Best Cooking Paper Sheets for Oven

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1. Parchment 7 5inch Perforated Nonstick Steaming

Parchment 7 5inch Perforated Nonstick Steaming

7.5 inch square air fryer liners are perfect for 7.5 to 8.5 inch square air fryers, or 9 to 10 inch round air fryers. If you need a specific size, please check the size and compatibility information on the image. It is easy to clean. The non-stick coating on your air fryer basket can be damaged if food scraps are left in it. Air fryer machines and utensils are kept clean by the air fryer lining. The air fryer lining is oil and water resistant, it's easy to use, keeps any kind of food at its most perfect looking, and it's made from 100% food grade pulp. It is suitable for 7.5 inch air fryer, microwave oven, oven, and can be used in any area that needs cooking. The air fryer lining has a lot of holes to promote air flow and help speed up steam circulation in the air fryer. It is safe to use in air fryer and will not burn. Also, note: Do not use the paper alone without food. If the product goes wrong, it will give a free replacement or full refund. If there is a problem, please contact them. They will do everything they can to meet your requirements and solve your problems quickly.

Brand: Lhome

👤It seems like this set of liners is going to last me a long time since you can use one sheet more than once. When I use liners, I can go a little longer before cleaning out the air fryer tray, and if I'm cooking anything sticky, saucey, or messy, I'm happy I have liners. I put the food on top and cook. Just toss it out once the liner is used.

👤Sometimes cleaning my air fryer is a nuisance. I am glad I bought these. It doesn't completely cover the bottom of my AF, but it is a big help in cleaning it up. It doesn't affect the air frying.

👤This isn't large enough. Just okay.

👤I was excited to use the filters, but they caught on fire during the heating cycle. I was surprised. Good thing. I was in the kitchen. I wouldn't order them again.

👤I use the paper to catch drips and crumbs from the food I cook. The brand works as expected.

👤The price for 200 liners is terrific. I love them in my air fryer. It keeps it easy to clean.

👤It's easy to you. It was on time. The small brush was a bonus.

👤The paper is so thin that it becomes invisible when you use an air fryer.

2. 120 Parchment Paper Sheets Unbleached

120 Parchment Paper Sheets Unbleached

These sheets can be used throughout the cooking process, from rolling to measuring to baking, and are compostable for easy clean-up. No burning, no biting, no laughing! Their sheets are of the highest quality and will not splinter, stick to the pan or burn up to 450 degrees. Pre cut and smart packing are not annoying. Baking paper needs to be sliced. Their cut paper is pre-cut to the perfect half sheet pan size and kept in specially designed packing that is easy to store without folding or tearing. The food that degrades off the pan. The double-sided coating on their paper guarantees that your food will slide off the baking sheet with no mess. The perfect cookie bake paper is more than simple sheets of paper, it is more than just a sheet of paper, it is a sheet of food. They make their large sheets of wood from natural wood, which has no harmful elements and no harsh chemical bleaching.

Brand: Comfylife

👤I bake a lot. I don't like when the directions say to use paper. The paper that comes in rolls is hard to cut and takes a lot of time to cut. These sheets fit my baking sheets. I don't have to cook cookies anymore. You can keep using them if you bake a lot. No mess to clean up with the baking sheets. They are in a sturdy box that I can use to hold them in my cabinet. I think these are my favorites.

👤I have been using the paper for a long time. It helps keep my cookies from spreading too much. I have ripped off the size I need in the past when I bought the paper on a roll. I decided to try these sheets. The sheets have some benefits. You don't have to fight with sheets rolling on you. 2. I don't need to find space for a large roll because these store easily with my cookie sheets. 3. These are notbleached. 4. The perfect size for my cookie sheets are these. These are the right size for the paper. They're easy to cut because they're not rolling up on me. I used the paper cutter from my office to cut these. I'm sold on buying pre-cut sheets like this in the future.

👤I've turned to baking as a way to cope with the crisis, like many others. I ordered a box for myself after my son in law introduced me to the sheets. No more messing with the rolls that need to be cut. The box it arrives in is lovely and I like the natural color. If you're baking bread as I am, you can do your second rise in a bowl on this sheet and then just pop the whole thing into a dutch oven. You can't go wrong with this. It is a good value and will get the job done.

👤During the holidays, I use parchment paper a lot. I don't like baking with it because it doesn't lay flat. I have to tape it to the counter to keep it from rolling on me when I get my candy. Not with these. They were completely flat. I baked a pumpkin roll cake for Thanksgiving. I baked the cake on this paper, rolled it, and kept it in the paper the entire time. It made a cake. You can reuse that sheet after you wipe it off. If I ever run out of it, I will buy it again.

👤I love these sheets for my cookie sheets. I used to line 8 x 8 pans for caramels, but I cut them in half. It was easy to remove the caramel from the pan. I line the pans with parchment when roasting vegetables. 1/2 sheet in the bottom of the air fryer is what I use to clean up. I love the quantity of these. Will buy again.

👤I liked it at first. It's non-stick and food slides off easily. It can handle the temperature up to 425. I have not used it beyond that temperature. It's easy to keep it flat on the tray since they are all flat. The box in which it comes is large. It is not too thick. Sometimes it's difficult to get the box and sheet out. There is a A big neighbor. I gave it 2 stars because of the problem with the sheet. It absorbs the oil like a sponge. I put some extra oil in the veggies for roasting. The oil soaked through the paper and onto the tray after half an hour of baking at a high temperature. No point in using a paper that sticks to the tray if you want the oil to soak through. I will finish my back and go to the store.

3. Reynolds Kitchens Pop Up Parchment Sheets

Reynolds Kitchens Pop Up Parchment Sheets

30 Reynolds kitchens pop-up parchment paper sheets are in this package. Pop-up dispensers make it easy to grab these precut sheets of paper. Most standard baking pans can be fit with flat Parchment paper sheets. Egg rolls and chicken tenders can be slid off of your pan with the help of Reynolds precut parchment paper. They want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any issues with their sheets, please let them know so they can fix them.

Brand: Reynolds

👤These are not large enough to fit on a baking sheet. They are only 13 years old. When I pulled out my other paper roll, I noticed they were too short and didn't want to deal with it at the time. I will probably use one and a half sheets to cover the pan or use in bread pans, but I would not buy them again.

👤I use it to cook french fries in the oven, chicken in the oven, and even chicken in the oven on a piece of paper. There is a The paper burns. It doesn't lay flat on the pan. The pan stays clean and it is cheaper than using aluminum foil.

👤I wrap leftover cheese so it doesn't mold quickly. The kind that was folded twice had a convenient fold to tear them in half for smaller leftovers. It's not a big deal. I'll probably get that next time.

👤I mean, it is parchment paper. Is it really necessary to review it? I got a bargain when I bought this. The double pack for the price was a better deal than a single roll, because of the square footage. The prices are constantly changing so your mileage may be different. There is a The pop ups are convenient as you don't have to worry about the roll. I prefer using foil in some instances. I use it to line a cookie sheet because it doesn't affect the temperature and it makes it easy to clean up. I like using it to line my counter tops when I prepare messy food. I can just throw out my mess if I take it to the trash or compost.

👤These are good for baking in the oven. I put them on my cookie sheet and then make food. I throw away the paper after removing the food. No fuss! It has never been easier to clean up. Make sure you read the dimensions. I thought the sheets covered a whole cookie sheet, but they only cover a quarter of it, so you have to use 2 whole sheets or 1 whole and then cut another one in half.

👤I cook and bake a lot and have been using the paper for food prep for years. The rolls are always purchased at the store. It worked well, but the parchment always wanted to be curled up, not sitting in the pan. I tried these on Amazon and they were amazing. The sheet is about 14 by 11. Two of them will cover a half sheet pan with a little overlap, and they are flat. They are great for a quarter sheet pan. I use them on my cutting board when I use a box grater to grate veggies, so I can dump the ingredients into my recipe and make it easy to clean up. I still use a roll around for things that might be too large, but now I use these almost exclusively. What a find... I like these.

4. Kootek Parchment Non Stick Unbleached Grilling

Kootek Parchment Non Stick Unbleached Grilling

You can cut the white paper roll into sheets by taking it out and putting it in a beautiful box with a cutting edge design inside. How big? You decide! The paper is precut. Save time by starting your baking or cooking quickly. The paper is packaged so that it is flat and not curly. Baking sheets made of food-grade and all-natural materials are chlorine free and safe for your health. No worries about the elements being added to your food. Greaseproof cookies can easily slide off the tray and the food won't stick to it. Just throw away the paper, it's easy to clean and save time. 200 count paper is the perfect size to fit for a baking pan and cooling rack. The oven safe can heat up to 450F. Both sides are waterproof, greaseproof, anti-oil, anti-stick, anti-coke, perfect for baking, grilling, frying and steaming. You can fold or cut the sheet for your needs, or it's ideal for a 12 x 16 inch baking sheet. It's perfect for baking bread, pastries, cookies, croissants, cakes, cupcakes, rolls, biscuits, line cake and so on. Chicken, fish, casseroles, eggs, roast vegetables, fried potatoes, and onions are some of the things that can be cooked.

Brand: Kootek

👤I can't tell you how much I enjoy these sheets. They are amazing! I will never buy paper on rolls again. I am done with trying to hold the paper down with my hands, elbows, cookbook, and paper-weights, because I have finished fiddling with it. Have I said it's nice to just pull out a piece of paper that doesn't have a mind of its own? These are wonderful! I use them to lift sourdough into 500 degree dutch ovens. Thank you for reading.

👤After 20 minutes, it did that at a rate of 425. I've never had a stick like that before. They are going to the garage for non-baking use.

👤Nope. Not next to my food. Not in the oven. It's possible to line a box for a gift. I don't want in the heat of an oven. I returned the paper and am still looking for it. How hard should it be?

👤The cookie sheet can fit the size. The grocery store parchment is too wide and difficult to work with, because it has been rolled up. There is no curling because this is flat. It's much easier to handle. The box it comes in is flimsy and I had to throw it away. I keep the sheets in a drawer under my baking sheets. That is okay, but not ideal.

👤The package makes it easy to store and distribute pre-cut sheets. They allow too much water to get through. The pan still gets stained even though food doesn't stick. Commercial grade sheets are twice the size and have to be cut in half to fit home baking sheet pans. I rarely had the same problem with those.

👤We could easily store the sheets next to the baking sheets because the pack of paper came in a handy flat box. Inside of a brown box, you will find a large brown paper wrap with sheets of parchment paper neatly taped inside. I took the sheets out of the box in order to make it easier to get to them. I put the sheets of paper in the box and slid the pile back into it.

👤Exactly what I needed. I was a former pastry chef and always had sheets in the kitchen. I realized how much I disliked the rolls of paper when I closed my shop. I went to Amazon to find what I needed and have been very happy with the items. I don't want to run out again.

👤I've been wary of using aluminum foil for baking since I started researching the dangers of aluminum. A friend of mine introduced me to baking sheets, which I use for most of the time. He would use it to cook many strips of bacon, and it would save him time because he could just throw away the paper. There is a The brand has been of good quality so far. The original size of the sheets will work for our larger oven, but I cut them in half for our little one. Each sheet can be used again when toasting bread or heating something that doesn't get too messy. I believe these are better for the environment and one's health than aluminum foil. The price on Amazon is cheaper than I saw at a different store. One box should last us a long time. I hope to use it for baking cookies and bread in the future, I'm very glad to have this.

5. Disposable Liner,Non Stick Oil Proof,Water Proof Microwave 50Pcs 6 5

Disposable Liner%EF%BC%8CNon Stick Oil Proof%EF%BC%8CWater Proof Microwave 50Pcs 6 5

Widely Used It's suitable for air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, cooker, etc. The paper liners are lightweight and can be used for home baking, camping, BBQ, summer party, and so on. Premium material is grease-proof and waterproof. It's widely used for air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, cooker, etc. The paper liners can be used for a lot of things, such as home baking, camping, BBQ, summer party, and so on. Baking paper using food grade papers, air fryer liners is oil-proof, non-stick, healthy, and can endure temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Baking papers have no effect on the taste of food. It's easy to use, no need to fold, cut or bend. Place it in the air fryer or microwave and cook it as you please. It's light and should be used with lots of food. 50 paper liners are sufficient in quantity to provide a variety of options for your daily cooking, baking and replacement needs. The disposable paper liners can be used to keep food out of the fryer and make it as clean as possible.

Brand: Croot

👤I split them up to share with my mom so I don't know if they work or not. I only had 46 of them when I noticed.

👤I tried it in my air fryer and it crinkled and popped, but the air fryer sucked it up, and it was all wrinkled up like it was trying to catch on fire...not good.

👤It worked well and lessened the mess inside the fryer.

👤It was too small for my air fryer.

👤The count was twice and short. Don't buy if you're warned. Also cheaper elsewhere.

👤These come in handy, no need to clean it up.

👤I wish they were a little bigger.

👤Warming left-overs and Frying chicken wings.

6. Disposable Non Stick Parchment Oil Proof Water Proof

Disposable Non Stick Parchment Oil Proof Water Proof

Baking paper is widely used for air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, cooker, etc. The disposable air fryer paper liners are lightweight and can be used for home baking, camping, BBQ, summer party, and so on. Get away from the smell of air fryers. The air fryer disposable paper liner is the best choice if you don't like cleaning the air fryer after baking. The air fryer liners keep the air fryer free from water, oil, and food mess, so that the air fryer is clean after baking. Food is delicious and healthy. The air fryer paper liners are made of UNBLEACHED parchment paper, which is odorless, high-temperature resistant, and waterproof. Don't stick with the food. SUFFICIENT QUANTITY, EASY TO USE: 50pcs air fryer parchment paper liners in one pack, sufficient quantities offer wide options for your daily cooking, baking, and more. The air fryer liner is kept in a bowl-shape, no mess, and easy to use. It is safe to use. The disposable liners in the air fryer can be used at temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, and won't affect the air circulation in the air fryer. Use Daisy Cook to make WMD. The diameter of the round air fryer liners is 6.3in. It is suitable for round air fryer, square air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, cooker, and so on.

Brand: Xzyden

👤The paper helps to keep the fryer clean. Excellent quality, easy to use. Every time you use, you have 30 pieces. Not getting burn.

7. Katbite Unbleached Parchment Non Stick Steaming

Katbite Unbleached Parchment Non Stick Steaming

Also, note: Not intended for use on barbeques. The sheets of unbleached paper are safe and non-toxic for baking because they are coated with food grade silicone. Parchment sheets are waterproof, temperature resistant, greaseproof, and can be used for baking. Baking meat, vegetables, cakes, cookies, pizza and more can be done with unbleached parchment paper sheets. Their sheets will make baking easy. Precut Parchment Paper Sheets will save you time, no worries about tearing the perfect amount or fighting to get your baking sheets to lay flat. Do you like baking but don't like cleaning up? It is possible and works great because of the unbleached paper. Food can be easily removed from the tray and thrown away, just remove the paper and throw it away.

Brand: Katbite

👤I have used different brands of paper before. All of them have no smell. This product smells like chemicals, just how it is made. It is also coated in silicone. Lots of chemicals. The regular, non-stick, compostable parchment is not coated with anything. This is a bad product.

👤Am I missing something? When folded in half, my sheets measure 12x16. I thought they were individual 12x16 sheets. It says 12x16 on the box. They seem to be fine. There is an update. The seller contacted me immediately after my review and sent me the correct product for free. I roasted potatoes on a sheet last night and was very pleased with the product. It was perfect in my pan. Customer service is excellent.

👤These sheets are beautiful. It's easy to use. Nice and heavy. I am buying more for my daughter as well. The box was the only downside for me. One end needs to be sealed. When I picked up my box, the sheets slid out on the floor. I will close the end next time. Good product, small fix. I'm not sure if they come in half sheets, but I will buy them.

👤The package looks nice, but the paper is torn when I remove it. It had to be removed from the packaging. It is made in China. I don't try to buy direct exported goods. I didn't do my homework on this one. I'm always concerned about what they use in the preparation of food related products. How do they make this paper? It is almost impossible to get items that are not produced or contain materials made in china, so I have never trusted items made in china. I made peanut butter cookies using the paper.

👤I use this for baking and it was disappointing. It's not close to what I've used before, but it's not heavy duty. I was able to make bread multiple times with those sheets. They can't be trusted to pull a loaf of bread out of a Dutch oven without it breaking. Maybe I got a bad one, but I am not very happy.

👤I use them in my oven and countertop oven almost daily. It has worked well for me if I slip one out and put it under cookies, roasted veggies, bread, chicken, and potatoes. Caution is used at super high heats, only short cooking times. It saves you time in cleaning your pans. Will return.

👤The quality of the paper is not as good as pre-cut paper. After using cookie dough with butter or oil, the paper is very thin and the grease that comes from it will soak into the paper and leave a greasy mess. I haven't used the paper since the grease can't be wiped away. I have not yet been able to reuse it under something that is less oily or wet. The amount of butter, eggs and other wet ingredients that contribute to soaking the paper is what most cookie dough asks for. There is a The 9" round pre-cut papers are perfect as dividers when stacking baked cookies in tins.

8. Reynolds Cookie Baking Non Stick Parchment

Reynolds Cookie Baking Non Stick Parchment

Each box of 25 Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Baking Sheets has 100 sheets in it. These cooking paper sheets can be laid flat without curling. The 1 and 2 inch guidelines on the baking sheets make spacing your dough easy. Use the oven paper sheets to save cookie sheets from being stuck on food. These sheets can be used throughout the cooking process, from rolling to measuring to baking, and are compostable for easy clean-up.

Brand: Reynolds

👤I used to use aluminum foil before it became popular. I am throwing out paper instead of throwing out aluminum foil. The paper is easy to use. Load cookie dough with paper and put it in the over. Load a second sheet on the counter while it's baking. When the first batches are done, take the paper and the cookies will leave the hot sheet in one motion. Put the pre- loaded paper on the sheet and then return it to the oven for the second batches. And so on. Zero after-baking Cleanup too.

👤My wife and I do a lot of baking. Half-sheet baking pans are used for a fair amount of baking. I used to buy the paper in rolls, but it was always a pain since the paper had been in a roll. There are ways to address this, but it just adds an extra step in preparation. I found these when I was looking for paper. I bought a package to try and am happy I did. These are very easy. If you take one out of the box, unfold it, and put it on the half-sheet, it's a perfect fit. Remove your baked goods and throw away the used parchment. A quick rinse of the baking sheet is all you need. No sticking either... Put one of the vegetables down first. The same thing, bacon in the oven. These sheets are pre-cut. There is a They are worth the price. Get. Some. Now.

👤I baked a lot of cookies for the holidays and they saved my life. I would bake the cookies on a pan and then take them out and let them sit. If I tried to get them off the pan, they would get warm or cooled off. I kept making dough while my husband worked in the oven. It was a great operation that was able to place the cookies on the grid. The cookies were put out to cool and the husband put a new paper on the pan. They say they are disposable. I bought 4 boxes and didn't reuse them.

👤I've always had a hard time tearing off the paper from the roll. I thought I would try them. They work well. It was quick and easy. I just have to grab one and place it on the pan, because I got them to fit. I don't have to fight with the roll of paper to get some, and I don't have to worry about it tearing before I tear them off the role! A 5 star product!

👤These are great for the baking tray in my kitchen appliance. These fit perfectly on the Ninja Foodie baking tray if you cut off the ends at a specific line. You can use them up to 3 times before throwing them away. After the Christmas rush, my grocery store had a special display for the holiday season, but they didn't carry them all the time. I went to Amazon to find them.

9. BYKITCHEN Nonstick Parchment Dehydrator Steaming

BYKITCHEN Nonstick Parchment Dehydrator Steaming

There is a multi-pronged approach. Their paper is good for baking, cooking, grilling, steaming, and storing food. Baking cookies and bread, cooking bacon, roast potatoes, and vegetables, making biscuits and pizza, wrapping fish, and so on. The pre-cut baking paper sheets will not be hot or wet. Pre-cut baking sheets are very popular in the kitchen. The large retractable air fryer lines are for air fryer ovens. You can cut these into smaller pieces to fit more air fryer ovens. Premium air fryer paper is made from 100% food grade pulp, oil-proof, waterproof, non-absorbent, 100% safe for daily use. It is easy to clean. The greaseproof air fryer liners have a food grade coating, so they don't affect the taste of the food. Make clean up a breeze by keeping your air fryer oven free from food debris. Make your liners with intact by heating them up to 450 F /232 C. The air fryer papers are designed for air fryer ovens. The steam circulation in air fryers and dehydrators can be improved with enough holes. If you place enough food on the top of the parchment before preheating your air fryer, it will not fly away and you will not get burned by the heating elements. The food should cover 1/3 of the area.

Brand: Bykitchen

👤I love these! I used them to cook chicken in the air fryer. I thought they might affect the way the chicken came out, but I didn't notice any difference, and the chicken was great! They made it easy to clean up. The air fryer basket has a lot of little holes for things to get stuck in and make for a more difficult clean up process, but using these cut my time in half! I will use these every time I air fry anything because they fit nicely in my Ninja Foodi.

👤This is for the Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven. It works well in the air fryer basket. It has holes in it to help circulate air. If you want to catch the drippings from your ingredients, you need to put the sheet pan under the air fryer basket.

👤These are too long for the air fryer basket. I fold the extra width and length under until they fit the wire basket. You can see it after a few times. There is a It's great to make a basket full of food. The air fryer can blow the liner paper edge up into the heating element, where it can catch fire, if the edges are weighted down. I am aware of this for a fact. It's just a garbage can.

👤The liners are a game-changer. The basket was never clean enough for me to like. I don't have to clean it if something spills. When I used the liner, the food quality and crispness were not affected. I'll never use my air fryer again without these.

👤I bought these for my Ninja oven. It fits the air fryer rack and the other two. The cutting of the paper to size was difficult. The plastic wrapper is great, just take one sheet out and re-stick it. It's easy to clean the air fry basket.

👤I have used this in my air fryer and they are small. You can only go up to 400 degrees. Be careful.

👤These fit perfectly in my air fryer. I had been making "snowflakes" out of regular paper, but it was taking too long. I ordered them and they are perfect. It's much easier to clean up. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The Ninja Air Fryer is squared and the liners fit just fine. It worked well with chicken and veggies.

10. Vancens Perforated Parchment Non Stick Steaming

Vancens Perforated Parchment Non Stick Steaming

The air fryer accessories are perfect for making french fries, onion rings, chicken strips, roast vegetables, pizzas, cookies, biscuits, fish, mozzarella sticks, pork, corn dogs, prawns, broccoli, and many others with better taste. The sheets are perfect for air fryers, 10-inch bamboo, metal steamers or ovens. Sometimes it can be used with a small cut. Strong, non-stick and healthy. It is made of 100% food grade material. Eco-friendly wax was used. Don't change the taste of the food by keeping your breads, buns, dumplings, and dim sum nice look. Cook saver! Greaseproof and heat resistant up to 450F (230C) will make your liners with perfect thickness intact during cooking. The round steam papers make it easy to clean your steamers and air fryers. It's an essential part of air fryer accessories. The air fryer liners are designed for air fryers. The air fryer works with all the holes. The steam circulation in air fryers or steamers can be sped up with enough holes.

Brand: Vancens

👤The liner was used for the air fryer. The main advantage is that it prevents food from sticking to the pan. The liner makes it easier to peel the food when you need to flip it. If you use a liner, it is recommended that most foods be shaken or flipped half way during cooking to make it easier to do that. Also, note: Don't use the Air Fryer with a liner in the cooking area. It could get sucked into the fan. How do I know this? I put the pan back in with the liner still inside after I made some fries. I could hear the liner moving as the fryer came back on. If I had left the pan in for a while it could have caused a problem. This is just an update.

👤They caught on fire in my airfryer.

👤It's great for an air fryer that's on constant use. The "nonstick' basket needs a makeover" because we have a Power Air Fryer. It's not very resistant. It gets old very quickly. I use the air fryer for an entree after the appetizer and dinner entree. Every time a dish is done, I change the liners. It works well. There are no issues now.

👤Found out quickly that air frying chicken wings leads to a mess on the basket. Real scrubbing is needed to get everything off. I bought these papers to clean up. If you place these in the basket during preheat, the air flow can blow the paper up to the heating elements and it can catch fire. They help keep the basket clean, but still bits of food get stuck. After cooling, drain the basket holder of any liquids, wipe and return the frying basket inside. Cleanup is easy when you fill with warm soapy water. These work for things that save effort.

👤I looked for liners that had more holes than the typical ones on Amazon. I thought they were the ones that had fewer holes. The outer ring holes in the product listing picture are 22. The liner blocked most of the holes in the fryer basket when I put it in my 8qt Ninja Foodi.

👤These are easy to clean in my air fryer. The home keys fit inside very well. They are a little bit big. I press it down around the edges and it stays put. Great purchase and value.

👤I ordered them from the airfryer group. This fits perfectly in my air fryer. I use this liner when making non-bastarded foods and it helps with sticking. I don't have to soak my basket for 30 minutes like I did before I cleaned it because of these liners. Great purchase, will buy again.

👤They work like paper. There is a You don't have to clean your air fryer after use if you have a magic fix. Purchase a wand. There is a These papers are great for soaking up the extra grease that comes on frozen french fries and other foods. There is a These work well with leaking pizza rolls. There is a My daughter thought that the liner wouldn't need to be washed. This is not true. Clean up is quicker. These liners are recommended by me.

11. Parchment Paper SMARTAKE 200 Pcs

Parchment Paper SMARTAKE 200 Pcs

It is 12-inches wide and 100 feet long. Are you tired of cutting curly baking sheets paper? You can get rid of cutting parchment with their pre-cut sheets. The sheets are flat on the tray. 200PCS of food grade baking sheets for baking, grilling, frying and steaming can resist temperature up to 450f and are included in the package. The bread won't stick on the baking tray if the cookies are non-stick. They do not have curly baking paper, you will receive the sheets without folding, and the thin packing box won't occupy your space. It is possible to cook and bake in a kitchen with a suitable size, clean cut edges, and perfect size.

Brand: Smartake

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I thought I would try SmarTake because the package had 200 sheets, which was more than most of the other choices. The packaging is one of the best features. The box is strong. Don't just get into it. The first photo shows where to cut to open the package, but the second photo shows where to cut. The stack of papers is wrapped in white paper. Pull out the wrapped white inner package and tear around just the top few inches of the white paper to expose the sheets shown in the photos. You can pull them out one by one. I keep my rolling pin in the drawer. I have baked biscuits before. The sheets are an exact fit for my half sheet pan and can be folded and torn in half to fit a quarter sheet pan. I don't think I'd reuse the sheets I baked. The biscuits were very flaky. I should be able to reuse sheets once for cookies baked at 350F.

👤I decided to pay a premium for this pre-cut paper because I was looking forward to a good parchment paper after reading all the reviews. The paper was in the oven. I used a frozen pastry from Trader joes. The pastry bottom was burnt when my smoke alarms went off. I will return this if this happens again. Attempted to bake some crackers at 350 degrees. Within 10 minutes, it was burnt again.

👤I waited 50 years to buy sheets of paper. It is easy to pull out one sheet at a time from a shipping box that is easily converted into a flat container. It fits on a half sheet pan with no trimming and no excess paper. I have used it for everything from baking to freezing. I carefully compared the available products and chose this one. The paper was priced less than the role paper I had been using. I wouldn't reuse a sheet for this product.

👤I found the paper to have superior grease blocking qualities, and it was not hot for more than 30 minutes. It is not easy to fold for cutting.

👤These sheets are handy to me. I put the package against the wall on the counter behind the pitcher and could easily grab it when I needed it. I use one every time I throw something on a cookie sheet because I think the package of two hundred may last me years. It makes clean-up easier. An investment of less than twenty bucks is a great investment. There is a I have included a photo after buying more. I just lean them against the wall next to the coffee maker, out of the way, and they are easy to access. The price is very useful.

👤The 1/2 size cookie sheets were perfect for me. It's easy to clean and I can cook a dozen cookies on it.

👤It's a great thing to have, use it for everything, mixing biscuit dough, rolling cookies, and a lot less clean up.


What is the best product for cooking paper sheets for oven?

Cooking paper sheets for oven products from Lhome. In this article about cooking paper sheets for oven you can see why people choose the product. Comfylife and Reynolds are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking paper sheets for oven.

What are the best brands for cooking paper sheets for oven?

Lhome, Comfylife and Reynolds are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking paper sheets for oven. Find the detail in this article. Kootek, Croot and Xzyden are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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