Best Cooking Kits for Kids 9-12 Real

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1. Kayka Zak Binoculars Flashlight Exploration

Kayka Zak Binoculars Flashlight Exploration

It's a great gift for children's birthday Christmas to enjoy the cooking time and funny toys. The top quality outdoor explorer and bug catcher kit has high quality real working Binoculars, flashlight, Handheld fan, Magnifying glass, Bug Tongs, Innovative Insect viewer, Forceps, Butterfly Net, backpack, Whistle, compass, and a camo safari hat. It's made of quality materials and is safe for your kids, so you don't need to worry about broken tongs, faded insect viewer, or scratchy Binoculars. The whistle, compass, and handheld torch help your young explorer navigate nature and be prepared for emergencies in the wild. The young investigator needs a fan and hat to stay comfortable in the sun. The Kayka Zak kit comes with a camo bag that can be used to store all the adventure kit contents. A must-have bug catching kit for children. Fun outdoor kids toys gift for age 3-12 to support stem learning with outdoor activity and to encourage love for nature; Broaden your Child's knowledge so they don't have to spend tons of time on TV.

Brand: Kayka Zak

👤I never write reviews, but I really liked it. There is a I have to buy another explorer kit for my daughter and son because they are fighting over it. The kit has good quality for the money we spent. My daughter said that she loves to explore our backyard with the binoculars and insect viewer. The cute mini fan and torch are attractive for kids. There is a There are pros. Good quality for the price, handheld fan included for the hot weather, comes with almost everything that a kid explorer needs, safe and comfortable to use, it's worth the bugs we pay.

👤My daughter loves nature and this was a gift for her. She loved the set. She had a hat that fit her head well. The plastic kid kind of magnifications worked well for her. The binoculars worked well. She had a blast exploring with this kit and the carry bag helps keep it all in one spot when not in use.

👤The only thing that was undamaged was the hat. The hat was pretty cool and I am giving two stars. The whistle doesn't work, the compass doesn't work, the net is terrible, and immediately started falling apart. The fan was damaged when it arrived. It was a birthday gift for an excited boy and everything he picked up fell apart in his hands or didn't work. Don't buy this and save your money.

👤I bought this for my child. My kids are excited to get this set. My 2 year old will have fun with it. They love playing with it. Highly recommended...

👤Twin grandsons are 4 years old and I bought 2 of these for them. I bought a vest for them during their visit to the park. I was looking for an adventure set that included a hat, flashlight, and tools for any adventure. They enjoy the bug magnifier. I would buy this set again.

👤I bought it for my son because he loves playing in dirt. There is a back pack, hat and fan. He will be busy for hours. Good for the kids to play outside.

👤My nephew was 3 years old when I gave this to him. He uses the backpack all the time because he was excited to see everything in it. He loves the outdoors and this little kit helps him.

👤The explorer kit my daughter received as a birthday gift was so exciting. She really liked the box. She first looked for bugs using a magnifying glass, then she used a bug catcher. They are growing with the nature. Thanks to Kayka.

2. Airplane Throwing Flight Outdoor Birthday

Airplane Throwing Flight Outdoor Birthday

There are 409 Colorful Pony Beads, 15 Colorful Metallic Pony Beads, 19 Colorful Translucent Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, 4 Lanyard Clips, and 10 Skeins of Wax Cord. The Storage Case Work Station is 7 in. x 4 in. Easy-to- Follow Instructions for 5 Design Templates. The throwing foam airplane glider pack contains two colorful airplanes. The throwing plane is easy to install and disassemble, just insert the wing and tail to the right place, you will be allowed to enjoy the flying game immediately. There are two flight modes. The foam plane can fly in either parallel or rotate mode when you install it. There are two holes in the plane. The plane will fly in glider mode if the tail wing is inserted. The plane will fly in reverse mode if the tail wing is put to the upper hole. The plane has a bright light that makes it beautiful and can fly at night, which will bring a lot of fun to the kids. The foam aircraft toys are safe and fun to play with. Round edges are suitable for your kids to play with. Even if the foam glider hits your kids, they won't be harmed. They are tested to make sure they are safe. The Interactive Toy is beneficial to cultivate children's practical, observation ability and sense of direction. Children's ability to manipulate is improved by jumping and throwing. It can relax people and release stress. It is a perfect gift for an interactive toy outdoors. The ideal kids gifts. A wind glider airplane is a great party favor. The best flying plane toys for kids include aviation and airplane theme parties. Good behavior is rewarded at home with glider planes. Birthday Christmas gift for boys and girls.

Brand: Cuku

👤I bought these for my son. Good thing there are two, I don't want to share. These are fun. I thought so too. The price is great. I bought a bunch more for everyone. You get a plane! In my best Oprah voice, I said, "And you get a plane..."

👤I received these planes in the mail today and was excited to give them to my kids. I gave the blue one to my son and the orange one to my girl. I put them together. It was easy and they were sturdy. They looked the same. My kids could tell there was something different between the 2 after a few minutes of play. My daughter's plane is not very good. My son's plane can do half of what it can. All of us have tried it and all agree that it is more than just her flying skills. I hope the company will help me out of this family crisis. I would give this product 5 stars if both planes worked the same. We only needed to replace one. The customer service was great. The blue out performed the orange plane on the second set of planes. We didn't report anything because we had 2 good flying planes.

👤I read some reviews that said the plane broke or lights didn't work after the first impact. Get real! My 3, 4, and 5 year old grandsons played with them at the park. They used the planes for hours. No damage or breakage would prevent the plane from operating normally. There is a What are you talking about? This plane is very sturdy, unless your kid decides to destroy it. I highly recommend. Especially after seeing how happy they were. Will buy more when necessary.

👤The kids love planes. When we first assembled them and took them outside, we thought they were a little weird, but once we learned how to fly them, they became instant hits! If you throw them correctly, they'll loop several times and smooth land. The plastic cover on the top of the planes is67531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 I'm buying more.

👤My grandson loved playing with them.

👤These were sturdy and had lots of fun with my grandson.

👤Boys are 3 and 5 years old. They like the size and flys.

👤My kids play with them.

3. Melissa Doug Decorate Your Own Sweets Craft

Melissa Doug Decorate Your Own Sweets Craft

The components of the kit fit neatly in a plastic storage case and are easy to clean up. There are 2 treasure boxes and a cake bank. 75 foil stickers, 6 pots of paint, 3 paintbrushes, and 3 glitter glues are some of the craft supplies. There are three different sweets-themed crafts. It's perfect for parties or rainy days. Fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and creative expression are promoted. There is a warning Small parts of a hazard. Not for children under 3 years old.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤My daughters are 3 and 5 years old. They sat for two hours and painted the pottery until there were no white spots left. The girls had a great time. Each set comes with 3 paint brushes which are convenient. These aren't water colors. Don't use water. When you want to switch colors, wipe the brushes off with a paper towel. I did not try the stickers. I was pleasantly surprised by the activity. It was worth every penny. I would buy again. I am going to look for other painting sets by Doug andMelissa. We got some paint. I used a wet scrubby sponge to get it off. The glitter glue can be used to write names or designs. I helped with that part.

👤My daughter is getting into crafts and painting and I bought this set for her. She loves it, she received it for her birthday. It was a good deal before Christmas. Will purchase similar items for her or her friends.

👤My daughter likes these little treasure boxes, so it wasn't a complete waste of money, but the paints and stickers didn't adhere to them. The paint beaded off while we were trying to paint them, and the stickers fell off overnight. She gets some small trinket-boxes for her treasures, but otherwise this was a huge dud of a craft.

👤This was a disappointing Christmas gift, and I had to return it, but Amazon was able to send another to my niece, who is six years old. She had a lot of fun decorating the item.

👤It is hard to go wrong with the products of Doug andMelissa. The pieces are a good size and this is a cute set. Kids liked to paint them.

👤My children liked painting and decorating this craft. Highly recommend.

👤I bought this for a child. She had a lot of fun decorating it. She liked showing everyone her creations and putting things in them. Highly recommended as a cute little experience.

👤My kids love crafts. There is a There are great crafts to have.

👤It was much better than I expected. There are great quality paints and toys. It was a perfect gift for my 11 year old. Will order more from the store. It was on time.

👤My daughter liked the craft. The paint looks good. I would buy it as a gift.

👤Kids can paint and decorate with their friends.

4. JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking Baking

JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking Baking

It is easy to clean. The apron is dirt-repellent due to a special treatment. Cleaning grease stains up to 40 C is not a problem. The chef dress up clothes for little girls include a girl apron, hat, oven mitt, glove, whisk, wooden spoon, rolling pin and 4 cookie cutter. There is a bonus kids cookbook. The chef apron is pink with white polka dots and frilly edges and comes with a strap to tie around the neck and to fit a toddler. The elastic band on the chef's hat perfectly fits a little girl's head. The utensils can be used to cook and bake. The hat and apron for kids are made to last with a sturdy material and reinforced edges, and can be thrown in the washing machine. The safety was tested in accordance with the standards. The Teachable Moment is a chance to make kids excited in the kitchen, teach them to simple cook and easy bake, and help out mom and dad, see their smile when taking their creations out of the oven wearing a chef hat and apron. Is it possible to deal with a lonely boy or girl? The answer to boring boys is house play kits, as long as it's kids entertainment and home education. The hours of imagination are educational toys that encourage creativity and role play and teach kids about food and cooking. When you give them this as a gift, watch their face light up.

Brand: Jaxojoy

👤The other reviewers of the child's chef set were helpful and the deciding factor for me. I will never meet Evelyn, the 5-year-old little girl I bought this adorable chef set for. I took her gift-wish from the Christmas wish-tree where I bank. I don't know about child size, I have no children and I don't live in a household with any. Evelyn wanted a set of pots and pans. Get it, check. I had fun on the toy side of Amazon. I also bought a dish set. I saw the chef's set and it was irresistible. There is a I would like to thank you again for making a 5-year-old's Christmas wish come true.

👤I bought this as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure... Santa left this as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Most of the contents are ok for a 1.5-2y/o child, but you should know if your toddler is the type to play dress up. My daughter is the one who likes to wear an apron and chef hat, while my son is the one who doesn't. I got this for my daughter because she loves food. Not "like" but "literally". I don't have the time to explain what she has done to get her hands on a single Goldfish, but I do know that if you were on fire and had a bag of marshmallows nearby, she would sit and roast you. If you know what I mean, you can tell from looking at her how much she loves to eat. If you don't know, her doctor has put her on a diet. I don't want my baby girl to have a bad relationship with food. I thought it would be a good idea to put her in the kitchen and do some work around here. There is a It's really amazing. I'm happy. There is a The intent is to get her interested in preparing food, showing her that not all food comes from brightly colored bags and boxes, and ultimately helping to teach her to make healthy food choices. The apron has enough string length to fit her waist with room to spare if needed. The baker's hat is likely to fit most kids, even being a bit on the big side. I say this because it fits both of my kids heads, although a more snug fit on my daughter. Both of my children get their heads from their Daddy. I'm sure you all think I'm exaggerating. They are both 99th percentiles for head circumference. My daughter's head circumference is usually taken first by the nurse, and then by the doctor, who thinks it's a mistake if they measure it again once or twice. It will fit your kids. The other items are toddler sized. They are perfect for preparing pretend food, which is what we have not attempted to do. These can easily be weaponized. Don't let the small size fool you. These are used in toddler wars. Parental discretion is not advised. I feel the need to warn people not to touch the floor with the super tiny cookie cutter. They disappear or blend-in, and you will step on it with a bear or socks. The type of pain that will stay with you forever; labor and childbirth? Is it possible to put something to the head? Is it related to kidneys stones? Are Legos on the floor? Not even close. Who wants a cookie that's small? What are you? There is a This comes with a little kids cookbook, which is one of the best things about it. There are some really cute ideas, like a kids "sushi" roll, and I think all but one of them does not require a stove or oven. I liked that part the most because it reminded me of a book I had when I was a kid. It taught me how to make everything from scrambled eggs to pancakes, biscuits, and muffins in the microwave. It always tasted a bit off or horrible compared to the same thing cooked in the stove/oven. I wish I still had that book. There is a You should buy this for your child. They might form a coup and overthrow you if you let them keep the baking utensils.

5. Playz Disgusting Boogers Activity Experiment

Playz Disgusting Boogers Activity Experiment

It's a great gift for preschoolers, ages 3 to 6. There is a fun toy for kids. The Playz science kits for kids allow kids to learn about Gels and Cross linked Polymers using special effects. A fun and simple instructions book with 34+ tools, ingredients, parts, and cool stuff makes for hours of fun education at home or in the classroom. The lab guide is easy to use and gives kids hours of fun in their home made science lab. It's a perfect kit for boys, girls, kids, and teens. A fun way to educate kids is easy. The Kids Craft Kit is designed to challenge the child's mind as they work through the detailed easy-to-follow instruction guide, learning about classroom subjects in a fun way. As a result, you will see test grades improve. Do your research and trust their playz prophecy. The quality of the Playz Science Experiment Kit will be known to you. If you're not happy with your purchase, contact them.

Brand: Playz

👤The item is not worth the money. It's something you get from a dollar store. Doesn't work, that's what I say. That's the dollar store. I paid 29.00 for this item from a dollar store. I followed all the instructions in the letter N and nothing came out. The recipe calls for a lot of ingredients. Not even come with. We decided to make it. It came out like Cranberry Sausage W Cranberry Chubbs. We followed all directions. I am not happy that my brother is in prison, he did everything the book says to do, but I spent my money on something else. I will do everything I can to get my money back. He can play with the new Christmas gift. He didn't think the extent of crying was that bad.

👤We loved this product and can't wait to try another one. The directions were easy to follow. My 10 year old was able to complete the steps on his own. We needed 3ml of milk, but it isn't included. We made zombie eyeballs and blood. The kit has enough supplies to make a few activities. This kit is very good.

👤The product was fun. My 7 year old son made everything. It seems like there isn't much in the kit when you first open it. After starting the experiments, we realized there was more than enough to do at least 2 times. My son made a lot of disgusting experiments.

👤My grandson liked it. Some of the instructions were frustrating to both of us. The finished products were too small. The instructions should not have been a problem because I have a degree in chemistry and a degree in microbiology.

👤I was very disappointed. It is a very small box and feels empty. I would not have bought it if I had seen it in the store, and it would be a hassle to send it back. It is a birthday present, but it feels empty.

👤My boys are 6 and 8 years old. The kit appealed to them in that way. The experiments will need to be done by an adult, with the kids helping. You don't have to do all of them at the same time. You may want to complete those specific ones at the same time, because a few of them go together. My kids feel like scientists when they have fun. Before starting, read the directions all the way through.

👤I bought this for my birthday. He let his older sister keep it. He said that he was no longer into the stuff. My son loved it. Even though the box says for ages 8 years and older, my 6 year old did great with it. When making "fart putty", we dumped the powder instead of sprinkling and it clumped up, so we were unable to get it smooth as directions said to do. I would buy this again because it entertained my kids for a long time. We had to use gloves and goggles to teach them about safety.

6. Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

Kids First Science Laboratory Kit

Children's educational toys encourage creativity, role play, and teach kids about food and cooking. The fun and informative science kit is a great way to teach preschool-age kids about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. There are 24 large plastic scientific tools that are easy to handle and use. The manual explains to parents and adult supervisors how the scientific tools in the kit should be presented to their children and provides insight into a child's development stages. A set of 10 experiment cards have instructions for children to follow on one side and information on the other side for parents, caregivers, and teachers to read to the child. The components of the kit fit neatly in a plastic storage case and are easy to clean up.

Brand: Thames & Kosmos

👤I am a big fan of Kosmos and Thames, but this kit is not up to par. The test tubes have the same quality as the clear plastic parts. The bed fell onto the tile floor during play with my three year old. It cracked. The clear plastic funnel had the same thing happen to it. The items are large. The quality of the plastic parts needs to be addressed because it is too brittle.

👤There is a 31/2 year old and 5 yo grandchild. The storage box was being used for other games. The equipment was easy to use. The 'lab' had to be moved to deal with the water. The lab coast helped them get into the science mode.

👤A great science kit for a young scientist. It's definitely a big set and you want to make sure you have time to sit down and watch everything. There are different levels for the kids to progress through, but haven't gotten to the more advanced ones yet.

👤A good kit. A nice gift. You can tackle most of the "experiments" with the things in the kitchen or bathroom.

👤There's nothing you can't do with everyday household items. You're paying $30 for plastic cups. A small measuring cup is used to scoop beans into a larger cup. Use your own cups. A person is putting a pencil in a test tube. You can use your own glass cup in the kitchen. The "experiments" were really disappointing. The fact that it was a "science kit" made her more interested in it than I was, but still, a big waste of money.

👤I bought this for my grand daughter who loves it. She likes to make observations and experiences. This is a great way to get kids interested in science.

👤My grandson loves looking through the booklet to see what he wants to do. Most of them have been done a couple times.

👤It was fun for a 5 year old.

👤The plastic is cheap and brittle, but my daughter loved it. The large test tube was cracked out of the box. The item was out of stock and not available in the future. My daughters Christmas present was taken awaay because it was broken, but she liked it. No partial refunds or other options were offered so had to pay the full price for the damaged item.

👤On his birthday, Grandson opened it and was outside collecting bugs and anything he could put in the containers. His mind was working for a while. It's a good gift for kids learning.

7. Veitch Fairytales Cooking Supplies Decorating

Veitch Fairytales Cooking Supplies Decorating

100 If you don't like your Kids Cooking Set within 1 month of purchase, a full replacement will be sent to you. Animals-shaped cookie cutters can make cute cookies. Kid can make cakes with muffin cups, scrapers and decorating supplies. The egg separator and whisk can be used to bake. The rolling pin and scraper are easy to use. A high-quality suitcase can hold all the tools. Children dream of the all-round baking set. The apron is suitable for different ages and can be washed in a machine. There is an elastic band on the back of the chef's hat. Machine wash, comfortable to wear. Pass the safety tests of the standards. Role playing is a favorite game of children. They like to pretend they are older. It is a part of childhood development. Children should be given a chance to play a chef and teach baking. The chef costume for kids will give your children a novel experience of being a real chef and will encourage their interest in cooking. The kids baking chef set helps you teach your kids how to bake and brings you some wonderful family time. Children will learn to bake from their parents. The growth of children helps to create more lasting sweet memories. The gift is wonderful. This is a great gift. Baking supplies inspire children to play the role of chefs, improve their sense of responsibility and project management skills. The children made cakes and graphics with cookie molds. Children's imagination can be used without restriction. The girls like pink. It is a good birthday or holiday gift for children over 3 years old.

Brand: Veitch Fairytales

👤This is a great Christmas gift for our granddaughter. The item is similar to the carrying case.

👤It's well made with a lot of cooking utensils. The apron and chef hat are very cute. My granddaughter likes it. It was a Christmas gift.

👤The kit is fun but flimsy. Don't hope for it to last, it's a good gift.

👤This set is cute and appealing to little ones. My 4yo was happy. It's a great value because of the apron and hat.

👤A nice case filled with all the baking/ cooking tools that little girls can use to bake. Well done! A nice gift!

👤The quality of the chef's hat was good. There were a lot of cooking supplies. My great-granddaughter loves it.

👤It looks like my stuff in the kitchen. She loves it.

8. Playz Yummy Science Experiments Craft

Playz Yummy Science Experiments Craft

The button should be pressed several times at the first use. The button should be pressed forcefully all the way down. To make sure the mist is fine. Do not fill oil that is more than 10ML. Density oil should not be put in the dispensers. The oil is easy to solidify in the winter and can cause the sprayer to spray a stream. It will return to normal if you just run the nozzle under warm water. The way to learn is exciting. The Playz STEM arts and crafts science kit allows kids to learn about natural iridescence and SPF factor using UV detector beads and science activities. Kids and teens can have fun with educational christmas or birthday gifts. A fun and simple instructions book with 26+ tools, ingredients, and parts makes for hours of fun education at home or in the classroom. The lab guide is easy to use and gives kids hours of fun in their own home made science lab. A fun way to educate kids is easy. It's important to engage the mind. This set challenges the child's mind as they work through the detailed easy-to- follow instruction guide, learning about classroom subjects in a fun way. As a result, you will see test grades improve. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are referred to as STEM. Do your research and trust their playz prophecy. You know the quality of the Playz product. If you're not happy with your purchase, contact them.

Brand: Playz

👤I bought this for my daughter's birthday and I'm very disappointed. The idea of this product is great, but when I saw what you get, I couldn't believe I paid $30 for it. This is a max price. There are three big complaints. It says you can reuse these ingredients, but that's not true. Enough product can be made to fill the lip balm tray. This is a one-and-done kit. It only has two lip balm colors: red and yellow. You have the ability to make red, yellow, and orange lip balm. Adding blue coloring is something that should be done. We can make blue, green, and purple lip balms if we have the primary colors. You only get one cherry flavor. I was surprised by the high reviews, but I was expecting more than what's included. I feel like I spent more money on the plastic packaging and cardboard box than on the actual lip balm product. I gave it two stars because the instructions were clear and it made a working lip balm at the end.

👤My girls are 11 and 12 years old. They love making things and this seemed like a great project. The directions were easy to follow. They had bright photos. There was a cute little display holder for the kit. Each of them had enough product to make two types of lip balm. There is a The quantity was the only complaint I had. Adding a few flavor choices would be better. Maybe send more than the amount of ingredients. The whole thing took about 15 minutes. Hopefully we can purchase the other creations you make in the future, they seemed to enjoy themselves.

👤My daughter liked this. The compact is dumb and I'll be replacing it with something from a dollar store or something so she can carry a lipgloss with her. The lack of volumes in the directions is my biggest complaint. I needed a new measuring spoon because the manufacturing process for our large spoon didn't work out. I had no idea which to use. It doesn't say how big that spoon is. I landed on a small amount of water. It would have been better to say how much was in the directions.

👤It was too expensive to be worth it. It served its purpose. It was easy to use. My niece liked her new lip balm kit. The kit did not have enough supplies for its worth. We had to get extra lip balm containers, food coloring, and glitter to make new varieties of lip balm because the options within the kit were too dull for a fun, colorful girl's tastes. The purchase of the lip balm kit makes the experience more enjoyable. It is possible that you will have to add more options for color, taste, and lip balm brilliance.

👤The kit provided a 4 compartment container with very little left over. The activity was easy to do and finished within 20 minutes. The most interesting part of the activity was choosing the ingredients for the lip balm. The kit cost was not worth the end product.

9. Made Me Create Horizon Group

Made Me Create Horizon Group

Don't touch. The sto and pot. Remember this is a real stove after the heat. Gloves are used to prevent swelling. Use any of the 5 design templates provided to learn how to make 10 different bead pets, or make your own using your imagination. 600+ PONY BEADS. You can mix and match hundreds of pony beads on 10 different skeins of cording. The perfect backpack accessory. Key rings and clips are provided to connect your bead pets. The included case makes it easy to organize and keep your beads in one place. There are 409 Colorful Pony Beads, 15 Colorful Metallic Pony Beads, 19 Colorful Translucent Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, 4 Lanyard Clips, and 10 Skeins of Wax Cord. The Storage Case Work Station is 7 in. x 4 in. Easy-to- Follow Instructions for 5 Design Templates.

Brand: Made By Me

👤The craft kit is over priced for what you get, which is a few beads, and a couple fasteners with some silk cord. If I had gone to the craft store, I would have paid around $5-7 for all of this. I bought this because I thought it would come with detailed instructions for how to make these things. The picture of the finished keychains with a shadow of the slippery silk string is what it comes with. It made my 9 year old cry and we had to learn how to make one. We got one done, but it fell apart because the string was too thin and slippery for the wide hole beads. Don't bother buying this, it's not worth it.

👤Young kids were kept busy and quiet. There is a Mother's Day is when we had our extended family over. It was a rainy day and the kids needed something to amuse them. The kids were busy for a long time. The young boys made bead animals to give to their mom on Mother's Day. There is a The instructions were printed on a single sheet of paper. Each animal instruction had a black and white image with numbers to indicate which bead to use. There is a The instructions require the ability to read. It was a little confusing that the directions didn't show step by step details. One of the mothers showed the kids how to put the ends of the rope in the bead. An image or diagram should be included in this step. There is a The kids were busy making things after the demonstration.

👤This looked like a fun activity to do with my child. The box was pretty beat up when it arrived, the directions were not clear, and the clips were missing. The silky cords made it impossible to tie in a way that wouldn't slip out of place, so I added a little glue to the knots. The cat asked for 5 string to be cut. After we finished it, we had 2 feet of string. The concept of this kit is good, but I don't recommend it because of the missing clips and vague directions. I am sure there is a better product.

👤The instructions were not clear. It had a picture of an animal with lines on top of it. There was no explanation.

👤The instructions are difficult to follow. How to tie off your project is never said. We tied two knots at either end, but we don't know how long they will hold. The instructions on the wings were very confusing, so we made the penguin. It would be helpful if this included a tape measure. It was difficult to measure out the string because we have three rulers. It is a very fun craft if you know how to do it right. Once you know how to do it, it is easy.

👤My kids like this set. I showed my children how to do it. They could do it on their own. My child needed more help. We started out with simple designs such as the penquin and ladybug and worked our way up to the butterfly. I think this will be a fun craft for them to do at Christmas. The directions to start were good but they didn't tell you how to tie it off. I used a lighter to melt the knot and make it stronger.

10. Creativity Kids String Heart Light

Creativity Kids String Heart Light

Kosher ingredients that are manufactured in the USA create unforgettable memories. A random art network. Light up a lantern! Everything you need is included in the complete string art kit for kids. Includes: crafting and glow string, glue, inflatable heart, latex-free craft gloves, tassel tool, twist ties, 15 LED light string and battery box. Share the love. It's perfect for any day of the year, and perfect for any occasion. The string art heart light is a great addition to your room. Light up your space. The light from this heart light will add a little light to your space. If you want to watch your heart glow in the dark, leave the lights on and use the string art heart light. There are goblets in the dark. Hit the lights and see the lantern glowing. The String Art Heart Light will add some flair to your room decor and will always be seen in the dark. Craft with a friend. An extra pair of hands can help with this project. A small group activity can be done with a friend or parent. The activity is recommended for ages 8 - 98.

Brand: Creativity For Kids

👤I bought this for myself as an adult. I am a very experienced crafter, but have a short attention span, limited organizational skills, and generally immature taste, and prefer kids craft kits to try new techniques. Klutz is one of my favorite brands, but Creativity for Kids is one of my favorites. This kit was pretty bad, especially from a company that usually does better. The instructions were clear, but it was difficult to follow the star shape with the string staying where I wanted it. It was a frustrating challenge. The result is a little star shaped and flimsy on one side. The lights don't help with the overall look, especially for the price. There is a This craft is very bad. This could be a great sensory activity for kids that like the feel of glue, but do be prepared for this, as this may be a pro or con. The majority of the process involves using your hands. I wore designated crafting clothes, wore gloves, and covered my workspace in a garbage bag, but it was still hard to avoid getting glue on everything in my house as an adult. Expect glue everywhere with kids involved. It is similar to school glue, but definitely be prepared for a mess. There is a I wouldn't recommend this kit to kids who are likely to have high standards for the finished product, even though it was frustrating as an adult. It could be a good project for kids who like the sensory experience of coating string with glue and aren't picky about the end result. Despite the disappointing results of this kit, it left me feeling more confident about trying a string lantern with my own materials.

👤It was a difficult project. This was a really fun project and it does not come with a clue. I liked it. I would like it to come with more lights and twist ties. I ran out of yarn because I forgot to put the tassel at the bottom of the heart. I had a different color yarn in my closet. I tied the battery box to the tassel and it worked out. It is a messy project. I tried out the one we bought from Amazon and it didn't work out. We returned it and got another one, but this one worked well. When it is all dried, I recommend cutting the bottom of the yarn and using the point of a pencil to get the balloon out from the yarn. It is very important to be careful about doing this. The battery box cover looks great in my room. When it shines against the wall at night, it looks great, but be careful because it looks like something on the wall. The battery box cover looks great in my room. When it shines against the wall at night, it looks like there is something on the wall. I gave it three stars because it worked out, but in the end it was cool.

11. Hey Play Garden Watering Gardening

Hey Play Garden Watering Gardening

Do your research and trust their playz prophecy. You know the quality of the Playz product. If you're not happy with your purchase, contact them. Kid friendly, this set is made of quality material with metal heads and real wooden handles. These tools look and perform the same as mom and dad, but are smaller for small hands. Everything your little green thumb needs to perfect their gardening skills is included in the complete set. The full set includes a shovel, fork, rake, gloves, watering can, and a canvas tote with pockets. This kit promotes skills and encourages physical activity. This is the perfect start for your little gardener to learn about plants and gardening. This kit will help your child spark imagination by helping them plant flowers and vegetables on their own, or helping mom and dad in a real garden. There are eight dimensions to the product: shovel, fork, Rake, Gloves, Watering Can, and The material is wood handles, metal heads, poly-cotton gloves, and 600D nylon Oxford bag. It is recommended for children 3 and up. Adult supervision is recommended.

Brand: Hey! Play!

👤I bought these for two girls who loved them. The gloves fit perfectly. The bag is adorable and the tools are metal and wood. There is a I think it would be appropriate for the age of 7. The gloves and bag would be too small after that. This was a great gift for $10

👤It is a good size, but gloves are too big for my 2 year old. I put hot glue on the seams of the can after it leaked. Wouldn't buy again. Get one that is plastic.

👤This is adorable. My child loooved it. It is good sized for her. It will do for now though. The elastic cord around the bag broke when the gloves were put in one of the side pockets. I used zero force and it still slipped out of the bag. The leaking watering pot was cracked on the bottom of the spout. I like it. The tools seem to last a long time.

👤There is a substance on it. Maybe glue, but it's in places that shouldn't be. Its sloppy. It's nice that it makes it look like a mess. The quality was good for the price.

👤Excellent quality product. These are real gardening tools, so be careful. The recommended age is 6 to 8 months. If you read the description in another place, it says 6 years. The paper insert says that the product is recommended for children ages 8 years and older, and that adult supervision is recommended for ages 3 and up. These are real gardening tools that need adult supervision because they are heavy duty and sharp, not for babies or 3 year olds.

👤I bought 2 of these for my girls to explore in the back yard and I am very pleased with the price of everything it comes with. One set came with two pieces, but only one shovel, which causes children to fuss about it. The price point for the product is great.

👤A child can learn to garden with this set. I would have given it 5 stars. I got two of the same tool. The bag is sturdy and the watering can is adorable. Solid metal with wooden handles is what the tools are made of. An excellent product at a great price. I would have gotten the little spade.

👤I hope the gloves are a little bigger because the shovel and fork are very nice. My daughter is only 6 years old and she is having a hard time putting her fingers inside.


What is the best product for cooking kits for kids 9-12 real?

Cooking kits for kids 9-12 real products from Kayka Zak. In this article about cooking kits for kids 9-12 real you can see why people choose the product. Cuku and Melissa & Doug are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking kits for kids 9-12 real.

What are the best brands for cooking kits for kids 9-12 real?

Kayka Zak, Cuku and Melissa & Doug are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking kits for kids 9-12 real. Find the detail in this article. Jaxojoy, Playz and Thames & Kosmos are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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