Best Cooking Oil Filter Pump

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1. Aulett Home Grease Container Strainer

Aulett Home Grease Container Strainer

Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible. This bacon grease container is for handling bacon grease. The curved handle of the cooking oil container makes it less prone to getting hot. It's perfect for storing bacon grease and oil. Just like Mom did, add flavor. Fry your bacon and pour the excess fat into the oil strainer. Now you can add bacon flavor to your food. I like bacon! Simple design that works. The hidden strainer can be used to separate particles and help with pouring. The mesh screen and canister have a lid over them. The metal jar allows you to wash the fryer without throwing away the oil. The right size. The bacon grease can is good for 5 cups of fat from the pan. You can use this in your kitchen as a grease strainer and cooking oil filter. If you want to get your money back, enjoy cooking more. With a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free replacement warranty, there is no need to worry. Add to cart now.

Brand: Aulett Home

👤I needed to collect bacon drippings from the used peanut oil in my other container, so I purchased this as a second grease container. I wanted a different brand for the bacon drippings. This unfortunate choice was made because of that. The lid and strainer are not fitted, so there is no effective interlock between them. I think we know how inertia and gravity will work out over time, because you are totally dependent on them. A sham lift lever is more likely to cause an accident than it is to facilitate the use of the container. I suggest that you look at the "MyLifeUNIT 1.7 Quart Oil Storage" ASIN: B01L1SD4BG. I have been using one of the alternative units for a year and it has worked very well.

👤I used this product all the time and I loved it. When I started to notice grease on my counter top, my love ended. I looked at my container and found a hole in the bottom. I keep it in the same spot on my counter and it's far from a heat source. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I'm worried about how this got a hole.

👤I have purchased 6 of them. I buy them for everyone I know. This is the best way to keep bacon grease. I keep it on the counter next to the stove, and I use the bacon grease to cook. Delish! Please cook your bacon in the oven or on the stove, not in the microwave. This bacon grease holder is for sale. The cost is great and it's easy to use. I washed the container, dried it, and dumped the grease in the trash because I didn't use it fast enough. You will want to wipe the outside regularly, but it seems normal with the counter. Get one! Give two! You will not be sorry.

👤You can't find anything that will be perfect. You want something that can help be better, this will work. My 85 year old father knows not to put grease down the drain, so he does it anyway. I wanted to get angry but realized I have to give a better option. This product is a good option to fix my problem, not my anger issues, but it does help with the grease not going down the drain.

👤I bought this in October. The kids have been making a mess for the last 2 months. I finally realized that there is a hole in the bottom of my grease keeper. I transferred the grease from the other one to the other one. If I can get the information on how to contact them, I'll be able to find out how good their warranty service is. I will update as I find out more.

👤My husband liked it and said it's rare. A good product would be a good gift for someone.

👤A quality item that has been useful in my kitchen. Two aspects of its construction are of particular value to me. It is easier to pour bacon grease into a container with a wider top than it is to pour it into a container with a rim. The wire 'filter' is designed to catch small debris and particles in the construction site. The mes screen is easy to wash. The design is superior, the construction is of a high quality, and it serves its designed function very well.

2. Premium Cooking Sprayer Clog Free CHEFVANTAGE

Premium Cooking Sprayer Clog Free CHEFVANTAGE

The oil spray bottle can help bring a healthy life style. If you want to stay healthy, you can use their oil sprayer to spray oil instead of pouring it out to reduce calories. It will improve the way you cook. While store-bought cooking sprays are convenient, you don't really know what's in them. That's not a problem with their oil mister because you can use whatever you want. It's great for olive, coconut, and other types of oil. If you fill it with lemon juice or spray it on fruit, it will stay fresh. Thanks to its special anti-clog filter, their mister won't be affected by alogs if you add fresh herbs. It is easy to use, but you need a few pumps to get it going. You and your family will benefit from using less oil and using a super-fine spray, which will give your food or pans an even coating every time. The oil chamber is made from scratch- resistant glass, which is easy to clean, and the pump is hidden from view. This is a risk-free purchase because of their manufacturer's one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Chefvantage

👤This oil mister is awesome! We bought one for olive oil after we had one for grape seed oil. It has a slight learning curve but after you have figured it out, it works great. Don't fill the bottle all the way. The plastic part cracked on the lid after only a couple months of use, making it useless. I loved this in the beginning but now I don't. It should have lasted more than a few months. There is an update 2. I received a message from the company saying they will send me another mister after I posted the updated review. I will update after using the replacement. I hope it lasts because I enjoyed it while it worked. We bought two oil misters. The pressure in the bottle was not allowed to build up when the plunger cracked. The seller sent a replacement. The other two that I had originally bought had the same issue. I think it would be a great product if the plunger issue could be solved. I will look for something that will last longer than a few weeks.

👤I bought this bottle in February, and now it's just a nice looking bottle. I followed all the instructions and it worked out well. After only a couple of months of use, the pump stopped working, so the spray is more like a lite mist, and the metallic cover slides off, which makes it very difficult to use. I have stopped using it. This is not a cheap item, but it did not last very long. I was surprised by the positive reviews. I don't think it's a good idea to buy this mister.

👤I have owned a few of the misters that are highly rated by cooking sites. It doesn't require a lot of pumping, doesn't get oily from spraying, and feels comfortable in the hand. Even though it is on the pantry shelf away from the light, it looks very nice sitting on the countertop or table. I read a lot of reviews before I bought this mister, so I would recommend it to someone or purchase it again.

👤We like the product, only used it once, we will give an update in a few weeks as we really wanted a durable product that works well. We will be happy if it works well and lasts. The screwed-on part separated after 5 weeks of using the Oil Mister. There is a piece of plastic under a piece of chrome. The brushed chrome portion of the screw-on top is useless now that it is spin. The chrome piece is not usable. The black plastic piece under the chrome part had to be removed using a special method. Even though the mister works, it requires more steps to be functional. The mister did not meet our expectations. The brands of misters that failed were owned by the same people as the Chefvantage. We should have had more than 5 weeks of functional use for the price. There is a The seller of the oil mister graciously refunded my purchase after I submitted my updated review, without question and without me requesting to be reimbursed. The focus on customer satisfaction seems to be disappearing with each passing year. The company's owners are behind the products they sell. I would buy from this company again because of their dedication to their customers.

3. Chefs Planet 130 Multipurpose Filter

Chefs Planet 130 Multipurpose Filter

The Fulton Paint Stand has two separate pieces. It is easy to assemble with the included 4 set screw sleeve. It's easy to assemble or disassemble the stand for quick and convenient storage. Paint strainer cones are not included. The pre- and fine mesh filters remove food particles. The red funnel is for 1 gallon storage containers. The tabs on the pre- and fine mesh filters allow easy removal. The screws are gray and are on nearly all wide mouth jars. Reducing wasted oil is ideal for straining cooking oil, soup stocks, fruit and vegetable juices and more.

Brand: Chef's Planet

👤I bought this for the oil strainer function, and it does that very well. We use the fryers a few times a week and strain about two gallons every time. The strainer does a better job of catching debris than a typical kitchen strainer. The attached small funnel is useful for this function as it allows you to return the oil to the container it came in. We are getting two more weeks from our fryer oil than we were getting, and sometimes a touch more. There is a The funnel is threaded to the jar size. This one has double the capacity and feeding opening as a typical canning funnel. It's useful for packing jars with larger foods like whole tomatoes, whole cucumbers, and apples. Without crushing them. Since it screws onto the jar, it's very stable. There is a The small red funnel is large enough to fill bottles and plastic jug cooking oil. There is a The strainers fit well into the assembly and stay put. The extra fine strainer is good for straining. It's perfect for leaving no particles in my final jar of Very Hot Thai Chili Oil. There is a The quality and function are worth the price. It is worth the cost because of our savings in cooking oil. It's not cheap to use peanut oil. Our opinion is five stars for what it is and all of the other things. A very nice unitasker.

👤This is a must-have item for anyone with a deep fryer. I've had a deep fryer for 10 years but rarely use it because it's hard to keep the oil out of the fridge. Recently decided to try again. It is a game-changing event for me. They've thought of everything. The red funnel screws on to the gray funnel and there are fins on the small end so that when you put it into the bottle, it allows the displaced air to escape so the funnel doesn't get backed up and overflow. The large hole filter takes care of the bigger pieces while the small mesh filter takes care of the smaller pieces. I've only used it once so far but I'm really impressed and I can see myself using my deep fryer more frequently because of this filter/funnel.

👤This strainer is attached to a half-gallon Mason jar and can be used for cleaning cooking oil. If you attach the red funnel to a plastic bottle, be careful not to use it on a smaller bottle. I tried to strain the oil into a bottle, but I needed a third hand to steady the bottle/strainer combo. I spent a lot of time cleaning up the spilled oil. I don't ding the product because they say it fits 1 gallon+ storage containers. It's not a stable setup and it fits smaller containers. There is a I'm so glad I found this strainer. I can't imagine a way to improve it.

👤I like this set. I'm 99% happy with it. The pieces work well together, so I don't have to set up a complicated set up for cold brew coffee. It is recommended for making cold brew coffee. I'm using a funnel to transfer coffee to a cold brew. The set up for my application does a very good job of removing coffee from the system, but I add one more step to the process to make it even better. For my coffee brew, I simply fill a 64oz mason jar with a measured amount of water that I like for the weighed amount of coarse, to very coarse, ground coffee that I use, and just pour the coffee in the water, shake and let sit. I let this sit on the counter for a while. I attached the Chef's Planet #130 Multipurpose Filter Funnels to the 64oz Mason jar that I used to pour the coffee sludge into, so that it wouldn't get stuck in the red nozzle. There is a The funnel is very strong and secure to the jar. I put the included bronze colored screen filter inside the screw-on gray funnel and then put the white colandar inside the bronze colored screen filter. The pieces in the set have tabs that are interlocked so they don't move when I pour the coffee sludge through them. The smaller coffee grounds are caught by the bronze colored screen while the coarse coffee grounds are caught by the white colandar. The original 64oz Mason jar and the filter set were washed. I put a 300/400 mesh fabric filter inside the funnel after rinsing the 64oz Mason jar. I use the Pour and Store lid on the 64oz Mason jar to pour the first round coffee into and then use the 300/400 mesh fabric filter to remove the super-fines. This eliminates virtually all of the silt, although some may still settle in the bottom over a few days of sitting. There is a The red nozzle attachment works well for filling smaller mouth vessels without leaking, and it fits securely to the gray funnel. I don't need it for the cold brew coffee steps. There is a There are two minor issues that I found with the set. There are two slots in the gray filter where the machine cut slots are. I believe they are for the air to be released. I'm pretty sure that without the slots, it would be hard to remove the two parts from each other. One of the two cuts on my unit is very rough and I had to trim some plastic shards from the cut. I believe that the cut goes through one of the lid threads and the other goes above it. I thought about exchanging it. All the cuts are likely in the same place on the funnels, so I think this is the case for all the sets. I used a knife to clean it up. There is an important note. The tread on the funnel to the jar is very tight and secure, and the air slots are located at the very top of the tread. There is a There is a metallic blueish spot on the bronze filter mesh in my set, as if the bronzing missed a spot due to some impurity on the surface of the screen. I am concerned that if it is not bronzed, it will rust in the future. I've washed the screen a few times and haven't noticed any rust or degradation at the spot. I thought about exchanging the slot cut issues but I'm expecting that they are not issues in the long run. There is a The two issues in my set were not worth doing an exchange over.

4. FryOilSaver Reusable Compatible Culinary Construction

FryOilSaver Reusable Compatible Culinary Construction

Two (2) D batteries are required. Three (3) filters and one wire clip are included. The FryOilSaver Co. GCONE10 is designed to make oil filters easier to use. The filter is made from micro mesh. It makes sure that your oil is kept clean and healthy. The GCone10 is compatible with the Winco and the Culinary Depot cone frames. The frames have heavy duty poppers. These are attached to the filters and will not fall off. The bag is easy to clean and can be used for up to 1000 uses. It is more economical than disposable paper filters. To clean the GCONE10, simply spray it off. Don't use soap to clean the filter. The FryOilSaver Co. GCONE10 is made from highly durable material. It is designed to last a long time. The bag can be used to filter hot and cold oil. FryOilSaver Co. is made in the USA. The filters are made in the USA. The nylon material used in this bag is very durable and makes them cheaper than regular paper filters. The GCONE10 can be washed in between uses.

Brand: The Fryoilsaver Company

👤Does a great job of removing the grease but doesn't actually clean it. grease will burn quickly and need to be changed more often than not.

5. Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

The size is 16.8 x 3 cm and 6.6 x 1.18 inch. You can enjoy your dressings on the go without worrying about waste or leaking. The oil strainer pot helps them separate food from fat. Food grade SUS 304 is a high temperature resistant material. It is easy to hand clean the separate parts. It is important to keep hygiene and to keep dust out. The fully loaded capacity is 2L/68oz, which is equivalent to the capacity of 2 bottles of 1000ml edible oil, and the optimal capacity is 1.6L/54oz. Use oil, multi-purpose, one pot to meet the daily needs of the family. It can be directly heated and compatible with open flames, so it can be used to solve the problem of reuse of cooked oil. High quality and durable. The parts are made of 304stainless steel and have no rust, high temperature resistance, or wear resistance. The pot body is 2mm thick and has a long service life. The pot body is welded to the handle, making it difficult to break. The perfect design cooking oil container has a lid to stop dust from falling into the oil. An anti-slip coaster tray will prevent oil from spilling onto the counter top or range top if there is a mesh strainer on it. The small eagle mouth shaped pour spout design works well. It is comfortable to hold. Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible.

Brand: Chihee

👤The capacity is large enough and the strainer filters really well. It is easy to clean the strainer. There were no drippings in the pot. If it happens, I suggest wiping it clean as it may get sticky and harder to clean later on. There is a Since I started using it, there have been no cons.

👤I was concerned about buying a unit. The strainer would be too coarse and would let too much particulate through, which would make the oil useless. The strainer would be too fine and you wouldn't be able to pour oil into the can without stopping and letting it drain them pouring more, etc. The unit works well, so my concerns were for nothing. You can pour a pot of grease directly into the oil and strain the smallest particles out of it, making it usable for longer.

👤The grease can is larger than I expected. It is about the size of a small coffee pot. I wasn't expecting the tray that it sits on, I guess I didn't look at the picture closely enough It looks like it should be easy to clean. The strainer will make the saved grease cleaner because it is large enough to pour the grease into it without it running down the side.

👤Liked it. The size is what it is. The tight lid makes it easy to catch drips. The edge of the strainer tab is not liked. I almost cut my finger on the metal. The lid roll has metal that shows through it. There is a black detail. I don't think this pot will last very long. There is a I worry about the strainer sharp edges in the house. There is a The price is excessive and will be returned.

👤All the little bits are strained out. My dad used to call it bacon "butter" because it was made from fried potatoes, okra, and even half and half for pie crust. A good container with a good handle. The lid doesn't click down on the back side and I don't know if the strainer part should be removed for storage or not. The strained handle was pushed down and the lid was tight. I'm happy now.

👤Get this! If you need a place to store pan grease, then look no further. It is well made, comes with a handy tray for drippings, and the handle is great for transporting so that it won't slip out of your hands. It is my blessing and I am very excited about it. This is the one! I am telling you something.

👤We upgraded the type of cooking oils we use and wanted to get some of the oil back. This seemed to be the best value for the money after studying and looking at the options. It is.

👤I don't fry a lot but when I do I don't want to waste the grease. bacon for beef Bourguignon... I never have a can for bacon grease. Last year I melted a plastic trash can and tried to hit a small can with it, so this year I decided to treat myself. I love it! It works perfectly and is well made. I can keep things in the fridge or on the counter. I use bacon grease in a pan of vegetables or potatoes a lot. I wasted all of that before.

6. ATPTOOL12V Extractor Scavenge Transfer Suction

ATPTOOL12V Extractor Scavenge Transfer Suction

3a x AA batteries are not included. Specificaiton: The flow rate is approximately 60 degrees. 1L / min. You just need to place the inlet and outlet hoses at the correct positions, connect the power clamps to the car battery and press the button. You can often do it yourself to make sure your engine runs smoothly. The ideal equipment for it. Specialised tools can be used to extract the oil from your vehicle. The package includes 1 x pump, 1 x outlet hose, 1 x inlet hose, 2 x hose Clamps, and 2 x batteries. There is a warning. This product is not suitable for petrol. Do not use this pump to get water, oil, or liquids that are easy to get rid of. There is a warning. This product is not suitable for petrol. Do not use this pump to get water, oil, or liquids that are easy to get rid of.

Brand: Atptool

👤I've heard stories of shops taking advantage of customers by saying "They can only fix this problem if that problem is taken of first." I live in a big city so I didn't want to take any chances. I like saving money, so I'll do whatever I can to save as much money as possible, and this little pump lets me do that. I don't have the skills to change the oil in a traditional way, and even if I did, I wouldn't have a place to keep them. I like the idea of only paying for the oil I put in, which is usually around $20-$25 bucks. The tubes that come with the pump were stiff and difficult to attach, as I had to use a work glove to get the small one on, and they were a bit stiff out of the box. I made sure to make the ring clamps extra snug around the tubes to prevent them from popping off while the pump is in use. When you change your oil using this pump, the small tube goes directly into where the dipstick goes into the engine, if you can't push anymore in there, you may need to move the tube a little. If you're a busy person, make sure you have at least 30 minutes to spare, the pump isn't quick about getting the oil out, but to me, it's better than paying $50 for an oil change. There is a After getting the old oil out, putting the new oil in, and resetting the Change Oil Light, I was good to go! Was this pump worth the money? You bet it was! If I can operate this thing and get the results I want, then so can you, because I have never changed my own oil before.

👤This pump was bought 2 years ago and it is a work horse. I bought this one for my uncle. It's the best part that you don't have to climb under the car and use the drain plug. You will never overtighten the drain plug again. Don't use this to suck out anything but oil. Make sure the oil is at least 120 degrees. It will take forever if you try to suck out cold oil with this pump.

👤I bought this thing because it would be great to not have oil on my cars or small tractor after changing the oil. I thought I could use it the same way every time and take the plug out of the pan and do it the conventional way, because I was worried that it wouldn't pick up the old oil at the bottom. I could keep doing the job clean. Wrong. By the time I finished wrestling the machine for an hour and a half to try to get at least some of the oil out, I was covered in more oil then doing the job. I was going to throw it away. I did. I thought it was worth it because it would have taken more work to get it cleaned up. I did some detective work on it to find the problem before I junked it. One of the problems was that when it was packed to ship, it had a small hole in the tubing that was messing up some of the action, but the whole system was a joke. Be careful.

7. MyMoon Container Cooking Storage Strainer

MyMoon Container Cooking Storage Strainer

The Grease Container with Strainer, anti-slip coasters, and worry-free 18-month warranty are what you get. Their large grease can is 6” x 6” with a 5” diameter and can hold up to 48 ounces of cooking oil or bacon grease. Strong,durable materials. Their bacon grease container is made from food grade iron with a strainer and has a handle that is easy to use. The fine mesh strainer allows you to reuse your cooking oil for other dishes. They also include a non-slip coaster to prevent slippage on your kitchen counter or to catch overflow in case you spill grease, and a unique bacon fat container where you won't even know what's inside. It is easy to clean the grease separator with hot soapy water and a soft sponge.

Brand: Mymoon Home

👤The kit is adequate. There is a tendency for spills over the edges of the spout. There is a tendency for the saucer to slip about and not stay put, so the bottom of the pitcher should have a tighter fit. Deeper grooves on both would solve that. It is a lovely set and the handle is very comfortable. The top is made of plastic.

👤The container is what I expected. It's the right size for my counter. It was easy to clean. The construction is of a quality. They have several colors, but white is my kitchen color. Great value! Thank you Amazon.

👤It is difficult to use because it doesn't come off with one hand. The plastic fooled me as the pictures look nice. That is definitely on me! Would recommend.

👤It's perfect in both size and color.

👤I like that it has a strainer in it. The plate it sits on is great for grease. Stores used to sell this item as a standard product. I couldn't find one in the store, but I was happy to find this one.

👤I thought it was ceramic, but I may have overlooked it. It is made of plastic. I like the mesh it comes with. It catches the burnt pieces so it doesn't mix with the bacon grease. I really like this. I wish it were ceramic because it has held up after many uses. The cream and wood look simple.

👤We had a ceramic version of the grease holder, but the screen fell apart on the rim and the container cracks and grease went everywhere. The container we purchased is great. It will not crack because it is larger and metal. This is a good one. It is easy to clean.

👤It works well. It is large. I would have to cook a lot of bacon. If I ever wanted to strain oil for a second use, the size works well. The mesh catches all the bits and I keep it.

👤This was ordered without thinking it was so large. It will take 10 years to fill this. It should have been returned for a smaller one. It is a good quality product.

👤A good size for bacon grease is important.

8. GEELION Container Dust Proof Stainless Housewife

GEELION Container Dust Proof Stainless Housewife

This product occupies a small space. If there are any issues with their products, please let them know. Thank you for your purchase! The bacon grease container with strainer is made of 304 STAINLESS STEEL and is high-temperature and resistant to rust. It is possible to use a non-stick coating for a long time. Humanized design. Dust can fall into the oil if the lid of the grease strainer is not closed. The small inverted mouth design works well to prevent leaking, and the removal of a mesh filter is fine enough to ensure the purity of the oil filter. The 1.2L oil strainer can meet your daily needs. You can use the leftover grease from fried bacon to make something. It can hold cooking oil, coconut oil, fat, frying oil, hot oil and other liquid seasonings. The best cook in the house! The bacon storage container is easy to clean. Clean it with dish soap and soft fiber. The steel wire balls may damage the surface. Large capacity. You can use the cooking oil filter to store oil or use it for daily needs of your family. They will provide you the best solution if you have a problem with purchase. Large capacity. You can use the cooking oil filter to store oil or use it for daily needs of your family. They will provide you the best solution if you have a problem with purchase.

Brand: Geelion

👤The pot is not ferrous so it won't heat up on the burner. Most of my burners are induction, so I wish it was ferrous.

👤It was a perfect size and great quality.

👤I love it, it is neat on the stove, and the grease is the best I have ever had.

👤I am puedo poner en el lava vajillas gusto.

👤The steel is very strong and the strainer is very sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. I recommend the bacon grease container. This is not a fake review. I did not get anything for writing it.

9. Premium Cooking Sprayer Clog Free CHEFVANTAGE

Premium Cooking Sprayer Clog Free CHEFVANTAGE

Not included are the two D-Size batteries required for the battery powered pump. While store-bought cooking sprays are convenient, you don't really know what's in them. That's not a problem with their oil mister because you can use whatever you want. It's great for olive, coconut, and other types of oil. If you fill it with lemon juice or spray it on fruit, it will stay fresh. Thanks to its special anti-clog filter, their mister won't be affected by alogs if you add fresh herbs. It is easy to use, but you need a few pumps to get it going. You and your family will benefit from using less oil and using a super-fine spray, which will give your food or pans an even coating every time. The oil chamber is made from scratch-resistant glass, which is anti-bacterial and easy to clean, while the pump is hidden from view inside the top. This is a risk-free purchase because of their manufacturer's one-year satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Chefvantage

👤I was sent a replacement sprayer to see if it was a problem. I compared the performance of the sprayers and it was the same. I am increasing my star rating by a star to reflect the fact that having to pressurize twice may be the nature of these. The quality control is in place with the sprayers as well. The great customer service is reflected in the extra star. The replacement sprayer that was sent came with instructions and a small note explaining why it was sent with an apology and further guarantees. I had to pressurize the thing twice, which was not a big deal, but I was unhappy because I only had to pressurize once. There were some drawbacks to that sprayer. This sprayer is doing a good job. My last one was better than the previous one. When using a 12” fry pan, you have to pump it about ten times, spray until the pressure is gone, put the top on again, and spray again to get decent coverage. I got by with one set of ten pumps. I don't like how the nozzle is close to the top, so some of the spray cone can land on top. The black sprayer looks nice and does what it is supposed to. To.

👤I only use this mister a few times but I love the spray pattern and quality. The glass makes a difference. I used to have a Misto, but it failed after a while. After a few quick pumps of air with the cap, this sprayer feels more solid. It's a bit pricey. The function and quality will be worth the money.

👤The company sent me a new insert piece that works perfectly now. It still doesn't work after following directions. This is not the first oil mister that we have, it fell to it's demise due to a "helpful" child. The sleeve that goes over the spray nozel is constantly detaching. Even if we pump a lot, it won't spray more than a small amount. The pressure is always released when done. Over the past couple of months, we have given it many chances, but I am done.

👤My experience with this device has been that it works as it is supposed to. The device will spray a fine mist of Olive Oil out of the nozzel if you pump up the air pressure as directed. The Olive Oil will tend to "weep" down the side of the device. I think that this is more of a function of the physical properties of Olive Oil when it is forced into a spray nozzel rather than a failure of the device. I recommend that users always keep paper towels handy to wipe the device down after every use and to also be prepared for wiping up any of the Olive Oil that might have been in mistake. Common Sense should inform the user that if they don't know where to aim their device, the situation will get messy. The results have been excellent, I have been using this device to prepare food. The device works well for preparing baked potatoes in an air fryer. I only owned this device for a couple of weeks but I have not experienced any issues with it and it is easy to clean. I am able to recommend the product based on this experience.

10. Stainless Detachable Strainer Cleaning Transferring

Stainless Detachable Strainer Cleaning Transferring

Their combo set includes a cleaning brush, a strainer, and a funnel, which is perfect for daily use. They are very competitive. The kitchen funnel is 304 food grade STAINLESS steel and has gone through a polished finish which makes it less susceptible to scratches. It is easier to hold the funnel over a jar, pot and bottle with the handle. The food grade sieve filter is designed for a 5 inch funnel. The nylon and PP mesh filter has a 300 mesh strainer that helps you filter the fine grains. You can eat food that is delicious. It's ideal for making jams, yogurt, wine, and soybean milk. It is easy to store and clean. The space for your kitchen is saved by hanging the funnels on any hooks. The funnel is easy to clean, just put it in the dishwasher or wash it with soapy water. To prevent rusting, please dry the funnels immediately after washing. The cooking funnel has a narrow spout which can fit into most bottle necks. It's easier to transfer essential oils, liquor, juice, jam and fluid with a separate strainer. It can also filter spices, salt, sugar and other dry ingredients. A 5 inch funnel, a 300 mesh filter mesh, a cleaning brush, and a strainer are included. If you have a question about their funnels, please email them, they will reply in 24 hours and give you a solution.

Brand: Youjia

👤I use it to strain my oil. The plastic screen makes it difficult to manage the oil temp. When the oil is too hot and the funnel will melt, I pour into a storage bottle and strain it. The oil won't flow through the screen if it's too cool. I tried a coffee filter and it was slow. It's very difficult to pour directly from a small cooker because the funnel is only about 4 inches across. I use a ladle to ladle soup.

👤The 200 mesh filter element is too fine to be used for grease. I am sure it is good for some things, but not for why I wanted it. Product seems well made, but not usable. It was stated in the description that it could be used for straining grease. I bought a funnel with a 300 nest filter and it works well.

👤I was amazed at how durable this funnel was because of the price. The funnel has worked better than I could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend this.

👤The funnel kit is of good quality and sells for a fair price. I use the 300 mesh most for straining used cooking oil. The 300 mesh for oil is a little more than I need, but it does a great job, and maybe a 200 mesh would work better for me. Purchase one!

👤Excellent for straining cooking oil and other liquids. The funnel works great. I bought two more filters with different mesh sizes.

👤There is no vent for fluid to overflow.

👤I needed to strain the oil.

👤No complaints.

👤This thing is terrible. The mesh does not allow you to use the whole volume. It is impossible to clean the mesh in the ring because of the bits of what you are straining. It was useless for straining coffee grounds. If you want to have clean utensils in the kitchen or use the funnels size, you should avoid using the ring that has bits of grounds in it.

👤I use this to remove oil from my deep fryer. The other model would take an entire day to filter 3L, so I used a fine steel mesh strainer.

👤Pour tout jadore le petit filtre.

11. TOOVREN Dispenser Silicone Dropper Measuring

TOOVREN Dispenser Silicone Dropper Measuring

The olive oil glass can be used to fill liquids such as oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, and can be easily refilled without a funnel. Satisfy a variety of needs in kitchen salad making, cooking, baking, roasting, grilling and frying. It is easy to carry and can be used for outdoor picnics. A brush with an oil bottle makes oil spraying easy. The oil brush point consists of a straw, an oil container with a measuring scale, a silicone brush, and a filter funnel. The large glass oil bottle makes it easy to refill without a funnel. It is easy to use, fill the wide mouth of the olive oil bottle, squeeze the silicone head and release it, the oil will come up from the straw to the transparent space. You can use the head to rub the pan or grill food. The design of the oil return hole avoids overflow and waste. It is easy to clean the cooking oil dispensers, they are dishwasher safe and can be disassembled and cleaned individually. The oil dropper bottle is easy to install. The oil bottle dispensers can be used to fill liquids such as oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, chili oil. It's best to apply quickly to food. The brush for cooking can be used to apply condiments. It's used for cooking, grilling, baking and making salads. Food grade material is used in the kitchen oil dispensers and oil brush. Can be used without restriction. It is safe and reliable. The brush has no strange smell, no loss of hair, and no deformation. The clear glass container makes it easy to see the amount of sauce or oil left.

Brand: Toovren

👤When I needed to use oil, I would have to take the jug of oil from the kitchen pantry. I don't like a lot of things on my counter so this works well for me. There is a I can leave it next to my stove because it is very easy to use. It looks cute on my counter. I like the fact that I know where the 1/2 ounce and one ounce are without having to read the lines on the measurement. There is a If the brush was stiff, it wouldn't be as easy to brush on the surface as it is. I like that it is made of glass and not plastic.

👤We have a problem at home where we need to take care of ourselves even with olive oil, so we needed something that would reduce the output of oil to our pans, and we found this wonderful solution.

👤I follow several Asian cooks. I knew I had to get it when I saw them all using it. The red color just pops in my kitchen since I ordered it. It's easy to fill with oil and squeeze the bulb. It has a good amount of oil. I return the little brush to the built in holder after using it. It would be easy to keep it clean because it was easy to disassemble. Really like it!


What is the best product for cooking oil filter pump?

Cooking oil filter pump products from Aulett Home. In this article about cooking oil filter pump you can see why people choose the product. Chefvantage and Chef's Planet are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking oil filter pump.

What are the best brands for cooking oil filter pump?

Aulett Home, Chefvantage and Chef's Planet are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking oil filter pump. Find the detail in this article. The Fryoilsaver Company, Chihee and Atptool are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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