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1. Sprayer Cooking Dispenser Spraying Function

Sprayer Cooking Dispenser Spraying Function

This product can be used as a gift for friends, and can be used as a barbecue brush, which can make you more convenient during barbecue, enjoy delicious food at any time, and can be used as a gift for friends. The dual-use design combines the oil spraying and pouring function into one, no longer need to buy oil bottle and spray bottle separately, now you only need to buy eazoby spray bottle to do their job. If you press quickly, the oil will be turned into a mist, and if you press slowly, the oil will be shot. The automatic cap design makes it easy to pour with one hand when the bottle is upright and tilted. When not in use, push the safety lock on the handle forward to turn off the oil pouring function, avoiding accidents. The curved design of the oil pouring nozzle of the bottle cap makes it easier to pour oil and harder to hang oil. Their spray oil bottle capacity of 500ml is larger than the common 100ML on the market, it is durable without the need to add often. You don't have to worry about adding oil frequently if you say goodbye to the funnel. Water, detergent and a brush are required for the cleaning process. The large bottle mouth allows the brush to easily reach in for cleaning. The bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, with high light transmission and heat resistance, and it is smooth and not easy to hide dirt, transparent glass body and scale design, so you know more clearly the amount. You can fill this sprayer with your favorite oils, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine. It's perfect for spraying ingredients instead of using a brush. You can fill this sprayer with your favorite oils, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice, sherry, or marsala wine. It's perfect for spraying ingredients instead of using a brush.

Brand: Eazoby

👤I wanted to like it for it's unique design. When I washed it, it was a great mist, but with oil it becomes a jet stream. I have tried 2 and the same result. I'm still looking for a sprayer. If you like the distribution of the fan spray, it works well, but I find it too wide and sprays all over, making the exterior oily and gross. Misto works well, but I have to refill it too often, and if you get a glass model, they will explode like a glass projectile. I've had at least 2 or 3 models that have the same problem. The hunt is still on.

👤The oil sprayer is a great idea. I had many different oil sprayers, but this brand has two options to spray. I use spray when making my pancakes or just a bit when I need to fry them. I use this one for serving salads. Bottles made from glass keep the smell of oil and do not change it. I use expensive oils to cook and keep them in a very important dish.

👤There is an update. The oil is poured out by the top flap. Nice feature. I had to watch a video about it. I like it. The glass has a range from 100 to 500 on the side, but it doesn't tell you what it's a measurement of. Its made in China. Maybe it's a measurement they use. I'm not sure what the use of the flap up top is for, it came with no directions. There is a It's useful in the kitchen because you can spray your pans and skillets. You can avoid using aerosol cans when baking. It sprays a straight stream in OPEN mode and a wide stream in LOCK mode. There is a CON: It came with a sticky part, like when you take off a sticker, but there's still the sticky part left behind. I have to clean it off with a special cleaner.

👤I have been filling up the cheap oil spray bottle for a couple years. I thought it was leaking from the spray, but my wife would remove the top to pour it out when she needed more. The leak was caused by this. I wanted to get a separate pourable dispensers that could be easily found near the spray bottle. I gave it a try. It works well. I don't have a leaking side and the pouring cover locks in position so I don't accidentally spill it if I tilt it. I recommend it to anyone who is interested.

👤I couldn't figure out the sprayer. It squirts out or sprays. I would have liked to be able to use this function. It's better to have a small jug of oil. It's easier to transfer it into something of this size. "Eazoby's spray bottle has two spray effects, depending on the height and speed you press, pressing thetrigger quickly will turn the oil into a mist, and pressing it slowly will shoot a solid stream of oil." If you could just turn the dial, it would be easier to switch between functions.

2. Spritzer Sprayer Cooking Vegetable Portable

Spritzer Sprayer Cooking Vegetable Portable

Friendly e-mail support, 1 year money back and warranty guarantee. If you have a problem, please contact them, they will solve it. Better MIST: The olive oil mister head is made of premium steel and the bottle is food grade glass. The new design on the spray nozzle was adopted. The length of the spritzer nozzle makes it spray better and has mist. It is safe and healthy. You can make a healthier cooking with the oil spritzer bottle. There is oil coming out of each spray. You will have better control over oil. The press button is anti-slid and makes cooking safer. It is easy to use and clean. The oil dispensers are easy to use. You will get a mist if you press the button. The press strength needs to be fast and even. The mist effect will be better after that. You need to wash it by hot water and then dry it out. There are wide applications. The oil sprayer can be used for many things. It can fill a lot of liquids. You can fill it with a variety of ingredients. It can help you control oil. The oil prayer is a mini oil prayer. It is light and easy to carry. It is easy to hold. You can fill it with your favorite oil. Go out to barbecue with it. Show your friend that you are a great cook.

Brand: Wayeept

👤I read it on the air-fry page on Facebook. Water and oil are added together. It will mist if you shake it up. I was so angry when my mist or spray wouldn't come on. I only got a stream of olive oil. I was going to replace it when I read the comment that said "just do this!" I tried it and it worked. It mists perfectly now. The water doesn't seem to affect the crisping. It's good!

👤I've read that this doesn't work with olive oil. I don't have any issues with it all. I added a little water to make it spray. I use it with my air fryer a lot. When I bake potatoes, I always use olive oil and sprinkle sea salt on them, which makes them so greasy. I put my potatoes on the aluminum foil and sprinkled them with olive oil and salt. It was perfect! There was no mess. I love this item. Adding a little water, shaking well, and spraying is the secret.

👤My sprayer arrived in good condition and sprayed water very well. It seems sturdy and has two cleaning brushes. It didn't work after I washed it and put oil in it. I haven't found a way to make it spray a mist of oil. Sometimes it doesn't spray at all if held almost vertically. It's hard to use with only one hand if oil gets on your fingers. I've not been able to use oil easily because it's not the consistency of water. It's easier to put the food in a bowl with a small amount of oil and stir or toss it to coat it. I ordered one for myself and another for a gift, but I canceled the second order because I didn't want to give up the gift of an air fryer. The oil sprayer is too difficult to use. It would work well for thin liquids, but I wanted it for oil.

👤It just sprayed in a stream. A review suggested using 1/3 water and 1/3 oil. The spray problem was improved by that. It starts leaking down the side of the bottle. I had to use both hands to spray it. It only works if you have 3 hands, because you have to hold up the food. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone.

👤It's great to work with an appliance. Since I can't have too much oil and I like frying food, this oil sprayer bottle can help me control the amount of oil in my food. If you want to add oil, air dry it and wash it.

👤The cleaning brush was smashed in the box as it was easy to use. It's not a big deal as it's fine, but it can't clean oil out of the bottle if it's not there. The problem is that this is not aRITZER. The photo is very confusing. I'm air frying and I purchased this to mist food. The stream of oil was just sprayed. I wish O had spent more money on the spritzer, as it was simply a waste of money.

3. Aminno Oil Sprayer Cooking Olive

Aminno Oil Sprayer Cooking Olive

The olive oil spray fuel injector produces a mist of pure oil mist. If you need a kitchen tool to help you control the oil, try an oil sprayer, mist oil instead of pouring calories. Without wasting, high efficient use. Improve the taste. The oil prayer isMULTIPURPOSE OIL SPRAYER. This oil sprayer will become your efficient tool for cooking, baking, salad making, roasting, grilling, frying, and BBQ. No funnel is needed when filling the bottle. There is a large and wide oil mist. The oil sprayer's nozzle has been changed so that it can spray a larger oil mist. The food should have more flavor. The food surface is covered with atomized oil, which reduces oil output and calories. It's more beneficial to health. The multi-layer screw-interface design of the top-cap allows it to be firmly fixed to the oil bottle, and the excellent seal ensures that it will not leak. The screw design will make opening/closing the top-cap easy. The healthiest glass oil prayer. The glass oil sprayer bottle is safer than the container bottle. The glass material will be easier to clean. If you want to use it for a longer period of time, the glass oil sprayer is the better choice. The thick glass sprayer bottles are strong and won't break. Cleaning and maintenance. The glass oil sprayer is easy to clean, please use soft cloth to wash it by hand and clean with a neutral detergent. After use, be sure to clean and dry it. Please fill the liquid and oil with something other than particles. The spray pattern may be slightly different due to the different oils. Cleaning and maintenance. The glass oil sprayer is easy to clean, please use soft cloth to wash it by hand and clean with a neutral detergent. After use, be sure to clean and dry it. Please fill the liquid and oil with something other than particles. The spray pattern may be slightly different due to the different oils.

Brand: Aminno

👤I left a negative review because I thought the sprayer was malfunctioning. The oil came out in a straight stream. I was going to return it to Amazon. It's all you have to do to make it spray. You get a spray that is wide and flat. It's good for lightly oiling a pan or adding light oil to food in an air fryer. I raised my rating to 5 stars and canceled the return of the product. I'm keeping it.

👤Didn't spray. It works, but shoots a pin point stream of oil. I was going to throw away. The dollar store has a spray can of oil. The design is good. Doesn't leak or make a mess.

👤The glass sprayer is easy to clean. I would give this five stars. I am not happy with the pattern. After I added olive oil it only sprays in a single stream after spraying a full pattern.

👤A large bottle made from glass is easy to clean. To get a flat spray pattern, the Trigger has to be pulled firmly so that it doesn't produce too much oil. The spray pattern is more round if the Trigger is pulled gently. The unit can be moved around to overcome this. The spray pattern was a little disappointing.

👤This seems to be sturdy. The bottom of the glass is heavier than the top. I think it's pretty. It produces a stream of oil. If you want a heavy coat of oil, Squeezed hard is the best. I bought it because it said something about being atomized. I'm trying to air fry. Unless you have a different definition of low fat than I do, that's not good. There is no way to mist something heavier than water.

👤I thought it was a sprayer that would mist my hair. This is a basic sprayer. I was hoping this would work like Pam spray. It didn't work as expected.

👤It's difficult to get it just right since you can't just put a quick mist in it and it will spread out. Since it's a wide mist and you have to point the sprayer from one extreme of the pan to the other, you inevitably get overspray at the edges.

👤I wanted to get a mist of oil on my pans. When I try to use it, it is a jet stream that goes out and gets on the surface below. I would have returned it if I had used it before the return time ended.

👤To get a good one, we had to order 3. The bottle and spray tube was used with oily condensation. It had a faulty sprayer. We assumed it was just manufacturing/testing since third had the same condensation as first two. It sprays water. If you squeeze thetrigger quickly and hard, it will spray oil. A stream of oil will be produced by a slower squeeze. This seems to be normal for squeeze spray units, but we just remember that there are no operating instructions included, just cleaning instructions on the box. The unit is strong and sturdy. We use it frequently.

4. Sprayer Cooking Sprayers Spritzer Roasting

Sprayer Cooking Sprayers Spritzer Roasting

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Only the best pass their stringent standards because of their superb quality assurance. Customer service is equally superb and will make sure you are happy with your purchase. If the bottle is malfunctioning, they will replace it for free. You will love your new oil sprayer. This olive oil sprayer is made of food grade material and is 100% food safe. The oil cooking sprayer is different from other bottles. The plastic material of the air fryer oil sprayer is light and strong, so you don't need to worry about it breaking again. The air fryer oil sprayer has an improved oil spray nozzle that can be used to control the amount of oil sprayed. The oil cooking sprayer sprays evenly. The olive oil sprayer mister can be used to control the amount of olive oil you and your family consume. The seal on the olive oil sprayer bottle makes it easy to fill without a funnel, and the bottle is sealed to prevent leaks. You don't need to worry about the oil getting dirty. Use the air fryer accessories with peace of mind. The olive oil sprayer is multi-functional. The air fryer oil sprayer can also be used as a cooking or housework tool with water, soy sauce, lemon and orange juice, etc. The perfect oil spray bottle can meet your various needs, you are free to use your imagination to use oil cooking sprayer. If you're not satisfied with the air fryer oil sprayer you received, they will give you a 100% refund, but you have to contact them first. No problem.

Brand: Lisade

👤If you want to ruin your clothing, food, and plans by setting off an oil bomb in your kitchen, look no further because these guys have you covered. The locking mechanism is nothing more than a square indentation at the end of the threads, designed to hold the cap in place. You only have to give it a quarter turn to attach the top. There is a The locking mechanism relies on pressure and friction to seal the container. Guess how well it works in the kitchen. There is a You should be able to use both hands if you get it. One to keep the bottle from flying and the other to keep the oil out of your kitchen. That lesson was fun. There are sprayers that use a boring twist cap design. Get one of them.

👤I was led to believe that there was a way to mist the oil by how quickly the pump is pulled. I saw that denser oil could be a problem. I think it's made to give a really good squirt. The inability to mist my oil makes it useless for my needs, even though cleaning was easy.

👤The company kindly provided free replacements for my old Misto sprayers after they stopped spraying and started shooting streams. 3 replacements were all junk. One of the shot streams leaked badly. I went to Amazon to get a new one. I have read many great reviews of this model. I bought one. It is going back for the same problems. I need to keep looking. One that shoots a stream of oil does not help limit my fat intake, if the whole purpose of my using a SPRAYER is to limit my fat intake. I want a sprayer that doesn't coat my hand with oil. Olive oil is good for my skin, but not as good on my furniture, walls, or anything else.

👤The bottle does not fit into the spray assembly. The bottle disengages from the sprayer and falls free of spilled contents. What a mess! The problem was solved by drilling a hole through the sprayer collar and creating a locking pin. The sprayer is satisfactory after modification. A similar fix or redesign would be a five star product. Expect to spend the same amount of time; otherwise, look for another sprayer.

👤My whole house loves it. Just fill and spray!

👤I was very excited to use it. I picked it up to mist my meat and the bottom fell off, so oil everywhere, it mist nicely. I had to tape the top off. Looking for a non-defective item. It would have been sent back. The time had elapsed. I don't think this product is a good one, but if the manufacturer makes it better, it would be nice.

👤My wife was going to try the olive oil sprayer on the baking sheet. I filled it with olive oil and it looked great. Five minutes later she said it was not working. I tried it. Nothing. The tube was filled with oil but it didn't come out. I was afraid I'd break it. Nothing. Blech. I'll try another brand if I get my money back. I'm not sure why this one is so well rated.

5. Sprayer Cooking Mister Food Grade Kitchen

Sprayer Cooking Mister Food Grade Kitchen

It is possible to compare and portable. Their cooking oil sprayer is small and lightweight and can be carried outside for BBQ, picnic, junket, grilling, baking, frying, roasting, salad oil dressing, etc. The quality is high. The oil sprayer is made of 304 high-quality steel and glass. Food grade steel oiler is scratch resistant, smooth, shiny, simple, and beautiful. They limit the amount of oil. The olive oil spray fuel injector produces a uniform, pure oil mist. You can use less oil when preparing food if you use their fuel injectors. It makes the diet more healthy and less oily. This sprayer can be used for many things, such as cooking, BBQ, salad making, baking, roasting, and grilling. Say good bye to the dirty brushes after cooking and baking. Their olive oil sprayers are easy to clean, just screw the lid, pour in hot water and detergent, and shake. It is convenient to carry bags outside. It can be used in a kitchen cook tool or carried outside. It is convenient to carry bags outside. It can be used in a kitchen cook tool or carried outside.

Brand: Rircio

👤I wanted to replace the spray cans of olive oil with my own. I need a mist to evenly cover my food and it isn't useful for much coming out in a stream. Water comes out in a nice mist, but oil comes out in a squirt. It was a bad deal.

👤I read reviews and bought. It was a waste of money. It doesn't spray like a mist or evenly. This item is useless because it has to spread with fingers.

👤I need an Olive Oil Sprayer to use with my air fryer. It doesn't mist spray. It spray. I want to use less oil. The purpose of an air fryer is lost.

👤It squirts out like a squirt gun, didn't return it because of the hassle of cleaning it first, and it would cost more to ship it back than the original price.

👤Trying to find a sprayer that doesn't have plastic on it. This worked once and then stopped working. The fine cloud got everywhere, not just on the food in the wide bowl. It was very helpful.

👤It is a completely inaccurate description of what it does. Unless you are using water, or a water like liquid, this won't give you a mist or spray. Do not buy.

👤I wanted to avoid the toxic fumes in all those oil spray bottles, so I got this one, but itpits small concentrated oil and even that after too much effort.

👤This is great. I have owned Mistos since they first came out. The oils did not spray. This is very easy to use. The price is very reasonable. I am getting another for neutral oil.

6. Sprayer Versatile Cooking Kitchen Roasting

Sprayer Versatile Cooking Kitchen Roasting

The conditioner protects against sun and environmental damage. It's easy to use and clean, simply press the pump of a sprayer to produce a more uniform spray and control the amount of oil when cooking. The transparent bottle shows how much oil is left. You can clean the bottle. A multi-purpose sprayer. The oil spritzer is a perfect kitchen accessory. You can put a variety of oils into a bottle. It can be used when BBQ, grill, salads, frying, barbecue, roasting. The oil sprayer was made from 304 high-quality steel and glass, and they recommend you put the sprayer higher when using oil to get a better-shaped mist. It is very small and won't slide away. The bottle size for the oil sprayer is 7in(H)* 1.5in(D) 100ml. It can be adapted to people who want to control the oil in their cooking. The design is portable. You can use it to cook or grill with your favorite oil. The olive oil spray fuel injector produces a mist of pure oil mist. If you need a kitchen tool to help you control the oil, try an oil sprayer, mist oil instead of pouring calories. Without wasting, high efficient use. Improve the taste. The olive oil spray fuel injector produces a mist of pure oil mist. If you need a kitchen tool to help you control the oil, try an oil sprayer, mist oil instead of pouring calories. Without wasting, high efficient use. Improve the taste.

Brand: Hibabe

👤I've had other sprayer bottles for my oil but they all leaked or were too heavy. I bought this based on reviews and it is worth every penny. I replaced the spray in a can version with two for EVOO and one for Canola. They are heavy weight, have a fine mist, and are very attractive in the kitchen. These spray bottles are cute.

👤There is a hot mess. It was literally. Can't lightly spray food before putting it in the air fryer. This squirts water. The pan is splattered back up on itself. It is the strongest sprayer I have ever used.

👤After about a week, we no longer get mist, but we get direct spray. Cleaned it and it worked for a few days. We get direct spray again. The company is trying to buy reviews.

👤This product is worth a lot. It's easy to use, it sprays the food evenly, and it's easy to refill. I like to give my chicken a little crispness. This helps me a lot when I bake veggies in the oven. 10/10!

👤It's not a stream if you need a fine spray. Squirts olive oil and makes a mess of it. I use aerosols for air-fryer food, but prefer my olive oil. Going to return it.

👤I had an issue with the first sprayer I purchased, and Amazon issued me another one the same day. That was great service. The sprayer works well and gives a light coat of oil. It was easy to handle.

👤There is an update. The oil is leaking. I want to like this sprayer but can not. I washed it and filled it with water. The mist was created by using water. I added olive oil to dried it. It didn't spray well. I used vegetable oil to clean it. To have a good mist, you have to use a thin oil.

👤This product is a waste of time and money because the oil lands in clumps. Amazon should do something about deceptive descriptions. The platform rewards sellers with no integrity.

7. Oil Sprayer Cooking Accessories Spritzer

Oil Sprayer Cooking Accessories Spritzer

It can be used to brush butter, oil, mustard, sauce and other ingredients in cooking. It works great on a variety of foods, including meats, pastries, cakes, Marinade with oil, honey, sauces and so on. You should coat quickly on your food. The Olive Sprayer is a food grade material and can be directly loaded into oil for use. This product is green and will reduce your carbon footprint. It is convenient and fuel efficient to use a Multipurpose Oil Sprayer Bottle for frying steak, grilling, baking, salad, air fryer and other home users. The real kitchen helpers are loved by chefs and gourmets. Each time you pull the lever, the exact amount of oil delivered is calculated, and you'll get 14 of oil for total control of calories in your kitchen. It can be used in the kitchen or carried outside. It's easy to carry. You can fill it with your favorite oil. It is important to swing over the area you want to spray, you should start the swing before you pull the Trigger and stop swigging. If you don't do that, there will be an oil build up anywhere you stagnated. It is important to swing over the area you want to spray, you should start the swing before you pull the Trigger and stop swigging. If you don't do that, there will be an oil build up anywhere you stagnated.

Brand: Czdidexi

👤Over the last several years, I have bought 4 other popular sprayers. They are all in landfill now-broken,clogged,ineffective, etc. It is non pressurized, which is a good thing, because there is no mist flying around your kitchen. You know how much you are using with it being sprays per pull. A fan spray is not a stream. I have refilled it 5 times so far, which is more than my other sprayers. I will buy it again if it conks out. Nuff said that he uses this for air frying. This is quicker and easier to use than an oil mister, as there is no preliminary pumping involved. It is important to swing before you stop. Failure to do that results in an even coating with oil all over. There is a It is important to pull the gun at a constant speed. How do you do that? Don't worry about it. Pull the thing. Pull your sweep all the way down. It should take less than a second. If you try to do it any slower than that, you will have issues because it is almost impossible to do it steadily. There is a If you want to get used to it, you should just use it a few times over the sink. There is a Try 2 things if you have an issue with the bottle squirting clumps in 1 direction. Pull harder. If you pull too slowly, it's a common issue. A single spray should take about a second. Warm soapy water can be used to clean the issue. You can fill the whole thing with soapy water and give it a few squirts if you need them.

👤I bought this oil sprayer to allow single shot fine mists of cooking oil over my grilled meats and vegetables. I like to cook my food with oils that bring out flavors and keep it moist and from drying out on the grill. I tried the oil first and it gave me a mist over my target area. A quarter of a cup. These small amounts allow you to Guage and figure out the exact amount for your taste. The item is free of any chemicals that would affect the wholesomeness of the oil. It's easy to clean and fill. This item has helped with portion control of oil and is a lot cleaner to deal with.

👤I usually use the pump style air-pressurized oil misters, but thought I'd try this one out on a recommendation. I wish I'd known about this one before I bought the PoC, it fell apart when I took it out of the box and hasn't held air since. This one is not a pump style air-pressurized one. It is a spray bottle. The mister sprays evenly across the surface of my food or cooking vessel. I can put oil on my food. It is a joy to use.

👤It was packed well and received timely. Cleaned using soapy water and then shortened a tube to pick up the nozzle. The oil was used to mist the chicken. It worked well. mist fried fish worked fine, used a few days later. Since, have used at least three more times. I was going to air fry a chicken breast. The top plastic cap is cracked. Don't know how it happened. It can't be over-tightened as it is just a quarter turn to attach. It hasn't been abused or dropped. There is a crack. It's made of cheap plastic. Very disappointed. I will use until my new one arrives. This is not a good idea.

8. Sprayer Refillable Dispenser Versatile Spritzer

Sprayer Refillable Dispenser Versatile Spritzer

If you are dissatisfied with their products, please contact them, they will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Made in the USA. Food-grade safety-grade plastic is Eco- friendly. It's perfect for spraying. ElvesHome oil sprayers are made of food grade PP and PET plastic material and are safe and eco-friendly. The portable size is 7.87x2.36 inches and has an anti-skid design at the top. The use of oil is controlled. You can tell the amount of remaining liquid with the transparent bottle design. A large opening makes it easy to refill without a funnel. Control grease, reduce calories and keep your body in shape with the help of their spray bottle. 100% guaranteed and easy to use. If you press the handle of the spray bottle, it will spray fan-shaped oil mist. A "jet" stream or a straight shot would be better. Customer satisfaction, replacement or refunds are their main purpose, if you have questions, please contact me. Unlike other fragile glass oil bottles, they are not broken and easy to clean. Put some warm water and detergent into a bottle. Don't put it in the dishwasher. The water temperature cannot be higher than 50C. It is widely used. The ElvesHome sprayer can be used to fill bottles. It's perfect for cooking in the air fryer, making salad, and also as a day care spray bottle, haircut tool, or housework tool. Do not put density oil or density liquid in the dispensers. Keep the bottle vertical if you tilt it less than 45o. It is widely used. The ElvesHome sprayer can be used to fill bottles. It's perfect for cooking in the air fryer, making salad, and also as a day care spray bottle, haircut tool, or housework tool. Do not put density oil or density liquid in the dispensers. Keep the bottle vertical if you tilt it less than 45o.

Brand: Elveshome

👤I am no longer pouring oil onto a brush to spread onto my pans to cook my food, which used to dribble down the side of the bottle, and I would have to wipe that off the bottle before putting it back in the cabinet where I store it. These containers are necessary for me. To get more of a spray from these sprayers, you have to press thetrigger quickly, and to get more of a stream, you have to press thetrigger slower. Customers should be told that by the retailer. I would like the spray function to cover more of the surface area. This is a great product and I would recommend it.

👤I wanted to replace some spray bottles. They own this segment but are too expensive. I thought I'd give the two-pack of oil sprayers a try. They're light and don't seem to be made to the same standard of EVO, but they were less expensive than two bottles. These are the least expensive oil sprayers you will find. The design and size are similar to a non-stick spray can. I was concerned when I filled the first bottle. I thought it was malfunctioning. I thought the pump was about to break because of the build up of pressure, but I wasn't pulling the Trigger that hard. It must have been the fifth pump because oil started spraying. It does spray. It's not a mister, it's a sprayer, and you can control the spray by squeezing thetrigger. I don't think they'll last very long because the spraying mechanism feels flimsy. We'll see. They will be a good deal if they hold up. I'm not so happy after using them for a month. I noticed that the bottles were leaking oil. There is oil on the bottom of the bottle. It seems to be both bottles. I think the oil is leaking from the sprayer and slowly working its way out. I washed the bottles and put them on a paper towel. It's probably worth it to buy those because they have better quality than these. I never had an issue with the bottles.

👤I've used another brand of oil sprayer for a long time. After spraying, it always wants to go down thetrigger handle. I had to use a paper towel to catch the drips. The sprayer has a locking system that won't allow drips. It sprays better. The spray is easy to hold. I am very impressed. I use them for both olive oil andavocado oil. It works well in my pans.

👤Canola and olive oil are what I use. The olive oil was too heavy for this item. The oil comes out fine. I used water to test it and it came out as mist instead of spray. The efficiency of this produce depends on how heavy the liquid is.

👤I had some issues with the first two I received, but they were quickly replaced with two more. I would have to use a "jet" stream to remove the coating from the Air Fryer because the cap wouldn't lock in. These are not "misters" despite the problems being solved. The force of the spray will sometimes take the coating off the food. If you're looking for a "mister", I wouldn't recommend these. There is an update. There is an update. I had the oil. In doesn't work at all. It won't work because of the stubbornness. GRRRRRRRR!

9. ETvalley Sprayer Dispenser Cooking Food Grade

ETvalley Sprayer Dispenser Cooking Food Grade

Kitchen tools for household and kitchen use. The sprayer should be filled with oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon and lime juice. It is used in a lot of things. It is made of 304 steel and transparent glass. The transparent glass bottle makes it easy to understand the state of the liquid. The portable fuel injector has a capacity of 100 liters. The fuel injector with handle and size can be used for kitchen cooking tools, and can also be carried outdoors for barbecues, picnics, barbecues, etc. It is easy to use and clean, just press the pump of the sprayer to produce a more uniform spray and control the amount of oil during cooking. You can rinse the bottle with detergent and warm water if you remove the cap. If you need kitchen tools to help control oil and keep your body healthy, please try to use their sprayer to spray the oil into a uniform mist to make the food more delicious. Better taste and better health.

Brand: Etvalley

👤The only problem with this is its squirts in a Direct stream.

10. Premium Cooking Sprayer Clog Free CHEFVANTAGE

Premium Cooking Sprayer Clog Free CHEFVANTAGE

The oil spray bottle can help bring a healthy life style. If you want to stay healthy, you can use their oil sprayer to spray oil instead of pouring it out to reduce calories. It will improve the way you cook. While store-bought cooking sprays are convenient, you don't really know what's in them. That's not a problem with their oil mister because you can use whatever you want. It's great for olive, coconut, and other types of oil. If you fill it with lemon juice or spray it on fruit, it will stay fresh. Thanks to its special anti-clog filter, their mister won't be affected by alogs if you add fresh herbs. It is easy to use, but you need a few pumps to get it going. You and your family will benefit from using less oil and using a super-fine spray, which will give your food or pans an even coating every time. The oil chamber is made from scratch- resistant glass, which is easy to clean, and the pump is hidden from view. This is a risk-free purchase because of their manufacturer's one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Chefvantage

👤This oil mister is awesome! We bought one for olive oil after we had one for grape seed oil. It has a slight learning curve but after you have figured it out, it works great. Don't fill the bottle all the way. The plastic part cracked on the lid after only a couple months of use, making it useless. I loved this in the beginning but now I don't. It should have lasted more than a few months. There is an update 2. I received a message from the company saying they will send me another mister after I posted the updated review. I will update after using the replacement. I hope it lasts because I enjoyed it while it worked. We bought two oil misters. The pressure in the bottle was not allowed to build up when the plunger cracked. The seller sent a replacement. The other two that I had originally bought had the same issue. I think it would be a great product if the plunger issue could be solved. I will look for something that will last longer than a few weeks.

👤I bought this bottle in February, and now it's just a nice looking bottle. I followed all the instructions and it worked out well. After only a couple of months of use, the pump stopped working, so the spray is more like a lite mist, and the metallic cover slides off, which makes it very difficult to use. I have stopped using it. This is not a cheap item, but it did not last very long. I was surprised by the positive reviews. I don't think it's a good idea to buy this mister.

👤I have owned a few of the misters that are highly rated by cooking sites. It doesn't require a lot of pumping, doesn't get oily from spraying, and feels comfortable in the hand. Even though it is on the pantry shelf away from the light, it looks very nice sitting on the countertop or table. I read a lot of reviews before I bought this mister, so I would recommend it to someone or purchase it again.

👤We like the product, only used it once, we will give an update in a few weeks as we really wanted a durable product that works well. We will be happy if it works well and lasts. The screwed-on part separated after 5 weeks of using the Oil Mister. There is a piece of plastic under a piece of chrome. The brushed chrome portion of the screw-on top is useless now that it is spin. The chrome piece is not usable. The black plastic piece under the chrome part had to be removed using a special method. Even though the mister works, it requires more steps to be functional. The mister did not meet our expectations. The brands of misters that failed were owned by the same people as the Chefvantage. We should have had more than 5 weeks of functional use for the price. There is a The seller of the oil mister graciously refunded my purchase after I submitted my updated review, without question and without me requesting to be reimbursed. The focus on customer satisfaction seems to be disappearing with each passing year. The company's owners are behind the products they sell. I would buy from this company again because of their dedication to their customers.

11. Sprayer Cooking Food Grade Cleaning Roasting

Sprayer Cooking Food Grade Cleaning Roasting

Hand wash in warm soapy water is more economical than using aerosol cooking spray. The oil sprayer for cooking is made of 304 high quality steel and glass, which is Eco-friendly, and has anti-skid design at the top, which is very compact. The oil sprayer can be used for filling a variety of things. It's perfect for cooking, grilling, baking, roasting and frying. It's easy to control oil. The fuel injection produces a mist of pure oil. It makes the diet more healthy and less oily. Say good bye to the dirty brushes after cooking and baking. Their olive oil sprayers are easy to clean, just screw the lid, pour in hot water and detergent, and shake. The perfect size (100ml/ 3.4oz Capacity, Height 180mm/7.07inch x Diameter 40mm/1.57inch) can be used in the kitchen or carried outside.

Brand: Wekrsu

👤I am often suspicious of a product that only has a limited number of customer reviews, which are all glowingly positive, and most of them are short in length. Unfortunately, this is the case. There is a This product only squirts out olive oil in a steady stream, as with all other mist sprayers that we have tried. This product does not spray mist. My wife and I have tried using this product several times, but we are unable to create a spray-like effect. Only squirting. There is a This item appears to be made of high quality material. We are very disappointed that one of the seller's images shows a mist-spray when it is not possible in our hands. There are questions about the validity of the posted reviews for this product.

👤This product is terrible. 1. The sprayer is made of plastic. There is a tiny amount of metal in the nozzle, but the housing is poorly-molded. 2. The bottle's measurement seems to be off when compared to a measuring cup. 3. The opening in the housing was not aligned with the nozzle, though I was able to fix it. 4. It leaks oil. 5. It only squirts oil rather than producing a mist, and getting the pump to squirt requires a fair amount of dexterity. The glass bottle is slippery due to the tendency to leak. 7. This version was described as including a funnel. My did not. I got a brush that was unglued in transit. There is a It technically deposits oil on food, so it's got that going for it.

👤I needed a spray bottle to keep things lighter, but it's hard to get it to work more than a couple of times. Half the time there is an air gap in the tube so it pumps air until it gets to the oil for a few more times and then back to air. It's frustrating. If I were spraying a small salad it would be fine, but I was trying to spray chicken cutlets for my family and it was so annoying that I pulled out the brush. I would prefer something more functional and less cute.

👤I liked the look of this bottle and chose it over the others. The bottle is hard to hold onto. When you press the button to spray the oil, it takes a lot of pressure to hold the bottle and the other to press the button. Adding a silicone or rubber band around the middle of the bottle would keep it from sliding when the spray button is pushed.

👤I bought this to use with my new appliance. Since the Air Fryer uses high heat, it's a good idea to useavocado oil. I put the oil in the spray bottle. It is glass and I like it. I like that the tube going into the bottle is long and curved, so I should be able to get most of the oil out when I get close to empty. The opening for the bottle is narrow, which makes it difficult to pour oil into without a small funnel. It wasn't an issue because I have one.


What is the best product for cooking oil sprayer pump?

Cooking oil sprayer pump products from Eazoby. In this article about cooking oil sprayer pump you can see why people choose the product. Wayeept and Aminno are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking oil sprayer pump.

What are the best brands for cooking oil sprayer pump?

Eazoby, Wayeept and Aminno are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking oil sprayer pump. Find the detail in this article. Lisade, Rircio and Hibabe are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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