Best Cooking Pellets Apple Mash

Pellets 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

We say that it is not oak or alder. Will not void the manufacturers warranty.

Brand: Cookinpellets

👤I read all the reviews and this was my second time ordering these, I read the one that said he found pieces of blue plastic in it but didn't notice anything. When I opened the pallet container, I saw a few pieces of blue plastic in it, but I thought my grill internals were burning. No matter how good or cheap they are, wont order any of these again. I ordered two last time and got one.

👤I read the manufacturer's response to the customers who found blue plastic in their pellets and assumed that all of the manufacturing problems had been solved. I spotted a pellet that is not safe for food use during the initial loading of my hopper. The pellet has green paint on it. Who knows how many pellets are actually made with unnatural impurities? Attached is a photo.

👤I have a computer. One of the best pellet grills on the market is the bull pellet grill. When I ordered the grill, I ordered 400 pounds of Rec Tec's Ultimate blend pellets, used all of them and decided to try them out because of the overwhelmingly positive reviews. After a few cooks, I started to notice a small amount of ash on my food, but I never got that with the Rec Tec pellets. I ordered 80 pounds and kept using them, but I would get a bit of ash on the food. I went back to the pellets. I found more ash after using 70 pounds of Cookingpellets brand than I did after using 400 pounds of Rec Tec pellets. It was crazy. The cook time between cleanings is about 20%. I liked the flavor but will not buy them again. If you haven't tried the pellets before, give them a try.

👤The best cooking pellet for the money is on Amazon. I bought 6 bags of the perfect mix for my Traeger Smoker. I've purchased BBQ Delight pellets from their website, but they don't sell large quantities on Amazon. The mix is better for my family and I. It's great to have pelleted meat for pulled pork and brisket. It is difficult to smoke chicken with the skin. There is a fair amount of ash left by these. I vacuum out the ash after a long smoke. The amount of ash is the same. There is a bad thing about these pellets. The shipment. The cardboard box is very snug with the plastic bag. If you use scissors to open the box, you will need to cut the plastic to put the pellets in the container.

👤I use my pellet cooker several times a week, even in the harsh winters of the midwest, and I've tried many brands of pellets along the way, but CookinPellets Perfect Mix is the only one that holds a candle to CookinPellets Perfect Mix Consistent in size, smoke, and flavor. They produce very little ash and burn at an incredibly consistent rate that gives me more cook hours than other brands. My hopper has never had an issue with these pellets, and even when outdoor temperatures plummet, they burn steadily, without massive fluctuations. I am a big fan of CookinPellets and I am looking forward to trying the other wood pellet options this season.

2. BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets

BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets

Each bag contains 1 pound of each flavor. 1/3 cup per use is needed. It's easy to use. Works with any type of grill. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Bbq'rs Delight

👤I liked trying different flavors. Even though it was a bit pricey. I own a Traeger grill and smoker. The problem is that by the time I got the 1lb bag for each wood flavor, it was almost gone. Trying to use one. So had to mix wood pellet combinations. It was disappointing for sure. I didn't realize how much my smoker used. I thought I would have enough. Not sure how people can say they have smoked so much. I have not been able to. It's a great way to try different smokes.

👤These are what I expected. There were undamaged plastic bags. There is a I think there is some confusion about the purpose of the pellets. There is a They are best used to add smoke, not as a source of energy to cook meat. I use a smoker. It has a mechanism to add hardwood chips to the electric element. It has proved to be unsatisfactory. The 12" Stainless Steel Smoker Tube Smoker Box is a great example of how these chips can be used. I put the pellets in the Smoker tube, set the open end on fire with a propane torch, and let them burn for five minutes. After blowing out the flames, I put the smoker tube in the electric smoker to make sure that the meat doesn't get stuck in the pellet. This works well. Only outside use is allowed. Cook at a low and slow temperature. Cheers!

👤My husband got a smoker and started smoking. I bought these for my dad. I know they are a sample pack. They are small. The instructions for how to use these are in the picture. It is done by putting a foil pouch on a grill. I was upset because I thought he could use them with the smoker, if you combine them all that kind of defeats the purpose. A picture of the variety pack next to a regular bag made the difference. It would have been nice for my husband to try different flavors. We know we don't like it. $35 is a bit pricey. I think the flavor is good, we've heard great things about it. Value for money is not good. Warmth is notapplicable for smoking food.

👤I bought the blend at Home Depot. The smell of the pellets is so good. It's real wood, not liquid smoke. The Traeger pellets have oil-based flavors. When I smoked it, it smelled terrible. It's hard to go back to regular pellets once you have quality ones. The flavor pack is great. I can get a few uses out of each bag. I know which flavors I like, so I will order directly from them. These are not fuel pellets. Generic hardwood pellets are "diluted" with these. At first, I was confused about how expensive it was. When I realized how much better this stuff smelled, I was like, "okay, ok." I understand it now.

👤I use the A-maz'n smoker tube to smoke. I put half a cup of my choice in the tube, put them on my grill gate and light them with a propane torch. Blow out the flame after burning for 1-2 minutes. You can put meat, fish, cheese, or nuts on the top shelf of your grill. The pellets will burn for 2 hours and give you a wonderful smoky flavor. It's a great way to get that "low and slow" smoke flavor when you have enough time to grill your meal.

3. Zorestar Smoker Pellets Variety Pack

Zorestar Smoker Pellets Variety Pack

Smoak with the best wood. Experience the difference! There is a Box of wood pellets for smoker grill with a perfect assortment of fruit and hard woods. A package of wood pellets is about 1.2-1.4 lbs. The diameter of a single smoker pellet is between 0.25”-0.3” The weight of the wood pellets for grill is 7.8 lbs, which is 5% of the total weight. Their Smoking Pellets consist of all top-grade wood chips, processed into fine sawdust and fibers, pressed under tremendous pressure, and pushed out through sized holes to mold into finished smoke pellets! Their wood pellet for fire pit only contains 100% shredded Variety Wood. Grilling wood pellets are pressed by pure force to achieve the most authentic smoke scent and experience you could think of. Use it all: Smokers, charcoal, gas, and electric Grills - their cooking pellets work with anything! Wood stove pellets are hard and dense, meaning they will give out rich smoke for a long time. It can be anything from beef, pork, poultry, seafood, veggies, and even bakery. The rich, fragrant smoke of the wood smoker pellet will create an aromatic crust that can't be compared to anything.

Brand: Zorestar

👤After I posted my review, they reached out to me and offered to send me another package with all six products, or a full refund. Customer service is amazing. There is a I did not read any of the reviews before purchasing, nor did I look at the dimensions or how much I would actually be getting, so I would like to start off by saying that. I am surprised by how small these bags are. It makes it look larger in the image. If I had looked at the description differently, I would have seen it differently. I got these for a friend of mine because his girlfriend bought him a Traeger and I will update my post as soon as they give me their opinion.

👤I tried this product to see if it would work with an electric smoker and pellet tray. No matter how I prepare them, they don't stay lit. They burned in my cold smoke attachment, but also released a lot of water into the chamber. It felt like I had a humidifier in there. They wouldn't stay in the tray. Eggs are slimy. The cheese was slimy. Not trying these with anything else. I'm done with them. Experience was not good. My neighbor sells name brand pellets at a sporting store. The test tray burned perfect. There is a My two cents. If you try them, best of luck, maybe this was a bad one. Caveat emptor.

👤The Apple flavor on some ribeye steaks was good. I would recommend the use of a smoking tube over a grill as these are sample packages.

👤I got this for my family and they love it. It has been a lot of fun finding new flavors that we enjoy. It has been a great spend of money to get a variety of wood chips instead of buying a single big bag of wood chips and wasting them.

👤The package is well packaged and smells great. The actual size of the bags is something to pay close attention to. They are much smaller than you think. The pellets are 4 times more expensive than normal.

👤The cold smoker and hot smoker have different types of smoke in them. The cold smoker took a bit of effort to light, but pellets worked well.

👤It works great in my smoker, it gives the meat and cheese a good flavor.

👤Pellets burn well. Good taste. I have an interesting array of flavors since the packages were broken.

4. PIT BOSS 55246 Fruitwood Pellets

PIT BOSS 55246 Fruitwood Pellets

Cave Tools magnetic fridge recipe sheets can be used to cook a bad burger. The woods of northern America were the source. Smoking pellets are all natural. There was no added scent, spray, or glue. It's ideal for grilling and smoking meat. Premium-grade, pure-hardwood. The wood fibers hold the pellets together.

Brand: Pit Boss

👤I would've been five stars if I hadn't found 40lb bags at Sam's club. I use these in my pellet grill and along with a mix of chips in a smoke tube for cold smoking. I used real wood before my Traeger. The green and charcoal are in a side box. When I moved to a pellet grill, I was disappointed in the lack of smoke and flavor. It's a win because the other pellets don't have the same grittiness as Oak. A full body smoke flavor with the above mentioned combo. Good luck...

👤I used the pellet smoker to cook Chex mix. I will use the flavor on my next rack of ribs. I also bought the same type of pellet. The cost of pellets was in line with the prices at brick and mortar stores. Definitely would. Pitt boss again!

👤The product is a good price. I love my pit boss grill and wood pellet.

👤These have become my favorite on the Pitboss grill. It was just right. If you handle the bags gently, you will have pellet dust.

👤The pellets were much longer than the treager ones. Some were 1.5 inches in length.

👤They had good smoke and great flavor. There is a The shipping box was destroyed and lost some pellets, but there were two bottles of free rub inside the box that made it.

👤I bought this for my dad for his new smoker grill and these are a great value for your money and work so well.

👤Great purchase for the price. At the time of my purchase, I paid $16. The bonus seasoning was a big surprise. I was not expecting a container of seasoning to be added to my order.

5. Traeger Signature All Natural Hardwood Mesquite

Traeger Signature All Natural Hardwood Mesquite

The wood fibers hold the pellets together. Traeger Premium wood pellets deliver a pure, hardwood taste and ensure perfect blue smoke to flavor your food. Product 1: Enhance flavor, a perfect blend of maple, cherry, and hickory hardwoods that pair perfectly with your favorite cut of beef. The product is made from 100% all-natural hardwood with no binding agents. Add a great wood-fired taste to everything you cook, smoke, bake, roast, and BBQ. Traeger Mesquite pellets are perfect for enhancing chicken, beef, and fish with robust flavor.

Brand: Traeger

👤The flavor is good, but I don't think it's worth the price. Save money by shopping around.

👤Excellent blend for all types of food.

👤They are awesome and last a long time. These bundle offers are not real savings because this item costs the same everywhere.

👤I got 2 bags of food immediately after I got a Trager smoker. You will need an additional 2 bags after the first 2 bags. Good value, haven't seen these bags priced less anywhere, even though people say they have bigger bags for less. I wish my club had them for less. Amazon prices are on point. Get more Pecan and 888-270-6611 It was magnificent!

6. Pellet Magnets Remember Flavor Smoker

Pellet Magnets Remember Flavor Smoker

Product 2: An amazing wood-fired taste: Add pure hardwood flavor to everything you grill, smoke, bake, roast, and BBQ. You can no longer forget what pellet flavor you used in your smoker. It is easy to remember what flavor of pellet you have in your smoker with the use of magnets. A set of 12 magnets representing 8 of the most common flavors, 3 personalizable, and one to designate a blend is the Favorite Smoking Flavors. The size of the magnets is easy to use and they come in a handy tin for storage. A great gift idea for every occasion. Birthday, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Wedding gift, and any other gift giving event. Heavy duty magnets are rated for long life.

Brand: Pellet Guide

👤I didn't know what kind of pellets were in the hopper. Something had to be done. I thought I'd do a quick search before I created my system. Someone sells what I need. I placed my order there. You get the sale, I don't have to remember what's in the hopper. Win. Shipping was fast and the item was good.

👤I bought a Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill and found magnets for the flavor pellets that were being used at the time. There are a lot of flavor magnets.

👤Not impressed with the product. The magnets are made of decent quality, but don't touch them. They fall off my grill. I will return the $20 for a refund because I thought it was a little steep.

👤I keep my pellets in food grade metal pails and they are great to keep them organized.

👤It helps me stay organized and know what's in my smoker.

👤It's easy to remember what's in the last pellet.

7. Camp Chef Competition Blend Pellets

Camp Chef Competition Blend Pellets

It is made in the USA. All-natural food grade pellets. Premium solid hardwoods are used. It was a perfect blend of Maple, Hickory, and Cherry.

Brand: Camp Chef

👤Children bring more value to life. Except for smoked meats. These are pellets. My life has improved a lot since I got mine. I get along with my wife. My kids are happy. My dog is happy. I have these pellets.

👤I think it's OK in my opinion. They gave a good smoke flavor, but they aren't as efficient as other brands. I use these each time and I have brown residual around the lid of my smoker where other pellets weren't present. I have more ash after smoking with these than I do with others.

👤We love this for our smoker. The Traeger leaves a nice smokey flavor. If you want to try something new or just a different brand, you should definitely buy again. The delivery time was great and it lasted us a bit.

👤The flavor I am looking for is not made by these pellets. Maybe it is a Texas thing, but we don't smoke with wood in these. I like both types of food. I don't want to eat the meat I smoked.

👤These pellets are okay. I have a camp chef grill. I smoked some cream cheese with these and can't say that they were any different than another brand. That is a perk, because they are cheap.

👤One of my favorite blends has a taste for ribs and salmon.

👤The package smelled like oil when it arrived. The smell was revolting, but not sure if this is how the pellet smell is. Some kind of cooking oil had gone bad. Also, full of wood dust. Not going to try the bag.

👤Smoking pellet is great. Good smoke is created.

👤It's too hot and burn fine when needed.

👤My son received it as a gift and he liked it.

8. MacLeans Outdoor Apple Wood Smoking

MacLeans Outdoor Apple Wood Smoking

Pairs well with poultry, pork, meat and more. Smoking Apple wood is authentic. The Applewood fruit overtones make for a unique smoking experience. It's great for pellet grills, charcoal grills and smokers. Smoke delicious flavor to food without the need for sauces. Smoke delicious flavor to food without the need for sauces.

Brand: Maclean's Outdoor

👤Word chips are what they are. It's difficult to find chips in the stronger flavors. Oak seems to be non-existent. Since chips are leftovers from the production floor, there is no reason to pay a lot of money. This product is equivalent to or less than what you can purchase locally.

👤The picture is not what it appears to be. I thought I was getting all of the bags. I only got one bag. I received the package and didn't know it. The description does specify this. I didn't pay attention to that. You had the option to pick what flavor you wanted, but I didn't see that. It goes to mesquite.

👤I used a mild flavor in my pizza oven. It was hot and clean.

👤The bag that was delivered contained all the pellets, but it had completely rupted. It looked like someone dropped a shovel full of wood pellets into a pouch.

👤Good.wood chips and Applewood products. For bacon that has been smoked. You will like it if you try it.

👤Father's Day gift for stepdad. He liked it.

👤There are three different woods in the picture. I thought it was a variety pack. No. Only one. I feel cheated. I hope the smoke is good.

👤Misleading advertising. I thought it was 3 bags, but it is only 1 if you read the fine print. The price was for a bag. The same product is $7 at a tire store. There is a My bad. Won't fall for that again. Hope you don't.

👤Only one bag is delivered. The assumption of 3 bags at a cost of 35 dollars was a little expensive but one bag for 35 is insane. I don't care what the smell is like.

👤The first backyard bbq gas grill we bought uses these. If you want the smoke to start quicker, you should not wet them, otherwise you will be waiting for a long time before you get any smoke. We watched a few videos on how to use smoking chips. The best way to make a pouch is to fold a large piece of aluminum foil in half, roll it and crimp the left and right sides. Roll in and crimp the top of the pouch after adding in a good amount of smoking chips. If you want to put the bbq grill flames face-up, you have to poke a small hole in the center of the packet. Close the lid and let it heat up. You'll get a nice scent of apple and rum. The bag is small so we had to buy 2 packs of smoking wood chips so hopefully they will last us a while.

👤The bag was a lot bigger than it looked, I think the amount and size are related to my monkey brain, but to be fair these are wood chips not compressed, so there should be lots of volume as well. I'm a happy brain monkey. I fill my smoker at a certain amount and it should last 4 to 10 bbq's. I don't think producers should charge more for a bag of chips left over from wood manufacturing. The product is 5 stars.

9. Louisiana Grills 55403 England 40 Pound

Louisiana Grills 55403 England 40 Pound

Selecting the pellet + rub option pairs their recommended Traeger spice rub to each wood pellet flavor. The blend of apple and maple is called the England apple pellet. It's a smoky, mild, sweet flavor. For use in pellet grills. The wood used in their product is from across North America.

Brand: Louisiana Grills

👤I was not sold on pellet grills, I was looking to get another burner for smoking. I took a chance because I saw videos of people making items with a pellet grill. Some pellet grills are better than others, but they still lack the ability to sear properly. If you use a different grill type, you won't be able to sear over the entire surface of your grill. A pellet grill can be awesome. I will admit that my Louisiana Grills pellet grill has been consistent in temperature. If you follow the instructions to get to the temperature you want, and keep the pellets in the hopper, it will not maintain that set point. It's better to make good barbecue if you have temperature control. pellet grills are a compromise in this case of convenience for smoke. They have pellet holders for smoking on Amazon, so you can add that extra. You know you're burning that combination with the smoke if you mix them together in my ratio. If possible, I would like to add more wood types. I like other woods for different types of meat and fish. I've never had an issue identifying the wood while the pellet was burning.

👤The bag is on sale for less than the price. I didn't expect much for a 40 pound bag of pellets. The bag was 40.02 pounds and didn't arrive with damage like online purchases. I was surprised. There was not much dust, pellets or smoke. The smoked spatchcock yardbird was outstanding and they fed and burned well in my Camp Chef Pro. I will be watching to see if these pellets go on sale again.

👤The bag seemed to be intact even though the pellets appeared to have been exposed to some sort of substance. The color of the pellets was not as bright. A lot ofsawdust was introduced to the burner and did not feed properly because of the decomposition of the pellets. The second shipment had the same color as the first, but some of the dust was still present, but they seem to feed properly. They replaced the initial order quickly when I reported them. The price of the product is very competitive and I will try again when this batches is used.

👤The first order was received and it was a good smoke. There was more saw dust in the bag than when I bought it. It is to be expected with all the shipping movement. Second order and pellets were spilling out of the box onto my patio before I opened it. The bag was open and mostly smashed to dust when opened. I found two small pieces of plastic mixed in with the pellets. One green and one white, not cool! Returned/exchanging is considered returning. I am not going to take a 40lb bag of pellets and plastic pieces to the store that Amazon wanted. I have ordered Pit Boss before and haven't had this issue, so I will switch back to them.

10. Traeger Signature All Natural Hardwood Pellets

Traeger Signature All Natural Hardwood Pellets

Traeger Mesquite pellets are perfect for enhancing chicken, beef, and fish with robust flavor. Traeger Premium wood pellets deliver a pure, hardwood taste and ensure perfect blue smoke to flavor your food. Product 1: Enhance flavor, a perfect blend of maple, cherry, and hickory hardwoods that pair perfectly with your favorite cut of beef. The product is made from 100% all-natural hardwood with no binding agents. Add a great wood-fired taste to everything you cook, smoke, bake, roast, and BBQ. Product 2: Sustainablysourced and manufactured in the USA.

Brand: Traeger

👤Love the flavor of these pellets.

👤Dosent is probably the signature that comes with it.

11. Meat Smoking Guide Temperature Accessories

Meat Smoking Guide Temperature Accessories

A-MAZE-N Products are made in the USA and are made with wood smoke. The Pitmaster's Control Board for the Fridge has a guide for meat smoke. There are 20 popular varieties for your smoker. The fridge accessories are for people who take pride in their food. The Mini Magnet Sheet "knows the right temperature and the right taste" displays temperatures for your meat thermometer and identifies flavor profiles by wood used. Cave Tools magnetic fridge recipe sheets can be used to cook a bad burger.

Brand: Cave Tools

👤I hope this is not a product marked by a disrespectful employee, because it is a useful product. This is not acceptable. There is a Cave Tools' Mike Odonnel told me the scoop after a day of cooling off. I realized today that this was shipped from Amazon, maybe it was a disgruntled employee or a vegetarian that made the mark, but it happened. Cave Tools called me and Mike was very nice. I have used many of their products and they are always top quality. I will buy from them again after Mike responded more than I expected. Cave Tools and their product have been raised to 5 stars by me. I hope that Amazon will take action on their shipping people, this was intentional by someone there and very disturbing. If anyone wants a great info magnet to keep near their smoker, this baby has a lot of great info on it.

👤I thought this would be an excellent addition to my smoker, as I love to use my grill for different foods. The price was sweet and it arrived on time. The problem happens right away. There was a sticker on one side. I tried to take it off, but it was a problem. Couldn't use a knife to get it. I used water, but no luck. Use an alcohol pad to cut the glue. The color and printing under the sticker come off if you rub it with water. I have to leave the sticker in place or rub it off with the information around and under it. I tried to remove it from my case. The sticker has a bar code and other information for the Logistic types to get it to find in inventory and then package up and ship. I understand. It could have been put on the back so that it wouldn't interfere with the information you buy. I have it attached to my smoker. I'm not happy with the missing information. I like the way the information is laid out and it does stick well on the smoker. The item was messed up by a sticker and not given an excellent rating.

👤My husband is new at grilling and loves smoking meat on the grill. He always sticks to his tried and true methods, which is great, but I get repetitive. He needs to look up smoking Temps when he's trying something that he hasn't smoked in a while. I gave him a meat smoking guide to help him out. He loves it! And for good reasons. * He can keep the magnet on his smoker by covering the entire back. He can't lose the reference while smoking the meat. There is a Let's him know what works best. The wood types, flavor strength, and flavor profiles work best with each of the different proteins. I think his smoking abilities have improved since he got the little magnet. There is a It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, but you won't need it.


What is the best product for cooking pellets apple mash?

Cooking pellets apple mash products from Cookinpellets. In this article about cooking pellets apple mash you can see why people choose the product. Bbq'rs Delight and Zorestar are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking pellets apple mash.

What are the best brands for cooking pellets apple mash?

Cookinpellets, Bbq'rs Delight and Zorestar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking pellets apple mash. Find the detail in this article. Pit Boss, Traeger and Pellet Guide are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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