Best Cooking Net for Meat

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1. Grease Splatter Screen Frying Pan

Grease Splatter Screen Frying Pan

Even in high temperature environments, the chef hat works. Their grease splatter screen is multi-functional and helps protect you and your kitchen from hot oil. The oil splash guard is made from premium-grade steel with an extra fine mesh, and it allows steam to be released, while stopping 99% of splatter. Their splatter guards for frying are dishwasher safe and will remain rust-free for decades. Their grease screens for fry pans come with a bonus free e-book with recipes for the grill. You will never run out of food. The oil splatter guard is an essential kitchen gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life.

Brand: Bergkoch

👤Excellent product offered. To use it correctly, learn to do so. If you put the "mesh side" on the frying pan, oil will spill over your Ranger. Put the wire over the counter/table with 4 dents side by side. The legs are the "dents". There is a Many people who are giving bad qualifications place the 2 wires side over the frying pan, they don't know how to use it properly. Wrong!! Most pans have 4 indentations outside of the pan. There is a The oil travels to the outside of the pan due to superficial tension of the liquid, a perfect point for gravity to do it's work, accumulating oil until the weight is big enough to drop outside the pan. You can see the oil drops in the photos published by users. They say that the product does not work. There is a 3mm gap around the pan where oil escapes. There is a BergKoch wants a user manual with instructions on how to use it. Your ratings on the product will improve. Excellent product, BergKoch.

👤My family is trying to eat better. We're in steak more often these days. By the time steaks are done on my stove, it's covered with grease. I don't know. The problem with bacon is the same. There is a Chefs on a lot of cooking shows use screens for splattering food. I read a lot of reviews on Amazon and chose this one. It's well put together, feels very sturdy, and it kept the steaks from spattering grease all over my stove, which was a big plus. I've only had it a week or so, so I haven't put it through all its paces, but it's proven to be a great splatter screen, as well as a superior cooling rack for fried cheese crackers. I can't wait to try steaming it. There is a I'm loving this spatter screen. I didn't have to clean grease off my stove. A real help to me in cooking for my family.

👤The product looked like this after 5 minutes of use. It might cut down on grease splatter, but only minimally. There is an update. I had this upside down the first time I used it, but I didn't know that one side was different than the other. It cut down on the grease splatter when I made this change. It doesn't eliminate it, but it definitely reduces it. Maybe the packaging should make it clearer. My rating was changed to 3 stars.

👤I bought this as a replacement for a screen that I had purchased from another manufacturer. The screen was bent. I was wondering if all the screens were going to be good. There is a The screen is great. The screen has some bumps but the rim is flat and the pan sits firmly on it. I tried to keep oil in the pan by sauteing some asparagus this morning. The grease came out when I turned the asparagus over. I've had cheap screens before. I love the "feet" that keep oil off the counter when I'm done cooking. It is easy to clean with a sponge. When I cook chicken thighs, I will look forward to it. It took me an hour to clean the mess off the range, floor, and other areas. I didn't want to clean my screen. I'm certain this screen will eliminate that mess. There is a The ad talks about German quality. The screen is made in China.

2. PZRT Netting Sausage Butchers Packaging

PZRT Netting Sausage Butchers Packaging

Food safe, heat safe, cooking in the oven, grill, and fryer. The cotton material is made of high-quality cotton and has a long service life. The side length of the square mesh is about 8mm, 14 holes, 1 meter, 16 holes, and 18 holes. The meat net is easy to slide on your meat, but it can also be removed after you finish cooking to ensure a safer meat. Sausages, capicola, small roasts, loin, turkey, chicken and other meats are used. The sphinx net rolls are not suitable for medical use. There are 18 holes 1 meter in the package. There are 3 meters.

Brand: Pzrt

👤Quicker than string. It was used on Pork Tenderloins.

3. Strainer Swify Stainless Spaghetti Noodle 30 5cm

Strainer Swify Stainless Spaghetti Noodle 30 5cm

Refer to the user manual for questions surrounding warranty policies. The kitchen strainer is made of high quality STAINLESS steel, Net wiring and sturdy outer framework and handle, won't react with foods, safety and durable. Set of 3 strainers, each with a diameter of 4. 3 inches, 4 inches. Both 9Inch and 5. 7 inches, 11 cm, 12. Both were 5 cm and 14 cm. The total length is 12. 6 and 13 inches. 7 inch. There are 5 cm, 32 cm and 35 cm. The long handle protects your hands from grease and oils. The wire strainer catches food securely while releasing oil and other stuff. It's perfect for frying foods like potato chips, chicken legs, and spaetzli. The hanging loop can be hung on the wall to keep it dry. Storage is easy and quick to grab skimmers. It's easy to clean, just put them in the dishwasher or Warm soapy water.

Brand: Swify

👤I am able to cook despite my handicap. I thought these strainers were amazing when I first saw them online. I ordered them because they look great. When they arrived, I asked if they would stand up to the beating I was about to put on them. I was worried that the handles wouldn't be covered with plastic or rubber. I was certain they would get hot. I was wrong. I've used them to get teabags from boiling water, deep frying chicken, and French fries. All without a potholder! The handles were not hot. I will need all the sizes in the 3 piece set. I love them! I'm. My friends and family need more money. They're great for keeping food fresh. Highly recommended!

👤My grandmother is fond of them. She didn't know these exist. I have her use them to pull posta from the pot of water. She turned 91 in January and can't lift the pot anymore. She was able to keep some of her freedom in the kitchen. The pot of water is dirty.

👤I don't like to give a bad review, but this is terrible. The 3 had some issues. Quality control is not something to be concerned with. There is a I might be able to trim the middle one with a wire cutter because it has a sharp tip. There is a It would be hard to mess up a wire that is spun around in circles. The welding looks like it was done by a drunk person. There is a If you're not happy, just go to bed bath and beyond and get one of these.

👤I gave these to my girlfriend for Christmas and she absolutely loves them. The $500 new purse was not a realistic option. HA! There is a They are great for frying and clean up quickly. You can choose from 3 sizes for whatever you want to cook. Strong, yet lightweight. You can't go wrong here.

👤Very happy with the purchase. It's great for boiling a small pot of pasta. I am able to remove the pasta from the pot. This is perfect if you just want to make a small amout of pasta and don't want to get out the large colander.

👤I always wanted this kind of thing for pasta. It works well. I regret not having done it sooner. Go for it! You will be happy.

👤Good looking, simple and functional. The handles have rubber grommets in the holes to keep water out of the washing machine. It's a pet peeve of mine, hollow handled utensils are hard to get out without some effort, and once the water gets in it's hard to get it out without getting sick. Yuck. This might be the first time I've seen an attempt to stop that. I've only used the large one to fish out fried foods like fried shrimp from a pot of boiling oil and it works great. I haven't tried lifting anything heavy with it. It's easier to clean than my old wire and bamboo spider. No splinters, no getting the sponge caught in brass wiring. There is a day on which it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to say that it is possible to

4. ThermoPro Digital Instant Thermometer Kitchen

ThermoPro Digital Instant Thermometer Kitchen

All stink-fighting good stuff is made of essential oils and other natural compounds. The instant reading thermometer has a high precision sensor and a 3.8 inch food grade probe. It's perfect for indoor outdoor cooking, grilling, BBQ and so on. The magnetic back and hook allow for convenient storage and easy to use. If the meat thermometer stays on for 10 minutes, it will auto shut off. The Grilling Thermometer has a backlight display to let you see clearly while cooking.

Brand: Thermopro

👤I saved up for a Thermapen and bought it for $100 because of the good reviews. I have used it for a long time and love it. I was looking for a travel Thermometer when I saw an instant one on sale at Amazon. I got it yesterday, after taking a chance. The new one is red. As soon as I got it. I wanted to see how fast and accurate I could be. I tried it with some bread coming out of the oven. The temp was the same within a second of each other. It was boiling water for my tea this morning. The temp was the same for the entire time. I don't know if it will last, but I'm happy.

👤I like America's Test Kitchen. They do a lot of testing and reviews of kitchen products. They had one of their reviews about a meat thermometer. Thermapen cost about $100. I am too steep for my budget. The owner of the Thermapen wrote a review about the differences between the Thermapen and the thermopro. They said their performance was the same. I went with the ThermoPro because of the price difference. I wasn't disappointed. It works great to read meat temperatures and hot oil temperatures. I would recommend it to anyone.

👤Hey, I'm out there. You get what you pay for. The metal probe/tube came uncrimped from the plastic base after 6 months. It worked well when it was complete. The fundamental cheapness of the product overcame my careful handling of it. Don't pay more and get a unit that won't break. When I tried to uninstall the probe, it didn't work. There are big numbers on the display.

👤I bought a separate one for baking on 6/30 after buying my first one. I was trying to take the temperature of my chicken and realized one column of ink was out. I pulled out my baking one because I thought my friend dropped it. The entire column of ink was gone. I'm the only one who uses that one. I know it wasn't dropped. It's pretty pathetic that both of them only lasted three months. It's not worth the money.

👤I liked the simplicity of use. It was quick. Multi angle helps a lot. I just completed my 3rd thermopro. One quit his job within a year. I bought 2 more because I still liked the function, and the 2nd and 3rd have all worked out. The batteries were changed but still no luck. The last one is off by a factor of 10 when compared to the other two. I wish I had kept the warranty info.

👤I wanted to use this to measure the internal temperature of the bread I bake. It has a nice thin temperature probe that helps to avoid large holes in the crust. There is a The probe is not accurate. It is about 10 degrees F. I verified this by boiling the water. There is no way to change the calibration. Baking at 10 degrees is significant. There is a Money was wasted.

5. CHEF Cooling Stainless Roasting Grilling

CHEF Cooling Stainless Roasting Grilling

We offer a 12 months warranty. Money return, change or repair can take 30 days or 12 months. No risk. If you like it, you can add it to your cart. P&P CHEF cooling rack are made of pure steel and Rust free, which makes them a great replacement for aluminum rack. Their baking rack has thick rods for the solid steel construction and is sturdy enough to hold heavy food, and each of the jointed wires are finished by the seamless welding. The cooking rack has a smooth surface and edge, with no rough spot, give a comfortable and secure grip, protect your hand roundly, and it is dishwasher proof. Baking evenly for cooking quickly and saving time on repeat roasting, cooling evenly for uniformly and quickly cool the cookies, and raising the roasting rack height allowed air to circulate on all sides of the food. The sizes are Large 15.3” x 11.25” Medium 11.6” x 9” Small 7.3” x 8.6” and the smallest 8.6” x 6.2”

Brand: P&p Chef

👤The sheets were bent/uneven, so they had to clean it. The pictures and descriptions on the product page are definitely misleading as they suggest that the racks can be used for cooling baked goods and cooking meats. The meats and oils will stick to the struts and Every because the racks are not coated with anything. Single. Crevice. I have made bacon on them in the oven three times and the cleaning process is long and difficult. A toothbrush scrubber or grill brush is needed. Bent/Uneven. The feet for all three of the racks will not sit evenly and the only way to make contact is with the sheet. The first time I used the sheets for cookies, I almost catapulted one onto the floor when the sheet tipped. The overall impression was 3 stars. You get what you pay for. I will buy a non-stick coating sheet for my meats/grilling next time around and keep these for cooling purposes only.

👤Used one to cook a beef roast. It was perfect for the purpose. The intersection of crossing wires was cleaned instantly in hot dishwater. There was no distortion from the oven. Very pleased. The variety of sizes will be helpful. It's always nice to "stumble" across another well-designed and well-executed product, even one so simple as this, and at an attractive price point. --- There is a Upon receipt of the item. The variety of sizes makes the polished STAINLESS an advantage. Anxious to see how they fare in use.

👤These are nice. They are used for cooling and baking. Baking is the challenge. The bars are all parallel, so they are easy to clean, and the gauge of wire is nice. The design of my old rack made it hard to keep the meat or skin intact and it also made them hard to clean. I use the large one to bake chicken thighs and other items that I want to spread out in my pan. I have not used them under the heat, but I expect them to be fine. This set of racks is a great value.

👤They are hard to clean and don't fit in standard cookie sheets so I bought them for meat cooking. They are great for cooling cookies. The poor fit on the cookie sheets was disappointing, but I can deal with it.

👤There were different sizes in the set that I bought the rack in. I bought a set for my son and his wife. I have only used one so far and they seem sturdy, I didn't have a problem cleaning it. The set was the main attraction for me. Not having to buy individual ones.

👤The different sizes they came in fit my needs perfectly. I was able to use two of the smaller racks for my larger pans to bake chicken wings. They are perfect because I only had to line the bottom with aluminum foil and drain the juices and oil from the chicken. The racks were sturdy enough to hold all the wings that I placed on them.

6. SHEbaking Professional Stainless Tenderizer Injector

SHEbaking Professional Stainless Tenderizer Injector

The LIFETIME WARRANTY eliminates all risk so you can use this 2 in 1 marinade injector with confidence. Your satisfaction is assured. The meat tenderizer is made of 304-grade steel and food-grade ABS, which are food-safe. The meat tenderizer tool is dishwasher safe and easy to use, because it is an ergonomics design with a comfortable handle. Good concept and innovative meat tenderizer gadgets allow you to tenderize and flavorize meat at the same time for fast and delicious results, reduce cooking time up to 40%. The meat tenderizer has high-quality needle blades that create channels in your favorite cut of meat and 3 flavor needles that inject a deeper level of flavor. Improved pressure control can be achieved with a sturdy marinade injector plunger. The whole depth and half depth of the needle are indicated by the "I" marks that lock the blade for safety. There are two settings for different thicknesses of meat. It's possible to cook delicious food for years if it's kept well. The Food/Sauces Injector can be used for almost any meat, such as beef, lamb chops, pork loin, chicken breast, turkey, fish, sauce enhancer, and so on. The meat tenderizer needle blades can break down the meat's tissue, making it easy to eat. A great tool for cooking. They are committed to providing you with the highest quality and customer satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with their professional meat injector, contact them and they'll work with you until you're happy.

Brand: Shebaking

👤You can see it in the video. The injector doesn't work. The fluid came out of the side. We tried more fluid. Same result. Don't buy. Money is wasted.

👤It doesn't inject the liquid into the meat. The liquid comes out of the side when the meat covers the holes. I would like it to work.

👤This is a piece of junk. When you try to inject it leaks out. Most of it wasquirting out the side. The meat doesn't make it through the marinade. The tenderize g aspect is quite good. I just used the part that goes into the marinade as a tenderizer.

👤I like the product. How do you clean it? They say it's easy to clean. There isn't a way to clean this product. You can't wash off food stuck on the blades. There are no parts that can be removed. I tried to wash it after I used it, but I was disgusted to see chicken pieces stuck to the blades. Design is not completely thought out.

👤I found this on Amazon and I think someone stole my idea. I let the day go by without making my family dinner. This thing saves me a lot of time by injecting and tenderizing at the same time.

👤The tenderizer seems to be too good to be true. "You have your cake and eat it as well." Not so. It gets stuck in the middle of the process, and it's very dangerous to stab yourself with the flat needles. If you want to stab the meat, you should buy a long STAINLESS STEEL SHIVED marinator. It won't hurt you or the animal.

👤I'm doing a Christmas dinner and bought this. We opened it to make sure it worked and it was dirty. The plunger won't come apart so it can be cleaned. Completely useless.

👤I wish I could say that the tool broke after one use, but it did not. I can fix things but not this one. There was a plastic piece that broke. The injectors are very sharp and pierce my finger while I try to fix it.

7. Rural365 Meat Netting Roll Size

Rural365 Meat Netting Roll Size

It was easy to set up. The thumbscrew will help to tighten the spit rod. Against any plagiarism. Netting for your meat can be done with the help of the Rural365 Elastic Meat Netting Butchers. Meat smoking net tightly holds your meats together while roasting and smoking so that they can have an even roast. The meat curing netting is used for pork loin, turkey breast, flank steak, veal roast, and bologna. Sausage netting is made in the USA and will not tear or break after use. Cured meat netting can be used for many other things, including spider web decorations. Sausage netting roll is not intended for medical use.

Brand: Rural365

👤I thought this would work for securing chickens. It doesn't fill the application I intended it to do. I was able to get the chicken inside the net, but it was too tight and compressed the meat to the extent that it was unacceptable. The way it is described in the listing leaves a lot for the user to imagination, so be aware of it's full diameter.

👤The ham net is the same as advertised. It is a very strong and stretchy material. I only gave it 3 stars because I only made one ham and it wouldn't go all the way. I did not use a chute to get it on because it only stretches for a small ham. This will sit in my kitchen drawer for 19 years because I now have enough net for another 25 hams. This is perfect for a butcher who has a ham chute. If you are making your first ham, you might want to buy a shorter ham.

👤I couldn't use it and had to return it as it was small of a diameter for my use. The seller needs to give an accurate description of the diameter, not just size 16. It could be an excellent product.

👤It can stretch over a small chicken or pork loin. It saves time if you want to do a rotisserie.

👤I couldn't fit a turkey breast in it, the description states it will hold a large amount of meat. They should have given a little more information before buying.

👤This is the way to go if you want to get the birds to eat suet. Shrinks to fit the suit as the birdspeck away. Only way to get there.

👤I was hoping this would have more of a stretch to it. The product is good and there are no other complaints.

👤I wanted to smoke hams. A 4 pound rump roast will not fit a 8 pound ham.

👤I make my own food. I was told to use a smaller net than this one. I ordered this size because it was easier to install than the size 16 because it was too hard to get the size over the meat.

👤En el carnes, excelente.

👤For cappocola, you need a size 20 or greater.

8. Gorilla Grip Splatter Splashes Splatters

Gorilla Grip Splatter Splashes Splatters

Size After stretching, the hair nets are 0.2" It's a regular size. About size instructions. A 20-inch hairnet is a small size grid that fits most male hair styles, women with short or medium length hair, all children, or hair bun for professional needs. The most effective splatter screen is constructed with extra fine mesh and is great for most pots, pans and skillets, it captures splatters while allowing steam to escape, helping to provide protection from hot splashes on the stove. The screen is made of 100 percent STAINLESS steel and has a v shape that resists warping even after exposure to extreme temperatures. The soft touch handle is slip resistant and easy to grip to help keep you comfortable while cooking. Resting feet keep the screen off of the counter, so oils and splatters won't dirty them, and place in the dishwasher for an easy clean. Every time, the dishwasher is easy to clean.

Brand: Gorilla Grip

👤I've become an expert on cooking greasy food because I've been cooking a lot of meat on the Keto diet. After blowing through a few splatter screens from cooking burgers everyday on my gas range, here's my PHD level knowledge of the Gorilla Grip screen. They broke in short order after being bought. Carbon filters on some screens seem to be a good idea, but I found they fill with grease and eventually smoke, and really don't cut smell that much. The clear screen of the Gorilla is easy to clean and doesn't collect the greasy goop. Buy a screen that matches the pan size. I had a few bigger screens on smaller pans and found the heat going up and around the pan made the screen dark, carbon covered and left a big ring on the screen. You may have to buy multiple screens. If you position the plastic too close to the edge of the pan, it will melt the plastic handle and cause it to get hot. There is a I hope this journey into my experiences cooking with the splatter screen has given you a better idea of how greasy gas can be. There is a One last thought, use a hood fan on your walls or cabinets to make them look like "Sherwin Williams Lard" in short order. Happy cooking.

👤The handle and screen are strong and don't get hot to handle. It worked well to prevent the splatter of making sauce. It appears to rust, that's what I'm dissatisfied with. I tried to dry it with a towel and let the rest air dry, but I noticed brown spots on the edge of the screen after 2 uses. If you use it on a smaller pot, it will burn marks. I thought it was rust, but I wish I had known that. I was going to order other sizes, but now I am disappointed.

👤It was a nice size. I use it for several different pans. Handle doesn't seem to heat up. The screen is strong and fine, but it does "scorch" at bit when used at very high heat, or if used to cover a pan much smaller than the diameter of the screen. This doesn't seem to affect the strength of the screen. If I need a new one, I would be happy to have another one.

👤I owned more than 20 splatter guards. This is the best one I have ever owned. It looks like it's made to last a long time and I can't find any fault with it. I am very happy with the purchase. Do I recommend anything?

👤There was a decrease in grease splatter, but a lot still got through the first time I used it. What is the benefit of having to clean everything? It completely burned around the perimeter.

👤The first time it was used over a pan, it burned. Sitting atop the pan rim is not directly over flame. One of the few things I have ever sent back to Amazon. They work fine after purchase of another brand.

9. Netting Elastic Poultry Butcher Wrapping

Netting Elastic Poultry Butcher Wrapping

Netting for your meat is dependent on the Elastic Meat Netting Butchers Netting Ham Net to secure around your meat while smoking, roasting, and curing. Meat smoking net is used to hold your meats together while roasting and smoking so that they can have an even roast. The elastic meat netting bag has a working diameter of 18 cm and can be used for all types of meat. The appearance is classic tied. Keeping meat together and retaining flavors and tenderness is what they do. It is easy to cut and remove their meat netting, it slides over your meat cuts more easily, but can also be removed cleanly after you have finished cooking.

Brand: Haomian

👤I ordered this product because I wanted to hold my Boston butt together in the smoker rather than tying them myself. It couldn't fit a 7lb pork shoulder. Maybe a filet. For a roast or pork shoulder, it's just small.

👤First time using it. It did what it was supposed to do.

👤It is a very strong and stretchy material. The netting was easy to remove. Strong! It's reasonably priced.

10. Stainless Steel Strainer Infuser Seasoning

Stainless Steel Strainer Infuser Seasoning

Automatic Sound Activated Disco ball lights are suitable for Christmas, Halloween, birthday or wedding party, karaoke, DJ, bar, show, club, or pub. The set of 2 balls is made of steel. Simple to use. Drink with herbs and spices. It makes for a great tea infuser. The extra large 3 inch size holds spices and leaves.

Brand: Vanvene

👤They are sturdy and seem to be good for spices. The chain is holding it up against the pan. It's small so it doesn't hang into the soup. The metal clip fell off and was in the soup. I found it before anyone swallowed it. I threw it out so it wouldn't happen again. I might take the tiny chained off to avoid problems.

👤The price is 10 times what you would pay for a similar item at a 99 cent store. The mesh is ripped and the top is not centered on the balls. Not worth the price.

👤I use them for making tea and for adding herbs when I want to remove the stems before serving. bay leaves, Rosemary etc. These guys hold a lot. I use them as strainers in my kitchen. Thank you later, buy them.

👤These let a lot of my stuff through. I like the size but the lids don't always stay on and sometimes empty into my pot. It's not the end of the world. I wouldn't recommend these if you don't want to work for yourself.

👤There were two problems with the tea strainers. The mesh was not attached all the way around on one of them. The metal ring that is supposed to hold the two halves together was formed out of alignment. There was no way to attach the two pieces together because the dimple was too high. I'm returning the product and buying another one.

👤If you are in need of a larger-than-normal tea ball, what's not to like? There is a Well made. All construction. The chain and hook are included. Expect them to be used for a long time. It is recommended.

👤I will make about 5 gallons of compost tea from this. It is very difficult to get open again after the first use. I'm not sure I can. I might have to use pliers to open it.

👤The herb won't come out when cooked because the holes are small. I like to cook with Rosemary but it can fall apart and get into the food. This keeps it in the ball.

👤I saw the metal in the plastic bag when I received the product. I don't want to eat metal. I thought it could be related to shipping. I decided to boil the balls and the water. I believe that the infuser balls are of poor quality and that people could potentially ingest metals, because I see more of these metal shavings after boiling. I will be back soon.

👤I received a hot tip from Ina Garten. Drop your fresh herbs in one of these and you'll have a delicious soup, stew or other dish. There was no hunting for bay leaves or chunks of fresh spices. Cleans in the dishwasher.

👤They are made of a type of steel that doesn't change color after a night in the water. . The chain broke on the other one within a month.

👤trs bien et d'un format. Pour le nettoyer, on enlve le feuilles de thé le plus rapidement possible.

11. Rotisserie Elastic Cotton Blend Stretchy

Rotisserie Elastic Cotton Blend Stretchy

It's perfect for half sheet pans. It's 10 x 15 and it fits inside a roll sheet. The larger size is convenient for hosting family dinners or parties, and it is also suitable for bakeries and restaurants. The Butcher's Code makes a great replacement tie for the ties you have with your original grill or rotisserie. Their cotton is food grade. elastic ties can stretch to a 22 inch diameter. Their ties can be used in many places. These ties can hold temperatures up to 500 degrees. It's great for cooking meat rolls and holding together veggies in a steamer. All the major rotisseries like the George Foremans, Hamilton Beach, Ronco, and so on.

Brand: Butchers Code

👤It was used on a 7 pound chicken. The wings and legs were held perfectly. The string didn't burn off like regular twine.

👤I tie up my chicken with these. I have ordered ties from this seller and other sellers for several years and they seem perfect. The ties may not be as thick in late 2019. Some feel like they will break. Others are too tight over a chicken. We used to be able to do a big chicken. We are lucky that we can get it around a chicken. It may not seem like much, but we double tie our chicken for safety and cooking. I am sad about these ties. If I can't find anything else to use, I'll buy again.

👤I loved this product. I like to use my air fryer rotisserie feature, and I found this elastic very durable. The value is great. I will be ordering more.

👤I don't know how to tie a string around a chicken, but these make it easy for me to cook a chicken in my air fryer.

👤I bought these for doing whole chickens and turkeys. I keep the temp less than 400 so no issues getting these too hot, I have 4 cooks under my belt. There is a I haven't had issues getting the turkeys to fit around the chickens. The cooks are great and the wings are kept tight. I would recommend this for someone who is looking to use it.

👤It works as it should. I am very happy with this product. It's like an elastic band. You wrap it. Its great.

👤I wanted to try them out before making my turkey. They were used on a chicken. Not impressed at all. I was trying a different method. I don't know. I couldn't get them to stay where I wanted. I don't use them for anything over three pounds. They aren't very effective.

👤I use for chickens on an Amazon product. The first attempt took an hour. Dinner late is horrible. 5-10 minutes is how long the old hands are now. Ready to cook. The hardest part is wrapping drumsticks. The hands of young people are young. I use 4 chickens for each wing and 2 for each drumstick. Ready to go! I have my stuff.


What is the best product for cooking net for meat?

Cooking net for meat products from Bergkoch. In this article about cooking net for meat you can see why people choose the product. Pzrt and Swify are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking net for meat.

What are the best brands for cooking net for meat?

Bergkoch, Pzrt and Swify are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking net for meat. Find the detail in this article. Thermopro, P&p Chef and Shebaking are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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