Best Cooking Lunch Box for Men

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1. Electric Lunch Box Home 110V

Electric Lunch Box Home 110V

Food grade material is FDA PROVE. The electric heating lunch box is made of PP plastic and 304 steel. It is safe and has strong heat resistance. TheLunch Box is made of PP material and is completely nontoxic. You should have a healthy lunch. The container is easy to clean because it isremovable. There was a plastic compartment. The lunch box has a leak-proof seal ring design. There is a risk of fluid leaking in car environments. The car and truck are dual use. The home use and 24V 2-in-1 use adapter are included. You can heat your meal with this HEIGE dual use food warmer. portable The lunch warmer makes it easy to take your meal with you. When you need to use it, put it in the car charging jack or the home 110V sockets and wait 30 to 45 minutes to heat the food. This food warmer is very durable and has high temperature resistance. They have included a 2 in 1 fork and spoon for free.

Brand: Heige

👤The electrician uses the microwave to heat his lunch at the gas stations. He can't use this method for a hot lunch anymore with the Covid-19. I bought this for him to use. It takes 30 minutes to heat up, so he only gives it 4.5 stars. Overall, love it! He was able to use it quickly after reading the instructions. It fits a man sized meal and gets piping hot. He cleans it himself. Everyone is happy because there is no dishes for wifey.

👤I like this lunch box but it has a flaw. There is no gasket in the lid. If you have soup in it, you have to carry it. You will get wet. It works well. The metal spoon/fork that comes with it does not fit in the compartment. It's a shame.

👤I have to put aluminum foil over the top of the flimsy item to prevent it from leaking. The plug fell apart after a month of use. It cooks food thoroughly. The item doesn't work anymore. Don't purchase!

👤I bought this to keep me out of the office cafeteria during Covid-19. If I had food for one, it would probably heat up in an hour and a half, because it is large enough to fit 2 meals. The top of the fork does not fit in the top of the spoon. The cup keeps my sides separate. I would use pre or post Covid.

👤It's easy to use and it doesn't take long to heat up. He can now take food from home and put it in the warmer because he is a truck driver. Very happy with the purchase.

👤The rubber gasket on this product makes it hard to snap top on, first time it worked, second time it wouldn't even heat up. Would not recommend this product to anyone.

👤I work in an ambulance and I eat out a lot. One of my coworkers recommended it to me. It's one of the best things I've ever bought. It "warms" your food and "heats" it. It takes about 40 minutes to thoroughly heat up the food, but I can't eat it right away because it's too hot. I've been able to eat better at work and save money because of a healthier diet.

👤This little box works well. It is worth the investment. It takes about 45 minutes to warm the food up, but once it's warm, it's great! I have had to wait for it to cool down before I could eat. Some people don't like the amount of time it takes, but if you plug in it in advance, you won't have a problem. It can be difficult to secure the latches. You have to push down on the top to get the door to close, but once you do that, it's very secure. There is a I am very happy with this purchase. I will give an update in a few months if I remember.

👤This product is very hot and would recommend it.

2. Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer

Electric Lunch Box Food Warmer

The interior and exterior of the lunch box stove can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and mild dish soap, and lining the inside with aluminum foil, foil pan, or oven bag will reduce the amount of time you have to clean it. Plug in your lunch box at home, office, or in your car and heat up your food with the electric heating lunch box, no need to look for a microwave or wait in line. Always serve you a hot meal when plugging in, because the heating is constant between 60C and 70C. SAFTY & FAST PTC HEATING TECHNOLOGY Using the original constant temperature heating and low-consumption heat cycle to keep food at a suitable temperature and keep the moisture of the food. It takes 30-50 minutes to warm the food. The heating time should be extended if the food was taken out of the fridge. The electric lunch box warmer includes: 1x electric lunch box, 1x insulated lunch carry bag, 1x leak-proof seal ring, and 1x spoon and fork. There is a capacity of 1.5L. The cover will not move during use, it is more tightly covered. The design of the seal ring improves the defect of food leaking. There is a risk of fluid leaking in car environments. The electric lunch box is made of food grade PP plastic and STAINLESS steel, which is non-toxic, durable, eco-friendly and safe to use. Warm tips: Do not add water to the heating base and clean the heating base with water.

Brand: Herrfilk

👤We don't have microwaves in the house. Halfway. I leave for an hour prior to that. Will not buy again. It was easy. To keep portable size clean. The handles do fall off. Save your money.

👤I did some research for my husband and bought this. He doesn't have a good hot meal when he does tree work. I'm glad I got this for him because he got to use it for the first time the other day. He said it was a life changing experience that he can't remember the last time he had a hot meal at work. There is a He said he put it in his truck about 30 to 35 minutes before he wanted to eat. He had a hot sandwich that he said tasted like it came out of the oven. He said the meat was heated through the cheese and that it was perfect. I recommend this for anyone who has to work outside or who needs a microwave at work. I am very happy that I was able to get this for him. There is a It is easy to clean and holds a lot of food. You just clean it when you get home. It is easy to clean. It is easy to store and carry with.

👤It's nice to have a device that will make your food ready for lunch when you're on a construction site. Make sure to test it out for time settings so you can plug it in earlier for the food to be ready for lunch. A spoon that fits in a compartment next to the handle is included in the bag. It comes with 2 power cords so you can plug it into either the car lighter or the wall power outlet. You can either use the whole warmer or just the dish, because the dish has portion sections.

👤I bought this for my other half who is a truck driver and he loves it because he can bring home cooked meals to work. The tray is easy to use and clean, it keeps his food hot for hours.

👤I ordered this for my postal worker spouse to have hot food. It takes 20 minutes to warm up if it leaks from the plug. The concept is great, but it isn't working for us. I will return the second one that didn't work. I had to pay to send it back.

👤I was skeptical about this gift because it was a gift, but my brother is talking about it. Someone who travels for work will benefit from it. It was pretty good. But. It is easy to use. It helps my brother when he travels for work and can't get to a hotel because the microwaves on the road are full of germs. It was easy to carry, warm up and eat all in one.

👤The design could be improved. The internal canister should have a lid. You can put it in the fridge and just pop it in the box. The external lid is not easy to align for locking. The plug seems like a hack, there is 3 prongs, but only 2 are used, I'm not an electrician, but it seems kind of dangerous. The lack of an internal lid and alignment issues with the external lid are preventing me from loving this box.

3. Zone Tech Heating Lunch Site

Zone Tech Heating Lunch Site

Their adult lunch box is constructed with high grade material with strong stitching, smooth and durable zippers and excellent workmanship, worry-free for falling off and tearing easily with rough use. HEALTHY AND SAFE. The lunch box is dustproof. No dirt particles will go to your food. Your health is the first thing you put your mind to. The Zone heating lunch box warms and re-heats the food in minutes. The food should be re-cooked to 300 degrees. The Zone heating lunch box is made with high-quality food-grade materials and components to ensure maximum strength and longevity. The Zone heating lunch box is perfect for traveling, picnicking, and any other occasions. It1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The Zone heating lunch box is easy to use. Plug it into your cigarette plug and it will do the job. The Zone heating lunch box is easy to use. Plug it into your cigarette plug and it will do the job.

Brand: Zonetech

👤I got this for my husband because he wanted to heat up food for lunch. He used it and called me to say how great it was. He has a great lunch when he plugs it into his truck 15 minutes before he wants to eat. I just wash it out with some soap and water and let it dry out, then I'll have it ready for the next day.

👤This product is the best. I don't have access to a microwave to cook leftover food at work. For the past two months, I have ordered and tried 3 other car food warmers, all of which don't compare to this one. This is sturdy and can heat up my food. I put my food in aluminum foil and heat it up, it warms up nice and hot. I can warm up my leftovers now.

👤I like that you can eat lunch together. I heated the frozen hot bites for 50 minutes. This isn't a microwave, it's a warm up device. I travel a lot. I used it to heat and eat breakfast and hot dogs. The longer it is in, the better.

👤The wife bought this for me so I could have hot meals when working in the fields. It is piping hot when I plug it in with my meal. The time is different depending on the food. When I first saw it, I thought it might beluke warm food. It gets hot and nice.

👤My boyfriend drives trucks and this helped him have a nice meal on the road.

👤I bought this for my husband. He works in construction and usually works in a dozer. One of his co-workers has a lunchbox and he asked for it. Hubs liked this lunch box. He said his food was so hot he had to wait a few minutes for it to cool down before he could eat lunch. I got the little aluminum pans at the dollar store so he wouldn't have to worry about cleaning the interior every night if the box didn't tip and the pan wasn't overfilled. The first time he used it, the exterior cracked. Hubs was so angry. He was looking forward to a nice winter with hot leftovers. He says he didn't drop it, that it sat on the floor of the dozer until he plugged it in. I gave it three stars because it does work, but this particular box just didn't hold up.

👤This thing works well. It gets so hot, just be careful what you put in it.

👤I bought this to use in my trackhoe that has a 12v and 24v plug. It didn't get hot when I tried it in both plugs. I was able to put my hand on the bottom for an hour and not get burned. I bought it because of the reviews that said it worked great and got really hot, but mine didn't.

👤Good quality produce was brought to heat up dinners in a hgv truck.

4. Aotto Portable Personal Reheating Microwave

Aotto Portable Personal Reheating Microwave

The portable food warmer needs to be used with the FLAT and HEAT-RESISTANT containers size up to 9"W x 6.75"L x 3.5"H or less. If you have a question about the product, please contact them. There is no monitoring required for automatic checkpoint control. The portable oven for work will cook, rewarm, and produce no bad odors. You can easily cook meals at your office, bedroom, or home kitchen by placing your meal inside and plugging it in. Warming and re-warming of food is possible. It's best to heat your food quickly. The portable food warmer lunch box has a 110V connection. Enjoy warm tasty food and be done with it in less than an hour. The portable oven is perfect for leftovers, prepared meals, and frozen foods. There is a container with multiPLE CONTAINERS. The portable warming lunch box is compatible with heat- resistant containers. The portable lunch box can hold up to 9 liters of food and can hold up to 6 liters of food. It is convenient and convenient. The lunch box has a carrying handle. You can carry the portable microwave in your backpack. It is a great choice for taking to work, parties, travel, school dorm and hotel, perfect for office workers, patrolmen, nurses, and more. Aotto is their commitment to providing their consumers with high-quality products. If there is a manufacturer defect, contact their service team for a free replacement. They offer a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Aotto

👤Let me tell you about my work environment. It's 952 paces from my desk across two ware houses to a tiny break room where the microwave is. It takes eight minutes to walk. The break room is full of people. You have to wait on people in line and heating food uses up a lot of time. There is 18 minutes of a break before we walk back. There is a We risk our jobs every time we want hot food to walk through with our cold food, then back with our hot food, which is not very hot by the time we get back to our desks, because the rules say no food is allowed in the warehouses. Carrying a hot container has other risks. There is a The risk of dropping our food is added. This hot plate's arrival today was especially sweet because the guy who gets a 1 hour lunch and is allowed to leave the property during work hours to buy hot food or whatever he wants to eat, while us peons suffer and starve, he said, "I would ask." We have a printer. He would let his crew eat cold food or be fired to eat hot food if he wanted a fancy one. He's a real piece of the sleaze. There is a I bought this thing. I have more options for food container sizes and shapes with this bag. I was at my crappy job when it arrived. I put a dish of soup in it and plugged it in when I got home. It seems to work great and I forgive myself for being so happy, but I will eat fresh food at my desk tomorrow and my co-workers will be jealous. I plan to keep this item at work, and carry my cold food in my lunch box as usual, heating it up, because I carry a lot of other stuff in my lunch box as if it were a purse and still need that bag for it all. This is a great idea. The A-Hole will not submit a request for a stupid microwave for the nine people who eat cold sandwiches every day while he leaves site to go eat good food. I wish I could kill him with his chair.

👤It is the best thing I have ever purchased for my classroom. I have 24 minutes to eat. I don't have to walk to the teacher's lounge to get a microwave to open up, so I get the whole time. I can now enjoy the entire 24 minutes.

👤Great product. Due to Covid-19, my office has gotten rid of all communal kitchen appliances, so I bought this lunch box to have hot food. I have been using it for a few weeks and can't get enough of it. It takes about 45-60 minutes to heat up my glass containers of food, and it is safe to plug in under my desk and forget about. The hot plate on the inside gets very hot, but the outside is never warm. The box is great for storing cold food, like cheese or applesauce, which can stay in the refrigerator for 4 hours after I leave home. I am very thankful for this purchase.

5. Tacticism Insulated Leakproof Detachable Adjustable

Tacticism Insulated Leakproof Detachable Adjustable

This lunch box has a top handle that makes it easy to carry around and fit into a backpack or work bag. The capacity is larger. The dimensions are 7.87 x 9.45 It's easy to fit food, drinks, fruit, or vegetable in 18 tins. The lunch cooler has a large front pocket and side pocket that can hold a lot of stuff. Their tactical lunch box is insulated with 3 layers of PE foam liner to help keep the meal fresh and healthy. It is easy to clean and wipe the interior liner. A military molle is multifunctional. The insulated lunch box has a side mesh pocket and a water bottle pouch. The rear molle belt allows it to be attached to a larger backpack. The 66 inch long shoulder strap and reinforced grab handle are designed to make carrying easy and comfortable. Their adult lunch box is constructed with high grade material with strong stitching, smooth and durable zippers and excellent workmanship, worry-free for falling off and tearing easily with rough use.

Brand: Tacticism

👤The lunch box is good. The water bottle pouch was not included in the lunch box I received. The side that the water bottle pouch is supposed to be attached to does not have MOLLE. There is a mesh pocket on that side. The convenience of everything being strapped to it for my work day was one of the reasons I purchased this item. The item being sold needs to be reflected in the listing. I would not have made this purchase if I knew this was what I was going to get.

👤Tactical-like on the outside and Walmart-like on the inside. The inside is not as durable as a cheap kids lunch bag. The foam padding is not enough to keep the bag from sagging. I was expecting a look that was close to tactical-grade, but it is not. I was hoping for something in the middle that would justify the price. I assume the liner is water-tight in the bottom, but I'm not sure if the thin feeling material will hold up in the dirt.

👤I was very pleased with the work that was done. It appears to be strong. It arrived as expected. I will update this review after its first use. There is an update. It doesn't keep anything cold after 2 days of use. I pack the bag early. My drinks are less than room temperature, and the two large ice packs I use are not frozen. They are not cold. They're not cold, but cool to the touch. There is a It's going to make a sturdy bag.

👤Good product. It works for my needs for transporting food and drink. It fits full size utensils. It's made in China, but it comes with an American flag. I gave it 4 stars because it wasn't made in the USA.

👤Food doesn't stay cold but it looks and feels good. I thaw frozen food in the morning and heat it up in a few hours, but it doesn't feel cold. The food is sitting on my desk.

👤I didn't buy this bag for the purpose of keeping my meals cold for 15 hours. If you want your frozen food frozen, then look somewhere else. If you want a bag that looks good for a good price, then this is it. I'm expecting nice storage size and mid level cooling capabilities. There is a I'm happy that it fits three full size containers for my meals. It will probably work with three and some snacks. China knows how to represent America. The bag is a solid 4 star bag. Cool on the low end and high end. I wish it came with more MOLLE straps so I could link it up to my backpack.

👤I know it's a cooler bag. I'm sure it works. The quality is good. It has some nice added features such as the inside pouch on the lid, the front pouch, and the additional pocked that can be added to the size. You can put a bottle on the other side. I've been looking for a carry bag for a long time. Most of the carry bags made for them look like cooler bags. None of the existing battery carry bags would fit my Bibene. The bag works well. There is room on the side for the accessory case. Even though I'm not using it as a cooler, I really like this tactical style bag. I put a piece of cardboard on the bottom to improve rigidity.

6. Electric Portable Microwave Stainless Portable

Electric Portable Microwave Stainless Portable

The quality is high. The lunch box is made of food grade PP material and is temperature resistant and healthy. ADD TO CART if you have hot food. The lunch box is specially designed for Home users. Car and Home dual use portable food warmers give you a healthy lunch. Wherever you are. Don't look for a microwave. The lunch box has a 12V 24V car/truck and a 120V home/office plug. The lunch box had a spoon and a plastic compartment. If you have a thermal food container, you can Fast Heating your food and keep it warm. The ring improves the defect of food leaking. The base of the lunch box should not be added with liquld. The lunch box is easy to clean. You can wash the trays in a dishwasher. "Corot" is a professional electric lunch box manufacturer. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you are not completely satisfied with your order.

Brand: Corotc

👤This is the best thing to see here. This is a great lunch box for me because I am so mobile at work. I don't have to bring items to work that can't be served cold anymore. The food is nice and hot when I get back to my desk or while I'm out driving after I plug it up. It has a lot of food. I have told other coworkers about it because I like it so much. They love it because they can stay in their social distance areas and not have to go to the cafeteria to warm up their food that is being utilized by several people and can have a warm meal ready for their desk. I would recommend this to anyone.

👤I received my package and after opening it, the entire lunch box came out and was open before. The scratches and stains on the device were so obvious that I was upset that it had already been used. Like seriously. I don't want to test this out because someone already used it. I will either return or get a new one.

👤I'm in love with my new electric lunch box. My food was always cold when I got to work. I have a nice hot breakfast every day. The little guy works. It's almost like a crock pot. I have to blow on my food before I eat it because it is so hot. It's the perfect size, it looks small, but it holds a lot of food. The metal insert is easy to clean. It does not look non-stick, but it does act like it. If the power ever goes out, I bought this to make food. I have a small portable generator that I can use to make soup or even heat up water for tea. I can take my hot food with me when I travel, if I plug it into the car cig lighter. This is a great find. There is only one setting. It has the same heat settings. The heat is perfect for me, so that's fine with me. I love it.

👤I used to be in a terrible living situation and this help me eat hot meals, I enjoyed easy to clean with a wipe and the sides did get hot but not too hot, but be careful. Setting a timer on your phone is a way to control the heat.

👤Hoy lo usé. I parece fantstico, adis microondas, a la perfeccin.

👤I bought this for my husband because the microwaves were taken away. He is very happy with it. It is large enough for two if he would choose to warm up his food. I bought a second one for my son-in-law. He has to try it.

👤My husband got a portable microwave. He was skeptical at first but was impressed with how well it heated his food. He warms his food in the microwave. 30 minutes before his lunch. He says the food was so warm he had to blow it. He was very happy. It is used daily. We only had for a week so I can't say if it's good or bad, but so far so good.

7. Stanley Classic Lunch Hammer 10 Quart

Stanley Classic Lunch Hammer 10 Quart

The manufacturer's warranty is limited. MIER lunch bag is for two years. They are behind their products. If a product fails because of a defect in material or the quality of workmanship, they will repair or replace it for free. The materials and workmanship of their products will be free of any defects, as MIER takes pride in the quality of their products. If a problem develops, please contact them. The classic lunch container. Stanley wanted to build a lunch box that was more functional and tough than a paper bag, so he built this. It is difficult anddurable. The Stanley lunchbox is made with 0 6mm SPCD steel for superior durability and single wall insulation. The Large Calibration Lobby is large. The lunch box is meant to be the working person's lunch box that can hold lunch, snacks, and a water bottle. This lunch box has a top handle that makes it easy to carry around and fit into a backpack or work bag.

Brand: Stanley

👤The only complaint I have is that the lip on the lid doesn't go all the way around the back corners, which causes big gaps. I work indoors and it's not a big issue for me. If it rains, water will soak the inside of a construction site for a man who walks to work. Not to mention bugs, dust, and other things. I expect Stanley products to have this nailed down before they sell it. It seems like a half-assed design to me. There is a It's no longer made in the USA so it might not mean much to some of you. It means a lot to me. There is a I did not fill in all the stars because of these two reasons. There is a It will last me for sure. I used a micrometer to get the thickness of the metal. I got 0.033 inch. I have a wide mouth soup bottle that fits in the upper inside lid area without any issues. I need it to hold my lunch. The lunch pail beats the tar out of the nylon lunch bags. The lid is closed when latched by the 2 latches. I don't use a cold pack so I can't give you any honest feedback on whether it will stay cold in the box. It isn't insulated at all. A metal box. Period. If you use a cold pack, it will sweat inside, so you might want to put a bar towel inside before packing your lunch. Or don't. Whatever. There is a The seller and I had a good experience with Amazon. It was packed neatly and came to my house without any damage. It arrived on time. I would recommend this lunch pail to you if you asked me. There is a Hope this helped you.

👤The lunch box is sturdy, roomy and has a number of great containers made to fit it. Coffee is still hot like the old days. He can put everything he needs in this, keys, wallet, sunglasses, cell phone and charging cord, measuring tape, and some papers for work. I call it his man purse. If your guy has to carry a lot of things. The large size of this is great because he is tired of the small items rolling around his truck. This will stop you from running around the house when he can't find stuff because he can find it in the man purse. This looks manly. His work mates had a lot of envy and some have purchased when they saw the quality construction.

👤The Stanley 10qt lunch box is reliable. You have probably seen it at some point. Lunchboxes will run you between 15 and 20 dollars. This one will cost you at least $35. Since you are paying a lot more than you would elsewhere, here are some reminders about what sets this carrier apart from the rest; PROS, double latches, and storage space to fit a small thermos or food jar in the top of the box. This costs at least $35 and it gets heavy when full. Here is why. You will want a thermos to fit in the lid. You will look in your cupboard for a while and find a thermos you have had for a while. Excitedly, you will rush to your lunch pail, only to discover it doesn't fit, and you need to buy a different thermos. That happened to me. I know what will and what won't fit in the lid because of this. The Stanley Classic Legendary bottle is 20oz. Stanley. The Trigger-Action Travel Mug is 16oz. Stanley. The Trigger-Action Travel Mug is 20oz. The Stanley Classic Travel Mug is 16oz. Stanley. The All-In-One Food Jar is made of Adventure Stainless Steel. A classic food jar.

8. Electric Lunch Food Heater Portable

Electric Lunch Food Heater Portable

As he makes his way through each stage, he is wearing protective, handicraft costumes. The electric food warmer has two different plugs, one for work and one for cars. The use of a more safe and heat insulation dual function is used in fast heating. Plug in the cable and you can have a warm meal in your seat without waiting in line. The heating process takes 25 minutes. The size is 9.3 x 6.7 x 4.3 inch. You should stop mixing your food. If you want to separate different types of food, they have included a plastic compartment. They also provide knives, forks and spoons. You can clean it easily with aremovablestainless steel tray. It is dishwasher friendly. The quality is high. The lunch box is made of food grade PP material and is temperature resistant and healthy. ADD TO CART if you have hot food.

Brand: Henglisam

👤Me result una calentar, llevarlo, and a da de pesca. You're right. No tengo, donde quiera, est gracias por leer.

👤I can't afford to eat out every day because of COVID restrictions. This purchase was amazing. I have a lot of different things in my lunch. My reheated steak was amazing and many of my coworkers followed the smell. I put it in my existing lunch box.

👤My sons are electricians and they don't have a microwave so they usually have cold cut sandwiches every day. They can take hot lunches and leave overs for lunch thanks to this lunchbox. Is the food really hot? It beats ham and cheese sandwiches 6 days a week.

👤I like that it is portable. I don't like that when it's warm, the room smells like plastic. I put my food in the aluminum tray, but I use it as a water holder to steam my lunch in the glass container that I put in the glass container. It takes an hour for my food to be ready to eat so I have to plug it in an hour before my lunch.

👤I bought this product for my husband's lunch since he can't find a place to heat it up and he connects it about half an hour before lunch. He gets to eat a meal.

👤My husband works at different job sites that don't have a break room, so this heatbox makes it possible. He can have a nice warm lunch without having to go to a fast food restaurant.

👤Purchase a lunch box for my husband and he loves it. He no longer has cold lunches in his van.

👤We have been guessing since there are no instructions. There was a sticker on the top that said to open the vent. If you add water to the product it will drain out all the holes. We've tried to heat things. The stuff is not hot 45 minutes in. We tried closing the vent but it didn't work. This product is not good.

👤Me gust mucho la fiambrera, pero tiene bastante capacidad. Ahora, la comida estuvo en el refrigerador en unos 25 -31 minutos. There is a Los cubiertos son pequeos pero de material resistente. There is a No me gust mucho, pero el cable is demasiado corto (60 cm aprox). Sin duda fue una compra. It's recomiendo!

👤No pude probarla, estoy en proceso de devolverla. No obstante tiene buen aspecto me hubiera.

👤Muy prctica. Amigo capacidad. Calienta, sineder la temperatura.

👤Muy, a excepcin de la cerrar, mucho trabajo de 1 solo lado. Cuando lo logras cerrar es una maravilla.

👤creo, han sido de las compras, he hecho...

9. Electric Microwave Removable Stainless Container

Electric Microwave Removable Stainless Container

The Zone heating lunch box is easy to use. Plug it into your cigarette plug and it will do the job. No microwave is required. Are you always on the go and tired of fast food? Plug in the Electric Heating Lunch Box at home, office or in a car and heat up your food. Enjoy homemade food. The electric lunch box has a heated lunch box. The package includes an electric lunch box, a spoon and fork, an additional plastic compartment, and a long power cord. The portable lunch box is dishwasher safe and is easy to clean. Do not wash the heating base with water. It has a high power of 60W and is 1/3 shorter in heating time than the old version of the electric lunch box. The perfect choice for gifts. It is a perfect birthday gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, and friend, let family and friends feel the love from you. If you have any questions about the portable food warmer, please contact them.

Brand: Abtact

👤Chicken thighs and rice were made. It was done around 1 pm. My kid played baseball in 44 degree weather. The baby was plugged in when I came back to the car. It was perfect. My 13 year old told me to be careful when I went in to grab a bite. He was correct. This was a great purchase according to him. I could fit another thigh here. We spend a lot of time at the baseball fields as I have two boys who play travel ball. Our long days at the field are getting better. The concession stand has less frito pie.

👤My husband does hardscapes for a living and I bought this for him. The plastic cover for the plug was not very long-lived. The silverware compartment is always open. Even the sauce is kept inside the lid compartment. It works like it's supposed to.

👤After opening the box, looking at and feeling the quality of the plastic, the upgrade seal fell off the lid onto the floor, and the box was returned. My guess is that all of the vendors on Amazon are from the same manufacturer and have the same low build quality.

👤It took me an hour to heat up some food. I had to turn off my car twice. I had my AC on. I know that the outside temp affects heating time. The rubber gasket on the lid is not glue and can come out easily, so be careful when taking the lid off. The food doesn't stick to the bottom. Press that down and make sure it's down the whole time you're heating your food. It helps with the heating time.

👤La compré para hijo, llevarse su comida al colegio... Pues ha resultado, ser espectacular, facil de manejar, de lavar, calienta, tarda un poquito, pero Cumple su funcin. 100%. Dos cables para calentar, uno para el carro y otro para corriente normal. El bolso is sper prctico.

👤For the price, it does exactly what it is supposed to do, but for the money, I would recommend shopping around for something more durable in the price range, but overall, it is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I bought two.

👤I have been wanting this product for a while. The first order was returned due to a broken snap. I ordered this one to replace the first one. It works well. I like using this for my lunch. I don't have to depend on the break room to heat my lunch.

👤Es d buen ahora. Es una agarras con fuerza.

10. Electric Stainless NNAB Removable Container

Electric Stainless NNAB Removable Container

Lunch boxes for adults You don't need to worry about not having enough food in the large compartment because it can hold enough for adult men. 60WSTEREO HEATING FOR HEATS UP The electric lunch box with power of 60W is fast. Their portable food warmer lunch box can heat up a healthy lunch in no time. Get lunch warmer by plugging in cable. You are just minutes away from it. Their dual use self electric heating lunch box has two type plugs. There is a portable microwave for car and truck rides and a 12v-24v adapter for heated lunch box meals. Enjoy a homemade meal that was meant to be warm and fresh. The NNAB electric lunch box is a great way to eat out on the go. The heart is large. The heated lunch boxes have 1.5L of storage for adults. A food grade 304 STAINLESS STEEL 3-GRID plate is included in every portable food warmer. It's a perfect car food warmer. It is easy to clean, retractable tarp is free for one dishcloth, and it is dishwasher safe. The spoon and fork are included. Please add to cart. You can eat anywhere.

Brand: Nnab

👤The lunch box is very nice. There is a spoon, fork and bag. Excellent quality. The night before you can pack the lunch and not worry about getting cold. I can warm my lunch in the car. It's a must have in the cold weather.

👤Fue un regalo para una persona.

👤The Practica y calienta. La comida de forma optima.

👤In 30 minutes, dedicata de la 7 a las 11 30 am.

11. Electric Stainless Portable Compartments Included

Electric Stainless Portable Compartments Included

The lunch box is easy to clean. You can wash the trays in a dishwasher. No microwave is required for a warm healthy meal. Are you always on the go and tired of fast food? Plug in the Electric heating lunch box at home, office, or in a car or truck using the 12V/24V/110 power cables and heat up your food. Enjoy homemade food. The lunch box has an electric box. The package includes an electric lunch box, a spoon and fork, an additional plastic compartment, and a power cord for cars and trucks. There is a capacity of 1.5L. The bento box is made of food grade plastic and 304 steel. Their food container has strong heat resistance and is safe. The U-miss portable microwave is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The external lunch box should not be washed with water. This thermal lunch box is a great gift for your husband, boyfriend, father, friend, or yourself, whether you want it for yourself or someone else. They are going to love it. Add to cart now.

Brand: U-miss

👤This is a game-changing item. My husband takes his lunch to work. He isn't always around a restaurant or a take out place. It saves a lot of money. I cook at home almost every night and we always have leftovers. I would pack him sandwiches so he wouldn't have to eat them cold. I portion out some in his lunch box and put it in the fridge for him to grab when he gets home. It does a good job of heating everything up, like a crockpot would. There is a If he doesn't have an outlet, he can use the car charge. The portion size is large enough. I never use PAM. There is a There are extras in the compartment that my husband keeps in case he forgets his fork or spoon. There is a It takes a little while to heat up, so you have to plug it in before you go. We only had this for a few months. I can't say how long this will last, but so far it's good. Such a good purchase.

👤It is a great concept, but it is a poor design. I was surprised to see that it has no insulation. It fits a lot of food, but a little insulation would make it better. The walls are paper thin. You have to stir the food often because it only heats from the bottom. The top is hard to clean. It took about an hour to heat the pasta. It would be more efficient with a little insulation. There is a I enjoyed a warm meal in my truck after it heated my food.

👤While we have a trailer that we can take a break in, we don't have a microwave because we are out in the middle of nowhere. We have plugs. The electric lunch box allows me to take some time to plug in and it makes my food nice and warm when I come back for lunch. I put what I need to keep warm inside of this in my lunch bag, but I have other items with me. When I get ready to use this, I take out my bag and put it on a table. I was afraid that it would cause an issue but since using this, the heat stays inside the container and does not warm up the outside. I had my boss stay with the container for about 10 minutes to prove this, and he said that the outside of the container was not warm enough for them to have an issue. My food was warm and ready to eat when we opened it. I can enjoy a warm or hot lunch in my large lunch bag.

👤Este producto ha sido til y prctico para los almuerzos. He comprado dos de ellos. 15 minutos antes de almorzar y perfecto, Calienta la comida. Lleg en tiempo y es igual a la descripcin.

👤A good product with a good price. Works are described. It is easy to clean. On a day trip on the car, I was happy to have a warn lunch without stopping at a restaurant. The same good result was achieved when tested with AC.


What is the best product for cooking lunch box for men?

Cooking lunch box for men products from Heige. In this article about cooking lunch box for men you can see why people choose the product. Herrfilk and Zonetech are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking lunch box for men.

What are the best brands for cooking lunch box for men?

Heige, Herrfilk and Zonetech are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking lunch box for men. Find the detail in this article. Aotto, Tacticism and Corotc are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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