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1. McCormick Everyday Essentials Cinnamon Turmeric

McCormick Everyday Essentials Cinnamon Turmeric

There are 8 sweet and spicy favorites in one set. Ground cinnamon, Cumin, Cayenne,Turmeric, Ginger, Chili Powder, Curry Powder, and Paprika are included. The perfect starter set for a new kitchen. Spice sets are a great gift for newlyweds. Golden Milk and other morning juices have ginger and turmeric in them.

Brand: Mccormick

👤The order is non-refundable if the spices expire in less than two months. Don't waste your money.

👤These spices are not pumpkin pie spices. 8 count pumpkin pie spice was what I ordered. I got this instead. Imagine being disappointed when I baked my pie. I opened the container. I put cayenne pepper in it. You cannot season a pumpkin pie with that. You can't make pumpkin pie spice with the ingredients in this product, you can't make pumpkin pie spice with the ingredients in this product, and not even one of the containers in this product. I was wrong to order this instead of the 8 count of pumpkin pie spice that I was supposed to order, but I will still give 1 star because seriously why is this item the top search result for "pumpkin pie spice"??? Fix your search terms!

👤March 2021. Only 4 months.

👤These were fresh and well sealed. The flavors are similar to the brand I buy in the store. The dates on all of these will be used up before that time. This product is recommended by me.

👤You're always going to like the spices from McCormick. These are the perfect size for people like me who don't cook often. When I buy a larger size, they end up expiring before I use them again. High quality spices are always fresh.

👤I was very happy with my purchase. I like this set. I'm interested in learning more about the options. This is a great set for a person with a small kitchen. The smell and taste are perfect. There was no different taste. It's great for a small cooking enthusiast.

👤It was nice to find a set of spices that were not too large or too small. The tops are very easy to use because you just sprinkle what you need. You don't have to remove the whole lid to worry about pouring too much out. The price was reasonable as well.

👤Good replacement that keeps in the fridge for freshness. Proper size bottles for me.

2. Mario Camacho Olive Gift 6 25

Mario Camacho Olive Gift 6 25

There are 4 flavors in the gift box. Oregano and Olive Oil are used in Kalamata. Green olives with olive oil.

Brand: Mario Camacho

👤I'm over 60 years old and these olives are the best I've ever eaten. They leave all the olives in the dust. No competition, no comparison to any others, and all that sort of stuff. I have never seen a better gift package, they are so nicely packaged, you can easily give them as a gift. They place the jars of olives in a sturdy box that is green shredded tissue paper, so that they arrive safely, and also aesthetically pleasing. I think you should give these as gifts, but I just buy them for myself. I get this delightful present to myself once a month, because I have them on subscribe and save. What a treat! You have to try these! Trust me, you will be glad you did.

👤I can't find this brand anywhere. I love the kalamatas. The green ones are great, but are a bit smaller than the queens. I was surprised to see that there is olive oil in these. I thought that the jar had gone bad, but that is not the case. The oil preserves the olive fruit better than plain brine. There was a jar with herbs in it. I had never seen that before. It made the flavor better. Excellent olives.

👤Pack of 4 was packaged in a box tucked away in a thick bed of brown paper grass. The jars were in good shape. I can see where it could have gone differently. I don't know if it's a gift pack. I think it would be better if it sat in its own box. Otherwise, no. I would sell this as a pack. I am. Buy Mario brand olives frequently. I really liked their stuffed olives, and have never had any issues with their products. Being able to just order a single bottle of jarred stuffed olives has been nice. It is usually reasonable. Buy these for the olives, not for gift presentation.

👤I got these for my son because he loves olives. The variety is good. I ordered another box in January because he liked them so much. I have no complaint about the extra packages of Oloves and little cans of olives that were in the second box, even though they were not in the first box. A nice gift package.

👤I understand we are in a crisis but 2 of the jars were open and the juice and olives were spilling inside the box. Very disappointing. What a waste of money.

👤I got two jars of green olives, but the two jars of Kalamata Olives were missing. They put in a few cans of black olives, a small jar of capers, half a jar of more green olives and a half dozen sampler packs.

👤I am an olive fan and these are the best around, the variety is good, and they work for snacking, antipasto platter, and salad. Whatever. We lost a jar because the last box had a loosened lid. I see the same thing in a few other reviews, is this being worked on? Again... The best athletes.

3. Planters Deluxe Pistachio Salted Canister

Planters Deluxe Pistachio Salted Canister

The Planters Deluxe Pistachio Mix has a satisfying rich taste and contains a variety of salted mixed nuts. Plants nuts. The 14 ounce canister of PLANTERS Deluxe Pistachio Mix has a lid designed to keep it fresh for a long time. There are mixed nuts. The nuts are seasoned with salt. Ready to eat is the state of readiness. A great source of energy. 160 calories per 1 ounce serving of roasted mixed nuts are a great snack. Kosher certified mixed nuts are great for snacking. Plants were mixed with nuts. Nuttin' beats Planters. They're great for sharing and are snacks for kids or adults. Enjoy as a game day snack, movie night snack, or as a holiday gift. Planters nuts, planters chips, and planters peas. Plants has you covered if you want to satisfy a salty craving.

Brand: Planters

👤The label shows a lot of cashews. Not much. There are only 5 or 6 pieces in the can. The same thing happened in all the cans that were bought. There is a There are a lot of nuts. You're led to believe that cashews are included in the mix. There is a The flavor of the nuts was not good. They will absorb the flavor of the other contents, but they were bland. The cashews were bland. I won't buy again and can't recommend. Will buy the nuts individually. There are no more mixes.

👤The name should be Planters Salted Almond Mix. There were more almonds than cashews. Not worth the price.

👤This mix has to many almonds. I don't need a can of Planters Deluxe Pistachio Mix that has almonds in it. If they are going to do that, they should either skin or flavor the almonds. If that was the case, the price would be great. It's not fair now. I throw out some almonds.

👤We were not happy with the purchase. It's a mix of Pistachios. It had very little pistachios. Almonds and cashews were more plentiful than anything else. It's frustrating when you think you're buying it for the pistachios. Lesson learned.

👤The contents of this CAN are mostly almonds. You need a pair of tweezers to pick up the small pistachios. I would buy almonds if I wanted them. I lose my cool when I feel a merchant deceived me. I told the company that I wouldn't purchase their product again, even though they offered to send a coupon to replace it.

👤The mix has my favorite nuts. There is an addiction. They are always fresh and have an expiration date of 8-20.

👤My husband likes this mix of nuts. It is his favorite. They don't last long in our house. My daughter and I would love to get some before they leave. A high-quality nut mix. The cashews and pistachios are the favorites, but we love it all. The planters are for the win. A delicious snack for our family.

👤Good for the price and the taste. I love it and my guests love it.

👤The children love it.

4. King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

King Arthur Flour Espresso Powder

Add espresso powder to your favorite chocolate recipe and you will see a difference in the taste of your chocolate. This baking ingredient is ground and dried from coffee beans. This espresso powder is easy to mix. King Arthur Baking Company is a founding B Corporation. They are a baking company. Their name and logo reflect who they are, bakers who are committed to spreading the simple joy of baking.

Brand: King Arthur

👤This product was received with an expired tag. Returned item isn't available for returns. There is a drain and there is money going down it.

👤There is a huge sticker on top of this item that says it will be gone in February.

👤This just arrived and it says it expired 3 months ago.

👤I was able to use the product for my chocolate cake after it was open. I was going to try the powder for the first time, but now I have to order it from the KA website. The top portion of the espresso has been open for a while, so it is not new.

👤I use this in my homemade coconut milk ice cream to make it coffee-flavored. I just use a small amount. I tried a few recipe versions which used a cup or less of coffee but they didn't work as well as the espresso powder does. I can make mine at home and also dairy-free, since I don't have to worry about the store versions.

👤The first time I ordered it, it was going to be gone in a few months. It became hard to use after a month or two after having it, and it got worse over time. I live in a humid climate, so it could be that it clumped because of that. It became much harder to break up as it became useless. The clumps were sticky and I had to wash the zester after, so I could not use it. I kept this in an airtight bag in my cupboard between uses, and it still came out the same. Attached is an image. There is a The espresso powder did it's job for two months, until it became useless. Unless you plan to use the entire amount within a short period, I would strongly advise against buying this product.

👤It's perfect for cooking. I've used this in cakes, brownies, and even a coffee creamer recipe. I don't recommend using this as a substitute for espresso, as that isn't what it is designed to do. This is a great addition if you want the chocolate flavor to pop in your recipe. The wide mouth makes it easy to get measuring spoons out of the container. I would buy again.

👤I love this! This was bought for a cake recipe. I was worried that it would make the cake taste like coffee. No worries. It makes the chocolate taste better. I will be adding this to everything I bake that has chocolate in it.

👤I was expecting this to come in a glass jar, but it is plastic. I will not be using this product again. The flavour is amazing. I only bought this because the recipe I was using called for it. I was impressed with how much chocolate flavour it brought to my buttercream icing.

👤I think it was overpriced because it made a slightly richer taste when used with cocoa powder in cakes. There is a It went hard in the jar before I used it all. I wouldn't buy it again, but I wanted to try it.

5. True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Count

True Lemon Bulk Dispenser Count

Adding a lemon packet to your water, hot or iced tea, or other beverages will give you a fresh lemon taste without the seeds, mess or waste. Each packet contains zero calories, 0 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates. One packet is an alternative to citrus fruit shrubs and citrus fruit juice. The taste of 1 lemon wedge; 2 packets equals 1 cup. A packet of lemon juice has 1 squeezed lemon in it. Made with simple, clean ingredients, it contains no sugar, no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial preservatives, and no colors from artificial sources. It's convenient and it'sTILE: It's great for offices, breakrooms, kitchens and lounges. You can use a lemon wedge or lemon juice anywhere. Water intoxication: These packets can be used as a water flavor enhancer in hot or iced tea. Salt free seasoning is a great way to add flavor to your favorite recipes. Combine your favorite herbs and spices to make your own seasoning. The authentic fresh squeezed taste of a wedge of lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange is captured by the patented recipe of True Cucumber.

Brand: True Citrus

👤This was served with my drink. I thought it was a bad start to a vacation. What is this substitute for sugar? I tried it. The clouds parted, the angels sang, and sunbeams came through the window. Sometimes a place has bad limes, or I don't trust the line bowl sitting behind the bar for who knows how long. It's just lime. I am in love with it.

👤It's better than any other water flavor enhancer on the market. While this True Lemon product tastes great, is good for you and is cost effective, be aware that it is still a lemon product. It contains natural citric acid and that is not a good thing for your teeth. Don't sip your drink too much over time. Drink quickly. Don't allow it to sit in your mouth for a long time. Place a straw in your mouth to make sure it's as far back as possible. After drinking a drink, rinse your mouth with water for 30 seconds. Baking soda is not powder. That's all I can say, I love this product. It gives my water a nice flavor. I recommend you try this if you are currently using water drops.

👤I have ordered these from Amazon many times, both in bulk and smaller boxes. The smaller box that I purchased had been opened and taped shut, and it was obvious that I had done so. I had to throw them away because I will not eat a food product that is not new. This was concerning to me. There is a The quality of these packets has gone down a lot and Amazon has not been storing them properly because they are hard and clumpy. This product cannot be healthy for people to consume. I will no longer purchase these.

👤When I looked at the number of great reviews, I wondered what the point was. I thought that my opinion counts as well. Here it is. I live in northern Canada, in a city of 1 million. Lemons are available year round, but during the winter they are so expensive you have to have a reason to buy them. I pay $1.25 for one small lemon when my friend in Arizona has lemons. I can easily taste the chemicals in the bottled juice. There is a I ordered a bulk pack when I heard about True Lemon. I thought she was lying. There is a She wasn't. I reconstituted a lemon's worth and tasted it. Wow. There is a I made myself a glass of lemonade. Wow. I can indulge myself during any time of the year. There is a Baking and "brightening" are the things I use Real Lemon for most. I just sprinkle the crystals on my food. It was perfect! What's happening? If you watch the food channel, you'll see the chefs finish a dish with a squeeze of lemon or lime. That taste is a nice "bright and fresh" taste to the food and finishes it off perfectly. I now have True Lemon, Lime, Orange and Grapefruit in stock. If you forget about it, it doesn't get moldy or mushy. It's easy to use and it has a long shelf life.

6. Weber Summit Built Natural Stainless

Weber Summit Built Natural Stainless

Before each use, wash in warm soapy water. If you don't have Natural Gas plumbed into your patio or deck, you can't use this grill; if you do, you'll need to look at their selection of Propane barbecues. 4 burners made of steel. 48,800 BTU-per-hour input. The input sear burner has 10,600 BTUs per hour. 6,800 BTU-per-hour input smoker burner. 10,600 BTU-per-hour is the input of the rear-mounted burner.

Brand: Weber

👤After two years of use, the following things are clear. Compared to other built-ins. The roll-in-place design makes it easy to build a grill island. We built our own. It's easier to replace when you don't have to demo the whole island. 3. It should be easier to find replacement parts than it is to find limited-production built-ins. The grilling performance is great. There are 1. The smoker box has too much air and chips are more likely to burn than smoke. It's not usable as a smoker for a vague hint of smoke flavor. 2. The more expensive built-ins are more stain resistant than the less expensive exterior. If spills, drippings, bird stuff, etc. are not cleaned off quickly, they will leave a permanent rust stain. A deft hand with steel wool is required to blend in with the brushed texture.

👤This grill has some nice features that are not found on my old Weber Genesis. It has a built-in natural gas grill, so there is no need to swap propane tanks. There is a built in smoker chip compartment and a separate rotisserie burner. I had an issue with installation. The trim pieces on the sides and bottom did not fit correctly. It is what it is, but they are Gorilla-glued, which is kind of jank for a $2000+ grill.

👤I've been using Weber grills for 30 years and this is the best one. Also, the most expensive. It has been worth it. There is a Everyone said it was the best Thanksgiving turkey they had ever eaten. The fact that the station has a smoker box gives a new set of options for cooking outdoors. There is a The instructions were easy to understand and it was a little complicated to install. There is a It looks great!

👤The Weber Summit was purchased for an outdoor kitchen project. It was assembled. We put it back up to make sure it didn't get damaged. We weren't ready to install until today. There is a The door had stickers on it that said to remove the plastic before assembling. Aim To Find didn't do that. We are past the return date. Aim To Find does not offer customer service. There is a The Weber customer support was great. A helpful person answered the short hold time question. The grill would be returnable if it had been purchased from an authorized retailer. Aim to find out what went wrong. I had 2 guys clean the plastic off with alcohol suggested by Weber. There is a Lesson learned. Don't purchase products from Amazon unless you're saving a lot of money. The date of the certificate of Occupancy is when the warrants start.

👤The grill was ordered to be replaced. It is easy to assemble. The quality is high. If desired, it will deliver high temperature. My wife had the burner at 50% and the temperature at 700F. It was made in the USA. Weber has a reputation for keeping replacement parts in stock.

7. Thames Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy

Thames Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy

A perfect gift for a budding chef is a cooking starter set. Children play the role of a chef in a happy moment when a chef and his parents are in the kitchen. It is an ideal choice as a Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Holiday gift or Festival gift. Give your baby something to remember. You can make your own rainbow-shaped gummies. A spectrum of flavors and colors can be used to personalize your creations. As you cook these delicious treats, investigate the scientific properties of natural polymers. As you make a gummy rainbow, learn how to mix colors. Includes all the ingredients needed to make sour gummy candy, including a candy making mold, and citric acid. The manual is full of fun facts about gummy making and experiments. Milk, egg, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, and soybeans are some of the ingredients that are processed in facilities.

Brand: Thames & Kosmos

👤My four year old received this gift. He loved eating the candy we made. They were easy to make, but it was difficult to make a rainbow with a different color. He did not care about that. He loved making things different. They were hardened quickly in the fridge. The rest of the white was nice. The sour mix was gross. It's funny. We spit it out after we tried it. Throw the sour mix. Keep the rest! Really fun! It's a good thing.

👤I bought these to make with my godson. I used to buy those single-packed bugs and ninja turtles from the 80's and 90's and I was surprised at how good they tasted. There is a The box says it's a learning tool. It doesn't tell you that the back of the instruction manual contains all the learning parts. They can be put in the refrigerator. Tell us what the differences are. It doesn't explain why. Unless you or your child have a good understanding of chemical compositions, nothing will be learned.

👤My 9 year old boy loves gummies and cooking. The instructions were easy, but it was difficult for him to get it set up quickly. They turned out to be sloppy. It was tasted. okay Not one of the pieces came out whole after I removed them from the mold. A little disappointing. We had fun making them.

👤My kids loved this set. They are easy to make and delicious. It helps teach kids how to make secondary colors by mixing primary colors. They should turn out great if you follow the directions exactly. There's not a lot of packets so you can only use a few times.

👤I bought this for my granddaughter. She was able to make her own gummies without adult supervision. The instructions were easy to understand for a 12 year old. Oh! The gummies tasted good too.

👤The kids were making gummy candy. You can make it with hot tap water and a measuring cup. The kit has everything else. The children were so disappointed in the taste of the candy that they refused to eat it. I don't like cooking or baking. Maybe it was a user error? We followed all of the directions. I don't think it was our fault.

👤My 6 year old was having fun with this. Everything is labeled perfectly and the directions are clear. The flavor was pretty good, but it was shocking that most aren't with these types of kits. The sour dust was amazing. I would buy this again for a fun gift because the molds are hard to fill with the unicorn.

👤It's wonderful. I wish I would never have bought this because I would have made my own. A mess. There wasn't enough gummy trays. It is too fast. The white taste is similar to vomit. I used a small amount of the product and won't use it again. You can make your own gummies and they'll taste legit if you buy a 50 cent pack of jello.

8. Flat Tummy Shake Protein Shakes

Flat Tummy Shake Protein Shakes

Excellent MEAL REPLACEMENT. These Flat Tummy Meal Replacement shakes for weight control are packed with all kinds of flat tummy goodness, which helps keep you feeling full and fit. Good fortune. Don't sacrifice taste for health. This delicious vegan shake is made with no added dairy and contains 120 calories and 1g of sugar per serving. Energy and metabolism are related. This unique blend of 22 vitamins and minerals, as well as 50 fruits and veggies helps you convert your body's fuel-burning sugars into energy. The Flat Tummy Shake program will help you achieve the health and body you desire by helping to move stubborn lbs from the waistline, while providing you with clean nutrition. By women, for women. Flat Tummy is all about helping women look and feel like the best versions of themselves with products like this Meal Replacement Shake and so much more.

Brand: Flat Tummy Tea

👤The tub was half empty. It makes no sense. My friend ordered a replacement and hers arrived full. The second tub only lasted 18 days and only had breakfast and lunch. They need to put more in the jug because the amount in the smaller tub is too small.

👤I normally don't write reviews but I feel like it's worth it. This is my second week doing the shakes and tea and it does what it says. I need a new wardrobe when I tell you I am swimming, but I don't see much on the scale. The product is helping me. I had headaches for the first two days. I believe it was because my body was adjusting to the change of my diet, I hope that my review will help others and that this product does the same for you.

👤My girlfriend gained more than 10 pounds because of this shakes. She gained weight after we followed the instructions. Stay away from it!

👤I have developed an allergic reaction to this product and will be asking for reimbursement. I have not lost any weight since I started using this product two weeks ago, and I have had an itch all over my body. I need to see a doctor because I can't stop scratching. I will send the product that I left. I am very disappointed.

👤I'm excited to use the product but I'm missing two. I feel a little ripped off. If I pay for 20 punches, I should get 20. Not 18. I wouldn't recommend at this point.

👤I was angry when I opened the bottle, but I didn't say I was mad. Let's talk about the man or woman who made this work. Yes, it worked. I prayed to Jesus in the process of the bathroom, I broke sweat and had to take a toilet break, but I am glad my husband and kids are asleep. I swore to you when I started drinking ginger ale from schweppes because I felt my stomach go flat. Do it work? I need a warning sign that it works, as it sucks my sins away out one hole.

👤The 20 pack of Shake it Baby Meal Replacements from Flat Tummy Tea tasted okay. The price is much higher than what I usually pay for a powder. There is a You get a box of 20 pre-measured pouches that you can mix with water or milk to make a smoothie. The pouch has 130 calories and 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 grams of 20 They are vegan and have plant-based nutrition. There is a There are 16 regular pouches and 4 Extra Kick Mondays. The extra kick pouches have more B vitamins added which give them extra energy. The smell of the flavor is wonderful. It has an odd aftertaste, but it doesn't taste as good. I didn't dislike it. It provided me with more energy than I usually get from my powder drinks. My problem is this. The manufacturer suggests that you replace two meals a day with this powder. The box has two weeks worth of product. That's almost $200/month at the current price. I drink a lot of shakes and can easily use them as meal replacements, take a vitamins on Mondays and spend a lot of money. The price point is too high for me, even though the pre-measured package is convenient.

9. Ito En Sweetened Antioxidant Japanese

Ito En Sweetened Antioxidant Japanese

Enjoy a delicious matcha latte or smoothie with sweetened green tea powder made from Japan's treasured matcha, finely milled from high quality green tea leaves. Green tea powder can be added to any recipe. Iced teas from Ito En's line include Sencha Shots and Cold Brew Matcha to Jasmine Green Tea, Golden Oolong, Herbal Chamomile, and Mint Green Tea. It's a refreshing drink. Refresingly green: Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies include green tea as part of the ritual. Tea is the perfect refreshment for your health and well-being. Green tea culture. Ito EN was founded in 2001 to sell green tea products in the United States. They've got your tea or tisane, from ready to drink to their Sencho Shots. There are delicious refreshments. If you've enjoyed tea from Tazo, Honest Tea, Celestial Seasonings, Yogi,Heavenly Tea Leaves, Twinings, Ahmad Tea, Zhena's Gypsy Tea, Arizona, Pure Leaf, Steaz,Mighty Leaf or Tetley, you should try their delicious, refreshing

Brand: Ito En

👤I am a mass consumer of green tea. I have tried many things, including Jade leaf, matcha moon, and now this by Ito en. This is the most vibrant green out of all of them. The green color reminds me of the spring green forests of Japan. This is a quality product of Japan. There is a When I opened the bag, I was surprised to find that it was in a tiny form and worried that it might be too sweet. I was wrong. Each morning I mix a couple ounces of cold milk with an 8oz glass and use a milk frother for a few seconds to make a smooth drink. I am sure it would be dissolved in hot or warm water. I've tried the unsweetened powder form without sugar and it's just as good as the regular one. There is a picture of the two. There is a sweetened kind on the left. The sweetened bag is usually cheaper than the unsweetened one. Don't ask me why. I usually don't like sweet drinks but this amount of sweetness is perfect for me. I feel younger, have more energy, and have never been better. To live past 130 years old is doable. Cheers!

👤Most green tea powders don't mix well when stirred. The taste is a bit rough. Who is going to make a cup of tea? Might as well go back to tea bags. I know, it's not the same. The brand of matcha power is very similar to instant coffee. This brand is consistent from cup to cup. It's just the same when it's hot or cold. There is a The sweet taste is very mild. It's like a quarter of a cup of coffee sweet. There is a If you enjoy a serving of matcha and like it slightly sweet, this is for you.

👤I don't like to compare the taste and quality of different brands of tea. If you're a casual tea drinker looking for something healthy and affordable, this is a great pick.

👤I was really disappointed when I got this. I didn't like the taste of the green tea latte at Starbucks, but now I can compare it to the one at the store. I decided to give it another try after it sat in a cupboard for months. Here's the key. Use more than that. serving size. I put it in a bottle with 12 ounces of water. It should be mixed well. I poured that into 2 glasses and then added a small amount of milk to each glass. I made a mistake last time. I tried mixing the powder with milk and it ended up with green foam. It will be super cold if you add ice. Iced green tea latte is lovely but not too sweet.

👤The green tea latte with soy milk was my favorite summer drink. I tried various sugar and sugar alternatives and could not find the right taste. The powder is close. I can now save on my $6 cup of tea and make my own. It's not as bitter as starbucks, but it is ok for me since I drink green tea. I use a venti cup for 3 ounces. It's about $2 a serving with the organic soy milk. $4 is a nice savings.

10. Tropicana Apple Juice Oz Count

Tropicana Apple Juice Oz Count

There are 24 bottles of Tropicana Apple Juice in this package. The perfect beverage to pack in lunches or drink on the go is the 100 percent Apple Juice from the Tropicana brand. Add a convenient and delicious source of vitamins C to your daily routine. A refreshing apple juice with a sweet taste. You can get this juice pack delivered to your door.

Brand: Tropicana

👤I bought two cases for my grandsons to eat with their lunch and noticed that some bottles in the cases had expired and others were about to. The ones in the front of the package are the ones that are going into the middle of the case and the ones that are not.

👤Two of the 24 packs were shoved into a box and one ripped open spilling bottles all over the box. The box looked like it came from Ventura Ace Pet Detective, where he kicked the box around and dropped it all over the place. The tape was not holding up. There is a October is when the bottles expire. I inspected the cases and they all looked okay. I tried one of the orange juice bottles out to make sure there was nothing strange going on underneath the cap, it tasted fine, so that's good. There is a The delivery guy just puts my packages in front of my door, without ringing the door bell or knocking, awesome. It's not Amazon's fault, but it's annoying when that happens. I wouldn't order it again from Amazon.

👤It's unfortunate that this product is lumped into the same reviews as the other products. The other flavors have received some stigma, but this variety pack is absolutely delicious and doesn't deserve it. The variety pack has 3 blends. Apple, grape, pineapple, mango, and peach concentrate juice are included. 2. The fruit combo has apple, grape, cherry and pineapple concentrate juice. 3. The strawberry orange has apple, grape, orange, pineapple and strawberry. There is a They all have a base flavor of apple, grape and pineapple, but the addition of other flavors makes them distinctive. These juices are great over ice or mixed with some sparkling water if you have less of a sweet tooth. It's wonderful for making alcoholic drinks. I have bought this 24pack 3 times in 2 months because I like it so much. I think you'll love this variety pack if you enjoy tropical fruit flavors. Highly recommended.

👤For example, the labels say "Strawberry Orange." Both statements are lies. The "Strawberry Orange" is an example. In the fine print, the ingredients are listed in order from highest to lowest % of the total: apple juice concentrate, grape juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, clarified pineapple juice concentrate, natural flavors, and ascorbic acid. If you accept "juice concentrates" as actual juice, there are only 5 ingredients and only 5 of them are "juice." The strawberry orange juice concentrate is dead last on the list. Is there a guy at the end of the production line that adds 1 drop of strawberry juice to make it look like it's real? There is a In the future, I'll be more careful to do this research in advance, and I won't get ripped off again by Tropicana selling cheap-ass apple juice and grape juice as something else. You can check for yourself, but all of these "exotic" flavors are exactly the same -- apple, grape, and pineapple juice plus whatever their chemists add to fiddle with the color, plus minute quantities of whatever is in big, bold print on the label. Shame, Tropicana!

11. Sparkling Juice Flavor Variety Count

Sparkling Juice Flavor Variety Count

6 cans of each of the flavors. IZZE Sparkling Juices have 70% fruit juice with a splash of sparkling water. There is no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It's the perfect drink to make you feel good. The Variety Pack has 24 cans.

Brand: Izze

👤I was trying to figure out how I would get 24 cans of this product if they are usually 4 cans to a package. The answer was 24 cans of each of the 4 flavors in a simple cardboard tray with plastic shrink wrap. Excellent! Let's talk about the taste. I like blackberry the most. I don't have to convince IZZE lovers that this is true, but I do have to convince people who have not tried it. You should. If you want to see how your taste buds react, purchase a single can in a store. You can buy bulk on Amazon when you need the IZZE fix. Some people mention the high price but it depends on where you are. I am in New York and we have water that costs over a dollar a bottle in vending machines. I think it's a great deal to get 24 cans for $18. The sugar content is very low in comparison to many other "juice" drinks. In my product reviews, I always note that taste preferences are a personal thing. This drink is a great replacement for soda. These little cans are great for small fridges in offices or dorm rooms.

👤This seemed like a great variety of sparkling soda. In big bold letters it says "no added sugar" and doesn't include a nutrition fact photo. You think the flavors are nice. Wrong! The things have 20 grams of sugar and are concentrated. There is sugar and more sugar. If you are looking for a product that is just as sweet as the one you are looking for, this is the product for you. The packaging is cute and the flavors are wonderful. Too much sugar.

👤The cans have a foul smell, but it's not clear where it came from. One of the cans had no liquid in it. It was a sealed can inside the box. Wow. Very disappointing.

👤Our family had been enjoying about 6 of the variety pack that I ordered from Amazon. When I picked up the can from the case, I noticed that it weighed less than normal, even though the can was sealed. I opened the can and found 888-353-1299 When I got to the kitchen sink to dump it out, I saw that there was little liquid in the can, but there was a big white mass in it. This was really strange. IZZE customer service sent us a coupon. It sounds like this could be mold growth. It is possible that the product may have been mishandled prior to your purchase. We're too scared to drink juice off a can.

👤After placing a second order for these light, sparkling beverages, I have to admit that they are quite habit-forming. After a few months, I found iced tea, coffee and water boring. The drinks are naturally sweetened and I tried the variety pack. Although I'm not a big fan of the clementine, I will continue to purchase this product because of the refreshing flavors. I like the fact that the cans are 8 ounces, as I think it's the right serving size. The four thirst quenchers in the variety pack are great for accompanying meals, snacks or on their own.


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