Best Cooking Mama Switch Game

Mama 18 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Overcooked 2 Nintendo Switch

Overcooked 2 Nintendo Switch

Local/online madness. You will need to work together to get the highest score. You can cook in new kitchens such as sushi Restaurant, magic schools and mines. Romaine is calm! Throw ingredients across dynamic kitchens that shift and evolve to save time. Whet your appetite! New recipes include sushi, cakes, burgers and pizzas. The Entertainment Software Rating Board has a rating for entertainment software. It is suitable for all users.

Brand: Sold Out

👤If you're into casual/phone type games, this is one of the games that you should play. When friends and family play, the fun is real. There will be yelling. There is a In two-player mode, when the counter is running out of things to do, and you just realized that your frying pans just caught fire, it can't be your fault. Player 2 is to blame because you were trying to chop some lettuce. Some friendly banter turns into yelling to cook, chop, boil, serve, wash because I can't do it all myself. There is a Once you get to more than 3 players, you'll get out of my way, and then you'll push your own team mate off a ledge to get them out of your way. There is a It's a great game. We chose the Switch version over the PS4 because it was more affordable. This is a great game to have on the go. I find myself choosing Switch games over PS4 because they can be taken with me. Throwing stuff to your teammates is a great way to get your teammate to catch it. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to pick up something that looks easy, but I find the controls mostly good. I don't think there's a way to change the name of players if you're playing in co-operative mode. We really enjoy the fact that this is a group activity. There are too many online-only games. A great game and a great follow-up to the first one. Great game playing and fun yelling as you cook.

👤The game is fun when playing with a few people. My wife and I play this together. Everyone is able to enjoy themselves. It is rare to have a game that an adult can enjoy and that a young child can participate in a meaningful way. The game is easy to play in the first few levels and it is easy to redo a level if you want to practice. If your child can play Kirby,Minecraft, or Mario Kart, then there is a good chance they can play this with some help. There is a You have to do a lot of tasks in the game, such as chopping, cleaning, frying, and serving. If your child is patient, you can give them a simple task such as "just chop mushrooms and fish and put the chopped food on the table" or "grab all the dirty dishes and wash them". They should be able to handle it.

👤We are a two switch family, so I got this physical. My kids have a switch as well. I bought two copies of the physical and am giving one away as a gift. There is a One of our favorite games to play as a family is the first game. It's fun to play together. It gets very hard. The sequel seems to have more variety and is not as frustrating. The second game is more varied and fun. There is a There are some things that I really like. The engine was changed. It feels like it's tighter and smoother. It is not harder. I think it's easier. We could be better, but I think the challenge is more balanced. The graphics are good. The graphics look good, but I wouldn't call them amazing. It's easy to tell what everything is because everything is clear. There are a lot of different characters to play as. There are lots of different levels. I don't like how much the physical version is. The pre-order bonus was a DLC code, not on the cart, and it's now locked to one of our two switches. It would have helped the physical price if there were more characters in the physical version. There was no voice chat on the switch. We play mostly offline. If fortnite can do it, so can overcooked. It's still a terrible game to play alone. I'm not sure how enjoyable it is online since laughing and yelling and failing is what makes this game great. It's best if you have 3 or 4 friends in one room. There is a It's a great game to play in a room. I don't think online socializing changes that. You need at least three people laughing and screaming to take this game to 11. I suggest this if you have the people. It's best played by people who want to get better, because they don't have to be great to have fun. I like that everything can go bad, but you get better together. I think this is a good idea.

2. Cooking Mama Sweet Shop Nintendo 3DS

Cooking Mama Sweet Shop Nintendo 3DS

The newest game in the Mama series is here! You can make many different types of desserts. A cooking game that players of all ages can enjoy. You can create 60 recipes in 160+ mini games with the help of the 3DS microphone. If you make a mistake, Mama will fix it for you. Special events are triggered for your customers when you create more sweets.

Brand: Crescent Marketing & Distribution

👤I love this game so much. The scoring mechanics are better in this game. I quit the previous ones often. This game makes me happy. The game does a great job on the recipes and methods, as a former pastry chef. I like the game's wittiness. The game brings back memories of being in the kitchen.

👤My kids received this as a Christmas gift. I wanted to show my kids how the game works so I tried it myself. My son is learning the 3ds system. It requires some reading knowledge, but it is easy to understand how to complete each task. It's a lot of fun. I highly recommend it!

👤I bought this for my Nintendo 3ds as I have not played many games there. I am glad I bought this one. It's fun, great for passing time, and the food looks amazing. As fun as older Cooking Mama games. I will be happy with this one.

👤My daughters love this game. They show me what they make and most of the time it looks really good, like realistic desserts. There is a My 5 year old can not read. She learned how to play without reading anything after watching her sister. I search for games to capture their attention because we travel a lot and car rides can be long, this game did the job.

👤I have all of the mama games. I love them all. Cooking mama is my favorite. I was excited when I heard that they were releasing a new book about baking since I love baking. I love my purchase, I was not disappointed. There are many different recipes to make and the graphics are really well done. There are a few things I don't like about it. It would be cool if you had to decorate whatever they bought, because it would be too easy to get money. Some of the mini games are too easy. Younger kids play this as well. You should buy it. You will not be disappointed.

👤It was brand new and very happy. Trying to collect a new game. I'm excited to have this in my collection.

👤Cooking Mama is always a good time. This edition is no different. There's much to love about the simplistic yet familiar nature of a Mama game, it's fun for all ages, and it's bright and colorful. If you're a fan of the series or just curious as to why she was one of the DS more popular titles, then give it a try. A mama is always up to date.

👤This is the same game as the other Cooking Mama games. There are some new features, but nothing new. If you like the previous games and don't mind repeating recipes, then you should give this a try. If you're looking for a new experience or new recipes, then you might be disappointed.

👤I've always liked Cooking Mama, but I didn't know about Sweet Shop until I saw it on Amazon. I am happy I ordered it. Sweet Shop takes the classic cooking minigame style of Cooking Mama and adds a shop to sell your goodies. The cooking game is similar to Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic, but the mini games are better. You can change everything. The kitchen, your cooking equipment, the shop, and even Mama's clothing are all things that you can change to better suit your aesthetic preferences. Some of the food allows you to decorate it. You can earn new options in the game. You can take pictures of the sweets and decorate them with frames and stickers after you make them. The Nintendo 3DS image share function allows the sharing of pictures on social media. Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop is a great addition to the Mama series. It's a cute game that any Mama fan would enjoy. You may crave sweets after playing it.

3. My Universe Doctors Nurses Nintendo Switch

My Universe Doctors Nurses Nintendo Switch

Pick your character and make them your own. As a doctor or nurse, you can discover hospital life as part of a team. Take care of your patients. There is a fun and surprising story.

Brand: Maximum Games

👤It is subtitled in English. You play as 2 different characters at the same time, and you have the same sicknesses for the first portion of the game.

👤The product was delivered on time. The package was too close to the door.

👤The delivery was quicker than expected.

👤My daughter received a gift and we were not impressed. The socializing between the characters detracts from the rest of the game. The characters are hard to move around in. The field of view is so large that you can only see part of each room at a time, so you have to follow the task arrows. My daughter was frustrated by this.

👤This game is terrible. Money and time are wasted. You keep playing the same scenario as the game ends. Half of it is just characters talking to each other. You don't get to choose your own name or style because every nurse and doctor looks the same. Money is wasted.

4. Portable Accessories Protective Controller Accessories Game Boy

Portable Accessories Protective Controller Accessories Game Boy

Novel Design Nintendo Switch Carry Case Designed with Newest release Turquoise series design compatible all system and accessories, Nintendo Switch lite too, Green leaves bring you more closer to nature. The Nintendo Switch accessory fans will love this case. There is a carrying case for the Nintendo Switch. This newest release Turquoise series design case is perfect for the whole Nintendo switch system, which includes a switch console, joy-con, dock, AC adapter, joy-con straps, HDMI cable, 21 game cards, and a switch Pro controller. Comprehensive Protection A durable hard shell case made of nylon. The foam insert protects your switch from falling. The pouch expands the space. There is a mesh pocket that can hold small accessories. Keep them organized and safe. It is portable for travelling in size 12.2 x 9.84 x 4.92 inches and has a shoulder strap for multiple carry options. It's very soft and comfortable, which makes your whole system even easier to use. It's perfect for all outdoor activities.

Brand: Aoputtriver

👤The entire console and accessories can be stored in one spot. It's also a plus. Game storage is awesome.

👤Everything was easy to carry.

👤This is a great case. It looks great with that animal crossing vibe, and you can store everything here. There is a This case is sound and I have no concerns with anything not being protected. The layout is great, I have a couple of cases that hold the dock, and this is my favorite layout so far. There is a The foam is firm and can absorb some good shocks, the padding is great, no worries that anything will get harmed, the foam is well made and can absorb some good shocks. I like the hole for the pokeball. This case has a great advantage. You can get the dock, poke ball, and switch. A pro controller, an extra set of joy cons with a joy con grip, all your cords, power and hdmi, and a ton of games in here, plus extra stuff! The animal crossing theme is a great one, and the design of the case is great. The case is a slam dunk winner.

👤My son loves this carrying case because it keeps his cords and accessories safe, easy to find, and organized. It would be great to offer a variety of patterns and themes that match the Switch themes. Great case!

👤I absolutely adore this case. This was the perfect case for the Nintendo Switch because it matches the Animal Crossing Edition. It protects my switch well and has the necessary compartments for my peripherals. I'm happy with it. If you're looking for a good quality case for Nintendo Switch, I would definitely go with this one.

👤This has space for all the things you need, as well as extra controllers. There were slots for a bunch of games.

👤This is a quality product, and it has smooth internals.

👤Love it. I have all my Nintendo switch accessories. There is a lot of space and it is very beautiful in person.

5. Cooking Mama Cookstar 2020 Nintendo Switch

Cooking Mama Cookstar 2020 Nintendo Switch

The new cooking Mama game was created for the Nintendo Switch. All new vegetarian mode. There are over 90 vegetarian and traditional recipes. There are classic recipes and new recipes. A blend of traditional and motion controls.

Brand: Cokem

👤I bought the game and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I wanted to end the rumors. Do your research. There is a false rumor on thecryptocurrencies. There is a legal battle going on between the publisher, planet entertainment and the office creator.

👤An amazing game of cooking. I have had no issues with this game despite all the bad press. I played for about an hour straight and didn't experience any overheating issues. This game does not mine money. Don't give a bad review and don't even play the game.

👤The game does not turn your switch into an illegal bit mine. The creators of Cooking Mama want the game to stay and they love it. Which I agree with. It was worth every penny. I bought it when the price was still $40.00. I caught it at the right time. I hope that the game gets released, because it's an amazing attempt at remaking a game that lives on in all of our childhood memories.

👤This is a cooking mama game. You prepare, cook, and present in the same way you would expect. There was a lack of polish on the motion controls. The voice acting was the only other thing. It is not that the voice acting is bad, but it is a rough job that was expected to be re- recorded and finalized later. Minor complaints on both. I am having a lot of fun with this game. It is a shame that it is getting a bad reputation. Don't let the legal stigma and hasty reviews make you miss out on this one...

👤Just like the classic on the wii.

👤The game is ok. It's just like any other cooking mama game with motion control. It's very similar to the old one on the Wii and the graphics aren't that much better. I would suggest waiting until it's on sale.

👤It is safe to use because of the recent debunking of thecryptocurrencies rumors. The game has a lot of content for the price, and I really like it. It has been pulled due to a legal battle, so grab it now!

👤I bought this game because I was going to play it. They were recalled and no stores sold them anymore. I really like it. The voice is different, she doesn't sound as enthusiastic as the ds version. I think it is worth it if you are trying to add this to your cooking mama collection. Good luck trying to find it at a good price. I was lucky to find it when it went under 60 bucks, and it was fast delivery as well. I was surprised it was delivered quickly. Happy gaming!

👤Le produit conforme a la dercription. The version européenne is not available. THe vendeur s'est le vendeur. The case is arrivé.

👤It's easy to use and fun to play with friends and younger kids, it's repetitive but entertaining. You can take pictures of the foods you make in the game and rate yourself on how well you did. Despite the fact that it's not a real game, it was made without the approval of the creators of cooking mama. It's a lot of fun.

6. Cooking Mama Cookstar NSW Nintendo Switch

Cooking Mama Cookstar NSW Nintendo Switch

All-new vegetarian mode. There are over 90 vegetarian and traditional recipes. There are classic recipes and new recipes.

Brand: Ravenscourt Games

👤Other sellers were selling in other languages. I was very happy to get this game. I love cooking.

👤This is so much fun. The one for the DS was great. I am happy to have it back after I missed it.

👤My daughter is 21 years old and loves this game.

👤I played it on the WII.

👤It was delivered fast.

👤Didn't know they had a cook for switch. Picked it up for my sister in law.

👤The game arrived quickly and as advertised. Great experience.

👤The game is easy to play and enjoyable for anyone to enjoy.

👤It was good early on. It was a birthday present.

👤I brought this game for my mother, she said it can be difficult.

👤No problem. There is a It can be difficult to practice a great game.

👤It was a well received present.

7. Waku Sweets Nintendo Switch

Waku Sweets Nintendo Switch

There are over 100 different recipes for waku sweets. The closer you are to your dreams, the more treats you learn to make. The Joy-Con controllers are designed to mimic real life recipes. You will need to master a number of skills. You can have it your way with different hair and clothing options for your character. You can design your own space with furniture. A meal with multiple options. If you want to move up the ranks at work, you can cook for your co-workers or share your sweets with the neighborhood.

Brand: Aksys

👤Lime is a novice pastry chef who just moved to a new city to work at Fil Rouge, a local bakery. Lime is assisted by a "sweets fairy" named Puffee. She was told by Puffee that he was sent to help grant her wish of becoming a great pastry chef, which she can do by cooking and distributing sweets to the townsfolk. This game is adorable. It's a shoujo-style game with giant eyes, adorable hair/outfit options, delicious sweets with cutesy decorations, androgynous coworkers, etc. Everything is colorful and happy. I bought this game for my daughter, and she was very happy with it. There is a The game mechanics are easy to understand. You can choose to work at the bakery, go to the various shops to buy recipes, decorations for your place, or practice cooking at home. You can get cooking challenge mini games later on in the game. If you have an original switch, most controls are done with motion sense from the Joycons. This game will work on the Switch lite, although it is not clear from the game trailer. The instructions will prompt you to hold down the L1 or R1 buttons and use your stick. I tested this on my own Switch, as well as on my daughter's regular switch. There is a The game is easy and there is no option to play with friends. The difficulty level is perfect for my 8-year-old, but I found it to be boring after a while. This is not like Cooking Mama, where you have to do a lot of work to complete a step, and this game gives you the same motions in all recipes, and plenty of time to complete a step. It would have been nice to compete against friends or family. There is a It is a cute game.

👤I bought this game for my daughter. I would like to buy one for myself. I think that's correct. It's cute and adorable. The game is calm and the graphics are vivid. There are all the confectionaries and sweets. The game advises the player to take a break after a while, and I like that. It is refreshing to see that in a video game. I like that there is reading involved as well. Keeping her reading skills up is fun. I like that you can go shopping, visit the salon, meet other people who want to eat dessert, and also meet other people who want to eat dessert. I like this game more than "Cooking Mama" because you're only in the kitchen and cooking mama is always yelling about the tiniest mistakes. I think that's correct. You will not regret it. I can't wait to see what my little one does today. It's a good thing.

👤It's a nice cooking game. The story is easy to understand and cute. It's never known when something funny will happen.

👤It's a good game, it's almost like cooking mama!

👤I bought this for my child. There is a lot of character talking. That is a majority of the game. Dialogue focused on the girl's looks, flirting with the characters, and made her appear to be uneducated. We were floored. Thebaking part is not well put together. Don't bother.

8. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Anniversary

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Anniversary

AiAi and her friends are racing to stop Dr. Bad-Boon from blowing up Jungle Island. The all-star monkey team of AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, Baby,YanYan and Doctor will help you through hundreds of delightfully crafted levels and mazes. You can play alone or with friends as you take down Dr. Bad-Boon. There are 12 fun mini games, including Monkey Racing, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Baseball and much more. Play as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Brand: Sega

👤In the description, it says that you can play alone or with friends as you take down Dr. Bad-Boon and steal your banana. Story mode and Challenge mode are local co op. It used to be like that. It is not. We are disappointed about this. The game is great if you are being misled. If it were a true remake and had the take turns mode and lives. I would give it a 5 out of 5. There is a The mini games are not good. I would keep it at 2 stars even if they had a challenge mode. Maybe less. The game feels like a lot of money. Baseball is terrible. It is not like the best of things. Very disappointed.

👤It plays poorly. Prepare for disappointment if you grew up with these. We tried every game. It doesn't feel like the original and feels slow and sluggish.

👤Do not buy Super Monkey Ball if you have ever played it before. It is a huge change from the originals, with physics changed, cutscenes replaced, and overall speed reduced to name a few. The new features make it very difficult to control the map well enough to drop into goals, as many levels feel as if they were not tested thoroughly. It makes absolutely no sense that they've added a "mark as complete" option for every level. How do you handle the challenge of Monkey Ball? I didn't think it was possible. If you have never played a Super Monkey Ball game, this game may be alright for you. The originals are better than the easy mode cash grab from Sega. Dole bananas were in the original game. The Chiquita sticker couldn't be gotten by this one. You should be able to make an informed decision on the two.

👤This isn't what it was sold as. The game is not over. The game engine feels weird and the monkey target is broken. The original voice for the game is gone and the music is not good. This is not the same as the old games. Sad.

👤The game was not what was expected. The mini party games were missing something. The monkey target did not work correctly. There were a lot of problems in this game. This was not what I thought it would be like, it was as if the game was incomplete. Very disappointed.

👤If you've never played the original games, you'll get some enjoyment out of this. There is a This is completely off if you have fond memories of the originals. It doesn't feel the same, it feels worse. Everything is not as precise. The sound and presentation feel like a replica of the original, even though the graphics are sharper.

👤Relive your monkey ball game cube memories. The game is great. The powera game cube controller has a nostalgic feel.

👤First things first. Why are you using paper bags instead of bubble mailers for video games when you could use a box like this for special editions? It's like you're damaging your products. Cheap shipping will cost you more in returns at the end of the day. It was time to rant over. There is a It's Super Monkey Ball, but you can tell something is off. There is a The physics are not the same. Monkey Target is not the same as the original. The charm and polish of the original is taken away by subtle changes to things like the timer not being a bomb and not seeing the next stage overhead. A good game, but disappointing.

9. Little Friends Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4

Little Friends Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4

Play with up to 3 pets at the same time. Feed them their favorite food and get to know them. Play with your pet using their favorite toy or take them out for walks and compete in a flying disc tournament.

Brand: Sold Out

👤It is a copy of Nintendogs. This is an independent game, yet it is priced like anAAA game. The game was wrapped in a case. This is not an official Nintendo game, but it looks tacky as a video game business standpoint. Why am I paying more? The graphics are the same as Wii U. You can only level up per day in the game, which is meant to be casual. You can't time cheat like an animal crossing. Know what you are buying. I have a problem with this company wanting to be like Nintendo and selling at a redic price point. Cute idea, poor execution.

👤The game is fun and well made, so I'm giving it 5 stars. I was expecting it to be like Nintendogs, but it is not. It is a good game. Had the wrong expectations. The dogs are adorable. They were so cute that I almost cried. I recommend this game to people who are interested, but be warned: it's not like Nintendogs.

👤I am a big stoner and I have never played a video game. I thought the game looked cool. I lost a dog that I was very close to and this game seemed like a fun way to honor him. It is not a great game for the price, but it is addicting and keeps me coming back to check on my puppy, I would recommend this game to anyone looking.

👤I am 23. This is a cute game. I received a Nintendo Dogs Dalmatians and Friends gift when I got my first DS. I play it here and there. I was excited to see that they had this. I was hoping that it would have more activities for your pets. They only have disc tournaments. Since it's more fun, I wish they'd left agility. I do it in real life, so that's my bias. I wish they added a couple more breeds to the mix. The game would be worth more of its price if they had added more breeds and more types of competition. I think it's a little over priced for what it is. If the game was like $40 with taxes, it would be more of a fair price than $60 without taxes. Hopefully they will make dlcs that include more breeds and different competition for your puppy or kitty to attend, but that could easily end up like a sims situation. I think the game is worth it. If you could buy used in good condition or wait for a sale, I would do that.

👤I sent the game back to Amazon because the controls were so bad that my kids could not even play.

👤I don't know when, but this is the answer to an adorable, engaging and fun game for the kids. My grandson was happy and excited. He named the puppies after his friends. That is cool.

👤The game is very cute. I bought it for my 9 year old. She liked it at first, but then she got bored quickly. My son plays it more than she does. Maybe more for a young audience.

10. Nintendo Switch Neon Blue Joy‑

Nintendo Switch Neon Blue Joy%E2%80%91

If you want to impress your friends and meet Mama's expectations, make your recipes complex and simple. TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, and Handheld Mode are the play styles. A multi-touch screen. Depending on software usage conditions, the hours of battery life will vary. Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless gaming. The model number is HAC.

Brand: Nintendo

👤Mass buying and reselling should be avoided.

👤It was way overpriced. Joycons are not strong. Standard switch can only be purchased for $500. Nintendo, get your act together.

👤I like the Switch console and even though it has quirks, it's fairly priced at $299 and hopefully will be again when demand goes down. It's not nearly as powerful as the other consoles. It can get away with a $300 price tag because it's so flexible. $450 though? Not worth it at all.

👤The Nintendo is cool. I got price jacked on it. I promised my child one. People have been buying them to resell. I am a victim.

👤I feel like the device is well made. Minor future issues are mitigated by screen protectors. It's fun to work with ways to play it. My issue? Games are very expensive. Many are over priced. There are two more The online play required by Nintendo is not good. It's for things like minecraft. Where are the older games? Nintendo doesn't need to keep the games out of the store. The old games include pokemon, zedy and any other games. You are putting witcher 3 on there. Orignal Zelda and Ocherina of time? There is a Is it physical? Great! Nintendo online and games? It was bad. The switch is not worth buying if you play 1 or 2 games. You can play almost any game on the PC, and it's easier to work with.

👤The 'V2' version of the Nintendo Switch was reviewed. There is a I was an enthusiastic PC gaming enthusiast in college who built my own PCs for the purpose and am now a person who only plays the occasional game. I haven't played a game on the platform since the Game Boy Pocket in the early 90's. I bought the Switch because I wanted to devote some of my train commute to questing around Tamriel, and I learned that they had made a port of Skyrim to it. The switch does not fail. I don't like graphics, but the PC version of Skryim plays better on the Switch. The colors are crisp. It's missing the expansions and the text can be small, but that's a fair trade-off for the platform's portability. I only own two games so far, and both are great, the graphics are better in MarioKart 8 and the game is more enjoyable on the Nintendo Switch. I'm still a fan of the game and hope the next one is better. There is a The Nintendo Switch is a great console for busy adults who want to relive the fun they had 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. The Switch doesn't take itself too seriously, which may make it unsuitable for people who want a better experience for their games. Nintendo's real goal was to make gaming on the go easy and fun for the average busy person and something you can really enjoy with your whole family, which is what the Switch does.

👤I think the older version of this is better than the current one. The newer version gave me 8 crashes of the system and game and I had to return the system because I couldn't play it. Being a big Nintendo player, what a disappointment. They should improve the newer version system to make sure this doesn't happen again.

11. My Universe Cooking Restaurant Nintendo Switch

My Universe Cooking Restaurant Nintendo Switch

Learn to cook more than 30 different dishes from around the world in an epic culinary adventure. You can satisfy every customer with different cooking skills through mini- games. Become the best chef in town. Make sure your customers have the best experience possible.

Brand: Maximum Games

👤KairiSora, I want to start with some important problems. I wanted to change my waitress's eye color. I wanted to change her hair color. I wanted to change my restaurant from the inside, but I didn't find anything. What is happening? This game has 3 stars. This game needs to be improved.

👤The game is stimulating and fun, but after a while the food becomes boring and repetitive. It's not good that cooking food is a long process and you have to do it over and over again.

👤I love simulation games, but I didn't like this one. It is like diner dash with cooking mama gone wrong. It could have been great. I feel like something is missing. It is strange. The cooking process is more difficult than entertaining and I felt very bored playing it.

👤The game worked well despite the case being broken, and my daughter loves it. If it was packed in a small box, I believe this would not have happened.

👤My granddaughter is 6 years old and loves this game.

👤I really like this game. The point of the game is to cook the food and get it to the costumer. You get a new recipe when you cook the same recipe many times. You seat the customers, then you take their order and make their food. After you make the food, you serve the costumer and clean the table. Do the whole thing over again.

👤A gift for a granddaughter. She likes it. She needs some help with words. Over all. She can play her own game.

👤I bought this gift for my daughter. okay Maybe because I wanted to play as well. The game was packaged great and arrived on time.

👤If you remember the good old days of diner dash, cake mania and cooking mama. This is a mix of the three. I will update my review when I play more. I think any adult or child would enjoy this! There is a You can choose your gender, name, and restaurant name, but it's a bit bland. The game is cheerful. You are thrown in right away. The instructions are simple but descriptive. The controls work well in a handheld. I was confused with the slicing motion at first, but figured it out quickly. It's nice to be free in your restaurant. There is a It is not a bad game for a third party game.

👤Very disappointed! Not sure how this happens. For Christmas, we bought this for our daughter. When we opened it, the game inside was very popular for WiiU. Considering it was sealed, not sure how that could be. The corner looks like it was made with hot glue. My daughter was sad she couldn't play her game on Christmas. If I could.

👤Para nias principiantes en Nintendo.

👤Plaisant jouer cuisiner accueil super.


What is the best product for cooking mama switch game?

Cooking mama switch game products from Sold Out. In this article about cooking mama switch game you can see why people choose the product. Crescent Marketing & Distribution and Maximum Games are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking mama switch game.

What are the best brands for cooking mama switch game?

Sold Out, Crescent Marketing & Distribution and Maximum Games are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking mama switch game. Find the detail in this article. Aoputtriver, Cokem and Ravenscourt Games are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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