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1. GreenPan Valencia Anodized Induction Nonstick

GreenPan Valencia Anodized Induction Nonstick

It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. GreenPan's ceramic coating is free of lead, PFOA, and other toxic fumes, even if it is accidentally overheated. Their original diamond- infused non-stick coating is a metal utensil safe. The Valencia Pro's Magneto Base is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, and it comes with an amazing sear and browning to all stovetops. The oven and Broiler are safe up to 600F. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Brand: Greenpan

👤My wife and I had been cooking steaks in a heavy cast iron skillet and placing them in the oven to cook them to order. The grease stuck to the skillet like glue. The steaks always came out great, but it was a chore to clean up the cast iron skillet. The Green Pan is used to cook steaks. Once the pan cools down, we simply add a small amount of dishwashing liquid and use a paper towel to wipe away the burned on grease in a couple of minutes. It seems like magic. It was so easy to clean and maintain this pan that we are very happy we found it. Highly recommended.

👤I own many of their products. I was so excited to use my chicken and grilled leeks and they looked amazing. I went to wash the pan and my heart sank. Terrible. I would love to get a replacement but the Greenpan website doesn't offer replacements for used pans. This pan was amazing, legit, amazing at conducting heat and I used it in the oven and stovetop on the first use, but now everything sticks, and I wasted $70 for something that is not even worth donating. I'm sad. Shame on GreenPan for not having any exceptions of thinking that there is a chance that they may have a dud and that a replacement could be found. Not okay.

👤The company would not do anything after the pans came chipped. The chips were under warranty and they sent an email saying they were fine. Don't buy products from Green Pan, it's very bad customer service. I am angry. The pans are not cheap, but the company is sure of that.

👤The Greenpan Valencia Pro 11-inch Grillpan arrived very quickly via Prime delivery, but upon opening up the packaging, I found a section of the cooking surface to have multiple bubbles in the coating. The non-stick surface appeared to be at risk. I won't worry about the replacement item because it had 2 bubbled spots. Time will tell if it will cause problems down the road. I will make a new product once I can cook with it.

👤It works on regular and regular-style cook tops. It was easy to clean. It was easy. The heat distribution is great. Excellent quality. I love the GreenPan Valencia Pro series. I bought all the GreenPan Valencia cookware. All of it is excellent. Eggs move right out. The messiest stuff is wiped off with a sponge. They run a bit hot once they come to temp, so back your burner down one setting.

👤The pan exceeds our expectations. The pan is great for cooking meat. They leave "grid marks" on beef and pork. There is a We use it on a stove that has evenly distributed heat. There is a The grips make it easy to get out of the oven.

👤I use it on a stove. It grills and cleans well. I did not buy the cover. I use a glass cover to speed up the grilling of thick cut meat. I bought it to replace my grill. I ruined the original pan because I used too much olive oil. I rubbed the olive oil on the paper towel and it cooks fine without sticking or being hard to remove. The paper towel was learned about by another reviewer.

2. Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Skillet Cooking

Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Skillet Cooking

You will receive a variety of colors, but no one will tell you which one you will receive. The ceramic coating makes cooking and cleaning easy. The construction is made of aluminum. The copper color coating on bakelite handles keeps them cool. Free of lead and Cadmium. Most messes don't wipe away.

Brand: Totaleze

👤I was reminded that I hadn't ordered a duplicate pan when this popped up. The first one I bought was a trial. The price was right, but I wanted to be sure about the quality. I'm going to order the second one as soon as I receive this. I think so. I have a small kitchen with a microwave, a small oven, and an in-law apartment. A small electric hotplate. I'm looking forward to cooking on two burners at once, because this pan fits perfectly over one burner, and I know what a great pan it is. 0/

👤Amamos, sartén. Ya tiene 6 meses. Nosotros. Y aunque ya comienza a desgastarse por el uso. The transferencia de calor is ideal. til para freir. O para. Asar salsa de pastas. Fcil de lavar. No se. Sigue con mango. Un material seguro. Qumicos ni nada.

👤This can be used to cook turkey sausages or to cook small meals. I only use one pan for eggs as they are very few that stick. Eggs have not been cooked in here yet. Everything I have cooked has made for a quick clean up. After many uses, it still looks new.

👤Scored this for 10 bucks and it was amazing. The larger size will be ordered soon.

👤It is difficult to clean. Why? Everything sticks to it.

👤It's great for cooking omelets.

👤You can't tighten the handle.

3. MICHELANGELO Granite PFOA Free Coating Nonstick

MICHELANGELO Granite PFOA Free Coating Nonstick

Moss & Stone offers top quality kitchen scales, a 1-year warranty, and top of the line customer service, which you won't get with other brands that sell kitchen scales. The frying pan set is scratch resistant and non stick and features a granite like interior that enhances both cooking performance and durability. Food slides off the surface for optimal cooking. No peeling or chipping. It's ideal for use over low to medium heat with minimum oil or butter. It is easy to clean. Michelangelo's granite frying pan set is designed with classy marble looking surface which is made out of all natural coating colors. The stone skillets set is a great addition to your kitchen. The optimal size for day-to-day cooking is 8 and 10 inch frying pans. The non-stick frying pans are made of professional grade aluminum that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spot, food fries quickly and evenly across the surface of the skillets and slips onto the plate once ready. It's ideal for healthy cooking. The Michelangelo pan set has a lid. It works on all stovetops. The oven is safe up to 450F. The package includes a frying pan with a lid.

Brand: Michelangelo

👤The pans are not smooth. I don't like it. The description on Amazon says they are safe. The paperwork is enclosed with pans. I contacted the manufacturer and they said no to metal utensils and not recommended to use dishwasher due to the non stick surface failing. The word is used earlier. I don't like misinformation. So buyer, be where you are!

👤I've never used metal utensils.

👤The products handle began to rust after the first week. The materials used were not good. A lot of spray is required to use without burning food.

👤These pans work well. They are light. The handle is stamped. The pictures all look burned, other reviews complain about the coating coming off. They work well if you follow the directions and don't try to cook too fast. I use the small one almost daily and it still looks and performs like new. Throw cold water on a hot pan and you'll be fine.

👤I returned them because they were purchased as a gift for my mother and the size was not what she wanted, but I got the correct size and the pan is fantastic. It's easy to clean! Food does not stick to the pan.

👤I found a saute pan with a lid that was in one package. The pans have lids. They are as good at non-stick as any other product I've tried, and they handle the heat nicely. It's nice to have two sizes. One for the two of us. The larger is for a family meal. I was tempted to do it sooner than later, even though they are still available. Many products disappear.

👤I bought these pans for my mother because she didn't like the look of her non-stick pans. I bought these pans and they slid off without sticking. I'm very impressed. These pans are not toxic.

👤I have used many so called non stick pans and have been disappointed in many ways, not with this set. Cleaning is easy and the heat distribution is great. If you are a chef or short order cook, I can assure you that you will fall in love with this pan. There is a One happy cook.

👤One of the items in the frying pan set has a chance of being useful, and it comes with a lid. Their appearance in the photos is the second best thing. The handles are comfortable and complete the top three. There is a The fact that they appear to work as promised, but with an unstated detail that the surface is so smooth, so slippery, that flipping anything in involves an exercise is high-speed spatula insert to take advantage of the physics of inertia. I will not be ordering any more to fill out my kitchen needs. The item's negatives have a flimsy feel. It is so light that it doesn't feel useful. I like a frying pan that has a certain heft to it that these don't. There is a Update-- The frying pans are not really round. The lids don't fit right.

4. HexClad Hybrid Stainless Frying Stay Cool

HexClad Hybrid Stainless Frying Stay Cool

The components include a saucepan, sauce pan, casserole stockpot, and saute fry pan. The hexagon design is created through a laser etching process to provide both steel and non stick surface. The dual surface allows your pan to sear still while using less oil, grease, and butter. The patented laser-etched hexagon design and tri-ply construction of the HexClad makes it PFOA-free, oven safe up to 500 degrees, and ready to use. High-quality materials. Tri-ply construction is needed to create durable cooking pans. The first and third layers are made of steel and aluminum, and they conduct consistent, even heat distribution. It is easy to clean and maintain. The pan is dishwasher safe and can be cleaned using steel wool pads since the pan is scratch resistant and won't wear down from the use of metal utensils. There is a lifetime warranty. All non stick cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty. Add it to your cookware sets. The pan is perfect for eggs, omelets, or single chicken breast.

Brand: Hexclad

👤I personally purchased at least one pan from T-Fal, Blue Diamond, and Gotham Steel. Eggs will slide out of the pans after cooking them. Wrong! You can remove eggs if you scrap them out and anything left behind will come off when you wash them. Oil or butter is needed in order for the eggs to slide around in the pan. As long as you babysit the pan after spraying it, cooking spray can be used. If you are not careful, cooking spray will burn and evaporate if you are not careful. There is a It was clad in hexagonal. Since they all seem to work the same as far as eggs are concerned, I will be purchasing a full set of Hexclad pans. 1. The pan has a non-stick surface on it. If you transfer grease from the stove to the bottom of the pans, they will become brown, and you cannot get them clean again. The bottom of the pan is cleaned by the Hexclad. After a month and a half of use, there is no sign of discolored skin. 2. The pans are oven ready. 3. The weight of a cast iron skillet indicates to me that my skillet is well made. 4. The Blue Diamond has hollow handles, but the handle is made from a solid piece of steel. 5. My pans come with a glass top lid. If you buy one of the sets, the lids are included. 6. The newduction stove tops are made of stainless steel and can be used on any other type of stove top. 7. The only non-stick pan I have used is the one with instructions that cooking spray can be used. It is recommended that you use the cooking spray "Olive-Oil". The instructions for the other pans don't say why you shouldn't use cooking spray. I believe the reason is that spray is thinner and will burn and evaporate. There are 8. The pan heats up faster than the others I have tested. There is a You must use low heat with any of these pans. The instructions for the first time say to add water after the pan is heated. If the pan is too hot, turn it off. The water is heated properly if it bubbles up. You may want to reduce the heat in your cooking. I found that there are other pans that have the same characteristics as Hexclad. They are called Green Pan, All-Clad, Calphalon, and Anolon. Multiple types of cookware are made by the last three. Some of them have been around for a long time. It is the one for me.

👤It was used to make 2 eggs. They were stuck to the pan when they were ready to flip. It's completely garbage.

👤Not a stick at all. I bought this pan because of its claims. The item seems to live up to its name, however the part that is non-stick is completely false. I cooked some egg whites after taking it out of the box. I lost half of the food I cooked. I cook a lot of cheese with eggs and even with a lot of oil, it can't be brown, but it can be stuck to the bottom. I also bought a pan. I cook without a spatula.

5. GreenPan Lima Ceramic Non Stick Cookware

GreenPan Lima Ceramic Non Stick Cookware

The glass lids are oven safe up to 450F. GreenPan's healthy ceramic coating is free of harmful substances and will not release toxic fumes even if it is accidentally overheated. The bodies are designed to stand up to daily demands. The oven and Broiler are safe up to 600F. The glass lid is oven safe and easy to use. A relaxed and comfortable grip can be achieved with a rivetted handle. It is suitable for all stovetops. 2QT saucepan with lid, 5QT casserole with lid, 8” and 9.5” frypans, 2.75QT skillet with lid, solid bamboo turner, and bamboo fork.

Brand: Greenpan

👤I should have listened to the reviews. The beautiful surface that made for easy clean up has diminished after 4 months of caring for these pots and pans. They are hard to clean. Don't think about cooking eggs or curry in them. They will never be the same. I really liked them for the first 3 months, but don't be fooled, you'll have to work the hardest to care for pots and pans that will turn on you.

👤This cookware was purchased for health reasons. The pans were packed well. They are light enough for my wife, but made well. We like the way the food slides right out, but we haven't had them long and will update as time goes on. The care instructions were much more detailed. They suggest having your food sit out 10 min before cooking, you can not use spray oils as it will build up on the pan, you need to make sure the pan is cool before washing, and you need to keep the pan at medium to low. We have soft cloths in between each one, but we don't know what that is. This is ok with my wife, but it's a lot to remember when I just want to cook. I would have liked them less, but I know they are a better choice than our old tephlon ones. I didn't give it five stars because of the extensive care needed and the wood utensils included were very rough on the edges. We are only using Silicon ones.

👤The first time I saw these, I loved them, but then a couple months of having them outside was ridiculous. I am not happy with how they look. I followed the directions and that was not good advice. I don't think you should spend your money on these pans, they cook great, but they don't work out.

👤These pans are not good. Within a couple of months, all the paint came off. They are not good to use. They look 50 years old after a few months. Don't waste your money.

👤I have been very careful with this set of pans. Black areas that won't come off the pans. When we received the pans, one of the edges was damaged and some of the pans' finish is starting to peel off. When I received these pans, I thought about returning because of the finish on the one pan, but I decided that it was a big deal because of the other things that happened.

👤We should have listened to the other reviews that people had these plans for a long time. They started out promising but after three months they were just as bad as normal pans. We always hand wash them, use a cooking medium, and never overheated them. It seems that the coating has worn off. Would not purchase again.

👤The other reviews should have made me believe them. I have taken good care of them, but now they are not clean. I scrambled eggs after sauteing peppers in olive oil. I can't clean the pan. It's very frustrating.

6. Copper Chef 00438 19 Round Fry

Copper Chef 00438 19 Round Fry

The bakelite handles are riveted to the pan for safety and comfort. STAINLESS STEEL INDUCTION PLATE. Each pan has a steel plate that distributes heat from edge to edge. Your meals are perfect without hot spots. Use in the oven or on a stove top. Copper Chef has an exclusive non-stick ceramic coating. It is so non-stick, you don't even have to worry about burnt cheese in your skillet. There is no butter or oil required. The pan is not pre-seasoned. It is easy to clean up because there is no leftover mess. The dishwasher is safe. There are hard-anodized pans. Heavy-duty aluminum construction is hard anodized for strength and professional performance.

Brand: Copper Chef

👤The pan worked well for about 6 weeks of intermittent use, but now the non-stick feature is not functional and the pan is useless. Food sticks to the pan and can be difficult to remove. Trying to re-season didn't work.

👤This is my second rodeo with these pans. It was the first time it was green. The one that was in the box was terrible. I bought this item on April 29th and it is July 7th. I replaced my old $8 Walmart basic teflon type with this one because it worked well for me for over five years. This was a bonus because it was compatible with my nuwave device. I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly for about 2 months. I only washed it and cooked it at a low temp, I think they claim you can even put this in up to a 500 degree oven. It was enjoyable to use. Eggs were moving around the pan. I could do the same thing as a fancy chef. There is a I used cooking spray or butter. Nothing was burned in this pan. Gradually, I noticed that this was sticking. At first, it was just a bit. I started week 10 and this morning was a scramble. There is a The return window has ended. I was willing to exchange it for another one, but the window closed on May 30. I didn't abuse this pan. It will be religated to a sautee pan or grilled sandwiches. The primary purpose of my purchase was to no longer have eggs. There is a I suppose you get what you pay for. There is a A pan that lasts more than 2 months is what I'm looking for.

👤I bought a few sizes. It was a disappointment. Most things I cook stick, even though I follow all directions. Eggs are not good. They stick so bad that they can't be turned over without breaking the yoke. The large pan is great for frying bacon, but any pan can do the job. The only good thing about them is the color.

👤I noticed the burn on the surface after cooking with this pan for a second time. Eggs and meat were only fried by me. It doesn't look like I have a genuine copper chef. This pan is not good. I will never use it again.

👤I was very excited to get my new pan. I followed the instructions. From the beginning, I've experienced trouble. It's impossible to clean oil and butter. A waste of money.

👤It's not often that a TV advertised product works as described, but this one is a winner. I tried one of their bigger skillets a few years ago, and as my other non-stick stuff wears out, I'm replacing it with Copper Chef products. There is a I picked up two of these pans to replace the ones that were showing signs of wear. I love these! I don't know why people have issues with these. I keep them clean using the same methods I use on ironware, but I do follow the seasoning process. I've never had any burning or sticking issues. The only thing I have to say about these ones is that the handle bolt heads inside the skillet can get cooked on to them, but they don't clean off. It's a minor point if they found a way to attach the handle without the exposed bolt heads. There is a This is my new cookware brand. It is free of toxins. The coating on my one has not worn out in the slightest, it cooks evenly, and it is more affordable than most non-stick brands. I highly recommend these, they work great for me. Follow the seasoning process and care for them according to instructions. Five stars, easy. There is a This will help you shop. Thank you for reading. It's a good thing.

7. MICHELANGELO Nonstick Skillet Induction Compatible

MICHELANGELO Nonstick Skillet Induction Compatible

Fast heating will save you energy. Consistency is ensured through heat through all the surface. It can be used on any stove top. Extraordinarily efficient on the stove top. You can just wipe, clean and wash. They care about health PFOA free, and the silicone ring on the lid is easy to wash. The elegantly designed granite interior of the 10 inch stone earth frying pan is scratch resistant and ultra non stick, which enhances both the cooking performance and the lifespan of the pan. Food slides off the surface for optimal cooking. No peeling or chipping. It's ideal for use over low to medium heat with minimum oil or butter. It is easy to clean. The heat is conducted quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spot. The anti-warp base of the frying pan provides outstanding warp resistance and even heat distribution. The non-stick frying pans allow you to fry up your favorite breakfast, eggs, veggies, meats and more with less oil for a healthy diet. The stone skillet with lid has a heat resistant glass lid that makes viewing food easy. It makes a food taste better. The omelet pan stone is easy to maneuver and stays cool while cooking, it is specially designed with a long steel handle. The hanging loop of the fry pans is convenient for storing. It's an industrial comparison. The flat bottom of the frying pan allows it to be placed evenly over the heat source and is suitable for use on all stove tops. The oven is safe up to 450F. It's ideal for healthy cooking. Michelangelo Stone Frying Pan is a great choice for cooking. The package includes a Frying Pan with a lid.

Brand: Michelangelo

👤The coating is very slick. Eggs have no oil. I can't comment on the coating's longevity yet. There is a Con: The skillet has a raised center. The lower part of the base is filled with egg whites, resulting in shaped fried eggs. The pan is light. It feels cheap. The sides of the pan are only 0.100" in thickness.

👤There are nine spots after less than 3 months of light usage. The only thing that came in contact with the pan was a spoon. You would expect something more durable when you see words like "stone" and "granite" in the description. These are just marketing buzz words. The only purpose of this "granite" pattern is to make defects and cheap quality less visible.

👤It's easy to cook with and clean. My boyfriend used it a few times and decided he needed one of his own. It looks nice. The star has been removed because the nonstick is starting to come off. I'm guessing it's a metal spatula that's cooking scrambled eggs. I removed 2 more starts because the pan is now flaky and I'm afraid to even use it because I don't want it to get worse. This pan was the best pan ever, but now it's not even usable. If you were going to be very careful with it, I think it would last longer. Not worth it.

👤Wow! This pan is great. Absolutely stick free. I make Mexican casseroles in it, brown burger,onions, and jalapenos with seasoning, then cook riced cauliflower and add cream cheese and shredded cheddar, add layer of refried beans on top, and sour cream. This doesn't stick. As a whistle, it comes out slick. I gave away my own recipe, and it was delicious. I put it into the dishwasher for easy clean up, and nothing else I cook in it sticks. Get yourself one of them. You can say thank you later. It's funny.

👤After six months of bi- or tri-weekly use, I highly recommend this pan. It has not changed. It has become my main pan. I would buy another pan from this company. It is easy to cook food. A very versatile pan. It is free of a harmful coating. This pan was purchased by the original review after many weeks of research. This pan is different than my other pans. It is light. The pan is almost like a beaten metal. The metal knob on the lid gets very hot during cooking, and the handle is long. I had to use a hand mitt during cooking, something I don't have to do with my other pans. I have used it to cook four different dishes and none of the food stuck.

👤I was happy with the pan, but it started to peel off. It was so great that it didn't have it for a year.

👤My omelette is sticking to the bottom of the pan after 2 weeks. I made omelettes with a little avacado oil for taste. I only used a spatula after hand washing. Pan doesn't hold up.

8. GreenPan Anodized Healthy Nonstick PFAS Free

GreenPan Anodized Healthy Nonstick PFAS Free

The fry pans can handle the heat, they are oven safe to 350F. GreenPan's healthy ceramic coating is free of harmful substances and will not release toxic fumes even if it is accidentally overheated. The Tough Hard Anodized body is scratch resistant and designed to stand up to daily demands. The oven and Broiler are safe up to 600F. The glass lid is oven safe and easy to use. A relaxed and comfortable grip can be achieved with a rivetted handle. It is suitable for all stovetops.

Brand: Greenpan

👤Extra virgin olive oil can't be used in the pan because of the packaging. I wouldn't have bought the pan if it was stated on Amazon. I called the company to clarify something. The representative told me that extra virgin olive oil has a low smoke point. She said that it's fine to use butter or coconut oil that has a lower smoke point than extra virgin olive oil. There is a This pan is useless to me because most of the olive oil I buy is extra virgin. I will return it.

👤There is nothing about this frypan. I have been using it for a while, but it doesn't stick. The turkey stuck after I warmed it up for my son. It is ridiculous. The fry pan is a good size, but anything you cook will stick worse than if you were using cast iron. Save money. The pan is a joke.

👤I have tried many different pans at my age and have had several Green Pans. They are the best pans I have ever owned. The number one problem in our house is. My husband does the dishes and thinks pans need to be scrubbed with a scruffy or a SOS pad to come clean. He ruined every last one. He likes to spray the pan with a cooking spray and he ruined my last green pans because he couldn't wait for the pan to heat up. I threw them out. There is a I found this one. It comes with a lid. That's the best part. I don't have to use butter or oil in this pan. Clean cooking. You can taste the food. It's easy to clean up, wipe it out and wash it. You should not have to scrub. Follow the instructions. I hid my pan from him. I will wash it myself.

👤The pan worked well for about 6 months. There were some dark marks on the pan after I washed the grilled cheese sandwich that I made one day. I washed it again and the marks were still there. Since that day I can't wash the pan because the Non-stick feature is gone. I made eggs this morning, I attached pictures of the results. I will not be buying a brand of pan.

👤The fact that a lot of different foods stick to the surface isn't my biggest complaint. The pan was designed by a team of experts so that when you pour grease out of the pan, a good portion of it will run down the edge and reach the bottom of the pan. Every second. I have never had a cheap teflon pan that was so frustrating and messy that I forgot about the hassle and mess. Don't buy a pan.

👤I have had this pan for a year and have loved it, until a week ago when food started sticking to it. My omelets are scrambled. I've been careful about hand washing it after it's cooled. The only utensil used with the pan is the spatula that is made of high temperature soft plastic. I usually cook on medium heat, but sometimes I sear something. I've done everything I was supposed to, but it's still carbonizing. It only lasts a year. I'm going to try a special sponge, but if it's necessary to maintain the pan, it should come with it. If they could do that, I would be happy to send it in to be repaired. I like the pan but I don't want to buy another one if it's only going to last a year.

9. GreenPan CC000673 001 Valencia Toxin Free Dishwasher

GreenPan CC000673 001 Valencia Toxin Free Dishwasher

It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. GreenPan's ceramic coating is free of lead, PFOA, and other toxic fumes, even if it is accidentally overheated. Their original diamond- infused non-stick coating is a metal utensil safe. Valencia Pro's Magneto Bases are incredibly durable and scratch-resistant, and they come in a variety of colors. The oven and Broiler are safe up to 600F. It's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Brand: Greenpan

👤These pans are terrible. I thought these would be perfect as an alternative to Calphalon. I did everything right. I don't know what happened. Don't try to cook eggs on them. Or anything else. Maybe my reviews were "faulty"? To say the least, pretty disappointed.

👤We've used every brand of non-stick cookware, including the Swiss Diamond stuff. It's a good value because it's less expensive than other high-end products and should last longer. There is a I'll update this review if it doesn't pan out over the long haul, the best aspect of this particular type is that it is very easy to clean. There is a The good: - Not very flat, so cooking spray or butter works better. It takes a long time to settle the rim. The thin iron plate leads to poor performance on induction cooktops. To cook the same as competing products, we have to set ours a higher number. Magnets don't stick to these pans as well as they do competing pans, so you can verify this with the standard magnet test. The Swiss Diamond product was not as slick as some of the others, but you must always use some lube with it.

👤5 stars are given to these pans for being overpriced. They excel at that. I have had them for almost two years. I noticed something odd when I used them for the first time. There is bacon. Let that sink in for a second. A foodstuff sticks to these pans. Don't try to cook an egg or ground pork in this abomination without having a big mess on your hands. There is a The "Magneto" line claims to be safe to use with metal utensils. I have never used metal utensils to cook. I have used bamboo, olive wood, and silicone utensils on them, which is against the rules for a non-stick coating. The surface began to chip and break. There is a These pans are garbage and a scam. Don't buy Greenpan products. Unless you hate yourself, cooking, food, and life in general.

👤I have been using these pans for over four months. The pans have a design flaw, but they are high quality. The center is raised. The oil moves to the edges when you apply it. I have to spread it around quickly to make sure the oil is distributed evenly. It is stupid. It needs to be a deliberate design choice. It could not have been a mistake. I wonder what Greenspan engineers were thinking when they designed this. Maybe the lead engineer took a bathroom break when the design of the pan was being discussed? It is beyond comprehension for a pan to cost that much. Eggs and pancakes cook well. Other batter based foods were sticking. The pan's non stick quality has improved after repeated use without using metal utensils or washing in the dishwasher. I use a soapy sponge and hot water to scrub it. I think a thin invisible layer might have formed on this pan. The Pan is not discolored. I bought a smaller Madison GreenPan at another store. The design flaw of the madison pans is not present. Non stick is better. I am not sure if they will last as long as the Valencia pans. The heat distribution is good. The pan weight is balanced. Continues to look nice. There is a Despite the design flow, a big thanks to GreenPan for designing these pans without harmful chemicals. The whole family of chemicals, including PFOA, must be avoided.

10. Frying Pan Sets Nonstick Lid

Frying Pan Sets Nonstick Lid

It work on all stove tops, except induct. The oven is safe up to 450F. The package includes a copper saucepan with a lid. Koch Systeme CS nonstick frying pan sets use a ceramic coating which is 100% PFOA free, allowing you to cook your favorite foods with less oil or butter. The bottom provides a uniform heat conduction design for all stove tops. Different ways of cooking can be done with the 10''+12'' dimensions. Keep the coating away from acidic materials and don't use hard material to clean it. There are Ultra Non-stick Skillet sets. The interior of the Hard-Anodized aluminum Nonstick Cookware and Titanium is scratch resistant and non-stick. Everything slides off the surface for optimal cooking. For a healthy diet, use minimum oil or butter. These cookware sets are oven safe. TheHeating Mastery Frying System is a heating system. The cookware sets are made of professional grade aluminum that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temp control and no hot spot. The 4mm thickness pan body is scratch resistant and not easy to change. Food fries quickly and evenly across the surface of the surface with the patented thermo spot technology. The proper cooking temperature is around 400F. The handle is made of STAINLESS STEEL. The pan has a long handle that makes it easy to maneuver, and it stays cool when cooking. The 10 and 12 frying pan sets are the best for day to day cooking. The handle of the frying pan oven can resist high-temperature cooking and is safe up to 450F. According to strict quality standards, the non-stick cookware manufactured by CS-KOCH is high-quality and practical. If you have a problem, please contact their call center. They will give you professional solutions. If you can't use the product on your cooker, please contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Koch Systeme Cs

👤I love the fact that the KOCH Systeme CS non stick frying pans are easy to clean, and they cook evenly, so I use a wet paper towel or soft sponge to clean them. This frying pans are more healthy because you only have to add a small amount of oil or butter. There is a I used to have other copper frying pans that were heavy and not good in less than five days, everything was sticking to them. I use this set every single day to make eggs, sausage, and hamburgers, and I like to make pork chops, steak, chicken steak, and hamburgers after I finish making them. The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean, and they come with lids, which is an A+. The copper frying pan sets are easy to clean. You can wipe the surface with a cloth. The 10-inch + 12 inch frying pan sets are made of professional-grade aluminum that conducts heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control and no hot spot. Food is quickly and evenly spread across the surface of the skillet and is ready to be put on the plate. You can cook your favorite meals without the need for butter or oil with the 4-ceramic coating from Germany. Food grade quality copper bottom provides rapid and uniform heat conduction. You won't get a reason to complain about the nonstick frying pan. The pan has a long handle that makes it easy to maneuver, and it stays cool when cooking. The frying pan sets are ideal for day to day cooking. The handle of the frying pan oven can resist high-temperature cooking and is safe up to 450F. The best set I've ever bought is highly recommended.

👤Nice looking. I like the light weight. The oil parts of the egg will stick after a few weeks. If you fiddle with it, it might let go or break. I wiped them out with a paper towel. Eggs run to the sides of the curved bottom. Anything that can run will go to the side. I have an insturment stove that works perfectly with my big brand pots and pans, which are very thick and have very thick bottoms. I have had these P&Ps for over ten years and they are no longer teflon. I bought these because they only work on certain burners. It must be very thin. Even though they were heavy, I wish I had bought another set of them.

👤These copper pans are pretty. If you're looking for value, you should keep looking. These things do not qualify as non-stick, but they do qualify as super stick. You have to scrub and scrub in order to get bacon off. That causes the bottom of the pan to lose it's copper color and go greyish, so there goes your pretty too! These are a waste of money and they are expensive. You don't always get what you pay for. I don't know what they use as a criteria for their claim of "ultra non-stick", but it's BS. I don't know where that 4+ star rating came from. The reviewers have said that nearly everyone has had a severe sticking problem. It would follow that nearly every review would be a 2 stars or less if one buys a product for one reason and it turns out not to be the case. It seems to me that the rating has been manipulated and can be dismissed as a joke.

11. 11 Frying Lid Nonstick Compatible

11 Frying Lid Nonstick Compatible

There are other Ware cooking instructions. The jumbo cooker is part of the Farberware collection. The ceramic and titanium interior of the cooking pans is scratch resistant and non-stick. Everything slides off the surface for optimal cooking. The nonstick inside makes oil impermeable. PFOA and PTFE are free ceramic titanium coating. The high temperature coating on the ceramic coating pan will not allow non-degraded substances to be eaten. Stone-derived allows a healthy diet with less oil and butter. Bring your favorite food and cook a delicious meal with them. Uniform and fast heat insufficiencies for all stove tops. The 11-inch frying pan is made of professional-grade aluminum alloy, which is able to conduct heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control, which is the great avoidance of hot spots in cooking. The uniform heat flat bottom allows this coating skillet to be placed evenly over heat source and is suitable for use on all stove tops. The handle and glass lid are made of STAINLESS STEEL. The length and width of the handle are suitable for grasping, which will help you cook better. The most stable structure is the handle, which is fixed with three screws, which can delay the loss of the handle due to thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. You can check the cooking without spilling oil with the glass lid. It's ideal for both new and experienced cooks. Professional products and reliable service are what the copper skillets are made for. If you have a problem, please contact their call center. They will give you professional solutions.

Brand: Koch Systeme Cs

👤I hate when the yoke cracks, I make over easy eggs every morning. I have to use a lot of butter to be able to remove the pan easily. I took a short video to show how easy it is to remove. All my pans are non stick, but it's not true. This one will help me eat a lot healthier.

👤I have been using this frying pan for 4 years and it is the best. I made a sausage and cheese omelette without using butter or oil. I have cooked in this for a few weeks and have had great results. Would definitely recommend.

👤I was looking for a non stick that was free of toxins. Found this and bought it based on reviews. Result... Terrible pan! It is too late to return over 30 days. The pan was very good for the first couple of weeks. Everything began to stick even after following cooking and cleaning instructions. I sent an email to the warranty department and haven't heard back. If you are looking for something non stick, I would not recommend this purchase.

👤We bought this to have a cheap teflon-free non-stick to add to our collection. We wanted to have an easy way to cook omelettes and quick dishes. The pan is garbage. I knew it would be the case when I opened the box. The aluminum is super lightweight. It was really non-stick on the first day, but by the third use I began to have issues with food sticking to it. The beginning of the end was that. I kept using it. It got worse and worse. The photo I included is the one I took after sauteing green beans and onions. It is almost impossible to clean and it is going in the recycle today. Invest in a quality product.

👤The frying pan is amazing. It is very easy to clean, and it is very light. My Teflon coated frying pan didn't do well unless it was on high heat, but even at a medium high temperature it browns meat very nicely. All I have to do is wash it. No soaking to get stuck on food. The glass lid has a vent hole in it to let steam out. I am used to seeing it in a 12 inch size.

👤My daughter is in her dorm. They love to cook. The frying pan is very nice. It is small. Many others do not have a lid. It is easy to clean up. It's perfect for the busy college student.

👤I have been looking for a new pan for a while. I got what I paid for when I tried a few of the cheap ones. I came across this copper style pan after hearing a lot about it. The care in the packaging made me think it was as good as it was delivered. I was correct. I am not a gourmet chef. I cook a lot of omelettes and this was a perfect blend of price, quality and practicality. It is easy to clean. Would you recommend this?


What is the best product for cooking pans nonstick ceramic?

Cooking pans nonstick ceramic products from Greenpan. In this article about cooking pans nonstick ceramic you can see why people choose the product. Totaleze and Michelangelo are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking pans nonstick ceramic.

What are the best brands for cooking pans nonstick ceramic?

Greenpan, Totaleze and Michelangelo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking pans nonstick ceramic. Find the detail in this article. Hexclad, Greenpan and Copper Chef are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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