Best Cooking Oil Filter System

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1. Yesland Strainer Stainless Storage Container

Yesland Strainer Stainless Storage Container

It's widely used to separate food and oil thoroughly in the kitchen, and it's great for keeping bacon grease, coconut oil, frying oil, cooking oil and more. It is made of food grade 304stainless steel which is resistant to temperature and non-rusting. The rivetless design of the oil pot makes it difficult to change after repeated use. It is suitable for a 1.3 quart capacity. The parts are 5.25 inches in height. The top diameter is 4-7/8 inches. The thickness is 2mm. The handle is made of steel. The pot body was welded very strong. The lid is dust-proof. Clean and sanitary. The handle is easy to grip and anti-scalding. Curved spout for smooth pouring. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. To clean the oil filter container of bacon, use soft fiber. They can solve the problem of reuse of cooked oil. The Yesland grease strainer filters particles and makes oils reuseable. It can be used in a variety of ways.

Brand: Yesland

👤It's very comfortable on my stove. It is easy to use and does the job well.

👤It is easy to use and clean. I bought a larger one to store my used vegetable oil and kept this one for olive oil.

👤It works great for straining bacon grease and it looks nice sitting on the drain board.

👤The size is perfect for counter space. The strainer makes it easier to get the drippings. Definitely recommend.

👤It looks good on the stove. It has a plate to sit on. It works well with my decor.

2. Premium Stainless Container Suitable Strainers

Premium Stainless Container Suitable Strainers

Their hot pot fat skimming spoon can efficiently separate oil scum, grease, froth, scum, perfect for most pots and pans. Food container helps them separate food from fat and reduce the intake of fat. Premium steel is more resistant to rust, and it makes their life more healthy. It is also equipped with cover, filter mesh, and a design that can be used to apply all kinds of bacon oil, oil residue, frying oil, and coconut oil. The overall appearance can be used in the dishwasher, because the layer won't stick together and will not react with food. 1.3L capacity can be used in the kitchen, outdoor barbecue and other scenes. It's a good way to make popcorn, fried eggs, barbecue or other daily needs. The after-sale service is available. If you are not satisfied with the after-sales, they will give you a 100% refund.

Brand: Herolink

👤This is a great oil saver. The strainer is the perfect mesh size and does what we need it to. It's very easy to use. This is very oy with it.

👤This is strong and cute. It's perfect for grease capture. What I was looking for.

👤I'd rather not write a one star review, but your metal is very cheap. It was rusted after one wash.

👤The price is worth the little and efficient.

👤I thought it was more sturdy.

👤I thought it would be cheap but it's not. It's not heavy or expensive.

3. Chefs Planet 130 Multipurpose Filter

Chefs Planet 130 Multipurpose Filter

The Fulton Paint Stand has two separate pieces. It is easy to assemble with the included 4 set screw sleeve. It's easy to assemble or disassemble the stand for quick and convenient storage. Paint strainer cones are not included. The pre- and fine mesh filters remove food particles. The red funnel is for 1 gallon storage containers. The tabs on the pre- and fine mesh filters allow easy removal. The screws are gray and are on nearly all wide mouth jars. Reducing wasted oil is ideal for straining cooking oil, soup stocks, fruit and vegetable juices and more.

Brand: Chef's Planet

👤I bought this for the oil strainer function, and it does that very well. We use the fryers a few times a week and strain about two gallons every time. The strainer does a better job of catching debris than a typical kitchen strainer. The attached small funnel is useful for this function as it allows you to return the oil to the container it came in. We are getting two more weeks from our fryer oil than we were getting, and sometimes a touch more. There is a The funnel is threaded to the jar size. This one has double the capacity and feeding opening as a typical canning funnel. It's useful for packing jars with larger foods like whole tomatoes, whole cucumbers, and apples. Without crushing them. Since it screws onto the jar, it's very stable. There is a The small red funnel is large enough to fill bottles and plastic jug cooking oil. There is a The strainers fit well into the assembly and stay put. The extra fine strainer is good for straining. It's perfect for leaving no particles in my final jar of Very Hot Thai Chili Oil. There is a The quality and function are worth the price. It is worth the cost because of our savings in cooking oil. It's not cheap to use peanut oil. Our opinion is five stars for what it is and all of the other things. A very nice unitasker.

👤This is a must-have item for anyone with a deep fryer. I've had a deep fryer for 10 years but rarely use it because it's hard to keep the oil out of the fridge. Recently decided to try again. It is a game-changing event for me. They've thought of everything. The red funnel screws on to the gray funnel and there are fins on the small end so that when you put it into the bottle, it allows the displaced air to escape so the funnel doesn't get backed up and overflow. The large hole filter takes care of the bigger pieces while the small mesh filter takes care of the smaller pieces. I've only used it once so far but I'm really impressed and I can see myself using my deep fryer more frequently because of this filter/funnel.

👤This strainer is attached to a half-gallon Mason jar and can be used for cleaning cooking oil. If you attach the red funnel to a plastic bottle, be careful not to use it on a smaller bottle. I tried to strain the oil into a bottle, but I needed a third hand to steady the bottle/strainer combo. I spent a lot of time cleaning up the spilled oil. I don't ding the product because they say it fits 1 gallon+ storage containers. It's not a stable setup and it fits smaller containers. There is a I'm so glad I found this strainer. I can't imagine a way to improve it.

👤I like this set. I'm 99% happy with it. The pieces work well together, so I don't have to set up a complicated set up for cold brew coffee. It is recommended for making cold brew coffee. I'm using a funnel to transfer coffee to a cold brew. The set up for my application does a very good job of removing coffee from the system, but I add one more step to the process to make it even better. For my coffee brew, I simply fill a 64oz mason jar with a measured amount of water that I like for the weighed amount of coarse, to very coarse, ground coffee that I use, and just pour the coffee in the water, shake and let sit. I let this sit on the counter for a while. I attached the Chef's Planet #130 Multipurpose Filter Funnels to the 64oz Mason jar that I used to pour the coffee sludge into, so that it wouldn't get stuck in the red nozzle. There is a The funnel is very strong and secure to the jar. I put the included bronze colored screen filter inside the screw-on gray funnel and then put the white colandar inside the bronze colored screen filter. The pieces in the set have tabs that are interlocked so they don't move when I pour the coffee sludge through them. The smaller coffee grounds are caught by the bronze colored screen while the coarse coffee grounds are caught by the white colandar. The original 64oz Mason jar and the filter set were washed. I put a 300/400 mesh fabric filter inside the funnel after rinsing the 64oz Mason jar. I use the Pour and Store lid on the 64oz Mason jar to pour the first round coffee into and then use the 300/400 mesh fabric filter to remove the super-fines. This eliminates virtually all of the silt, although some may still settle in the bottom over a few days of sitting. There is a The red nozzle attachment works well for filling smaller mouth vessels without leaking, and it fits securely to the gray funnel. I don't need it for the cold brew coffee steps. There is a There are two minor issues that I found with the set. There are two slots in the gray filter where the machine cut slots are. I believe they are for the air to be released. I'm pretty sure that without the slots, it would be hard to remove the two parts from each other. One of the two cuts on my unit is very rough and I had to trim some plastic shards from the cut. I believe that the cut goes through one of the lid threads and the other goes above it. I thought about exchanging it. All the cuts are likely in the same place on the funnels, so I think this is the case for all the sets. I used a knife to clean it up. There is an important note. The tread on the funnel to the jar is very tight and secure, and the air slots are located at the very top of the tread. There is a There is a metallic blueish spot on the bronze filter mesh in my set, as if the bronzing missed a spot due to some impurity on the surface of the screen. I am concerned that if it is not bronzed, it will rust in the future. I've washed the screen a few times and haven't noticed any rust or degradation at the spot. I thought about exchanging the slot cut issues but I'm expecting that they are not issues in the long run. There is a The two issues in my set were not worth doing an exchange over.

4. FryAway Solidifier Plant Based Disposal Solidifies

FryAway Solidifier Plant Based Disposal Solidifies

There is a mess-free cooking oil distribution. It doesn't have to be messy to clean up after frying. Solidify up to 8 cups of leftover oil in 3 easy steps so you can easily throw it away. There are no messy spills, containers of oil or costly drain pours. It's easy to use. It's easy to follow instructions to solidify used cooking oil. FryAway Cooking Oil Solidifier powder can be put into hot oil and thrown away. It is safe to use and better for the environment. 4 uses Just open and sprinkle the pre-measured packs. Each pack can hold up to 2 cups of oil. Made in the USA, it is sold in the USA.

Brand: Fryaway

👤I love this product. It is too expensive for only 4 packets. I will buy it again.

👤The product is a modern day invention. It is possible that big name restaurants may use something similar, as everyday folk don't know about it. I am glad I bought this. I have done everything you are not supposed to do to get rid of used cooking oil. I used a lot of dish liquid and hot water to create a circular burn pattern on my lawn. Never again. I use this product in my home.

👤The fish filets were fried. I didn't have to deal with a smelly kitchen because I got rid of the residual oil. This product is a hit because I'm very eco-minded. Excellent!

👤Shrimp and french fries are in the oil. I used one package of FryAway and waited for it to cool. The next day was my trash day and I had to remove the oil and bits from the bottom of it. It was clean after. I like it.

👤Quite impressive. We stirred the hot oil after making some fries. We checked the pan and the oil was still there. We put the solid in the trash using a wood spoon. I keep a pack of FryAway in our pantry. Highly recommended.

👤When the bacon grease container is full, I empty the oil into an empty jug and store it there. The process is great, but the bottles are so big that we can't fill them fast enough and end up with too many empty bottles. My brother told him to try this product. I bought a pack of 4 packets to try out. I reheated the oil we used last night and stirred a packet of powder to make sure it was properly mixed into the oil. The product works and you can see from the photos I've shared that it does. After about 1.5 hours, the pan was cooled enough to discard the coagulated oil and the clean up was easy. I just put the oil in the garbage can. I will get the largest size they have, but I will definitely buy this product again. I'll keep used oil in my bacon grease container until it's full, then use the fry away powder on it. I don't have to keep empty bottles anymore because of the easy disposal of oil.

👤I used 3 packs of FryAway in 2 cups of hot oil and it still didn't solidify. Something told me that the 4 small packets would not be enough for 2 cups of oil. Don't waste your money. The review did not work for me since I use 3 packets and emptied the final packet to see what it would do. Liquid oil. This is what I have experienced. I followed all the instructions. The product is close to where my finger is.

👤FryAway Pan Fry Waster is a cooking oil solidifier. I used this after frying some bacon. It solidified the oil. It took a long time for this to happen. You will have to wait for this to happen if you like a tidy kitchen. I used a spatula to remove the remnants from the garbage can. I used a lot of pressure on the spatula to get the solidifier out of the pan. It took a lot of elbow grease to clean my pan. Was it something else? It has never been difficult to clean my pan. This is my review. I have some left. Will I use them in the future? This is a fact, only time will tell... I won't buy this product again.

5. Birllaid Filter Cooking Filtering Package

Birllaid Filter Cooking Filtering Package

The diameter is 5.5. The height is 7.3" They will be happy to service you if you have a question. There is time and churchyard. Most SAVER-Oils can be used again. The best way to save money on fryer oil is to filter it after cooking. PERFECT FOR The filters can strain herbs from the oil. They work well for small hot maple syrup. To remove the oil from my deep fryer. This makes the oil last longer. It works for turkey fryer and deep fried foods. The package includes 1 cone holder and 50 oil filter cones. The filters allow the oil to flow through without restriction. Heavy in quality, much better than coffee filters, is more like fabric. Coffee filters are not able to cope with higher temperatures. This is more appropriate for straining oil. It has a denser weave. They are confident that you will love the quality and convenience of their oil fryer. If you have a problem, contact them and they will provide a solution.

Brand: Birllaid

👤I bought this to make sure the oil from my deep fryer is not polluted. I was hoping for a good flow rate. The filters do that. I'm very happy with them. The funnel that comes with these needs some work. I buy 1 gallon jugs of peanut oil and use 3 liters of peanut oil in my fryer. I pour the oil back into the empty gal when I'm done frying because it's cool and won't melt the plastic. A jug for storage. I try to get as much use out of the oil as I can before throwing it out since it can be expensive at times. There is a If you have someone to hold the funnel for you, the arrangement works well out of the box. I 3D printed a part that screws onto the jug and holds it in place. The flow rate is slow but not like using a coffee filter. The flow rate could be improved by using a funnel shaped grate that would keep the filter off of the funnel and allow the entire surface of the filter to drain the oil. You only get good flow out of the very tip of the cone shaped filter. There is a It could be a little bigger. The neck and spout of the funnel are small. This is a good value for the filters. It would be a 5 star Home Run if the funnel could screw onto the oil jugs and if there was a part of the funnel that held the filter off the sides. Can't have everything, I guess. If you're listening in Asia, why not take my free idea and make a bundle? I'll buy these again.

👤The product was advertised. I did a great job of removing the oil from the turkey. After one pass through, the oil was clean. The product is not to blame for how long it takes to filter through this type of media and funnel.

👤Attempted to strain peanut oil using this filter and funnel. It took over 30 minutes for the oil to be removed. I had to sit and wait for that cup of oil to strain before I could pour more. Despite advertising claims, it appears that it is too fine a filter for this purpose.

👤The product is not designed well. As you pour the oil, the filtering element lays against the funnel. The media and oil can't be reached. This results in an enormous amount of time to pour a small amount of oil.

👤The purchase was wonderful. The filters are great. The only thing I didn't like was that the funnel wouldn't stay on the neck of the oil container. I had to be very careful not to spill any oil. I would like the funnel to be bigger.

👤The filters are easy to use and do a great job of removing the oil from the food. The filters are a great addition to the cone holder. It is very convenient.

6. Touman Pieces Filter Cooking Grease

Touman Pieces Filter Cooking Grease

The non-woven material has overlocking stitching. They're perfect for restaurants, snack stands, carnival concession stands. You will receive 30 pieces of non woven filter cones of 10 inch, enough to meet the needs of home cooking, and you can share with others. The filters are serviceable and can be used for a long time, they are safe and reliable, can be thicker and more suitable for filters that are used for maple syrup, and can be used for a long time. This filter can be used for a variety of purposes, including small hot filters, strain your fryer oil, which makes the oil last longer, and it is also a good choice for filters sweet maple syrup. The non woven filter cones can be used in a wide range of places, from restaurants to the workplace. A nice gift for friends and family around you is the non woven filter cones filter, they will be happy to receive it.

Brand: Touman

👤The work will save you money on cooking oil, but the stitching will cling to oil on the way out, so don't get it twisted. It works and is good enough for something like this, which is not what I would call a premium product.

7. Winco FF 10 Fryer Filter Stand

Winco FF 10 Fryer Filter Stand

The 7-In-1 food grade funnel set contains a funnel, a strainer, a brush, and hooks. Their warranty is worry-free and they have great customer service. This funnel with strainer set is great for value and practical and can solve the storage and cleaning problem. If the temperature is higher, the product will be dissolved. Winco has a wide range of products. Winco products are used by many industry experts.

Brand: Winco

👤I don't often leave reviews because I am busy with 5 kids and I don't want to waste money, but this product was a life saver and I should say a saver! My husband is in every place. I looked at a stand and a maple syrup filter. I found this on Amazon and a smaller wool filter for less than $50. One of us holds the filter over a container while we finish our hobby sap inside. Now I can finish it by myself. Can I ask what? Without robbing a bank. It works well to balance over a vessel for me while I make maple syrup.

👤It worked well for straining beeswax. I plan to use it to make syrup. I think it will work for that as well. It works over a 5 gallon bucket.

👤I modified it based on a fellow reviewer's idea to bend the arms in a vise. I put the arms to the handles on the Winware stock pot. The 4 zip ties make a very secure combination for less than $60, compared to over $300 for a 10 gallon cone filter tank. I used the large cone filter again as I tend to use it only for a few gallons of syrup at a time. There's a new accessory that adds a peak to a traditional maple syrup filter. The goal is to increase the surface area where the soil settles from a narrow bottom to a wider ring. I modified the narrow ends of the stand to fold upwards. This increased the surface area and gave more clearance to allow more syrup to be put in the stock pot.

👤Any person who uses a lot of cooking oil and filters would know what I'm talking about. My friends and I cook a lot using Woks on a turkey fryer burner, and you can find them for a lot less on the internet after the holidays. Each wok uses 1.5 gallons of oil. The life of each oil batches is extended by having this filter. If the arms folded down to save space, the cone part would not stay in place. This is great if you cook for parties like I do. This would be too heavy for counter top cooking. We had to clean the oil midway through cooking, get a pot to pour the oil in, and then run water through it, and to our amazement it was fast.

👤The design of the basket allows the filter to slip through. That should be considered a weakness for a product that decides to hold a filter. The photos from an identical product are not showing an image from this angle. I am stuck with this because I haven't found a different design. You might need a second person to hold your filters. Your filter will end up in the pot with your liquid.

👤I used this method to clean bee wax, it was much easier than any other method I had tried. I was able to clean in a lot less time using the filter.

8. King Kooker PF10 Disposable Funnel

King Kooker PF10 Disposable Funnel

It's suggested to use the inside of the funnels. For improving the flavors of cooking oil. When cooking oil has cooled to less than 100 degrees, it's a good idea to use it.

Brand: King Kooker

👤Amazon recommended this filter as a purchase for norpro 5 1/2 funnel. It's for a much larger funnel.

👤I used this to get rid of about 3 gallons of turkey fryer oil. It fit well in the funnel and did a great job of removing particles from peanut oil. It is important to warm the oil up and hold the filter up from the funnel to allow the oil to flow at a decent rate.

👤They were bought to test. There is no difference between paper towels and cooking oils. The left and right are the same towel. They do work, but only a single star for me.

👤They worked well for oil filters. I was skeptical because oil was gross and had sat for a couple of days. It was clear and looked new, but it was very well Filters and it was clear and looked new. It's important to pick the filter up from the funnel. It will flow a little slower if that's the case. I heated the oil up to 112 degrees and it flowed better than room temp, but not too hot to melt the plastic funnel.

👤I've been using these filters for a decade. They have saved me a lot of money. They are used for every fried turkey and fish fry we have. If you're done recycling your oil, you can either throw the filter in the trash or use it to start a bonfire during the cold months.

👤I use these after I clean the oil through the strainer to reuse it.

👤I own a deep fryer. The filets work well.

👤I thought they would be a lot bigger than they are.

9. VEVOR Fryer Grease Bucket Rust Proof

VEVOR Fryer Grease Bucket Rust Proof

Glass Octopus glass oil bottles come with blank chalkboard labels and white chalk. Help you to manage oil in a more clear way. The customer service is backed by Glass Octopus. The fryer grease bucket has a large capacity within its small size. It can hold 6 gallons of oil, which can be used to reduce the number of oil buckets. It can be stacked up to save space. A filter bag is also available, which can be used to remove particulate matter from the oil. The oil disposal caddy is made of Premium Steel, which is about 0.02" in thickness, and is difficult to modify. The inside and outside are covered. The blue exterior coating on the fryer oil caddy is rust and corrode proof. The interior is covered with a food grade coating, which will allow you to store the oil in it at ease. The fryer oil bucket has locks for better seal. Pressing down the lock catches will make the lid tight. The cushion ring beneath the cover will improve the seal performance. The double assurance design of the fryer oil transport container makes it possible for the storage and transportation of the fryer oil. The deep fryer grease bucket has two user-friendly handles. The top handle is made of steel. It calls attention to easy lifting and hard to break. The side handle is convenient for moving and pouring oils. The bucket and lid are connected by rope. The cover can be placed against the barrel to save space. The grease bucket for fryer is suitable for many places, including but not limited to restaurant kitchens, fast-food chains, hotpot restaurants, bars & grills, cafeterias, and public canteens.

Brand: Vevor

👤We use this to save the oil in the fryer for our food truck. I would recommend anyone to save and move their oil.

👤This thing is very dangerous. If you have a food truck, you need fryers.

👤Great bucket! It was the perfect size for what I needed.

👤When you spend over a hundred dollars for a pot and get it in, you will have a large dent on the side.

10. Miroil B6PS Filter Combination 02852

Miroil B6PS Filter Combination 02852

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or the product is damaged in transit, please contact them and they will solve your issue quickly. The combo frame and oil filter bag will be included in your order. The model is B6PS. Also available for purchase as a frame on its own with part number BF1A, or a FlowEZ Filter Bag Filter on its own. The MirOilEZ Flow Series of oil filters will save money. The frames and filters can be cleaned easily with hot water. Keep your oil clean and your fried foods crisp. The MirOilEZ Flow Filter Bag can be used to filter as many as 1000 fryers, at a much cheaper cost than paper filters. MirOil Fry Liquid or MirOil Fry Powder can be used to save costs on oil. MirOil'sEZ Flow Filters are less expensive than paper filters and will not cause problems with the oil. If you don't sell food but cook it in oil at home, spend the money because it will save you money. The frames are made of nickel. The bag can be attached to the holder frame with a series of reinforced snaps and is great for crumb removal. The frames are made of nickel. The bag can be attached to the holder frame with a series of reinforced snaps and is great for crumb removal.

Brand: Miroil

👤Firefighters had to respond to a restaurant that caught fire because the product caught fire.

👤This filter doesn't work for us.

👤The combination set is to be ordered. Only send the frame. There is no bag for filters. I would not be getting a replacement of the filter. Had to return the order to get the bag. Inconvenience.

11. GEELION Container Dust Proof Stainless Housewife

GEELION Container Dust Proof Stainless Housewife

This product occupies a small space. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know. Thank you for your purchase! The bacon grease container with strainer is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is high-temperature and resistant to rust. It is possible to use a non-stick coating for a long time. Humanized design. Dust can fall into the oil if the lid of the grease strainer is not closed. The small inverted mouth design works well to prevent leaking, and the removal of a mesh filter is fine enough to ensure the purity of the oil filter. The 1.2L oil strainer can meet your daily needs. You can use the leftover grease from fried bacon to make something. It can hold cooking oil, coconut oil, fat, frying oil, hot oil and other liquid seasonings. The best cook in the house! The bacon storage container is easy to clean. Clean it with dish soap and soft fiber. The steel wire balls may damage the surface. Large capacity. You can use the cooking oil filter to store oil or use it for daily needs of your family. They will provide you the best solution if you have a problem with purchase. Large capacity. You can use the cooking oil filter to store oil or use it for daily needs of your family. They will provide you the best solution if you have a problem with purchase.

Brand: Geelion

👤The pot is not ferrous so it won't heat up on the burner. Most of my burners are induction, so I wish it was ferrous.

👤It was a perfect size and great quality.

👤I love it, it is neat on the stove, and the grease is the best I have ever had.

👤I am puedo poner en el lava vajillas gusto.

👤The steel is very strong and the strainer is very sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. I recommend the bacon grease container. This is not a fake review. I did not get anything for writing it.


What is the best product for cooking oil filter system?

Cooking oil filter system products from Yesland. In this article about cooking oil filter system you can see why people choose the product. Herolink and Chef's Planet are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking oil filter system.

What are the best brands for cooking oil filter system?

Yesland, Herolink and Chef's Planet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking oil filter system. Find the detail in this article. Fryaway, Birllaid and Touman are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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