Best Cooking Kids Toys

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1. Vanmor Cooking Baking Little Silicone

Vanmor Cooking Baking Little Silicone

A great set for both girls and boys, the child apron and chef hat are in a universal design, making them a great kitchen toy set for both girls and boys. A basic cooking set for kids. The kids cooking set includes kids aprons for cooking, toddler chef hat, oven mitt, hot pad, rolling pin, wooden spoon, hand mixer, brush, cake smoother tool, 5 colors measuring spoon, 6 different cookie cutters and 4 silicone baking cups. The essential baking set for kids is age 4-7. Baking cups can be used for finished cake and they hold up beautifully over time, cake spatula and brushes can be used to make unique cake patterns, and rolling pin and cake cutter can be used to make cake basic. Kids cooking set for boys are the necessities of being able to play baker and chef, pretend baking set for kids is perfect for the aspiring baker easy bake in home life or classroom There is a cute dress up set for kids. The apron for toddler dress up is blue and blue. To fit with room to grow, you need enough strap to tie around neck and waist. The elastic band at the back of the chef's hat helps it stay on. The heat resistant mat has the same pattern as the cooking mitt. The cotton and linen machine wash material is safe and can be thrown in the washing machine, which is a good thing since the role play chef costume set are made to last with comfortable cotton linen material. The chef apron set makes the kitchen play experience more fun for the kids. Kids chef dress up kit encourages creativity and role play, and teaches kids about food cooking or cake baking. Their kids chef set is fun for kids to play in. Give her something that she will remember and enjoy.

Brand: Vanmor

👤I wanted my son to help make Christmas cookies. He loved it. It fit him perfectly. He loved how you can use most of these items to bake and it looked like the things mom was using. The material did its job. I would recommend your chef to you.

👤This is a cute little set. I bought it for my daughter so she could help her grandma bake. She loved it so much that she wanted to wear the apron the entire weekend and beyond. We hid it so we could wash it. The apron is very thin.

👤I wanted to get him started with items his size for helping, so this is exactly what I was looking for. The quality could be better, but it's a great start for little ones in the kitchen.

👤My 4 year old grandson wanted a chef's hat and jacket, so he got a nice little set. I told him that he would have to earn the apron and jacket as he learned how to cook more. We did use the cookie cutters, but this set is only for play cooking.

👤My granddaughter will be able to bake with her mom. The tools look nice. I gave it 4 stars because the apron and oven mitts are more blue than aqua. I am very happy.

👤This is the perfect set for my niece. The rolling pin and cutters are good quality and fit her well.

👤My great niece and her GG are in the kitchen and they are happy with this. GG was in need of something so it was a birthday present.

👤My three year old granddaughter loves this set and uses it a lot.

👤It is cute and well priced, but it was bought as a prize and it was old.

👤My toddler loved it. Everything is good. Thanks!

👤Small accessories are not useful.

2. Jumbo Kitchen Utensils Play Pretend

Jumbo Kitchen Utensils Play Pretend

Product type: Toby's games The IQ toys play kitchen set includes a cooktop, 2 frying pans, 2 pots, 2 lids, flat server, spatula, ladle, mesh skimmer, oven mitt, 4 cans, 2 spices, 12 food toys and more. The IQ toys play kitchen set includes a cooktop, 2 frying pans, 2 pots, 2 lids, flat server, spatula, ladle, mesh skimmer, oven mitt, 4 cans, 2 spices, 12 food toys and more. Whip up some fun! Put the stove on, fill the pots with ingredients, and have fun. It was really good! The adorable cooking set for kids will give kids a taste of what their parents do in the kitchen. Tasty Entertainment is all geared up for it. The variety of play food and the all-in-one kids kitchen accessories set will stir up imaginations. Kids will be fascinated by pretend and play. There is fun on the menu. The set caters to young imaginations. The possibilities are endless. Every time, playtime is a new experience. Quality and fun are the only ingredients of IQ toys. The ideal kitchen set for girls and boys is made from quality materials and is safe and sturdy.

Brand: Iq Toys

👤I loved the toys. There are no small pieces to choke on for my grand daughter who is only 14 months old. The little pots and pans are realistic. She likes to play with food items and put them in pots and stir with the spoons. It is a great gift idea for a child over the age of one.

👤It was a good fit. The sound is like boiling water. We love it!

👤My 3 year old loves playing in this kitchen play set. It is her favorite. The pans that come with it are sturdy and cute. I got this play set for her and I am very happy.

👤This set is recommended for every toy kitchen. My son loved it.

👤The kids seem to be holding up well. The pots and pans and plates are small, but kids seem to like them.

3. Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables Toddlers

Stainless Cookware Utensils Vegetables Toddlers

It's a great gift for little chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets. There are 25 pieces in the kitchen accessories, including a chef hat, amesh bag, and cutting vegetable toys. Made of thick, safe and environment friendly materials. The round edge design was tested to be safe. To create a realistic feel for kids while playing, glue is used to make pretend play food sound real. It was fun for endless play. Role playing for children is important. Their imagination can run free. The play kitchen accessories set encourages kids to take on the role of a chef, teach them some basic cooking skills, and spend hours preparing pretend meals for the family. The pretend play kitchen set is a great value set that is perfect for holiday, birthday party or everyday gifts. A great set for both girls and boys, the child apron and chef hat are in a universal design, making them a great kitchen toy set for both girls and boys.

Brand: Kasu

👤The product is okay. The pots and pans are very small. I don't care if it's the end of the world for my toddler, but you best believe it's the end of the world for a grown up like me. The broccoli broke before we even got to use it, the middle was strong and broke the inner part before we even got to use it. Would not buy it again.

👤The white hat and apron are my favorites. My 17 month old is too big for them. I shortened the apron and tightened the hat. They look great now. Excellent quality items.

👤My 8 year old is enjoying playing with the kitchen utensil set, he is enjoying pretending to chop and cook with it. The apron and hat are nice additions to the set. The price could have provided more utensils such as cups and plates. A decent purchase. The material arrived on time.

👤My 2 year old loves this set. I bought one for my niece. She loved it too. Purchase and you won't regret it.

👤Our drummer has been playing for weeks. If you are tired of baby claiming utensils and pots and pans from the cupboard, you would definitely buy!

👤My kids love pretending to cut food. The pots and pans are a little small.

👤I wish it had a pot holder for the children, I have to find a mitten for it, so please add it to your set.

👤I haven't opened it yet because it's a Christmas gift, but I can see that it's sturdy. It came very quickly. It will be a great accessory. Great customer service as well!

👤My little boy was wearing a chef suit. I like the set. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the little plastic knife you get to cut veg seems very flimsy and when you use it to cut it doesn't seem sturdy at all. I give it a few more play sessions and it will break.

👤Excellent quality. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing items. The apron and hat that comes with the 2 year old and 6 year old were so cute that they were delighted to receive them.

👤I bought this set to use with a mud kitchen. I was very pleased with the amount of items in the set. The food is easy to clean. The utensils are made of metal. The chef's hat and apron are very cute.

👤The pans and utensils in this set are very nice. If I choose, I'd prefer some little baking tins and trays over the vegetables. It's still a sweet little set.

👤It's perfect for my toddler. Should last years as well.

4. KidKraft 63186 Metal Accessories Set

KidKraft 63186 Metal Accessories Set

For more than 30 years, the creators of imagination- and creativity-sparking products have been called the gold standard in early childhood play. A pot with lid, ladle and spatula. Broccoli, carrot, egg, ear of corn and a chicken leg are realistic play food.

Brand: Kidkraft

👤I am not happy with this set. The wooden food pieces shown in the pictures are not for you to see. Those have been replaced with cheap plastic pieces. The drumstick plastic was so thin that it caved in on one side, so we threw it out. If the other food pieces make it a week in this house, we'll be doing well. The packaging was perfect, which makes me believe it came from the manufacturer. My nephew's set is the same as mine and the food pieces that came with it are nice thick painted wooden pieces that go great with other big brand wooden food sets. The pots are the only positive. The box is small but it's not. The pots and pans fit my toddler's kitchen perfectly. If you purchase a big brand set for only $5 more you will get more cookware pieces and a stand. The fried egg was one of the nice wooden food items shown in the pictures that made this set stand out. My sister's house was a place where the wooden fried egg was a favorite. The cheap plastic that was used to make the fried egg was so warped that it wouldn't fit in the frying pan. I am trying to flatten the book back out. The cheap food items remind me of the food sets sold at dollar store. We were excited to give my son this set and he was going to have a lot of fun playing with it. This was a disappointment. Kidkraft cheapened a nice set by changing out the food pieces and ruined it. My mother in law ordered a set just 2 weeks before the pictures were taken. I'm assuming this is a recent change, or maybe I'm just really unlucky. If you don't care about the food, this is a nice set, but I think it's more expensive.

👤The set was purchased with a KidKraft kitchen. The pots and pans don't have the features of the stove-top burners to make them interactive. I thought the same company as the kitchen would be a better fit despite the reviews I read, but I didn't purchase the pots and pans.

👤The item was different than pictured. Several reviews mention wood food in the picture. The food I received was cheap and plastic. I wouldn't have ordered the item if I knew it was plastic. I will be returning the purchase. The metal pans are made in China, but I didn't pay $17 for just three pans. I will look for another set.

👤Many customer reviews state theirs came with wooden play food, which is advertised in the product image. The package I received was cheap. I chose this product because it was supposed to come with wooden play food. This might not be a problem for a lot of customers, but it is not what I thought I was paying for. There is a The pots and pans seem to be of good quality.

👤My daughter is young. This set was given to her for Christmas. She likes to cook. I bought this for her. These pots and pans are made to stand up to a lot of play. The fried egg is her favorite. I can't recommend this set enough. There are no small pieces that a small child could put in their mouth and choke on and each piece is made to order and she has enjoyed hours and hours of imaginative play.

5. IPlay ILearn Magnetic Educational Development

IPlay ILearn Magnetic Educational Development

It's a pity for gift girls and boys. The perfect play set for every little kid, or as a beautiful addition to their toy kitchen. It makes a great gift for a birthday, holiday or any other occasion. Wood and plastic are both safe. A pretend food cutting party. There is a toy for girls and boys. There are small pieces for ages 3 and up. Their set includes fun and organic food. The magnets inside the pieces can be used to separate the pieces using a wooden knife. The new heavy duty set is perfect for play kitchens. Excellent set for play groups. Several children can play together. Learning the names of different food groups and ingredients helps your child with language skills. Fun and colorful food items make play time more enjoyable. It's great for pretend play breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Variety of unique and vibrant colored pieces is perfect for all other food toYS. Fruits, vegetables, fish, burger, bread, ice cream, steak and more are included in the huge variety of food items. There is a cutting board and knives. More fun than those sets. Small kids are engaged in imaginative and educational play with organic play food choices. Children gain skills by cutting and counting the pieces during the holiday season. Parents can help their children understand fractions. The toy is safe and durable. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations and play chef. It's great for indoor and outdoor activities. For a product to be an effective learning tool, children must be able to make inquiries and attempt to answer them on their own. While pretending to shop for groceries, asking for recipes, and pursuing new knowledge, your 3 - 6 year old will be playing in the kitchen making delicious meals for the family to eat! Don't chew on pieces or you might break a tooth.

Brand: Iplay, Ilearn

👤It has a small amount of magnets inside. It makes us feel like we're cooking.

👤I absolutely adore this set. I bought these for my son on his birthday. I wanted to give him something new and fresh because he has a 10 year old set that belonged to my daughter. I liked the fact that there were unique pieces in this set, like a dragon fruit and a leg of meat, that you don't normally see in sets like this. There is a The quality is better than I expected. I like the variety and the detail. The magnets are strong and subtle, and the colors are beautiful. The grapes hang and pull off like the real thing. My son likes the tomato. He carries it around. Everything came in a sturdy bucket with a handle for easy storage and all the pieces were wrapped individually. There is a He received a small set of food from his grandparents, that was sold by a different company, and I was so happy I went with this particular set. The pieces aren't as detailed as the magnets and the velcro isn't nearly as strong. I took two photos of the watermelon and the kiwi. This is a great gift for my niece and nephew.

👤I think this is a win for our in home presschool, the kids stay involved with it, which is the best thing. Being wood, it's durable. I know it will last. The food options are bright and healthy, some of them even have extra detail and paint a really good picture for the children as to what is inside those real fruits or vegetables. Thanks to everyone.

👤I found these to be great quality for the price, the paint has a couple of minor flaws, but I haven't found a painted wooden toy that doesn't. The magnets are strong enough to hold together, but weak enough that they can be cut easily, and the detail is good enough that we don't have to wonder what a few of the foods are. The quality of the M&D wooden food is good. I didn't smell bad. Adding some chicken to the mix would be one thing I would change, but I would prefer a basket to hold them in. The magnets definitely hold together if you stick them backwards (N-N and S-S), I have attached pictures of the banana and grapes holding perfectly, and a video of me shaking the grapes and having them stay on. Maybe there are quality control issues? There are dangers: My children won't be putting them in their mouth as it would be very uncomfortable, but it depends on the kid, but these are all big enough that they won't be putting them in their mouth. They are smaller than real life food and watermelon is the same size as other foods that are obviously way smaller than in real life, so use your own judgement. My kids hands are small, their play dishes are small, and they enjoy being able to add multiple "ingredients" to their meals, plus I don't want to store 26 life size food things! Our M&D sets have realistic sized food and it makes it hard for them to use in their small pretend dishes and I can't store nearly as many.

6. MasterChef Junior Knife Cutting Board

MasterChef Junior Knife Cutting Board

6 pieces of kitchen tools for kids include a knife, vegetable cutter, and gloves. The kid's kitchen knives set makes cooking more interesting. The Junior Cutting board and Knife Set are licensed by the show and are appropriate for kids. The kit includes a cutting board, knife, and recipe cards. Food is not included. The knives are made of a kid safe plastic blade with non-slip silicone grips. Help to teach little chefs proper cutting techniques by sharing the fun of making your favorite recipes. It's a great gift for junior chefs. Become the ultimate MasterChef Junior by collecting all 5 sets.

Brand: Masterchef Junior

👤I bought this for my 12 year old who likes to cook. It would be nice for her to have her own set of knives, so I could be reassured that she's not using real knives when cutting. The set is a joke. Do they think kids can use this product? The plastic knives are incapable of cutting five of the 15 recipes. I had my kids in the kitchen trying to cut cucumbers with the knives, but they couldn't because they were too liquefying. It's not pretty. The best way to cut through soft foods is with a knife. Don't waste your money. You can get the recipes for free online.

👤It would be a real set with the Master Chef name on it. The plastic knives couldn't cut anything except room temperature butter. The cutting board was so thin that it slid around. My 11 year old knows how to cut with a real knife and was quite disappointed that they weren't a set of real knives for juniors. It wouldn't be a good idea to recommend this to anyone unless you have a young child.

👤I was surprised that they were plastic when we busted them open, I got them as a Cyber Monday deal and did not really look into it. There is a My 6 year old loves to help me in the kitchen, and my 2 year old loves to help her sister. There is a Once you teach how to use a sawing/circular motion, these are not sharp, but have a nice serrated edge. I like these because I don't have to hold their hands like I do with a metal blade. My kids want to do it all by themselves, and this makes it a lot easier to worry about. I wanted something that would help me get started. There is a We've cut onions and bell peppers and chicken, which was very easy. I would recommend these for anyone who wants to start their children with something that won't hurt them.

👤You have to use a lot of pressure to make the knives usable. My granddaughter will use my knives and cutting board after I give her this gift. These aren't something she would want to own.

👤I bought this product for my twins to learn knife skills. I thought they would be like my large plastic lettuce knife from OXO, which will cut most fruits and veggies with a little added effort. I'm not hopeful that any of the harder fruits and veggies would work better because these knives are too small for kids. I expected more from this product because it is based on a TV show where kids make some pretty complex dishes. I would have been better off buying a set of cut proof gloves.

👤I bought these for my 8 year old daughter, who is very into cooking and baking, so she could have her own set. The set is a good one for a child who is just starting out with a knife. When she wants to help me cut vegetables, the knives don't work very well. Very rigid cuts. She uses one of my knives. The set was nice, but not what I wanted.

7. Battat Farmers Kitchen Accessories Toddlers

Battat Farmers Kitchen Accessories Toddlers

The kids apron can be decorated with fabric marker, paint, iron on or embroidered, and is perfect for kitchen study, painting class, Halloween costumes, art birthday party, or any other activity. A toy food basket filled with everything a small person needs to make a meal. There are 37 items, including 1 toy basket, 2 cutting boards, 2 toy knives, and all kinds of play fruits and vegetables. The play food comes apart easily when the toddler slices it. Pretend play: browsing the market, preparing meals. Bright colors on plastic food are realistic. It is a perfect gift for a child. The kitchen playset helps with social and fine motor skills and introduces the concept of fractions. The cutting food toy set is recommended for toddlers 3 years and up.

Brand: Battat

👤I bought different brands of cutting toys to see which was the best. My 2-yr old loves it and it is the best one. She likes it over the other ones. This brand had a more comfortable knife, fruit and veg are double the size of the others, and they look better than the others. The other ones I bought were small and the knives were hard to hold.

👤I would have rated them higher, but the first circle came off of the onion two days into the play. The basket set was my dream product, it was a good price, two cutting boards, two knives, and a basket to keep them all in. I was going to rave about making the best purchase, but I didn't get a wooden set. Oh well. The set does the job for most of the time. I don't know how long the Velcro will last since one has already come off. Good luck to everyone trying to survive.

👤Holy. Crap. BUY IT if you're hesitant. My kids have been playing with these toys since they were delivered. My 2 year old is trying to cut my food. I bought these to make him happy. My bigger kid is in love with him. The toys stick together well with the help of the velcro. Very pleased!

👤My son's occupational therapist has a fake food set with a little knife and a piece of Velcro that he uses to teach my son how to cut food in half. I wanted to practice with him at home since he only sees his therapist once a week. You would think it would be easy to find a fake food set, but it isn't. There is a This set is perfect, we stumbled across it. He can cut through it. I had a hard time cutting through the strips. Another set had a very weak knife. The set comes with two fake knives and two cutting boards so I can do it with him. It was a great find and a great price. Highly recommended! His fine motor skills have improved a lot. This is a great way to work on your child's delayed development.

👤The veggies are hollow with a small manufacturing hole. Not a problem, but should not be in the water. The small hole makes it hard to get all the water out. Instead of wiping it down, wipe it down. My one and half year old is very happy with the kit.

👤We have a lot of play food, and this is my child's favorite. The basket of food is what my child loves the most, between the wooden food, the wooden cutting food, the plastic food, etc. The plastic knife makes a great sound when cutting. The basket organizes it nicely. The value is great.

👤I bought this for my 2.5 year old. She loves cutting produce with a knife. She gets that realistic sensation of cutting the produce when she's using the velcro, because it requires a little bit of strength and effort, as well as a satisfying "crunch" when it's being "cut" apart. I wish the two cutting boards could be put together to make a small storage box for the knives. It's a great addition to a toy kitchen for kids who want to pretend cook.

8. JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking Baking

JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking Baking

It is easy to clean. The apron is dirt-repellent due to a special treatment. Cleaning grease stains up to 40 C is not a problem. The chef dress up clothes for little girls include a girl apron, hat, oven mitt, glove, whisk, wooden spoon, rolling pin and 4 cookie cutter. There is a bonus kids cookbook. The chef apron is pink with white polka dots and frilly edges and comes with a strap to tie around the neck and to fit a toddler. The elastic band on the chef's hat perfectly fits a little girl's head. The utensils can be used to cook and bake. The hat and apron for kids are made to last with a sturdy material and reinforced edges, and can be thrown in the washing machine. The safety was tested in accordance with the standards. The Teachable Moment is a chance to make kids excited in the kitchen, teach them to simple cook and easy bake, and help out mom and dad, see their smile when taking their creations out of the oven wearing a chef hat and apron. Is it possible to deal with a lonely boy or girl? The answer to boring boys is house play kits, as long as it's kids entertainment and home education. The hours of imagination are educational toys that encourage creativity and role play and teach kids about food and cooking. When you give them this as a gift, watch their face light up.

Brand: Jaxojoy

👤The other reviewers of the child's chef set were helpful and the deciding factor for me. I will never meet Evelyn, the 5-year-old little girl I bought this adorable chef set for. I took her gift-wish from the Christmas wish-tree where I bank. I don't know about child size, I have no children and I don't live in a household with any. Evelyn wanted a set of pots and pans. Get it, check. I had fun on the toy side of Amazon. I also bought a dish set. I saw the chef's set and it was irresistible. There is a I would like to thank you again for making a 5-year-old's Christmas wish come true.

👤I bought this as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure... Santa left this as a Christmas gift for my daughter. Most of the contents are ok for a 1.5-2y/o child, but you should know if your toddler is the type to play dress up. My daughter is the one who likes to wear an apron and chef hat, while my son is the one who doesn't. I got this for my daughter because she loves food. Not "like" but "literally". I don't have the time to explain what she has done to get her hands on a single Goldfish, but I do know that if you were on fire and had a bag of marshmallows nearby, she would sit and roast you. If you know what I mean, you can tell from looking at her how much she loves to eat. If you don't know, her doctor has put her on a diet. I don't want my baby girl to have a bad relationship with food. I thought it would be a good idea to put her in the kitchen and do some work around here. There is a It's really amazing. I'm happy. There is a The intent is to get her interested in preparing food, showing her that not all food comes from brightly colored bags and boxes, and ultimately helping to teach her to make healthy food choices. The apron has enough string length to fit her waist with room to spare if needed. The baker's hat is likely to fit most kids, even being a bit on the big side. I say this because it fits both of my kids heads, although a more snug fit on my daughter. Both of my children get their heads from their Daddy. I'm sure you all think I'm exaggerating. They are both 99th percentiles for head circumference. My daughter's head circumference is usually taken first by the nurse, and then by the doctor, who thinks it's a mistake if they measure it again once or twice. It will fit your kids. The other items are toddler sized. They are perfect for preparing pretend food, which is what we have not attempted to do. These can easily be weaponized. Don't let the small size fool you. These are used in toddler wars. Parental discretion is not advised. I feel the need to warn people not to touch the floor with the super tiny cookie cutter. They disappear or blend-in, and you will step on it with a bear or socks. The type of pain that will stay with you forever; labor and childbirth? Is it possible to put something to the head? Is it related to kidneys stones? Are Legos on the floor? Not even close. Who wants a cookie that's small? What are you? There is a This comes with a little kids cookbook, which is one of the best things about it. There are some really cute ideas, like a kids "sushi" roll, and I think all but one of them does not require a stove or oven. I liked that part the most because it reminded me of a book I had when I was a kid. It taught me how to make everything from scrambled eggs to pancakes, biscuits, and muffins in the microwave. It always tasted a bit off or horrible compared to the same thing cooked in the stove/oven. I wish I still had that book. There is a You should buy this for your child. They might form a coup and overthrow you if you let them keep the baking utensils.

9. Osmo Genius Starter Kit for IPad

Osmo Genius Starter Kit for IPad

The gift is wonderful. This is a great gift. Baking supplies inspire children to play the role of chefs, improve their sense of responsibility and project management skills. The children made cakes and graphics with cookie molds. Children's imagination can be used without restriction. The girls like pink. It is a good birthday or holiday gift for children over 3 years old. Ostro is Magic is a collection of award winning learning games. Children interact with real hand held pieces and an iPad, bringing a child's game pieces and actions to life. An iPad is not required for game play. TEACHING To solve creative physics puzzles, place items in front of the screen, learn to draw, add, count, subtract, and multiply tiles to pop the number, arrange over 100+ puzzle designs/pieces to match on-screen shapes, and learn to draw, add, count, subtract, and Skills learned include visual problem-solving skills, puzzles, math, addition, counting, multiplication, geography, marine biology, freehand drawing, and improve spelling and vocabulary. Every move is watched and reacted to by Osmo. I love learning. CAPABILITY: Ages 7-13. There are games for beginners and experts. The continuation of learning is aided by smo. Children can learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment. The box contains the Osmo Base and Reflector for iPad, Tangram pieces, Numbers tiles, Words tiles, Stackable storage for each game, and 5 game apps: Numbers, Tangram, Words,Newton, and Masterpiece. All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed.

Brand: Osmo

👤The concept and the Tangrams portion play well, but the numbers and words are not. The pictures do not represent the word that they are supposed to spell. I'm adding pictures to explain. There is no explanation for what the numbers game is supposed to do. They start adding, then they have to put a 2 and a 5 down to get 25 and it's slow in response. Even if we keep going down to multiplication and division, it's still basic practice that they can get on any free app and not worth the money. These games are frustrating my children. I'm trying to decide if I should send it back or wait for a response with great updates.

👤You get an item that is 5 dollars. You have to set up an account, download apps, and buy additional $10 apps before you can use it. There is a Your child will be able to play the games. They are difficult to understand. There is a You should buy a regular $5 app. This is too complicated for young kids to enjoy, and too simple for older kids. I have spent a lot of money on Amazon.

👤We bought Genius kit after hearing about it from our friends who have the product. After playing with the product, I think it's worth every penny, and I would recommend it to anyone. There are a lot of learning games in the market which allow kids to learn basic mathematics and practice it, but this one is unique because it never makes them glued to the screen. It's like a kid is playing a game with chips of a board game or using a pen to draw and compete to finish the challenges thrown by the screen, as far as they are concerned. That is cool! There is a The Numbers game was my favorite game. I can't think of a better way to teach kids how to add and subtract. The team at Osmo has figured out a way to make the kids relate addition and subtract to separate out units. Kids are easily able to grasp the concepts since the idea is hit at a basic level. I would highly recommend all parents to play these games with their children and let them know that the things they are doing in Numbers game is nothing but a way to learn the addition and subtraction at school. My daughter has started using the mental calculation idea at school and I have seen it motivate her. This is the best way to get unbelievable value out of this product. You just need to do it a few times, your child will take it up. The Words game is a good way to improve spellings and vocabulary. There are a lot of libraries on My Osmo. Make sure you sign up before you download the libraries.

👤My kids have Amazon FreeTime with them. Getting Osmo to work on their devices has been frustrating. Everything you attempt will be stopped. Getting the app installed is the first challenge. To do it with FreeTime enabled, you have to download it on a parent device, then share it with the kid device, and then download it onto the kid device. You need an account to open the app on the kid device. The kid device is blocked. It should be done on the parent device. Tell the kid device which products you have by logging on. It tries to install something else based on the last question. It was blocked. I stopped to write this initial impressions review there. Amazon and Osmo received an F in the "Works Well With Others" section. My kids have been able to use the individual apps for each activity, but still can't use the main app. The included pen for the princess drawing needs to be pressed hard to make a dark line, and it broke during the first exercise. There were lots of tears. I'm increasing the rating to 3 stars because my kids like the activities they've been able to do. This product is a great idea, but it doesn't work out.

10. IPlay ILearn Cookware Vegetables Utensils

IPlay ILearn Cookware Vegetables Utensils

Customer satisfaction. Their priority is to provide a 100% satisfaction experience. If products don't meet your expectations, you can message them through contact sellers. The celebrations begin at Joyin! They always place children's health as the primary concern and the kitchen playset was made of safe and durable materials. Colorful play fruit and vegetables can be cut and peeled to make it realistic for your kids. A realistic cooking set encourages imagination, dexterity, and creative play. The variety of playing scenarios and actions keep children engaged and learning. It's an ideal gift for both boys and girls for holidays, birthday party or festival.

Brand: Iplay, Ilearn

👤It's exactly as pictured, great size and quality. My daughter loves playing with these.

👤My granddaughter's new kitchen is where I purchased this at Christmas. The pieces were perfect. She was able to imagine cooking. She feels like she's cutting and breaking apart items to cook because the vegetables are genius. Couldn't be happier.

👤The set is great for children. My two year old grand son was putting vegetables together. He liked putting them in the pan and setting the lid on top. I got the set for the two older children who love to play in pretend restaurants. I was amazed to see how much fun the little one was having. He was able to pretend to eat it. These pieces are strong. You don't want the children to throw them. The best thing about these sets is that they allow the grownups and kids to play together. It keeps them away from technology. Adults and kids can have fun with their imaginations. Both kids and adults enjoy these toys.

👤The set was great. The kids like playing with pans and cooking utensils. One of the best features of the set is the ability to cut the vegetables with the knife, which we have not seen in other sets. The tops come off and the lids fit the parts. The tea pot can be filled with water and the plastic on the spout can be removed to allow tea to be poured. If you do it, you should stick with water because it becomes hard to clean. We have hand washed these, so can't comment on dishwasher safety. The kids enjoy this very much and have no hesitation in giving a recommendation to buy.

👤The teapot spout was missing when I received the order. I contacted the company by email and asked them to send me the missing spout. The missing spout and a bonus vegetable arrived in a couple of weeks after I received a prompt response. My grandson didn't notice that the spout was missing on Christmas, but I'm happy that I will be able to complete this adorable set for him soon. The pots and pans are sturdy and a good size, and the vegetables fit in the soup pot nicely. I had lots of soup on Christmas.

👤My daughter likes these for her play kitchen. It's pretty durable.

👤Our granddaughter pretends to cook for her puppy. The cookware set is realistic. The plastic food that comes with it is vibrantly colored and can fit inside the pots and pans as well as the little knife and board. It has given us a lot of time to enjoy. There was no smell of chemicals when you opened the box. The play set is very good.

👤I bought this for my 17 month old daughter so she could play cook in the kitchen with me. She loves this set. She loves to cook and make soups and all sorts of other things and we have purchased a food set to accompany it. There is a She spends a lot of time in the kitchen making things and pretending to eat them. I don't know how educational the toy is, but she loves to imitate me while I cook, and they are very durable.

11. BAIMINGGE Cookware Pressure Electronic Induction

BAIMINGGE Cookware Pressure Electronic Induction

Quality and fun are the only ingredients of IQ toys. The ideal kitchen set for girls and boys is made from quality materials and is safe and sturdy. The complete kitchen toy set includes pressure cooker, pans, induction cooker, kettles, tableware, pot, bowl, scoop, Knife, Fork, Shovel, spoon and accessories. Food toys pressure cooker, real STEAM, and electronic play are realistic kitchen toys. Provide a realistic cooking experience for your child. The simulation kettle can be filled. Provide a realistic cooking experience for your child. Children's health and safety are important. The play kitchen is made of safe materials. The toys that kids play with comply with American standards. It is recommended for children 3 years and older. Their play food is great for role-playing. Your child can learn how to use kitchen tools while playing the role of a chef. This helps to cultivate imagination, learn life skills and hand-eye coordination. Children can learn life skills through play. The children's kitchen toy is a good gift. It is the best gift for holidays and birthdays.

Brand: Baimingge

👤I bought it for my friend's daughter. Quality product!

👤They are the same size as the photo shows. Little girls play in Libya.

👤I thought it was smaller but it is still cute.


What is the best product for cooking kids toys?

Cooking kids toys products from Vanmor. In this article about cooking kids toys you can see why people choose the product. Iq Toys and Kasu are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking kids toys.

What are the best brands for cooking kids toys?

Vanmor, Iq Toys and Kasu are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking kids toys. Find the detail in this article. Kidkraft, Iplay, Ilearn and Masterchef Junior are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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