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1. Silicone Baking Sheets Quarter Square

Silicone Baking Sheets Quarter Square

It's easy to clean with these mats that don't stick to food, and you don't have to worry about scrubbing baked-on foods. Also dishwasher safe. REPLACE PARCHMENT PAPER AND SAVE A LOT OF moolah! If you have been looking for a way to cut back on aluminum foil use, then you have found it. It is because of this that you will not have to measure and cut paper or foil to fit your baking sheets and pans anymore, which will save you time and money and help the environment. Clean up is a breeze. Their baking mats Silicone for baking sheets are dishwasher safe and easy to clean, so you can just put the mat into the dishwasher and forget about it. This is great because it means you won't have to clean your Silicone cookie sheet and Silicone mat pans. It's a great holiday gift for anyone who loves baking. Trusted! Their baking mats are made of 100% food grade safe silicone with a fiberglass core Guarantee which means they are non-toxic,BPA-free and have no plastic fillers. The mats are safe to use for any kind of food, won't set your smoke alarm off, and don't have any chemical taste or smell. Silicone baking sheets are the #1 choice for Amazon buyers. It's easy to use. The mats have a non-stick surface and no food will stick to it. It's great because your cookies, pies, macarons, bacon will slide off easily, and you can peel them off the mats. Their mats are oven/microwave and freezer safe, which means you will be able to use them for any task. They can endure abuse and use up to 3000 uses under extreme conditions. Risk free! Does this come with a warranty? Yes! The 3-year extended warranty on your purchase of their cooking mats for baking is no question. If the product isn't for you, they'll give you a full refund. It's already on the way if you need a replacement. See why Amazon customers rate their mat.

Brand: Kpkitchen

👤These mats are not of the highest quality. They developed black charred spots on the first use on the sections that were exposed and no amount of scrubbing will remove them. This has happened with two of them. My other mats have never done this. I will never purchase anything made by this company again. I did not notice that this is the second product I have bought from this brand. I would try to get them back. I threw the packaging away.

👤I bought this set so I could use it in different sizes. I'm enjoying them all. I used to bake sweet potatoes in the oven with foil or paper. I use one of my mats. It's a little more difficult than throwing away paper, but it's more eco-friendly. The mats are easy to clean. Food can easily be wiped off. I like the size of the mat for my pans. Great price too. I have only had them for a month, so I didn't rate them. We will see how they hold up. They're doing well so far.

👤The mat looks after scrubbing, dishwasher, scrubbing again, soaking in vinegar and dawn, scrubbing using a bartender friend, magic eraser, scrubbing. This is the third use after catching baked potato drippings.

👤So far, so good. I only used one of the mats once, for baking burger buns, but so far I have no complaints. The Made in China is the only downside. I tried to find out the product origin before buying, but it wasn't detailed.

👤I was so excited to receive them. The chicken stuck to the mat after being baked at 400 degrees. A mess to clean up. It would be much easier to use foil. I wish I could get a refund for these.

👤I replace my mats every year as they are heavily used and I have read that once they become difficult to clean, they should be replaced. There is a This has been my favorite set so far... The round and square shapes are included in the set. They work and clean up. This appears to be a good value and a nice set. There is a I don't have a round pizza pan.

👤I love these mats. The different sizes make me happy. It's quite a savings when you consider the different sizes. The quality of the product can be improved by the price. The mats use the same type of silicone. It's easy to clean. Wishing that this kitchen made a large mat for kneading bread. I can't imagine that would be great. I make a lot of Brioche and a pan with a traditional edge would be a bonus. You can also get baking tips in emails from the kitchen. You're the best.

👤2 of them were used 3 times. Set at 7 on my cooker. They have burned marks on them. I'm pretty sure the temp didn't reach 480 degrees for 7 and 4 minutes. There were still higher settings. I like that they are easy to clean and non stick. Sad that they look bad now. Will they remain easy to clean? Thank you.

2. Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Non Slip Measurements Folksy Super Kitchen

Food safe and heat resistant. The dish draining rack is food safe and dishwasher safe. It's a great trivet for cooling down hot pans from the oven or stovetop. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty. If you have an issue with this drying rack for sink organizers and storage, please contact them first on the order detail page. Premium Safe Silicone is important to the health of their customers. Premium food grade silicone is offered to pre-prep your safe. The vedio of the listing has a non-stick Mat. The baking mat is non sticky. It is easy to clean with the cloth. The thickness of the mat is 0.7 MM, while the silicone pad is almost twice as thick. The 0.7MM mat is good for the table. It is very durable. The back non-slip design has been upgraded. When rolling dough, it will stay on the table. It is good for the Pastry Mat, Table Mat,Baking Mat,Pizza Pad and Countertop Mat. The premium dough mat is durable and healthy, and a gift box and hair elastic make it a perfect gift.

Brand: Folksy Super Kitchen

👤I'm pretty sure this doesn't make it un-useable, but the video shows it in a long tube. The mat was larger than the box it was in. The mat has a permanent crease down the middle, as well as some rippling, because it was folded in fourths. I rolled it up after removing it from the box and hoping the creases would come out. It was rolled for a couple of weeks after purchase and I have never used it. The photos show that it is still creased and rippled. The package says it should not be stored in a flat fashion. Why did it fold up in fourths?

👤I don't like having to deal with the mess of flour when making dough. I was excited when I read that even the stickiest dough would be easy to remove. I wanted that to be true but it wasn't. The first time I used the mat, I had to remove the pastry crust because it stuck so badly. The only way to get the cookie dough to come off was to put a lot of flour on the mat. The mat doesn't slip and it washes up great, that's the only positive thing I can say. I'm going back to using a pastry cloth if I have to use flour to roll out dough.

👤I bought this to bake pies at home. It's perfect. It's a good thing to recommend to anyone. It's a huge mat that makes rolling dough so easy. The product is non-slip. Get yourself one now!

👤The plastic pie mat broke recently. This was purchased as a replacement. It's easier to use and it doesn't stick to it. I've already made pizza crusts, bread, and 2 apple pies using this mat. I like the size of the guides. It's not like my old mat. I'm still figuring out the most efficient way to clean it, and I think wiping it off with some soapy water and then rinsing it with a sponge or cloth is the easiest way to do it. The other way is to put it in the sink and roll it with a towel. It has a band to hold it closed if you lose it, and it rolls up for storage. I put some flour on it when I roll a stickier dough, but have no problems sticking it. I love it!

👤Heavy weight with markings in inches. I keep mine rolled with a liner and a band. I can prevent slippage by wiping my table with a damp cloth before I roll the mat. I only use this for rolling dough, not as a baking sheet liner. It is a nice large surface for working dough. The surface can be cleaned with a pastry scrapper. It is. I don't know how it would work in a dishwasher. I put mine in a sink of hot soapy water, drape it over a strainer, and then wipe it off with a towel.

👤The plastic mat that I use for rolling out pastry broke recently so I bought this as a replacement. The material is different in a good way. I believe it is made from silicone and fiberglass. It's even better than my old one because nothing sticks to it. There is a It's a good size for when I want to bake. I put it on my countertop for rolling dough. I still add a small amount of flour, but it's out of habit. The previous mat wasn't big enough for me to properly roll out pizza dough, but this is perfect. The surface is non-stick and there are markings that help keep things uniform. The mat doesn't shift around either. I just wipe it with a great eco friendly kitchen product, just a little water to get the flour off. I roll it up and put it in the drawer, it becomes a small size that you can store away easily. You can use a small band to keep it close. Even if you lose it, you can always hold it with a rubber band. There is a I am happy with the purchase. The writing on the top and lower sides is hard to read if you have dark countertops like me. Don't try to cut on it, it includes cookie cutters! The material is soft and delicate, and will cut if you use a sharp object. Don't do that. I always use a piece of paper for that, because I don't want to cut up my mat.

3. Silicone Baking Mat Professional Nonstick

Silicone Baking Mat Professional Nonstick

Quality not quantity is what they believe in as a brand. The baking mat is made to standard. This is the best baking mat you will ever use. If you get a full refund, your satisfaction is guaranteed. There is a large and multi-purpose. The mat thickness is 0.75mm. 1/32" It's perfect for baking, kneading, rolling, candy/macaron/pastry/cookie/bun/bread making as well as for freezing meat balls, dumplings, fruits and vegetables. Premium quality non-toxic materials passed strict food safety tests. Baking with no oil or fat reduces intake of cholesterol, saturated fat and cancerogenic substances produced by cooking oils. OVEN/MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER/FREEZER SAFE - DURABLE & LONG LASTING: It's flexible yet tear resistant, and designed to endure thousands of uses under extreme conditions of bitter cold and intense heat. No more scrubbing! It has burnt sugar and fat on it. The mat should be washed in warm soapy water. You can use the dishwasher to wash it. Non-stick properties of the mat are unaffected by repeated multiple uses and washing cycles. It will be new again after every use and clean up. Silicone/fiberglass hybrid construction helps to distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface so you always get perfect consistent results. The pictures of the bread I made. It's perfect.

Brand: Velesco

👤It works great when used correctly. I took off a star because it stains easily even with correct use. There is a Do not use this with the broiler, as it will cause the temperature to go up. My husband started a fire in the oven because he didn't know how to use it. Oh! Keep the oven door closed if this happens. You don't want more oxygen in because it will feed the fire. Baking soda can be thrown over the flame to quench it. We had to do that.

👤I am so disappointed with these. I used to make chocolate chip cookies with these. I used them for the second time to make French Macarons for a party, and they kept sticking to the mat. If you want to use them for cookies, they are not for French macarons. I will need to make a new batches with parchment paper because of these mats. The red outline was starting to peel off.

👤I used a piece of paper. Not any more! I don't know how I didn't get this sooner. There is a I have a fancy computerized gas oven, cheap sheet pans, and air bake sheet pans. I didn't get the premium results that I should have gotten. My biscuits and cookies turned out great when I used the Silicone Baking Mat. The biscuits are golden and fluffy. Sugar cookies are soft but not crisp. I recommend my baking mats to every baker. I was looking for a baking stone when I came across Silicone mats and decided to try them out. I am glad I bought the mats. The mats are about an inch wider than my cookie sheets, but that isn't a problem for me. The biscuits fit perfectly because they run about a dozen per dough batches. I don't place cookies on the curve where the mat goes over the edge of the pan because I end up with 2 -3 cookies too many. I have a few more cookies from my second baking batches. The fiberglass web in between the silicone layers discourages cutting the mats. Cutting mats isn't a good thing. The width of the mat is slightly wider than my cookie sheets, but don't cut it. It's easy to clean up. I rinse the mat under the hot water. I wiped the mat down with a damp cloth and a dry towel. Where to keep it? Hmm. The mats were so tightly fitted into the box that I tore the mat box up. I use an empty plastic bag box for my storage.

👤I hate having to wrestle with the curling on parchment paper. How do you keep it flat on a baking sheet if you uncurl it? I had to look for a silicone baking mat. This was my first time baking with Silicone products and I was a bit dubious. I am very happy with the product. I like how the corners are cut. The mats fit well within my pan, which is 11x17, and measures just over 16 feet wide. I thought the rounded corners on the mat would be more pleasing than the 45 degree cut, but I realized it was not. The corners would be elevated if the mat had rounded corners. Not sure if it makes a difference to anyone. The mat is non-slip when on the pan, with all it's non-stick properties. This was a pleasant surprise to me. The mat stays in place unlike the paper that slides around. The chocolate chip cookies were the first test. I cheated and used Pilsbury dough. The cookies can be easily slid off the pan. There was no discernable difference to me. There is a The second test was using the oven's feature to bake French macaron shells. The batter spreads out more evenly on this mat. I had to leave the shells in the oven a bit longer. The longer bake time is due to the mat absorbing some of the heat. I don't have any evidence. It felt like the shells took longer to cool than before. I'm not sure if that's because I was stressed out. There is a It is easy to clean. I use a soft sponge with the mat still in the pan. Nothing sticks.

4. Silicone Measurement Rolling Counter Cookies

Silicone Measurement Rolling Counter Cookies

The healthier and save option is available. The surface of the mat is slippy because it is 100% food-grade silicone. No need to cook sprey,oils,parchment paper and aluminum foils. It is very easy to clean. The baking mat is 24 X 16 inches and can be used for kneading, rolling and shaping bread. The inches marking on the pastry mat makes it easy to cut the perfect pie, pizza or pastry crust. The non-stick cookie mat is easy to clean, even grease or dough sticks to the surface, it can be washed with warm soapy water or placed in the dishwasher. Double thickness makes this flour board strong enough to hold onto the countertop, which will not slip or crinkle. It's great for kneading dough. The silicone baking mat is stain-proof and reinforced with fiberglass, making it more durable. It can be used a lot. If there is a problem, you can get a replacement for 12 months.

Brand: Tlwtct

👤I used it for the first time and it started unraveling from the edges. If you swallow these fibers, you could be in trouble. It will be thrown in the trash. I think it's true, you get what you pay for. I should have known that it was too cheap to be good.

👤This is a great baking mat. I was getting tired of rolling the dough on my granite countertop and scratching off dried dough and decided to stop baking sourdough bread. The price of the mat was four times what it was advertised to be. The mat is large and thick, and the price is unbeatable. I love it! The dough doesn't stick to the mat so I use less flour when kneading. It is easy to clean the mat. Rather than running the mat under water, I use a sudsy cloth on it and a clean cloth to remove any sudsiness. It only takes a few minutes to dry, then I put a fat rubber band around it and store it.

👤The fiberglass is not completely enclosed. The fiberglass at the edges began to chip after I washed my sink. I thought it was leftover from manufacturing, but as I tried to pull it off, more fiberglass came out. The mat is less durable than a typical baking sheet mat, but it is easy to fold and roll up.

👤I needed a non-slip pastry mat. I was a bit worried when I received it, as it was folded into a cocktail napkin. It was smoothed out without a crease or ripples. It is non-slip and perfectly fits my counter. It was wonderful! The included small dough scraper can be used to round up any bits of ingredients left on the mat. It's easy! This beats wax paper by a million miles. The markings are clear and easy to read. It's thin, so maybe no stretching to get it in place. Don't use sharp objects to cut. This is an inexpensive item to have if you want to bake. You're going to love it!

👤It worked great for pie crust dough, I only used it a few times. I barely used flour because it stuck to the mat. The mat did not fall off the stove. To wash, I folded the sink in half, washed the sides, and then hung it to dry. It was easy to clean. I store it with my cutting boards. The price was great and the shipping was fast. It does the job. I have never purchased one of these before.

👤I was unsure if it would work or if I needed it. After looking at reviews for different brands of mats, I decided to get this one after reading all the positive reviews. I am happy with my choice. The mat works. It's easy to roll out my pie dough because it sticks to my table. The quality is very good and I'm not worried about the edges being damaged like I've seen other baking mats. I used it to roll out cinnamon roll dough and it did a big difference. I rolled the mat out into a rectangular shape after spraying it with the cooking spray that the recipe recommended. I was able to roll it up with ease when I put the cinnamon sugar on. It didn't make my countertops messy. It was very easy to clean up from that. My kids love playing with my homemade playdough and I always use a silicone mat for them to make it easier to clean up. Highly recommended.

5. Last Confection Silicone Baking Mats

Last Confection Silicone Baking Mats

Since 2012 Silicone products are specialized. The gasaré brand is a trademark in the US. The set includes Silicone Baking mats that fit quarter sheet pans. If you have been without a baking mat, you have been missing out. These mats are perfect for the seasoned pastry chef, at home baking enthusiast, or novice just getting started. Baking and cooking can be done on a non-stick surface if you turn any quarter sheet cookie tray into a non-stick surface. These baking mats eliminate the need for messy sprays, grease, and expensive paper or foil. The Last Confection Baking mats are oven safe up to 480 degrees for baking, roasting, and broiling a variety of sweet treats, healthy veggies, and meats. The professional-grade baking mats can be used with oven tray pans or cookie sheets to improve heat distribution and air circulation for even and consistent results, without burned or undercooked spots. The mats are non-stick and can be used again and again, eliminating the need for butter, oil, and other harmful ingredients. Your baking options are endless with their lay-flat design. Baking mats help you reach heavenly heights of delicious baked goods such as cookies, sticky caramels, golden-brown breads, and vegetable or meat roasts. Their baking mats are easy to clean and prevent messes from getting into casseroles or pies. The mats are non-stick and can be washed with soap and water. They are dishwasher safe, too.

Brand: Last Confection

👤I received mine last night. They were a little thinner than Silpat and had a slightly less slimy feel. There is a They couldn't stand the heat in my oven. I baked them for 5 minutes in 300F and saw a small smoke when I opened the oven. I baked them more to get rid of the oil. The smoke came out when you tried all of the above. There is a The mats looked fine after being baked. I don't know if food will stick to them, but I don't want them to touch anything I eat.

👤The mats were being used to bake bread. They were hard to wash after the first use. I would use soap or a scraper, but they wouldn't work. There is a My bread sticks to the mat for the past 3 days. When the dough is rising. The dough is pulling the mat up. I had to use a spatula to break the mat. I have to throw them away because I missed the return period. There is a If you don't mind stained and sticky mat, then this product is for you. I'm going to use another brand or use a piece of paper.

👤I have used these in baking pans for everything from baking and roasting chicken thighs to asparagus and mixed vegetables. I've used them to freeze all of the above, plus things like ripe bananas, which peel right off without sticking, as a way to vacuum seal for long term storage. When chicken is roasted with a sauce and then frozen on a pan, the clean up is no harder than it would be if it was cooked. If you feel lazy and don't want to exert that much effort, they are dishwasher safe for top rack cleaning.

👤The silicone works well. It doesn't fit a quarter sheet pan like it's supposed to. It's not clear why they made this slightly larger all around. I had to return.

👤I needed a liner for both sheets. I bought this because it was a two pack and I had to cut the second to fit the sheet.

👤We use these in our Breville oven with sheet pans and cooling racks. We often use these instead of our full-size range oven because they work so well. Silicone baking mats stain when used for certain purposes, but the product is excellent. Chocolate chip cookies are easy to release.

👤I like these things. I use it with my pans all the time. I bought a new pan at the same time I bought these, and so far the pan still looks brand new because I always use these with it. I don't have to wash the pan after I'm done, just wash these and then rinse off the pan. Although this set works perfectly with my larger flat pan, it doesn't fit my smaller flat pan, so I'm looking to get a smaller set. It is hard to use with it being overhangs on the edges. I'm hoping that I won't have to replace my flat pans after buying these. I replace my flat pans every few years because they start to look bad. Hopefully that won't be a problem with these.

6. STATINT Non Stick Vegetables Eco Friendly Dishwasher

STATINT Non Stick Vegetables Eco Friendly Dishwasher

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Their 100% money-back guarantee makes every purchase worth it. If you have an issue with your LIMNUO product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them. The Silicone Mat for Baking is a must-have kitchen tool for any baker, it provides even heat distribution for food that helps you cook foods more efficiently and get higher-quality baking like a pro. The new design of the cooking surface is heat resistant up to 446F to make it easier to bake cookies, candies, meats, or even fruits and vegetables without relying on unhealthy flour, fats, oils, or sprays. Silicone baking sheet is food-grade and can be used for baking foods, kneading or rolling dough, creating crisp pizza or French fries, and making healthier foods for you, your family, and your guests with long- lasting reliability. Their heat resistant baking mats can be washed with soap water or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher, making it easier to reuse for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you don't want to spend a long time cleaning your baking trays, their Silicone mat makes it easier to bake. 100% satisfaction service. They want to provide you with the best non-stick baking mats with trusted customer service. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.

Brand: Statint Window Films

👤Silicone pan liners are an essential part of my kitchen. I like that I am leaving less in the landfill by not lining pans with foil, because I do a lot of oven roasting. I also use for baking cookies. There are two dedicated to roasting and baked goods. I don't use a different mat for baking because the one I use for roasting gets quite oily and it's impossible to get the cooking oil off completely. I use the baking mat to cut out sugar cookies.

👤There is a quality control issue that has been noted in other reviews. I baked ocean rolls on all three rolls, the same pans, the same oven, and the mats were clean. One of them is stained and won't come clean no matter what I do. The cinnamon sugar is part of the mat color. I have had Silpat for over 10 years and they are great for the price. If you are going to use them a lot, you might want to spend more on Silpat.

👤I had some baking sheets that were not normal. It was easy to fit these in my baking sheets. After cooking, the food slides off. They are easy to clean. Sometimes I put them in the dishwasher. They are easy to clean. There was no scrubbing on food. I recommend them for roasting a lot of vegetables.

👤These seem like a good way to cook with, but they will not clean after using them, and there will be a film over it that won't come off. My food tasted like soap this evening. When I messaged Amazon to ask about the item, I was told that I had to rerun it in order to get a new one. The person told me that it could be a defect. I was not sending anything back. I wanted to know how to clean it better. I put dawn dish soap in my dishwasher and it will not come clean. I would love to recommend this but it is a waste of money.

👤After using Silicone baking mats several times, I can say with certainty that I will never use parchment paper again for cooking. There is a The mats arrived undamaged. After washing them, they were flattened out and put on dish towels to dry. They fit perfectly in my baking sheets. The paper sliding around while you are trying to drop cookie dough or turn chicken is a big problem for anyone who cooks and bakes with it. There is a You want to pay attention to the surface of the mats because food can easily be cleaned but you don't want to mess with it. I've used all three of them several times and they look as good as when I unpackaged them. Chicken wings are a staple at our house and even at 450 on the mats they look new. Would buy them again.

👤It worked perfectly when laying over the bottom of my cookie sheet, even though it was a bit smaller than standard size. The cookies turned out perfect. The next step is to get a large sheet. It doesn't seem like a valid option to cut to size. There is a The outer box was used for kitchen utensils. The package presentation could be improved.

7. Silpat Premium Non Stick Silicone Baking

Silpat Premium Non Stick Silicone Baking

Making accessories for a baker. Their sheets provide consistent heat distribution for bakes and no soggy bottoms. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking tools and accessories to your kitchen. Turn any pan into a non-stick surface. The highest quality food grade silicone and fiberglass mesh provides consistent heat distribution and promotes even baking. Silpat is the original non-stick baking mat and has stood the test of time with use by the most demanding chefs in the world. The mat is made for a pan of 13 x 18. It is possible to use a freezer, microwave, and oven-safe at different temperatures.

Brand: Silpat

👤Very disappointing. This is a fake product, not the real Silpat made in France. I compared this product with my original Silpat that I bought several years ago and there are hints that it is a fake. Amazon needs to do a better job of checking its sources.

👤I used it for the first time yesterday for my Christmas cookies with an oven temp of only 300 degrees and part of the silicone melted onto my new cookie sheet. Not happy!

👤The first time I used it, it was in the oven for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. It melted in the oven and left a white powder covering the inside of the oven and a pile of ash outside. I've had some before, but never like this. I'm not sure if this is a knock off or not. The oven is a disaster and smoke got into the fan unit. I'm not sure what to do. It's a terrible thing.

👤When I ordered my Silpat, I bought new baking pans. I roasted some veggies at 350 and the Silpat melted onto the pan. The pan and mat are ruined. I am disappointed that the veggies didn't stick to the silpat, but I am even more disappointed that my new baking pan is ruined.

👤The reviewer warned about counterfeits. I got what I paid for after taking the cheaper price. It is going back. It is almost certain that it is a knock off.

👤The product is not authentic. There is a The product I received was wrapped in brown packing paper and had a knock off website listed on it. See the photo. I'm coming back. Be careful.

👤I think the rave reviews are from people who don't own an authentic Silpat baking mat. I ordered this because I was curious about the low cost and wanted to compare it to the one I already owned. I could tell it wasn't right when I took it out of the packaging. The baking mats were supposed to be folded in half. They were meant to be stored in rolled or flat form, so no care was taken in shipping it. It felt more like a light plastic than a Silpat. The construction appeared to be a cheapened replica. I returned it immediately, so it could still be a useful baking mat. If you are looking for an authentic Silpat, I would encourage you to purchase it from a trusted retailer. Bed Bath & Beyond, Williams and Sonoma carry them.

👤It melted onto my baking pan when I used it to bake pastries. There is a photo for the pan. I have a melted silicone sheet and a ruined baking pan.

👤As soon as I opened the box, I knew something was wrong. It was clear that I had a fake when I compared the mats I received with the one I already owned. There is a The edges of a fake are wrapped in plastic film and rolled into a cardboard sleeve and feel rough when you run a finger over them. The logo and lettering are shiny, but the strands themselves are not tightly woven. The letters are printed on the silicone. Be sure to inspect what you receive because they have very crisp edges. I might have been deceived if I didn't have an authentic one to compare the fakes with.

8. RENOOK Grill 6 100 Non Stick Reusable

RENOOK Grill 6 100 Non Stick Reusable

The sleek anti fatigue floor mat is easy to clean and will complement any space. It's easy to clean. Thicker does not mean better. Their grill mat is thin enough to leave grill marks and flavor intact, and thick enough to provide ultimate heat resistance and durability.6 pack of grill mats can meet the needs of the dinner from time to time; when they are spare, you can cut them to any size or shape to fit Also doubles as a bake mat. The mats are non-stick and can be used for years. The mat prevents the smallest bits from falling through the grate. Keep your grill clean and new. Their BBQ grill mats are made from 100% PFOA-Free materials and have no PFOA, Silicone or other dangerous chemicals. The maximum temperature cannot be more than 260 F when used for 30 minutes or less when used for a short time. They are versatile and dishwasher safe, and can be cut to fit your pans. Both sides can be used over 100 times. They are easy to clean, just put them in the top shelf of your dishwasher. The quality is great. Are you unhappy with your grill mats? No problem! If you have a question, just tell them and they will give you a solution.

Brand: Renook

👤I love fresh fish and use my grill a lot. My fish would stick to the grill, no matter how much spray oil I put on it. There is a I started reading about grilling mats. It took a while to work through all the different brands. Some of the reviews were good and some not so good. I ordered despite not being convinced. It was a reasonable investment to have five mats. I carefully read all the directions after I received them. I found some nice thick pieces of fresh Cobia and decided it would be the test case. I lit the grill off with a load of charcoal. I spread the charcoal evenly once I had a good fire. I put my grate on the grill. I put the grill mat on the grate after spraying it with Pam. I put my fish on the mat. I had a fire that was very hot. I was on the first side for about 6 minutes. There were grill marks. The sides took five minutes to complete, and both of them took grill marks. A nice looking fish. I could easily slide the fish around on the mat without losing meat. There is a I washed the up side of the mat with water and dish soap after dinner. It was completely clean within a minute or two. I found no damage or burns on either side. There is a I am very impressed with this product. It appears to be pretty durable and works as advertised. The first mat will last a long time.

👤I was initially skeptical about this product, but it was the best investment I have made. I cleaned my grill two weeks ago. I'm thinking about getting a grill mat to see how it works. The Korean short ribs I grilled today were hard to clean, because of the brown sugar in the marinade. I don't have to clean my grill because everything slid off the mat. The mat won't hold grease or juices from what you are gilling. It helps your meat to be moist and almost fry on itself. I like it. This pack comes in 6 and I can reuse 2 of them for my grill and have 4 left for extras. This product is recommended by me.

👤I use them on my grills. It's great for cooking fish and veggies. Caution, be careful with oil, it will channel oil and cause flare ups. There is a I was making dolphin fish. If you must, you should use Cajun seasoning. I put the fish on the mats and spilled the oil on the coals. I put the lid on the Weber grill and immediately extinguished the fire that jumped up. It's good! It was blackened perfectly.

👤I use mats on our grill to cook everything from meat to vegetables. Nothing is sacrificed to the grill gods. Flare ups are no longer a thing and I am sure I am shortening the life of my grill. I wonder why there were higher priced versions of these. There is no reason to pay more. I prefer to store the mats in a flat area for quick availability on grill night, which would be every night except for rain. Clean up is very easy, a little dish soap, and ready to go. Don't hesitate.

9. Kitzini Silicone BPA Free Rolling Cookies

Kitzini Silicone BPA Free Rolling Cookies

Silicone/fiberglass hybrid construction helps to distribute heat evenly along the entire baking surface so you always get perfect consistent results. The pictures of the bread I made. It's perfect. Make it easy. A Kitzini mat has a superior non slip surface. Stays still while you work. Pizza dough can be used with a dough roller. The pastry mat stops the bases from drying out. Perfect pre-position. The conversion charts are on the silicone pastry mat. The temperatures, volume, weights, and dimensions are used for precise ruled edges. Kitzini mats for baking make it easier to bake. No pantyhose. Their extra large baking sheet is made from a fiberglass core, which makes it heat distribute for a perfect bake. Their mat can hold temperatures from -40 F to 480 F, perfect for baking tools. Be a star baker. Kitzini baking mats are 0.75mm thick and last for 3,000 bakes. The thicker the mat, the better. This large sheet of Silicone will keep your work surface clean. Why did the chef choose KitZINI? Their baking accessories are easy to clean and ready for reuse. Kitzini is a small British business that brings professionally styled baking supplies and a pinch of happiness into your kitchen with its easy pastry and bread baking supplies.

Brand: Kitzini

👤I don't usually write reviews unless the product is so impressive that I want others to know about it too, and I want buyers to be warned. I am completely impressed by this product. Wow, it explains it in a way. I recommend this product to all pastry bakers and anyone else that needs a workspace mat that won't move around while you're working. The mat is easy to use and to clean, and it folds up to be easily stored away. It stays firmly in place while rolling out dough and the easy-to-read measuring guide printed on it makes it a breeze to roll out the perfect size dough every single time. Cleanup is easy because you fold it up to keep your mess out of the trash. Simply wiping it with a dishrag or soft sponge is all it takes to wash it. I am buying this mat for each of my daughters and future daughters-in-love as Christmas gifts this year, because I am so impressed by it and its high-quality. This mat is great for bakers. It could be used as a craft mat for both children and adults. The mat holds firmly in place and is great for protecting your table with little crafter. It is large enough to be used for finger-painting without the paints getting onto your table. I'm getting a second one for myself because I'm so impressed with this product. You can't go wrong with this product. Absolutely amazing. Five stars isn't enough. I would give it more stars. It was added to add a warning. I was very disappointed to see that the mat had begun to tear in the middle of the mat, after using it for 3 months. The mat was folded into this square, which I loved. I put it back on the top shelf of the under cabinet where I store my hand mixer, rolling pins, etc., but I always made sure that it was not sharp or that anything was on top of it. It could be placed on its side because it was so lightweight. There is a I usually read through the lower rated reviews when I look at others pictures, but I didn't look at them. My second mistake was folding the mat up after each use, just like it was shipped to me, because I loved how convenient it was to store it like that. I feel like the chance of ripping it would have been less if I had rolled the mat up and stored it that way. There is a My rating has been lowered to 4 stars because of this tear. I will most likely order a new mat in the very near future because this one is still amazing in my eyes. I hope that the manufacturer will find a way to make the tear even stronger so that it won't happen to other people. Please be aware of this design flaw.

👤I wanted to shape the dough on the mat. I used it twice and didn't cut it. There is a tear in the middle, even though it has never been in the oven or dishwasher. The mat is small but not durable. I wouldn't recommend it. Returning and exchanging it. I will update this review if the next one works well. Amazon sent me another one. The middle was split in two. I am going to try a different brand.

10. Silicone Measurement Fondant Counter Rolling

Silicone Measurement Fondant Counter Rolling

Each piece is unique. Birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, holiday gift, Christmas gift, housewarming and more. Premium silicone and glass fiber are used in the GREENRANIN Pastry Mat. It is soft and durable. DOUBLE THYCKNESS: The mat is almost twice as thick as the other mats. The thicker mats will not slip. There is a NON-STICKY surface. The pastry mat can be cleaned even if grease or dough sticks to the surface. There is an anti-sLIPBOTTOM. The bottom of the mat is strong enough to stick to the countertop or other surfaces. Every purchase comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, because they believe in their products. If you have an issue with your GREENRAIN product, get in touch with them. Friendly, easy-to-reach support will be provided by them.

Brand: Greenrain

👤I absolutely love this mat. I ordered the large size mat the very day I received it, and I was so impressed with it that I wanted to start with it. I have never used a silicone mat before, but I bought the smaller size to try it. I used it to make pasta dough. Anyone that has made pasta by hand knows that it takes a lot of time and effort. The mat worked well. I didn't need to add flour to the pasta. I was able to use this particular size of dough because it fits in a small counter space between my stove and the wall, and I was able to use it without any flour on the floor for the first time. I used to use a 12 x 18 plastic cutting board to knead dough, and I would always add flour and/or oil to keep the dough from sticking to the board. The dough was more elastic than usual when I put the pasta through the machine. I was able to focus on creating a great final product, not on reducing the mess. There is a The directions said to clean it with boiling water. Instead, I put in the sink with hot water and dish soap and let it sit for a while. The mat does not stick to itself when I store it rolled up. There is a The Medium size mat in the pictures is large enough to make ravioli. I immediately ordered the largest size to cover the top of my portable butcher block island, because I was so impressed with how well this mat worked. The mat does not have a lot of clean up. After use, rinse it off in the sink and it will look new. I don't have to clean my old plastic cutting board. I can't wait to use this mat to make cookies and cinnamon rolls. Have a great day, and thank you for reading my review.

👤I was excited to receive this mat, due to the positive reviews. I found an insect in the product that I can move around with my finger. There is no way to get the insect out without ruining the mat. I am supposed to use this for food.

👤Terrible! Don't trust the markings. If you go by their starting line, you will get one whole inch off. I was too disgusted to check cm. I was ordering boxes based on the thoughtless design of my handcrafted soap.

👤Update 6/27/19. Despite the previous problems, I have been using the mat continuously. The dough doesn't seem to stick to the mat anymore. I was glad I didn't throw it away last time. I have used the mat for 4 times. I had the chance to review this product. I don't know if I got a bad mat or if the others did. The dough sticks to the mat. I thought the problem was the dough. But after my 4th use? The mat is not non-stick. It is a thin, flimsy mat and it doesn't stay on the surface. I am not buying this again.

11. Silicone Steamer Liners Steamed Dumplings

Silicone Steamer Liners Steamed Dumplings

There is a performance guarantee. The bakers couche will allow you to bake beautiful breads. Simply return it for a full refund if you feel it fell short of your expectations. Even after 5000 uses, the non-stick is still usable. It is easy to clean after use. Paper liners are wasting money. Safety- Made from food grade Silicone. The range of temperature tolerance is from -40C to 220C. It's perfect for traditional Chinese and Asian steam food. It is widely used in food cooking processing industries and is an ideal auxiliary supplies for steam cabinet and steaming tub. Good quality and fast delivery will make you happy. 100% money back guarantee!

Brand: Gucuji

👤They work great and were only used once so far. I only used the Silicone thing and the Silicone thing plus the paper under the buns on the steamer. The buns will be a little bit stickies on the bottom if you don't use the paper, but it isn't noticeable. I am happy for saving the earth. When steaming for me, there was no more parchment paper.

👤These are the best liners for bamboo steamers. I use a bamboo steamer to steam xiao long bao and the liner helps avoid popping of the delicate skins. I have used every other liner that claims to be non-stick and always popped a few. It was worth the investment.

👤Silicone steamer liners are better than paper liners. I like to make Chinese steamed dumplings. I don't like the fact that paper liners can stick to the dumplings, so I have to peel bits of paper off the occasional one. Silicone liners did not stick. I was surprised that when I took out one of the dumplings, it slid sideways without sticking at all. I pushed the rest of the dumplings and they all slid around on the liner. There is a The liner was easy to clean and is ready to use again.

👤I could have made them myself with the liners from Dollar Tree. I made liners that fit the entire area of my dehydrator. They do what they're supposed to, but could've been bigger.

👤There is a word of caution. Measure your steamer. The steamer is actually 9 inches in diameter. You can either cut it to size or cram it in and get a non-stick side.

👤I use these mats a lot. We eat shrimp at home because of Covid. A lot of paper is a waste of money. The steam can travel through the 3 stacked bamboo steamer racks without a problem. I steam veggies and fish on the mats, they clean up easily with no residual odor.

👤The mats are nice. I don't mind that they're a bit large for my bamboo steamer, as it protects the sides of the bamboo as well as the bottom. The mats do a great job of keeping food out of the wood, but there are some times when dough can get through the holes. The mats were easy to clean and the mess on the wood was not much. The mats do what they are supposed to. I don't have to buy wax or paper frequently.

👤Due to the 19 virus, I have set up an outdoor kitchen and purchased many bamboo steamers. This is the best bamboo steamer I have ever purchased. I am very pleased with the product.

👤It is much easier to clean than steamer liners. It's perfect in my basket and prevents anything from sticking.

👤The bamboo steamer is easy to use and clean.

👤It's essential to use a bamboo steamer.

👤It does its job. It's easy to clean and store. It leaves little marks on the side of your good that touches it, which is the only downside for some people. This is not a big deal.


What is the best product for cooking mat silicone?

Cooking mat silicone products from Kpkitchen. In this article about cooking mat silicone you can see why people choose the product. Folksy Super Kitchen and Velesco are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking mat silicone.

What are the best brands for cooking mat silicone?

Kpkitchen, Folksy Super Kitchen and Velesco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking mat silicone. Find the detail in this article. Tlwtct, Last Confection and Statint Window Films are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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