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1. OXO 3 Piece Utensil Non Stick Cookware

OXO 3 Piece Utensil Non Stick Cookware

It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Turner, Spatula and Tongs are included in the set. It's safe to use on all cookware. The locking mechanism can be activated one-handed. Silicone Spatula is heat resistant and won't warp or melt. The nylon Turner can dig under food.

Brand: Oxo

👤We love OXO products. I bought these to use with the frying pan. Well-priced. I think these utensils will last a long time. The length of the frying pan spatula is not long. My hand is closer to the pan than I would like. It would be safer and more comfortable to have a 2”-2” longer spatula. The length of my other scraper spatulas is the same as the handle of the silicone scraper. The smooth head of the spatula will make it easy to clean. The design of the tongs with licking mechanism is very attractive to us. We will be buying longer ones in the future.

👤This is a great deal for non-stick cooking tools. It is easy to see what these items would cost individually. I needed a basic set while on the road. I already own metal and nylon tipped OXO 12” tongs, but I like the shorter ones more. They have a lot of control. The flipper is flexible and slips under food nicely. There are a lot of negative comments. I don't cook in non-stick cookware because I haven't found that to be a problem. I only use it for eggs, pancakes and other breakfast items, and it works fine in the kitchen. I use my cookware with metal utensils when I cook at high temperatures. The spatula is soft enough to get into curves, but stiff enough to push things around and add some pressure.

👤I was excited to have a spatula that was thin, sharp, and flat to pick up cookies from the baking pan. One time, it worked well. It was warped after only one use. I don't recommend buying this utensil. What a waste of money.

👤So far, so good! We have been using this set for a while. The nylon spatula slides under sandwiches and pancakes easily. The tongs are very good. There is a need for a longer pair. The small scraper spatula is perfect for baking. I hope they hold up.

👤I bought these for myself a few years ago, but I also bought them from my mom, and they came in a package. She keeps pinching her fingers when she uses the other tongs. The Oxo one is easy to use and lock in place. It is comfortable for her to use. I have had my spatula for a couple years and it is holding up well. I was able to get it straightened out with a little heat from the pan. No problem.

👤I didn't expect the OXO spatula turner to melt, dripping black silicone onto the non-stick skillet. My husband asked me to look at something in the living room when the gas burner was on medium heat. The spatula was left on the side of the pan for less than two minutes. The spatula was melting like a bad guy's face when I returned, but the food wasn't burnt. I like OXO and take some responsibility for stepping away from the stove, so I give them three stars.

2. OXO Grips Wooden Corner Scraper

OXO Grips Wooden Corner Scraper

It is made of beech wood. It's safe for non-stick cookware. A piece of wood. A large handle.

Brand: Oxo

👤Look somewhere else. The wood at the end of the spoon started splitting after only a few uses, but it did not damage the wood or leave it sitting in water. I have wooden utensils that have never cracked or split. This one is a waste of money, since I've generally been happy with OXO products.

👤I used this spoon for less than a week and it split in two. I put a couple of layers of mineral oil on it. I didn't let it get wet. I have other OXO products that work well. Would not recommend it.

👤This is a Pusher, not a flipper. The spatula is so thick that when you try to scoop under it, it doesn't slide under it, instead it pushes it over. I can't believe how bad my pancakes turned out to be. I tried to flip them. It was smashed to bits. If you want to have a bad cooking experience, buy this.

👤I absolutely adore this thing. Let me gut my lemons. This is a machine that can be used for pulp. Definitely worth the money.

👤I received a wooden spoon yesterday. I haven't used it yet. I will use it for a while after washing it. There is a The spoon is made from a single piece of wood. It has an oil finish. It's safe for non-stick cookware. Only hand wash is what it is. The spoon is over 8 inches in length. The bowl of the spoon is about 1 inch deep. The spoon does not roll. There is a The spoon is very light and I like it. The finish is beautiful. The one-piece beech wood is very nice. A nice looking spoon. There is a The wooden spoon that I loved was 30 years old. I used my old spoon a lot. I hope this spoon holds up as well.

👤I ordered a small wooden spoon thinking it had a long handle, but couldn't find the length I was looking for, and the spoon size was what I was looking for. There is a When I received it, I was shocked. The wood was lightweight and ruffed, like the wood I remember as a child. I was going to return the spoon to Amazon, but the 5 yo saw it and thought it was for him. I got bored with it. I sanded it smooth and oiled it with Howards, the spoon doesn't seem as porous but I wouldn't buy OXO again. There is a I used to buy there brand, but it has gone down in workmanship. Two weeks ago I was in the Bed bath. I wouldn't put wooden utensils in my dishwasher or cookware. There is a The quality is not there because I have slim hands and long fingers. There is a I have bought other inexpensive wooden spoons that are better and have lasted me for years, but no more.

👤The wood is nice. The handle has big indents that make it hard to hold. The fibers have been exposed to the point on my skin. I feel bad to return this to have a tree sacrificed for nothing, so I leave this caution for others.

3. OXO Anodized PFOA Free Nonstick Skillet

OXO Anodized PFOA Free Nonstick Skillet

It's compatible with most stovetops. Superior heat retention and even cooking can be achieved with hard-Anodized aluminum. The German-Engineered, PFOA-free, 3-layer coating allows for effortless food release. The rolled edges are designed for pouring sauces. A comfortable grip is provided by a rivetted handle wrapped in heat- resistant silicone. The materials can be oven safe up to 389 Degree Fahrenheit. It works on all stovetops.

Brand: Oxo

👤America's Test Kitchen recommended these to me. I don't buy expensive non-stick fry-pans, you can spend $200 on a non-stick pan, but it won't last for ever, no matter how careful you are. A non-stick skillet can be had for 2 years. 2 of these were $40 and that is a very good deal. Since my husband cooks as well as I do, they don't get very careful handling at my house. Over the years, I had a lot of them. Some were better than others. I think the OXO skillets are one of my favorites. Eggs are non-stick and a dream. The non-stick coating on the grip makes it easy to wash. I bought a set for my son because I like them so much. I recommend them. The skillets are still performing great a year later.

👤I was frustrated with my T-Fal pans. The pan is not flat on the bottom and the oil and eggs pool on the outer edge. The skillet I received is not flat. The skillet is domed in the middle. The water poured in the middle of the pan was shown in the photo. The water collects on the outer edge like my non-stick pans. I tested for this problem when I opened the box, so the doming is not the result of excessive heat, or other carelessness. I will try to get another set of pans. The OXO is America's Test Kitchen's top pick because of the flatness of the pan. OXO is a great brand. Maybe I got a lemon.

👤I use the small pan a lot. I use Silicone utensils. The bottom has a burn mark. The inside is already damaged. I haven't had them a whole month yet. I'm going to have to come back. There is a I don't think the relationship will last.

👤The pans arrived in a box that was too large for these pans, and only a couple of pieces of wrapping paper were used. The pan was damaged. The replacement set arrived after I returned them. They were packed in an Amazon box, but not in a box that was as large as the first set. There is no visible damage other than a small nick on the rim, but the pan is out of round. I wonder what normal temperature changes will look like when it is flat. There's no way a round lid would fit tightly. I'm replacing some Simply Calphalon pans, which are round with lids that fit perfectly to this day. The non-stick coating has a shelf life. I like the look of these pans and they have great handles, including a soft Oxo grip and a notch for leverage. The weight is light but not too heavy. Th

👤The shape of the pots is what I can review. The 10 inch pan came out of round as noted by many others. I don't think it's a shipping issue as packing seemed fine. I believe this is a manufacturing problem. Some ships may be fine and others may not. I will look for a different set verse and ask for a replacement set.

4. OXO 65191 Grips Flexible Turner

OXO 65191 Grips Flexible Turner

The dishwasher is safe and free of harmful chemicals. The flexible head slides easily. It is heat resistant to 450F. It's safe for non-stick cookware. The handle is soft and comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤It's just about perfect. Better than any other I've tried. If you are having trouble with egg yolks breaking, there are three things you should do. Make sure the egg is cooked on the bottom before you flip it. Make the pan jiggle a little to make sure the eggs are moving in it. There is a The flipper should be slid under the egg and turned over. If you want to be healthy and not use grease, scramble your eggs.

👤I'm very disappointed. The edge of the turner has melted even though it was used in a pan that was not very hot. The handle began to melt when in contact with the pan edge. Food sticks to the flimsy turner. It is hard to clean. I was expecting better quality from OXO as previous products were good.

👤I've used an OXO turner for a long time. I decided to leave the old in the RV and order a new one for the house. It was a big mistake. The one melted around the edges after flipping 4 pancakes. It was not left in the pan. Is this really an OXO product? Not sure... I am certain that the quality is not up to par. It was very disappointing.

👤I ordered the Oxo flexible turner to replace the one that broke. The handle separated from the turner portion on the broken one. I was surprised to see how little the metal handle went inside the turner. The turner portion is very thin. I ordered another one because I love its flexibility and thinness, despite the fact that the one we owned broke. It's easy to slide it under any food. It cannot endure temperatures over 400 degrees because it is made of nylon.

👤The turner is perfect for any level of cooking. The grilled cheese god was served by the product. It is a turner and also a nylon flexible spatula. I have used other good brands of cooking utensils and paid an arm and a leg for my last thin non stick spatula, but this one is a steal. The size is visible in the images. It is small, flexible, and hangs up nicely. This cookware is my favorite brand of cookware and I use it a lot. My husband and I both use oxo as it is a neutral brand for all cooking expertise. Their utensils last forever and are affordable. It's easy to clean with plus cleaning. If you don't have the right non stick tools in your kitchen, you can cause surface damage to your food. I have the best grilled cheese on the block. It is hard to master a good grilled cheese, that is a life goal of mine. There is a Even though it is dishwasher safe, I recommend hand washing spatulas. I recommend only using oxo brand pots and pans. When I use my oxo products together they don't get damaged. There is a The heat is absorbed by the metal bar connecting the head of the spatula to the firm grip. It can handle temperatures over 400 degrees. Don't go over 400 degrees if you want to keep it from being damaged. It is safe and doesn't get hot. The nylon turner head is thin and flexible and is perfect for cooking and baking. There are no broken eggs, crepes, pancakes, or cookies. Are you right around the holiday? This is important for baking. I used it on a non stick pan and it didn't scratch my pan, but it probably would have scratched it if I hadn't been careful. It is easy to clean and maintain, I recommend only using brands like oxo, they increase the quality of your food and preserve your cookware for years. This brand is very fair on price. The grilled cheese master has a small grip and no surface damage. Absorber. It is safe. The product is hard to get off and is a must for the kitchen.

5. OXO 1071533 0719812018430 Silicone Flexible

OXO 1071533 0719812018430 Silicone Flexible

It's perfect for flipping pancakes. Thin, flexible edge glides. The dimensions are 12.00''. x 3.25'' Silicone bond to flexible steel. It's safe for non-stick cookware.

Brand: Oxo

👤I bought this because the Spatula I was using was too small. I was messing with my pancakes. What a mess! I discovered this. It is not very heat resistant and works great covering the area of food. The handle melted onto my non stick pan after I left it there. I have a damaged pan and Spatula because it wouldn't scrub it off. There is a note. If you purchase this, you will need to keep an eye on it or leave it on a spoon rest.

👤This wonderful utensil has brought joy and happiness to my life and soul. I will never touch another spatula again, even if it is one of the OXO 1071533 Good Grips Silicone Flexible Pancake Turner, Black. I've used it to flip pancakes, but it brought a tear to my eye, which had nothing to do with the small splash of boiling butter that landed in my eye as a result. I feel honored to cradle its Good Grip in my good grip, but I can't use its Flexible Silicone for my every Pancake turning need. I feel a rush of warmth, safety, love, and peace in its very presence, and I know that it has changed my life irrevocably for the better.

👤I have mixed feelings about this product. I decided to pay the extra cost because I respect the oxo brand name for high end quality in the superior materials used and overall high end quality and because I finally decided to purchase what I thought was a better than average pancake turner. I wanted a pancake turner that was better than average. I was let down. The first pancake flip after pouring the batter into the pan doesn't seem to be enough for the turner. When you flip the pancake, the turner "butts" against the side of the pancake make it hard to slide in. A folded and wrinkled mess is what you usually get. I would return it.

👤There is an update. I turned away from the cooking area and the nylon handle of the OXO spatula melted on the rim of the hot pan. The function of the spatula was not affected by it's appearance. If you have a spatula, don't leave it in a hot pan because the handle can melt. I bought this kitchen tool for one purpose. I make an omelet in a pan with a flat bottom every morning. I had been using a 2.5 inch nylon that was too narrow to turn the eggs without breaking the spatula. Although I keep the temperature low, the edge of the nylon spatula was melting and making it difficult to slide it under my eggs. There is a I can slide the OXO Good Grips all the way underneath my spatula without any issues. The firm broad paddle can pick up, hold, and flip my omelets without breaking them in half. I use that every morning. I have not had a problem with metal melting through the silicone. The paddle is easy to clean. The price was reasonable. I can't vouch for its performance flipping pancakes, but I think it would do well since a thick, unfolded omelet is like a huge flapjack. There is a The review is based on a week of use. If something changes, you can check for an update by clicking on my name. I hope my review helped you make a decision. Enjoy your breakfast!

6. OXO 0719812003665 Grips Julienne Peeler

OXO 0719812003665 Grips Julienne Peeler

It's safe for non-stick cookware. You can easily peel carrots, cucumber, and more. The Y-peeler is easy to use and works with every grip. The handle is soft and comfortable.

Brand: Oxo

👤It takes a bit of practice to realize that different types of veg require different amounts of pressure for this Oxo Julienne Slicer to work best, but otherwise it works like a charm. My Saladmaster manual food processor is so much quicker to setup and easier to clean than my Cuisinart food processor, that it's not necessary for me to bother with either of them when cooking for two. I almost didn't buy it because I didn't need another kitchen tool, but I'm glad I did. I am a very HaPpY customer.

👤I wanted to like this thing. It is not happening. It is sharp and has a protective cover, but the blade still pokes my fingers as I am getting ready to use it. As I pull the vegetables out, I get poked again. I am cursing and my hands are bleeding when I finish with a carrot. It cuts very thin. It works well with carrots and daikon radishes, not so much for potatoes or beets, where you would need to hold the vegetable in your hand while peeling.

👤It cuts veggies into thin strips, but it also does the same thing to your fingers. It is hard to slice up a wet vegetable with a razor sharp blade. Unless you can slice up the vegetable without holding it. I have cut myself multiple times on my fingers. I have a kitchen knife. I broke down and spent $20 on a spiralizer. Those are very easy to use.

👤I've used one of these for a long time. I wanted to put a new one in the camp kitchen. I don't like the new shorter, flatter, wider handle that the blade has. I have a small hand. It's hard to comprehend. The end of the handle has my finger hanging off it. The old model has a flatter, wider handle that doesn't fit as well. There is a I'll use it, but be on the lookout for new stock. Hope they change this.

👤No more knife mistakes! It is much easier to eat veggies. It was easy to clean up. The first photo is of vegetables and the second is potatoes.

👤I've tried many spiralizers to make zucchini noodles, but most of them waste too much of the vegetable or are difficult to clean, and they're just not good. This one is simple and easy to clean. If you dislike the small pieces between the blades, you can use a bottle brush. I got one for my mom in law. She used mine and hated the one she had.

👤Great product. It's better to pull out my slicer for small jobs. It's a pain to clean! Sometimes I want to add a little crunch to a salad by julienneing a carrot or a radish, and this is almost perfect. There is a It's hard to get a lot of use out of smaller veggies if you hold them in your hand while peeling. When you get to the end of the stroke, you have to pull downwards with force or you'll get strips stuck on the edge.

7. OXO Multi Purpose Stainless Scraper Chopper

OXO Multi Purpose Stainless Scraper Chopper

Great for cutting dough, sectioning crusts, chopping veggies and more. The blade has quarter inch markings for easy measuring. The handle is soft and comfortable. Tall enough to keep hands away from food.

Brand: Oxo

👤This is in the category of "Why did I get this?" Solid construction for $10 is what it has. A good handle, a great blade, and a small ruler on the bottom of the blade. I assure you that the star isn't knocked for lack of quality compared to price. There is a It's been sitting around without use for a while. There is a My family cooks. We bake. I come home to homemade pizza, salmon picatta, rattatouile, and fresh made antipasta salad. I try to bake at least one cake a week. My wife is the chef and I am the baker. We know how to cook in an amateur home kitchen, we have the hardware to do it, and we love using our hands. There is a With that in mind... I thought I would use it as a scraper and chopper. That has not happened. I haven't found a use for it yet, and I don't know if a knife, pizza cutter, hands, or other tool would do as well. There is a If you don't know what you'll use it for, get this and pass.

👤I bought this scraper based on a recommendation from America's Test Kitchen and another from Dexter-Russell. The OXO Good grips scraper is perfect. The handle is made for your hand. The handle has a rubber feel. The blade has a nice edge. There are no worries about the edges being bent or sticking up. I like the ruler on the blade. I've tried a few other scrapers, and you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't go with the OXO Good Grips one.

👤I love this product but I found out last week that it is not made of steel and it has a rust stain in the middle that I can't remove. I only use it about once a week. It was strange to see a rust stain on the steel.

👤The product is labeled as being rust resistant. I washed and dried the scraper after each use. After a few uses, it rusted. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤Oxo products are very popular. Everything they make is reliable. I have had some of their products for a long time. This scraper is not an exception. I use it to pick up food from the counter and put it in the pot. You can cut bread or pizza dough with this sharp edge. There is a If Oxo made cars, I would buy one. My policy is to not buy stuff with a bunch of freebie reviews. Amazon has to stop this.

👤I was looking for reviewers who used this for cake decorating and did not notice many so I thought it would be helpful to know that this will work for that purpose. This is strong. I use it to smooth buttercream on my cakes and it works very well.

👤While it was functional and straight, it was good. The ends began to bend over after a month of use.

8. OXO 11 Inch Better Silicone Balloon

OXO 11 Inch Better Silicone Balloon

Silicone wires can be used for whisking and deglazing cookware and bakeware. The handle is comfortable in the palm of your hand. The handle is soft and comfortable. Silicone head is heat resistant. It's safe for non-stick cookware.

Brand: Oxo

👤The Silicon layer began to peel. I don't want that near my food.

👤I'll let myself go. The whisk is a nice one. It is important to have a wire whisk and a Silicone whisk. You don't want to scratch the wires if you're mixing something in a non-stick pan. If you want a sturdy whisk to make gravies in a carbon steel or cast iron pan, use a wire whisk. This is a good price for a tool.

👤I have been looking for a good whisk but could not find one that was strong. The wooden handles on my other ones broke off. I have not had any issues with this whisk. I can use it in hot pots and pans without any problems. It has held up well.

👤I bought this whisk to be able to use it with my oven. It was used for the first time last night. Anyone who's made gumbo knows how long it takes to whisk the roux for in order to get it to where it needs to be and jeez, this whisk was riding the struggle bus by the halfway mark. It's too flimsy to be able to whisk for long periods. I'm going to attempt a return as I know this thing is going to fall apart next use, it's barely hanging on for life at this point. It was so disappointing from OXO...

👤The whisk has a lot of drag. It is harder to use than a plain wire one. I will only use this for cookware that is non-stick, and wire for everything else.

👤The rubber padded handle is wonderful. The whisk is light and won't scratch your pans. I have several whisks and they are all professional with a large handle. I can no longer use them because they are too heavy for my hands. This is a good option. The size is perfect, not too small or large. Will be purchasing another one.

👤I love OXO products. One of the bowls I own is a rubber-bottomed kitchen bowl that has been in my possession for over 20 years. I bought this Silicone whisk and one in the 9-inch size based on the brand name, because I recently purchased a nice set of non-stick cookware, which I did not want to damage with a traditional metal whisk. There is a The first time I used this whisk, I was surprised at how different it felt from the metal whisks I have used before. The whisk was soft and floppy and had a lot of give to it. I used it to make a paste of flour, spices, and other dry goods. I don't normally use a metal whisk, but I did not have near the control that I normally do. There is a As I get used to this whisk, hopefully things will improve. I was surprised at how different it was.

👤The balloon whisk deserves 5-stars. There is a The problem with many Silicon whisks is that the material used to make the wires is too soft and flexible, and that the whisking effectiveness is reduced. whisking a thicker batter has a problem. It would be like swimming through molasses. There is a The Oxo Silicone whisk has the least amount of give compared to other brands. The Oxo Balloon WIRE whisk is made out of steel. Why do you want a whisk? teflon or ceramic coated pots, pans, and dishes are safer for you. The food sticks to the wire a little bit differently than the other way around. There is a People are generally correct if the second reason above is not apparent or important. If you observe side by side, you will see that the batter from the Silicone whisk is cleaner than the one from the STAINLESS whisk. It's an observable fact that won't make or break the batter or the recipe, but it may be important to some. If you own teflon or ceramic coated cookware, you need a good Silicone whisk. I think the reason is clear. You don't take metal to teflon. There is a The material used here is pretty strong. It is very similar to theStainless variant in terms of results and whisking power. I would have to whisk a bit stronger to compensate for the softer material but it wouldn't be a big deal. The other products on the market are too hard to whisk up. The whisk is dishwasher safe. The grip is comfortable and smooth. 5 stars were given because of the product's function, Durability, ease of use, and balance of function and elegance. The balance of everything is against the price you pay. There is a This is a good whisk for the price.

9. OXO 1127080 Grips 4 Piece Nylon

OXO 1127080 Grips 4 Piece Nylon

The Silicone Spatula Set includes a large Silicone Spatula, a long Silicone Jar Spatula, a Mini Silicone Spatula, and a Hard Silicone Spatula. You can cook on the stove top and mix cookie dough. The set includes: spoon, slotted spoon, square Turner, and spaghetti server. It's safe for non-stick cookware. The handles are soft.

Brand: Oxo

👤I feel like I could use these on the patio grill. The handles are thick and easy to hold, but the tools are too long for me. I wish I'd checked on the size before ordering them. I threw out the packaging so it was too late to send them back. I ordered the fork to match the set. All five utensils are in my utensil holder. I want to see if I can find someone who wants a good set of cooking utensils. I only cook for myself. These are the utensils for large pots of food in a large kitchen.

👤The spatula is a little large but I like the sharp edge. The spoons are a little deeper than they look. They have held up well over the course of the year. There is a I was disappointed that the pasta twaddler doesn't have a hole that doubles as a spaghetti serving measure. I can use my eyeball as well. It's a pity.

👤These collect water in the handle and then it runs down into your food, probably full ofbacteria or dishwasher detergent. So gross. I have a lot of oxo products but they are terrible. I wanted them to work out because the handles are sturdy and well made.

👤The OXO Good Grips 4 piece nylon tool set is not very good. The spatula edge melted after one used it to cook eggs. The whole set is going back. I'm still looking for a decent spatula.

👤I have never found another set of utensils that I like. Each year I would buy a new set and the old set would be donated. I finally bought these this year. I like the weight and the sizes. The handles are a little wide, but otherwise they are great. I threw out my old set. There is a I would still recommend these, despite the fact that they show some slight signs of heat at the ends of the spoons.

👤I use the spatula mostly for flipping eggs, but it doesn't work as well as it could. There is a One of the spatulas sticks to the cheese, two of the ends burn, and it rolls over after a few uses. Nobody wants to eat plastic. This product is not safe.

👤I don't know how people are breaking these. They're strong for not being metal or wood. There is a I don't like cooking utensils that aren't wood or metal because they are flimsy. There is a These are not as rigid as metal or wood, but they are still pretty great. I bought them because I broke down and bought a set of non-stick pots and pans and didn't want to destroy my new purchase. I can't find a reason not to give them a 5 star review, I've been really impressed with them. I will update the review if something changes.

👤This set is at least a 3 to 4 star, but placed here to counter 2 reviews showing melting which would require holding utensil against heat of over 400 degrees. My set has been used daily along with 2 other Oxo products. I am not sure if those who claim to melt utensils are right.

10. OXO 1069228 15 Piece Everyday Kitchen

OXO 1069228 15 Piece Everyday Kitchen

Contact them if you aren't 100% satisfied. They will return your money or replace it with no questions asked. The utensil holder has 14 of OXO's most important everyday kitchen tools. Includes spoon, square turner, and grater. Also includes a pizza wheel, a can opener, a spatula, and a swivel peeler. Silicone and nylon tools are heat resistant up to 400 degrees F. A dishwasher safe is included with the large capacity utensil holder. The style of base may be different.

Brand: Oxo

👤The OXO gadgets seem to work well, but the cooking tools are not. The edge of the spatula began shredding on the first use. Disappointing. I would buy a different brand for the cooking tools if I were you.

👤I was looking at the cheapest prices when I purchased these, because I wasn't cooking a lot at the time. I was not sure what to think about the price of this set, as I had no idea what a potato peeler should work like or what a spatula should be. I can honestly say that they have made cooking so much fun. It's not a problem with these utensils. They have been great for everyday use. I don't know what I'm doing because they haven't bent or broken. I feel that says a lot.

👤The product is filled with cheap stuff. I wouldn't recommend buying. Oxo is a good brand, a very good one, however I am very disappointed in this product, not what I thought at all, the spatulas are starting to shed, plastic is shredding off each time I use it

👤There was rust all over the utensil holder and other pieces were scratched, dirty and also had rust spots. Immediately returning.

👤I like OXO kitchen products. I feel like they are the most sturdy and can hold up to the test of time. You get a lot of essential products in this set. It's hard to get them all to fit in the little caddy. I have them in the caddy but I will put them in my drawers eventually. Don't think you're getting it back in the same way after pulling one out. Never happening. The quality surpasses the minor issue and didn't take off a star.

👤These seem nice for the price. I want to start buying more items from the oxo brand because they seem to be of good quality. Time will tell. I didn't give five stars because the picture was a bit misleading. It is very tight when every item is inside. I had to place them a few times to make it fit. You will most likely want to take a few things out and put them in drawers.

👤My granddaughters college apartment is where these were purchased. She ordered a cheaper set and these to compare. Keep these and send the others back. If you don't get the best tools you can afford, you'll be frustrated. They were sturdy and flexible as designed. The wise cooks don't leave them in the pan or the oven, and it could be an issue. Under normal use, these will hold up.

👤I bought the OXO Good Grips 15-piece everyday kitchen tool set as I moved into a new apartment with no kitchen utensils. I browsed around at various stores looking for different types of utensils and contemplated buying a piece meal set with different brands, but I settled on this set and brand. There is a The product includes most of the tools you need in a working kitchen. I'm not a gourmet chef, I cook just to eat healthy and cheaply, and so far I haven't found anything that I need that isn't in here. There are people who think that there is no spaghetti spoon. The included tongs are perfect for mixing, tossing, and picking up pasta. There is a The tight squeeze in the holder is a potential issue. It is a tight squeeze if you leave all the tools in it. My solution was to put the utensils in a drawer. They're big and bulky and take the most space, and I don't use them much anyway. I don't like reaching in and grabbing things with a blade right by my hand so I'll probably move the pizza cutter into a drawer. It is a well built, large container that you don't need to worry about tipping over or knocking over, which is a positive to the compactness.

11. OXO Good Grips Ground Chopper

OXO Good Grips Ground Chopper

It's easy to break up ground meat in pans for cooking. Three wide blades are perfect for stirring and safe for non-stick cookware. Silicone blades are great for transferring food from pans. It is possible to break apart partially defrosted meat with durable construction. The handle is non-slip and dishwasher safe.

Brand: Oxo

👤Does the product work? Yes, it does. I rated it as such. I am giving the product a 1 rating and leaving a review to let consumers know that the product caught fire while it was being used. I was offered a replacement after I called. I made 3 phone calls and wrote 2 letters. I was offered a new job.

👤I used it to break up chicken in a skillet and it worked well. I discovered that the edges had melted when I washed it.

👤I've always been intimidated by cooking with ground beef. I am the mom who forgets to leave it out overnight. I am the mom who takes the meat out of the freezer an hour prior to cooking dinner or the one who uses the microwave to thaw it. There is a Anyone who cooks like this knows how frozen it is on the inside and how it cooks the edges. There is a When we stick it in the pan, we spend a lot of time removing the cooked stuff from one side and then the other. If you wrestle and stab at the long strips of meat on the pan to try and get them to cook evenly and get a good texture, you will lose. I'm going to tell you how this simple tool has changed me. There is a I can chop up meat like a master chef. It still has to do the little cook one side, flip, dance, but now it cuts a lot of time out of the equation. I get perfectly cooked ground beef each time I cook those strips of meat. I cook the meat quickly when I remember to thaw it. The tool has changed my mentality when cooking ground beef. I cook ground beef more often. It is no longer difficult and will take no more than an hour. My only wish is that this came in a metal. The ground meat chopper has not had any issues with melting or warping. I don't need a spatula to cook with because I can chop meat easily, and I use my serving spoon when it's time to eat. It is dishwasher safe and cleans up nicely. It's very attractive to look at, so it lives on my counter. I like it. I will always have it in the kitchen.

👤I found a recipe that said to use a ground meat chopper. I was confused. I didn't hear of it. Yes, a meat grinder. No meat chopper. I pride myself on having a large collection of kitchen gadgets, but I had never heard of this. I went to Amazon and found a selection of them. I chose this one because it was easy to use and it had good reviews. The doctor ordered this meat chopper because my hands and wrists are very painful. I buy organic ground beef in those tight, vacuum packed packages, and they are difficult to separate. The little baby breaks it up. I will put them in gift bags at Christmas. There is a I'm still loving this chopper! I had to cut a cup of butter into 4 cups of flour and sugar to make the scones. I thought of the meat chopper while using my pastry blender. It worked well. I could twist it in two. It made a big job smaller. Great tool!


What is the best product for cooking mallet oxo?

Cooking mallet oxo products from Oxo. In this article about cooking mallet oxo you can see why people choose the product. Oxo and Oxo are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking mallet oxo.

What are the best brands for cooking mallet oxo?

Oxo, Oxo and Oxo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking mallet oxo. Find the detail in this article. Oxo, Oxo and Oxo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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