Best Cooking Oil Filter Funnel

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1. HAUSPROFI Stainless Kitchen Strainer Transferring

HAUSPROFI Stainless Kitchen Strainer Transferring

Made of economical aluminum foil. It doesn't mean disposable is wasteful. Their disposable food containers can help you reduce your carbon footprint. They can last a while in your kitchen before they are retired. Top-GRADE STAINLESS STEELHAUS PROFI STAINLESS STEEL STEERING FURLE is made from high-quality 304 STAINLESS STEEL and has a practical handle. The professional food-safe stainless steel funnels are safe for you to use for a long time. The straining filter has aremovable straining filter. The nylon and PP frame are made of fine mesh filters that help you to filter the fine grains, ideal for juice, wine, milk, and soy milk. It's compatible for most bottles, jars and other containers and can be used as a general kitchen funnel. It is easy to cleanDishwasher safe. The dishwasher is a good place to clean the funnel. 100% money-back lifetime warranty! Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience with HAUSPROFI's 100% Lifetime warranty. You can buy their products with confidence because they stand by them. Your purchase is protected. HAUS PROFI STAINLESS STEEL. The kitchen accessory that should not be missing in any household is the straining funnel.

Brand: Hausprofi

👤I received a mesh from Amazon that I ordered. The package arrived on time and exceeded my expectations. I used a funnel and mesh to remove 6 gallons of peanut oil from my turkey on Thanksgiving. I was able to transfer the used peanut oil back into its container using the funnel and mesh. I would highly recommend the combination of the funnel and mesh to anyone that is trying to transfer fluids from one container to another. Thanks.

👤I use this daily to make sure my goat milk is clean. Works well. It's best to wash by hand. The dishwasher has gunk in it. Unless you pre rinse your dishes, don't put them in the dishwasher. It will have a lot of stuff stuck in the folds. Otherwise, it's great. It is washed twice a day.

👤My husband was tired of using coffee filters. The little funnel strainer was an excellent purchase. It works well. I was a little skeptical when I ordered it. It's quite the opposite. It's well made. Oil runs through the filter like water. The filter is easy to clean. This little device is perfect.

👤The job is done nicely. The mesh food strainer clips onto the funnel so there's no risk of spilling it. Great product!

👤The taste of french fries in the oven was not as good as fried. I purchased a deep fryer and had an issue with draining and filtering the oil. It was messy to use a separated paper towel. When I was looking for a strainer with filter on Amazon, I came across the HAUSprofi, a 13 cm 304 STAINLESS STEEL kitchen funnel with 200 mesh food filter. I bought it immediately. I was very happy to open the filter and funnel. The funnel is made of steel. The handle of the funnel holds the filter on the rim. The oil can flow through and the scraps can be caught by the filter. The oil tastes good. It's easy to clean the filter and funnel. It is ready for the next use. I'm very happy with this set. The construction is top notch and it gets the job done. The HAUSprofi is a 13 cm 304 STAINLESS STEEL kitchen funnel with 200 mesh food filter. You will not regret the purchase.

👤The Hausprofi is a great buy. I wanted something sturdy and reliable to help my cold brew coffee process, and I am so happy I found this product and gave it a chance. You can see how well the mesh filter works.

👤I purchased a peanut oil filter and funnel after having trouble with it the last time. I fried fish last night and got a chance to use it. It worked out great. There is a I only use my electric deep fried once a month or two. I don't keep oil in it. I don't want to throw away most of the oil that it takes to fill the fryer. I need to filter the batter and the crumbs before I put the oil back in the jug. I've used cloth before to remove oil. It took forever while it worked. I ended up with a mess. There is a I poured the entire container through the funnel on top of my jug last night. It took a few minutes to let the residual oil trickle through the bottom of the mesh because it was getting plugged. My frying clean up time was cut in half by this device. I was very happy with my purchase.

2. King Kooker 10OF Plastic Strainer

King Kooker 10OF Plastic Strainer

There is wide comparativebility. The grease cup liners are designed to fit the rear grease griddle units. Measures 8 in. x 3 in. x 3 in. Plastic oil funnel is heavy duty. Particles from cooking liquid are filters.

Brand: King Kooker

👤You are out of luck if you need this to work. It is as if 2 different companies designed this. The filter pops out of the seat when you take pressure off. Poor design or execution. I thought the problem had been solved because the negative reviews were older. Silly me.

👤I bought a funnel to strain the worm waste from my worm composter and put it in my storage containers. If I didn't filter it, the leachate would cause my sprayer to fail. The screen is nice and clean, and it does a great job of removing bits of debris and stray worms from the liquid. The screen can be popped out of the seat in the funnel for a variety of reasons. It is chained to the funnel so you don't lose it. I like the large size of the funnel, as it allows me to pour slowly, and the entire gallon at a time. I need to remove the crumbs from the screen. The long neck on the funnel helps to keep the funnel in my storage containers. I use the fact that it has a wide opening to my advantage, as I have an overflow pan on the bottom of my worm composter. It is so easy to dump this 14x14 drip pan into the funnel. The size and function of this funnel has made worming much more enjoyable. This funnel is a huge improvement over my other little funnel and strainer.

👤I used this with the king kooker paper filters to get rid of 3 gallons of peanut oil. The funnel is strong and sturdy. It is made of plastic. It was upright in the oil container. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a large funnel.

👤The funnel is large and sturdy. The ridges on the small portion of the funnel help create an air gap between the funnel and the container it is inserted into for proper flow. The ridges on the inside of the top cone are not as beneficial as the ones on the bottom. I bought it to use in case the strainer didn't work, as well as some large paper filters to use in case. The item I received from Amazon did not come with a strainer or rope to attach it to the funnel. Returned to Amazon and asked for a replacement. Replacement item arrived from Amazon without a strainer or rope to attach it to the funnel. The replacement process was initiated again and then an email was sent from Amazon stating that an immediate replacement of the item is unlikely to resolve the issue, and they refunds the purchase cost. If anyone at King Kooker is reading this review, I would like to try out the strainer.

👤I had no issues with the fit of the filter. The wedge fit, so a little bit of pressure to go into, and held up just fine. Cleaned up fine. Maybe they made it better. There is a There is a short video and a few pictures.

3. Plastic Cooking Funnel Attached Reusable

Plastic Cooking Funnel Attached Reusable

We provide high-quality products and services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact them, they will be happy to help. Particles from liquid, cooking oil, engine oil, and juice. The plastic funnel has an opening diameter of 8 and a spout of 1 inch. The mesh filter can be placed and removed easily. Before and after use, wash your hands.

Brand: Titanowl

4. Stainless Kitchen Removable Suitable Transferring

Stainless Kitchen Removable Suitable Transferring

You can handle hot bone soup easily with their funnel set. The handle on the funnel makes it easy to hang it. The non- same size makes the kitchen funnel easy to stack up and saves space in the kitchen. The kitchen funnel is made of 304 steel. A non-slip handle. The professional metal funnel is very durable and resistant to breaking. There are four sizes of Funnels to meet your needs. These are not easy to scratch. Transferring hot liquid/dry ingredients without sticking to the funnel is possible. It's suitable for different bottles. A straining filter is included. The fine mesh filters nylon + PP frame are ideal for filtering juice, wine, milk, and soy milk. The holes of the filter are very suitable for different types of particles, such as beans, fruit seeds or other particles. The funnel is easy to clean and can be washed in the dishwasher or directly with detergent. The funnels can be stacked on top of each other to save space. They provide high-quality products and services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact them, they will be happy to help.

Brand: Rrzdgsj

👤The small funnel does not fit into the larger funnel in the ad. They are only able to be used on their own. The mesh strainer seems to be made for another purpose. Stars are an attempt to be fair as the product seems to be made decent, I haven't cleaned it and likely won't be using it as it does serve my purpose as it stands. I have to fit the ones that came in the set, unless I am able to modify something.

👤This was used to strain beef tallow. The photos show it came out very clean after it ran through very quickly. The plastic mesh filter is very strong. I ran it under the hottest water I could find and it felt clean. I will wash it with soapy water. It was worth the purchase.

👤The handles make large funnels easy to use. I love the strainer. It catches a lot of stuff to clarify the oil. The smaller funnels are not very useful. It's even harder to use with a larger funnel. It's necessary to be flared for better use. All are easy to clean.

👤It's perfect for straining limoncello. It is easy and quick.

5. Toncoo 5 5 Inch Strainer Compatible Filtering

Toncoo 5 5 Inch Strainer Compatible Filtering

100 pack is the best value. At a good price. The filter strainer made of PP frame and nylon passed FDA certification. sieve filter is sturdy and non-toxic. The 200 fine mesh is ideal for filters of iced coffee, juice, oils, wine, soy milk, milk and fryer oil. The design is compatible with 5-inch kitchen funnels. It is easy to clean with a smooth nylon surface. The oil filter is made of oil. They strive to offer filters that are of the highest quality and are sold at a fair price.

Brand: Toncoo

👤It works well for coffee grounds. Nothing happens. Highly recommended. It was well made.

👤Frying oil should only be used once. To use it again, you should filter it.

👤I needed this strainer for straining coffee.

👤It doesn't get the job done if you plan on straining fresh juice. The mesh holes are too small to filter correctly. Trying to force it to strain with a spoon makes a mess. There are stains where mesh and plastic meet.

👤Yes! Finally found a sieve that does what it says on the tin. I use this to separate the juice from the pulp after I juice lemons. I was very pleased with the purchase.

👤I have 2 Brown Swiss milk cows and have found that they are much better than disposable screens, and I use a metal funnel that fits my wide mouth canning jars. They work well and last a long time. I use one for my water kefir. The second ferment has fruit purée and this screen is too fine for it, although I still use it with a spoon. I am not worried about the fruit staining the filter.

👤I bought these to have on hand as extras.

6. Toncoo Premium Stainless Strainer Kitchen

Toncoo Premium Stainless Strainer Kitchen

It's perfect for restaurants, snack stands, fast food dining establishments, carnival concession stands or anywhere a deep fryer is used. Customer satisfaction should be improved to ensure repeat business. The metal funnel passed FDA certification and is safe and durable. The funnel is sturdy and safe. It's compatible for most bottles, jars and other containers. The best assistant in the kitchen! It is easy to clean and fill with a smooth metal surface and a premium cleaning brush. The air release channel allows the outflow of air in order to fill bottles faster. The kitchen funnel handle can be used to hang the food funnel on a hook when not in use, saving space and maintaining hygiene. The filter has a replaceable strainer. The PP frame and nylon filters help to filter the fine grains. It's perfect for filling bottles or transferring dry or liquid ingredients such as oil, wine, jam, juice, milk, soy milk, vinegar, hot sauce, maple syrup, and beer. The 7-In-1 food grade funnel set contains a funnel, a strainer, a brush, and hooks. Their warranty is worry-free and they have great customer service. This funnel with strainer set is great for value and practical and can solve the storage and cleaning problem.

Brand: Toncoo

👤It seems silly to be excited about the little things in life, but this funnel is the most useful and awesome tool I've ever spent $10 on. I stopped using coffee filters. This is perfect. "comes with 200 filter" means the grain of the particulates, not the quantity of filters. The filter is very strong. Buy it. It's so crazy. rad. I love it. I'm excited about a funnel.

👤Very pleased with the set. The strainer is very fine. I use it to strain herbs and it cleans easily.

👤I got this for the food filter. I could prolong the life of my deep frying oil. I have washed it by hand and in the dishwasher a few times. I only used it once. It worked well. The dishwasher good as new, the funnel is not useful to me. The brush is soft and seems fragile. I will treat it with care. The little hooks are not as good as the set is, but they are easy to store and may be useful someday.

👤I used those to transfer my cold brew coffee from the jar to the serving jar. Normally I have to send it through cheese cloth at least 3 times, but with this one time it was enough.

👤I made my friend a drink to drink during her procedure. It had to be clear of any kind of peppercorns. I never liked getting the jars with the broth. The hot soup won't warp or melt and the strainer was perfect to ensure I got nothing liquid, strained out of the soup. It was easy to clean and I like the little brush to clean the funnel part because it does what it's supposed to. I'm so happy I got this.

👤It works great for straining the oil in the deep fryer. The mesh insert is easy to clean.

👤I wanted to use a funnel to make iced tea. I always need to strain the tea as I pour it into the pitcher because I use loose tea and fresh squeezed lemon. I used to use a plastic funnel with a separate strainer, and it was a pain. The funnel was stained with tea when the strainer fell off. There is a The setup works well. The funnel sits on the pitcher's mouth and the strainer fits securely into it. There is no tea leaves or lemon pits in the pitcher. It works great for straining cooking oil. Since I rarely deep fry, I didn't think about using it for that purpose, but I had to strain the oil to make a large amount of spring rolls. It worked out better than any other combinations I've used. The oil looks almost empty. There is a The strainer is easy to de-grease with a little bit of dawn detergent and the funnel is easy to clean with a little brush. I am very happy with this funnel.

👤I didn't think buying a standard item like a kitchen funnel would be difficult, but I guess you can't rule anything out now. The funnel, strainer, and cleaning brush are included, but I didn't know they had a name for them. It came with 4 hanging hooks. They've proved useful for other things, but not sure how they relate to the funnel. A small purchase, but very pleased. I received a compliment from a guest.

7. JANYUN Disposable Strainers Automotive Painting

JANYUN Disposable Strainers Automotive Painting

It was designed. Maple Tapper is a leader in maple tapping supplies. Maple syrup can be made at home with their high quality maple syrup filters. 100% satisfaction guarantee. The package includes a paint filter strainer, a blue foldable cone Silicone funnel filter, and a paint brush. The size is: The top is 6.8 inches in diameter and 3.2 inches in height, it has a nylon mesh that helps you filter the paint well. It is easy to filter. Premium quality nylon mesh paint strainers have a fine 149 micron filter. It keeps paint clean and prevents paint from getting stuck in a sprayer. A multi- function. The filter paper is suitable for all types of paints, varnish, and stains, and it is also good for the purification of cooking oil. The filters and funnel are easy to clean, they are great for straining the resin back into the bottle. The filters and funnel are easy to clean, they are great for straining the resin back into the bottle.

Brand: Janyun

👤How about the filters and funnel for the reprocessing of the 3D printing vat? It works well. It's larger than I thought and if left on the tended it will topple out of the bottle. I was able to save it. If you have a secondary printer, I would recommend printing a holder stand for it and it would be a five star product.

👤The paint filters are great for 3D printing. It's easy to empty the FEP out of the bottle with the help of a paper paint filter and a silicone funnel. If you put contaminants into your bottle, it could cause problems with your next print.

👤Less than paper. It is very hard to use. I had to cut the bottom off of the plastic funnel to use it. The included funnel is too flexible. These are not usable without a stiff funnel. Cheap.

👤These strain my stuff. They do a great job. The disposable aspect of these strainers is perfect. The price for 75 filters alone is very good. I am happy with my purchase.

👤I used the filters for my printer to sift out clumps before pouring them back into the bottle. This time, when using the funnel. I was either lucky or the funnel was made of the same material. It was the easiest clean up ever. None of it stuck unless there was a droplet or two. This bundle pack was so happy that I went with it.

👤It takes forever for the paint to get through the small amount of screen material. The paper is mush when the paint is through it. I threw these away.

👤When flattened, the actual diameter is 6.125 inches. The diameter when the funnel is open is only 5.2 inches.

👤When I ordered hard paper, it looked like a piece of trash.

👤After having issues with spray paint, I was told to strain it, never heard of it, but I got these. They work. They are all stuck together. I worry that I will break the mesh at the bottom when I pull them apart. There is a The funnel is very soft and can easily collapse if you don't want it to.

👤Found this very difficult to use, the Silicon funnel was too small and kept collapsing, resulting in a mess to clean up.

👤The first one fell apart when I tried it with some waterbased primer. You get what you pay for. There is a If you use it for miniatures and don't fill a spray gun, it might work, but you will need a new one after a few minutes.

👤The right size is ideal for my projects. Good quality.

8. Kuchenprofi Stainless Steel Funnel Filter

Kuchenprofi Stainless Steel Funnel Filter

Transferring liquid, dry ingredients and powder is a must-have. A professional grade. The high quality, commercial grade design and construction of this kitchen funnel will elevate your home kitchen experience. It's the perfect solution for jams, gravy, goat's milk, preserves, and more. A fine mist filter. A fine mesh filter sits inside the funnel to clarify your gravy and sauces, trap seeds, and other impurities. It's easy to strain large batches of stock or sauce, to filter oil from deep fryers, or even rinse delicate fruits with the mesh and funnel combo. Quality construction is important. The funnel is made of 18/8 steel and has a wide mouth opening for a splash-free transfer of food and liquid. The opening of the bottom mouth is 1 7/16". The 18/8stainless steel mesh filter has a diameter of 5 and a height of 3.5. EASE OF USE IS NOT NEEDED. This will be one of the easiest and most hassle-free accessories in your kitchen, thanks to Kchenprofi's technology and design. You don't have to worry about a difficult to clean funnel and filter when you are done with canning, straining, or filtering. The dishwasher safe parts of the wide-mouth funnel and filter set are convenient. Kchenprofi was founded in Germany in 1923. The brand has been designed to be one of the best in the industry. They want to bring imagination and creativity to the home cook's kitchen. Frieling has been a partner with this brand since the beginning of the year and has brought its premium quality hand tools, salt and pepper mills, and more to the US market.

Brand: Küchenprofi

👤I love this trainer. We use it to strain goats milk into quart and half gallon mason jars. If the funnel fills up, the little strainer floats around a bit, which defeats the purpose of having it. To avoid this, you need to pour slowly. If the strainer had a clip to hold it, this problem would be avoided. Otherwise, a great funnel for money.

👤The funnel part works well, so I'm giving it two stars. If you want to use anything, look elsewhere. The strainer will not stay put even if I pour slowly. I tried various liquids and amounts to see if it was me, but even a half a cup of room temperature water mixed with a few peppercorns poured so slowly I got bored before it finished, and all the remaining liquid washed the few captured peppercorns into the waiting jug. But hey, it goes.

👤The funnel is impressive. The craftsmanship is excellent. It was made in Germany, like things used to be in the USA. When I make almond milk, I use this funnel to fill the glass bottles. The funnel has a strainer in it's neck that makes it difficult to get into the bottles. It would be a great tool for canning. It was easy to use and clean. This is a very nice funnel.

👤The product is phenomenal. It was love at first use. It filters 98% of the oil and takes less than a minute to do so. The wide spout kicks butt, and the mesh insert is very fine, making it possible to filter all but a few specks of fried fine flour or cornstarch when using them as coating. This funnel's European manufacturing stands out and isrefreshing in this day of poorer quality Chinese goods. The strainer sits in the funnel, making it possible for it to be separated and lost during storage, a problem for some households. I put the funnel and strainer into a sealable plastic bag and store it inside the cleaned fry basket to solve the problem. There is a It's worth the money because it's so sturdy and quality made. It's much easier to filter deep fryer oil now. Highest recommendations!

👤Great product. The funnel will fit inside the large mouth of a 1.25 gallon jug of oil. I was able to pour oil from my fryer without spilling it over the edge, and the screen caught everything.

👤I bought this for two reasons, one being that it filters homemade chicken soup and the other being that it filters deep fat frying oil for reuse. There is a The filter is sturdy. I worry when something made in Germany is now made in China, but it is made of well-made sturdy STAINLESS STEEL. I considered giving only four stars because of the fact that the little filter could be easily removed. Even though I worry about it, this hasn't actually happened. I worry that my assistant will lose the little filter, but I can't blame the manufacturer for that. There is a If the filter were made to be part of the funnel, it would be more difficult to clean and I would prefer it that way. There is a I found a tiny mesh piece in the dishwasher and it was all damaged. I am assuming that it was too frail to stand up to the abuse of a dishwasher. I can still use it the same after I straightened it out. I have changed my mind about whether or not it should be a part of the whole device.

9. IAXSEE Stainless Strainer Transferring Ingredients Silver

IAXSEE Stainless Strainer Transferring Ingredients Silver

There is a genuine replacement paper grease filter for your cooker hood. The number of spills will be reduced with the help of the Stainless Steel funnel. The opening on top of the container makes sure the liquid goes where you want it to be. The Super Fine Mesh strainr has a replaceable straining filter. Milks, juices, cold brew, Coffee tea can be strained with a fine 200 mesh strainer. The IAXSEE strainer will make it easier to get rid of particles. The IAXSEE funnel is suitable for most essential oil bottles and bottles. It's an essential tool in the kitchen. The funnel is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 5 inch diameter steel funnel and fine mesh strainer Customer satisfaction is their top priority. You're offered a 100% customer satisfaction service when you purchase these 5-Inch funnel with fine mesh strainer. They will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction if you contact them through your order.

Brand: Iaxsee

👤It had some sort of fabric material that could be used to remove the grease from your fryer. It should have a wire mesh screen that is about 10 microns in size.

👤My wife said it made saving the oil easy.

👤I used this strainer to drain my herbal infused oil. I didn't see any herb mix in the oil. It was strong and sturdy. It was very well drained.

👤The 300 mesh is fine, but it's too fine for my purpose. I can't use my raw goat's milk because it only drips through at an incredibly slow rate. There is a Great product, but just too fine.

10. Stainless Detachable Strainer Cleaning Transferring

Stainless Detachable Strainer Cleaning Transferring

Their combo set includes a cleaning brush, a strainer, and a funnel, which is perfect for daily use. They are very competitive. The kitchen funnel is 304 food grade STAINLESS steel and has gone through a polished finish which makes it less susceptible to scratches. It is easier to hold the funnel over a jar, pot and bottle with the handle. The food grade sieve filter is designed for a 5 inch funnel. The nylon and PP mesh filter has a 300 mesh strainer that helps you filter the fine grains. You can eat food that is delicious. It's ideal for making jams, yogurt, wine, and soybean milk. It is easy to store and clean. The space for your kitchen is saved by hanging the funnels on any hooks. The funnel is easy to clean, just put it in the dishwasher or wash it with soapy water. To prevent rusting, please dry the funnels immediately after washing. The cooking funnel has a narrow spout which can fit into most bottle necks. It's easier to transfer essential oils, liquor, juice, jam and fluid with a separate strainer. It can also filter spices, salt, sugar and other dry ingredients. A 5 inch funnel, a 300 mesh filter mesh, a cleaning brush, and a strainer are included. If you have a question about their funnels, please email them, they will reply in 24 hours and give you a solution.

Brand: Youjia

👤I use it to strain my oil. The plastic screen makes it difficult to manage the oil temp. When the oil is too hot and the funnel will melt, I pour into a storage bottle and strain it. The oil won't flow through the screen if it's too cool. I tried a coffee filter and it was slow. It's very difficult to pour directly from a small cooker because the funnel is only about 4 inches across. I use a ladle to ladle soup.

👤The 200 mesh filter element is too fine to be used for grease. I am sure it is good for some things, but not for why I wanted it. Product seems well made, but not usable. It was stated in the description that it could be used for straining grease. I bought a funnel with a 300 nest filter and it works well.

👤I was amazed at how durable this funnel was because of the price. The funnel has worked better than I could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend this.

👤The funnel kit is of good quality and sells for a fair price. I use the 300 mesh most for straining used cooking oil. The 300 mesh for oil is a little more than I need, but it does a great job, and maybe a 200 mesh would work better for me. Purchase one!

👤Excellent for straining cooking oil and other liquids. The funnel works great. I bought two more filters with different mesh sizes.

👤There is no vent for fluid to overflow.

👤I needed to strain the oil.

👤No complaints.

👤This thing is terrible. The mesh does not allow you to use the whole volume. It is impossible to clean the mesh in the ring because of the bits of what you are straining. It was useless for straining coffee grounds. If you want to have clean utensils in the kitchen or use the funnels size, you should avoid using the ring that has bits of grounds in it.

👤I use this to remove oil from my deep fryer. The other model would take an entire day to filter 3L, so I used a fine steel mesh strainer.

👤Pour tout jadore le petit filtre.

11. Birllaid Filter Cooking Filtering Package

Birllaid Filter Cooking Filtering Package

The diameter is 5.5. The height is 7.3" They will be happy to service you if you have a question. There is time and churchyard. Most SAVER-Oils can be used again. The best way to save money on fryer oil is to filter it after cooking. PERFECT FOR The filters can strain herbs from the oil. They work well for small hot maple syrup. To remove the oil from my deep fryer. This makes the oil last longer. It works for turkey fryer and deep fried foods. The package includes 1 cone holder and 50 oil filter cones. The filters allow the oil to flow through without restriction. Heavy in quality, much better than coffee filters, is more like fabric. Coffee filters are not able to cope with higher temperatures. This is more appropriate for straining oil. It has a denser weave. They are confident that you will love the quality and convenience of their oil fryer. If you have a problem, contact them and they will provide a solution.

Brand: Birllaid

👤I bought this to make sure the oil from my deep fryer is not polluted. I was hoping for a good flow rate. The filters do that. I'm very happy with them. The funnel that comes with these needs some work. I buy 1 gallon jugs of peanut oil and use 3 liters of peanut oil in my fryer. I pour the oil back into the empty gal when I'm done frying because it's cool and won't melt the plastic. A jug for storage. I try to get as much use out of the oil as I can before throwing it out since it can be expensive at times. There is a If you have someone to hold the funnel for you, the arrangement works well out of the box. I 3D printed a part that screws onto the jug and holds it in place. The flow rate is slow but not like using a coffee filter. The flow rate could be improved by using a funnel shaped grate that would keep the filter off of the funnel and allow the entire surface of the filter to drain the oil. You only get good flow out of the very tip of the cone shaped filter. There is a It could be a little bigger. The neck and spout of the funnel are small. This is a good value for the filters. It would be a 5 star Home Run if the funnel could screw onto the oil jugs and if there was a part of the funnel that held the filter off the sides. Can't have everything, I guess. If you're listening in Asia, why not take my free idea and make a bundle? I'll buy these again.

👤The product was advertised. I did a great job of removing the oil from the turkey. After one pass through, the oil was clean. The product is not to blame for how long it takes to filter through this type of media and funnel.

👤Attempted to strain peanut oil using this filter and funnel. It took over 30 minutes for the oil to be removed. I had to sit and wait for that cup of oil to strain before I could pour more. Despite advertising claims, it appears that it is too fine a filter for this purpose.

👤The product is not designed well. As you pour the oil, the filtering element lays against the funnel. The media and oil can't be reached. This results in an enormous amount of time to pour a small amount of oil.

👤The purchase was wonderful. The filters are great. The only thing I didn't like was that the funnel wouldn't stay on the neck of the oil container. I had to be very careful not to spill any oil. I would like the funnel to be bigger.

👤The filters are easy to use and do a great job of removing the oil from the food. The filters are a great addition to the cone holder. It is very convenient.


What is the best product for cooking oil filter funnel?

Cooking oil filter funnel products from Hausprofi. In this article about cooking oil filter funnel you can see why people choose the product. King Kooker and Titanowl are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking oil filter funnel.

What are the best brands for cooking oil filter funnel?

Hausprofi, King Kooker and Titanowl are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking oil filter funnel. Find the detail in this article. Rrzdgsj, Toncoo and Janyun are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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