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1. Parchment Paper SMARTAKE 200 Pcs

Parchment Paper SMARTAKE 200 Pcs

It is 12-inches wide and 100 feet long. Are you tired of cutting curly baking sheets paper? You can get rid of cutting parchment with their pre-cut sheets. The sheets are flat on the tray. 200PCS of food grade baking sheets for baking, grilling, frying and steaming can resist temperature up to 450f and are included in the package. The bread won't stick on the baking tray if the cookies are non-stick. They do not have curly baking paper, you will receive the sheets without folding, and the thin packing box won't occupy your space. It is possible to cook and bake in a kitchen with a suitable size, clean cut edges, and perfect size.

Brand: Smartake

👤I am very happy with my purchase. I thought I would try SmarTake because the package had 200 sheets, which was more than most of the other choices. The packaging is one of the best features. The box is strong. Don't just get into it. The first photo shows where to cut to open the package, but the second photo shows where to cut. The stack of papers is wrapped in white paper. Pull out the wrapped white inner package and tear around just the top few inches of the white paper to expose the sheets shown in the photos. You can pull them out one by one. I keep my rolling pin in the drawer. I have baked biscuits before. The sheets are an exact fit for my half sheet pan and can be folded and torn in half to fit a quarter sheet pan. I don't think I'd reuse the sheets I baked. The biscuits were very flaky. I should be able to reuse sheets once for cookies baked at 350F.

👤I decided to pay a premium for this pre-cut paper because I was looking forward to a good parchment paper after reading all the reviews. The paper was in the oven. I used a frozen pastry from Trader joes. The pastry bottom was burnt when my smoke alarms went off. I will return this if this happens again. Attempted to bake some crackers at 350 degrees. Within 10 minutes, it was burnt again.

👤I waited 50 years to buy sheets of paper. It is easy to pull out one sheet at a time from a shipping box that is easily converted into a flat container. It fits on a half sheet pan with no trimming and no excess paper. I have used it for everything from baking to freezing. I carefully compared the available products and chose this one. The paper was priced less than the role paper I had been using. I wouldn't reuse a sheet for this product.

👤I found the paper to have superior grease blocking qualities, and it was not hot for more than 30 minutes. It is not easy to fold for cutting.

👤These sheets are handy to me. I put the package against the wall on the counter behind the pitcher and could easily grab it when I needed it. I use one every time I throw something on a cookie sheet because I think the package of two hundred may last me years. It makes clean-up easier. An investment of less than twenty bucks is a great investment. There is a I have included a photo after buying more. I just lean them against the wall next to the coffee maker, out of the way, and they are easy to access. The price is very useful.

👤The 1/2 size cookie sheets were perfect for me. It's easy to clean and I can cook a dozen cookies on it.

👤It's a great thing to have, use it for everything, mixing biscuit dough, rolling cookies, and a lot less clean up.

2. Disposable Non Stick Parchment Oil Proof Water Proof

Disposable Non Stick Parchment Oil Proof Water Proof

It is 100% healthy, oil-proof, and has good heat resistance. It can tolerate temperatures up to 428 degrees. It has no effect on the taste of food. 50 pieces of air fryer disposable paper liners will be given to you. The air circulation won't be affected by using disposable paper liners. Grease comes out of the paper liner when you bake. Throw away the air fryer liners. No need to clean the fryer. If you don't like cleaning after baking, these paper liners are for you. Their cooking paper is 100% healthy and has nice heat resistance, it is waterproof, oil-proof, non-stick, and it is made of food grade parchment. Baking parchment has no effect on the taste of food. The round bowl shape of the disposable air fryer liners makes them easy to use and they can be put in when you are ready to cook. It can protect the fryers from food sticking to them. Do not put the liners in the air fryer. The weight of the food is required to hold them in place. After preheating, put it in the air fryer. Air fryer paper liners are widely used. The baking paper sheet can be used for a variety of purposes, from home baking, camping, BBQ, summer party, and so on.

Brand: Pqzyjj

👤I wouldn't use my air fryer again without them. No clean up!

👤The air fryer recommended these when I ordered them. Too small! I will try to find the correct size of my air fryer. I was mad that the air fryer I ordered didn't work. The state. What size liners would be needed?

👤The liners for my air fryer are perfect. It makes life easier for the average mom. Just throw it away.

👤I like that there is a clean up afterwards.

👤It was a bit small for my fryer. You will need to pull the food out and mix it up to move the food from bottom to top.

👤Great product. They work great, but I need a bigger size. Less clean up.

3. Reynolds Kitchens Pop Up Parchment Sheets

Reynolds Kitchens Pop Up Parchment Sheets

30 Reynolds kitchens pop-up parchment paper sheets are in this package. Pop-up dispensers make it easy to grab these precut sheets of paper. Most standard baking pans can be fit with flat Parchment paper sheets. Egg rolls and chicken tenders can be slid off of your pan with the help of Reynolds precut parchment paper. They want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any issues with their sheets, please let them know so they can fix them.

Brand: Reynolds

👤These are not large enough to fit on a baking sheet. They are only 13 years old. When I pulled out my other paper roll, I noticed they were too short and didn't want to deal with it at the time. I will probably use one and a half sheets to cover the pan or use in bread pans, but I would not buy them again.

👤I use it to cook french fries in the oven, chicken in the oven, and even chicken in the oven on a piece of paper. There is a The paper burns. It doesn't lay flat on the pan. The pan stays clean and it is cheaper than using aluminum foil.

👤I wrap leftover cheese so it doesn't mold quickly. The kind that was folded twice had a convenient fold to tear them in half for smaller leftovers. It's not a big deal. I'll probably get that next time.

👤I mean, it is parchment paper. Is it really necessary to review it? I got a bargain when I bought this. The double pack for the price was a better deal than a single roll, because of the square footage. The prices are constantly changing so your mileage may be different. There is a The pop ups are convenient as you don't have to worry about the roll. I prefer using foil in some instances. I use it to line a cookie sheet because it doesn't affect the temperature and it makes it easy to clean up. I like using it to line my counter tops when I prepare messy food. I can just throw out my mess if I take it to the trash or compost.

👤These are good for baking in the oven. I put them on my cookie sheet and then make food. I throw away the paper after removing the food. No fuss! It has never been easier to clean up. Make sure you read the dimensions. I thought the sheets covered a whole cookie sheet, but they only cover a quarter of it, so you have to use 2 whole sheets or 1 whole and then cut another one in half.

👤I cook and bake a lot and have been using the paper for food prep for years. The rolls are always purchased at the store. It worked well, but the parchment always wanted to be curled up, not sitting in the pan. I tried these on Amazon and they were amazing. The sheet is about 14 by 11. Two of them will cover a half sheet pan with a little overlap, and they are flat. They are great for a quarter sheet pan. I use them on my cutting board when I use a box grater to grate veggies, so I can dump the ingredients into my recipe and make it easy to clean up. I still use a roll around for things that might be too large, but now I use these almost exclusively. What a find... I like these.

4. BYKITCHEN Nonstick Parchment Dehydrator Steaming

BYKITCHEN Nonstick Parchment Dehydrator Steaming

There is a multi-pronged approach. Their paper is good for baking, cooking, grilling, steaming, and storing food. Baking cookies and bread, cooking bacon, roast potatoes, and vegetables, making biscuits and pizza, wrapping fish, and so on. The pre-cut baking paper sheets will not be hot or wet. Pre-cut baking sheets are very popular in the kitchen. The large retractable air fryer lines are for air fryer ovens. You can cut these into smaller pieces to fit more air fryer ovens. Premium air fryer paper is made from 100% food grade pulp, oil-proof, waterproof, non-absorbent, 100% safe for daily use. It is easy to clean. The greaseproof air fryer liners have a food grade coating, so they don't affect the taste of the food. Make clean up a breeze by keeping your air fryer oven free from food debris. Make your liners with intact by heating them up to 450 F /232 C. The air fryer papers are designed for air fryer ovens. The steam circulation in air fryers and dehydrators can be improved with enough holes. If you place enough food on the top of the parchment before preheating your air fryer, it will not fly away and you will not get burned by the heating elements. The food should cover 1/3 of the area.

Brand: Bykitchen

👤I love these! I used them to cook chicken in the air fryer. I thought they might affect the way the chicken came out, but I didn't notice any difference, and the chicken was great! They made it easy to clean up. The air fryer basket has a lot of little holes for things to get stuck in and make for a more difficult clean up process, but using these cut my time in half! I will use these every time I air fry anything because they fit nicely in my Ninja Foodi.

👤This is for the Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven. It works well in the air fryer basket. It has holes in it to help circulate air. If you want to catch the drippings from your ingredients, you need to put the sheet pan under the air fryer basket.

👤These are too long for the air fryer basket. I fold the extra width and length under until they fit the wire basket. You can see it after a few times. There is a It's great to make a basket full of food. The air fryer can blow the liner paper edge up into the heating element, where it can catch fire, if the edges are weighted down. I am aware of this for a fact. It's just a garbage can.

👤The liners are a game-changer. The basket was never clean enough for me to like. I don't have to clean it if something spills. When I used the liner, the food quality and crispness were not affected. I'll never use my air fryer again without these.

👤I bought these for my Ninja oven. It fits the air fryer rack and the other two. The cutting of the paper to size was difficult. The plastic wrapper is great, just take one sheet out and re-stick it. It's easy to clean the air fry basket.

👤I have used this in my air fryer and they are small. You can only go up to 400 degrees. Be careful.

👤These fit perfectly in my air fryer. I had been making "snowflakes" out of regular paper, but it was taking too long. I ordered them and they are perfect. It's much easier to clean up. I would definitely recommend them.

👤The Ninja Air Fryer is squared and the liners fit just fine. It worked well with chicken and veggies.

5. Parchment Temperature Resistant Waterproof Greaseproof

Parchment Temperature Resistant Waterproof Greaseproof

Air fryer paper liners are widely used. The baking paper sheet can be used for a variety of purposes, from home baking, camping, BBQ, summer party, and so on. The Baking Paper is made of natural wood and is food-grade. The paper won't taint food or ingredients. There is a cutting edge above the red part of the baking paper roll. Don't put it on the fire! The oven and microwave are safe up to 450F. You can use this paper in the refrigerator, oven, and microwave. It won't catch fire or curl at 450F. The extension is 11.8in* 26.2ft. It's perfect to meet your baking needs. It is very easy to cut. It is suitable for baking, grilling, and packaging. It is less fragile, more durable, and waterproof because of its thickness. The non-stick surface can easily slide the baked biscuits off. It is easy to clean even if it is wet dough or meat, as it can prevent food from sticking to the tray. Their paper can be used for many things in the kitchen. It won't affect the taste of your food.

Brand: Lelebear

👤It was made in China. The paper has print on it.

6. CARE Certified Parchment Baking Paper

CARE Certified Parchment Baking Paper

The best value. The pack of one box contains 70 sq ft of unbleached baking paper. Other brands only offer 30 sq ft. Unlike most parchment papers that are coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metal that can leave toxic trace elements in your food and baked goods, theirs is coated with Silicone CoATED. It is heat-resistant. Better baking sheets are available. Their unbleached sheets are made of greaseproof, non-chlorinated paper which is composted. It is microwave safe and there is no need for pan greasing. TILE KITCHEN USES: Their paper can be used for many things. It won't affect the taste of your food. If You Care kitchen and household items are carefully crafted to have the least environmental impact possible, while at the same time delivering the highest quality products.

Brand: If You Care

👤The paper has been great. It saves a lot of time with less clean up. It helps with my baking since I make crackers and biscuits that are a bit sticky or wet before cooking. I love it! I like how natural this brand is. I only gave 4 stars because of the price. I will try to make a new recipe for Italian cracker soon for anyone interested in making them. 1/2 cup pumpkin sea seed flour, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, and olive oil are included in the recipe. All dry ingredients should be mixed thoroughly. I use a fork to make sure it is pressed and mixed well. It might be slightly wet and sticky, but that's ok. Put the doughty ball on the paper and then roll it out to your desired thickness. If you like more salt, cut into squares and sprinkle it. If you want to make sure you don't burn, bake 15-20 minutes. Enjoy! It's a good thing. chia egg The chia seeds should be mixed with 3 cups of water. The recipe calls for 2 chia eggs, so I would mix 2 chia seeds with 6 liters of water. This review helps someone.

👤Even though I care, I really want to hate a product called "If You Care". ewww. It was sanctimonious. This is the best paper out there. This is the only one of the many that I use in the kitchen that never fails me. It can be set on the stone or steel if I want, and it can stand up to a long oven. Great stuff.

👤I almost didn't buy this because there wasn't a cutter on the box. We need things to be simple in our house, but that was almost a deal-breaker. I'm glad I picked it up. It's really nice. We had previously bought the white stuff, so I was not sure how this would be different. I like that it seems a little thinner. It's easier to lay flat compared to my old stuff. I baked a sheet of turkey bacon and some fish. The turkey bacon was very good and did not leak through to the sheet pan underneath. I had more oil and liquid on the fish. This made it easy to clean up. I think I have found my new paper. There is a The lack of a cutter was not an issue. Pull the paper out, press down on the lid, and you will be able to pull it to the place where a cutter is normally used. It tears very cleanly. There was no metal cutter needed.

👤I am a cancer survivor and I don't like chemicals in my food. When cooking and baking, I use parchment paper instead of aluminum foil. It is important to use UNBLEACHED parchment so as to not release toxins into the food I prepare. This brand is my go-to brand. A company that cares about our planet and provides a great product is high quality. There is more reason to support their mission.

7. Reynolds Kitchens Parchment SmartGrid Non Stick

Reynolds Kitchens Parchment SmartGrid Non Stick

There are 22 Reynolds kitchens cookie baking sheets in the box of pre-cut REYNOLDS PARCHMENT PAPER. No cutting is required. These sheets are perfect for cookie sheets and lay flat without curling. The 1 and 2 inch guidelines on the baking sheets make it easy to spacing your dough. Use the oven paper sheets up to three times to save cookie sheets from being stuck on food. BAKE WITH CONFIDENCE. These sheets can be used throughout the cooking process, from rolling to measuring to baking, and are compostable for easy clean-up.

Brand: Reynolds

👤I look at a lot of paper. I grab a box of these when I bake cookies, rolls, pizza or anything. They fit inside a half sheet pan and keep baked goods from sticking. They are worth their weight in gold. They keep your baking pans and sheets from sticking to each other. Continue after me. If you have these nifty little baking sheets, you can get off a pan with chocolate or cheese. Sometimes the huge rolls are hard to size to your pan. I always end up with a sheet that is too big or too small, and I thought I would have to live with it. I ordered them on Subscribe&Save. I was not sure if I would use them that much, but I am more than halfway through the first box. You just put it on your pan or sheet and pop it in the oven, it's all you have to do. I like not having to clean my pans. I ordered precut circles for cake pans because I love parchment. I have the baking sheets as well, but they are in storage, so I probably won't use them again, because they are slimy after you wash them, and they oxidize quickly. Use them and toss them. I wish I'd known about them sooner.

👤The description says that it will not roll or curl. They aren't flat, but they don't curl. The product description doesn't mention that they are folded in quarters. There is a I ordered the smallest amount.

👤I didn't know it was folded into quarters. It was annoying. Not nearly as annoying as rolled parchment, but still a disappointment for someone who's been using fully flat sheets for at least a decade. It's better than the last pack I bought. There is a The Reynolds paper is more resistant to grease than any other paper. I baked two pans of cookies with different types of paper.

👤I should have realized that it was folded. Paper isn't heavy duty. The KAF precuts are clearly superior. Won't buy them again.

👤I didn't measure my cookie sheets before buying this item, but it is large enough to cover most of the cookie sheet. This is a great alternative to tearing off a sheet from a roll of paper which can result in a mess. I have used Reynolds paper for many years. I would make cones out of it, dropping my tips into it, rather than washing the plastic cones all of the time. There is a This product is perfect. I was excited to purchase these as an add-on item.

👤The reviewers expressed disappointment that these folded. If you scroll down, you'll see a photo that shows the crease. The box would have to be the size of a cookie sheet to be creased. The cookies are positioned on one side of the crease and the other side on the other side. The gridlines are easier to see. I've gone through several boxes and found no effect on the cookies. The performance of the sheets is something to watch. I stopped making the oatmeal raisin cookie recipe because they stuck to the cookie sheet so badly, even though I used different cookie sheets and how much I greased it. I tried to use these and they were not good. You don't need a spatula to slide the cookies. You can use the same sheet three times. I bought the brand they had at the local market because I ran out and needed some. They were not as good as these. One reviewer wrote that they were too small. I have nice sheets of cookies. These fit perfectly. Measure your cookie sheet and compare it to the dimensions on the box.

8. Parchment Non Stick Cooking Grilling Steaming

Parchment Non Stick Cooking Grilling Steaming

This paper can be used in the oven and microwave at 450F. It won't catch fire or curl at 450 degrees. There is a wide and free length. The length and width of the parchment is longer than others and it is especially suited for Jelly roll pans. The paper can be cut into any length with a straight edge by the metal cutter in the box. It's very easy to tear and cut with scissors. Budget-friendly: The total area is 250 sq.ft, which is larger than the 205 sq.ft of others. Their paper is made of extra thick 45gsm parchment, which is stronger than 35gsm or 40gsm paper, which is a good value for you. Natural and healthy material is made from natural wood pulp and is fluorescent free, water proof, food grade, non-toxIC andBPA-free. It won't curl when baked at high temperatures if it's oven and microwave safe. Water-proof, non-STICK and study are some of the things that are included. It is less fragile and more durable because of its thickness. The non-stick surface makes it very easy to remove baked cookies from the pan, even with wet dough or meat. This paper can be used in the oven and microwave at 450F. It won't catch fire or curl at 450F. It's perfect for baking, grilling, packing, serving and wrapping.

Brand: Hiware

👤I've bought this paper a couple of times and it's the best value. It's a big roll in a sturdy box that won't break before you run out of paper. The paper is strong. If you want to live dangerously and quickly brown the top of something, it should not turn brown in the oven. It will eventually catch on fire, so it's not recommended. Good paper. I'll keep buying it.

👤The cutting edge is hiding in the front of the big box. I roast a lot of veggies and line the baking sheet with paper, and this is a huge roll at a great price. The paper is adequate to protect the pan. Paper hanging over the edges of a pan can burn at high temperatures.

👤I use a lot of paper. I have been buying smaller rolls for a long time. I decided to try a large roll. I'm very happy I did. Baking is very good when you roll out dough and line the pans with parchment paper. I won't have to go to the store as often or have a lot of smaller boxes of paper in my cabinets now that I have the larger roll.

👤The store was out of the brand of Parchment that we normally use. There is a This product is just as good.

👤I wrap cheese when I buy it, so it's a no-brainer. Sometimes cheese sellers will sell you cheese with a similar product. It is recommended.

👤Parchment paper is used for everything from baking to art projects. I bought this roll because I was tired of going to the grocery store to replace my groceries. It is great quality and quantity.

👤Get rid of the sprays, I should have tried this years ago.

👤The paper is easy to use. You just need to throw the paper away. Good value for money.

9. Katbite Parchment Cookies Grilling Oven´╝ł12x16

Katbite Parchment Cookies Grilling Oven%EF%BC%8812x16

If You Care kitchen and household items are carefully crafted to have the least environmental impact possible, while at the same time delivering the highest quality products. The person is healthy and non-toXIC. 200Pcs white baking parchment paper sheets are made from natural 100% wood, unbleached, making them safe and non-toxic for baking. The product is 12% thicker than others' and has a 2-side food grade silicone coating. Greaseproof, waterproof, satisfy almost all your baking needs. The oven and microwave are safe. It's perfect for baking cakes, pizza, cookies and more. The hassle out of baking will be taken care of by the paper sheets from the Katbite. Precut, non-stick sheets are easy to use and will save you time and money. Precut 12x16inch sheets of paper can be used for baking. The package has 12x16 inch sheets that fit standard half sheet oven pans. Just pop up half sheets of pre-cut paper and use, no need to cut, it's convenient and efficient.

Brand: Katbite

👤Single sheets that fit your pans are a great value. It's a lot cheaper to buy them here than it is at the store. I'll be buying again, and recommend them to anyone that likes to save time and money. There is a The box is large and stiff, so I was not able to find space in my small cabinets for them, so I came up with an idea that works brilliantly. I hung the strips on the inside of my cabinet door, next to the oven. VOILA! It is easy to get to and use. The cabinet door is very narrow, so it closes all the way out of the way. If you can't find space in your cabinets, or just like coming up with convenient ways to use things, I suggest trying that. You will be happy you did. The closer you are to the stove, the better. You will use it the most. This product gets an A+ from me.

👤The best paper for my kitchen. I like the fact that this paper fits my cookie sheets perfectly and I can put the box away in one of my cabinets whenever I need a sheet. I use it for chicken wings and vegetables. The box is very strong and firm so it can handle a lot of opening and closing.

👤I've always bought from King Arthur Baking company, but decided to take a cheaper route. You get what you pay for. I can't wait until they are gone because they are too small and don't come in a package that is moist. I will be ordering from King Arthur. America's Test Kitchen said that they were the best. I will not make this mistake again.

👤These are easy to use on my paintings.

👤I bought this to make pizza crusts for the freezer on, but I'm using it for a lot of other things. I put it in the cupboard behind my pizza peel because it's so handy in the box. It's much easier to use because it doesn't roll up like the roll does, but it's nice to pull out a sheet and it stays flat. I pre bake my crusts on 450 with no issues at all. There is a My only wish is that it was about an inch wider, since my pizza crusts are round and go right to the edge of these, but the length leaves me plenty of stuff to slide it in and around. I will keep them in my kitchen.

👤These are great quality at a great price. I used to buy the King Arthur version of this product at 2x the price, plus shipping, when I was a home baker. I like the way it's in a rigid box, so I can stand it on end. I'll have to store flat, but not an issue, since the box might slouch a bit once it has less in it. I hope Amazon continues to carry.

👤This product is folded in half. It is on the bottom of a pan. It's easy to fit half on the bottom of a pan. It is not quilon-coated. It is slightly thicker than the quilon-coated paper and is more resistant to repeated uses. It is of high quality. I am able to fit more cookies on a full-sized sheet than on a half-sized sheet, which makes my task easier. If these features are important to you, I recommend it.

10. Baklicious Parchment Unbleached Baking Cooking

Baklicious Parchment Unbleached Baking Cooking

It is a practice and a multi-purpose. You can enjoy more evenly baked cookies that hold their shape if you bake on the paper. It's also ideal for baking meat, fish and more. It is permissible for any forgery. Do you like baking but are bothered by the size of the tray? The paper roll is 13 in x 164 ft. Baking paper roll can be used to crop any size. Baklicious is made from 100% wood pulp and is fluorescent free. You can put your food on it. It can be used to bake food. The metal cutter of the package is easy to use to cut the baking parchment paper. Let's have a pleasant baking experience. Grease and water proof Baklicious paper roll for baking can be applied with food grade silicone oil on both sides to prevent food from sticking to the paper during baking. There was almost no clean up after the food was processed. The temperature of the cooking paper can be as low as -68 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used in the oven, refrigerator and microwave.

Brand: Baklicious

👤We usually order from the store, but decided to try something different with this one. One of the benefits of using parchment paper is that it prevents washing a pan, but the paper is so thin that anything we cook on it soaks through to the pan. If you use a double layer of paper, you double the price of the product. I wouldn't buy this again.

👤When roasting vegetables like baby carrots or asparagus, I use a piece of paper to line the baking pans. I only need a small amount of olive oil on the food. It's not much fat. Other brands of parchment handle this without leaks. But this? I have to wash the sheet after a half hour because some of the oil has soaked through. Why bother with the paper? The money was wasted.

👤I was happy to find unbleached parchment paper, which we use for nearly everything we cook in the oven. It's easy to fit the baking dish with a piece of paper, cook, toss the paper, clean up, and then use a sponge and soapy water. Chef John from Food Wishes has a great recipe for a wrapped pork shoulder roast, which he cooks at a low temperature for a long time and then tenderizes it. Oh, my. Pull the shoulder bone out with your fingers. Wrap the pork shoulder tightly in 2 layers of paper and roll over to seal, then fold the paper over and repeat. For 1 34 hours per pound, the center is in the oven. Rest for an hour.

👤I've been using bleached paper for a while. Some brands might have something that could affect my health. I thought I'd try the unbleached. I paid for the bleached item, but what I ordered cost more. I bought a double roll package and saved some money. I can use the leftover bleached paper in my projects.

👤This product is very good. Every time I pull something out, I have tears in my eyes. It folds right for specific pans. Holds up well in the oven. I will purchase this again.

👤It's not the best for writing, but it's good for baking. Oily things will bleed. I've found that with most of the books. The box is a little flimsy, the biggest complaint. I haven't found one of those little "blades" that work well for anything other than cutting your knuckles. The two pack with or without the little spatula is an ecellent buy. Would recommend and buy again.

👤I look at a lot of paper. I use it for rolling out artisan bread, lining pans and the dutch oven.

👤The paper is clean. I don't like that it comes from China. I want to buy USA.

11. 120 Parchment Paper Sheets Unbleached

120 Parchment Paper Sheets Unbleached

These sheets can be used throughout the cooking process, from rolling to measuring to baking, and are compostable for easy clean-up. No burning, no biting, no laughing! Their sheets are of the highest quality and will not splinter, stick to the pan or burn up to 450 degrees. Pre cut and smart packing are not annoying. Baking paper needs to be sliced. Their cut paper is pre-cut to the perfect half sheet pan size and kept in specially designed packing that is easy to store without folding or tearing. The food that degrades off the pan. The double-sided coating on their paper guarantees that your food will slide off the baking sheet with no mess. The perfect cookie bake paper is more than simple sheets of paper, it is more than just a sheet of paper, it is a sheet of food. They make their large sheets of wood from natural wood, which has no harmful elements and no harsh chemical bleaching.

Brand: Comfylife

👤I bake a lot. I don't like when the directions say to use paper. The paper that comes in rolls is hard to cut and takes a lot of time to cut. These sheets fit my baking sheets. I don't have to cook cookies anymore. You can keep using them if you bake a lot. No mess to clean up with the baking sheets. They are in a sturdy box that I can use to hold them in my cabinet. I think these are my favorites.

👤I have been using the paper for a long time. It helps keep my cookies from spreading too much. I have ripped off the size I need in the past when I bought the paper on a roll. I decided to try these sheets. The sheets have some benefits. You don't have to fight with sheets rolling on you. 2. I don't need to find space for a large roll because these store easily with my cookie sheets. 3. These are notbleached. 4. The perfect size for my cookie sheets are these. These are the right size for the paper. They're easy to cut because they're not rolling up on me. I used the paper cutter from my office to cut these. I'm sold on buying pre-cut sheets like this in the future.

👤I've turned to baking as a way to cope with the crisis, like many others. I ordered a box for myself after my son in law introduced me to the sheets. No more messing with the rolls that need to be cut. The box it arrives in is lovely and I like the natural color. If you're baking bread as I am, you can do your second rise in a bowl on this sheet and then just pop the whole thing into a dutch oven. You can't go wrong with this. It is a good value and will get the job done.

👤During the holidays, I use parchment paper a lot. I don't like baking with it because it doesn't lay flat. I have to tape it to the counter to keep it from rolling on me when I get my candy. Not with these. They were completely flat. I baked a pumpkin roll cake for Thanksgiving. I baked the cake on this paper, rolled it, and kept it in the paper the entire time. It made a cake. You can reuse that sheet after you wipe it off. If I ever run out of it, I will buy it again.

👤I love these sheets for my cookie sheets. I used to line 8 x 8 pans for caramels, but I cut them in half. It was easy to remove the caramel from the pan. I line the pans with parchment when roasting vegetables. 1/2 sheet in the bottom of the air fryer is what I use to clean up. I love the quantity of these. Will buy again.

👤I liked it at first. It's non-stick and food slides off easily. It can handle the temperature up to 425. I have not used it beyond that temperature. It's easy to keep it flat on the tray since they are all flat. The box in which it comes is large. It is not too thick. Sometimes it's difficult to get the box and sheet out. There is a A big neighbor. I gave it 2 stars because of the problem with the sheet. It absorbs the oil like a sponge. I put some extra oil in the veggies for roasting. The oil soaked through the paper and onto the tray after half an hour of baking at a high temperature. No point in using a paper that sticks to the tray if you want the oil to soak through. I will finish my back and go to the store.


What is the best product for cooking paper parchment?

Cooking paper parchment products from Smartake. In this article about cooking paper parchment you can see why people choose the product. Pqzyjj and Reynolds are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking paper parchment.

What are the best brands for cooking paper parchment?

Smartake, Pqzyjj and Reynolds are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking paper parchment. Find the detail in this article. Bykitchen, Lelebear and If You Care are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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