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1. WarioWare Get Together Nintendo Switch

WarioWare Get Together Nintendo Switch

The WarioWare series is available on the Nintendo Switch system. Take on over 200 mini games that are light and fast. Try out Story mode or the Variety Pack. Use a character's abilities to complete the game. You can give items to characters to improve their statistics.

Brand: Nintendo

👤The original Wario was my favorite game. It was easy to pick it up and have fun. I could play it with my Boomer parents and my three year old. The game play is more kick/punch/climb/jump than the mini game mechanics would suggest. I don't want to have to remember things. I want to open umbrellas and pull down shop doors at the end of the day. My child loves it. I think I will have to play the OG on the Wii.

👤WarioWare: Get It Together! is a clever take on the WarioWare series, and it's a fun experience. There are some details that I feel are lacking compared to WarioWare Gold on the 3DS. Gold has full voice acting. WarioWare games don't have a lot of deep stories, but this game isn't very good. Every character's micro games feel the same, because they are set up extremely minimally. Some characters are not very good in the new system. 9-Volt is not fun to play, and 18-Volt is not fun to play in most games. Many of the games are built around the characters. It doesn't ruin the game, but I would rather play the micro games.

👤You're left grinding on the repetitive play-o-pedia mode, because the main story was only 4-5 hours. Half of the variety pack levels are not single player levels. The different character's abilities add a new element to the franchise, but can be frustrating. Some challenges are not fun with certain characters. I was hoping for a more off-the-wall mario party with the usual goofy micro- games, but this one didn't scratch the same itch as previous titles in the series.

👤This game will have you on edge, racing, and frustrated, like all other Warioware games. You have to think fast because you have less time to figure out what you are supposed to do. It's great to have different characters to use in the mini games, they all have different powers.

👤Not enough to be worth $50. If it was $20, maybe. There is a It doesn't do anything with the switch's hardware features. There are no motion controls, touch-screen games or amiibo. There is a There is a button and a controller. They have a single game. It takes 10 to 15 seconds to transition between games. It feels like the game is being wasted on purpose, and it starts to get a bit annoying. I like to go back and master the games, but with this one, it's too much waiting. All the time. The gatcha system takes forever. There is a 60 minutes of game is used to pad it into 3-4 hours.

👤It's cute and fun. I was expecting something similar to the Wii WarioWare. This only uses basic controls. It's a nice silly game but it isn't as fun as the previous one.

👤I've been playing the Warioware games since they were released. This is the first time I've played one where you only use buttons. That is disappointing. Maybe that gave the developers more room to create new mini games and a good story. The story was ok and they created many new mini games. If you only have that, the game suffers a lot. This game let me down. The mini games are easy to play. We enjoy the challenge, not the standard difficulty we've come to get frustrated with. When they speed it up, it barely becomes a challenge because you have plenty of time. It's a joke that the system of coins continues so you don't have to start over. What happened to your skills when you tried and tried again? I guess they want the game to go quickly. I beat this in less then 2 hours and got every single character. I'm sorry Nintendo. Let's discuss the number of games before each boss. Only 15! Remember when Warioware was touched? The levels went to 50 by the end. There is a There are different characters. Most of them can handle any mini game with their eyes closed once you have unlocked the first few. Again, where's the challenge, I'm asking you Nintendo! There is a I'm not saying the game isn't enjoyable, but it's not worth $60 or even $40. Maybe $20. Good luck with that because Nintendo likes to keep their trademark games at a set price. Maybe the developers got so caught up in the new mini games and characters that they forgot to make the game difficult. There is a In conclusion. 1. It was too short. It was too easy. It was too high. I'm sure Nintendo will take a hit on this one, so save your money and wait for the next Warioware game. STRIKE ONE NINTENDO.

2. Big Brain Academy Vs Nintendo Switch

Big Brain Academy Vs Nintendo Switch

Battle with up to 4 players. Kids and parents can have an even playing field if each player sets their own difficulty in the game. Taking a 5-activity test or practicing individual activities in solo mode will make your brain happy. You can show your studious style by gaining outfit options for your in-game character. Compare scores with friends and family online, or go brain-to-brain against mind-masters near and far.

Brand: Nintendo

👤Our family is able to play this game together. The game has brain puzzles that you have to solve, but each player gets to pick their difficulty level. It was great because my youngest got to play with the rest of us and win some levels. The family ages are 7 to 39.

👤This is a game that pushes your brain power. I got this for taking some time to exercise my brain power and spending some time away from random games. It has a lot of games, but they are limited and you will find yourself repeating the same ones over and over. This is good for a short time but it will become tedious after a while. There is a It is fun to play on the same unit. You can place difficulty handicaps to try and balance each others skill levels so kids can play adults, but it will not balance well. There is a For the right price, this is a good pick up, but wait for the sales.

👤I used to like playing this on the Wii. Games are enjoyable. If you like brain games, this is a good place to start.

👤I was excited to get this game because I needed a lot of help remembering things. It seems like there are a few games in it, but you have to play them over and over, and it isn't like there are tons of different puzzles in it.

👤Big Brain Academy is a well-designed game. It is possible to have multiple players of different abilities play against each other on a level playing field because the difficulty progresses at the player's own pace. You can track your improvement with tests and high scores, and also with larger achievements, and also with smaller achievements just for playing or practicing. The game encourages. When mastering the basic versions, the expert versions will become usable. There are five cognitive specialties and four exercises for each. Two to four players can play locally, and online interaction is based on challenging the "ghost" records of other players in a way that makes it feel like the competition is live. Purchase the cartridge, not the download. That way Nintendo can't decide if you're allowed to play the game you paid for.

👤We had a lot of fun playing against each other on our Christmas break. He would tell me what his brain score was when he was solo. A great game for family time.

👤We love this game. My 4-year-old and my 6-year-old were playing this game with my husband and myself and we were all having a good time. The difficulty level can be changed. The only problem is the difficulty level. My husband and I were 800-273-3217 When she would finish her puzzle it would put a timer on our so we had to go fast. We couldn't seem to get it. There are many different steps up and down from those two and they are the most extreme. You can work on brain memory by playing individually. This game has been a huge hit here. My friends played with me as well. We had a good time. The game is easy to set up and it's ready to go. Highly recommended.

3. Cooking Mama Cookstar NSW Nintendo Switch

Cooking Mama Cookstar NSW Nintendo Switch

All-new vegetarian mode. There are over 90 vegetarian and traditional recipes. There are classic recipes and new recipes.

Brand: Ravenscourt Games

👤Other sellers were selling in other languages. I was very happy to get this game. I love cooking.

👤This is so much fun. The one for the DS was great. I am happy to have it back after I missed it.

👤My daughter is 21 years old and loves this game.

👤I played it on the WII.

👤It was delivered fast.

👤Didn't know they had a cook for switch. Picked it up for my sister in law.

👤The game arrived quickly and as advertised. Great experience.

👤The game is easy to play and enjoyable for anyone to enjoy.

👤It was good early on. It was a birthday present.

👤I brought this game for my mother, she said it can be difficult.

👤No problem. There is a It can be difficult to practice a great game.

👤It was a well received present.

4. Accessories Nintendo Starter Carrying Protector Controller

Accessories Nintendo Starter Carrying Protector Controller

You can play with your friends on different platforms. The switch carrying case is easy to carry. It is convenient to use and support 3 charging ways. Both are durable and strong. It is easy to clean. The controller is charging the dock. The Joy-Con charging dock can charge up to 4 Joy-Con controllers at the same time. The switch wheel and grip make the game more enjoyable. The controller has a case and caps. The design has protection with soft material. Full protection from bumps, scratches, dust and fingerprints is offered by the switch protective case and screen protectors. The game card case can hold 24 cards.

Brand: Eovola

👤We are very happy with our accessory. The joy con grips are what I have been looking for. The controllers fit nicely. The controller grips and steering wheel grip make it easy to use the controllers. The travel case, skin and screen protectors are great for the switch in the car. We can charge them without putting them back on the game. Everything you need is included in the Nintendo Switch accessory kit.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. Everything arrived safe and sound. This is the ultimate Nintendo party package. It comes with 4 joy-con skins, 2 joy-con grips that work great for games such as Super Smash Bros., 2 joy-con wheels to play Mario Kart, a very sturdy carrying case, a nice and durable Silicone, and a lot more. A Nintendo Switch case that helps with my hand pain, a 4 joy-con usb charging port, a case for my screen, and a carrying case. I think that's all. It's crazy how much stuff is included in this kit. I was going to pay more than 20 bucks for the joy-con skins at another site, but I was going to only pay for them. This kit is very good.

👤The 17 in 1 switch kit is all I could have asked for. This kit has everything I need to make my switch feel ready for anything. The case is small compared to other cases. It seems to be durable. Is enough to protect that switch from a drop. It supports a stable tabletop mode where you can put your switch in the case and have it standing up at a better angle than the kickstand could give you. There is room for multiple Joy Cons inside. Most games that call for the joy con to be horizontal just feel awkward in my hands, so it's nice these grips are included. The controller grips make it feel like it's close to a controller. The switch is handheld. The grip case is one thing I love about this kit. It feels good in my hands. It works in the switch case. There are 23 games and 2 micro sd cards in this case. Will fit in the case. I tested the Joy Con Wheels with Mario Kart and they worked great. There is a The Joy Con Charger is great. I have many Joy Cons and they help keep them charged. There is a The Joy Con Grips. When you put on your Joy Cons, they feel great. My hands are natural and don't feel like they're in pain when I play. The joy sticks have nice size and the joystick grips are nice.

👤The seller contacted me and sent me a new charging station. There is a I had the same issue twice after ordering this product. When unpacking the product, all the individual pieces looked good. Some of the sockets didn't work when I used the charging station. I had to position the Joy-Cons in a way that would get a connection. I thought this might be an isolated defect and that the product would be re-ordered. When unpacking after the second order arrived, everything looked the same. I tried to use the charging station again, but some of the sockets didn't work again. There is a I would give this product 4-5 starts just for the value, if it wasn't for the charging station.

5. Little Friends Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4

Little Friends Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4

Play with up to 3 pets at the same time. Feed them their favorite food and get to know them. Play with your pet using their favorite toy or take them out for walks and compete in a flying disc tournament.

Brand: Sold Out

👤It is a copy of Nintendogs. This is an independent game, yet it is priced like anAAA game. The game was wrapped in a case. This is not an official Nintendo game, but it looks tacky as a video game business standpoint. Why am I paying more? The graphics are the same as Wii U. You can only level up per day in the game, which is meant to be casual. You can't time cheat like an animal crossing. Know what you are buying. I have a problem with this company wanting to be like Nintendo and selling at a redic price point. Cute idea, poor execution.

👤The game is fun and well made, so I'm giving it 5 stars. I was expecting it to be like Nintendogs, but it is not. It is a good game. Had the wrong expectations. The dogs are adorable. They were so cute that I almost cried. I recommend this game to people who are interested, but be warned: it's not like Nintendogs.

👤I am a big stoner and I have never played a video game. I thought the game looked cool. I lost a dog that I was very close to and this game seemed like a fun way to honor him. It is not a great game for the price, but it is addicting and keeps me coming back to check on my puppy, I would recommend this game to anyone looking.

👤I am 23. This is a cute game. I received a Nintendo Dogs Dalmatians and Friends gift when I got my first DS. I play it here and there. I was excited to see that they had this. I was hoping that it would have more activities for your pets. They only have disc tournaments. Since it's more fun, I wish they'd left agility. I do it in real life, so that's my bias. I wish they added a couple more breeds to the mix. The game would be worth more of its price if they had added more breeds and more types of competition. I think it's a little over priced for what it is. If the game was like $40 with taxes, it would be more of a fair price than $60 without taxes. Hopefully they will make dlcs that include more breeds and different competition for your puppy or kitty to attend, but that could easily end up like a sims situation. I think the game is worth it. If you could buy used in good condition or wait for a sale, I would do that.

👤I sent the game back to Amazon because the controls were so bad that my kids could not even play.

👤I don't know when, but this is the answer to an adorable, engaging and fun game for the kids. My grandson was happy and excited. He named the puppies after his friends. That is cool.

👤The game is very cute. I bought it for my 9 year old. She liked it at first, but then she got bored quickly. My son plays it more than she does. Maybe more for a young audience.

6. House Flipper Nintendo Switch

House Flipper Nintendo Switch

The product is quite good in terms of quality. It comes for reasonable price.

Brand: Merge Games

👤I loved playing this game on the computer. There is a glitch in the game where you need to cover the walls with plaster, but I love it on the Nintendo switch. The walls look terrible even with plaster on them. The wall still looks bad even after you rebuild it. I wish they could fix it.

👤She was crazy over it after Christmas. I'm happy if she's happy.

👤I loved the game and got it for my son. Decided to buy one for myself and realized it was different than the one I bought. I bought a one that allowed add ons. This one doesn't. It was a big disappointment.

👤The game was not terrible. I thought it would have better graphics.

👤I loved to build houses, so I was never into the Sims. This is on steroids. There are lots of side jobs and houses to decorate. It's much more than just putting things in a machine. You have to tighten things. Attaching wiring, tighten fitting, and other things are made easier by putting in AC. It's all very easy and enjoyable. There are bonuses to certain homes on your mini-map. Adding more rooms will increase your profit margin. A lot of fun and addictive. It's worth the money.

👤Wow! I absolutely adore this game. It's really varied in the tasks. I never heard of this game until I found it on Amazon. I read the description, saw the screen pics, and the reviews, and this game looked really good. This appealed to me because of its creativity and being a motivator. The process is that you start off completing a few jobs that will earn you money, and then you get used to the different tools and skills, as well as getting used to the controls. You can buy your own house, which needs to be cleaned up, decorated, appliances fitted, and then you can sell it for profit, and then you can buy a bigger house to do up. There are many houses to choose from. I received this game yesterday, and I'm just starting out, but I've completed some jobs and am still working on my house. If you enjoy a challenge and like to work on your own projects, then this game is for you. I think this is for older children, teens and adults. I read a review that said the game is in French. I assure you that its not in french. The language is in English. There is a I really love this game, it provides hours of addictive gaming. DEFFO is worth the money. There is a I hope this review helps you.

👤This game is about completing tasks. I have had to restart the console several times to fix the buggy program, which can be annoying. There is a You don't start by flipping houses, but cleaning or decorating them until you have built up a portfolio, that's the only gripe I have. This was fun for me, but could be annoying to people who want to get into house flipping right away.

7. Mario Party Superstars Nintendo Switch

Mario Party Superstars Nintendo Switch

The classic Nintendo 64 Mario Party games are on the boards. In 100 mini games from the Mario Party series, show your friends and family who is your boss. The game modes can be played online. Pick where you left off after each turn of the board game mode matches. Use a single Joy-Con controller, two Joy-Con with the Joy-Con grip accessory, or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Brand: Nintendo

👤I recommend this game. It was fun all around. The Super Mario Party game was terrible and Nintendo apologized. There is a Many of our favorite maps and mini games from previous entries have improved visuals. Online! There is a There are 100 mini games. There are a decent number of characters. There is a Information about which mini games are from and options to play them. There is a There are no meaningful unlockables so I deducted a star. Online isn't free. It's hard to pay for what's free somewhere else. In case you don't know. It's free to play online games. Just saying.

👤This is a letdown for someone who has loved the series for a long time. This could have been a DLC pack for Super Mario Party, but instead we are charged $60 for the most anemic entry in the series. The mini games got boring quickly because I have played so much of the older titles in this collection. This feels half-baked, with only five maps to choose from, and no meaningful unlock-able content. Something is terribly wrong when you can play all the games for $60 in one day. There is a I think Super Mario Party is the better title. I haven't experienced that yet, despite other reviewers saying online is great. Even with high-speed internet, it's still not good for me. The lag is so bad that I was unable to play any mini games until the end, and I was forced to go back to the main menu. The classic switch and anyone with a lite doesn't have that option. WarioWare: Get It Together! is recommended by me. It is much more exciting to play over this day of the week, and comes with more challenges and play styles than this title.

👤This game is a collection of the best mini games from the previous party and sometimes reinvented for this new generation. The games look great and are fun to play. The ability to save your games and the amount of Choices you have has to be my favorite thing about the new mini games list. This feature adds a lot to games played with family and friends. Sometimes there is no way to finish a 30 turn game. You don't have to worry now. If you want to play longer, you can add turns to games. Super Mario Party only launched with 3, so it is great to have more options, but all of the boards are not the best. If you believe the rumors, there may be more boards added in the future. The game looks great even if you don't think of it as a technical showpiece, all of the boards and game are incredibly vibrant and beautiful. The game runs smoothly, I enjoyed the sparse edition of Super Mario Party, but it was not as good as this game. I am hoping that Nintendo will support the future with additional boards and maybe add some fun mini games like Super Mario Party. The option to play every mini game on the pro controller is a welcome change from Super Mario Party. Sometimes they are fun, especially with the family. I prefer the pro controller. The game is perfect for the holidays and perfect for families and friends. This Mario Party can be fun solo as it actually has an online mode that works well. It is a fun time for everyone to enjoy.

8. Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch

You can study Pokémon behaviors, sneak up on them, and throw a well-aimed Poké Ball to catch them. The powerful strong style in battles can be used to unleash moves. The Sinnoh of old is the Hisui region. The key to the story is the Mythical Pokémon Arceus.

Brand: Nintendo

👤The game tastes terrible. The Pokemon games like Red and Blue are a little big to fit in my mouth, but the plastic has a neutral flavor. The taste of the new Pokémon game is so bitter that it's hard to chew. I don't understand how you can keep this thing in your mouth for so long. 10 would not chew again.

👤The game is called Monster Hunter Stories, but it is more toned down with the pokemon theme. Go back with findings after collecting/observing certain pokemon. There is only one version of the game this time. You don't need to buy two versions to get all the pokemon. A single player is focused on the game. All starter pokemon in the wild can be obtained with no trade evolutions. There were 242 pokemon at the launch. There is a Two are gifts for having save data from other games. Mystery gifts in the future may lead to more. You can trade pokemon, but not online. Unless Nintendo patches online battles later, it's not a competitive game. It's more involved than mainline pokemon games in that you have to sneak and hide behind grass in real time instead of touching pokemon and pressing A and using D-pad buttons to win. The trainer is more important than the pokemon battles. The origin of pokemon is in the timeline. The first pokedex was attempted. You visit the Hisui region. Characters/NPC have a family history due to their appearance in recent games. You can join either the diamond or pearl clan. Text heavy in previous mainline pokemon games. The graphics from the pokemon series are the best so far, but not the best on the Switch. There are dips in the screen's performance depending on how many things are happening. You get additional bonuses if you have saved data from past pokemon games. You can get Pikachu and Evvee masks by talking to the clothier after you join the team for Sword and Shield. Also Shaymin Kimono Set, which was spoken to by clothier. Darkrai post game and Modern Galactic Set clothes are included in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl save data. There is a There is a mix of Pokemon battles. Similar to monster hunter games, follow the same flow. There is a The game is about exploring and catching pokemon. Battles can be speed luck based. You are working with the survey corps to collect data on wild pokemon, instead of focusing on beating elite 4. If you collect data, there are sub missions that you must do to complete the pokedex like catching a pokemon a certain way. There is a You are doing a series of check list quests. Story progression is dependent on how many quests you complete. It can be frustrating for people who just want to see the main story. You can catch pokemon without fighting, like giving them food first. Most of the time you don't engage in pokemon battles unless you do a quest that requires you to do certain moves or boss battles. It is easier to throw a pokeball as a trainer than it is to battle a pokemon until they reach 1hp. There is a Random encounters and overworld have no static movements from wild pokemon. Some pokemon can be caught for free, others can run away from you, or attack you, others can be angry and put on a face. The Pokemon with red eyes will appear bigger. You can see shiny pokemon in the overworld. I don't know of a shiny charm. If there is one nearby, the game will give you a notification sound. Save your game when you hear this sound. You can save at any time. You can try again if you mess up catching the shiny. There are random in-game events called Mass outbreaks, where there is a large concentration of a particular pokemon in an area marked on your map. If you keep catching the same pokemon in a group, you will have higher shiny spawns. If a pokemon attacks you, you can throw a pokeball and have a battle. Pokemon battles are seamless with no screen transition and no different graphics. Pokemon shake to attack like previous games, but Battle animations are more unique. If you don't throw out pokeball to battle, wild pokemon can attack your trainer character and have them black out if you don't get away in time. You lose some items if you black out this way. If you are connected to Nintendo Online, you can find other people's items that they dropped. Instead of getting exact items, you are told what items they held and how much currency they have. There is a You still have 4 moves to choose from. Can use a strong style for each move. The Latter has a chance to attack first. You can attack multiple times if you have high speed statistics. If you want to do something in between, you can do regular move without strong or agility. You can't see your pokemon statistics during battle, so you can get frustrated when they attack multiple times, and you just have to assume they're way faster than your pokemon. Noble pokemon are counted as boss battles. Throw bombs at them, while avoiding roll from their attacks. If they get tired, you can throw out pokemon and start a battle. Cynthia is a noble pokemon, but one of the noble ones is so OP. In the open world, you can control move in full motion. The person is over the shoulder. There is a There is a day and night. There is one in-game day. You can use pokemon like wyrdeer, basculegion, and Braviary. Control them in real time. It is annoying that there is fall damage. There are materials and craft. Break rocks, collect flowers, shake trees and stuff on the ground. You can use items in storage to craft, or you can use items on your person. There are a lot of options in the game. As you progress through the game, there are more options. Individual clothing parts like hat, shirt, pants, kimono/outer wear, shoes and glasses can be tailored. There is a You can change your hair color, eyebrow, and hairstyle at the hairdresser. No Ditto due to the time frame. Pokemon do not evolve automatically. To evolve, must go into the menu. If they can evolve or not, the game will give you a notification. The range is long. There was no master ball watching the story. No IVs. Instead of effort levels. Each stat can be upgraded to 10. To upgrade your stat by any amount, use particular items. No need to breed, battle the same pokemon 100s of times, and use vitamins to increase stat. There is no need to mix-max. Pokemon of the same nature have the same stat. If you want to be a pokemon researcher, the game is fun, but not the best.

9. Cooking Mama Cookstar 2020 Nintendo Switch

Cooking Mama Cookstar 2020 Nintendo Switch

The new cooking Mama game was created for the Nintendo Switch. All new vegetarian mode. There are over 90 vegetarian and traditional recipes. There are classic recipes and new recipes. A blend of traditional and motion controls.

Brand: Cokem

👤I bought the game and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. I wanted to end the rumors. Do your research. There is a false rumor on thecryptocurrencies. There is a legal battle going on between the publisher, planet entertainment and the office creator.

👤An amazing game of cooking. I have had no issues with this game despite all the bad press. I played for about an hour straight and didn't experience any overheating issues. This game does not mine money. Don't give a bad review and don't even play the game.

👤The game does not turn your switch into an illegal bit mine. The creators of Cooking Mama want the game to stay and they love it. Which I agree with. It was worth every penny. I bought it when the price was still $40.00. I caught it at the right time. I hope that the game gets released, because it's an amazing attempt at remaking a game that lives on in all of our childhood memories.

👤This is a cooking mama game. You prepare, cook, and present in the same way you would expect. There was a lack of polish on the motion controls. The voice acting was the only other thing. It is not that the voice acting is bad, but it is a rough job that was expected to be re- recorded and finalized later. Minor complaints on both. I am having a lot of fun with this game. It is a shame that it is getting a bad reputation. Don't let the legal stigma and hasty reviews make you miss out on this one...

👤Just like the classic on the wii.

👤The game is ok. It's just like any other cooking mama game with motion control. It's very similar to the old one on the Wii and the graphics aren't that much better. I would suggest waiting until it's on sale.

👤It is safe to use because of the recent debunking of thecryptocurrencies rumors. The game has a lot of content for the price, and I really like it. It has been pulled due to a legal battle, so grab it now!

👤I bought this game because I was going to play it. They were recalled and no stores sold them anymore. I really like it. The voice is different, she doesn't sound as enthusiastic as the ds version. I think it is worth it if you are trying to add this to your cooking mama collection. Good luck trying to find it at a good price. I was lucky to find it when it went under 60 bucks, and it was fast delivery as well. I was surprised it was delivered quickly. Happy gaming!

👤Le produit conforme a la dercription. The version européenne is not available. THe vendeur s'est le vendeur. The case is arrivé.

👤It's easy to use and fun to play with friends and younger kids, it's repetitive but entertaining. You can take pictures of the foods you make in the game and rate yourself on how well you did. Despite the fact that it's not a real game, it was made without the approval of the creators of cooking mama. It's a lot of fun.

10. Legend Zelda Skyward Sword Nintendo Switch

Legend Zelda Skyward Sword Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has been updated for the Nintendo system. Go to the land beneath the clouds, explore dungeons, and solve puzzles on your quest. You can find and collect items that open up new paths. You can use button-only controls or use motion controls that correspond to your movements. Link and Zelda formed a legendary bond in the earliest story in the Legend of Zelda series.

Brand: Nintendo

👤The game is almost a decade old. The HD version of the game has some quality of life improvements, but they aren't enough to keep it modern. Some changes should have been in the original game. There is a slight disadvantage compared to the original. The game still has some of the best dungeons and boss battles in the series, but the padding and scavenger hunts can be a little tedious. The game is fun at times, but I feel that once players hit the hurdles, they may drop the game and not complete it. Button control option is nice, but you have to swap between button and motion control for the best experience. I would play the HD version if I had to choose between the original and HD versions. It was more difficult to play back to the original. It would choose to play another 3D game even though this one is not the best in the franchise, as it is still not the best. The price of $60 is a bit steep. Could have gone with a full remake instead of a few changes. There are graphics. It feels like a touch up. Unless you have the game side-by-side, you won't see the difference. It's how the game looks in your head a decade ago. If you gave me a dozen blind screenshots, I may not be able to pick the correct version 100% of the time. Grass and trees are dead. It looks like no one has watered the grass in years. The Spongebob HD remake should have been taken into account. It runs better at a steady 60 frames per second. There are button controls. Can be turned on/off at any time. There is no option to use both button and motion control at the same time. It's best when you're not fighting, like when flying or swimming, and you don't have to use a right or left stick. You have to press into the joycon to shoot with a sword. A shield with L3. There was no free movement with shields. Don't get why companies don't make controllers with L3 back paddles instead of integrating it into the joystick. For another time, that's a rant. To do a spin attack, you must flick joycon left or right. You can't do a grappling special move in fighting games. Do a fatal blow really fast. I feel like my joycons will drift sooner if I use too much pressure on it. Adult sized hands can get tired after a while. You should use a pro controller. The Wii version has motion controls. It is responsive for swinging a sword. For most of the time, one-to-one movement is accurate. If you played the original and have adult sized hands, the joycons small shape doesn't help in making it feel like you're holding a sword. When you point at the screen, it can be off-center. You need to press the Y button every so often since the motion censor bar on the Switch isn't available for joycons 4. The camera has controls. You don't have to hold the Z button in motion control to go in all directions. You just use the thumb stick. You can use the button controls to move the camera with the right stick since the right thumb stick is to swing sword and items. I swing randomly when I forget to press the L button. When sitting in a rotating office chair, the camera motion/gyro controls are best. 5. It's called theUI Text boxes 6 have clear names added to them. There is an auto save feature in the game. Able to save and save again. You had a dedicated save slot before that. There is optional help. Fi doesn't give you a chance to talk every few minutes. She thinks you need help or discover something new, and the sword glows. There is a You can talk to her when you need advice, like your phone's smart assistant. Shika stones were removed. Cutscenes and text can be skipped, and less automated dialogue can be skipped. When there's eye contact to start a pokemon battle, the NPC won't randomly talk to you. Start a conversation. You have to walk up to them. In the early game, the new item description only shows up once. Load times can be doubled as fast. I wish it was instantaneous. I guess I was spoiled by PS5 10. Less work? There is a In the beginning, there is no compulsory tutorials. Don't get why other fetch quests aren't optional when it doesn't affect the overarching story. It's possible that Nintendo ran out of development time, or that they got lazy, or that it's horrible. There is still a lot of padding in the game that artificially extends the game's length with no substance having to collect items in previously visited areas. It's basically backtrack to progress without any incentive to do so. If cut, can make a game that lasts 30 to 35 hours with unnecessary fetch and enjoyable. Don't get why these segments are not minimized or omitted like in previous HD ports. 11. You can instant fast travel with Loftwing amiibo, which is a helpful quality of life feature. There is a You can travel from anywhere to the exact same spot in a matter of seconds. It's very difficult to get if you need to replenish items like Monster Hunter, Metriod, and other amiibos due to the high price of the items. The feature is being held hostage. Some may say there are lots of fast travel statues, but for those who want the option to travel instantly, it may be hard to get this physical DLC. Consumers shouldn't have to jump through hoops in order to get this feature, there are options out there for those who want it. Despite the huge backlash, Nintendo didn't address this. This feature should be an in-game item or side quest reward. Additional info, no HD rumble support. No voice acting. Hero Mode is not available at the beginning of the game. There is no additional story content, new dungeons, or bonus content.

11. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Anniversary

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania Anniversary

AiAi and her friends are racing to stop Dr. Bad-Boon from blowing up Jungle Island. The all-star monkey team of AiAi, MeeMee, GonGon, Baby,YanYan and Doctor will help you through hundreds of delightfully crafted levels and mazes. You can play alone or with friends as you take down Dr. Bad-Boon. There are 12 fun mini games, including Monkey Racing, Monkey Soccer, Monkey Bowling, Monkey Baseball and much more. Play as Sonic the Hedgehog.

Brand: Sega

👤In the description, it says that you can play alone or with friends as you take down Dr. Bad-Boon and steal your banana. Story mode and Challenge mode are local co op. It used to be like that. It is not. We are disappointed about this. The game is great if you are being misled. If it were a true remake and had the take turns mode and lives. I would give it a 5 out of 5. There is a The mini games are not good. I would keep it at 2 stars even if they had a challenge mode. Maybe less. The game feels like a lot of money. Baseball is terrible. It is not like the best of things. Very disappointed.

👤It plays poorly. Prepare for disappointment if you grew up with these. We tried every game. It doesn't feel like the original and feels slow and sluggish.

👤Do not buy Super Monkey Ball if you have ever played it before. It is a huge change from the originals, with physics changed, cutscenes replaced, and overall speed reduced to name a few. The new features make it very difficult to control the map well enough to drop into goals, as many levels feel as if they were not tested thoroughly. It makes absolutely no sense that they've added a "mark as complete" option for every level. How do you handle the challenge of Monkey Ball? I didn't think it was possible. If you have never played a Super Monkey Ball game, this game may be alright for you. The originals are better than the easy mode cash grab from Sega. Dole bananas were in the original game. The Chiquita sticker couldn't be gotten by this one. You should be able to make an informed decision on the two.

👤This isn't what it was sold as. The game is not over. The game engine feels weird and the monkey target is broken. The original voice for the game is gone and the music is not good. This is not the same as the old games. Sad.

👤The game was not what was expected. The mini party games were missing something. The monkey target did not work correctly. There were a lot of problems in this game. This was not what I thought it would be like, it was as if the game was incomplete. Very disappointed.

👤If you've never played the original games, you'll get some enjoyment out of this. There is a This is completely off if you have fond memories of the originals. It doesn't feel the same, it feels worse. Everything is not as precise. The sound and presentation feel like a replica of the original, even though the graphics are sharper.

👤Relive your monkey ball game cube memories. The game is great. The powera game cube controller has a nostalgic feel.

👤First things first. Why are you using paper bags instead of bubble mailers for video games when you could use a box like this for special editions? It's like you're damaging your products. Cheap shipping will cost you more in returns at the end of the day. It was time to rant over. There is a It's Super Monkey Ball, but you can tell something is off. There is a The physics are not the same. Monkey Target is not the same as the original. The charm and polish of the original is taken away by subtle changes to things like the timer not being a bomb and not seeing the next stage overhead. A good game, but disappointing.


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