diameter, and a cookbook. Their egg ring and pancake rings set is a perfect gift idea because of the beautiful box. The metal egg circle and shape pancaker are made from a non-stick coating that will not stick compared to the silicone egg, and they will not rust or degrade unlike cheap rings out there. The pro egg molds will not cause any scratches to your cooking ware, and they will stay in your frying pan or on your flat top grill/griddle. The round egg cooker rings and pancake mold have rubber covers on the handles to keep them cool while cooking, which makes it safer to flip the egg over. The handles of their steel rings can be folded in for easy storage, they won't take up much space in your kitchen drawers. MULTIFUNCTIONAL - DISHWASHER SAFE. You can make many delicious recipes with Fried Egg & PancakeMolds. They are ideal for breakfast items such as crumpets, breakfast sandwiches, hamburger patties, biscuits, and more. Their heat-resistant egg rings can be cleaned by hand with little soap and water, and you can drop them into the dishwasher for an easy clean. Their products are manufactured overseas, but they still do testing and design. Their design and testing was done in the United States. Their USA customer service team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Jordigamo

👤The bottom of your pan needs to be flat or the egg will get under the ring.

👤It was perfect. Better than I anticipated. The pancakes and eggs come out perfect when sprayed with non stick spray. I did not make them look like they came from a restaurant.

👤Quality material, very well made. The quality of their griddle tool set seems to carry over the full line of Jordigamo items.

👤Eggs stick to edges even when oiled. It's hard to clean. I wish I hadn't ordered it.

👤The rubber handles are very cute. It's easier to remove from the skillet. What a great idea!

👤It can be used to make it easy for my wife to eat eggs.

👤It's a perfect accessory for my stone.

10. JORDIGAMO Professional Ring Frying Shaping

JORDIGAMO Professional Ring Frying Shaping

The safety egg fryer rings for your griddle are made from high-quality materials. They can be put to the test and used for a long time, helping you make delicious egg muffin sandwich breakfast, pancake meals or whatever else you can think of for yourself or the family. Their egg rings are easy to use. Lift up the small handle and place the frying pan on the electric griddle. The metal circle form is a great egg maker for making crazy dishes like eggs benedict, or egg sandwich for the road. There is a multi- function. These breakfast gadgets are not just for eggs. Oh no! These egg rounds can be used to make pancakes, burgers, omelettes, or anything else you can think of. If you're looking for the best breakfast you've ever had, the shapers are a great choice. It is easy to clean with just a little soap and water. They wanted you to enjoy your food, not worry about the clean up, and that's why they produced these. You won't have to worry about melting Silicone eggrings like their competitors do. While their products are manufactured overseas, they offer design and testing. The testing and design was done in the United States. Their USA customer service team is here to help you with any questions you may have. Their priority is your satisfaction.

Brand: Jordigamo

👤These rings are great. It's pretty funny that I've prepared some of your reviews. The cheap pan that may be a little warped is the reason the egg comes out. There is a It's a piece of metal sitting in a hot pan, it gets hot, and some fault egg sticks because it didn't occur to you to put a barrier on the ring like Pam. All of the problems will be solved if you spray them with Pam, Olive oil spray and slide your spatula through the handles. I'm probably a little tired. I run a food truck and they sit in a quarter pan next to me. They're warm, oiled, and my griddle is flat. I don't have to install a 2 eye gas burner to flip an egg because of these. There is a Does it happen to anyone to call these people and get another one sent, instead of coming here to flame them? I think so. I don't work for the company. Sometimes people just want to cry. There is a Anyway... Good investment, faster and more consistent product. A guy in Panama City Florida has 5 stars. It's a good thing.

👤These egg rings are sturdy. All metal construction. I have learned that the best way to warm them up is to give them a shot of PAM or coating of oil first, then let them pop in an egg. If your pan is not perfectly level, you may experience some running under the ring.

👤I have two other types of egg rings, but this new set meet my needs more fully. One of my old sets has the handle that flips up with a knob on it, but has an open space where the handle is attached. Eggs run under the ring, which is larger than my largest frying pan, or the rings are just not lying flat, as the ring is larger than my largest frying pan. I like the new rings that I tried. I wanted the egg to fit the size of the english muffin, and they are smaller and more the size. The handles fold down nicely for storage when not in use, and the enclosed ring makes the egg not leak out where the handle is attached. The pan has two rings in it. The current handle design of bare metal is too hot to be able to remove the ring from the pan without a potholder. There is a The delivery was on time. The rings are packaged in a box which helps to arrive safely in the mail, yet the box is sent in a paper bag mailer, where the USPS can damage the internal box. The rings were not damaged when I took them out of the bag. A box and not a mailer bag would be a better way to protect the product.

👤When you crack it, the egg runs out from underneath it. It was put under a pile of text books to get it straightened out. It didn't work. I would give them a 5 out of 5, but only one of the two molds, because they were advertised.

11. HAIDAOFOF Omelette Breakfast Omelette Applicator

HAIDAOFOF Omelette Breakfast Omelette Applicator

If you have a question about their egg rings, please email them. If you are not having any problems, please add to the cart to ensure that you get the best egg mold ring on Amazon. The egg ring is made of non-toxic and odorlessstainless steel, with high-qualityBPA coating, which can prevent the object from sticking and make a perfect round omelette. Safe and healthy cooking is possible. The omelet ring is easy to use and it keeps the egg round. Place the small handle in the frying pan or electric pan. The omelette ring is easy to clean and can be washed with a small amount of soap and water. It can be put in the dishwasher. The omelet ring can be used for many different things. Don't worry about food. Take it with you to start your project. 5.CUSTOmer care Dear buyer, are you satisfied? Thank you for choosing them among so many other sellers. If you have a question or are not satisfied with the product, please contact them immediately, they will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Haidaofof

👤Even though they are non-stick, you have to use oil to wipe them off. The best result for a large egg was provided by using low to medium heat and oiling. Eggs larger than the average are not set on top before the bottom starts to burn. The handle can get hot and burn even with Silicone on it. It took a few tries to figure it out but they work well and can be cleaned with a little soak and scrub. Silicone pans are easier to handle than the one-use ones.

👤The quality of Mcdonald's Egg McMuffins has tanked, but I still love them. After getting a bag of sandwiches for my family that all had eggshells in them, I decided it was time to make them at home. The egg moulds make the perfect size for an English muffin. I sprayed the inner ring of the moulds with cooking spray after putting a small amount of butter in the pan. Eggs don't stick to the pan. A little bit of egg white can leak out. The stove is slightly off balance so that is expected. The eggs come out great every time. I love being able to make my sandwiches at home with higher quality food and less money. I put the moulds in the top basket if the dishwasher because I use them at least once a week. They've held up well.

👤I love them! I spray the skillet with Pam. Have not had a problem with the egg sticking to the mold. It works perfectly. I gently wash them, and I haven't had an issue with them falling apart. I highly recommend these!

👤The heavy rings keep the egg out of the water. The long handle folds down to make it easy to store. I will use the eggs that I frequently cook to make my own egg muffin sandwiches which are much cheaper and more convenient than fast-food options. They can be used as patties for hamburgers and salmon.

👤It makes a perfect circle egg. I think spraying it with baking spray would make it easier to release. It fixes my muffin troubles.

👤I used it twice in the first week. It's perfect for our sandwiches because it makes nice round fried eggs. The yellow brush is an easy way to smooth out raw eggs. The handles are easy to remove. I enjoy it a lot.

👤Eggs will stick to the ring unless you pre-grease it.

👤Very well made and finished.


What is the best product for cooking rings for griddle 8 inch?

Cooking rings for griddle 8 inch products from Huinf. In this article about cooking rings for griddle 8 inch you can see why people choose the product. Patelai and Abam are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking rings for griddle 8 inch.

What are the best brands for cooking rings for griddle 8 inch?

Huinf, Patelai and Abam are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking rings for griddle 8 inch. Find the detail in this article. Winco, Sunrise Kitchen Supply and Boao are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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