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1. All Clad H911S364 Essentials Nonstick 4 Piece

All Clad H911S364 Essentials Nonstick 4 Piece

There is an after-sales service. They have a two-year warranty and high-quality after-sales service. You can buy their products. If the product has a quality problem, please contact them. They don't recommend the purchase for people with a metal allergy. The set includes an 8.5-inch fry pan and a 2.5 quart sauce pan, two kitchen mainstays that can be used to sear/fry at high heat and make sauces or heat liquids.

Brand: All-clad

👤I have two pieces of steel that I love very much. I really like my new frying pan and sauce pot from the Essentials Nonstick Fry Sauce pan, 4-Piece, Grey set. I've made pancakes and omelets, stir fry vegetables, and it's been great, and it's easy to clean up. The quality of the cookware is what I like the most, it looks and feels sturdy and well worth the price.

👤The photo shows the damage to the new pot after the sauce pot fell to the kitchen floor. Clad was contacted and their response was... Accidents are not covered by the warranty. Quality issue? Is it durable for everyday use? Disappointed consumer.

👤These are the best pots and pans I have ever owned. They are of a superior quality from the start. I like cooking in them. They are easy to clean and retain their shine.

👤I like the pot and pan set. I have used this pan many times and have not had any issues. Cleans up super easy, and no sticking. This pan is better than the last one I bought.

👤If you follow the instructions, don't use metal utensils and don't put them in the sink until cooled, they last a long time.

👤The set was purchased to try out the non-stick surface. The coating comes off in some reviews. We have been using the set almost daily for 2 months and both look great. We don't put them in the dishwasher and we don't leave food in them for long. That could be the difference. We would highly recommend this product.

👤I bought these because the description said that they worked on the insturment stove. They don't! I threw the boxes away and washed them so I couldn't return them, so I'll give them to a friend with a gas stove. What a waste of money.

👤I thought I would give All-Clad a try because I love the products. It is nice to have a couple of non stick items from a trusted company.

2. All Clad Anodized Nonstick Frying Cookware

All Clad Anodized Nonstick Frying Cookware

A kitchen staple with a flat base and flared sides that allow for easy flipping and tossing. It is made from heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum coated with 3 layers of a safe PFOA-free non-stick material. It's compatible with all of the cooktops, and is safe to use in an oven and a Broiler, up to 500F. The handles are riveted to ensure a safe grip and a glass lid to lock in humidity. They recommend hand washing to preserve the coating. You might want to hold onto it a bit longer.

Brand: All-clad

👤Not impressed. You can see from the video that the only part of the pan that produces heat is in the center, which is about 6 inches. It doesn't seem to transfer the heat to the outer edges of the pan so that the food cooks if it's not in the center.

👤The U shaped handle digs into the palm of the hand when lifting. The bottom of the skillet is not flat. The center of the skillet is raised and the frying oil moves to the outer edge. One needs to tilt and rock the skillet back and forth to keep the oil under the food. It was made in China.

👤It lasted 15 months but is dead. Silicone or wooden utensils are showing wear, but I never used anything else. It has a small dome in the center that oil can run to. It was a good pan, but I wanted it to last longer.

👤Not as expected. I love All-Clad cook ware. The larger size made me decide to add one more. There is a Mistake. The middle of the pan is hot and dry as all the oil goes to the perimeter. There is a It doesn't matter what the temperature is. Would not recommend it.

👤The reviews seemed to think this was a great pan. Some reviews stated that the pans they got were not flat on the bottom. I tested my first thing with a small amount of water. It was a dry "island" in the middle, so much for a flat bottom. I expect better for $80 bucks. It's going back. I advise the test if you get this pan.

👤I put it in the trash after a year and a day. I could have had four pans for less. I will not be buying again. We took good care of it, but we did not use metal implements, sponges or dish cloths. It was very disappointing.

👤I have a large set of the All Clad and am happy with them. We went through less extensive non stick skillets every 6 months. The non stick coating on these pans had worn off and we need new ones. They have never been in the dishwasher or used metal utensils. They were the perfect pan for a short time.

👤Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that disposable non stick pans are all that matters. You can get some more life out of them by being careful, but eventually they will lose their slickness within 1-2 years. It's not worth it to spend a lot of money on pans. It's not good to go cheap as the cheaper pans tend to warp easily and most are cheap aluminum and won't work on my induction cooktop. This pan seems to be a nice compromise. It's not cheap, it's got some good heft to it, and it seems sturdy enough to not warp, but it's also not very expensive. The shape with less of a sloped lip gives you more cooking area to work with. There is a I don't think it will fare much better than any other pan, though we will see how it holds up.

3. All Clad E785S264 Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher

All Clad E785S264 Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher

Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized cookware has 3 layers of safe, PFOA-free non-stick for long- lasting easy release. It is compatible with all cooktops, thanks to its anti-warp base and oven safe up to 500F. The handles are riveted to the steel. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the nonstick.

Brand: All-clad

👤This is the first review I've done for Amazon, even after hundreds of purchases, and it's the first one. The reason for this review is that I feel the handle is unsafe. The pan cooks really well. It has a lot of weight. The pan is heavy and it is difficult to keep balanced when lifting it off of a hot stove. The pan can twist if you don't have a firm grip. The edges of the handle make it hard to hold it tight. I love everything about this pan other than the handle. I felt the potential of danger and burning was worth writing a review on, even though other owners might disagree.

👤Don't buy this product. I got the 12 and 10 inch skillet. They work great on my range. But the handles. There is no words to describe how bad these handles are. Want to put the food in a container? Try to break your wrist. The design of your hand is stupid. Handling these pans is a nightmare because of the angle, shape and shape. I don't need a lot of money for 2 pans that I can't lift without teaching my kids new words. Stay away from this product while you shop.

👤These are amazing. It was worth every single penny. I was angry with the way eggs stuck to the pan. Even the non stick pans. I bought these after my eggs were ruined again. I had head of the brand before but didn't own anything and didn't care for the price, but I was desperate. These have changed my life. I like them. They are worth it.

👤It won't work on my GE range top. Very disappointed.

👤All Clad has a knock off of these pans. I used them for 6 months. The non stick surface is chipping off so I'm throwing in the scrap metal pile. There is a Did you use the right utensil? You will. Never used plastic tools. Always a spatula. I'm going for a walk.

👤I have bought these pans 4 times. The first time I tried them, the recipient couldn't stop talking. Wow! Keep reading, but it's amazing. Sometimes I have a lot going on at the same time, 2 sets would be better for me. My son bought a house. I bought the 4th set. I received a counterfeit set four times. They are not all-Clad. They didn't come in an All-Clad box, didn't have an extra handle on the pan, and have thick handles like most brands. The pans are not large on the bottom. They are lightweight and have sloping sides that are closer to the center than most pans. All-clad has straight sides that start at the edge and allow a larger cooking surface. Amazon was the seller of all 4 sets. If you get a set that doesn't come in an All-Clad box, and look exactly like the photos, send them back.

👤I have a lot of pans. Never a complaint until now. These do not have the flat bottoms that are claimed. The fat pools are at the edges. I like low fat cooking but can't do it in these. I will probably return them.

4. All Clad Nonstick Anodized Cookware Piece

All Clad Nonstick Anodized Cookware Piece

The handle of the heat insulation is soft Silicone and has a double-riveted connection to keep handles sturdy and cool. The cookware is visible while cooking. The set includes: 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch fry pans. A collection of fry pans is a must have. It is made from heavy-gauge, hard anodized aluminum coated with 3 layers of a safe PFOA-free non-stick material. It's compatible with all of the cooktops and is safe to use in an oven up to 500F. The handles are riveted to ensure a safe grip and the glass lid is locked in. They recommend hand washing to preserve the coating. You might want to hold onto it a bit longer. All-Clad's Lifetime Warranty is backed by this.

Brand: All-clad

👤There is one major flaw in these pans. The handles. The entire length of them are thin and curved at the top of the handle. There is a They are difficult to hold. You don't have a good grip with a larger handle. It's possible that you could hold the pan with one hand, and it will spin, spilling hot food everywhere, because you can't get a good hold on the handle. There is a The pans work as advertised.

👤How can you make a mistake? Every time I get a new piece of All-Clad, I get excited. The quality is always good and these pans are no exception. They always produce a quality product. The pans have the right weight. You cannot hold them with the contents. They come out of the dishwasher. Looking good. I'm glad I got these. I think they're the best non-stick pans on the market, because they work with induction. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for. I have several All-Clad pans that I have used for a long time and they are still my favorites. You should buy this set.

👤I've loved my All Clad for a long time so purchasing their cookware was a no-brainer. Huge mistake! All Clad and other manufacturers put a magnetic disc on their cookware which means that the bottom and side walls of the pan do not heat up. Only the portion with the magnetized disc is heating up and the rest of the pan is not. The egg won't cook if the part of the egg that slides to the section of the bottom without the disc is in the frying pan. The magnetic disc on All Clad does not cover the entire bottom. I returned the Clad and bought a MultiClad. It's rated the best induction cookware on multiple websites because it has a built in magnetized area that covers the entire bottom and goes up the sides to provide even heat distribution.

👤The pans were nice but the handles were difficult to hold, it was like they were upside down. Returned and bought some Williams Sonoma non stick that I love.

👤The handle design is the only thing I dislike about the new pans. The half crescent is not well designed.

👤All-Clad cookware is the standard by which all others are judged. The All-Clad name is stamped on these skillets. All-Clad thought this was a good idea. The handles are terrible and they are shallow. There are better options at this price point.

👤The pan does not work with the cooker. It seems like the same pole is pushing away the magnet on the edge. The edges are pushing away. The pan is not being recognized by the cook top. The video could not be uploaded because of some reason. I have the same problem as you if you have an induction cooktop. It's better to change it and get something different.

👤The pans are good. They work well on a gas range and heat evenly. However. This is the worst handle I have ever seen. It hurts your hand to hold on to it. Do you want to hand wash it? Forget about it - it slips out. You have to either wrap a towel around it or get the rubber pads that slide over it. I spent $20 more to get the rubber pads after I was done with the towels. Great pans and terrible handles.

5. All Clad 4108 Stainless Dishwasher Cookware

All Clad 4108 Stainless Dishwasher Cookware

Pieces are nested to maximize storage space. A kitchen staple with a flat base and flared sides that allow for easy flipping and tossing. The tri-ply construction is made with a responsive aluminum core and 2 layers of durable,stainless steel all the way around for fast, even heat distribution. To add a bit of style and to ensure a safe grip, the handles are riveted. It's compatible with all of the cooktops, including oven and broiler-safe up to 600F.

Brand: All-clad

👤I use an 8 inch pan for scrambled eggs, and I am happy that I know how to clean it, because eggs are the most difficult to clean. First turn on the burner and let the pan sit empty for a minute. I scramble the egg and set it aside. After a minute, I reduce the heat a little bit and add a little Ghee. Butter will work, but Ghee is better because of it's high smoking point. The smoke point of butter is 350 degrees Fahrenheit, while the smoke point of ghee is 485 degrees. The butter or Ghee should stay on the pan for a minute. The pan should be moved around so that it covers the bottom and sides of the egg. Add the scrambled egg when the heat is reduced to a low heat. Lift the edges of the egg and move it around with a utensil if you want to make sure the edges are firm. Get under the egg with the utensil and let butter or ghee get under it. You will be amazed that there is no egg in the pan. I would have stopped using the non-stick pans years ago if I knew this was possible. It is a healthy option to have this pan. It looks elegant in the kitchen and is well made. It was made in the USA.

👤It was great to use the pan for the first time. The use after has been terrible. It's difficult to clean food sticks, regardless of the type of oil or butter we use. The second photo was taken after we cooked eggs. I soaked the pan. The food was hard to come off.

👤The thick bottom of the fry pan makes it take a long time to heat up. The temperature won't change much while cooking, a good thing. After using teflon coated aluminum pans, some readjustment is required. They get hotter at a given dial setting when they take longer to heat up. I cook scrambled eggs in olive oil on a Cephalon pan at a dial setting of 6 on my GE glass cooktop. The eggs and olive oil don't burn at that setting. The AllClad gets so hot at the dial setting that it smokes the olive oil and burns anything in the pan. The actual temperature can be gauged using a goodInfrared Thermometer. If you cook with olive oil or Crisco, it's not as easy to clean. The AllClad cleanser or Bar Keepers Friend is needed to scrub the tan from them. There is a These pans are much more versatile and take abuse that would kill a teflon pan in no time.

👤The finish is really nice. The very end closest to the pan is the only part of the handle that stays cool. The handle is not comfortable and can twist in your hand. The pan is small, so it doesn't dig into your hand as badly, and it's not as heavy as the larger pans, so you get some stability. It doesn't warp unless you pour cold water in it when it's hot. It can be non-stick if you polish the inside to a mirror finish and heavy scrubbing to remove any signs of oxidation. The smaller pan seems to stick better than the larger one. If the planets are aligned, I can make fried eggs in this pan. I got some Zwilling Energy ceramic non-stick pans and some DeBuyer Pro carbon steel pans, they look professional hanging from the pot rack, but I don't use All-Clasy anymore.

6. All Clad E7951364 Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher

All Clad E7951364 Anodized Nonstick Dishwasher

We recommend hand washing to preserve the coating. You might want to hold onto it a bit longer. Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized cookware has 3 layers of safe, PFOA-free non-stick for long- lasting easy release. The oven is safe up to 500F and compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic cooktops. The handles are riveted to the steel. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the nonstick.

Brand: All-clad

👤This product is terrible. I should have believed the other negative reviews, but I was biased in favor of a trusted brand. Do not make the same mistake. There is a I have heard that All-Clad is the best product money can buy. I was willing to pay $50 for this square griddle frying pan, expecting it to be a superior product. There is only one requirement for a pan like this. It should be straight. It should be durable, versatile, and have an attractive design. It should be FLAT. The pan is not flat. There is a The All-Clad logo is on the backside of the pan. The cooking surface bulged upward at the very center when the metal was warped by the stamp process. I thought it was impossible for All-Clad to overlook a product like that. I filled the pan with water and there was no confusion about it. The middle of the pan was sticking out. Water pooled on all sides as it slid down the middle. I can't believe that a company that makes top of the line cooking products didn't think to check the flatness of a griddle that they were mass producing. This leads to one conclusion. All-Clad was aware of the defect but decided to sell the pans anyway, hoping that most people wouldn't notice. I expect a lot of companies to use this kind of bait and switch. All-Clad is supposed to be the best, a company worth trusting, who has products that last a lifetime when properly cared for. There is a Maybe something has changed at All-Clad. If they cash in on the company's good reputation and use it to sell overpriced garbage, it will be better for short term profits. I only know that my perception of the All-Clad brand has been warped just like this frying pan.

👤I bought other All-Clad products after researching this product. The product has warped after being used for a short period of time. I contacted All-Clad but have not received a response. There is a It's disappointing that the price point for this product is so low.

👤After using high in center! Either way from the beginning!

👤This pan is not good. I have many AllClad products, including other non-stick pans, and I was expecting the same long- lasting quality, but it wasn't the case. The non-stick coating on the pan is already gone, I only used it a few times. I always wash my utensils by hand. Since my return window has closed, I will be contacting AllClad directly to get my money back. Don't buy this pan!

👤Very good pan. There is an important comparison to be made between the OXO 11” square griddle pan and this one. I was shocked when I opened the All-Clad and saw that it was smaller than the OXO. I think the All-Clad is 11” from the outside edge to the inside edge, while the OXO is 11” of usable surface space inside the lip. The OXO is superior in my opinion because of that noticeable difference. Both offer excellent heat distribution. I didn't see any issues with the All-Clad that others have seen. If I needed a replacement, I would order the OXO because it would be more comfortable.

7. All Clad Dishwasher Stainless Cookware Silver

All Clad Dishwasher Stainless Cookware Silver

It's compatible with all of the cooktops, including oven and broiler-safe up to 600F. A kitchen staple with a flat base and flared sides that allow for easy flipping and tossing. The tri-ply construction is made with a responsive aluminum core and 2 layers of durable,stainless steel all the way around for fast, even heat distribution. To ensure a safe grip and to add a bit of style, the handles are riveted. It's compatible with all of the cooktops, including oven and broiler-safe up to 600F. A 10-inch covered fry pan with a wide flat base is versatile. The 3-ply bonded construction has an aluminum core that can be even heated. The cooking surface with a starburst finish is highly polished and won't react with food.

Brand: All-clad

👤I don't think this pan needs any more hype. All clad is top rated amongst brands on the BIFL threads. I watched some videos on the water bead/murcury test and when I tried it with my eggs, it worked. Zero sticking! It was really cool. I'll keep you updated on the longevity/stains. I like it right now. If you want to get away from cheap disposable pans, go for it.

👤I use the 12” skillets for cooking and the 8” for omelettes, so they are probably my least used skillets. I can use a larger burner and still get used often, so this heats up faster than my 8” burner. Don't listen to the reviews by people who never used a pan made for adults before and don't care to learn technique. Pan sauces can be used to clean your pan. Always preheat and add an oil. I knew the minimum time to preheat my stove for each pan. They are all different. You can learn how to make a pan sauce from a video on the internet. It still looks new.

👤Two years ago, I bought one of these. It cooks well and looks good. I washed it in the dishwasher. The middle layer of aluminum eroded around the rim, leaving 2 steel layers around the rim that cut my finger. I contacted All-Clad. I had to return the pan. They sent me a new pan, but didn't say anything. This is advertised as dishwasher safe, but it is not. You need to wash it by hand if you get one.

👤The pan looks good hanging up in the rack. When I burn some stains into it, I use a barkeepers friend to keep it shined up. I use a fried egg and butter as my benchmark test. Sometimes I can get a perfect over easy that doesn't require a spatula. I can't seem to figure out what the secret is. It cleans up easily for all other cooking.

👤I was watching cooking demos on-line in which the Chef used All-Clad products. I wanted to treat myself to a skillet. I am replacing my cookware with All-Clad and have purchased two more smaller skillets. They are expensive but worth it. They look great, but they cook great. I can cook at a lower temperature. Even though it's not a non-stick surface, I have fewer instances of food sticking to it. Clean up the mess. After using the pan, I let it cool for a few minutes, then I ran hot water in the pan and hit it with a scrubbing wand. After the meal, I let it sit and finish the clean-up. "The Bar Keepers Friend" cleaning powder works great on these pans when I need a little extra help.

👤I use this pan for cooking. My wife ruined a few pans with aluminum bases while she was learning to cook. The pans were warped. I bought a Tramontina 3 ply skillet that performs well, but my wife didn't like it very much. She said the pan was too heavy and the sides were flared too much. The All-Clad pan is a bit lighter than the Tramontina pan, the bottom is a bit bigger, and it has a nice lid. I'm not sure if it performs better than the Tramontina pan, but my wife will use it. I hope it lasts a long time because it is much more expensive.

8. All Clad E7852664 Anodized Dishwasher 2 5 Quart

All Clad E7852664 Anodized Dishwasher 2 5 Quart

Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized cookware has 3 layers of safe, PFOA-free non-stick for long- lasting easy release. It is compatible with all cooktops, thanks to its anti-warp base and oven safe up to 500F. The handles are riveted to the steel. The clear glass lid helps lock in the water. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the nonstick.

Brand: All-clad

👤I bought many of the Clad pots and pans and they are very heavy and rich looking. The problem is not well made inside the pot, it's only used for a few months, and I use only plastic Utensils on my cooking pans and pots for decades now. The high quality made inside the pants and pots feels like a cheap $20 pan, so I don't think I'll ever buy a Clad brand again.

👤I researched where the item was made before buying it. The All-Clad website stated that their cookware was made in the U.S. I received this yesterday on the box that said made in China.

👤I was aware of the pro's and con's of this line of All-Clad, but given the All-Clad name, it became obvious to me that this would have to be my choice in a new set. I have had non-stick cookware for 10 years and the big saute pan is getting to a point where it is not releasing cleanly. The rest of the set is just fine, but I am a little obsessive and want everything to match, not to mention that the neighbor's 18 year old is moving out and needs stuff for his apartment. The old cookware set will be given to him to get his car off the street. There is a I bought the HA-1 4 quart saute pan first, hoping for the best. It is a heavy beast, sturdy, thick, heats up a little slower than my old set, but it does not require high settings, does not need high settings, does just fine at lower temperature settings. I will be buying every one of them for a complete set. I waited and used the HA-1 pots/pans for over 6 months before ordering more of the line. Wanted some time, washing and cooking, before investing in the HA-1 line. I just ordered the 8 and 10 HA-1 Non-Stick Frying Pans and am proud to say that I own the 12 HA-1 Non-Stick Frying Pan. I didn't want to like these pots/pans, but I do like them and expect that they will give me the same amount of time that I got from the previous set. The handle is brutal, it hurts to pick it up when it's full, and it will hurt your hand when heavy with contents. I think the handle is shaped that way because it accommodates a spoon resting on it with the bowl side of the spoon pointed into the pot/pan. The handle problem with this item wasSOLVED.

👤The handle is very uncomfortable and I didn't give 5 stars. It hurts my hand when I lift it to pour the contents into the dish. Even though the cover isn't a great fit, it's manageable now. This pan is great. It is heavy and heats evenly, the non-stick surface works well, and I like the design.

👤All Clad pans are the best you can own. Nothing sticks to these pans. Eggs, cheese, nothing. This one is a 2.5 quart pan that is good for soups and stew as well as scrambled eggs or pasta. They can go straight into the oven from the stove. I will cook the steak, put it in the oven, and then throw it away. Add liquids and cook in the oven. The pans are heavy and easy to clean, and at a great price. I've donated my old pans to All Clad and Le Creuset. They will last you for the rest of your life.

9. All Clad H911S464 Essentials Nonstick Skillet

All Clad H911S464 Essentials Nonstick Skillet

It's time to heat it up. The oven is safe to 400 degrees F. The set includes fry pans and saute pan that can be used to sear/fry at high heat and make sauces or heat liquids.

Brand: All-clad

👤I love these pans, they are the best I have had so far. Nothing sticks, not even eggs. They are easy to clean. They look good because they heat quickly and evenly. Teflon doesn't have to be toxic to flake off. There is a There are no grooves on the bottom so they slide around on the stove top, which is a minor complaint. I think these will be my favorite for a long time.

👤The quality is high. Well made! I was very happy with this purchase and threw my scratched up pans in the bin. It's easy to clean, nice weight and heat distribution over my gas burners.

👤The pans are really nice. They store and clean well. Without pot holders on the stove, the cook can be handled evenly. I would definitely recommend them.

👤I have been given a set of pans by my mom and I always thought they were good. I noticed that they were not cooking evenly. I got a few new ones and I love them. They are made to last. The heat is distributed evenly. The best part? Nothing sticks! They are amazing!

👤These pans are very nice. Nothing sticks. They are easy to clean. We haven't had them for a month and there are some pieces already chipping off of the bottom which is disappointing considering how much they cost.

👤Skillets are very heavy and unbalanced. I spent $162 for three. You have to be careful if you want to burn the sh&t out of your hand. The non stick coating is still sticky.

👤When I replaced our stove with a glass top, I threw away all of our pots and pans because they were not flat on the bottom. I went to Walmart and bought the most expensive set after reading some good reviews of the T-Fal brand. It took them a long time to get hot. All-Clad was supposed to be the best after extensive research. I started with a small set to see how they worked, because I was going to order the biggest set. They have been great so far. My wife can't decide what she wants, but we want to get more. She doesn't have all the pots/pans she wants in the biggest set they offer. I don't want to spend over 1K for pots and pans, but we will get more once she decides.

👤These pans are wonderful. They make me want to cook again. They distribute heat throughout the pans. They stay warm for a while after being taken off the heat. I am very happy with the pans.

👤These pans are great. Not too heavy. What I was looking for. It was worth the price.

10. All Clad Stainless Dishwasher PFOA Free Non Stick

All Clad Stainless Dishwasher PFOA Free Non Stick

Hand washing is recommended to preserve the nonstick. A kitchen staple with a flat base and flared sides that allow for easy flipping and tossing. The tri-ply construction is made with a responsive aluminum core and 2 layers of durable, STAINLESS steel for maximum durability and fast heating with 3 layers of PFOA-free nonstick coating to ensure effortless release and clean-up. To add a bit of style and to ensure a safe grip, the handles are riveted. It's compatible with all of the cooktops, up to 500F.

Brand: All-clad

👤The product and service were not good. It worked great as a non-stick pan for a few months, but the surface starts to degrade even under normal household use and regular cleaning, even though I followed their instructions, no over heating, no spray cooking oil, I never put it in oven even it claims to be oven safe The request for a warranty replacement was promptly rejected as "wear and tear". The rep's response was rude. The product and "lifetime warranty" are not worth the price. Stay away.

👤I was disappointed in the pan'sDurability, for a $190 pan that's promised to be lifetime. My pan gets heavy use because I cook almost daily. It is sturdy, heavy, and distributes heat evenly. The first six monks used this pan and it worked well. It started to get discolored after a while. I used only silicone utensils from the beginning and did not use any harsh or metal scrubbier. Also tried cleaning with baking soda paste, but failed. I am looking for a new pan after it deteriorated so slowly. For a high price, I expected a different non-sticks. It was rejected when you tried to get a replacement under the lifetime warranty. They said that I should just use some baking soda and warm water to get rid of it, because they said that it was normal and that it was based on the pictures I included in the review. Yeah, right... The pictures show me trying to scrub with baking soda for half an hour and then boiling it. The "lifetime" guarantee promise is meaningless.

👤The All Clad pan is a great pan for cooking, but the non stick coating starts to oxidize immediately after use. The pan has only been used a few times and the coating has already been damaged. The pan has only been used with utensils. This is not acceptable at this price point. I had non stick pans for $35 and they held up better than All Clad. There is a All Clad's phone customer service is closed. They claim this is due to Covid19. You are the only company that has not been able to adjust their operations within 5 months. Don't buy.

👤The handle is very uncomfortable and too flimsy for the price. scrambled eggs are sticking. I would have returned it. I recycled the packaging. Don't buy this pan, take my advice.

👤The coating on the pan began to peel off after less than 2 months of use. The purchase is within the warranty period, so I tried to call the All Clad toll free number. The company doesn't answer their toll free customer service number during standard business hours, and they apparently aren't answering their phones due to the Covid 19 outbreak. They haven't responded to a service request submitted on their website. Their lack of response to consumers is a problem because of the poor quality of their non-stick products. All Clad's non-stick pans are so bad that we will not use them again due to safety concerns. It will be time to consider other manufacturers if their customer service continues to be poor. Don't use this product.

11. All Clad H911SA64 Essentials Nonstick Cookware

All Clad H911SA64 Essentials Nonstick Cookware

It's compatible with all of the cooktops, up to 500F. The set includes: fry pans, saute pan, sauce pan, stockpot, and multi-purpose insert. Made from heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum covered with 3 layers of a safe and durable PFOA-free material that helps foods slide right off. It's safe to use in an oven/broiler up to 500F if you're compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic cooktops. All-Clad's Lifetime Warranty guarantees a safe grip and comfortable handles. They recommend hand washing to preserve the coating. You might want to hold onto it a bit longer. Pieces are nested to maximize storage space.

Brand: All-clad

👤All Clad has been used by me for many years. This is my first All-Clad set with glass lid, and it was purchased on Amazon. I bought these three months ago to replace an older set of pots that I've used for almost 15 years. I've only used my new All Clad pots a few times, usually for soups and sauces. I take good care of them when I use them. There is a I covered the 4.5 quart pot with a glass lid while I reheated soup in it on my gas stove. My daughter heard a loud "pop" in the kitchen about three minutes later. The glass did not burst, even though the lid had shattered. I threw the soup away because I didn't know if the micro glass fragments were in the soup. I called All Clad customer service because it was such a shocking experience to have something like this happen. I wanted to report the potential danger of using their product, but I was surprised that All Clad doesn't stand behind the safety and durability of all of their products. If I wanted a cover for my pot, I should buy universal lids, even though I was told I wouldn't be able to purchase a replacement. Is that really true? It was a major disappointment.

👤A product of this price will never be a 5 star value. It is high quality. A star is being taken away. The pot is dangerous. The handles are so hot you can't touch them. The pot and colander meet and leak, making it useless. We had to ditch the colander in the middle of cooking because it was making a mess. Don't bother. You can afford better if you can afford All-Clad. The pans cook. We still have to use spray when cooking sticky foods.

👤The product is great for the price. We have only been using our pans for two months. We only use wooden and plastic spoons when we cook and Silicone sponges when we clean them, yet they still got scratched and a small dents on one of the pans. The price we paid for these pans was expected to be scratch-free because of the description.

👤It's not industrialist ready yet. It was described as usable on all of the cooktops. Why did you answer in your question and answer section? There is a If you allow people like Bob to answer questions about Allclad, you might be able to monitor the answers. I wouldn't allow anyone to say anything except a company verified person who is knowledgeable of the product. A complete waste of time.

👤I have been using All Clad cookware for over 40 years and it was not what I expected, the teflon coating is so low grade I was almost offended. I never purchased high priced kitchen utensils or cookware online in the past, so I learned that for me buying is seeing and feeling what I'm paying for. Thank you.

👤We are happy with the performance of this set, but we are concerned about its longevity. We take good care of the set, so we only use wood or nylon utensils and only wash with non-abrasive sponges and gentle dish soap. The frying pan is starting to show scratches. We can tell these are not the All-Clad sets of yore. These turn out to be great food. If you want a sturdier set, be prepared to replace them sooner.


What is the best product for cooking pan all clad?

Cooking pan all clad products from All-clad. In this article about cooking pan all clad you can see why people choose the product. All-clad and All-clad are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking pan all clad.

What are the best brands for cooking pan all clad?

All-clad, All-clad and All-clad are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking pan all clad. Find the detail in this article. All-clad, All-clad and All-clad are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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