Best Cooking Pellets for Smoker Grill

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1. Camp Chef Orchard Apple Pellets

Camp Chef Orchard Apple Pellets

A 20-pound bag is needed for the Oklahoma Joe's pellet bucket. All-natural food grade pellets. Premium solid hardwoods are used. The content is ultra-low. All natural virgin hardwood.

Brand: Camp Chef

👤I smoked some cheeses and let them mellow for 36 hours. After a long time of smoke. The ash on the leftover coals in the bottom of the grill had a yellow tint to it, rather than the grey ash they started with. If you have to throw out what you've cooked, why save money? I lit them with a torch, so there was no added fuel.

👤I am very pleased with the quality of the pellets. They burn well and stay solid. I keep them in a plastic container until I need them and they stay in one solid piece. The ones that are left in the feed bin for a period of time are the same as the ones that are left for a few months or more. I used them to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving and they worked great. The bird had a great taste and was infused with the skoe. I had to order another bag because I ran out. There is a Good price. It does not plug the pot feeders. My wife likes the taste so much that I have to keep cooking. I like to cook on my smoker. I would recommend them to anyone. You won't be disappointed.

👤It's perfect for the Smoker Tube. A standard BBQ ligher won't light them up with a gas torch. I don't recommend adding any fire starter cubes or fluid as it might add foul smells. A bunch of cheese was smoked in my grill Tube in the bottom, and then I put it on top of the Smoking Stone. I left the middle ring out because I wanted to add ice to my smoking. In Texas you need ice to keep the cheese from melting.

👤The apple wood has been a great way to start with our new smoker grill combo. We've cooked everything so far and it had a mild, smoky flavor that didn't overwhelm the taste of the food.

👤My husband and I love to shoot. The Camp Chef smoker has apple wood pellets and the food is really good. They produce very little ash. We smoked a turkey with this and only produced a small amount of ash. Our family had smoked turkey, a fried one and an oven roasted one, all of which were good, but ours was the favorite.

👤I'm not sure about this purchase. I've smoked two different times now. The first and second were about 2 hours and 4 hours, respectively. The pellets burn well. I used a heat gun to light them up. The chicken and pork ribs had a lot of smoke flavor. The apple flavor seems to be non-existent after I purchased it. If you are looking for a strong apple flavor, I would look elsewhere.

👤It is important that the pellet is rated food grade and made from wood, otherwise it will not be good for smoking food. If the pellet is made with Oak, they add a cherry or apple flavor. You aren't buying a 100% cherry or apple. The Oak is not desired.

2. Pit Boss Pellets Pellet Competition

Pit Boss Pellets Pellet Competition

Add these hardwood pellets to your pellet grill and you will get a complex flavor blend. It's great for cooking beef, pork, poultry, seafood, vegetables, baked desserts, and more. A blend of wood from across North America. There are no artificial flavors, spray scents, glues or chemicals. It gives your meat a rosy tint.

Brand: Pit Boss Grills

👤The pellets cost 14.65 at Lowe's. Arrive in a Lowe's box.

👤I have used these many times. There was a piece of plastic in the last bag. It got into my traeger and broke my grill, I didn't notice. Cheap pellets need a new grill. No response from the company after I Wrote an email to them. I am done with this company. Don't buy.

👤It was worth it! It's much better than Traeger. I can't really tell the difference between the two, I used Bear Mountain before. It works well in the hopper, not a lot of dust. The big bag is perfect because I like the blends a bit better than the straight flavor pellets.

👤A little pricey. You can tell the difference between the flavors of your food. You get what you pay for. Have had no issues with using these in ZGrill 7002. I use gallon size freezer bags to keep my down dry.

👤I can't tell the difference between Maple and Cherry. This product burns like a pellet. What else needs to be said?

👤Not very nice. It doesn't produce enough smoke or flavor.

👤This time the bag was full of sawdust, but I love using pit boss. The bag was filled with pellets.

👤Just what I needed. It was received without issue.

👤Excellent quality of pellets.

3. LIZZQ Premium Pellet Smoker Tube

LIZZQ Premium Pellet Smoker Tube

Pairs well with meat and poultry. The accessory is designed to work in any grill and with any smoker. It adds great flavor to your meat or fish by exposing them to the smoke of smoldering wood. The pellet smoker can produce smoke for up to five hours and is perfect for both hot and cold smoking pork, ribs, cured meat, hot dogs, sausages, chicken, cheese, lamb, fish, nuts, fruit, corn, bacon and more. It can be used with a variety of woods. The new hexagonal shape will give you the best smoking result. The hexagon shape is not like the traditional circular smokers that can roll around. The smoking tube is made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is easy to clean. Smoke tube, smoker tube, pellet smoker tube.

Brand: Lizzq

👤People are using propane torches to light smoke tubes. It's an old saying that "you only need to be 10% smarter than the equipment you're working with" and to me it's a waste of time standing over a pellet tube with a propane torch in hand trying to light them. There is a I use a shot glass and alcohol to light my pellets because I only need to be 10% smarter than equipment. It's much safer and cheaper. You only need to be 10% smarter than the equipment you're working with so please, don't light the pellets on fire in the shot glass, it will leave absolutely no trace and no flavor. I fill an old shot glass with pellets and pour alcohol to cover them. I let them soak for a while while I prepared the BBQ. The alcohol won't cause the pellets to swell. When I'm ready to light the tube, I simply pour off the excess alcohol, drop the alcohol soaked pellets on top of the Smoke tube and light them. In less than a few minutes you will be able to see the clouds of smoke. Don't let the Smoke tube flame get too long as it will cause a lot of smoke and burn your pellets up much faster. There is a If I want to cold smoke a steak before grilling it, I'll let half the tube catch on fire and put it in the smoker. When the temperature hits a hundred and fifty degrees, I put the pellet grill up for just one cycle, so it doesn't go through the fan cool down period, this allows the pellet in the burner to slowly burned down. If the temperature in the smoker drops below 90 degrees, I'll put the steaks in the smoker for another cycle and let them smoke over Mesquite until the internal temperature of the steak reaches 100 degrees. You can let the steak cold smoke until it reaches 120 internal. Pull it off the barbecue and let it rest until it drops back to 100 internal. There is a If I'm using the tube for ribs or pulled pork, I only let a small portion of the pellets catch fire before blowing them out. The tube will run for about 5 hours using this method. It takes less than half an ounce of alcohol to light a smoke tube, which is 64 times less expensive than using disposable propane cylinders. This is an excellent product for a BBQ. I use it in my cooker to smoke fish. I'll give you a little background in my barbecue endeavors along with some tips that I picked up over the years. My wife and I have participated in BBQ tournaments. My lovely wife has been with me since the 1970s. I traveled the country towing BBQs for Bbq events. We were 800-273-3217 There is a Even though we are retired from the barbecue circuit, we still like to barbecue, even on a smaller scale, because we have developed several award-winning recipes. I never thought I would ever use a pellet smoker after 50 years of cooking on large stick burners. I've cooked on everything from a klaus custom built BBQ Pit to the off the shelf Gator BBQ Pits. I think pellet grills are my favorite BBQs, and I can add an old dryer drum to that list. There is a We have 2 horse ranches in California and Montana, and unfortunately we don't have the time to babysit a stick burner for 12 to 14 hours. There is a I wasn't very impressed with the pellet grills at first, but we still love our barbecue so we decided to give them a try. They have to adjust their technique to make them work. They can make BBQ that is as good as the best competition stick burner. This is one of the best accessories I have found for a pellet grill. It is easy to use and allows you to control the amount of smoke coming out of your barbecue. There is a One of the biggest mistakes new barbecuers make is that the food tastes like it was left in a forest fire. Smoke should accent the flavor of the food, not be the flavor of the food. There is a This tube allows you to control the amount of smoke being generated in your barbecue. It also allows you to cook using generic cooking pellets, which will give you a mild smoke, and save your good flavor pellets for the smoke tube. You need to be careful not to smoke the food. There is a You can mix and match wood flavors, for example Apple in the Hopper and Cherry in the Smoke tube. The pellet tube works best with an electric smoker. I find that pellet grills, charcoal grills, and stick burners all have a tendency of smoking fish. I have a small electric smoker that is dedicated to fishing. The smoke tube works well in the electric smoker. You're probably going to want to buy two of these.

4. Oklahoma Joes 2778408DP All Natural Competition

Oklahoma Joes 2778408DP All Natural Competition

The 15 lbs large-capacity pellet Hopper offers longer cooking time, eliminating the need to refill the hopper constantly. The wood pellets have a sweet and smoky flavor. All-natural hardwood with a clean burn and low ash for easy clean-up. Food-grade pellets are used to enhance the flavor of meat and vegetables. For your own blends, combine with other flavors. A 20-pound bag is needed for the Oklahoma Joe's pellet bucket.

Brand: Oklahoma Joe's

👤I heard of using this to replace cat litter because it doesn't smell and it absorbs better than traditional clay litter, it's so easy to clean, and it's cheaper than traditional clay litter.

👤If you don't look for it in the photos, you will miss it. I use an Amazn maze for cold smoking and the lights are easier to use than other brands. I have a mail box mod on my masterbuilt vertical that will allow me to carry 16 pounds of cheese. Smoke is clean and has a good smell. I will come back in two weeks to let you know how good the smoke was.

👤A fresh bag was burned in an Amazen maze over an electric element after being pre-lit by a stove top fire. A ham was ruined by constant white/rancid smoke. I don't think I'm done with the pellet fad. There's no reason to pay more for wood that came off the tree than it did in other forms. It's a great deal for those buying waste wood and sawdust by the ton and making pellets to sell, but it's not so great to spend 3 hours smoking a ham that's rancid so the dog doesn't even want the bone from it.

👤The pellets do not burn cleanly. I've never had a pellet that produced so much white smoke. I've tried different settings and thought it was my smoker, but the pellets were made with live green wood. Will not buy again.

👤The bag was taped up. The package was in an Amazon parcel.

👤These pellets are very good. They are used for all of our pork items. Apple is a great snack. I wish they were still at $10 a piece.

👤It works well in my traeger. Great price too.

👤They can't seem to get it right with the smoker. The first one was replaced and this one has a C scale.

5. Green Mountain Gmg 2003 Premium Fruitwood

Green Mountain Gmg 2003 Premium Fruitwood

Selecting the pellet + rub option pairs their recommended Traeger spice rub to each wood pellet flavor. Adding wood pellet to your grilling experience will enhance it. Premium gold pellet bring out the cherry flavor. To any meat, poultry, pork, seafood, or vegetable product. Pure wood flavor can be found in everything you grill, bake roast, or barbeque. The larger diameter pellet allows them to last longer than standard size pellets. A long burn with smoke.

Brand: Green Mountain Grills

👤When purchased, it didn't tell you how many pounds were in the bag. The product was listed at 40lb. I assumed it was going to be 40 lbs. There is a bag. I looked before buying but could not find the weight. The bag was only 28 lbs when I received it. You learn as you live.

👤These GMG pellets are great. The burn was clean and long. The blend of fruitwood is hard to find in the area. It's a great blend for meat. It's used for everything from salmon to burgers. Product was in good shape after delivery. Will continue to order.

👤I loved it. I'm kind of a girl. I would try this. My husband put it on the steak. He knows me. I don't like to eat. It was great. You just have to see if it's good for you. I recommend it.

👤Two pheasants were smoked on Thanksgiving with these pellets. They came out well. The fruit blend smoke flavor worked well with the birds. I had less than an ounce of ash in the ash collector after smoking for 3 hours. The burn is very efficient and the taste is great. Would buy them again.

👤A friend suggested I try the Texas Blend pellet when I bought my Green Mountain Grill smoker. They are my favorite. I would definitely order again after this order came right on time.

👤I used to use the pool store's pellets. I wasn't getting full heat from my grill. Couldn't get above 400 degrees. The quality of the pellet is what makes a difference. These work well.

👤I just bought a smoker and fired it up. They started right up and seem to work well. The pellets were packaged well. The bag should be re-sealable. I'm being picky now. I have a Traeger at home and bought a pellet named Davy for camping, but I'm curious if these are the same pellet. Highly recommend the seller, they were impressed with their customer service and sent me an email to make sure I was happy. People, thumbs up!

👤The delivery was fast and worked well in the smoker.

👤The price for pellets is good. There is not much choice for pellets in Australia. This is a great alternative.

6. Country Smokers CSPEL015010497 Pellet Smoker

Country Smokers CSPEL015010497 Pellet Smoker

The mats are made to handle temperatures as high as 500 F. If the product doesn't work as they promised, please contact them and they'll help you along the way. The total cooking surface is over 200 square inches. The main surface is 191.4 square inches. The upper rack is 64.6 square inches. The cooking temperature is between 180F and 500F. The dial-in temperature control is digital. Refer to the user's manual for more detailed safety instructions.

Brand: Country Smokers

👤This has been with us for a month. If my opinion changes, I will update this review. We owned a Traeger for five years. We had to replace the thermostat several times because the grease bucket fell apart, the finish peeled off the outside and the tray below the grill grate. This grill is a dream. It feels more solid than the Traeger. It is evenly hot. It seems to use less pellet to maintain temperature. I think that efficiency is due to heavier gauge exterior metal and smaller cook space. There are only two of us. It held six large pork chops. The warmer rack is easy to remove. We are full-time Rvers, so the cord is a great feature. It is light in weight. The bottom of the Lifetime plastic folding table stays cool, so we have used it. This has been a great purchase for us. I highly recommend it.

👤The Country Smoker Traveler is an alternative to the propane Stok tailgater. The weight and cooking area are the same, but Traveler has an attachable "upper deck" grate that adds 65 inches. The tailgater has a stand, but the Traveler has a thermostat controlled auger, which makes it the better grill. It's easy to set up and it's perfect for smoking or grilling. The paint on the thermostat is not perfect, but the temp settings around the dial are readable, so it is not a big issue. The most affordable travel pellet grill on the market is under $200 and the Traeger Scout is over $300.

👤Very good grill! The grill is a smoking machine. Smoke pours out from the vents when it is set on smoke. When using our cast iron, there is an open flame option. There is a It's perfect for camping. It's easy to store. The Hopper is the perfect size for tailgate cooks. Great purchase! I would recommend it to anyone who loves grilling.

👤I was looking for a pellet smoker that was less expensive than a treager, but I decided against it. The smoker popped up while searching the Web. The testimony of the builders caught my attention, as well as their credentials. I've used this smoker several times and I'm really pleased with its operation, affordability, and portability. I'm very happy. Time will tell if it holds up.

👤I have been smoking and grilling for a while. I like the ease of pellet grills and have been trying different fuel types. I bought this grill before my wife and I went to visit. It was in the trunk of our Honda. We will always have some kind of cook off when we go home. It was spare ribs this time. The grill has a rack on it. The grill ran strong the whole time I used it. Not a single issue. The ribs were perfect. The grill is very quiet. I would check on it to make sure it was ok. This grill is good for everyone.

👤If you have power, tailgating is perfect for motor homes.

7. Traeger Grills Ranger TBT18KLD Pellet

Traeger Grills Ranger TBT18KLD Pellet

It gives your meat a rosy tint. You will get a Traeger Ranger Grill with cast iron griddle to cook an egg breakfast or steak. The cooking area is 184 square inches. Product weight is 60 lbs. The pellet hopper capacity is 8 lbs. The max temperature is 450o. The grill grates are easy to clean. Grilling logic for precise temperature performance. Cook timer will let you know when to cook or check food.

Brand: Traeger

👤I wouldn't recommend this as a beginner's unit. This is for travel. If you are interested in learning how to smoke and doing a lot of it, you should use wood burners. These are not BBQ grills and are not good for smoking. These ovens have a fan that can give you good smoke flavors using pellets that need to be 70% oak and 30% flavored wood so that the burn is cleaner with little ash left on your food. I will use Traeger for this reason. I don't see a big difference in price between cheaper brands and brands that have more oak. I think you should burn what they tell you to burn, because you want the thin blue smoke, not the white puffs. There is a These are made for travel and will be great for camping or tailgating. When setting this unit, remember that you need at least 12 feet spacing around it and at least 40 feet above it. Grease fire and smoke will stain your bricks and other structures. The grill can heat up to 450. I'm not going to "set it and forget it" with the kids. I will be using the internet to watch it. There is a I couldn't find any information about the footprint after the feet are installed, which is a minimum of 13 X 17 and can hold 100 lbs. The grease flow to the back of the unit should not be disrupted by the tailgates and park picnic tables. The review claimed the griddle was 12 lbs. Its not. Its 8. The grease tray, grill, and bucket is likely to be about 12 lbs. If you have the full hopper, it will add 10 lbs. If you have to carry it by yourself, empty it all out and it will weigh around 47 lbs. Use your legs when lifting. There is a If you want to avoid the grease fire on the grill, you must position it over the grease plate. If positioned with care, any hunk of meat less than your grease tray and not touching the lid should be ok. You can't put a full packer in there, but you could separate them and cook them separately. You could easily do a pork shoulder, but Boston butt higher than 5 are out of the question. I don't see how they can say they've done both, but the dimensions I gave above are maximum useable. I wish I had understood the management of the pellet guns before I bought them. It is impossible to add any during a burn without disrupting the smoke or hold/stall temperatures, and you have to ensure you fill it all the way for a long smoke because the unit's hopper is inside. You might need it. There is a It's not a big deal and it makes it easier to travel and store without a smoke stack. There is a The controller: Traeger has a huge issue with units shipped and still on shelves that have malfuntioning controllers, the center button will not scroll to timer, alarm, probe, and icons on the left side of the screen will not show. They can't fix this issue because your probe is useless. Traegers are made in China, but dealers are having to remove rangers from the shelf to check for a defect. The help desk wouldn't acknowledge this. They hope you will give up. There is a Shipping: On time with no damage to the box. There is a You should use a cart to get the box to its location. You can take out the heavy parts after you open the box. I lifted it myself. It was heavier than I thought. There is a They gave me an extra rubber foot which is good because if you lift it at least one of them falls off. The items were wrapped individually and fit inside the grill. If you sit on the grease tray, you will likely see oil marks on your clothes or whatever you sit on, so you should wrap it up until burn-in time. It did not come with starter pellet, weather cover, samples of rubs, or any other items that I would have expected. There wasn't a lot of assembly involved. There are rubber cups for each of the feet. You have to turn the unit on its side or upside down and use a phillips screw driver and the provided washer and bolt to mount the 4 square metal legs. There was a heavy handle to hold the unit in the lid. The screwdriver they give is small and not large. If you tighten down with the provided screwdriver, you will damage it for further use. A regular phillips can be used. A grease tray that is heavy gauged metal must be inserted into the back of the unit so that the bucket can hang from it. The grill is covered. The cast iron griddle is over 8 lbs. The unit is made of heavy gauged metal and is very similar to a weber grill. The hasps and hinging would be the ones I would knock on quality. In case the lid is up and the wind catches it, the lid hinge mounts need to be beefier. When the warranty is up, I'll probably mod it with a safety strap. beefier would suit me better than the front hasps. There is a I've yet to see a perfect manual and this one did not surprise me. The burn to clean out chemicals is incomplete. It says to go to 450 and burn for 30 minutes. So far, so good. It doesn't tell you what to do after that. I did the shutdown because I was not going to cook anything today. It says to press the center button for 3 seconds and it will flash off, then scroll down to shutdown and alternates with the temperature. My computer did not scroll down to anything or flash with time. Then it goes into the mode of waiting for further instructions. Is it safe to turn off now? There is no clue to say what's next. I unplugged it after turning it off at the switch. I hope it's ready to go when I cook. See the updates below. There's a lot of warning when playing with fire and it seems to be sprinkled liberally throughout the rest of the game. I haven't finished it yet. I will update this after a few cooks. The manual might not have been as good as it could have been because my controller wasn't fully functional. The center button wouldn't take me to a timer or alternate temperature display. When the probe is recognized and the timer is being used, you are supposed to see indications on the left of the panel. My did not. The instructions don't say if the probe has to be plugged in before it starts or if you can plug it in at any time. Since my timer mode did not work, I should hope that there is something in the manual for help. There is not. Error codes are the only thing that I did not see. I wish they had a better section for that. If you call tech support, they will use the same manual you are looking at, so don't expect any knowledge tips as they are unfamiliar with the Ranger. There is a I called the help line. The first call I got was under two minutes and I was very pleased with the way it went. She couldn't hear me, after I said "hello are you there, hello...". I hope it was a bad connection. I thought it was the same person when I called back. Since I was in the middle of a cook, I should call back if the probe didn't work out. I was not sure about the timer mode entry. I thought I would finish the cook and start over again. It didn't detect the probe. The probe could not be recognized when it was not in timer mode. I called back and this person was very helpful with enough experience that she recognized something was wrong with the controller and from there it was a matter of setting me up for a new one to be shipped with a tracking number. I want to keep this updated in case you were looking at one, and I am editing this before I receive the tracking number email to let me know it shipped. This isn't a "nightmare issue" for me. I chose Traeger because of this reason. Their controllers are modules that are easy to replace by plugging and unplugging, and I have not read anything about other brands other than the usual "no answer" type stuff. I don't think these modules will last more than a few years. There is a I was supposed to receive another controller that never came, but I was told it was waiting for the USPS to deliver it, and then it was found and delivered to me. I think they were confused because they thought the first controller replacement didn't work and the second didn't work, but they couldn't find it. I have a doorbell. It never arrived at my door or mailbox. They said it was lost in shipping. I will update when I get the second controller. There is a The person is cooking Without a timer or probe, I cooked two pounds of cornish hens and some vegetables. I watched the temperature go from warm to cold. The system as a whole is pretty accurate and made my guessing at doneness a breeze. The temperature went to 350 and then cooled off to 270 after I set it at 270. I put everything on the grill and watched the temperature go from 300 to 270 in a matter of minutes. I had to lift the lid to get the serial number, the temperature went back up and settled back down. On a very windy day, the temperature never varied by more than a few degrees when the lid was shut. The smoke was thin unless the lid was lifted and the smoke was burning off the pellets. After an hour and 10 minutes, I took a quick read and pulled the grill. The wife liked it. I don't like heavy smoked chicken and Traeger pecan is a weaker smoke flavor. Because with pellet burners you don't get as heavy a smoke as wood or charcoal, and they are more consistent in flavor. This was what I was expecting. I'll keep you updated as I travel around with it and use it more. I will update this after I install the new module. The new module did the same thing after it was received. That is not usually possible. I called Traeger immediately to make sure I had the correct manual and that the module was loaded with the correct software. I needed to calibrate the probe. calibrating the probe that wasn't being recognized when plugged in wouldn't fix my inability to scroll through modes, so I reasoned that if I was unable to get into the timer mode, probe mode, or alarm mode, then calibrating the probe that wasn't being recognized when plugged in I told her I didn't want to use the probe. I couldn't scroll with the center button on the controller. I asked if I could speak to someone who actually owned and operated a Ranger, but that will not happen, and you will get someone walking you through your manual. She tried to do a live stream video on my phone, but the link didn't work, maybe because of web/antiviruses protection I use on my phone, not sure. She put me on hold for about 15 minutes. I called back and got my 4th agent after the connection was lost again. He was very patient as we tried to watch the live stream again and finally used my wife's phone which worked. Once you cook with the unit, it can't be shipped back, so they'll probably keep sending controllers until they find one that works. I was told that it was easy to replace the controller. It's not and it's not. My big hands could not fit into the small opening to plug and unplug connections and the controller is not currently on the internet. I have years of training in electronics/servicing/production and have manned the helpdesks at times so I am familiar with all of this from both sides of the phone. I'm not going to be like the customer I used to joke about. They are being as helpful as possible in their job capacity and there is no use in it. If you are that customer, your experience is going to be very frustrating. The agents don't have immediate access to engineers. The company itself is not geared for great quality control or after sales repairs, so I am downgrading this to 4 stars for now. I've spent $500 for a grill that doesn't work and I'm surprised they don't check the units out or update them before sending them out. The ones already on the shelf at the store are expecting you to call. I have a high level of confidence that they will make it right, because of the Traeger name. I might be a little nervous in a day or two. Every time I try to explain what's going on, my wife gives me a stink-eye. I will keep updating this in case you purchase a travel grill. Stay informed! There is a This review is now a 3, down from a 5, as the previous one was lost in shipment and everyone complains about it. I've talked to 7 different people and they all made me walk them through the issue. None of them have ever operated a controller. They only read the manual. They can't get me in touch with anyone with experience on my model. Three controllers malfunction the same way. I can't return it for a new one. 7/7/2020 If you can imagine that, this has become worse. I called to check the status of the lost controller and was told there was no record of a previously ordered replacement. She asked the team leader about how shipping works after a 35 minute hold. The status of the USPS was not changed when you tracked the number from the company. Someone printed a label and notified the shipping company that a tracking number has been created. I asked if the package had left the building. They get 10 business days to deliver and that's all. Thanks for the tracking number. This is what happened to the previous controller. I was given a tracking number and an order number, but the status never changed after 10 business days. I typed a long log of all the calls, names, times, order numbers, and tracking numbers to prove that someone ordered it and the email came back with an auto response saying it was an unmonitored email account. I don't use the pellet grill until the 15th of July. I will update this later and let you know if the latest controller fixed the issue. There is a It was a great opportunity to let perspective buyers know that if they decide to buy a Traeger Ranger and receive a malfunctioning one, they are in for a lot of trouble. I can't remember a more ignorant, incompetent, and callous helpdesk. The wait times for an answer are between 25 and 30 minutes and you can either press 1 or wait for them to call you back. It took longer than they said for another controller to get here. It does the same thing when I plug it in. Three different controllers malfunction in the same way. What are the odds? I've gathered similar information elsewhere. They have a problem that they can't fix. We had to go through the same steps as we did with the other 2 controllers after I called Traeger HD and spoke to another technician. The next step was to take the car to a dealer to have them look at it. I had to call Traeger HD again to get the warranty request form, and I delivered it on the same day as this update. There is a I updated this a few days ago but it did not get posted. Maybe I've been reprimanded. I'll make this happen quickly. They had me go to a local dealer to get it fixed. They couldn't fix it. The PRO line will not travel because Traeger only had outdated tailgater in their shop. The shop was very kind. They told me to get my money back. I had gone past the 30 day window on Amazon but they were able to give me a full refund. The help desk failed the Ranger and Traeger. If you order one, chances are it won't work. You should check the controller before you fire it up to make it easy to return it. They will have this issue resolved in a year or two. I've personally operated controllers on 2 different rangers and they all had the same problem. I know of a store that pulls items off the shelf because of the same issue with their stock. If you still want to be one of the few who got lucky, I'd think again. There is a I've had the same grill for 25 years. I had to get a new set of wheels, but I was left outside all that time without any problems. It doesn't have a pellet system. I can smoke larger pieces of meat than the Ranger, its lighter and has wheels, but the charcoal bag weighs the same as the pellet bag. I'm starting to believe that the experience with a webber and family is more pleasant than a traeger ranger and technicians.

8. Louisiana Grills 55408 Mesquite 40 Pound

Louisiana Grills 55408 Mesquite 40 Pound

The smoking tube is made from 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is easy to clean. Smoke tube, smoker tube, pellet smoker tube. The Texas Mesquite Pellets are made from Mesquite and Maple. Impart is a strong, spicy flavor that will bring out the Tex-Mex in your cuisine. For use in pellet grills. The wood used in their product is from across North America.

Brand: Louisiana Grills

👤I was not sold on pellet grills, I was looking to get another burner for smoking. I took a chance because I saw videos of people making items with a pellet grill. Some pellet grills are better than others, but they still lack the ability to sear properly. If you use a different grill type, you won't be able to sear over the entire surface of your grill. A pellet grill can be awesome. I will admit that my Louisiana Grills pellet grill has been consistent in temperature. If you follow the instructions to get to the temperature you want, and keep the pellets in the hopper, it will not maintain that set point. It's better to make good barbecue if you have temperature control. pellet grills are a compromise in this case of convenience for smoke. They have pellet holders for smoking on Amazon, so you can add that extra. You know you're burning that combination with the smoke if you mix them together in my ratio. If possible, I would like to add more wood types. I like other woods for different types of meat and fish. I've never had an issue identifying the wood while the pellet was burning.

👤The bag is on sale for less than the price. I didn't expect much for a 40 pound bag of pellets. The bag was 40.02 pounds and didn't arrive with damage like online purchases. I was surprised. There was not much dust, pellets or smoke. The smoked spatchcock yardbird was outstanding and they fed and burned well in my Camp Chef Pro. I will be watching to see if these pellets go on sale again.

👤The bag seemed to be intact even though the pellets appeared to have been exposed to some sort of substance. The color of the pellets was not as bright. A lot ofsawdust was introduced to the burner and did not feed properly because of the decomposition of the pellets. The second shipment had the same color as the first, but some of the dust was still present, but they seem to feed properly. They replaced the initial order quickly when I reported them. The price of the product is very competitive and I will try again when this batches is used.

👤The first order was received and it was a good smoke. There was more saw dust in the bag than when I bought it. It is to be expected with all the shipping movement. Second order and pellets were spilling out of the box onto my patio before I opened it. The bag was open and mostly smashed to dust when opened. I found two small pieces of plastic mixed in with the pellets. One green and one white, not cool! Returned/exchanging is considered returning. I am not going to take a 40lb bag of pellets and plastic pieces to the store that Amazon wanted. I have ordered Pit Boss before and haven't had this issue, so I will switch back to them.

9. Pit Boss 55436 Pellets Hickory

Pit Boss 55436 Pellets Hickory

The wood used in their product is from across North America. There are no artificial flavors, spray scents, glues or chemicals. Burn hotter and cleaner. Natural juices in the wood bind the pellets together, making them easy to use and great tasting. The wood used in their product is from across North America.

Brand: Pit Boss

👤I was looking for something different and more authentic than the Traeger pellets which are made from mostlyAlder wood with infused wood oil to give them their signature flavor. These pellets are disappointing. My gas grill has more flavor than Traeger, but it doesn't last as long. I will not be buying from you again. We were on a 14 day lock down and I couldn't buy any pellets from a local store. The Turkey dinner I had was disappointing because it had no flavor or smoke ring. If you want meat that is not dependent on gas, then these pellets are 888-739-5110 I was hoping they would be a good alternative, but they weren't.

👤The Ooni Fyra pellet pizza grill worked perfectly. I tried a lot of different things, but these worked the best. I was not able to get near the temperature with the others. Excellent!

👤This was shipped in a larger box. The pellets broke into fine dust when they arrived at my house. When shipped on a pallet, they don't move much. It's best to get it from a retail store.

👤I just got 13.63 back out of 24. I understand that it was sealed and not open. I will not buy this product.

👤I like the taste of the pellets. They work well in my Traeger. They are cheaper than Traeger. I will purchase this item again and try other flavors.

👤You have a pellet that doesn't fall. My food tasted great with a hint of hickory. If you like it more, you could leave your smoker longer. The price was delivered to my door. It was the best price through Amazon. You can smoke meat, poultry, fishes, and vegetables.

👤I used this in a 12 inch smoker tube and it made a lot of smoke for 3 and a half hours and left little ash. There is a It's a great value to have twenty four bucks for 40 lbs.

👤I like the larger pellets as they burn longer and cooler. The "other" brand is the worst pellet on the market as they burn too fast and hot which makes a bitter and unhealthy smoke. I have been using pellet smokers for 8 years. It's a mild flavor and almost acts like a competition blend.

👤There are no problems with Pit Boss pellets. I ordered two bags of 40 lbs each. Today they are $47.98 per bag, compared to 30.00 per bag. If I just hit the reorder button without looking, it would add $36 to the price of the bags.

👤One of the bags had a hole in it. The bag had less pellets in it. Since the box it comes in is all but destroyed by the time it gets to your house, it's too inconvenient to return it to the post office. You can't see the bag until it's on your porch, so you won't buy it again.

10. Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF Tailgater

Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF Tailgater

Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste. The tailgater is the most capable of portable grills. The temperature control is pre-science. The Digital Arc controller has a temperature range of 18 to 400 degrees. Wherever you go, take your grill and BBQ. You will never have to leave your smoke behind when you travel. The grill capacity is 300 sq inches, and the legs can hold 12 burgers, 3 racks of ribs or 2 whole chickens. You can grill, smoke, bake, or BBQ.

Brand: Traeger

👤This is the first time I've ever written a negative review on Amazon. I decided to invest in a smoker because of the time I spend at home, and spent the extra money to buy a Traeger. The 'Cadillac' of smokers. Since it arrived, I have had no issues. The tailgater is a newer model. The support agents have not been trained on this model. Don't buy this Traeger. The digital controls are a disaster. The controls don't work and the manual doesn't have the right instructions. I need to return something that was a disaster.

👤There is a piece of junk. I had multiple calls to Traeger and then they sent parts that didn't work and I ended up with a pile of stuff that can't be returned and parts that are on back order. Stay far away from Traeger. The grill works well after Trager sent me a new one.

👤We bought this for my husband on Father's Day. The damn thing doesn't work after you get it home and follow all the instructions. The rod doesn't heat up because the fan won't blow. Pitiful! It doesn't work and we spent over 50 dollars for it.

👤Update 2. I have had the chance to use the replacement Blower Part 3 times now, after it arrived a week ago. The controls on this model are crazy. The probe temp would shut down when I tried to get it to display. It's too much to use one center button to control the probe temp display, timer, shutdown, and other things when the only difference is a second. When a pellet grill goes into shutdown mode, you will know what it is. I would like to know if new software will allow for a better grilling experience. The app is only useful as a timer, and it does not connect to the internet. If you check my reviews, I don't rate things low. If I were doing this again, I would do more homework and get something else. There is a Update 1 I have been made impatient by Amazon prime. I bought a replacement fan for $17 on here. One day the one from Traeger might show up. 10 minutes after fans arrived, the fan was working. Will update and revise my rating, but I am staying with 2* for now. The instructions for the steak are not up to date. My model oftailgater 20 has a digital interface, so anything I find on the internet is outdated. I guessed how long it would take to cook it and then turn it off, but it was a lot more complicated than that. The center button should be pressed for 3 seconds. It wasn't clear what the difference was between pressing for 2 seconds and pressing for 3 seconds. The instructions are incorrect because the internal temp wasn't displayed during shutdown mode and the timer was wrong. I have read a lot before I buy, so I don't think it was me just not doing my research, I waited for it to show up and thought I was prepared. Apparently, my research relates to the wrong model. I can't recommend it for now, but I will get how to use it. It was original. It was easy to put together, but when I turned it on, the fan was dead. The support line walked me through some trouble shooting, and after 45 minutes or so we decided it needed a replacement fan. I would have thought they tested them before they left the factory. If part arrives and fixes my review, I will update it. Not looking promising.

11. CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

We say that it is not oak or alder. Will not void the manufacturers warranty.

Brand: Cookinpellets

👤I read all the reviews and this was my second time ordering these, I read the one that said he found pieces of blue plastic in it but didn't notice anything. When I opened the pallet container, I saw a few pieces of blue plastic in it, but I thought my grill internals were burning. No matter how good or cheap they are, wont order any of these again. I ordered two last time and got one.

👤I read the manufacturer's response to the customers who found blue plastic in their pellets and assumed that all of the manufacturing problems had been solved. I spotted a pellet that is not safe for food use during the initial loading of my hopper. The pellet has green paint on it. Who knows how many pellets are actually made with unnatural impurities? Attached is a photo.

👤I have a computer. One of the best pellet grills on the market is the bull pellet grill. When I ordered the grill, I ordered 400 pounds of Rec Tec's Ultimate blend pellets, used all of them and decided to try them out because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews. After a few cooks, I started to notice a small amount of ash on my food, but I never got that with the Rec Tec pellets. I ordered 80 pounds and kept using them, but I would get a bit of ash on the food. I went back to the pellets. I found more ash after using 70 pounds of Cookingpellets brand than I did after using 400 pounds of Rec Tec pellets. It was crazy. The cook time between cleanings is about 20%. I liked the flavor but will not buy them again. If you haven't tried the pellets before, give them a try.

👤The best cooking pellet for the money is on Amazon. I bought 6 bags of the perfect mix for my Traeger Smoker. I've purchased BBQ Delight pellets from their website, but they don't sell large quantities on Amazon. The mix is better for my family and I. It's great to have pelleted meat for pulled pork and brisket. It is difficult to smoke chicken with the skin. There is a fair amount of ash left by these. I vacuum out the ash after a long smoke. The amount of ash is the same. There is a bad thing about these pellets. The shipment. The cardboard box is very snug with the plastic bag. If you use scissors to open the box, you will need to cut the plastic to put the pellets in the container.

👤I use my pellet cooker several times a week, even in the harsh winters of the midwest, and I've tried many brands of pellets along the way, but CookinPellets Perfect Mix is the only one that holds a candle to CookinPellets Perfect Mix Consistent in size, smoke, and flavor. They produce very little ash and burn at an incredibly consistent rate that gives me more cook hours than other brands. My hopper has never had an issue with these pellets, and even when outdoor temperatures plummet, they burn steadily, without massive fluctuations. I am a big fan of CookinPellets and I am looking forward to trying the other wood pellet options this season.


What is the best product for cooking pellets for smoker grill?

Cooking pellets for smoker grill products from Camp Chef. In this article about cooking pellets for smoker grill you can see why people choose the product. Pit Boss Grills and Lizzq are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking pellets for smoker grill.

What are the best brands for cooking pellets for smoker grill?

Camp Chef, Pit Boss Grills and Lizzq are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking pellets for smoker grill. Find the detail in this article. Oklahoma Joe's, Green Mountain Grills and Country Smokers are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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