Best Cooking Pots with Lids 10 Qt

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1. Finnhomy Approved Stainless Induction Metallic

Finnhomy Approved Stainless Induction Metallic

Measures 15.8 by 8.5 by 4.5 inches. This pot is made from a commercial grade steel core. The base is made of 3 layers and has a magnetic one. The handle is made of soft touch Silicon and is safe to use. All kinds of cooking stoves are available, and are oven-safe to 550 degrees F. 3.0mm and 3/19 inch. The clear glass lid of the soup pot is used for cooking. The interior and exterior should be brushed.

Brand: Finnhomy

👤This is a very nice pot, with a badly designed lid. The lid was made for a different pot. If you push on the lid of the pot with your thumb, it will slide to the side with almost no pressure. Don't just grab the lid even if it has Silicone on it, the handle gets hot as well.

👤I have made two batches of soup in this pot in the last 10 days without any issues and it is a nice weight. It's important to cook at lower temperatures to avoid sticking. The lid is my only one that is compliant. It doesn't fit on top of the pot. The lid can move around a lot since it is not on the pot.

👤I wouldn't recommend this pot. I used it to cook pasta on my burner. The instructions that came with the pot recommend not using high heat. That won't make pasta boil. I needed it that weekend. I will not order this brand again because I kept the pot and used high heat until it died off. There is metal on my towel when I dry the pot. Not a happy cook with this pot.

👤Solid piece of cookware. I like making soup. The heat distribution is even, cream based soup didn't stick or burn, and it was easy to clean up. Nothing cheap or flimsy about it. I will definitely go back to this manufacturer if I need to get other sizes in the future.

👤After 25 years, my old stock pot finally got a chip on the inside, so I gave up and got a new pot. I did a lot of comparison shopping and settled on this one. It was a good choice. It is comparable in quality to my stock pot. Not too heavy, but nice heft. Solid. Good quality. I recommend. I make a lot of soup and stock, so it has been used quickly.

👤The old stock pot was damaged and we purchased a new one. I don't buy cheap cookware at grocery stores because all the stores were closed for the nationwide COVID precautions. The pot exceeded our expectations. It is wide enough to make use of the whole flame from the large burner of my gas stove. It would take up a lot of room in the dishwasher so we have been hand washing. We use wooden spoons when cooking so I don't know if it scratches, and we have not overcooked anything in it so I can't speak to cleaning up burnt-on food. There is a The large handles allow the pot to be hung from a pot rack instead of taking up space in a cupboard. Even though this pot is larger and heavier, the open style allows a solid grip, making it easier to carry a hot, full pot. There is a I'll look at Amazon to see what other sizes are available from this brand.

👤The Teflon-coated stockpot I wore out with constant use was replaced. It is easy to clean. I will probably pass it on to my heirs when I finish soup making.

2. IMUSA IMU 91636 Charcoal Stock 10 Quart

IMUSA IMU 91636 Charcoal Stock 10 Quart

If you want to prevent dry fry, please drops a few oils before cooking, it would be better to use an open medium fire for gas. Also, note: The sauce pan should be cool before it is washed. It is resistant to high heat. The nonstick cooking surface distributes heat quickly. The handles and knob are cool. The steam vent is on the glass lid. The Charcoal exterior finish is unique. The IMU-91636 is a stock pot with a glass lid.

Brand: Imusa

👤The second shipment was lost but the pot lid fit the returned product. Very disappointed. Will never buy from this company again.

👤I had to have someone bend it back into shape for me because I couldn't return. The lid isn't right. This is a huge pot and it had no padding inside the box to make sure it arrived safely, and the material is thin enough that it can get warped in transit. Do not recommend.

👤The pot was bent over. The cover doesn't fit. The pot is very flexible.

👤The item was bent in the reviews. I said that mine would be okay. I received any damage to the box. It was put in the box that way because the side of the pot that was open was flatten. Save money.

👤The lid did not fit the pot. It should not have to be reshaped because it was more like an oval.

👤The pot was damaged. The lid will not fit the pot. They are re-selling damaged items.

👤I bought this for arts and crafts purposes, and when it arrived it had a small dent on the rim which didn't allow the lid to fit snug. I'm not disappointed with the price I paid for what I'm using it for. I would have returned it if I was buying it for cooking.

👤I like everything about it. For stew and soup, use it. The side handles are strong and sturdy. Great value too.

👤This is a great pot. I've used it twice now. It's not as heavy or thick as I'm used to, but so far it's been good.

3. Cook Home 02441 Stainless Saucepot

Cook Home 02441 Stainless Saucepot

Only hand wash; oven safe up to 500 degrees F. It is made of mirror polished 18-10 STAINLESS STEEL for easy cleaning. The aluminum disc has a layer that prevents hot spots. The glass lid has a steam vent to view food. The rim is used for canning/jarring. The oven is safe to 350F. Works on gas, electric, glass, ceramic, and halogen. The 12-Quart stockpot was included.

Brand: Cook N Home

👤I have had this pot for a year and it has sprung a leak after five uses.

👤After reading some of the reviews I decided to season the pot first, then I filled it with water and boiled it for 20 minutes. I didn't have anything in the water. I made homemade spaghetti sauce the next day. I was able to touch the handles while cooking and the lid handle was cool. This is a perfect price and I do a lot of canning.

👤This pot is large enough to hold my jar lifter rack, and it's perfect for large batches of water bath canning, which is what I got it for. I usually do mostly small jars, but they are tall enough for big jars. The construction is heavier duty than I expected, and I am very happy with its performance. Overall, a great pot for my purposes. But. The metal was in contact with water. There were some jars that were touching the bottom of the pot, and some jars that were sitting on the bottom. This was not completely reversed by scrubbing with the barkeeper's friend. I wouldn't cook food in this pot since there is some kind of chemical interaction going on. Five stars if you want this for canning. If you were going to make a giant pot of soup, you should get one star. Three stars; average.

👤We used the pot to cook apples for apple butter. It turned green and black. A paper towel was wiped on the side.

👤The 20 quart stockpot is on a GE gas stove. I decided to season this pan by washing and drying it with Dawn soap as I do my regular dishes. Then covering the riveted handles with warm water to see if they would leak. I put the lid on and turned it to medium heat on the burner, but I didn't feel the pan was ready until about 10 minutes later. I boiled the water for 20 minutes. There was no sign of black or gray. The lid was sitting in it's recessed edge. Results: There were no problems with the metal or the water in the pot. The handles were relatively cool to the touch and there was no leaking from the rivets. I think it's ready to work. After having boiled water in it, I feel better about cooking. I will go to the high heat at start up to see how it performs. If expectations are not met, will update later.

👤Excellent buy. I was skeptical about this stockpot for the price, I expected a lighter weight steel. The stockpot is well made and is worth every penny. The glass lid is a plus for me because I don't have to remove it to see if the temperature is right for simmering or higher heat. If the pot were really full, pasta would probably bubble enough to go over the sides, but the lid is vented so as to avoid boiling over incidents. Handles are slip/heat resistant.

4. HOMICHEF Quart Stock Pot Glass

HOMICHEF Quart Stock Pot Glass

It's hassle free, backed by a Lifetime. The stockpots have three size options, and they are necessary to your kitchen. A fine figure can be cut in the kitchen and at the dining table. The undeformable base is great for boiling eggs, simmering stocks and soups, or making sauces. The NICKEL FREE HARM FREE is made of food grade nickel free steel. The ATSDR list of priority toxins includes nickel, which is high up on the list under regular cooking conditions. It's healthier to use nickel freestainless steel than it is to use nickel bearingSS. A noticeable degree of energy savings is shown in the tests. These pots are beautifully engineered by HOMICHEF's own manufacturing facilities at the world's top quality, and look noble and elegant. The 3-ply base construction has extra base thickness (6MM) to ensure optimal thermal absorption and transmission. Solid riveted handles stay cool on the stove. Faster cooking, better nutrition, and more energy saving can be achieved with advanced engineering and nickel free stainless steel. This product comes with a 1-month full refund trial period and life-time customer service.

Brand: Homichef

👤This pot can be used in many different ways. The 8 quart is the perfect size to make soup. I have used this pot for all three examples and it has not disappointed me. I am still learning how to cook with the new cookware and I recommend you read the instruction books and season your pots correctly. I like the fact that you can clean it with water and a soft cloth and that it still shines. It maintains its heat well when cooking. I used to cook soup in a Teflon pan and have to regulate the temperature to maintain a boil. I was able to maintain a steady boil on my electric stove without having to change it all the time. I am very happy with this pot. I use it every day.

👤I bought this pot to replace a 6qt. As I get older, the cast iron dutch oven is too heavy and unwieldy. I was afraid that I would lose my grip on it if I dropped it on my foot. The pot is perfect to replace. Excellent for my purposes, but very lightweight. I own a steamer insert that fits inside if I need it. I like the fact that I can see through the lid, which was not the case with the dutch oven. It's perfect for soups, stew, beans, chili, and boiling pasta or a lot of eggs. I like this new addition to my cookware.

👤I like the new type of metal, it's good weight and well made. The encapsulated bottom of a brand new pot is always good to use. I bought the first large skillet a long time ago. Units like these can last a long time. It's not the kind of heat that you can turn on full blast. If you want a thin bottom pot/pan, get it. These are the types that heat up slowly but hold the heat evenly across the entire surface. I cooked a wonderful one pot meal after cooking meat at med+ heat. The test batches were satisfactory. You might want to cook dried pasta in a few minutes, but not roaring boil. The steam release vent is always a favorite of mine. There was no boil overs. The temp adj can be assessed through the glass lid. The last part of my sauce was poured out without a mess. It was easy to clean the pot. There was nothing stuck to the sides or the bottom. This is the pot I like the most for big projects. I could put a small pot on the back burner at the same time because the back burner space was not occupied. The stove top has a space saver. I had a gas stove and the first skillet I had was this type of bottom. The new one is electric and has a sealed top. It's not a type of stove. I can't address that. I've had no issues using this type of cookware on gas or electric. Bon appetite!

5. NutriChef Dishwasher Stainless Induction Large Simmering

NutriChef Dishwasher Stainless Induction Large Simmering

Works on a variety of materials. The oven and dishwasher are safe to 500F. The large cooking pot is the perfect size for boiling eggs, simmering stocks and soups or making sauces for a large crowd. It's great for home cooking. The handles are made of shir steel and are comfortable to handle and cook with. A stylish and modern design with mirror polished exterior and matt polished interior adds an elegant touch to your cookwares. Food-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL is non-toxic, non-allergic, and safe for cooking. It has a base thickness of 0.208” and a pot size of 11”x11” This large pot for cooking has a see-through glass lid and vent hole that allows steam to escape. It distributes heat for even cooking at 500 F. The industrial substance is ready. The heavy duty stock pot is designed for use in electric, gas, ceramic, hot plate, and halogen cook tops. Hand washing is very important to preserve the shine of the steel.

Brand: Nutrichef

👤The stockpot has made cooking so much easier for me. I cook everything in it. It is tall and prevents oil stains on my stove. This has been easy to clean and I have not had any food sticking to it. The handles don't get hot and that makes it easier to use.

👤It appears that the bottom has some pits and that the ferrous layer is getting damaged by the STAINLESS layer. This pot is being used on a cooktop and is rated for service. The pot was never empty. I have other higher price and quality pots and have never seen it before. Since I don't know the quality of the inner clad material and if it is safe for cooking, I will return it and move onto another brand.

👤I have always wanted a good stock pot, but the prices were out of my reach. I saw a stockpot that was affordable. I like that the all steel construction is non-toxic, non-allergic and safe for cooking, the handles are easy to carry from the stove to the table and the glass lid has a vent hole. There is a This pot can be used in many different ways. Even though it is large, you can use it for so many things. It serves a lot of things. I use it to can my jams and jellies, for all my sous vide recipes, and for making a large pot of soup. It was much heavier than I expected. It's perfect size and distributes heat evenly. No burning, works well. It is easy to clean. Totally worth the money. Highly recommended.

👤Excellent quality stock pot! I am very happy that I bought this pot. I got a pot. I am so glad I did. This pot makes it enjoyable to make a lot of soup. I can make soups for the winter. This has made cooking so enjoyable. Is it easy to reach into the pot for short people? My other large pots made it difficult for me to reach into and stir, because the pot is wide. The base cooks evenly on my stove.

👤I spent the day making and canning spaghetti sauce and cooking it all in a pot. There were 12 quarts in mine. The pot crushed the cooking job. No heat issues, no burning, as perfect as a $200 pot could have done. The Bar Keepers Friend made it look like it had been in the box. I could not have picked a better choice. The free spoons were unnecessary because of the value and price performance of the product. Just buy it. You will probably die or lose it to your ex-wife before you ever do anything wrong.

👤Excellent quality stockpot. It was very easy to clean because it's thick and shiny. We're using it to cook a lot of food. The pot is large enough to make about 10 to 12 people pho. The lid has good handles and thick glass. It's easy to wash since it was non stick. Good choice for the kitchen.

6. Cuisinart 6466 26 Anodized 12 Quart Stockpot

Cuisinart 6466 26 Anodized 12 Quart Stockpot

It's dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, and broiler-safe. The hard anodized aluminum core construction spreads heat evenly and eliminates hot spots. Premium non-stick interior is reinforced to make it easier to clean. The product is not compatible. The stick handles are riveted and shaped to your hand for extra comfort. Flat glass lids with STAINLESS RITES seal in the flavor and moistness of the food; glass is tempered to ensure lasting performance. It's possible to cook on the stovetop, in the oven, or under the broiler, and the oven is safe up to 500 degrees F.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤The cat fits inside the P.S. don't cook it.

👤The design of the stock pot is the best part. It's shaped like a witches cauldron and there's a reason for that. The larger bulb on the pan makes it harder for liquids to form a lot of bubbles. That's a fancy way of saying that it's harder to boil over out of this pan. This is the perfect pot for any recipes that foam up a lot.

👤The pot is large, but I love it. The food doesn't stick and the clean up is easy. Not too heavy or light. I think it's a great idea.

👤This would have been a wonderful pot, worth the high price tag, but the lid doesn't fit, and I believe it's a flaw in the pot. The attached photo shows the gap and the video shows that if I press the lid down, it pops up again. The main purpose of the pot is simmering. It's impossible. I had to make a piece of foil. I hope Cicero will fix it for me since this was an investment. I feel ripped off right now. I only used it 2 times and handled it gently. The first time was for soup and I didn't notice the gap, but the second time was for a boiled St. Patrick's Day meal which requires long simmering so the defect became most evident. Very sad. Will you stand behind your product and replace it?

👤It's okay, but what the description on Amazon doesn't make clear is that the top of the pot can't be put in the oven at a high temperature, which is why it maxes out at 350. I was going to use this pot in the oven. I'm keeping it because it was cheap. The top doesn't have a higher heat rating.

👤Sturdy! It's perfect for large pots of soup, pasta and spaghetti gravy. The unique shape fits perfectly on my stove top and is easy to clean. The handles and lid get hot. Enjoy.

👤The stock pot is very good. I plan to buy a second one for my daughter. It cooks quickly and evenly. It's great for cooking a lot of chili, soup, or vegetables. I love it!

👤I love this pot. It is my favorite pot when I cook a lot of food. There is a It turned out to be a great conversation piece because it looks like a witch's cauldron.

👤The bottom of the pot seemed to be worn when I opened it, and the outside of the pot had scratches. I'm not sure what the new pot looks like. It wasn't because of delivery, but the packaging was fine. It seems like it was sent from Cusinart. I contacted the company and am waiting for a resolution. It looks like it's going to be a good pot, so I gave it two stars. I haven't used it yet because of the defects that it has on it.

👤tiene un terminado, el grosor de la olla is perfect.

7. Rachael Ray 12 Quart Covered Stockpot

Rachael Ray 12 Quart Covered Stockpot

The industrial substance is ready. The heavy duty stock pot is designed for use in electric, gas, ceramic, hot plate, and halogen cook tops. Hand washing is very important to preserve the shine of the steel. The stockpot is made from steel and has a sturdy exterior that adds a refreshing color to the kitchen. STURDY HANDLES. When moving a stockpot from one kitchen area to another, the loop handles provide a confident grip. ASISTANT: It is easy to clean a stain. OVEN SAFE: It is safe to cook in the oven at 450F. Lock in heat: snug-fitting lid seals in heat.

Brand: Rachael Ray

👤There is a huge sticker on the side. It is not easy to peel. It's so annoying. It looks like a good pot. I can't use it because I can't get the sticker off.

👤I've been using pots from Ray for a long time. I needed a new soup pot and ordered one from her line. My experience was disappointing. There is a I boiled some water in the first pot to remove the giant sticker on the front. The sticker was unnecessary and obnoxious. I made a pot of soup the next day. I noticed a small hole on the inside of the curved portion of the bottom after I poured the leftovers in containers. On the outside of the pot, there was a section that was missing. I don't know who the person got to eat the enamel that fell out of the pot. The second pot arrived three days later. I noticed a large section of the handle was missing when I pulled it out of the box. I'll be returning two pots tomorrow. I'm looking for a similar soup pot. I won't try the version that's free. Her other products have been very durable.

👤Dear Rachel Ray... Stop the suckers. The pot had a huge sticker on it that took too much work to remove. No one needs to put decals on cookware to sell it. There isn't much to say about it other than the packaging is over the top. It was ridiculous that this pot was made of expensive fragile materials and over packaged.

👤To remove the label from the pot, first use a hair dryer to heat the label, then use polish remover to remove it. I haven't used it yet but will use it for Christmas.

👤I have a huge pot and it's tempting to use. boiling pasta is the only thing it is good for. Chicken noodle soup, chili, vegetable way. It burns the bottom. No matter how much I stir. I will not use this metal flower pot again. A lot of chili was thrown out. It was simmering on low/med stirring frequently. Rarely do I get frustrated enough to throw out a cooking item before it breaks. Unless you like the hard work, I wouldn't let this happen. I was sad that the name sold for me in the beginning, but now I won't buy anything else with the Rachel Ray name.

👤The pot I got was faulty with chips and bubbles in the mold. The cover is not sitting on right.

👤I will never order anything from Rachel Ray. The pan is okay, but the giant tag on the front took almost 45 minutes to remove with various products and a razor blade. This is so annoying.

👤The stock pot is terrible. I think this pan is a cooking hazard because they didn't feel the need to add a grip to the bottom of the pan. I use an electric stove that slides around on the burner like a sheet of ice. If I grab the side handle of my pot of food and hold it to my mouth it will slip off and hit me on the floor, I'm afraid. The pan is so thin that it can't hold everything. I regulate heat so things don't stick in my other pans, but it doesn't really matter. Everything wants to burn to the bottom. I bought pans from Amazon that work better than this one. I would be ashamed to have my name associated with this product. I threw it in the trash after it ruined my dinner three times. There are better products out there.

8. Cooks Standard 02615 Professional Stainless

Cooks Standard 02615 Professional Stainless

The high heat exchanger. The comfortable handles with famous styling give a confident grasp when moving this 8-quart pot in and out of an oven. It has an aluminum disc in the bottom and a brushed 18/10 STAINLESS STEEL inside and out. The aluminum disc capsuled bottom has a quick temperature distribution. Wide handles stay cool and comfortable for carrying. Large size for stewing, canning, and jarring; cleans easily and looks great. Works on a variety of materials. The oven and dishwasher are safe to 500F.

Brand: Cooks Standard

👤At 60, I began canning to stock a small on site store that I operate on our farm. That was two years ago. I bought my second canning pot a week ago. The size is perfect for large canning projects. The heat is evenly distributed, making my job much easier. These pots are gorgeous! I would buy another stove top if it was larger. Thank you!

👤I bought this 20 quart. I expected a stock pot to be more than what it is. The most important thing is that the food doesn't burn. I was having a bad time with my old pot because it was burning to the bottom. I made two batches of tomato soup this weekend. This is definitely worth the money. I highly recommend it.

👤The 20 quart pot is the subject of this review. The pot is nice. The sellers ability to give decent information about it's dimensions is not good. The item description states that the product dimensions are 18 x 13 x 12 inches and includes the handles. The space is needed to store the pot and lid. The measures are 12.5 in. 10.25 in. is the diameter. There is depth. This appears to be the outer part, not the handles. I'm not sure if it's accurate. I included a picture of my measurement, which is about 13 inches in diameter. The boiling water will cover the 1 quart canning jar in the picture. There is room for 4 quart jars. I have only boiled water so far. It looks like it should hold up. I hope the pictures have dimensions.

👤I didn't get my measuring stick to help visualize it before I bought it, but I don't think that's a bad thing. It seems sturdy and a good weight. I've used it once to make chicken stock, so I can't speak to its durability, but I found some of the instructions a bit of a surprise. The information sheet warned against using the pot on high heat. What kind of pot is that? I can only guess that the disk of aluminum welded to the bottom is prone to warp under high heat. It's really sad... It said to not use abrasive cleansers to clean the pot so as to not damage the finish. I assume that it had to do with the exterior surface, but after several hours of cooking chicken down to make stock there was quite a bit of leftover on the inside of the pot that would not come off with just a simple wash. I decided to use my own judgement about how to clean it and got out my favorite cleanser, Barkeeper's Friend. It looked good when it was in the box. I don't know if this will continue as I use that method to clean. I want my pots to be clean when I wash them. Maybe that's me. The price made this a desirable pot for my uses, which are at best occasional. I don't regret buying it.

9. IMUSA C20666 1063310W Speckled Stock 6 Quart

IMUSA C20666 1063310W Speckled Stock 6 Quart

The best gift for family, friends and loved ones is the housewarming gift. The best part of the set is the pots and pans. They have always got your back. There is a lifetime guarantee for the product purchased from Avalon. The Carbon Steel is covered with a protective coating for a perfect look. Blue speckled exterior and interior. The matching speckled lid has a knob. The handles are double sided. It's ideal for Rice, Beans, Stews, Soups, Meats, Vegetables and more.

Brand: Imusa

👤I didn't own a pot. I make a lot of meals at home because I am Cuban. I am a big fan of Imusa brand and I was confident that this one would be the same. The pot seems to be possessed by a shaky ghost. It starts to shake when it's hot. It was very strange. Holy water doesn't seem to stop it either. I called my pastor and he didn't answer. Maybe he is afraid? I will say a prayer before every use.

👤I didn't realize that the blue pot's color was coming off until a year later. I tried to clean it with soap and water. Nothing helped. I wiped out the pot with a paper towel. There is a It is disappointing. I throw away the money and the pot. I won't recommend this product to anyone.

👤This is a perfect pot. It's light weight, bright blue color, great handles, and it cooks quickly. I can take a whole frozen chicken out of the freezer, drop it in the pot, add a few cups of water, and cook it in an hour or so. Also, etc. This pot is great for soups, stew, spaghetti, sauces, potatoes, pot roast and even candy making. Also, etc. I was so afraid that it would be a huge heavy pot that I was happy when it arrived, it is perfect and I would recommend it to everyone.

👤It arrived damaged. Dent went through the inside. It is not possible to use it as it would get in food.

👤I heard about pots dancing/jumping if they were cheap. You can see from the video that it was my experience. If I didn't stop it, it would have gone off the stove and onto the floor. I think the electric heating element had something to do with it. It isn't going to work for me because I got this for arts and craft. I'm not going to give it one or two starts because it's cheap. I'm sure it's fine with a flame.

👤Who glues the lid and label with hot glue? It does not come off easily. I have not used the pot yet. It arrived without any issues and seems very sturdy for my purposes.

👤It looks like it was made with a beautiful blue finish. Nice weight to it. It's perfect for soups or beans. Will wash it. I'm not going to put it in the dishwasher. A soak, a quick wipe with a sponge or paper towel, and warm soap and water should keep it in mint condition. I'll revise my review if not, but I'm very pleased with it so far. There is one caveat, though. If you don't use a dish towel or mitt to lift the lid after a while, you will have to clean the floor.

👤The lid was coming off when I returned it.

👤The pot was very light and the lid was burning hot during the cooking process. I did not expect my hand to get so hot. It is a stew pot and I expected it to heat up during the cooking process.

10. Ecolution Intentions Stainless Stockpot Tempered

Ecolution Intentions Stainless Stockpot Tempered

Lock in the fireplace. The stockpot locks in heat and flavor to make delicious recipes. There is an 8 quart stockpot with a steam vent lid. Premium polished STAINLESS STEEL is made from high quality material that won't tarnish, chip, or impact flavor. It's easy to clean and it's durable, which is why it's known as STAINLESS STEEL. ConFIDENT COOKING: The handles of the kitchen are Sturdy and easy to maneuver around. It is fast and evening heat. The stockpot has an encapsulated bottom, perfect for achieving fast and even heat conduction. The dishwasher and oven are safe. The stockpot is easy to clean. It's dishwasher safe and easy to clean up. The oven is safe up to 450F.

Brand: Ecolution

👤It's not that hard to remove the big sticker on this thing. I was able to do it in half an hour. There is a The waterproof vinyl is the first thing you need to remove. Pick a corner and dig with a nail. You'll need to use elbow grease on it because it's on there. Don't get discouraged because it will probably break into smaller pieces. If you break a nail, don't get frustrated and use a metal utensil, it can leave a permanent mark on the stock pot. You should be able to get through this without breaking any of your fingers. There is a The pot sticker should be immersed in hot, soapy water once the membrane is gone. For at least 10 minutes, leave it like that. Once this time is over, you can start working at the sticker with a non-scratch pad. This is the most time consuming part of the job. Don't let the little islands of paper and aircraft grade glue fall into your sink, as the sticker will eventually begin to degrade and little islands of paper and aircraft grade glue will begin falling into your sink! Once most of the sticker is gone, you can use an industrial-strength glue removal to take care of the last bits of chemical glue on your cookware. If you don't have some on-hand, go to your local hardware store. After you're done with all that, you want to wash the pot. There is a In all seriousness, it's 2021, why are we still putting stickers on food-grade equipment that TheMightyHundred couldn't pry off in all his rage? I will update this review after I cook something in the pot, but it has already caused me a lot of frustration. If you want to avoid a similar situation, pick a different cheap pot.

👤The sticker that covers most of the side of the pot is very difficult to remove and will take a lot of time and risk scratching the pot if I have to use a razor blade. Why would you put a sticker on an item that requires a lot of work to remove before I can use it?

👤A stock pot is probably a nice thing. I'll be removing stickers all day before I get a chance to make a meal. It's beyond comprehension why anyone would think applying a 7 1/2 x 4 1/2 label on the side of a nice polished steel pot is a good idea. It is one of the most under evaluated decisions made by someone who should not be in charge of corporate decision making. It would make a lot more sense if the pamphlet was recycled. The pot is beautiful. There is a sticker on the side. The picture is of a pot in a sink with my finger on it. There is an update. This is a good pot. I bought a 12qt after making dumplings. Someone wrote a review about boiling 3 cups of water and tried to remove dticker. First attempt. The giant skewer came off in one piece. I would like to thank the reviewer. It saved me a lot of time. Put three cups of water in a pot, cover it with a lid and bring it to boil. Proceed with the removal of the sticker. The genius of the reviewer helped me out. Thank you.

11. Steamer Stainless Vegetable Folding Expandable

Steamer Stainless Vegetable Folding Expandable

The steamer basket with high qualitystainless steel petals, food grade plastic handle and silicone feet will guarantee your health. When cooking with steam, it helps retain more than 90 percent of the vitamins lost when boiling or microwaving food. The foldable steamer basket can be used to steam a lot of food. The vegetable steamer basket is 6 inches in diameter. Once the petals are stretched out, it expands to 11 inches. The "wings" that fold in and out allow the steamer to fit different sizes of pan, turning any pan into a steamer. It's like a water lilies. It folds compact to save space. Three foldable legs with Silicone will not scratch your pot. They are small enough to keep food above boiling water. It is possible to steam large items like corn on the cob with the help of the central post. If you want to avoid burning your fingers, remove your food from the boiling water with a fork. Food can't stick to the steamer and make the cleaning easy. There are multiple functions. It can be used as a food steamer basket and also as a fruit container. You can use it to make a salad. This product is a must have for anyone who wants to get more health into their diet. It's an awesome gift for your family and friends because it comes in a perfect sized box. They have the best steamer insert and they will give you money back. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You don't like the product for whatever reason. They'll refund it if you return it. They will make a satisfactory resolution. There are limited time deals. Click to add to cart.

Brand: Consevisen

👤I used this for the first time and it was a disaster. I steamed apples for 7 minutes and came back to find the bottom of my pot had melted. I have ruined one of my nice kitchen pots, but I also have a ruined steamer. I am very disappointed in this product.

👤The first time I used the basket, the handle was terrible.

👤Normally I don't get excited when buying a new steamer basket, but this one felt different. The green plastic handle implied a connection with mother earth. I was surprised that some assembly was required. I fell off the horse. I found out that no assembly was required after opening the box, and that all of the parts and tools were included in case it was needed. There were additional screws packaged neatly in their own plastic bag, as per the instructions, and additional ones might be included as well, as a 'bonus'. What a surprise that came with the screw driver. Something wasn't right... The unit was already assembled and all of the required items were present. Was it possible to reassemble with the included screws? One would be foolish to stray from unclear instructions heard from a friend. Wait, there's more. The screw driver? It was a flathead. As for the screw? Phillip head is a good friend of mine. I'm a bit lost at this point. There were no drugs involved in the creation of this review. If anyone needs at least 3 screws, plus a bonus screw, as well as a flat head screw driver, feel free to reach out. The steaming capability of this instrument of comestible altering will come at a later date. Prey for whirled peas.

👤It works well. I like the small feet. Sometimes the handle gets in the way. I originally gave this five stars, but after getting burned too many times, it gets one. I challenge the stupid handle. When you cook in the pot, the heat causes it to cook up so that when you pull the steamer out, the handle separates, and you will get hot food all over yourself and the rest of the place. I don't want to get splashed by hot food and liquid. I love this basket, but why can't the handle be locked so it can't come off? I don't know if I could file a lawsuit.

👤The stupid thing doesn't lock. It falls in the pot when I try to use it. The lid to the pot is the only thing that holds it in place. When I open it... It goes in the pot. I will be ordering a different one after dinner.

👤Normally I wouldn't criticize a product or its designers for user error, but when that mistake is so easy to make, and the consequences can be very harmful, I have to. There are two things that can go wrong with a steamer basket. 1. You cook your food. This product is not the fault of it. 2. You don't have any water. It is very easy to do on this product's short legs. There is a If you're lucky, you'll be able to catch the lack of water immediately. If you're unlucky, you'll notice the lack of water after something starts to smell bad. After the cooking time has expired, you'll find out. A mildly damaged pan and various stages of ruined food is what this means on a metal steamer basket. If you add a plastic handle to the mix, it will create noxious fumes that will cause a fire. I hope that people can understand the severity of a user error because of how easy it is to make.


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