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1. AOWOTO Tenderizer Tenderizing Poultry Handle Dishwasher

AOWOTO Tenderizer Tenderizing Poultry Handle Dishwasher

5 year warranty Westmark has a 5 year warranty and is confident that you will love their product or they will give you a money back. A balanced design allows the mallet and gravity to do all the work in less time. Zinc alloy is 8inch long. The double sided mallet style can be used to pound or tenderize steaks. It's a good idea to wash by hand. Soft rubber hands help to absorb pressure and are comfortable for both left and right handed users. The Zinc-Alloy metal color protects the metal. There is more than a terrier. Ice for cocktails, loosen frozen vegetables, crack crab, and crush garlic are great for baking. SATISFACTION is one year for any issue.

Brand: Aowoto

👤I have a food container. I use it to make the thickness of chicken uniform. I need another one. I ordered this item. There is a This product is small. I think it wouldn't work, but maybe I'm too aggressive. It could be used by your child while you prepare food. The product is nicely formed. There is a Here is a photo of my existing mallet and a picture of it.

👤I'm hi. I love to beat my meat. This gets the job done. It was double-sided. Good weight. It's good for everyday use for steaks, chops, fish, etc. They say that size doesn't matter. Hope you had a good time reading this review, I hope you did too.

👤The meat tenderizer is perfect for me. The design makes it easier to use and hold on to. It will be easier for everyone. I used the flat side to flatten the chicken breasts. I used the textured side to tenderize the cheaper cuts of pork that I buy. I am sure it will work great for beef and pork, even though I haven't used it yet. ... I used it to loosen up a pack of frozen vegetables so that they were no longer frozen in a lump. I usually bang the frozen bag on the side of the sink, but that never works out. The product loosened it all up. The seller posted suggestions for its uses in the description. There is a The tenderizer is strong.

👤I bought this hammer and have used it to tenderize a couple of steaks and I am very happy with it. It is easy to clean and not heavy to hold. If something goes wrong, I will update my review.

👤A meat pounder got lost in a move and I wanted a replacement. It is really small, and I cheaped out for it. You have to make more hits to the meat for coverage and that can tear it up. If you want to see the size in person, I suggest buying a mallet from a local store.

👤The weight of the meat tenderizer made me happy. I have carpal tunnel and it is weighted so that I can use it to tenderize meat for dinner and make some ice for the kids to drink. There is a A versatile tool to have in the kitchen.

👤I used this item once for chicken schitzel. My experience with it is limited. I found the product to be high quality and well made. I am happy that it served its purpose in my food preparation. I found it easy to clean, but my chicken only needed a quick handwash, because I pounded it in a ziploc bag.

👤Smaller size fits better in my hand and drawer and works great for tenderizing meat, as well as pounding it thin. I buy bags of ice and it works great for breaking up chunks.

👤It beats my meat. The shaft is strong.

👤See MzE MzEd. The old one oxidizes in the dish washer, so I'm replacing it with the new one. I bought a new one here and it is called TINY. The idea of using a tenderizer is toREAD the weight of the tool over a broad area of meat being tenderized. The mallet looks nice but will be useless due to its size. Still looking for a decent one.

2. Jim Beam JB0196 Construction Tenderizer

Jim Beam JB0196 Construction Tenderizer

If you want to cook consistently delicious meals, 48 Needles Meat Tenderizers are the must have kitchen tool. The Jim Beam meat tenderizer is an ideal tool for optimum use on a variety of meats. The smooth side is used to flatten cutlets. A professional grade tool of aluminum construction is a light weight but strong and durable piece. The handle has a hole that can be hung for convenience and storage. Keep it off dirty surfaces.

Brand: Jim Beam

👤I loved how heavy it was when I bought it. I put it in the dishwasher to get rid of gunk and it turned black. I tried to wash the black off, but it didn't come off. I can't get it out of the way. I had black on my hands. The dishwasher only uses aluminum. It's not a piece of steel as it was stated. I put the one I bought in the dishwasher and it was as shiny as the one I bought in the store. Very disappointed.

👤The meat tenderizer is not made of steel. The metal does not tarnish. In the Covid environment, the item was put in the dishwasher before being used. Came out black. This item is made of aluminum. They lie when they say it's not. Why claim that it isStainless if it is not? It was a waste of my time and hopefully a significant cost for them to get it back. This is a real problem on AMAZON products. They say whatever they want to get you to buy in the hope that you won't return it. Jim Beam has a bad name.

👤Who knows what this item is made of. The title is "stainless steel". I doubt it. This is not a problem with STAINLESS STEEL. There is a percentage of chromium mixed in to the standards for the steel. This isn't like any other steel I've ever seen. I don't know how many five star reviews there are. I don't think I'm capable of handling this directly. I won't trust it enough to come into contact with my food. I can either wait in the long lines at the store and be in contact with corona and waste time, gas and effort, or I can go to the store and wait. I'm getting tired of the late or lost service from Amazon and the inaccurate descriptions.

👤We wash everything before we use it. The Jim Beam Meat Tenderizer was described as dishwasher safe and STAINLESS STEEL. It didn't turn out well when it came out of the dishwasher. The metal was black. I had to use steel wool and elbow grease to get rid of most of the blackened surfaces, even though some of the black came off on our hands. I could not get into the corners of the implement. It was very disappointing. It didn't live up to its reputation. Don't buy this unless you hand wash everything.

👤I ordered it on April 24th and it was delivered today. It is sharp to the touch because of the many scratches on the metal part. This is not acceptable.

👤This mallet is not possibly made of steel. It bled black oxidation on the meat and on the counter after one use and one washing. I had to throw it away. It's really strange that a fine black dust is shed and mixes with water and creates a mess. Don't buy.

👤I was excited about this and the price seemed fair, but the day I got it, it made marks on my meat. After I washed it and scrubbed it, it left charcoal marks on my meat. It was horrible quality.

3. Farberware Seafood Wooden Crab Mallet

Farberware Seafood Wooden Crab Mallet

Officially licensed merchandise from the comic book company. Only hand wash. The measures are 7.5" x 3.5" The mallet is designed to hit shells. The mallet is made from wood that is resistant to water. The mallet is a great tool for opening crustaceans. The mallet is long. This product is dishwasher safe.

Brand: Farberware

👤The ridges are so low that it's hard to crack them. The nut is easier to crack if it is placed at the top. You have to use more force to crack the nut if it's lower. I had a sore hand after eating nuts. My old nutcracker broke. This may be good for seafood, but not nuts. It said it was for seafood and nuts. I'll try it for seafood, but I'll need another nutcracker for nuts only. That's what I get when I try to buy something for dual use.

👤The head of the mallet is only 1 inch wide and 7 inches long, despite the product description. It's too small for a general purpose kitchen mallet, and I don't know if I'd use it with seafood. I received an immediate return without having to return it, thank you!

👤I bought this mallet because it said it was longer than the others. The others are too short to be used effectively. I was really unhappy to find out that they are the same size as they say, not the 9.5 inches they say.

👤I bought this set because I have wonderful Farberware pots which have not rusted over fifty-five years. It was a disappointment. They have spots on them that look like they will be covered in rust after a few more washings.

👤This is a mallet. I am not sure how big these things are because I don't eat crab. It's funny. I was expecting a big wooden mallet. It was my mistake to not look at the measurements before buying. I keep it because it could be used in other applications. I needed a mallet to tenderize cabbage. The mallet won't work. Oh well. I will keep it because it wasn't that expensive. There is a On a search for a bigger mallet.

👤I bought them based on the brand. I thought I was buying metal. It is plastic. It is made in China. I used my metal nut cracker.

👤The product description said it works on all nuts. I received a bag of nuts in 30 minutes and the ends of the nut cracker prevented it from closing correctly.

👤This is much smaller than I had expected, maybe I didn't read all the details.

👤These feel cheap. The lock broke the first time I used them, and the blades slip around a lot.

👤Destacradores, tienen su gusto y seguimientos, destacradores, tienen su gusto y seguimientos, destacradores, tienen su gusto.

👤I bought theFarberware Seafood Picks, Set of 4. The tedious job of eating crab out of the shell was made easier by these forks. The fork side is useless as the meat will come apart too easily for the fork to grab anything, and that's when the fork is too big to get inside a leg. The action is happening on the scoop side. If you want to scoop it all up, open the leg of the crab with scissors and slide it inside. There is a They feel solid, they didn't bend when I used them, and I will most likely never have to buy another set in my life. Is it a good idea to recommend? I don't think the best way to eat crab is yet invented.

4. Powerbuilt 648336 Ounce Rubber Mallet

Powerbuilt 648336 Ounce Rubber Mallet

It's great for crab, lobster. The wooden mallet is the perfect size for chocolate. Kids used a wooden mallet to hammer golf tee into pumpkins. The ball pein hammer is 32 ounces. Tools for most situations. It was built to exceed tool standards. Soften the blow with a rubber mallet. The white rubber head is strong enough to do the work. The tubular steel handle is strong. It is possible that it exceeds the standards of the ANSI.

Brand: Alltrade

👤I've never owned a hammer, but I feel strongly about it. There is a It's a hammer that does its job. If it were bad at hammering things, it would be bad. The hammer would suffer a lot of dread if it were bad at hammering. What is my purpose if I can't hammer? Is being a hammer my only identity? What does it mean? There is a This is a hammer tale. I imagine the hammer going and visiting Tuscany to get back in touch with it's hammer roots and eventually writing a novel about the experience.

👤For those of you who are concerned about removing the label on the mallet, here is the process I used. Use a hair dryer to warm the label. The label is peeled off when it is warm. When you rub with a clean finger, the balls fall off. Don't use anything that is solvent. All you need is a hair dryer and a finger.

👤I paid $7, but I don't know how much everyone pays. I can't complain about that price. The head on mine was square with the handle, and it sounded like some other people had some problems. I'm happy that it's worth more than $7. If you get a bad one, just save your receipt and try again. There is a The lead. There are lots of things that have lead in them. If you don't eat off the mallet and wash your hands when you're done, it's not that big of a deal. This mallet is cheap and not going to find another good one.

👤I haven't used it much yet. I love that it is white so it won't leave marks on my fabric, I bought it to use for sewing, to pound down thick seams, and to make it easier to sew.

👤So pretty. We put it in the den as art. There is a The only tool needed for assembly was the mallet we ordered along with the horse shelving unit. It's affordable and handy. Fast shipping. Hold it by the black end and hit it with the white. There is more to say about the rubber mallet.

👤The things have some heft. It is the same weight as a regular claw hammer. I use it to bang on things I don't want to mar, to pound on wood chisels, and will use it in leather craft. There is a I got a great deal on it in Amazon's Warehouse.

👤I didn't think I needed it for a project. There is a I collect pieces from simple home fixture again. My husband had a collection of maga. If you have a loved one pass away, can I have this? Don't give anything away or do a foolish thing.

👤You can use a rag or a cloth to help with a hammer blow. Did it for a long time. I got this hammer for assembling a project and now use it for many other things. No more, "Rats!" The blow can be very well softened by the slip of the washcloth. It doesn't take the extra step of moving a piece of fabric to speed up projects. The white rubber does not mar the surfaces.

5. Coleman Rubber Mallet Tent Remover

Coleman Rubber Mallet Tent Remover

Don't waste your money going out when you can have a 5-star meal at home. Use the meat smasher to tenderize economical cuts of meat for delicious dishes. The materials are of the highest quality. Tools and camping knives. Another quality product from Coleman.

Brand: Coleman

👤This is the first time I've camped with this mallet. Strike 1 was successful when the head was off. I was able to jam it back on, but it flew off. I jammed a stick along the side of the head and it stayed on, so I was able to use it. The rubber head isn't built to hit tent stakes. The head is chewed up after being used. I can see that in a few more uses it will start to break down. Strike 3. The hook on the back is supposed to be used to pull up tent stakes. It worked for a few stakes before it became useless. There is a This seemed like a good deal. It isn't worth a dime.

👤One of my favorite tools is the rubber mallet. I prefer to use a rubber mallet over a steel hammer when hammering in a tent stakes, hammering in a stake to secure a tarp over fire woods, hammering to close a left over paint can lid, and hammering in a stake for outdoor volleyball net. It's basically pounding anything without worrying about breaking or making a scratch. You don't know what you're missing if you've never used a rubber mallet. The rubber mallet is much safer and easier to use than a steel hammer because it is on the perfect spot on the top of the head. I wanted to have an exclusive mallet for my camping and beach tent. I love the fact that this one has a hook on the bottom, it's a no-brainer at this price. There is a I can use it to hang the mallet on the wall or on my pegboard, even though I don't think it's strong enough to pull stakes out from ground. If you need a rubber mallet, this is the one for you. Highly recommended.

👤Boy oh boy. I picked this up for $5.96 to drive stakes into my target stands. Coleman said it did a great job at driving. The tent is in the ground. When it was time to pull them, the horror began. The hook at the base of the hammer opened when I grabbed the good old boy's by the neck. I would have had to leave my stands at the range if I had not had my Leatherman Rev in my pocket. If you're going to be using this for driving stakes, go ahead. Don't use that hook at the base for anything other than hanging the hammer.

👤If you have dirt that is harder to drive into, use a regular hammer. The thing bounces off the stakes and doesn't drive them in. There is a If you need to pull them out of the dirt, use a regular hammer to pry them up, and then knock them back and forth to loosen them and get them out. The hook couldn't do it because it pulled to an almost straight position. It didn't work for this situation. It would work in soft dirt.

6. YoleShy Hammers Mallets Lobster Shellfish

YoleShy Hammers Mallets Lobster Shellfish

The value is great. 6 wooden crab hammers are sturdy and will last a long time. Their dimensions are 7.1 x 2 x 1.2 inches. These mallets are designed to crack seafood such as lobster, shellfish, oysters and crab. It will crack shells without damaging meat. Enjoy your seafood! SAFE and high quality materials. The seafood hammers are made of beech-wood, Lacquer Free and Non-toxic and are ideal for direct contact with food. It's also suitable for craft projects. The lobster mallets are easy to clean, just wash them with soap and water. There is a tip. The shell hammer can be kept dry. The seafood mallets are easy to grasp and use, and the wood color looks more natural and classic, making them ideal for use in restaurants and homes.

Brand: Yoleshy

👤There were cracks and holes in the mallets. I bought them for my business, but they were not usable.

👤Delivery was very fast and reliable. If you're trying to use the hammers for a chocolate heart shaped box project, I highly recommend it.

👤The xylophone toy has a hammer in it. I have to get 2nd because they fight for the hammer. This is the best after careful selection. The babies are happy because of the light weight and long handle. I wrapped tape around it because it was rough. It is perfect!

👤The lightweight ones worked just fine. I bought these for a surprise crab birthday dinner and they worked well and cleaned up very well. Excellent for the price. Crabs work perfectly for occasional use, but not for people who eat them regularly.

👤The hammer you get for blue crabs does not work well. I wouldn't recommend them for blue crabs.

👤It is literally useless. We have access to great steamed blue crab in DC. It was a good idea to share the bushel with friends. Got some mallets. These things are useless. They are small, weak and barely break crab shells. Don't buy. This was a big deal.

👤I would have posted 5 stars, but one was broken. Which sucks. I am not sure if they sent it in a smooth fashion or if it was not. I need to make orders on Sunday, but I can't send back. Good size and weight.

7. Farberware 5211438 Professional Resistant Masher Safe

Farberware 5211438 Professional Resistant Masher Safe

Chefman provides 1-year assurance so you can purchase worry-free, and cETL is approved with advanced safety technology for long- lasting durability. You can find a PDF User Guide for information on how to use your product. 120 Volts/1700 Watts. This multi-functional meat chopper utensil can be used to cook ground beef and turkey. Quickly mix and mash softer cooked foods, like potatoes, yams, pumpkin, squash, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, carrots, apples, bananas, and more with the 5-blade design of the hamburger meat chopper. The nylon head is heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a safe tool for cooking ground meat, potatoes, and other hot foods. It's easy to use: mash by pressing blades into cooked food until desired consistency is achieved; the sides of bowls and pots are scrapers. It's easy to clean, it's dishwasher safe.

Brand: Farberware

👤My girlfriend introduced me to the Pampered Chef version of the cooking utensil and I was floored that I have never seen one before. I thought I had everything the good cooking gadgets. This meat bashing tool is recommended by me. It makes your food too small by cutting it up evenly and in to small pieces. I found using this multiple times and breaking down the meat in to smaller pieces from the beginning of cooking expedited the cooking time and cooked the food more evenly! A victory all around! This is perfect for smashing soft fruit or vegetables. The construction and material is of the highest quality. It doesn't feel light. It can be a lot of work. It has been very heat resistant so far. It is very affordable. The price for this utensil is $7 cheaper than the one I love. I see no difference between my friends and me. Everyone needs one for their kitchen.

👤I saw a contestant on the Great British Baking Show use something like this and knew I had to have it. I plan to buy everyone in my family one. I don't know how I lived without this. The first time I used a microwave and tv remote, I had the same reaction.

👤I have had a few of these. One of the 3 blades was tipped in Silicone, I thought it would double as a scraper, but it quickly separated on the bottom, allowing food to be trapped there. The handle is flimsy and thin, I got a red five blade one. The Farberware one, 5 tapered blades, gets the job done with less effort. The handle is thicker on top where you hold it, and it is more comfortable than either of the others. My favorite. It is a must have accessory if you brown ground meat.

👤As the meat cooks, does a good job of breaking it down into fine particles. There is a As you move around the pan, use steady light touch as you let the meat get up to full temp. It doesn't get the job done quicker when it is used on cold meat.

👤I forget what I did before I found this chopper. I cook a lot of turkey and chicken with this chopper. It chops the meat to a perfect size. I took a chance on this one because it was much more affordable than the one that the dog destroyed, and it was even better. I am very impressed with the quality.

👤I used to use a potato masher for breaking up ground beef, but I use my sister's version of it now and it works better. This one works just as well on the PC. It is easy to clean in the sink or dishwasher.

👤I will only use it on ground meats. It works well for breaking up meat. I have used a metal spatula for over 40 years. I was afraid of scratching the pan. If it was ceramic, I was cooking in it. I retired my spatula for this purpose and now only use the meat/potato masher. Use a downward stroke and twist to break the meet apart. I had to be gentle with the pot surface because I was afraid of scratching it. I haven't used this product to make mashed potatoes. I think one day I will; I will probably like it. There are pieces of meat in the corners where the paddles come together. They can easily rinse off.

8. KitchenAid KO119OHOBA Gourmet Tenderizer 9 45 Inch

KitchenAid KO119OHOBA Gourmet Tenderizer 9 45 Inch

We know you're going to love their hand towels. As much as they do! One can buy the best value kitchen towels. Search for them to learn more about their offerings and brand. The surface is texturized. The textured side of the surface is ideal for use on a variety of meats. The Moody side is included. The meat tenderizer is smooth for pounding and flattening. ALUMUNUM CONSTRUCTION. A strong and lightweight tool for the kitchen is provided by aluminum construction. There are multiple storage options. There is a hole in the handle that allows for hanging storage. Easy care. Warm water and a detergent is all you need to wash your hands. Immediately rinse and dry.

Brand: Kitchenaid

👤The description said the dishwasher was safe. Please update the description so that other people don't get tricked into buying this product, because the package clearly states this is not the case.

👤I returned it because it was not dishwasher safe as advertised.

👤This meat tenderizer is good at beating my meat. It's perfect for chicken piccata. I use it all the time. I bought this one to replace the one I have had for a long time because the red color matches my other utensils.

👤The product description on Amazon is not correct. It says the product is dishwasher safe, but when it arrives, it says hand wash only. I wanted a dishwasher safe item so I was not happy with the statement.

👤This product is not made of steel. It states that it should be washed on the label. It's too light at just over 10 ounces.

👤It is easy to clean. I use a small brush to clean the tenderizer side of the teeth. I would like it to be dishwasher safe. It seems to be a good quality.

👤I bought this product because of the description on Amazon. The product was labeled hand-wash only when it arrived.

👤I used the flat side on chicken breast and it turned out wonderful and it was tender. I have tried many different cooking methods for chicken and it always came out tough. It was tender now. I will try the meat tenderizer side on pork chops.

👤I paid an extra $8 for the dishwasher safe feature on the Amazon page because I wanted it. The item I received was not dishwasher safe. I bought the Oxo after returning it.

👤I used it to cook some steaks. The Silicone rubber in the handle made it easy to hold, the teeth were nicely spacing apart, and the striking force met the requirements of the steak.

👤I needed a new one after ruining my last one by washing it in the dishwasher. This does a great job. I pound it with ice and use it for meat, even though I was scared of Fatal Attraction as a kid and refuse to have one in my house. It has stood up to being washed in the dishwasher. It's a very good price and I highly recommend it.

👤Very nice. I've been looking for one for a while. Everything I found was empty. This one is perfect. There is a lot of weight to it. It is nice and big. I like it. Great brand of course. It's a good thing.

👤It is what you would expect from Kitchen Aid. I could not have picked better. It is a great size but not too heavy, tenderizes meat perfectly, flattens thick chicken easily and perfectly. It's easy to clean. Do not hesitate if you are considering purchasing.

9. Tenderizer Stainless Tenderizing Chicken Dishwasher

Tenderizer Stainless Tenderizing Chicken Dishwasher

Soft, non-slip for comfort and safety. The double-side design of the meat tenderizer is excellent for flattening or tenderizing meat, as well as the flat side for Flattening and Pounding cutlets. It makes it easier to crush hard candy and nuts. The meat mallet is easy to use with your hand and arm. It's easy to clean and it's 100 percent safe to wash in the dishwasher. There is a hole in the handle that allows you to hang storage. If there is a problem with the product, you can contact them and they will solve it for you.

Brand: Gscc

👤I love this mallet. It's sturdy and cleans easily. The handle is long enough to cause a loud noise. The handle is comfortable and I have a medium hand. The bumps are effective without tearing the meat up.

👤I love it! I make a lot of panko/bread crusted meats and using this helps them be more tender when cooked, easier to cut and chew for the kids... Get the tenderizing done!

👤It works well and looks nice. It needs time to tell if it will tarnish.

👤It's a piece of metal that you whack meat with and it does the job. It is easy to clean high quality steel. I think this will last a long time.

👤I was skeptical before buying this product, but I was very impressed with it. It works well. It cleans easily.

👤It has a good weight which makes it perform well. Cleaning is easy.

10. Spring Chef Meat Tenderizer Chicken

Spring Chef Meat Tenderizer Chicken

The plastic is impact-resistant and has a solid steel core. Once you start using this meat tenderizer, you will no longer have to chew or bite meat. It reduces prep and cooking time, which results in soft meat for many dishes. Tired of bland and tough meat? The meat mallet can be used to maximize your dishes' natural taste. It helps bring out the juiciness of chicken breast, steak and veal. The kitchen mallet comes with soft handles that are easy to hold. Let gravity pound the meat and not worry about fatigue. The meat pounder is built to last and comes with a chrome plated aluminum head. You can look forward to using it a lot. Always keep a versatile meat hammer on hand. It can be used to crush garlic, nuts, hard candy, and other ingredients. It works well in breaking up ice cubes.

Brand: Spring Chef

👤Solid, does what is expected of it, and tenderizes. If you run it through the dishwasher, it will oxidize and become dull. Does this affect its ability to hit? No. When you order a chrome meat hammer, you hope it will stay that way for a while. It remains functional despite the appearance. The owner was kind enough to contact me with recommendations for care and to offer to replace the item, but I declined because the mallet still works just fine. There is no need to add more to the landfills.

👤My husband now does all the cooking because I have become bedbound. He didn't tell me that he'd used my meat mallet to work on the car. I explained to him that he needed to flatten some chicken breasts. He had to admit the loss. We're getting old, so I chose a mallet that was relatively inexpensive. The Spring Chef meat mallet is very high quality. My husband brags about how thin his chicken breasts were, and he brought the Spring Chef into the bedroom to show the simplicity of the superbly crafted mallet. He can't leave the kitchen.

👤Why buy aluminum when you can buy something else? Someone is going to put it in the washer and it will be ruined. That's what happened here. It had a coat of black soot over it. I didn't use it for my family after that. It was a hassle, that I always had to hand wash it separately. I'll get one that can fit in the dishwasher.

👤We only used it a few times before it broke, after 6 months. Would've thought it would last a while. The seller reached out to me to offer a replacement. The product got a 1-star, but it was changed to a 4-star review for the great customer service.

👤I decided to buy a meat tenderizer because I was tired of using a knife to tenderize my chicken. The product appealed to me because of its purpose. The mallet tool is on the other side. I use it to make banana bread. I'm doing a lot of baking and cooking because of theQuarantine. My husband commented on the improvement of my chicken dinners after using this tool. The chicken breasts are more tender when it is done. It doesn't require a lot of force. The mallet is a great stress blocker. The seller of this product is recommended by me. It arrived on time and was described by the seller.

👤It looks nice but broke on the second use. One person. The seller told me that the item must have been faulty and would send a replacement. After some time with the replacement, will update photo and quality review. Customer service is great.

👤It is very heavy and easy to use. It's a monster to clean. The meat fibers and fat from the meat that you tenderize sticks to the little points and requires a lot of scrubbing and rinsing to get it all off. If you don't get it all off, you will have rotting meat sitting on your tenderiser and touching all your other utensils. In a word...gross.

11. AOWOTO Tenderizer Tenderizing Poultry Handle Dishwasher

AOWOTO Tenderizer Tenderizing Poultry Handle Dishwasher

The meat mallet has dimensions of 11.75 x 3 x 1.75 inches. A balanced design allows the mallet and gravity to do all the work in less time. Zinc alloy is 8inch long. The double sided mallet style can be used to pound or tenderize steaks. It's a good idea to wash by hand. Soft rubber hands help to absorb pressure and are comfortable for both left and right handed users. The Zinc-Alloy metal color protects the metal. There is more than a terrier. Ice for cocktails, loosen frozen vegetables, crack crab, and crush garlic are great for baking. SATISFACTION is one year for any issue.

Brand: Aowoto

👤I haven't used it yet, I received it today. It looks like it has already been used, it is scratched on top, and the paint on the sides is coming off. I don't know what it is since it seems to be metal. I am disappointed. It has a circle in the middle where it looks like it is rusted. I would not purchase this again because it is easy to hold and small enough to not take a lot of space.

👤The size and weight of this made me like it. The mallets are too heavy and large to be practical in the kitchen. This gets the job done without taking up a lot of drawer space. I only gave 4 stars because I felt that one side should be flat. One side has more spikes than the other.

👤I like the idea of a meat tenderizer/hammer. It saved my chicken piccatta. I have learned that pounding my meats to a flatter package is much better than I thought. It takes less time to cook and tastes better. The meat tenderizer/hammer is easy to use and clean. The price was great. I couldn't find a better one at the store.

👤This is the pounder you need to beat that meat. It works better than my last one.

👤I only had it for a day. I have used it a few times. It works well for what I got. It's nice and heavy. I will change my review if I find out differently.

👤I love this tenderizer. The tips do a good job. I replaced my 1980 version. This one is much better.

👤The product is easy to wash in the dishwasher. It opens the fibers of meat and garlic and crush them.

👤The mallet is awesome. It has a lot of weight so you don't have to use a lot of elbow grease to pound it. A few pounds of butcher pork chops. They are tenderized all the way through. This mallet is very strong. Thank you for the product.

👤I pound my pork and chicken.

👤The product is very sturdy and will last a long time. This seller would definitely buy from him again.

👤I would recommend this article to everyone, it looks and cleans just as advertised.

👤It was damaged on the flat side.


What is the best product for cooking mallet wooden?

Cooking mallet wooden products from Aowoto. In this article about cooking mallet wooden you can see why people choose the product. Jim Beam and Farberware are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking mallet wooden.

What are the best brands for cooking mallet wooden?

Aowoto, Jim Beam and Farberware are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking mallet wooden. Find the detail in this article. Alltrade, Coleman and Yoleshy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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