Best Cooking Rack for Fire Pit

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1. LANEJOY Barbecue Stainless Multifunction Cooking

LANEJOY Barbecue Stainless Multifunction Cooking

The portable outdoor folding grill is a practical Campfire Grill that makes it easier to cook a hot meal outdoors. Designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots. It is not suitable for direct contact grilling. The wire mesh for the barbecue is made of high quality 304stainless steel. BBQ wire mesh is food safe. The grill cooking grid grate can be used as a cooling and baking rack and is used for outdoor cooking. You can use it in other ways, but pay attention to the size of its size, to avoid the trouble of returned purchase. There are three sizes of the metal mesh: large, medium and small. The most suitable size should be paid special attention to. Grills grids are well-made. The BBQ net is round and corner border. Do not hang clothes, make the barbecue net strong and easy to clean. The Neat Grid is a way to bake food evenly for outdoor cooking. It is widely used to grill food in a household or at a picnic.

Brand: Lanejoy

👤The grill was useless after a weekend of cooking over a fire. The wires were bent from the heat. I replaced a 20 year old grill that was in better shape than the new grill that I bought.

👤I use them for play areas for the birds because of the soft edges. The safest metal to use is shir steel. You're good to go if you add a few perches and toys.

👤After spending 2 hours searching for the exact part to replace the charcoal tray on my otherwise OK Master Forge grill and smoker, I decided on getting these cooking grid grates to lay atop the edges of my existing charcoal tray, which developed a hole in the middle from heat stress. This seemed like the best fit and an excellent value, since no exact replacement part was available to ship immediately. It is lightweight, so it doesn't add stress to the handle-crank lift mechanism that raises and lowers the charcoal, and I have a back-up to replace it if it burns. I grill an average of 1x/month and I am confident that this will extend the life of my grill and keep it from going to the landfill for at least 2 more years.

👤I put these on top of the grate for my grill. I wanted to prevent food from falling through the grate. These work well. They have not warped even at very high heat.

👤It fits my Brinkman Smoke 'n Grill better than any other I have found and I like the size. The parts I ordered for the 1995 Brinkman model are no longer available. The strength seems to be good for steaks, burgers, chicken, and small roasts. I have not been able to cook because of the weather. The fact that it's made from a type of steel called STAINLESS STEEL makes it a better choice for cleaning than the original style steel. I was very happy that it fit.

👤These are not made of steel. They do what they are supposed to.

👤It's perfect for making a grill over the fire.

👤The deal is for 2 separate grates. Will be giving them a test soon.

👤Es un producto.

2. Texsport Heavy Duty Camp Grill

Texsport Heavy Duty Camp Grill

It's easier to grill outdoors with a Sturdy cooking accessory. The grilling surface is 16-by-12-inch. It is made of heavy-duty welded steel. It's designed for cooking over a fire. The legs fold up for easy storage.

Brand: Texsport

👤A sizzling porterhouse smells great. Irish Butter is used to saute onions, mushrooms, and baby red potatoes. There is a I wouldn't know because it smells like burning paint. There is a It is well built. This damned thing is coated with a layer of epoxy, and I would probably stand on it, but normally I just cook off whatever is left stuck to the grill. I think it's my fault. I thought it was cast iron. There is a My hope is that eventually the remnants will burn away and leave a useful grilling surface.

👤My wife bought this for a camping trip. I put the grate on the fire upside down to burn off anything that was dripping off during the first use, after reading reviews about the paint/oil dripping off during the first use. After it cooled, the grill went back to normal. The grill was used for the next 3 days. No complaints at all! Held up and was strong, no melting as in some other reviews. I would buy this again. There is a If you cook over a fire ring, it's worth finding some rocks or cinder blocks to raise the grill's height. I suppose you could build a small fire and this wouldn't be an issue, but we have the extra large grill and it needed a larger fire, also had we not brought the blocks it would have actually sat on fire ring. This is an easy fix, but something to consider. The grill is in use in the kitchen, but the other is in the picture.

👤We knew what to expect after reading the reviews. The fire charred off the paint. What do you expect when you paint steel? It was stupid of Texsport to paint it. Most of the complaints about the grate are about the paint coming off, so they don't need to paint it. There is no purpose for it. After being over the fire for a long time, the grate warps a little bit. We fixed it by putting it upside down on the ground. The two problems are just so others know what to expect. We would have liked to have bought a bigger size. Some of the campsites in Wisconsin have round fire pits.

👤It works as expected, 5 stars. It's easy to set up over your fire for cooking and can serve as a handy "table" for gear around your campsite. The 16'' x 12'' version folds to about an inch thick for storage, it's nicely fit in my gear bag, and it doesn't have any sharp edges that could damage you or your equipment. The grill is strong enough to hold cast iron and has plenty of space for multiple items. We're very pleased with the purchase. The legs can require adjusting when placing over a hot fire. We used this grill for coffee and cooking in pans on our last trip and it worked perfectly. We'll use it like a regular grill with meat on the grate, but first season it with oil/fat like cast iron. Some users have uploaded pictures showing the grill directly over the middle of the fire, while others have placed theirs on the edge to avoid flame and flare ups.

3. Sunnydaze X Marks Cooking Campfire Cookware

Sunnydaze X Marks Cooking Campfire Cookware

5. The frame is butt welded and the inner wire is pressure welded. A round grill grate is without handles. It has handles on it and is 41 inches tall. The grate is 15 pounds. The fire pit grill grate is made of heavy-duty steel and has a high-temperature heat resistant paint finish. The best food is cooked over a fire. x-marks are created by the black mesh pattern. The round fire pit grate is a must have for any camping excursion. This grate does not require assembly. It fits on top of the bowl or inside the fire pit, giving you the freedom to cook multiple kinds of food. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free purchasing is offered by Sunnydaze Decor.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤The 19” is perfect for a solo stove bonfire. Product is crude. After only a few uses, the screen warped considerably. The warping is making grilling difficult for things like peppers or other rolling foods. The surface isn't flat so I can't use a spatula. I don't know why it gets so many glowing reviews.

👤I looked on Amazon to find a fire pit that I wanted to cook on. It fit over the top of my pit. I used it 3 times to cook and it is already starting to warp. I am very disappointed. I did not put a lot of weight on it. Hot dogs, hamburgers, steak, and baked potatoes are cooked. Nothing like cooking outdoors. I think this grill is too expensive.

👤It lasted about 3 days. It warpred after the first day of the fire, when the fire was burning to coals, and then throwing the grate on top. It can barely sit on the pit anymore because it has become warped. The grate was left out on the grass and was covered in rust. I tried to remove it with a wire grill brush, but it didn't help. It's useless as a cooking grate after 3 uses. A very expensive piece of trash. The product is not durable. It doesn't hold up to normal usage. I will update the review when I find a better alternative. It's back to sticks.

👤Solid construction. It should last for a long time. Why only 3 stars? It doesn't fit the fire bowl I bought from the same manufacturer. The edge of the bowl would have a slide down on it. It sits on top of the edge and can slide around. The handles tilt downward when flipped upside down. It is very odd.

👤So far we have only used it once and it has been great. We put it over the fire pit to cook. It seems to serve its purpose so far.

👤This thing is great. I grilled 42 burgers, 12 hot dogs, and 6 chicken breasts over my fire pit. I grilled all of the adults and 6 grandkids at once. Nothing stuck after spraying the cooking spray on the grate. The grate is sturdy and heavy, the handles don't get hot, and it's easy to add some coals or wood if you want to. The added wood gave it a smoky flavor. If you have a large group to cook for, I highly recommend it. Excellent!

👤I wanted to turn the fire pit into a grilling station. We filled the fire pit with briquettes after clearing the old wood from it. We used this grill to cook food. It's so divine. We covered the firepit with a cover to protect it from the rain. Done! We now have a giant outdoor grill which will cook enough food for a lot of people. Try it! The outdoor fireplace has an outdoor chiminea, which is better at controlling fire pit smoke.

👤This thing is not going to fit on a 36" fire pit. It sits on top of the fire ring and is easily knocked off. It was useless to me.

4. IKURAM 3 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

IKURAM 3 Bike Bicycle Foldable Receiver

A 1-year manufacturer's warranty for worry-free purchasing is offered by Sunnydaze Decor. The bike hitch rack is made of all steel and has a protective powder paint finish. The dual-arm bike carrier rack is more stable and easily accommodates up to 3 bikes. Convenient access to the rear of the vehicle with tilt-down feature. The easy fold-down Arms are great for transporting and storing bikes that are not in use. IKURAM's Lifetime Warranty is backed by it. IKURAM bike carrier racks are backed by professional consulting services. For more information, please visit the IKURAM web site.

Brand: Ikuram R

👤Being retired, I needed something that was easy to manage, and flexible enough to allow me to get in and out of my SUV. I needed to transport two larger beach cruiser bikes with a space in the middle of the bike rack. There is a I had to assemble and install my Jeep in 15 minutes. There are reviews that are not happy about the wobble. The manufacturer has included a free special U-bolt. Some of the photos have been installed wrong, so it's not taken care of. When you tighten it up, it is solid as a rock, and no wobbly! If you just loosen the two nuts in the back of your vehicle, you can remove the bike rack from it, even if you think that the brackets will be hard to take on and off. The included brackets are a great theft deterrent. There is a It's a great rack. Even with bikes on the rack, the fold down capability allows you to keep it open 24/7. If you put some wax on the bike rack, it will last a long time.

👤The bikes bounce because the rack rocks around in the hitch. The plastic straps break under stress. The bikes were almost lost due to broken straps and poor design. Someone flagged us down at 70mph to let us know the bikes were on the trailer. Never used it again. Don't put your money on this rack.

👤The hitch insert part was enjoyable. The bike carrier frame is made out of a thick steel tube and doesn't warp under load. The welds look good. The foldable bike carrier frame mount has holes that are larger than the pins and it makes it wobble even when you tighten it. I had to add more washers. The rubber straps don't inspire a lot of confidence, I'll have to use extra straps. If you mount the bike far enough, you can carry 3 bikes, but you can't prevent the bikes from rocking back and forth and hitting the car with the steering bar handle. Have to figure it out with more straps. The additional brace that secures the carrier to the hitch needs to be tightened. The washers get squeezed into the big holes on the metal plate as you tighten the nuts. They come loose over time. I give the product 3 stars. It is alright for the money.

👤It works as advertised. The mount has a rack that rattles. The company blames the mount in its included materials for the problem. It's hard to find a bike rack that fits in the hitch. The knob on my last rack stopped working. Engineers have to solve that problem. The rack folds down, but it would be nice if it had a quick release latch instead of having to take a cotter pin out. I don't like tie-down rubber. My wife doesn't have the strength to do them on her own. I would like to use tie-down to hold the bikes on, but can't find an easy way to do that.

5. Yoler Function Campfire Barbecue Outdoor Cooking

Yoler Function Campfire Barbecue Outdoor Cooking

The camping grill can be used to cook over an open fire with existing outdoor cookware to make delicious outdoor feasts, hot coffee, stacks of pancakes, fried eggs and bacon. You can cook a meal in a pan, boil water over the campfire, or use the freestanding backpack camping grate to grill food. The heavy-duty folding campfire grill is made of high-quality iron, with a layer of paint on the surface, which makes it durable and heat resistant. The campfire grill is light and can be packed in a bag and used outdoors. The camp grill grate has a Locking leg design to make it stably stand up. A diamond shaped top. The camping grill has a steel mesh grill top that allows heat to flow through from a campfire below. Cost-effective : It's easier to cook a hot meal with this portable outdoor folding grill. Designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots. It is not suitable for direct contact grilling.

Brand: Yoler

👤This grill is easy to assemble and disassemble, cools quickly for storage, and even has a handle for easy removal from the fire. There is a We used it to cook our meals on a camping trip. This product is very good.

👤I like the product. It was camping a couple months ago. Some beef kabobs are being grilled. There was something on it that wasn't sure what, so do wash it before use. It was good to cook breakfast in a cast iron skillet.

👤It worked out perfectly. It's perfect for cooking over a fire. It was what we expected.

👤This grill is portable and sturdy, we needed it for our cabin fire pit.

👤This is what I was looking for. This is the best place to cook over an open fire. I like it because it has a carry bag.

👤This will be a fire pit favorite.

👤It is good for small fires. It is easy to pack.

6. CanCooker GameMaker Gravity Combo Skillet

CanCooker GameMaker Gravity Combo Skillet

The 10 oz. is warrants for life against manufacturing defects. The bag has a weight of 9 lbs. x 16 in. The grilling surface is 24 in. There is a need to stake it. There is an outdoor fire pit. The GameMaker combo makes cooking outdoors fun and easy. The grill and skillet combo is a must for any camping or backyard adventure. The Gravity combo includes a grill and skillet. The heavy duty camp fire grill is used. The GameMaker open fire grill & skillet system is portable and durable. The grill dimensions are 18.25′′ x 16.25′′. The dimensions of the skillet are 18 and 15. Pole height is 36.75” tall. It is adjusted. The outdoor cooking system breaks down with no tools needed. The grill and skillet can be adjusted with a lift and set process. The rock is solid. Simply drive the stake in the ground next to your fire and pivot the grill and skillet over to cook. The grill and skillet can be moved off the fire to serve one direction or another away from hot spots. It'sTILE: The combo features over 300 sq. The grill posts, grill and skillet come with inches of cooking space.

Brand: Gamemaker

👤The grill top and flat top griddle worked well over an open campfire. The flat top has a little bit of a weld off. I had to tilt the pole to get the flat top level. It was adjusted to control the heat. I will be returning this. When I used the griddle, the black paint melted and came off my food. The grill came off into our eggs even with a rubber spatula, so we were really concerned about the safety. I wouldn't recommend this product for that reason alone. I wish I had read more of the other reviewers' reviews before I pulled the Trigger on this.

👤The grate is painted. It was a mistake to take it camping without opening it first. I noticed that the grate and griddle were painted differently than they should have been, and that I would have to cook on them. I had to burn and remove the paint before I could use it. The process of cleaning the paint off took hours of burning, scrubbing, and oiling before I was comfortable using it. If I knew this one was painted, I would have bought one from the box, but getting the paint off was a lot of work.

👤The grill set was picked up by us to be used as a fire pit. The primary support post was flimsy and didn't want to anchor into our patio stone. We decided to make a new post out of gas pipe that is heat resistant and embedded into a portable cement puck that would allow us to shift and adjust the grill as needed on our patio. Over the course of the summer, we've done 25 meals on the grill. The high heat has caused some minimal warping. The finish has held up well so far and I have recommended it to everyone I know. I haven't used the pan for anything other than a warming tray to hold the food away from the cooking. There is a The grilll will be used through the winter as the weather permits. If I ever needed a replacement, I would buy this again. The flimsy Post it came with was four stars.

👤It was easy to put together, but not as stable as I would have liked, and food was stuck to the griddle even with oil- cleaned. It was scratched by sponge. Will be back.

👤We used this camping and it worked well. The levels were hard for me to move but over all good quality.

👤I was braced for disappointment but WOW! The fire grill is great. I am happy for the price. It was very well made.

👤This is a game-changer for campfire cooking. We had been using a tripod and an iron skillet to cook breakfast. We can cook more and not have to reach over the fire to turn things over. It's very easy to use and set up. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The other projects that are similar have 2 stakes, so my husband wasn't sure about this. We have no worries after receiving it. This is very strong.

7. Onlyfire Stainless Foldable Cooking 36 Inch

Onlyfire Stainless Foldable Cooking 36 Inch

The portable campfire tripod board is much lighter and more convenient than the traditional camping tripod rack. A quick tripod is needed for hanging cooking pots. Skills like lashing and knotting are not required. The cooking space is made of durable steel. It's a perfect replacement part for a grill. Turn your fire pit into a grill. It is easy to add charcoals, logs and clean embers with the hinge center. Before ordering, make sure the dimensions of your grills and fire pit are correct.

Brand: Only Fire

👤We wanted a grill for family gatherings that everyone could get involved with, so we put in a firepit. We scoured the net and local stores for a large stock of BBQ grilling products, but only found two of the size we needed on Amazon. The price was the same. The other folded in the middle, but was advertised as being plated. We thought it would be more likely to hold up. We found a lot of non-stainless models on Amazon. Those cost more, appeared to be much thinner, and most had a coating that didn't hold up to fire as well as was claimed. We didn't want something that was going to bend and warp from the heat, or leave pieces of paint in our food, so this, while hardly perfect, seemed the only real choice worth considering. There is a The chrome plated model that folded in the middle was our second choice, as the rods appeared about the same size and there were no reports of the chrome plating breaking down. Some people were reporting problems with the hinges. If the hinges were in the center of the fire like the other grill, it might be a problem. Since this one opens more to the side, we figured it would be a little stronger there, as well as where the hottest temperatures are most likely to be, the center of the pit. There is a Had it been a solid grill, I would have been fine. The folding up of the sides is convenient, but it only allows a large gap to be created to add small pieces of wood, so we haven't needed to do that yet. It's better to open to stir the fire. It's more ideal than a grill that folds in the middle. I can't say that this is sold in the same style as the one I'm talking about. The metal will tarnish. The next day it is easy to clean up with a Brillo pad and water. There was a stain that we couldn't remove. I don't know if it's normal for steel to be heated over a fire, or if it's an indication of something else. We haven't used the grill yet because we didn't have the flame high enough to reach the grill. The pictures are from the first time we used it and the day after. Our only disappointment is the thickness of the rods. The grill performs well so far, but we expected the rods to be double in diameter. The grill doesn't get hot like the painted grills. For about twenty bucks you can get a grill with thicker rods and more heft. They would have used the same quality if they had used a bigger grill. There is a The person who designed this has never eaten a hotdog. It's not a big deal, but the spacing is a bit wide for cooking hotdogs. If the hotdog doesn't start swelling yet and you're burned your hand from the heat, be careful when you turn them.

8. Stansport Pack Grill 12x6 25 Inch

Stansport Pack Grill 12x6 25 Inch

We will provide you with a 24 month warranty to make sure that this will be your favorite risk free purchase. Please contact them if you have any questions. It is made of heavy gauge chrome plated steel. It folds flat for easy storage. The grill surface is 12 inches long and 6.25 inches wide.

Brand: Stansport

👤The pack grill was bought for the purpose of putting a pack in for a short section hike and camp. This grilling grate was perfect and inconveniently small. The two end leg pieces fold out and are held in place by the grilling area. The grill grate felt secure because of this design. I was not worried that the grate would fall over. The pack grill has a plastic bag in it. If you decide to purchase, don't just open the package. If you cut one end open, you can use the bag as a storage cover for the grill grate and avoid getting dirt on your gear. I put it in a mesh pouch on my pack after I hiked out. We cooked four steaks and had breakfast the next day. The person is sitting at a nice level above the ground. This made for a nice platform for cooking over coals or small logs. If you only use the thing once or twice, you can't go wrong with the price. Definitely recommend!

👤Pros: Solid and works well, not easily twisted or bent, folds up small, and is a bit heavy, but can be used to see how much weight is saved. It doesn't come with any way to store. This is cost effective for what you get. It's really small and will slide anywhere in your pack. I have not used the scale for an exact weight, but it does feel heavier than I would like. Everyone is getting a grill these days because of the extra size and legs. The other type doesn't have much cooking space. You get more space with this. I think you will get a lot of extra space with the legs off. The top being straight lines and not weaving could pose a problem with some types of food falling through, but for me it's mostly thick meat or aluminum foil meals when I camp so this will do just fine. A heavy cotton pull tie bag would have been nice. Will make one on my own, but would have paid the extra couple bucks for that to be included.

👤After using this rack three times on a trip, I have made dinner and breakfast, boiled water for coffee, and put a toaks 750ml pot on it for water and a 6” It saves me from lugging my pots and cups around on the coals and it is worth the weight to carry next time I do trout in tin foil with butter and bacon inside. This grill is worth the money.

👤This was enjoyable for a change of pace. I packed some steaks as frozen as possible and took this with me for a one nighter. They were inside a bag. I didn't notice anything. After setting up the tent, we built a small fire and used it to cook them. It was a lot of fun. There is a The grill is Sturdy to get closer to the heat. The meat did not stick to it. It was packed up quickly. Doesn't take up a lot of space in the pack. I don't call it lightweight. Will only bring on summer trips when already carrying less weight and only use on the 1st night since keeping the food fresh would be a concern.

9. BALI OUTDOORS 32in Fire Grill

BALI OUTDOORS 32in Fire Grill

Not compatible with a smoker. The grill can be swung left or right. The grill is fixed by screws. Remove the grill and you have a fire pit. Humanized and Sturdy Steel Construction. Children are far away from the fire and drinks and roasting supplies are not hot, which is why the black round fire pit is designed with an outer ledge around the central fire area. The steel construction of the outdoor fire pit is long- lasting. There is plenty of space for a raging fire in the Unique Log Rack. The log rack and Poker are included. This fire bbq grill has a large cooking grill area that complies with FDA food grade. It is easy to assemble and measure 24inch by 32inch.

Brand: Bali Outdoors

👤This pit checked all the boxes after a lot of research. Well made with good materials. It is very easy to assemble. Well packed for the shipment. Design for strong fires. Excellent air flow. There is a foot rail for tootsies. The ring is around the edge of the drink. There is a A very sturdy cooking rack. Side to side easily removed. Fire cooked food tastes better. There is a wire rack on the pit that holds burning wood. The less direct hot fire against metal will last longer. The bed of ash works well. Quality materials. I am still looking long term. There is a The weather in coastal northern CA is never too hot or too cold. It is possible to use year round. There is a Keep covered. Don't allow rain or snow to accumulate in the bottom. Adding their coverage is important when buying a pit. The cover is made from good materials. There is a It is pretty. Not heavy enough to be moved. There is a Their phone and email support is excellent. Since building fires, friends, neighbors and I are having conversations such as humans have done. There is a This is where 2020 was acknowledged. Many weenies are going to roast. There is a Thanks. Some photos are odd. There is an update... March. Still happy. It's amazing how much people enjoy sitting and having conversations. There are two rules in my garden. No politics or religion. Both unresolvable. Will not divide. It works. The world is open to everything else. See? I told you that the pit is fire's magic. There is a Thanks.

👤I was excited to set it up. The setup is very easy. This is not built to last. This isn't even built to be built. The legs of the fire pit were poorly manufactured and the iron didn't stick, so I haven't used it. I plan on coming back. I'll change this with the results.

👤It's still March and it's on the deck, so it will be moved when the snow is gone. Even though I have 4 small screws left, I have nothing bad to say about it. I hope to have visitors and this will be great to have in the front yard. I'm considering putting a fire, cook stakes, or hot dogs down at the river, as it would be nice to go down there and have a fire, cook stakes, or hot dogs.

👤I would drill a hole in the bottom of the fire pit to make sure it doesn't hold water.

👤I would buy it again. It's a very well made fire pit, that's all I have to say.

👤I am very disappointed that this product is not the same as the one I saw in the picture, it looks like it is made of thin metal, but the picture looks real nice and thick, my friend has the same type and it is real thick.

👤Have not used it yet. I like the size. I did not follow directions correctly. When putting on a bottom ring, do not tighten screws until you line up all the holes. A piece of cake.

10. Weber 7435 Cooking Grate

Weber 7435 Cooking Grate

Their heat resistant gloves protect hands when cooking, baking, pot-holding, and grilling. It's a perfect kitchen help for high heat cooking, baking or grilling. It fits Weber 22 in. The grill models are One-Touch Silver, Bar-B-Kettle, Master-Touch and One-Touch. Weber has a genuine grill grate. The handles are angled for easy lifting. Heavy-duty plated steel grates are durable. Not compatible with a smoker.

Brand: Weber

👤The grate is functional as a replacement grill. If you want a grate like the one that came with your grill, this isn't the one for you. The bars that go across the grate are not as thick as the original Weber grate. They are thinner and there are less of them. I counted the number on the grate. There are 34 of them, including the two end ones, in my original and REAL replacement. There is a What does this mean? There is a lot of space on this grate. Smaller pieces of food can go through the grate. It's cheap and flimsy. I don't understand why Weber allows their name to be on the grate. Too much stuff falls through for me to use it on a regular basis. I bought a Weber replacement grate at Home Depot. There is a It's worth it because the bars are twice as thick and there are more bars in the grate. The ends of the original grate lift up to add more charcoal, like the one I bought at Home Depot today. If you're only cooking large pieces of food, then this grate may serve your needs, but for flexible grillers, it won't do.

👤This purchase has been pending for a long time. The last grate was in dire need of replacement. The aluminum foil was shouldering most of the meat by this time. This is the first review I have submitted with a photo, to show the wear of years of torture and being exposed to the elements. The old grate was not as sturdy as the new one.

👤I agree with Wayne's findings. The flimsy 25 bar substitute for the Weber round cooking grate for 22 1/2 kettle grills is not as sturdy as the previous Weber round cooking grate for 22 1/2 kettle grills. The larger spaces around the handles allow more food to fall into the coals. The picture on the website is incorrect, showing the wrong product. The build quality seems fine for a lightweight grate. It's made in China or Taiwan and it's shiny, so it doesn't matter to me. Weber sets the specifications for its products. "Made in USA" is what the website description states. Again, wrong. There is a I think Weber changed the specifications in 2012 because the label on the grate is copyrighted that year. I don't believe that reviews prior to 2012 apply to the product Weber is shipping. If you want to make a difference in the replacement market, bring out a sturdy steel grate like Weber's days of yore, since the cooking grills generally don't last as long as the kettles. I sent it back to Amazon.

👤I bought a Weber grill grate to use on my kettle for backyard campfires. My maternal grandmother had a kettle that was over 100 years old. I can walk away from the fire without having to worry about the fire blowing out or falling into it. I can use it on my propane fire pit to set a pot of food on for re- heating quickly, and I can also use it inside to make a microwave.

11. Camping Com 148290 Adjust A Grill 13570

Camping Com 148290 Adjust A Grill 13570

The grill surface is 12 inches long and 6.25 inches wide. The 10 oz. is warrants for life against manufacturing defects. The bag has a weight of 9 lbs. x 16 in. The grilling surface is 24 in. There is a need to stake it.


👤My wife and I love grilling. The main pic on this site shows a grill upside down with no lip around the edge, and I have read reviews where people wish it had one, just flip it over. And it is there. I put the rod in the pipe after driving a piece of pipe in the ground and then taking a 1/2 inch piece of rebar and putting it in the horizontal hole and it works great!

👤Excellent grill for camp. The length of the post is a negative. The grill tipped after a while because it simply wasn't long enough to gain enough stability. We used a log on the edge of the pit to add more support while using heavier cooking pans. We didn't have any problems with it standing straight while we used smaller cast iron pans.

👤I bought this for my backyard fire pit. It would be fun to make some brats and burgers. It's sturdy. It holds a few burgers and dogs. The description said that the grill can be turned on and off. I think there would be a way to keep the pole fixed so the grill wouldn't move. Not true. You need to turn the whole grill in order to remove it from the fire. Which is liable to tip over. I put a metal pipe in the ground and put the pole inside. Works well. You have to be aware that you need a pipe. The pole is too short to pound deep into the ground and still get some good height. If they had included the pipe, I would give the grill 5 stars. There is a The other grills with similar design did not include a pole or pipe. Any hardware store can sell you a pipe. My family and I enjoy the grill and would recommend it.

👤The addition of a pipe or stanchion will allow the vertical support to slide into it so that it has a rotation of at least 180 degrees. I used a rusty shotgun barrel, a little Quick-Crete, and rock solid support to remove wood and food from the pit.

👤What I was looking for was on my back yard firepit. The modification is in the reviews but you can get a piece of black iron or galvanized pipe from the hardware store. The rod will turn easier if it slides down into it. Other than that. Works well.

👤This is a great grill to cook on. It is very large, sturdy, and can swing out and away from the fire. There is a We built a nice fire pit in our backyard and grilled 3 dozen oysters on the half shell with garlic butter and cheese at a time and ate them on some small french bread slices. We had room for more steak filets after cooking 16 at the same time. There is a The Aoocan marshmallows roasting sticks set was used. A fire pit. The big and little kids loved them and used them to do marshmallows and the beer drinkers really enjoyed putting some steak strips or shrimp on the sticks and grilling them right over an open fire. You can put a nice pot of beans or gumbo on the grill and just let it cook all day long, but you have to let it slow cook a bit. If you want to cook fish on the grill, swing it away from the fire and let it cook all day. It adjusts to any height and swings away from the fire when needed. There is a The grill is easy to put away. This is just family fun and limited by your imagination. I can bring the kitchen with me on the camping trip because of the grill. I may have just bought one if I had known it was so big. I now have more options.


What is the best product for cooking rack for fire pit?

Cooking rack for fire pit products from Lanejoy. In this article about cooking rack for fire pit you can see why people choose the product. Texsport and Sunnydaze are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking rack for fire pit.

What are the best brands for cooking rack for fire pit?

Lanejoy, Texsport and Sunnydaze are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking rack for fire pit. Find the detail in this article. Ikuram R, Yoler and Gamemaker are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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