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1. Recipe Notebook Organizer Accessory Recording

Recipe Notebook Organizer Accessory Recording

Their customer service group will make your shopping experience enjoyable. They will do their best to make you happy if you let them know. A cute family journal is blank for you to fill with your precious family recipes and store for years. It is easy to find and locate recipes in different sections of the page. Space is printed and provided for you to be thorough with your recipes and include ingredients, prep time and more. There is aOCKET INCLUDED. A memo pocket at the back of the recipe journal is a great place to keep hand-written recipes. DIMENSIONS The notebook is made of a cover with a matt finish.

Brand: Pipilo Press

👤The book is of a high quality. This one has a spiral that I wanted. The pages are small enough to hold 7 ingredients per recipe, meaning they bleed into the instructions space. The book won't work if you don't write down simple ones. This was hard to tell from the pictures.

👤Thankfully the back to pages were damaged by whatever chewed through them so I can use them again. The way the pages are set up is what I would recommend. If you wanted something that was durable, I would pass.

👤The space is not large enough for a normal recipe.

👤I had a paperback one and it was a mess to open and write in, so I wanted something sturdy. It's a bit smaller than expected but it's easy to find and keep recipes easy to find. It took me a while to find a cookbook that I liked and I was happy to find this one to write all my mother's recipes in.

👤I ordered this in June to give to my granddaughter for Christmas. I can't open it. I ripped the cardboard from it when I tried to open it. It is much smaller and cheaper than the picture shows. The binder is not perfect. It's useless to me. I have to throw it away. Lesson learned. When I bought it, I should have looked more closely.

👤The cookbook is sectioned out and has measurement conversions, but it had less pages than I was expecting. The binding on the cookbook is crazy. The cover was upside down.

👤A gift to my grandson. He likes cooking for his family. He has a record of what he has been doing for his family and others.

👤It has labeled pages for different types of recipes, that's the only thing I don't like about it. I have different books for desserts and drinks. The tabs were covered with blank stickers. It's a perfect size and I like the spiral bound. It is very convenient.

👤The paper is very thin and not worth the money.

👤Thin and flimsy. Very disappointed. Returned.

👤This was a present for my budding chef son who wanted to keep all of our family recipes in one place. There is a pouch to keep cutouts, a conversions page, an index, and lots of pages, laid out nicely and clearly.

👤The next page is not usable because the pages are thin and poor quality.

👤A blank recipe book is perfect. The right size and space for ingredients and methods.

2. Recipe Notebook Cookbook Journal Watercolor

Recipe Notebook Cookbook Journal Watercolor

Made with pride in America. The notebooks are made in the USA. Every order is handcrafted with a personal touch. The recipe notebook has 120 pages and 60 sheets. Get a sense of accomplishment by making a cooking list. Try new recipes. You can use this recipe notebook to make the best of popular recipes. The cute design of the recipe notebook cover is a result of good quality and design. The gold wire-o spiral is durable. The paper is a nice weight. The Blank Cookbook has 120 pages and is 8.5" x 11". You don't have to put everything in an index card because there is plenty of room. The 2 pages are an index. Their Recipes notebook are great for storing favorite recipes. To a new couple, to a cooking lover, as a Christmas gift from mother to daughter.

Brand: Ceiba Tree

👤I am at a 3 star because it is perfect if it arrives undamaged. I want to change this to a 5 star rating. There is a There is an update. I requested a new one and it was damaged. The replacement arrived within 48 hours and is undamaged. I am changing my rating from 3 to 5 stars. It is a cute book. There are a lot of pages that can hold a lot of recipes.

👤My mother in law received this. It was supposed to be a gift to organize her recipes but she said she was giving it back to us. She had to write her recipes in it. Win, win!

👤I also gave a book for cooking. Memory is not what it used to be. There is a This helps a lot. It is easy to make a copy of a recipe.

👤My daughter used it the first day she got it. On her birthday. She showed it to everyone.

👤It was a short video for me. She graduated from 12 grade and likes my husband and cooking. We are going to put her favorite dishes in order.

👤For Christmas, I put our regular recipes in there. We can keep the gift forever and use it regularly. It was very well made.

👤As I start my journey for healthy living, I love this recipe book. I wish the recipe pages had page numbers so I could use the provided index. I would like the index pages to be regular paper consistency. It's easy to write on without smudges. Otherwise, a great book.

👤The pages in my book were upside down.

3. AmazonBasics Wirebound Notebook 100 Sheet Assorted

AmazonBasics Wirebound Notebook 100 Sheet Assorted

The 3-hole punch was delivered. Take along one notebook or several to save extra trips to the locker, every notebook comes with a 3-hole punched binder. A notebook with 100 sheets of paper and a pack of colors. The paper is 10 by 8 inches and promotes neat, legible lines of writing. Sturdy front and back covers. The paper should be protected and double as a writing surface. The wire binding keeps the pages secure. A clean tear provides a straight edge and a 3-hole punch can be used to add to a binder.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤You are getting what you pay for. The quality of the notebooks is not there, but you can tell. The paper is so thin that even lightly writing with a standard pen, the ink bleeds through. I was expecting to be able to color code my notes with the pens I already had, so I bought these. I had to buy new ones so I could use more than just the front side of the page.

👤This was a good purchase. I think five, 100 sheet notebooks for under $10 is a good deal. I had a hard time choosing between the pattern and color options. If you don't need 100 sheets, you can purchase a set with less pages. There is a I like the pattern that I chose and there was more than one pattern to choose from. The covers have a pattern on them. The price for five notebooks was a good deal. This is an Amazon product and Prime shipping is available. The sheets are easy to write on. You can easily remove the sheets from the notebooks. There is a It's not easy to write on without it being on a table or clipboard. It would be nice if the back cover was more durable. Was this review helpful? Let me know!

👤I chose the used - acceptable option from the warehouse and I am happy I did because I received 25 perfectly fine notebooks for $22. The wire and front cover on at least three of them were not bent. I use these because I feel obligated to write well when I write in a nice journal, as though I am going to save it my whole life, read it at 90 and publish it at 95. My great nephews will probably have them in a bag with my expired almond milk. Carrying that much baggage around is just extra weight, and I have tossed most of my journals because they were too heavy. After my divorce at 37, I had full cardboard boxes. I threw most of them. The act of journaling is therapeutic when it is done as a word throw-up, just getting on the paper what is on your mind, brutally honest, then some lists and obsessions. You toss the wire bound notebooks that you've been filling emotionally at your kiosk or while lying on your bed because you've worked through that stuff. You are on to the next spiritual growth. I can give them to the kids. Give them away. They can be found in the office and guest room. It is good to have paper around. There is nothing lost about this art.

👤Because of the number of notebooks I received, I was able to easily categorize each class into their own individual notebooks. The quality of the notebooks is fair. There is a It's easy for class categorization with lots of notebooks. There is a There is not a lot of pages in each notebook. The paper is not as good as some of the more quality notebooks that you would get. There is a If you use pencil with the pen, it will bleed through the page. If it was useful to you, please give this review a helpful rating.

4. Hardcover Homemade Notebook Journal Laminated

Hardcover Homemade Notebook Journal Laminated

The Vivant and bold colors are mentioned. Their journals are designed in a variety of beautiful and fun colors and can be used for note taking, sketching, and bullet journaling. The perfect gift is a hardcover recipe books. They are great for documenting family recipes. The convenience size. Their spiral bound books are the perfect size to fit your recipe needs. Quality materials. 120 pages are in a notebook that is 60 lbs. The paper is text-smooth. The front and back covers are laminated with a 1.3 mil matt finish. The books are bound with a black metal wire-o spiral. They take great pride in the quality of their products, the accuracy of your order and the pleasure of your purchasing experience. They will do everything they can to make you happy with your purchase. Made with pride in America. The notebooks are made in the USA. Every order is handcrafted with a personal touch.

Brand: Gotcha Covered Notebooks

👤It would be difficult to find a recipe when there is no index page. There are no tabs for different categories. The cover is very sturdy.

👤When I received the recipe book, I was very happy with it. My granddaughter requested a recipe book from me this year for Christmas sharing all of her favorite recipes. It is what I was looking for. The back cover is disappointing. The back cover has a permanent bar code which takes away the great looks of the cute heart on the back cover. I hope I can cover it up so that it doesn't take away from the gift. I believe you will be completely satisfied if you don't mind that feature.

👤Our ladies group will be making hand-written recipe cookbooks for Christmas, thanks to the books I and my girlfriend bought. I can't wait for them to see them and know they were done for each one of them. Such a great idea. This notebook will work great.

👤I needed to replace a recipe book that I have had for a long time, so I bought this binder. It is very high quality. This will hold up well to the love my recipe books receive.

👤I had written off 35 recipes when the pages began to come loose from the spiral binding. I am sick and can't figure out how to fix it. I was making a handwritten gift for a grandchild. The pages came out of the binding, so I was disappointed. There is an update. The company contacted me and said they were replacing the book. Excellent customer service was provided by them.

👤It was larger than I anticipated. I am responsible for that because the measurements are in the description. It looks nice. This is a gift for someone.

👤My daughter in law is a cook. I was looking for a recipe book. She asked for recipes that were hand written.

👤The book is perfect. I needed to copy several recipes and this was the perfect place to do it. I have been writing the recipes on the front cover and numbering the pages as I go. When the time comes, I will spill over to the back cover. Great book!

5. Five Star Notebook Subject Selected

Five Star Notebook Subject Selected

A clean tear provides a straight edge and a 3-hole punch can be used to add to a binder. It lasts all year. The notebook has bright colors and a tiled design for a modern look. The college ruled pages in the notebook are ink bleed resistant. A reinforced storage pocket helps prevent tearing. Notes are protected all year by the water resistant cover. It's easy to tear out assignments with the sheets. The spiral lock wire binding prevents coil snags. When torn out, the sheets measure 11 inches x 8 to 1/2 inches. The overall size is 11 to 9 inches. Blue Half, Coral Half, Blue Edge and Coral Edge are some of the designs that are available in the notebook. Design choice is not available for this item. The design you receive will vary from one random design to the next.

Brand: Five Star

👤It is not false advertising. People need to read the description of the item before buying it. This is not the seller's fault and it's ridiculous to bring down the rating of an item because of someone's own fault. This is a sturdy notebook. I read the description and knew I was only getting one. It's not like those cheap flimsy notebooks you get at Walmart, it's actually thick and sturdy, and I'm satisfied with my purchase.

👤I just got my purchase, and I thought it would be at least 3. The photos and descriptions are not accurate. A 100 sheet notebook for $5 is not a good deal.

👤I thought there were 3 notebooks. There were many options in a packet. $5 for one notebook is expensive, but this was only one notebook. The ad was not accurate.

👤It was very misleading. The reviews were more clear than the photo and description. I was expecting 3 notebooks and only received one. Do not recommend.

👤Product picture previews are misleading. The price for this item is too high. Had I looked into this purchase before making it, I could have made it cheaper elsewhere. I am at fault for not researching more because I should have read reviews first. I don't recommend you purchase this item either. There is a It is a spiral notebook. It is not worth the amount it is marked for. I would think at least $2 less than what I paid was okay. There is a This experience has taught me a lesson. I will be more careful and look at the reviews first before I go by the pictures posted on Amazon. There is a I have found two other items that have complaints in the reviews about misleading pictures and not getting what they thought they were paying for.

👤It's not worth the $6 for a notebook. Thought it was a 3 pack. Ignore the picture and read the product description. The one that came in was damaged. The cover and pages were damaged.

👤These notebooks are nice. The multi set we ordered had confetti, stripes, and weave design in the picture and description. We spent a lot of time looking at different designs and chose this set. The designs sent did not match what was shown.

👤The notebook is nice but the image is deceptive. I thought I was getting three notebooks. It was quite a rip off. I would have ordered something else if I knew it was just one notebook.

👤Votre descriptions are confusing. FiveStar puisque c'est la marque. 5 subjets, a 1 subjet. L'am√©lioration de la description is not only a description. J'ai rien redire.

👤The book is nice but only one. The whole ad was misleading. I paid $9 for a notebook. That is an insane ripoff. Not impressed.

👤Muy lindo el diseo de la pasta, pero demasiado Frgil para ser una libreta. No brinda el soporte necesario. There is a Adems y datonen est contingencia. Ahora tengo una libreta blanca con manchas color ocre.

6. AmazonBasics Wirebound Notebook 70 Sheet Assorted

AmazonBasics Wirebound Notebook 70 Sheet Assorted

Design choice is not available for this item. The design you receive will vary from one random design to the next. A notebook with 70 sheets of paper and 5 packs of solid colors. The paper is 11/32 inch wide and measures 10 by 8 inches. Sturdy front and back covers. The paper should be protected and double as a writing surface. The wire binding keeps the pages secure. A clean tear provides a straight edge and can be added to a binder.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤I am writing a review about spiral notebooks. I can't. I'm a graduate student and the notebooks I use are the worst. Don't buy these if you want to take a sheet of paper out of a spiral notebook. I swear, the perforations could not be any worse. They're trying to make my problem sets look worse than they are.

👤I knew when I bought these that they weren't a great deal, but they were the best reviewed, affordable notebooks on Amazon. When did these cost so much? It's not bad, it's just as basic as it gets. I understand that it's Amazon basics, but that shouldn't affect quality. This feels very flimsy. I think it would bend easily in a backpack. If your children treated these books like a lot of young kids do, I would spend a little more money for a quality book. If you're like me, and just needed some notepads around the house for making lists, this does the job. I wouldn't use it for serious note taking. I will keep it, but won't buy it back. The quality of the notebook is that of a notebook that costs less than a dollar, so I think a better price point for this pack of 5 would be $6.99.

👤What can I say? It's a notebook. The paper is of great quality. I've purchased notebooks in the past where the paper is thin and flimsy and the lines are light. The paper is thick and the lines are bright. I also have this in college and have purchased one of the graphic notebooks and the 5 pack of graphic paper that is graphed front and pack and sealed at the top for single sheet tear off. They are putting out great products.

👤I've been using these notebooks to write my novel. It works for me, because I can catch the obvious typos/plot holes/etc when I type it up. I think these notebooks are sturdy, but they would fall apart if I got them in the store. I would need tape to hold the notebook together. This one is creased and bent.

👤Being visually impaired can be a challenge. It can be difficult to find a notebook with wide lines. The notebooks are sturdy, good value, and will last me a few months. I was happy that they were delivered to my door with Prime. Highly recommended and will buy again.

👤Don't expect these to be anything other than basic notebooks. That is what they are. I use this type of notebook in my job to make notes that I keep for a long time and these are an inexpensive alternative to buying them at a big box store and spending twice as much. If you don't have high expectations for them being a sturdy substitute, they will work fine.

👤I had to return it. I usually use an erasable pen, but it is not a great experience. The ink on this paper is not as bright as it could be. It's not normal. This works with some of my pen but for most of them the ink skips or the paper is too slick. Maybe I got a bad one because the paper almost feels like it has been sprayed with something.

7. TOPS 1 Subject Notebooks Assortment 65007

TOPS 1 Subject Notebooks Assortment 65007

Heavier bright white paper is well made with high quality American materials. The 6-pack of notebooks helps you identify your subjects at a glance with color-coding efficiency. The right way to fight. The college-ruled notebooks fit more writing per page than wide-ruled sheets, and each notebook has 70 double-sided sheets with red margin lines. Micro perforated sheets retain your must-have notes but still detach cleanly when you are ready to revise. Your favorite gel or ballpoint pens will move easily across the pages for A+ notes with minimal ink bleeding or show-through. The 3-hole punch was delivered. Take along one notebook or several to save extra trips to the locker, every notebook comes with a 3-hole punched binder.

Brand: Oxford

👤Unless you are giving it to children to play with or rolling it into balls for the pets to play with, the bad reviews don't make a difference. There is a The paper is so thin that you can't read it both ways. The page will rip even if you are careful and the perforation almost never works. If you just want a piece of paper to write on, then you should never remove the pages from the notebook. If you want to read what was written, leave the pages in the book and only write on one side. I'm a college graduate, a writer editor, a poet, a manager and a business owner. I've used notebooks all my life. Nothing would have ever been seen if they were like these. A missed opportunity.

👤It's hard to find cheap, sturdy notebooks outside of the end of summer when everyone is at their back to school sale. When I spilled coffee all over my last D&D campaign notebook, these things were a lifesaver, and all I could find in stores were those that were $4 a piece. You don't break out your high quality heavy bleed ink pens for something that costs $9 for 6. My Pentell pen wrote great on these. The pages are thick enough that you can write on both sides of the paper without any bleedthrough and even if you have heavy pressure handwriting, you won't break through the paper. You can hold the entire notebook up by one page without it tearing off. I love these things.

👤They are notebooks. I don't know where passion comes from, but here goes. I only used one of them because I bought them in advance, but I'm re-writing some notes because I think they'll be helpful. There is a The notebooks are thin and lightweight. The paper is not as thin as some of my better notebooks, but it's still paper. The spiral wire is very thin and if I had it in a backpack with other notebooks it would get bent out of shape very quickly. If you just plan on carrying them or having them on your desk for planning, there are no problems. There is a Some of the pages are creased, which is a little annoying. Again, it's not a big deal. It's a little annoying when you're writing. There is a crease.

👤I have always used the Mead notebooks, so I was a little hesitant about trying the TOPS notebooks for the first time. I need notebook paper that my pens and markers won't bleed through because I love to write in all sorts of colors and highlight all over the place, so I need notebook paper that my pens and markers won't bleed through. There is a The notebooks were delivered in 3 days. They were packaged in a yellow envelope. The notebooks were in perfect condition after I received all 6 colors. I decided to use a different notebook for each subject so I could differentiate between classes. I am able to highlight and write on both sides of the paper. I like that the pages don't tear out easily or get stuck in the binding, which is something I don't like having to do with my notebooks. I will most likely purchase them again next semester because they are worth the price.

8. Notebook Hardcover Organizer Journals Cookbook

Notebook Hardcover Organizer Journals Cookbook

Make your own recipe book and quickly locate your favorite homemade recipes. There is not enough space to write in a blank recipe book. Each recipe has two full pages in their recipe journal. Take care of your own personal bookmarks. The young cooks in your life should be given the family recipes. The kitchen lemon is a great gift. Do you have a loved one that loves cooking? This cute recipe book is a nice present for men and women. It is easy to write on the thick 100 gsm paper.

Brand: Apowus

👤I bought some books for my granddaughters. They will know how to make our family favorites when I copy them. The books are well organized and have enough space to write down the whole recipe. I want them to remember me when I am gone so I am writing the recipes by hand. It is hard to write to the edge of the page where the spiral is, which is the same problem you would have with any spiral notebook. The paper is thick enough that it won't be easy to rip out. The note section at the bottom of the recipe's second page is my favorite thing about the book. I use this space to tell my granddaughters about my family history. I want to make a book for my younger granddaughter, so I'm going to buy another one.

👤This is a good book. It was well made to last. I like the simplicity of it and the spiral edge. There is room for a full recipe and a separate section for side notes. I love it!

👤I could not live without measurement conversions and sections/tabs for different things like desserts, main courses, etc. It seems like it would hold up, though, and is really cute, I guess. I wouldn't give it as a gift because it's lacking.

👤This has a table of contents section. Two pages for each recipe was a bit wasteful, but I don't put a lot of detail in my own recipes, and I don't need a photo for my own recipes. There is a There isn't a line for Oven Temp, just cook time, that's the only real thing I wasn't happy with.

👤I like the hard cover of this book and it has plenty of room to write. I bought two gifts for my children.

👤My daughter received her first cookbook. She likes it. The format for the recipes is very good.

👤Every week I write down the recipe and throw it away. The majority of the recipes are from the internet. I always go back to the website. I decided a few weeks ago that I would write everything down in a blank recipe book and this is what I got. I'm obsessed!

👤Too small. The ring binder contains pages on their own.

9. TOODOO Spiral Notebook Notepad Colored

TOODOO Spiral Notebook Notepad Colored

Also, note: Color choice is not available for this item, it will be shipped to you randomly. There are 4 packs of spiral notebooks, each with 200 sheets white lined paper, 4 pieces pens, 80 pieces sticky notes, and 5 colors sticky page markers. The spiral notebooks come with a pen in holder, sticky notes and flags, lined paper and a pen holder elastic loop, which is convenient to use. The sticky page markers are bright and help you take notes and mark easily. The medium size is approx. The large size of sticky note is 7.5 x 7.6 x 2.95 inches, and sticky page markers are 1.5 x 4.5 cm/ 0.6 x 1.8 inches. The size of sticky note is 7.5 x 7.6 x 2.95 inches and the size of page markers is 1.5 x 4.5 cm. The spiral notebooks can be used for a variety of purposes, from journal, business, notes, diary and more, to class notes and useful supplies for schools and offices.

Brand: Toodoo

👤I went to process a return because these were smaller than I had thought. I have never seen an item that couldn't be returned. Very disappointing.

👤Is it possible to love a pen and notebook? I have decided that I can. I must have pens and notebooks all the time. These little things are adorable. I only wanted one or two for daily use, but I couldn't beat the price for four. I will use or share them. The size is perfect for my use, because I need something sturdy that will fit in my purse or backpack, but also something sturdy that will take a beating. I will use this daily to keep my lists, notes, and appointment reminders because I am of that age. There is a The spiral binding on the outside of the paper looks great. There is a yellow post-it note pad, 5 different colored post-it flags, and a notepad inside. An attached pen. The pen is made of partial paper. I don't think the notebook or pen will fall apart as they are pretty sturdy. I will keep them dry if I get them wet. There is a I think I won't be sharing these little notepads after all.

👤Very disappointed. Flimsy covers are cheap. There are small notebooks. It should not have been advertised as large. Small notebooks are not good for taking notes. They are not worth much. Maybe $2, not over $5.

👤Make sure you check the size of the note before you order because they are very small.

👤Cute idea but flimsy. It was over priced. I will not buy again.

👤These small spiral bound note books are very nice. Small, easy to drop in a purse or pocket, lined spiral-bound papers that lay flat, with a ballpoint pen that sits in a small elastic strap so it never gets lost, they also come with post-it notes and post-it tab markers included in each notebook. These small notepads can be useful in many ways. I use them to keep track of the drugs I take. The lined pages are where I record what I need to take. The post-it tabs can be used to find any page. I use the Post-It Notes to remember information I don't want to forget, and doctor notes I don't want to remember. It's easier to use than my phone. It's also recyclable. I'm glad I bought them because they've made my life less stressed. A good deal. I love them!

👤I was not happy with these. Large isn't large at all. They are very cheap. The convenience of these would be great if they were better quality. There is a The pens work, the sticky notes stick, and the notebook closes well. The spiral does what it is suppose to. There is a I expected more for the money. I will not be buying these again, but for things that don't really matter.

👤My wife has a pen and a pad in her purse. She was not able to find a pad like the one she had because the one she was using ran out of paper. I bought this as a replacement. The size works well for her, even though it is a little larger than she had. The pad is sturdy and comes with a pen and sticky note tabs.

10. Softcover Classic Recipes Notebook Laminated

Softcover Classic Recipes Notebook Laminated

Legend Planner family recipe book is guaranteed to work, or they will give your money back no questions asked. If you have any quality issues or are not completely satisfied with your blank recipe book, they will exchange it for a new one. They'd love to hear from you via an Amazon message. The perfect gift is a recipe notebook. It is possible to take quick recipe notes on the go with notebooks. The convenience size. Their spiral bound recipe books are the perfect size to fit your cooking and baking needs. Quality materials. 120 pages are in a notebook that is 60 lbs. The paper is text-smooth. The front and back covers are bound with a 12 inch gold metal wire-o spiral. They take great pride in the quality of their products, the accuracy of your order and the pleasure of your purchasing experience. They will do everything they can to make you happy with your purchase. Made with pride in America. The notebooks are made in the USA. Every order is handcrafted with a personal touch.

Brand: Gotcha Covered Notebooks

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I got this to replace a huge hardback that I got at Barnes and Noble. It's inconvenient to carry a huge book into the kitchen to look at a recipe. There is plenty of writing space for my recipes to be written down. There are no air bubbles in the laminated cover. I would buy again.

👤This is a great way to take pictures. The lack of an index to write down which pages the recipes are on made it only four stars.

👤I have a lot of books, but they take up a lot of space. This is the perfect size for a simple situation. Medium recipes. If you have a lot of ingredients on your list, make sure you check the photos and description. It works for me!

👤It was a little disappointing of it's size. My fault is not reading demensions. There is a It's cute for a beginner.

👤This was perfect for what I wanted. My oldest son will be receiving a gift from me. Will get more for my other kids and grand kids. It seems to be of good quality. Exactly what I was looking for.

👤My son and his girlfriend just moved in together and he asked me to give her some of his favorite recipes. This is the perfect place for him to give his girlfriend new favorites to add to their collection.

👤I like the idea of having my recipes written down. I was looking for a recipe book.

👤The book is cute but the design inside is basic and looks like it was formatted in Word. The price doesn't match what you're getting. It's my fault that I didn't look more closely at the pictures uploaded by other reviewers.

11. Ruled Notebook Journal Hardcover Twin Wire

Ruled Notebook Journal Hardcover Twin Wire

You can save and share your favorite bakes, breakfasts, and entree with the recipe cards. The journal has 134 pages and is easy to carry. The elastic closure band is designed to keep your notebook close when you don't use it. Premium hardcover paper is used to avoid the ink feathering and seepage. The page is thicker than other notebooks. The lined journal keeps handwriting neat. The pineapple design theme is used in this ruled notebook. The journal uses a double-wire binding design that makes it easy to lay the notebook flat. 7mm ruled writing space gives you an ample place to write. It's ideal for taking notes and keeping work in order, as a diary or journal, as well as just doodling and drawing. It is a perfect gift for friends, family, classmates, and coworkers. This high quality journal is an ideal gift choice. A gift for your family and friends.

Brand: Booqool

👤I love this notebook. Excellent quality and adorable. It's perfect for my business. The pages are not too thick. The size is large, can fit in a lot on one page. The back sleeve has a pocket. The place band is a great place to keep track of where I left off. I recommend.

👤My daughter loves pineapples and I bought this for her as a Christmas gift. The product was a nice looking gift and I was very pleased with it. The gold metal spiral adds to the appeal of the pattern. The paper is of good quality. It has not been used, but it appears to be sturdy. This product is recommended by me.

👤These notebooks are the perfect size for me. My pen doesn't leak through the cover and the paper is college linked. I will buy them again.

👤I just bought my 4th one. The fruit! I use them for work. I am in love. At work I write down everything I need to do and it adds a cute style to my desk. The lines are large enough to hold the pens. I have to keep buying more since it is great for the price. I can get a different design every time. I get a lot of praise for it.

👤There are three notebooks in different patterns. All are very sturdy. They are meant to be kept for a longer period of time than you want.

👤She loved it when it was bought for her. I thought it was a little high for a writing device. It was on her list. I got it!

👤My youngest daughter bought this for herself and she couldn't wait to write in it. I think it's a bit pricey. Hopefully it will hold up because it seems sturdy.

👤I have so many notebooks, but I loved the pineapple design, so I had to buy it. I like the strap that holds it closed.


What is the best product for cooking notebook spiral?

Cooking notebook spiral products from Pipilo Press. In this article about cooking notebook spiral you can see why people choose the product. Ceiba Tree and Amazon Basics are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking notebook spiral.

What are the best brands for cooking notebook spiral?

Pipilo Press, Ceiba Tree and Amazon Basics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking notebook spiral. Find the detail in this article. Gotcha Covered Notebooks, Five Star and Oxford are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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