Best Cooking Paper Organizer

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1. Disposable Non Stick Parchment Oil Proof Water Proof

Disposable Non Stick Parchment Oil Proof Water Proof

There is a multi-pronged approach. Their paper is good for baking, cooking, grilling, steaming, and storing food. Baking cookies and bread, cooking bacon, roast potatoes, and vegetables, making biscuits and pizza, wrapping fish, and so on. The pre-cut baking paper sheets will not be hot or wet. Pre-cut baking sheets are very popular in the kitchen. Easy to clean, no greasy mess. The disposable paper liners can be used to keep food out of the fryer and make it as clean as possible. If you don't like cleaning after baking, these paper liners are for you. Air fryer disposable paper is oil-proof, non-stick, and waterproof and has no effect on the taste of food. You don't need to cut, fold, or bend. Greaseproof paper sheets are 4.5 cm thick and can be put in your air fryer or microwave to prevent food from sticking to them. The air fryer liners can be used for serving food, steamer, frying pan, microwave, roasting, frying, air fryer. Paper circle. The round bowl shape of the disposable air fryer liners is designed to be non-stick. It has good water and oil resistance. Enough for you to cook, bake and replace.

Brand: Binglala

👤It was small and not covering the bottom of the pan. The purpose of the grease on the paper was lost because the grease had no place to go. I wish I could send them back. What a waste.

👤The bottom of my air fryer is not covered.

👤I threw these away because they are small and when I used for some fries for kids, the paper started sparking so I threw them away.

👤The small one is perfect for the small air fryer I have, it's easy to clean, and the large one is perfect for the large air fryer I have. That's the purpose so that you don't have to clean the air fyer and it doesn't mess up the air fyer pan.

👤Lift the food out of the liners after you want it to, I love these liners. Just wipe out the mess.

👤This item is recommended by me. I use them all the time. I have made chicken and hamburgers. It works very well. Try it!

👤I knew I had to try them. The clean up was different. It is amazing. Clean up quickly. The tray was getting dull and I was going to replace it. These saved me from doing that. It's like a big coffee filter, but smooth. I like these.

👤On time and on point, there was no problem.

2. Samsill Organizer Dividers Document Customizable

Samsill Organizer Dividers Document Customizable

Product 2 goes anywhere to provide paper towels. Each colored folder has two pockets for organizing your papers. It's perfect for organizing paper documents. The front cover has a non-glare finish that makes it easy to modify your folder. No more small cardboard pieces, or sticky white tabs in your folder tabs. Write on your tabs with Sharpie marker and then wipe them clean. Just need to take some papers and writing utensils with you? This folder has everything you need for on the go. There is a back pocket to keep extra pens. They made their spiral notebook larger to hold more papers, unlike other spiral notebooks on the market. The folder can hold up to 20 sheets of paper.

Brand: Samsill

👤I work out of my car doing home visits. This is very useful. I organize my papers.

👤I am a teacher and I am creating content for interactive notebooks. The pockets are easy to use and pull things out of. This product makes it easy to rearrange or even store multiple versions of a paper, unlike binders which have to unsnap rings or page protectors which have to be popped out of rings. You can use it this way, where you just slide in some initial choices into a pocket and work on them, coming back to the previous choices. I like to use a whiteboard to draft out ideas, but I'm making a mock-up of an interactive notebook. The title page has a clear front pocket and a smaller one in the back. I will get two more sets of these products after buying two sets so far. Thank you!

👤This has made it easy for me to keep my work on my desk, without it being67531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 At the end of the day, I can put the whole thing in my tote and leave. It makes people think I'm disorganized.

👤This product is very strong. I like it! It's filled with colored vinyl/plastic dividers and there's a clear plastic pocket to hold your papers or a pad of paper. There is a pencil case in the back that holds small paper pads, pens, paperclips, accessories, etc. The front has a large clear cover that holds a title page, paper, etc.

👤I bought the 5 pocket and 24 pocket organizers and I'm happy with them. They seem to be quite durable, because they were shipped very fast. I like that I can fold the organizers in half.

👤There is a lot of pockets for hospital billing. There is a Pocket 1. Is it okay to send questions or bills too soon. Explanation of Benefits (EOB) should have all three of the pockets to pay for bills sent too soon, statements/detail revenue reports, and Explanation of Benefits. There is a There are pockets for bills.

👤I gave this to a small business I was making retail stickers for. It was a great way to organize the different stickers. There's a small pouch in the back that I was able to add some stamps and shipping stickers to. It was great for what it was used for. I have a smaller folder system like this, that has not held up as well, and plan to purchase more of these for my other small business clients once they purchase the $250 in products threshold from me.

👤I use this to separate different materials. I can color coordinate if I want. The openings are at the center of the page spread. The paper is kept from falling out. There are pockets on both sides of the tab. It allows for more storage. I thought these would be a great idea because they had a pocket in the back. I thought the function would be better. I don't have a flat surface to write on because I tend to use the book to write on, so by adding several pens into the pocket, I no longer have a flat surface to write on. I am on the go all the time and use it as a writing surface, even though most people don't. This has appeared to be pretty durable so far. I can see that it will wear over time, as most plastic items will.

3. AmazonBasics Plastic Organizer Magazine 1 Pack

AmazonBasics Plastic Organizer Magazine 1 Pack

It is easy to wipe clean and keeps your documents and contents protected, thanks to the poly construction that is durable, tear and water resistant. Magazine rack keeps magazines upright. The plastic is made of durable hard plastic and is available in black or white. The plastic organizers in the Amazon Basics collection coordinate with other desk accessories. It can be used inside a drawer or a cabinet. The 10 by 3.5 by 11.8 inch measure is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I needed a large and light square tray for a large hamster bath. It was cheap and worked well. hamster owners, I highly recommend it.

👤These are great for organizing my freezer. I keep my food in large freezer bags. I put the baggies in the holders on the side that I turn.

👤I bought these to replace the common black mesh/wire ones that are found in offices. There are pros and cons. - These are very affordable. It was only $6 per tray. They are modern and beautiful. They are white and modern. Excellent quality! They're a very thick plastic and are very strong. Love that. They're not that functional, at least for me. It's difficult to pull out all of my invoices when the bottom tray fills up, because I use these trays for my invoices. I usually push all the invoices to the back. I only grab a few invoices at a time because the plastic is slippery. It's difficult to put my fingers under the paper without hitting the tray. I usually grab my invoices when I pull off the top tray. I went from an easy to use letter tray to difficult to use, so there's that, but some may see it as not that big of a deal. The tray does not have rubber feet, so they slide around a lot on my desk. Over all. The product has a value. I am not sure if I would order these again because I am not sure if you can add your own rubber feet to stop the slippage on your desk. They look good, so I guess there's that. Over all.

👤These look clean and sleek. They sort of interlock. It is difficult to do. You have to put one in the other at an angle. Unless you move it around a lot, they will come apart again. Whatever. It fits a full pack of printer paper in the bottom tray.

👤I don't understand why these are so expensive. One of them was bent inward, but they were cheap and sturdy. They do what they are supposed to do but there is no reason for these dollar store quality pieces of plastic to be less than 15 dollars.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I needed a way to organize the pamphlets. I wanted a lip in the front for labeling purposes, but not one that was too tall for the holders on the shelf. All of the sides are solid. I didn't want a holder with slots in the sides, as small pamphlets would slip out. The product is great for the price.

👤It's not very expensive or cheap. A small tray. I bought scissors and extra sewing machine feet to place when sewing certain projects like cording and zip ups as I change out often. There is a window ledge next to my machine. Sometimes the cats will knock the tools down on the floor as they walk past. I thought this would be a good tray to put an end to that nonsense. It's HA HA... It's too small. It would be ideal if it was twice as long and twice as wide. It's a bit too small. It's slippery. I can solve that with either of the two choices. The non slip shelf liner materials and the rubber products cut to fit under it do a good job of preventing slippage of things like this, and they also make little soft clear feet that are self-adhesive. It was too small for my tools and I ended up using it in another area. Even with the other attempts to prevent it, it slipped without any more weight to it. I ordered two sets of bigger clear trays, but they were too high and made me reach in and out more than I wanted to. They are large enough to hold any size of scissors, so they work better for my purpose. It is shallow and I like to use my scissors when at the machine, but the size is too short for my scissors, so I prefer to use them at the machine.

4. Smead Pocket Project Organizer 89206

Smead Pocket Project Organizer 89206

Each layer space is about 3.15'' H. A project organizer with 24 pockets and 12 dividers for organizing project piles in a tidy folio is included. The clear front display can hold a custom cover sheet for better organization and the clear poly zip pouch on the inside back cover can hold small items. Slash pockets in bright colors feature 1/3-cut tabs and hold up to 25 sheets each so you can organize all your materials in one place and quickly find what you need. The poly organizers are ideal for project management, bills or classroom materials because of the spiral binding. It is easy to wipe clean and keeps your documents and contents protected, thanks to the poly construction that is durable, tear and water resistant.

Brand: Smead

👤I bought this for my child with special needs. She struggles with executive functioning like an organization. The product was perfect for high school. My child puts homework assignments in one tab for each class. She puts the work back in the folder when she comes home. She knows to turn the assignment in since they are divided by class. It is easy to carry. There is a This is perfect for being organized. It only made it through half a year before the spiral binding comes undone. We are going to buy a couple more to help her finish the school year, because I am sure it was not intended for so much use. It would be great if we could get this product in a more rugged configuration. My child does not like binders. This works best.

👤This is what I was looking for. We are traveling for 3 weeks and this has a spot for each day. I think it will keep us organized. While in countries where we aren't familiar with the language, locations, etc., it seems ideal to print this much information. If we don't have access to the internet, this will be perfect.

👤I got this today and I am going to organize it. I have had papers all over the place, but now they are all in one place. All. I took a picture to show how much can fit in the pockets of one or two of the dividers. I think there's more to be had. I'm using this to hold incoming stuff that I'm always bombarded with, where it can sit neatly until I'm ready to take care of it. I was not expecting it to come with tab labels. I like to apply my labels with packing tape, which looks great and can easily be removed if I ever want to use it for something else. I would recommend this to others. It looks better than a pile of papers on the counter. I like it more than the horizontal file folders.

👤The binder rings are too small to hold many papers. If you can fit less than 100 pages, why have 24 pockets?

👤I will start this off by saying that I still use it. I rigged it to make it functional so I wouldn't get my money's worth. The spiral got stretched out and stuck on something in my backpack, but it was useless for a couple months. I had to cut it off because a few of the holes were being used at random points. Just watch out for the spiral, its all great quality. I had never had an issue with this thing.

👤I keep buying more of these organizers. Even gave one as a gift. If you have any loose papers or magazine articles lying around, this is a great way to keep them organized. It is easy to add stick-on labels; Smead also provides a site where you can print your own labels. The binder pages are made of plastic. The spiral is on the small side, so I wouldn't recommend putting more than 10 pages in a section.

5. Cuisinart WMR CA Classic Certified Refurbished

Cuisinart WMR CA Classic Certified Refurbished

It's easy to maintain, simply wash by hand or dishwasher. Don't use microwaving to ensure long lasting chopsticks. A large waffle is baked. Five-setting browning control. Baking plates are nonstick. The housing is brushed STAINLESS STEEL. There is a limited 3-year warranty. "Ready to bake" and "Ready to eat" indicator lights are easy to operate. The control adjusts to bake waffles with light-to-deep-golden-color. 90 day manufacturer warranty.

Brand: Amazon Renewed

👤This is a basic waffle-maker. There's no locking mechanism and the hinge rattles. It's not worth the full price of $35, but it's a charm because you can force it to waffle "not waffles" (pizza, panini, etc). It is okay at that, but not optimal if you let anything leak out. There are no seals, no fill marks, if the batter / grease / cheese / whatever over flows this thing. It gets stuck in the asymmetric lip, clings to the sides, and flows underneath and to the bottom. Even if you lay down paper towels, the underside gets greasy. I've used other waffle makers where overflow doesn't affect the machine at all. This seems to be a defect of "Reasonable Alternative Design", it works well for perfectly measured and practiced waffles, but people don't always practice, measure, or make JUST waffles in their waffle-makers... It's a little annoying. There is a You want waffles, thumbs up. If you can put up with cleaning, you want to use this for other things.

👤I bought a waffle iron from Amazon and I'm glad I did. I could not tell if this waffle iron had been sold before. Works well! I am very happy that the issue of keeping clean and fingerprints free is not the main one. You can make waffles for a crowd very quickly. You can adjust the temperature control so the waffles cook perfectly if you stick with it. Very happy!

👤I've purchased refurbished items before and never had a problem. This was not an exception. Works well! Just like new! I decided on this one because of 1. It's the perfect serving size for two people. You can choose your doeness. It's not a Belgian waffle maker. Those things are everywhere. You have to look for the classic style waffle maker. What is going on with that? This little thing cooks waffles great. It's very easy to clean when you run the batter over. You can wipe it off with a paper towel or dishcloth. It's pretty fast to heat up. I took a picture of the waffle I made with the setting just a little over the recommended setting, it did not disappoint me. It was perfect, fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside. My waffle is not as puffed up as an original waffle would be, but it was very tasty and I think it was because I was experimenting with Almond flour and Tapioca starch. Threw on some melted butter and Natural unstrained honey and it was the bomb. Are you still wondering what the two little holes on the left side of the waffle iron are for? When you're done with the waffle maker, you can put the end of the plug into the notch to hold the lid together, then you can store it upright. It works, but needs a little tuning. It is very space saving. I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

👤Yes! The waffle iron is great. It's heavy so it won't flop around on your counter as you open the iron. There is a lot of play in the hinge to let your waffle fluff up. There is a It works better as a "sandwich" waffle than a belgian waffle because it takes less waffle batter. I made pizza waffles last night and they worked great for this. There is a It's nice to look at and clean up easily with a slim profile. I just make sure to pay attention to the indicator lights to know when it's done.

6. Parchment 8 5inch Steamer Perforated Streamer

Parchment 8 5inch Steamer Perforated Streamer

A grilling mat that is dishwasher-safe and can be used to cover and protect your baskets and trays is included with the gift. 8.6 to 9.6inch square air fryer liners are perfect for air fryers, cake pans, microwave ovens, or 11inch round air fryers. The air fryer liners are 100% food grade wood and odor-free. Their air fryer paper is made with a high quality baking paper that is greaseproof and waterproof, so you can use your air fryer without fear of food sticking on the paper. Make your air fryer liners heat safe up to 450F (230C) and keep them intact during cooking. There is a warning If you put the liners in the basket, you will have to preheat the air fryer without food on top. The food should cover 1/3 of the area. Their air fryer liners are non-stick and easy to clean, so you can keep bread, bacon, chicken, beef, turkey. Air fryer liners are designed for air fryers. The steam circulation in air fryers or steamers can be sped up if there are enough holes. Bring a good appetite. They are dedicated to keeping you happy and satisfied. They always stand behind their high quality products. If you have an issue with your purchase, place your order now.

Brand: Syeiouc

👤This works as expected. For the reviewers who don't realize that this is paper and it will burn if it touches the element, it is and it will. If you are cooking a small item, make sure to fold the paper under it so that it doesn't get blown up by the heating element.

👤After tossing them, they work great in the air fryer. They make the air fryer cleaner by soaking up grease. If using food item cover or hold down the paper make sure it doesn't get damaged, just the design of the air fryer is the reason. These are not in a box. They are shrink wrapped. I use them at the bottom of my drawer.

👤Only burns if you put it in the air alone.

👤The cleaning work was much easier after using 2 times. There is a 2nd It burn inside the fryer. Wow! We saw it in the kitchen. The smoke detect was on. Don't buy pictures if you want to see safety.

👤I like the liners a lot. It helps keep my air fryer clean. They will catch fire. Do not put them in your air fryer alone. The air will blow the liners into the heating element and catch them on fire if you use an air fryer. There is a Make sure your food holds the liner down before you cook your air fryer. Awesome product if you pay attention.

👤I have an air fryer and have found a product that helps with less cleaning, but I don't understand the review because the size is small, but pair scissors can help if you want to cut out the cleaning for fryer.

👤I don't use them for the Cosori. I use these in my air fryer. They don't fit perfectly, but they work just fine, just put one in a chamber and it will conform to the sides, then the food will hold it down.

👤These are excellent! I needed it to be easier to clean up and absorb grease.

7. AmazonBasics Plastic Organizer Magazine 1 Pack

AmazonBasics Plastic Organizer Magazine 1 Pack

The 10 by 3.5 by 11.8 inch measure is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty. Magazine rack keeps magazines upright. The plastic is made of durable hard plastic and is available in black or white. The plastic organizers in the Amazon Basics collection coordinate with other desk accessories. It can be used inside a drawer or a cabinet. The 10 by 3.5 by 11.8 inch measure is backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤Do you have a laptop and no need for the vertical PC tower alcove that's built into your old fashioned computer? Yes? The narrow paper trays are a good way to store printer papers that measure less than 11 inches. Measure the width of your opening to make sure the trays fit. These trays fit my size at just over 9. Measure the height of the opening to make sure that each tray is 2.2" high. You should order the correct number. I bought 4 sets of two trays, and as you can see in the picture, I could have ordered another set. It's important that you put a roll of matching Gorilla Tape in your cart. When you get them, line two trays up very well and smooth a piece of the tape along the seam between the two trays in the back and then on each side. If you want to stack the pairs two at a time, you need to align them exactly and then seal them together with tape. Continue until you have a tower of trays. The whole thing feels sturdy and they won't slip around or shift. If I were to use these on the desk instead of inside, I would tape them neatly to prevent slipping and collapsing. I haven't loaded mine completely with my paper and label sheets yet, but I've included a pic so you can see what's possible. Ignore my furniture that has been damaged. It's an inexpensive way to use space. Good luck! If you stack the label sheets on the trays, they fit just fine, even if the envelopes or boxes are too wide for them.

👤I had been looking for the perfect bathroom storage containers and wasn't having any luck finding what I was looking for until I found these! I know they aren't the intended use, but they're perfect! They are simple, sleek, and stackable.

👤The plastic is thin and collapses with a small bump.

👤The product I was looking for was the perfect size to fit on my window's ledge. I bought it. There is a Let me tell you about the quality. The desk organizers looks heavy duty. It can survive if a toddler plays with it. It will keep your stuff organized. The plastic is easy to clean and can carry the weight of a windows fan in my use case. I wish they had a bigger size, but I couldn't find one. It works for me. There is a If you are looking for a good quality desk organizer or something to hold a windows fan, then this product is a good choice.

👤It's perfect for my desk lawn. They are good quality. A box with opening lid is a new project for me. I'm going to buy more of those organizers.

👤I subscribe to magazines for MAXIMUM PC and outdoor photographer. I didn't have a place to store them as they piled up. There is a I decided to get a pair of magazine rack organizers because I had some room by the bottom of my night stand. These are what I needed. I can stack my magazines vertically, which takes up less space than standing up. There is a The quality of the organizers is very strong and the black color fits within the decor. The pair will hold around 36 magazines, depending on the thickness of one's magazines, so each organizer holds around 18. I can hold onto each magazine for 18 months before I have to change it. This is perfect! Highly recommended!

8. AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat Sheet

There are fun mini- games that you can play to get things. Baking mats for easy and convenient baking, roasting and food prep. Nonstick silicone is odorless and doesn't need grease, cooking sprays, or paper to release food. The oven is safe up to 480 degrees F. It's easy to clean with soap and warm water. The baking mat is approximately 18.6 x 16 inches.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤These are substandard products according to others. After using 350 for making English muffins, both of mine have become useless. The last batches stuck badly, and the silicone appears to have been transferred to the high-end baking pans. Attached are photos. These mats were only used for a short time before they deteriorated and ruined a baking project.

👤Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. First time used. They smoked me out of the kitchen and ruined a bunch of cookies. Even at 350. Don't buy because there is a quality control problem.

👤The baking mats are great. The quality is excellent and the price is good. I use them for everything in the oven. You name it, it's from oven pizzas. I love that they help protect my baking sheets by helping food slide off the non stick surface. It is also very convenient to just wipe them clean or put them in the top shelf of the dishwasher. You can cut off 1/3 of the paper towel roll to use as a holder, and just roll up the mats and slip inside the ring for easy storage of the mats in a drawer. I highly recommend them. We use these mats almost daily and I have had them for almost a year. They look brand new. I have not had any issues with mats becoming worn or staining. I use them to cook most items at up to 450 degrees but have not had any issues with them so far. I drape them over my cups in the top rack of the dishwasher and then when dry roll them up and slip a napkin ring or rings cut from and empty paper towel roll into a drawer so they fit easily into a drawer. These things are fantastic and have paid for themselves many times over in the superior non stick surface, ease of clean up and the cost of parchment paper and or aluminum foil I used prior to discovering them.

👤There was an update on 12/12/18. I was told by an Amazon customer service representative that they would escalate the issue to have it addressed and possibly amend the product review. I am surprised that they didn't offer a refund on the product, but I think the most important thing is to see if they address the fire and safety issue at its root. There is an update on 11/11/18. One reviewer stated that these are not good for use above 400 degrees F. The mat was smoking when I opened the oven after putting it in the oven. This was the mat itself, no oils or anything applied to it. I changed my review to one star and will be requesting a refund from Amazon. This is a danger. I've been trying to reduce my carbon footprint so I was looking for an eco-friendly alternative to aluminum foil to line my baking sheets. The mats were the ticket. They fit perfectly on my baking trays. These are even better than aluminum foil because I don't have to use oil to make them non-stick! I can cook even better. I will recommend this to my friends.

9. Home Basics SS30367 6 Wrap Organizer

Home Basics SS30367 6 Wrap Organizer

We made their spiral notebook larger to hold more papers, unlike other spiral notebooks on the market. The folder can hold up to 20 sheets of paper. There are saran wrap, aluminum foil, and wax paper rolls in the organizer. It can hold up to 3 wrap and foil boxes. It's easy to mount on a wall or inside a cabinet door. It is made of vinyl coated steel. Measures 13 5' X 3' " X 11." Spot clean for easy maintenance.

Brand: Home Basics

👤The wrap rack can be mounted sideways. I would have given it five stars, except that the whisper is too small. They can slip through the holes. The manufacturer needs to fix that. I have a lot of different packs of screws and nails, so I found some with bigger heads. I mounted the top back corner with a zip tie that has a hole for a screw, but I don't know if you can see it in my inside-the-cabinet photo. They help on a job like this, supporting the back so it doesn't wobble, and they're usually sold for mountingLED string lights. If the manufacturer wanted to, they could provide two more mounting holes. I tilted the unit slightly so that the wraps would stay in better, and also took extra care to mount the unit not perfectly level.

👤10 minutes ago, I got this. I put this up inside my kitchen pantry door with 2 screws and double sided tape, because I can't put up a curtain rod, and because I normally install everything with double sided tape. I have an empty kitchen drawer that I use in a small kitchen with tight storage. I'm very happy. I can't see how the product will pose any problems. It seems strong and durable to me and the included screws seem to do the job. A great product at a good price.

👤The item makes my cabinets much easier to navigate. I put my large roll of heavy duty foil in the organizers and realized I was going to drill it too high for the cabinet to close. Measure with the wrap in the organizers before you mark or level.

👤I put the wrap organizers in a cupboard because it was hard to mount them. I put it on the shelf next to the wall of the cabinet, but didn't actually install it. It works like a charm. I put a box of heavy foil on the bottom of the rack to anchor it and stacked other boxes of things in the other compartments above it. It works well. All the boxes were in a drawer before I ordered this organizer. I needed that drawer for other things and now I can use it for utensils that were sitting in a container on my counter. It was a win-win solution.

👤I put it in the inside of my small door, covering the cupboard under the kitchen sink. It is very stable. To make sure the screws didn't show through the front of the cabinet door, I had to find shorter screws in my stash. I keep all of the items in their original containers. They fit well. Not too snug. The items are not fall out. It is easy to pull the items out. Would definitely recommend.

👤We used to use this one for about 12 or 13 years. The problem with the old one was that it wasn't designed for the larger boxes that are used nowadays and smaller boxes fell through the inadequate bottom. The new organizers doesn't have either problem. The bottom doesn't have enough space for the smaller boxes to fall through and even my largest box fits into the space allotted. I'm very happy. I don't know how this will hold up over time, but it feels very sturdy. It is less bendable than my old one. I'm very pleased with it so far.

10. Kamenstein 30020 Revolving Countertop Refills

Kamenstein 30020 Revolving Countertop Refills

The revolving spice rack has clearly labeled caps to make finding spices easy and within reach. The jars are filled with various spices, and the spice rack comes with 5 years of free refill. Each jar in the seasoning organizers comes with a plastic sifter cap for controlled distribution. It is easy to clean the spice rack with a cloth or paper towel.

Brand: Kamenstein

👤I didn't get the advertised 20 different spices. I got two jars of gourmet sea salt and bay leaves.

👤This thing is terrible. We saved space with it. It doesn't. The spices it comes with are terrible. A lot of them smell like fish. We put our own spices in the jars after we emptied most of them. The jars are TINY, so you end up with a full jar and more than a half-filled original bottle of whatever you have. Don't bother if the "5 years of free refills" is what you're interested in. Most of what it comes with is pointless and the others smell terrible. If I could go back, I would get a rack that was just a rack. Nothing with jars, nothing that spins. It is too late for me. Save yourself!

👤I was skeptical after reading so many negative reviews. This set is very good. The spices that came are in demand in my kitchen and I don't have any duplicate ones. Some reviewers claimed the jars were too small. Not even. I dropped one on the floor when I was unpackaging because the glass is sturdy. There is a * I am afraid that the reviewers are wrong about Herbs de Provence and Italian Seasoning being the same. The Provence herbs will not have the same spices as your typical Italian Seasoning. The more you know.

👤I'm not sure what the negative reviews are about. Someone said it was definitely not a space saver. I would assume they live in a small trailer with a lot of expectations. Product wasn't damage and it arrived on time, we didn't get any accidental duplicate seasonings. The sealed lids don't really matter because they arrived a bit loose. I wouldn't try to talk anyone out of buying seasoning since it's $5 a bottle.

👤There is no way you could buy all these spices in attractive sealed bottles with a pretty stand for $38.99. Unless you go to a dollar store and buy all your spices in a basket. There is a The stand is pretty. The package was well packaged and arrived in fine condition. The jars were sealed and put in the top. All of them. There is a It is a great deal. I use theose two a lot and buy bigger containers of them if there is no onion powder or garlic powder. It works out great. Change the top and mark it. I love the selection it came with. The bottles are sealed. I took the seal off before putting in stand. They will be ready. Time is saved later. There is a Good spices can cost up to $3. This is worth it. I had to purchase all new spices when we moved. It was literally. I didn't have to buy them all at the same time. It would be a great gift. There is a Also... The jars were in great shape. They have the holes for the shaker. If you're on the fence, I would recommend this. The stand doesn't use a lot of space. I was very happy with my purchase. I included a picture. The kitchen is being re-done so we are not doing the back wall. This purchase is wonderful!

11. Reynolds Kitchens Pop Up Parchment Sheets

Reynolds Kitchens Pop Up Parchment Sheets

30 Reynolds kitchens pop-up parchment paper sheets are in this package. Pop-up dispensers make it easy to grab these precut sheets of paper. Most standard baking pans can be fit with flat Parchment paper sheets. Egg rolls and chicken tenders can be slid off of your pan with the help of Reynolds precut parchment paper. They want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any issues with their sheets, please let them know so they can fix them.

Brand: Reynolds

👤These are not large enough to fit on a baking sheet. They are only 13 years old. When I pulled out my other paper roll, I noticed they were too short and didn't want to deal with it at the time. I will probably use one and a half sheets to cover the pan or use in bread pans, but I would not buy them again.

👤I use it to cook french fries in the oven, chicken in the oven, and even chicken in the oven on a piece of paper. There is a The paper burns. It doesn't lay flat on the pan. The pan stays clean and it is cheaper than using aluminum foil.

👤I wrap leftover cheese so it doesn't mold quickly. The kind that was folded twice had a convenient fold to tear them in half for smaller leftovers. It's not a big deal. I'll probably get that next time.

👤I mean, it is parchment paper. Is it really necessary to review it? I got a bargain when I bought this. The double pack for the price was a better deal than a single roll, because of the square footage. The prices are constantly changing so your mileage may be different. There is a The pop ups are convenient as you don't have to worry about the roll. I prefer using foil in some instances. I use it to line a cookie sheet because it doesn't affect the temperature and it makes it easy to clean up. I like using it to line my counter tops when I prepare messy food. I can just throw out my mess if I take it to the trash or compost.

👤These are good for baking in the oven. I put them on my cookie sheet and then make food. I throw away the paper after removing the food. No fuss! It has never been easier to clean up. Make sure you read the dimensions. I thought the sheets covered a whole cookie sheet, but they only cover a quarter of it, so you have to use 2 whole sheets or 1 whole and then cut another one in half.

👤I cook and bake a lot and have been using the paper for food prep for years. The rolls are always purchased at the store. It worked well, but the parchment always wanted to be curled up, not sitting in the pan. I tried these on Amazon and they were amazing. The sheet is about 14 by 11. Two of them will cover a half sheet pan with a little overlap, and they are flat. They are great for a quarter sheet pan. I use them on my cutting board when I use a box grater to grate veggies, so I can dump the ingredients into my recipe and make it easy to clean up. I still use a roll around for things that might be too large, but now I use these almost exclusively. What a find... I like these.


What is the best product for cooking paper organizer?

Cooking paper organizer products from Binglala. In this article about cooking paper organizer you can see why people choose the product. Samsill and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking paper organizer.

What are the best brands for cooking paper organizer?

Binglala, Samsill and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking paper organizer. Find the detail in this article. Smead, Amazon Renewed and Syeiouc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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