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1. Vinegar Dispenser Vakoo Elegant Bottle

Vinegar Dispenser Vakoo Elegant Bottle

Vakoo oil dispensers are made of food-grade glass with a high-grade refined 304 steel shell for protection. Don't worry, you won't hurt your finger by broken glass. You can check the sauce's capacity at any time. The oil and vinegar dispensers set is perfect for home or restaurant and is 2.6" x 6.5", one-hand controllable. It is easy to leak proof. The bottle mouth design makes it easier to refill the oil. The sealed loop keeps the port clean and dry. Say goodbye to greasy. To avoid oil leaking from the bottle mouth, please tight the bottle after filling it. The olive oil dispensers are easy to use and make your food delicious and healthy. Can be used to store soy sauce in your home kitchen. If their oil and vinegar dispensers set doesn't meet your standards, contact them for a replacement or a refund. They will try their best to find a solution for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Vakoo

👤These bottles are clever. Everything was thought through. The pour spout doesn't leak. The bottle is protected from dust. The mouth is wide for easy refill. I can make infused oil if I want to. I can take everything apart and clean it. What not to love? These bottles are the best I have ever owned. Highly recommended!

👤I have these in the cabinet after purchasing them in Feb 2020. I have a small mess in my cabinet and need to get them out. They are leaking around the bottom where the glass and silver metal meet. UGG I can't return it now as it's too late. Really... disappointing. I took the silver out of the case. It has helped, but I think the lid is leaking because it would fall down.

👤A modern kitchen has elegant looking glass in it. Functions well. It's perfect for finishing oil. Excellent quality for a good price. Excellent for your own use and would be a great gift. I will remember this one for friends this year. Would make a nice hostess gift.

👤It's very convenient to use and it's lovely to look at.

👤Looks great. There have been no leaks so far. A nice addition to the table.

👤I like the physics of the dispensers. It's smaller than most other dispensers but the start/stop makes it perfect for me.

2. Olive Dispenser Bottle Kitchen Cooking

Olive Dispenser Bottle Kitchen Cooking

Conworld products offer high satisfying service. 30-days product return service and 180-days product exchange are available. The gravity flip lid of the oil and vinegar bottle allows for one-handed pouring. You don't need to press by the thumb to enjoy a perfect pour. The No-DRIP spout and leakproof bottle are unique and can be used to control the amount of oil and not worry about over dressing. The oil bottle is made of food grade PP and lead-free glass and is well built to last. The glass bottle is thick and sturdy, with a sealed gasket inside to prevent leaks and ensure freshness of the liquid. The best gift for kitchen condiments is the essential kitchen condiments and best gift. The cute bird look design is perfect for home decor. It can be a great gift for many occasions. Purchase is risk-free. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them via E-mail and they will solve it as soon as possible.

Brand: Vucchini

👤I thought the design of the two pack was cute and I purchased it to teach my grandson how to make salad dressing. It becomes icky gooey mess when it leaks down the outside of the glass after pouring onto salad. Even if I pressed it down, you cannot shake the oil and vinegar together. It was too small to take a ball inside.

👤It's not leak proof for oil. I tried to fill these bottles with other sauces. It did a good job at the beginning. I didn't think about returning it. It started leaking after a month of use. It should have been easy to use. It is difficult to control the amount poured out.

👤I've tried other types of oil bottle before this one. Almost all of them had a spill problem. There was always a drop after pouring. The bottle seems to have solved the issue and made the outside much cleaner. It also has an auto open/close dust cover which others don't. The only issue is that the flow is fast and you need some experience to control it.

👤I didn't use this bottle when I filled it with oil, but the appearance of the bottle became very oily, and the bottle cap was difficult to open. The bottle is hard to clean.

👤These dispensers are cute. It is easy to take apart and wash. I got my oil, cider, olive oil, soy sauce, and one to make up my mind on. You should get at least one set as they make you feel good in the kitchen.

👤It doesn't spill the sauce over the lid. I bought two different bottles at the same time. The handle won't get stuck when I take it out of the cabinet and use it. I've recommended it to many friends.

👤I bought these for my mother because she used to leak oil all the time. She was having a hard time finding good ones. Awesome product!

👤I liked the idea of the dispensers, but they always have small amounts spilled on the side.

3. IMEEA Dispenser Drip Free Stainless Container

IMEEA Dispenser Drip Free Stainless Container

Thin condiments like vegetable oil, soy sauce, and vinaigrettes will immediately improve your cooking. It's ideal for controlling portions of oil in recipes. A modern design for kitchen-to-table appeal is a perfect gift. The quality is high. Their olive oil dispensers are made of food grade SUS 304 STAINLESS steel and have a mirror finish. It's ideal for storing and keeping oil. The larger opening is designed to be easy to fill without a funnel and has a tight-fitting lid to protect the oil from light exposure. The spout stops the oil from dribbling down the bottle. There aren't a lot of nooks and weird spots for oil to pool in, so it's easy to clean the outside. Excellent kitchen helpers. This olive oil dispensers is perfect for giving out olive oil, olive &canola oil, balsamic vinaigrette, soy sauce, and other condiments. Can be used at home, cafe, restaurant, hotel, party, buffet, etc. The maximum capacity is 33oz. Avoid using more than 27oz/800ml because the cover can't be sealed. It's the dimensions: The bottom diameter is 4.5 inches and the height is 7.5 inches. The maximum capacity is 33oz. Avoid using more than 27oz/800ml because the cover can't be sealed. It's the dimensions: The bottom diameter is 4.5 inches and the height is 7.5 inches.

Brand: Imeea

👤I like the shape of the oil dispensers. The opening is large enough for me to stick my hand in and wash it. I used a straw cleaner to wash it. I am happy with the purchase.

👤I've always used glass or ceramic containers. I have broken them before. I was surprised that I used a stainless steel vessel. I keep it out so I am not concerned about the look, but it is very good looking and the pour is perfect. It has a good amount of oil. Very happy.

👤It was what I was looking for. If you are looking for an oil container that will not break, this is the one. It is easy to pour and not bad looking at it. I had to buy a second one for my mother-in-law since she fell in love with me when she used it.

👤The cover on the spout is huge. There were no leaks.

👤It's a good product. It needs to work on some details. The welding is not perfect, but it's all good.

👤It looks great and is easy to pour. No complaints at all.

👤I've bought cheap ones before, but this one is better. It's easy to fill, holds a large volume of oil, and doesn't take up a lot of space on the counter.

👤Ich ist das Edelstahl lknnchen. Die richtige Gre ist das. Weil es wie versprochen tropffrei ist.

👤Im Campingplatz benutzt es.

👤De bonne qualité et aucune restante. Ts satisFAite.

👤The last one I bought didn't do that.

4. Easy Pour Oil Vinegar Bottle

Easy Pour Oil Vinegar Bottle

Each bottle is carefully packed to ensure that it is complete without flawed and perfectly delivered to your hands. This bottle of olive oil will serve you well. If there is a problem with their products, please contact them via E-mail and they will solve the problem as soon as possible. Get four multi-use containers for the price of one. The bottles are 100% food grade, virginBPA free plastic, perfect for oil and vinegar, or use an emulsion blender to mix your own salad dressings right in the container. Their wide mouth design makes it easy to refill. DRIP-FREE POURING. A special vent and alanted pour spout make sure the contents stay in the container. It's convenient and mess free to have no dripping down the sides so you can worry about cooking. The airtight lid provides a leak free fit so you don't have to worry about dripping or a huge mess if it gets knocked over. Their containers are easy to hold on to and made with anti-slip sides. It can be taken along to picnics, trips or travel. The unbreakable design allows for years of continued use, making it a great alternative to glass pouring containers. The plastic is resistant to microwaves, dishwashers, freezers and accidental drops. No need to worry about bottles that are fragile, just throw them in the cupboard. Not satisfied with your purchase for any reason? No worries. They will reimburse you for your purchase if you contact them within 30 days. This set is a great gift for mom on mother's day, or for your daughter, friend, sister, or anyone you love for holiday or birthday. Not satisfied with your purchase for any reason? No worries. They will reimburse you for your purchase if you contact them within 30 days. This set is a great gift for mom on mother's day, or for your daughter, friend, sister, or anyone you love for holiday or birthday.

Brand: Signora Ware

👤I put the 4 pack in my mini fridge. I use my small ones from the pack. It does what it should. The plastic is thick. I don't have a problem removing the cap. I would be worried if it was weaker that it would pop off and spill liquid. The lid doesn't fit, that's the only thing I'm noticing. The rest of the lid has grooves that go down further. The plastic on the cup has a slit. Hopefully it's noticable in the picture. It came in a box with a 2 back water bottle, which was odd for me. It was confusing to me but I found it to be the 4 pack.

👤I don't like this product. This may not affect other people. The plastic lid is very stiff. I'm older than that because I'm late 60s. I can't remove the lid from these bottles for the rest of my life. Younger friends can't either. I had to use a knife to wedge the cap open and a can opener to open the lid, it was very dangerous and a pain. The contents of these bottles leak out of the "air-hole" at the top of the spout, making a mess. This set is going to be thrown away. I would give this a zero star rating.

👤I think these are the same mold as my Tupperware container. I bought these because they looked the same as my old Tupperware containers, the ones that had a flat top and an alternate pour spot top. The bottom is the same, but the top is tighter than a cow. I have to use a spoon. I have to use a lot of force to get the top on. I have to warm it up. I hope they loosen over time. They stay air and liquid tight, and I gave them 4 stars because I can still work with them. Wow! Who tests these things?

👤I bought these for my RV. These were the perfect size to fit in the door of the small fridge. They were leaking from the top long before we left and made a mess when we got to the road. These are very stiff. I just bought the salt and pepper shakers, which are almost replicas of Tupperware. The tops are closed just like Tupperware. They were hard to open and get on, it was just too hard in general. I like the shape and size, but I wish the tops were better. I'll keep them because they fit the door better than anything else I've tried. I hope that by under filling them in the future I will be able to keep them from leaking.

👤I bought this because I knew it wouldn't leak. It leaks. We packed our Olive Oil in a kitchen case for camping and it was close to upright for most of the time. After traveling and getting to our campsite, it moved a bit, but that's to be expected. It was frustrating to find out that my kitchen supplies were leaking olive oil. I expect a product to hold up to it's name if it says it's liquid tight and leak proof. This did not.

5. RAYNAG Reusable Plastic Condiment Dispenser

RAYNAG Reusable Plastic Condiment Dispenser

Simple syrup, condiments, soy sauce, olive oil and other types of oil can be stored in their syrup containers. There are plastic bottles that can be used. No matter where you stay, you can use pancake art for your party. It's not a good idea for batters and jams to have large particles. It's perfect for holding all the condiments: honey, BBQ sauce, olive oil, ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, pancake mix, maple syrup, salad dressing, etc. The tight-fitting cap closure helps you avoid accidents. Quality assurance is assured by the use of premium BPA free and recyclable PET plastic. Food safe plastic does not give off toxins or taste like plastic. They are portable and easy to carry. The transparent bottle body helps to distinguish different sauces. The size is 16.8 x 3 cm and 6.6 x 1.18 inch. You can enjoy your dressings on the go without worrying about waste or leaking.

Brand: Raynag

👤I love this product. Bigger than I thought, but none of the less serves its purpose. Good quality plastic. Hope they don't leak.

👤I was surprised by the quality of the containers. My wife and I love salads that are fresh from the garden, but wanted to make our own dressings. We can keep a lot of dressings in the fridge without taking up a lot of shelf space with these. There is a The Silicone seal on the lids makes them not leak when they are upside down. It stops when you stop squeezing and you don't want it to get stuck. It's easier to control the portion. Some of the lids were not trimmed out. It is easy to do with a small knife blade. The photo can be seen for a before and after close-up. The ring at the base of the lid is in the way of fully closing the lid. The flip top has a small tab that seals it. Highly recommended.

👤I use these for my condiments and wet spices. I had no issues with leaking from the safety cap that flips over the valve in the cooler because of the small take up. The inner valve works well. I've never tried to put them through the dish washer, but hand washng with a bottle brush is the best way to get them clean. Absolutely love them!

👤The bottles are large for my needs. I carry my special dressings and oils for salads and condiments like sugar/onion/garlic free ketchup in my purse without worry of leaks because I have a special diet. The bottles allow for measured applications with both watery liquids and thick substances. This purchase is recommended by me.

👤You would think a squeeze bottle for condiments would be soft. These are not. They are made of plastic. The plastic is cheap and thin, so you can't squeeze them. If I give them more than a light compression, they will snap and crack in half and spill all over. Immediate return.

👤I got it for a camping trip. It was cheap and would do the job of bringing oils and other cooking essentials. It works well. The built-in valve makes it easy to release liquid with a gentle squeeze to avoid leaking or messy caps. We made one for them. We could make the spritzers to-go. It worked well for maple syrup. I will buy more to hold dish washing liquid, lime/lemon juice, and some other bar mixers. Highly recommended.

👤We didn't have to tote and wash containers because I bought these for us. I have used one for vinaigrette, olive oil, and Italian dressing. These worked well. We had no experience with leaks. They work for what we want, even though they take a bit of squeeze to get the liquid out. Can't beat the cost, effectiveness, and quantity you get for this item.

6. Bottlify Cap Pack Refillable Condiment Container

Bottlify Cap Pack Refillable Condiment Container

Adding too much seasoning to the spray bottle will affect the taste. The olive oil sub-bottling is a good choice for holding oil. It can be used in many places. Their 16 ounce squeeze bottle is designed in a pliable cylindrical shape with a flat base, which makes it easy to release and clean. Food grade Their lightweight bottles are eco-friendly and a healthy choice for your loved ones; they offer convenience and reusability time after time. Their tie dye bottles are equipped with red Yorker spout caps, which prevent accidental leaks and also fit perfectly on a pre-cut nozzle, which makes them ideal for handling fluids with a high degree of elasticity. It's versatile: Their plastic squeeze bottles are ideal for condiments, syrups, dressings, oils, vinegars and sauces, and can be used for arts and crafts. The oil squeeze bottle has a wide mouth design that makes it easy to clean. Storage and sorting are hassle free because of its translucent material. The oil squeeze bottle has a wide mouth design that makes it easy to clean. Storage and sorting are hassle free because of its translucent material.

Brand: Bottlify

👤I bought this set to water my plants. I was looking into other options, such as those with a long spout, but they were more expensive with inconsistent reviews. These bottles are great for small plants. I have two bottles, one dedicated to water and the other to liquidfertilizer. These bottles give me a consistent stream of water when watering my plants. You can cut along the nozzle if you want a bigger stream. These bottles were originally made for condiments and are leak-proof. It is amazing!

👤Many similar bottles have bad reviews. This bottle is not the same as those. A good quality screw with a tight cap and gasket. It is easy to squeeze but durrable. You want this one. I don't get anything for my review.

👤They are perfect for the shower. I use one to mix with water and baking soda to wash my hair. I use the second one to add apple cider vinegar and water for a hair rinse. They are perfect for this purpose. I use other ones for my kids. I put pancake mix in them and let the kids make their own pancake art, which is a great way to have kids interested in helping cook and building self esteem in doing a task.

👤I like buying large bottles of cooking oil, but I don't like lifting them to cook with. The squeeze bottles solved the problem.

👤These bottles are clear. Some of the others are pre-colored, but not this one. It's easy to see how much is left in the bottle. They have little red caps that are very secure. The bottles are easy to fill. They had a smell of plastic when they arrived. I washed them in hot soapy water. They were ready to be filled. I was able to fill each mouth with mustard and Ketchup because they are the perfect size. I put the mustard container on the mustard squeeze bottle to let it slowly drain into it. I think using these bottles will be more efficient since there is always some left in the containers that won't come out. I ordered the dispensers for myself because I am not a fan of the amount of sauce on my dogs and burgers. I am very happy with the bottles.

👤It is more significant than expected. The lid will eventually get lost or become a hazard. It is otherwise good and recommended.

👤Was unable to use it. The damage would not allow the lids to stay on. The plastic was damaged when it arrived. Poor quality control.

👤Professional bottles are used for cooking. It's easy to fill. No squeezing, just a light pressure, no over pour, just the right amount every time. I like the tight snap on cap that keeps my oils fresh. Just the right size. The bottle fits the hand well. I can't say about the dishwasher because I don't use it, but I can say that they wash great, never any residu or build up that doesn't wash clean with good hot soapy water. If I switch oils it is always fresh because there is never any odors inside after washing and drying. These bottles do not get weak like a lot of others. It is worth the price.

7. Dispenser Spritzer Portable Barbecue Roasting

Dispenser Spritzer Portable Barbecue Roasting

Honbuty's oil sprayers are easy to clean and are a nice gift. Add warm water and detergent, shake it, and then use water to clean it. The temperature of the washing water should not be higher than 50C, and it cannot be washed in a dishwasher. The button can be pressed to operate more quickly. It is easy to clean, soak in hot water to clean the oil stains. Provide healthy people with the best oil control options and help them live a healthy life. The new appearance design is small and light. The nozzle will not be blocked by the oil. The oil mist is more fuel efficient. It is convenient to place it in any corner of the kitchen. It is easy to see how much oil is in the bottle by looking at the glass. There is a non-slip pad in the package to prevent the bottle from hitting each other. Cooking oil, olive oil, soy sauce, and other liquids are compatible with oil. Can be used for cooking, baking, frying, salad, cake, pizza, camping, and more. Provide high-quality after-sales service, please contact them in time if the product has any questions, they will reply to you as soon as you see it, and bring you a pleasant experience in pre-sales and after-sales purchases. Provide high-quality after-sales service, please contact them in time if the product has any questions, they will reply to you as soon as you see it, and bring you a pleasant experience in pre-sales and after-sales purchases.

Brand: Tt-croee

👤This is a machine. Not much oil is used for each spray. There is a before/after oil picture and a video. The sprayer speaks for itself.

👤I like the size of the spray bottle and the rubber pad on the bottom. If that is what you are looking for, keep looking, I "sprays" perfectly fine, but it doesn't really "mist", so if that is what you are looking for, keep looking. It's convenient to have it in the cupboard instead of pulling the big olive oil bottle out. I think I use less when spraying than I do pouring it out. It wasn't too bad.

👤This is a great price for a little oil spray. The mist it sprays is pretty good, although it's not going to be as good as aerosol, but it is as close as you will likely get. It works well for oil dispersal without the waste and cost of aerosol cans. 10/10!

👤It worked out great. There is no more canned cooking sprays. It was paid for by it. 40 years of line cook experience.

👤I like how I can use any oil in this and it looks good on the counter. It's better for my health and environment to have an aerosol canned oil.

👤I tried it for the first time and it wouldn't suck up the oil into the tube. Save your money.

👤I use it for soy sauce. It's perfect to add the right amount.

👤El tamao is perfect, funciona, and tiene calidad.

8. Dispenser Dispensing Kitchen Cooking Stainless

Dispenser Dispensing Kitchen Cooking Stainless

If the product is not safe due to violent transportation, please contact them for a replacement. The built-in nozzle design is unique. The bottle mouth has a seal that prevents upside down oil leaks. It's a good way to control the amount of oil in the kitchen. White glass, good patience, high transparency, and clearly visible inside the amount of oil is the unique of Mesopotamia. The nozzle is easy to use and effective at preventing slippage. Olive oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, soy sauce, and other water oil liquid can be used in a variety of ways. The bottom of the bottle is non-sLIP. The bottle bottom seal does not hurt the table and is easy to slip and break. The bottom of the bottle is non-sLIP. The bottle bottom seal does not hurt the table and is easy to slip and break.

Brand: Mr Wei

👤This is a thing that I love. This is the product for people like me who accidentally pour too much olive oil. I spilled the oil when I poured it into the spray bottle. I can portion control how much olive oil I use. It's really useful when cooking with an Air Fryer. There are no complaints yet. It came with a tiny funnel, that was very helpful. My friends and family will be getting this recommendation.

👤I just bought it and I'm using it, so far I'm very happy with the first couple of spray pumps. I didn't want a cheap squirt gun-type gizmo, and I didn't want anything that would over-spray my intended target.

👤Sometimes, instead of spraying, it shoots a straight line. It defeats the process. It looks nice. Sometimes it works.

👤Sometimes it doesn't do a misty spray. It was more like a squirt. It works well for coating meat and veggies.

👤I am happy I bought this product. It looks really nice in my kitchen. It is easy to use and clean. The product is good.

👤I was looking for a spray bottle to use. I don't end up using a lot of oil. It is easy to spread and spray. Excellent and would recommend.

👤Sometimes it sprays and sometimes it just throws oil. The container is cute and not expensive.

👤It's easy to fill. It lasts a lot of time. Will save money.

9. Condiment Leak Proof Writable Exterior Workshop

Condiment Leak Proof Writable Exterior Workshop

The cap needs to be closed tightly for a secure seal. Purchase is risk-free. If this squeeze bottle set does not meet your expectations, Tovla will give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. The bottle design will not leak. These bottles are perfect for liquids in your home. Forget about cheap, breakable squirt bottles, they are not safe, top quality, andDURABLE MATERIAL. The gourmet squeeze bottles are made of high density polyethylene. They are incomparably durable, and they are bound to meet all your needs. There is a multi-PURPOSE. These bottles are high quality and can serve your needs. They can be used for condiments, sauces, liquids, and oils. They are great for decorating cakes, pancakes, desserts, and cookies. You can use the squeeze bottles for arts and crafts to conveniently store and distribute paints and glue.

Brand: Tovla

👤The product was received. It was exactly what I wanted and they were well made. I'm filling a shelf in our trailer with different things. They had to be strong and light for the trailer. I noticed that the little cap on the top was missing as I was filling them and labeling them. I noticed another one. I told the seller that I had already filled some of them. I didn't want to send anything back and I was wondering if he or she could just put two of the tiny tops in an envelope and send them to me. He definitely did that. Along with a new set. I was shocked. It comes well beyond the call of duty. I will buy from them when I can. If it was ever needed, you would be happy with their service.

👤These don't work for pancake art because the tips are too small and the batter gets stuck in the top. I think they are good for other things, but look for more wide tips if you want to make pancake art. I bought them because they showed colored things inside, but they didn't work at all. Will try to get the tip clipped a bit. I am sure it will be fine if needed for thin products.

👤These bottles are great. We searched for a bottle that could handle warm icing for doughnuts and found the perfect one. The bottles we used had issues with the cap coming off, which caused icing to dump over the doughnuts. The squeeze bottle lid has stronger threads than the regular bottle lid, so they don't have to worry about doughnuts popping off. The bottles have a screw cap that seals the tip, which is perfect for sealing any product you decide to use in the bottle. The bottles are thicker than the stuff you would buy at the grocery store and we will buy them again.

👤These bottles are used for mixing dyes. These are perfect. Good dye control can be achieved with the right nozzle hole size. The bottle's lid doesn't leak when it's squeezed, like some of the other bottles I've purchased. I like the screw on cap better than the snap on cap. The seal is tight to keep my dyes fresh. The write-on area makes it hard to tell apart the colors in the bottle. It's easy to label.

👤I had a lot of dressings and sauces at the party. There is a They were correct. Good size, sturdy, easy to fill with included funnel, had a spot to label contents, easy to squeeze, and most important - lids stayed on! There is a The opening tip was small and I had to cut it larger for thicker sauces. There is a If I hadn't had a funnel, I would have struggled filling the bottles and would have been out of work.

👤Excellent quality bottles. Work well for paint jobs. There is a The tops were too small for me to paint them. Not a huge issue but a minus for me. There is a I wanted to see how much paint I have added before I added more. It was a nice bottle. You don't need to add anything else to use them for other purposes. The screw on caps were nice.

10. Stainless Vinegar Drip Free Everyday Use Dispensor

Stainless Vinegar Drip Free Everyday Use Dispensor

Not satisfied with your purchase for any reason? No worries. They will reimburse you for your purchase if you contact them within 30 days. This set is a great gift for mom on mother's day, or for your daughter, friend, sister, or anyone you love for holiday or birthday. Food grade material It's made of food grade 18/10 steel, ideal for storing and keeping extra virgin olive close to hand for cooking and finishing dishes. There is no guillotine. Always keep your kitchen clean and tidy, the spout stops oil from dribbling down the side of the bottle. No leaks from the lid during pouring from a full can. The handle is strong. The cap is perfect. The attractive design of the larger opening makes it look great in your modern kitchen. The dishwasher is designed for easy clean up. The dishwasher is designed for easy clean up.

Brand: Ksendalo

👤This product is cheap. It says 18/10. The outside is flimsy and had fingerprints all over it that could not be removed, and the inside is a dark colored brushed metal finish. I wouldn't dare put expensive olive oil in it. I returned it. It's not worth 30 dollars.

👤Before this one, I tried a less expensive one, but it dripped terribly. It was love at first pour, and I'm happy to report that I spent 3x as much for this one. I'm able to lightly sprinkle my English muffins with accuracy, and not a drips to be found. There is a It's the right size for me and it's easy to use. The lid is secure but not tight. A very good investment.

👤This is a replacement for a pipette oil dispensers. I like that it's made of 100% steel. It will be easy to clean. The pour spout is easy to control and doesn't leak. The handle is easy to hold. I was worried that the volume would be too small. It's working well. It's easy to refill. I highly recommend it.

👤Oil does not trickle from the spout. Good looking too. It is difficult to get smudges off.

👤The look of the dispensers is striking. It leaks when you pour it. I keep it in a dish. Dispences were very even. It's great for making salad dressing.

👤The oil dispensers are very well made. If you're trying to pour a lot of oil over something, it's annoying, but it's great for drizzling oil over something. Overall, it was very nice.

👤This is the second pitcher I have purchased. We have two pitchers on the breakfast table and one near the stove. I'm quite happy with these.

👤I bought a different oil dispensers and it left oil rings all over my counter. The dispenser does not leak. I highly recommend it.

👤I bought another 17oz one after using it for a week. If you don't stop pouring quickly, it won't drips much, but you don't need to touch the can by holding the handle. The handle is strong. I have never used a better oil. I use 24oz for cooking oil and 17oz for olive oil.

👤El embajale venia abierto. La caja en donde estaba. No sea de acero inoxidable, se me hizo dudoso. Devolv el producto.

👤Arrivée, le huilier était endommagé. Le brillant avait disparu sur the portions du bec. Is it acier inoxydable? There is a Permis d'en douter. J'ai re-enactment l' article.

👤I parece caro para el producto.

👤This item looks amazing and it arrived quickly.

11. Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Bottle

Aozita 17oz Glass Olive Bottle

Purchase is risk-free. They want you to have a pleasant shopping experience. If you have a problem with their products, please contact them via E-mail and they will solve it as soon as possible. Their olive oil dropper bottle with spouts makes it easy to get less oil consumption and healthier eating. The pour spouts with sealed cap and flap cap fit the bottle well and keep dust out. Everyone can pour oil with a nice stream. It's ideal for making dressings and vinaigrettes. Keep your olive oil fresh. The green glass protects olive oil from the sun. Black screw cap and white inner cork make it possible to store for long periods of time. The funnel helps fill and refill the liquid without leaks. It helps you get rid of slimy hands by keeping things clean. No-RISK purchase. If you have an issue with their products, please contact them, they will try their best to find a solution for you within 24 hours. No-RISK purchase. If you have an issue with their products, please contact them, they will try their best to find a solution for you within 24 hours.

Brand: Aozita

👤The stopper eventually fails. See the video.

👤The spouts don't fit into the bottle securely, but I was thrilled to receive my bottle. I have to hold onto the spout so that it doesn't pop off. Different bottles that I 800-273-3217 This one doesn't.

👤These worked well for what I paid and what I need. There is a I didn't contact to replace the metal lid because it wasn't my main tip. The flap was very thin. There is a I have been using the black metal lid that arrived perfectly. The glass bottle has worked as I wanted it to. There is a The broken flap lid is the only reason it isn't a 5 star.

👤I read in the reviews that there were two main concerns about this product, but I still took my chances. I was very happy with my purchase. I received my package with all the parts that were listed in the description and it works great, unlike the negative comments I read.

👤A beautiful bottle for my oil. It had 2 plugs, 2 pour spouts, and an appropriate sized funnel. There is a I wasted a full bottle of oil after my last one shattered. It was slippery because I didn't have the right size funnel. This one says it's shatter proof.

👤I use a semi opaque green bottle for my oil. Comes with two different tops. One that opens when you pour the liquid. Every time you want to pour liquid, another has a black stopper. I like the metal lid because I know I will lose the black lid. It is not cheap. It has a night weight. I have small hands and I can easily grab it. I like the green because it doesn't look dirty and your fingerprints are harder to see than if you were using the clear one.

👤I love this bottle. The details are taken care of. It has 2 types of spouts and 2 bottle caps. A funnel! I like the comedy. It's a great design to fill bottles. I've used it to fill water bottles. It's a small kitchen tool. The spouts have a seal that connects to the bottle. Airtight so no spills. I will get another bottle for vinaigrettes. The bottle pours out evenly. It's easy to fit spices and herbs inside and it holds a good amount. I think about 20oz in the bottle. The green tint protects the contents while being clear enough to see how much is left inside. A million stars! I love it!

👤There are two spouts and we had a family meeting. We decided on the hinged top. We have some avacado oil. I thought I would try the other spout. We had a family meeting and decided to use the other spout for the avacado oil full time. We had a hard decision to make last night and decided to switch the spouts. That's going well. I'm thinking about buying another one for sesame oil. We have to have something.


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