Best Cooking Oil Container for Disposal

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1. Camco Storage Contain Dispose 42281

Camco Storage Contain Dispose 42281

Easy to Clean is designed for easy washing. It's easy to dispose of cooking grease. The cooking grease can be poured directly into the bags. It keeps odors locked in so you can use the bag until full. There are three foil lined bags. Your drain should be saved from nasty clogs. Your drain should be saved from nasty clogs.

Brand: Camco

👤I read the reviews before buying this item. My wife likes to pour hot grease in plastic containers. Sometimes the containers are nearly melting. I wanted a container for used cooking oil. I based my purchase on the reviews I read. If you could dump hot grease into the container, I couldn't find anything else. Some people said we do it all the time. The description did not specify. Let's clear this up. Some of the product owners dumped hot grease here. The manufacturer says you need to cool the grease. As for the liners. You get 3 with this grease storage. The extra bags I bought were for it. The bags are different in design. The extra bags come in a box that says they are up to 200 degrees. The bags do not hold a lot of grease. The container is barely taller than my phone. The container is large. My rating is based on not having a description. The cheap plastic they made the container out of is not something I like. The bags that were recommended with this container are different from the ones with the container.

👤If you are unaware of this fact, you should never pour grease down your sink or garbage disposer. Do not cultivate that bad habit because it can cost you a lot of money if you have to call a plumbing professional. If it weren't for the fact that my father had to pay $150 to have his kitchen sink and pipes unclogged by a plumbing professional I wouldn't have known that it was a blessing. The price of this grease storage container including the storage bags needed is a very, very small price to pay as opposed to paying a plumbing company and I think you don't want to go down that rabbit hole.

👤It is ideal for what it does. I wonder why the bags don't fit better. The bag would cuff over the top of the container, but it doesn't. There is a We needed a better way to manage Grease. My husband kept small dishes next to the sink that was filled with bacon grease. There is a We keep a container tucked way until we need it. You can put hot grease in it. You throw away the first bag after 4 months.

👤I would have liked to know about this sooner. I don't have to keep a jar of spaghetti sauce under the stove. No one has to know that this can be sitting on the counter. The bags are very sturdy and hold a lot more than I thought. I have poured hot grease in with no issues. I was slightly annoyed at the cost of the extra bags I purchased, but they are very sturdy and hold a bit. The price was reasonable because this supply will last me a long time.

👤The product has a nice appearance. If my counter was larger, I would leave it there. I put it in the cabinet. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't fit tightly. I have to make sure that the top doesn't come off when I pull out the lower cabinet. The grease in the bag wouldn't come out because it wouldn't have been sealed. I have had a similar seal before, but I like this one better. There is a picture of it.

2. Cook Home 02651 Stainless Strainer

Cook Home 02651 Stainless Strainer

The temperature safe construction of the Mercantile gallon bottles makes them safe for freezer, closet, or cabinet use. The screen is made of polished steel and can be removed. Convenient storage is offered by making oils/grease reuse. Holds 3. To separate large amounts of frying oil safely, you need 5 quarts. Warm or hot oil can be poured. It's dishwasher safe. The measures are 9 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and 6 inches deep.

Brand: Cook N Home

👤The oil must be poured through the strainer because it sits flush with the top of the container and can easily splash off the mesh. If the strainer was simply put in a slightly different position, it would eliminate the problem of the strainer not staying in place while the top was on it. There is a The strainer can't be put on the oil container. You need to remove the strainer and store it separately. There is a It's not a dealbreaker, but it is an annoyance.

👤I wanted one with a tight lid or locks, but this one sits on top. I am afraid I will tip it with oil, so have not used it at all. I am clumsy and this isn't for me. If you can find a locking lid, spend the money and get one.

👤This is a good investment. It has a built in trainer sitting at the top. This will hold a lot of oil. Love it. The Mines is on top of the stove.

👤The pot has a tight fitting lid and holds just over 3 quarts. It's perfect for my Fry. There are no handles. It's hard to pick it up when it's hot and it's full.

👤It was difficult to find a large can of grease for the deep fryer. I ordered one that was too small. This is the right size to pour grease, but not enough room to spare. It has a strainer which is helpful. It would be easier to pick it up with a handle.

👤I would like this to have a locking cover. The cover is easy to knock off as it sits on the top. It works great if you store it in a location that doesn't cause it to be bumped and knocked off.

👤It's a perfect size to hold my fryer's left over oil. I have a deep fryer.

👤This is large enough for a whole pot of oil, but the lid can't fit in at the same time if you put the web on it. The design should be upgraded.

👤El colador. No cabe dentro del recipiente, quida todos los mismo y est suelto. No tiene tapar con el colador puesto. No es el mismo producto, pero se me intog. Me decepcion mucho.

👤I use this for my deep fryer and it keeps it manageable. The strainer does a good job with the big pieces of food the little ones will get through so I had to get creative with a funnel. Would buy again.

3. Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

The size is 16.8 x 3 cm and 6.6 x 1.18 inch. You can enjoy your dressings on the go without worrying about waste or leaking. The oil strainer pot helps them separate food from fat. Food grade SUS 304 is a high temperature resistant material. It is easy to hand clean the separate parts. It is important to keep hygiene and to keep dust out. The fully loaded capacity is 2L/68oz, which is equivalent to the capacity of 2 bottles of 1000ml edible oil, and the optimal capacity is 1.6L/54oz. Use oil, multi-purpose, one pot to meet the daily needs of the family. It can be directly heated and compatible with open flames, so it can be used to solve the problem of reuse of cooked oil. High quality and durable. The parts are made of 304stainless steel and have no rust, high temperature resistance, or wear resistance. The pot body is 2mm thick and has a long service life. The pot body is welded to the handle, making it difficult to break. The perfect design cooking oil container has a lid to stop dust from falling into the oil. An anti-slip coaster tray will prevent oil from spilling onto the counter top or range top if there is a mesh strainer on it. The small eagle mouth shaped pour spout design works well. It is comfortable to hold. Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible.

Brand: Chihee

👤The capacity is large enough and the strainer filters really well. It is easy to clean the strainer. There were no drippings in the pot. If it happens, I suggest wiping it clean as it may get sticky and harder to clean later on. There is a Since I started using it, there have been no cons.

👤I was concerned about buying a unit. The strainer would be too coarse and would let too much particulate through, which would make the oil useless. The strainer would be too fine and you wouldn't be able to pour oil into the can without stopping and letting it drain them pouring more, etc. The unit works well, so my concerns were for nothing. You can pour a pot of grease directly into the oil and strain the smallest particles out of it, making it usable for longer.

👤The grease can is larger than I expected. It is about the size of a small coffee pot. I wasn't expecting the tray that it sits on, I guess I didn't look at the picture closely enough It looks like it should be easy to clean. The strainer will make the saved grease cleaner because it is large enough to pour the grease into it without it running down the side.

👤Liked it. The size is what it is. The tight lid makes it easy to catch drips. The edge of the strainer tab is not liked. I almost cut my finger on the metal. The lid roll has metal that shows through it. There is a black detail. I don't think this pot will last very long. There is a I worry about the strainer sharp edges in the house. There is a The price is excessive and will be returned.

👤All the little bits are strained out. My dad used to call it bacon "butter" because it was made from fried potatoes, okra, and even half and half for pie crust. A good container with a good handle. The lid doesn't click down on the back side and I don't know if the strainer part should be removed for storage or not. The strained handle was pushed down and the lid was tight. I'm happy now.

👤Get this! If you need a place to store pan grease, then look no further. It is well made, comes with a handy tray for drippings, and the handle is great for transporting so that it won't slip out of your hands. It is my blessing and I am very excited about it. This is the one! I am telling you something.

👤We upgraded the type of cooking oils we use and wanted to get some of the oil back. This seemed to be the best value for the money after studying and looking at the options. It is.

👤I don't fry a lot but when I do I don't want to waste the grease. bacon for beef Bourguignon... I never have a can for bacon grease. Last year I melted a plastic trash can and tried to hit a small can with it, so this year I decided to treat myself. I love it! It works perfectly and is well made. I can keep things in the fridge or on the counter. I use bacon grease in a pan of vegetables or potatoes a lot. I wasted all of that before.

4. Cedilis Container Strainer Stainless Dust Proof

Cedilis Container Strainer Stainless Dust Proof

Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible. The grease storage keeper is large enough to hold 1.9L/64oz and looks great on your stove. It's easy to clean the dishwasher. The grease container is made of food-grade 304stainless steel and is free of rusting and corrosion. The blue coating on the outer surface of the pot is very elegant and stylish. The fine mesh filter in the bacon grease can catches the oil and particles. The oil is kept from dust by the lid. The anti-slip base under the holder protects your countertop. No drippings sliding down the pot makes oil reuse and convenient storage. The handle is easy to grip and anti-scalding. The smooth edges of the construction make it great for keeping used oil clean. It's perfect for home family, restaurant kitchen to store bacon oil, grease, fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, frying oil, hot oil, etc.

Brand: Cedilis

👤My mom gave this to me for Christmas. It serves the purpose well and is gorgeous. The rest of my kitchen decor is blue.

👤I love mine! It is easy to use and clean.

👤It's easy to clean holds up to 64 ounces of oil.

5. Container Strainer Stainless Easy Grip Suitable

Container Strainer Stainless Easy Grip Suitable

It can be used to separate oil, foam, floating fat, grease from soap or gravy. The parts are made of steel. high temperature resistance. It's not easy to change. It is possible to isolated dust with a lid. If you want to prolong the life of your bacon grease, pour the melted bacon fat through the strainer, keep the fitted lid on your container, and store it in the refrigerator. It can be stored in your refrigerator or stove. It can be cleaned in your dishwasher. Large Capacity: There is a 1.3 liter/ 44oz capacity. The oil strainer pot helps them separate food from fat. The handle on the lid is curved so that it can be closed without removing the strainer. You can pour the hot grease into the grease can immediately for later use if you separate food pieces from cooking oil. The problem of reuse of cooking oil is solved by this. Liquid seasonings, such as cooking oil, coconut oil, bacon grease, fat, frying oil, hot oil, and so on, can also be stored in a filter. The design is upgraded. The fine mesh filter makes the effect better. The edge small pouring port is designed to be more rapid in the process of pouring oil, which can prevent any leaks. The base is made of steel. It's a good idea to avoid running oil on the countertop. The kitchen is clean.

Brand: Tellshun

👤I bought this for my husband because he wanted to keep cans and bottles. It has become a great present. It's the right size and comes with a sifter in the top and a coaster for it to set on. We keep it on the counter in the kitchen.

👤I added this utensil to my kitchen because I was on a Keto diet. I bought bacon drippings and ghee. They are well made and durable. I wanted a shiny chrome finish. Disappointing in that respect. If that is your priority, look for a different one.

👤I am happy with my purchase, it works as advertised.

👤The 44oz volume is incorrect. It is too small to measure when filled with water.

👤A small canister to keep bacon fat. I love it! It is a little bigger than I thought. It was worth the purchase.

6. Container Strainer Cooking Stainless Disposal

Container Strainer Cooking Stainless Disposal

We do value their customers and hope they enjoy their shopping experience. If there is a problem with their oil dispensers, please contact them via email and they will solve the problem asap. The grease container is made of steel. No Rust, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Wear Resistance, and No Deformation were present. The service life is longer because the pot body is thick and difficult to break. Fry your bacon, then pour the excess fat into the oil strainer. Good for storing bacon oil, grease, fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, frying oil, hot oil, etc. Dust-proof lid to keep it clean, Anti-slip/ anti-scald handle, Curved spout for smooth pouring and drip-proof, Large capacity truly realizes storage function,removable mesh strainer which is fine enough to filter out old batter pieces from cooked items. It is easy to separate food pieces from cooking oil with the Fine mesh strainer. You can store juices, soups, and so on. Can help with the kitchen liquid storage needs. Non-stick coating on both inside and outside make it easy to clean. It's easy to clean and it's dishwasher safe. After you clean the strainer, please dry it as soon as possible.

Brand: Morden Ms

👤I wanted to get back into cooking Chinese food after buying a new electric wok. The problem with a lot of Chinese food is that it requires large amounts of cooking oil, which can be hard to reuse, if it can't be recycled after deep-frying in the wok. The container is the right size to catch, filter and store the oil in the refrigerator for a long time. If you're cooking multiple dishes, it's a good idea to strain the oil to make sure they're not contaminated with burnt traces of what you cooked earlier.

👤It works well for straining grease, but not great for storage. The lid is not tight on the can. It spills out when it moves around. The only option is to leave it on the counter. It will fly all over the place. Can't put it in the fridge. Grease will not last very long.

👤I don't like saving grease. I'm not sure if it's healthy. Saving grease or cooking oil can be messy. I'm willing to use the oil I fried potatoes or chicken in a second time, even though bacon grease is important in some recipes. I like the sturdiness of this little oil pitcher, and it's austere, but what I like most about it is that I can place a regular sized fine strainer over the top to keep grease out of my counter top. When you need to wash it, a little Dawn and hot water is the way to go. It's a short job. I would advise hand drying immediately. I'm happy I bought it.

👤This item reminds me of an old style coffee pot that was once used to sit on the stove. I remember my mother using something similar to this when she was cooking. She would put that oil in it. I believe that this product can help the environment by keeping people from pouring grease down the drain. It has its environmental impact usage.

👤It's not much to say other than works. It appears to be well built. The strainer is fine.

👤The product is exactly what it is described as. It is strong. It has a tray to sit on. The mesh screen is easy to clean. It is very appealing sitting on my counter.

👤It works the way it is described. It appears to be well built. It works very well. It has a good amount of oil.

👤I saved my bacon droppings for seasoning in the kitchen.

👤Your grandmother saved bacon fat because it was good for flavor. The fat recovery system is designed to make it easy to do. The strainer makes it easy to separate clean fat. It is large enough to hold a lot of fat. Everything you need to store bacon fat.

👤It is easy to clean and large enough for my use. Thanks!

7. MyMoon Container Cooking Storage Strainer

MyMoon Container Cooking Storage Strainer

The Grease Container with Strainer, anti-slip coasters, and worry-free 18-month warranty are what you get. Their large grease can is 6” x 6” with a 5” diameter and can hold up to 48 ounces of cooking oil or bacon grease. Strong,durable materials. Their bacon grease container is made from food grade iron with a strainer and has a handle that is easy to use. The fine mesh strainer allows you to reuse your cooking oil for other dishes. They also include a non-slip coaster to prevent slippage on your kitchen counter or to catch overflow in case you spill grease, and a unique bacon fat container where you won't even know what's inside. It is easy to clean the grease separator with hot soapy water and a soft sponge.

Brand: Mymoon Home

👤The kit is adequate. There is a tendency for spills over the edges of the spout. There is a tendency for the saucer to slip about and not stay put, so the bottom of the pitcher should have a tighter fit. Deeper grooves on both would solve that. It is a lovely set and the handle is very comfortable. The top is made of plastic.

👤The container is what I expected. It's the right size for my counter. It was easy to clean. The construction is of a quality. They have several colors, but white is my kitchen color. Great value! Thank you Amazon.

👤It is difficult to use because it doesn't come off with one hand. The plastic fooled me as the pictures look nice. That is definitely on me! Would recommend.

👤It's perfect in both size and color.

👤I like that it has a strainer in it. The plate it sits on is great for grease. Stores used to sell this item as a standard product. I couldn't find one in the store, but I was happy to find this one.

👤I thought it was ceramic, but I may have overlooked it. It is made of plastic. I like the mesh it comes with. It catches the burnt pieces so it doesn't mix with the bacon grease. I really like this. I wish it were ceramic because it has held up after many uses. The cream and wood look simple.

👤We had a ceramic version of the grease holder, but the screen fell apart on the rim and the container cracks and grease went everywhere. The container we purchased is great. It will not crack because it is larger and metal. This is a good one. It is easy to clean.

👤It works well. It is large. I would have to cook a lot of bacon. If I ever wanted to strain oil for a second use, the size works well. The mesh catches all the bits and I keep it.

👤This was ordered without thinking it was so large. It will take 10 years to fill this. It should have been returned for a smaller one. It is a good quality product.

👤A good size for bacon grease is important.

8. Grease Container 1 7L Strainer Stainless Cooking

Grease Container 1 7L Strainer Stainless Cooking

A fine mesh filter makes oil reuse and is convenient to store. It can be heated directly. There is a non-stick coating on the mesh strainer and grease container to prevent them from rusting. The fine mesh strainer has a lid that hooks onto the spout to keep the oil clean. The Eagle Beak Design is convenient to pour the inner cooking oil or other liquid when you need it, prevents leaking from the edge of the pot. 1.7 L Capacity is enough to be used for stroraing bacon grease, coconut oil filters cooking oil, and frying oil. It can be used to store liquid seasoning. Cleaning is very easy because of the anti-scald Handle, anti-slip Coasters, inside and outside.

Brand: Kfuvw

👤It works better than I expected. The smallest bits of food are removed by the filter. I only use it for bacon grease. It looks nice sitting on the stove when not in use.

👤It doesn't stink or leak.

👤The greese strainer is red.

👤I like the look of it. I wish it was blue or brown in my kitchen. It's so pretty and has a strainer and coaster that I didn't mind that it's red. I like it.

👤Exactly what I was looking for.

👤I am very pleased with this choice, I looked at many styles. It is sturdy and the right size. I like the spout and the tray.

👤I had to buy my mom a product like this.

👤This container is great for oil. It is easy to strain for use again.

👤Funciona perfecto. La tapa no cierra al 100. No afecta ni el vaciado. There is a The material is ve de buena calidad.

9. TOPZEA Container Strainer Stainless Dust Proof

TOPZEA Container Strainer Stainless Dust Proof

The design is upgraded. The fine mesh filter makes the effect better. The edge small pouring port is designed to be more rapid in the process of pouring oil, which can prevent any leaks. The base is made of steel. It's a good idea to avoid running oil on the countertop. The kitchen is clean. The quality structure. The oil filter pot is made of food-grade 304stainless steel. The handle of the pot is very strong and difficult to break. The optimal capacity for the oil container is 1.6L/ 1.7 quarts, while the fully loaded capacity is 1.8L/ 1.9 quarts. To meet the daily needs of the family. This grease pot with a mesh strainer is better to catch small particles, helps them separate food from fat and reduces fat intake, and it is convenient to store. There is a lid on the oil pot to stop the dust from falling into the oil and a non-slip base to prevent oil spillage onto the countertop or range top. It's perfect for home and restaurant kitchens to store bacon oil, grease, fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, frying oil, hot oil, etc. It is easy to wash and dishwasher safe.

Brand: Topzea

👤When beacon grease was kept in a plastic container, it was dumped into the container and the grease was burnt. I melted the grease in the container and used the screen that comes with it. It got rid of all the burned bits. The grease was clean and smooth the next time I used it. You should like and recommend this product.

👤Me gusta, metlico, pero no me gusta, the colador. The filtro lo hicieran en forma de embudo con ms capacidad de vertido.

👤The top of the box was missing. I'd like to order a top.

👤Fast delivery and great price.

👤The price is good for the quality. The strainer could have been deeper, but I love it. It is easy to use and does a good job.

👤It is easy to clean.

10. Tebery Stainless Oil Storage Grease Strainer Quart

Tebery Stainless Oil Storage Grease Strainer Quart

It is made of food grade steel. It is durable, non-rusting and resistant. A mesh strainer can be used to remove old batter pieces from cooked items. It is comfortable to hold. It's great to remove particles and hold 1.9 quart oil. Easy to Clean is designed for easy washing. It's perfect for home family, restaurant kitchen to store bacon oil, grease, fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, frying oil, hot oil, etc.

Brand: Tebery

👤It was made in China. I have never used cooking/frying oil before. I bought a strainer, pot and lid to reuse oil. The pot has internal measurements of 5 1/2 " deep and 5 1/4" diameter. The volume is advertised to hold 1.9 quarts. Attaching the black plastic handle to the lid is all it takes. The lid can fit inside the pot as well. The interface of the lid-pot is loose. An air leak is added to the pot by a small spout. I think this product will serve my purpose, but I am wondering about the impact that not being tight will have on preserving the oil and odor control. The price was acceptable because I am new to straining/storing cooking oil, but my hunch is that this may not be the final product I settle on in the future.

👤The lid pull cracked and broke as I screwed it on. It was almost as if the lid pull plastic had been there a long time. The rest of the lid pull is loose and I think it will only take a while for it to be rendered useless. If you can't get the lid off. The product seems like it might have been better if not for the fact that I am disappointed.

👤The lid didn't fit properly and we have the same problem as everyone else. I have to keep an eye on it because it's really loose and I have to make sure it doesn't fall over. There is a The mesh strainer is not great. There have been times where larger pieces of debris have gotten through. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher because it fits so much oil inside. I wish it worked better.

👤Simple, easy, works as designed. It holds enough oil for a fryer. I just use it to strain the oil, hold it for a short time, then dump it back in. Works well!

👤I use this with my new Fuji enamel pot and it holds the amount of oil that I need to fry a couple of fish. If you leave the strainer in place, you won't have to worry about the oil dripping into the pot when you pour it, since you won't have to worry about the lid not fitting properly.

👤The grease pot is not 18 dollars. It's sort of like a bird, cheap, cheap and cheap. They all tell you the truth if you read the cheap quality reviews.

👤The container is ok, but the lid is terrible. This was received tonight. I screwed the knob on the lid after washing the container. Less than 2 minutes after the knob is screwed on, it explodes and pieces of the knob fly off. The knob exploded, so I wouldn't buy this again or recommend it.

👤It is very thin. The product does a good job of keeping it's mesh clean. The lid is too tight and can be hard to pull off.

👤I love this because I can reuse my cooking oil and use it for food flavours.

11. Container Stainless Strainer Anti Slip HOUSALE

Container Stainless Strainer Anti Slip HOUSALE

The frames are made of nickel. The bag can be attached to the holder frame with a series of reinforced snaps and is great for crumb removal. The grease container is made of SUS 304 steel, which has high temperature resistance and fast heat dissipation. It can be directly heated by gas stove or induction cooker. The optimal capacity is 1.8L/61oz, which is big enough for families or restaurants, and it is very suitable for storing bacon grease. The fine mucus strainer is. The grease can has a mesh filter to catch small particles, it can be closed without removing the strainer, and the oil can be used without being thrown away. The oil strainer pot has a dust-proof cover and a non-slip insulation base, which will prevent grease from being contaminated and dripping on the countertop. The V-shaped spout allows you to control the amount of oil. It's easy to wash. The large caliber on the top can allow you to reach the bottom easily, making the inside cleaning very convenient and easy, and all accessories are dishwasher safe. They will reply to your questions within 24 hours.

Brand: Housale

👤I like it. Small particles from fry oil can't be gotten from the filter. It's a decent compromise since it allows for a faster pour. Next time I have oil with fine particles, I will probably cut a small square of cheese cloth.

👤If you want to cook with oil, keep it in it for out oil as needed, and clean it whenever you need it.

👤It's easy to pour and strain right into the holder and then just cover and store, because this was bought to store and save oil.

👤It does what it's supposed to do, even though it is a little smaller than I needed.

👤My mother had one in the kitchen. You can re-use the oil if you catch all the bad stuff.

👤The metal was stretched and torn when the maker's mark was applied to the bottom of the pot. The problem was not obvious until the pot was used for the first time.

👤It's great for countertop, not tacky looking. I like it.

👤I was satisfied with the delivery time.


What is the best product for cooking oil container for disposal?

Cooking oil container for disposal products from Camco. In this article about cooking oil container for disposal you can see why people choose the product. Cook N Home and Chihee are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking oil container for disposal.

What are the best brands for cooking oil container for disposal?

Camco, Cook N Home and Chihee are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking oil container for disposal. Find the detail in this article. Cedilis, Tellshun and Morden Ms are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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