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1. WOOD CITY Childrens Non Slip Bathroom

WOOD CITY Childrens Non Slip Bathroom

6 months free reason for return,lifetime free-parts guarantee. The WOOD City toddler step stool is made of real wood and painted with natural and water-based paints. Stopping and being safe. Their potty training stool for toilet has rubber feet that are slip resistant. Your child will be safe with the help of bonus pads. It's perfect for growing kids. Kids are closer to independence with a wooden two step stool. Their dual height design with wide steps helps toddlers step up to independence as they transition from toilet potty training to washing hands and brushing teeth at the sink, to finally reaching countertops and cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen. It's easy to move with the detailed picture installation instructions. It will take about 5 minutes to put it together. The pieces fit into the grooves. The handles help the child grab and go. A weight limit of 200 lbs makes the 13 x 14 x 13 sizedurable and sturdy. Simple design, clean white color.

Brand: Wood City

👤The step stool seemed to be the answer for my toddler to be able to climb on his bed more easily. This isn't the stool for us. It was easy to put it together, but 2 screws will not fit. One screws in halfway and the other never catches on the threading. I took it apart and reassembled it, thinking it was an error. The same thing happened at the same holes twice. I could leave the screws out and hope for the best, but my child deserves better. It's shocking how badly this was done. I will be returning this and trying a different brand. There is an update. The vendor apologized, said they had a new vendor, and offered a replacement or full refund if I removed my review. Yeah, right. A fix wouldn't require removal of the review if the problem were solved. This is the first time I've been asked to remove a review before the company will fix the problem. Hard no from me.

👤After this stool was difficult to assemble, customer service offered me a full refund. My daughter has been using it for a month and it is sturdy, cute and serves its purpose. Customer support reaching out is appreciated by me.

👤I bought this for my daughter because Ikea stopped selling the bekvam step stool. Her previous stool was shorter and not as sturdy as the green kids best friend step stool. Also, didn't have a full step. I was worried about her getting up and down on her own. The directions were easy to follow and the set up took less than 10 minutes. One of the screws went in. I received a response to my email less than 24 hours later. The issue was fixed by their suggestion to adjust the flat screw. Done!

👤It was needed for my son to get on and off the bed. perfect! It was easy to assemble, and it took less than 5 minutes. My son can carry it on his own, and it makes him feel very proud. It is amazing to see how much personal growth it has allowed in such a short period of time. I don't think I realized how much my son needed this. It has made our sleep routine more enjoyable as he can reach the sink on his own now and begin the tooth brushing process on his own. I am very happy with this purchase and have recommended it to friends. My son uses his stool to play with toys and eat snacks, it is a new favorite item of his. So happy!

👤A toddler can use this step stool. Our son isn't quite two yet, so his face barely clears the bathroom counter. He can wash his hands and brush his teeth in the bathroom. I am sure he will enjoy using it more when he can use it to its full potential. It feels solid, unlike some brands that have complained about their step steel feeling like particle board. The stool has been pretty good. It is sturdy, easy to assemble, lightweight to pick up, and a bit heavier for a toddler to climb onto things, which is what we want. My wife is going to paint it to make him proud.

2. Greenco Super Strong Foldable Adults

Greenco Super Strong Foldable Adults

The Greenco super strong folding step stool can carry up to 300 pounds. The dimensions are 11" W x 8.5" L and 11" H. Save Space is designed to be folded in order to conserve space. Pull up the handle and push in the sides. The stool has a carrying handle. The feature allows you to carry the stool wherever you go. The extra height of the foldable step stool is up to 11 inches, and it can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, closet, or at the go. The rubber polka dots on the step stool's surface help to prevent injuries from slipping. It will give you the grip you need and it looks great.

Brand: Greenco

👤The Greenco model is one of the two stools I recently bought. I am happy with both of them. The Greenco has a handle in the center that makes it easier to fold. The Greenco was mentioned in one review. Hardly. Maybe the Kikkerland feels a bit more stable because it's shorter. I received an item that was pretty clumsy, so it would have to be unsafe. If I were buying for someone older than 90, I would probably get a nonfoldable stool. You can see the size difference between the two models by looking at the photo. The Greenco is lighter in color. I will use the Greenco in the kitchen for more frequent use because it's 2 inches taller and has a convenient handle for folding, and will use the Kikkerland in another room for less frequent use.

👤For 4 months, it was used. Our son was in the bathroom when it broke. He was cut open by the stool after he fell. I warn other parents because I am angry and can't get our money back.

👤I have to review this product. My son's finger was almost severed by the folding sides of the stool. The stool folds up easily, but there are small holes in each leg of the stool that can be closed as the stool is opened. The design flaw is that the little holes open as the stool is shut and shut as the stool is opened. There are small holes on this stool that are the size of a finger tip. My son was opening the stool, holding it by the leg and top. As it opened, his finger tip got caught in one of the little holes as it closed, and his finger tip was almost cut off. I would never allow a child to open this stool as it has a design flaw that should be fixed, but my son loved carrying and using this stool, so I would never allow him to open it. Thankfully my child's finger will be fine, because this is not a safe product for a child to use. Hopefully the next kid won't be seriously injured after getting his finger caught in this stool. I put a picture of my husband's finger on the stool as a reference to the holes that close when the stool is opened.

👤This is a good stool. The design is very functional. I read a lot of reviews on different step stools and bought one with some skepticism on the pinching hazard. There is a After almost a year of usage, I have been pleasantly surprised. The foldable design helps to save space when not in use. There is a It is very difficult for an adult or toddler to get their fingers pinched. We will continue to be careful despite being nervous. It does not stand on its own and needs wall support when folded. If someone accidentally touches it, it might fall in that position. There is a We don't get startled when the stool falls because the iRobot has defeated it many times. It might be possible to follow advice. If you don't have a toddler in your house and need a step stool, this is it. There is a If you have a toddler in your house, you need to teach them how to use the stool. We had a few toddlers come over and they loved sitting and using this on their own. There is a If you have a mobile baby in the house, this stool is still useful for you to sit and play. Make sure you keep the stool away from the baby. There is a This is meant for light household usage. The stool should serve well for a long time. We have been happy with our use so far. Will keep you updated if and when it breaks. There is a Hope this is helpful.

3. SDADI Kitchen Step Stool Safety

SDADI Kitchen Step Stool Safety

It's a great gift for kids ages 3 and up. In the near future, teach your baby to cook and counter height. Make your kitchen fun. It could be put in the washing room to make it easier for kids to brush their teeth. It is made from solid wood and coated with a non toxic coating. Four-sided railings are perfect for your baby. No fall over risk is ensured by A shape seating. It has attachable anti-slip strips on four legs. The age is 18 months and 3 years. The dimensions are 18.1W x 34.8". 6 months free reason for return,lifetime free-parts guarantee.

Brand: Sdadi

👤This is the best thing I've ever purchased. It was easy to put together, it's sturdy and easy to move from one spot to another. My daughter loves it. She loves being able to help mom wash her hands in the kitchen. She likes to eat at the kitchen counter. My toddler is kept occupied and feeling involved by this stool. A happy mom and less boredom for a toddler!

👤Absolutely love this thing. There is a I have been looking for a stool that is safe and attractive. Finally found this one on Amazon and decided to take the plunge. The price was right and it took me about 20 minutes to assemble. My 18 month old has been learning how to use it and has been helping us prepare meals and be more involved in the kitchen. Everyone in my Montessori group was recommended it. Awesome find, worth the money. There is a Don't over-TIGHTEN THE SCREWS! I can see why some people would complain of splits in the wood, and I bet you the majority of them are from over-tightening the screws. You can hear it when it has been tightened enough. Don't over-tighten the instructions say. Heed the warning. This thing is strong. The extra turn of the screw should not be cracked.

👤The end product is amazing, but I did not put it together. I had reservations about spending so much on a stool, but it is a wonderful addition to our kitchen. The days of my 19 month old wanting to be picked up are over. She is by my side at the counter. So great! If you have a curious and independent little one, you will be worth the money.

👤This is an amazing quality and easy to put together. My daughter is 17 months old and can move around the cross bar. She is obsessed with the independence this gives her. I really appreciate the anti slip strips. A good one.

👤This one is easy to assemble and sturdy. It's as simple as putting the pieces together and attaching the bolts. If you follow the instructions, you will be building it upside down. There is a If you want to make sure all the pieces fit together properly, you should not tighten the bolts completely until you have the whole thing together. Some people seem to be having wobbling issues, and doing this will help them. The bolts have a bit of play to them before they're tightened, so you can make small adjustments to get everything connected correctly. There is a I think this stool is very easy to put together, and it's well made. I went with the cheapest wooden model and feel like I made a great choice.

👤My daughter loves this stool and it is my favorite purchase to date. That is correct, ever. That is really good. It is very well made, smooth, safe for potential falls, coated with a easy to clean stain/finish, and came right off. She is up at the counter interacting with me while I cook every meal of the day and often goes off on her own to play on it. She has helped me crack eggs, stirred things, and is proud of her cooking since we had it. It is nice to not have a toddler by your side, she loves seeing what I am doing. You cook 16 times. This is very strong. I was surprised by the price, but I am impressed by the quality. This was easy for me to set up because I am not the best person to put something together. Couldn't praise this product enough!

4. Folding Step Stool Lightweight Bathroom

Folding Step Stool Lightweight Bathroom

300 lbs. The folding step stool is safe for everyone. Ignore the old product sticker with 200 lbs. Limit. This product has been approved for 300 lbs. The anti-skid foot-pads feature makes it safe. The easy to use folding step stool opens with one flip of the hand. It is a great step up for the kitchen, bathroom, closets, RV's, and all those hard-to-reach areas. It folds away for convenient storage, and the maximum standing height is 9. It folds away for convenient storage, and the maximum standing height is 9.

Brand: Handy Laundry

👤My daughter went off to college and we bought her a device that would allow her to climb into her bed. The weight is 200 pounds if it stays together and doesn't collapse while the person is stepping on it. The device began to break as my child stepped down. She cut her foot while wearing thick sleep socks. This stool is a death trap, and I am beyond angry that Amazon allows it to be carried, despite the terrible complaints of it collapsing. She only used it for 2 months. If you are planning to hurt someone who has hurt you, you should not buy this.

👤If you reach for something, the product can collapse if you shift positions while standing on it. I don't think Amazon should carry it. A child shouldn't be allowed to stand on it.

👤We have two other stools by different brands that have held up well over the years. We ordered this about 5 months ago and this week my 2.5 year old girl fell under the plastic side and hit her head after she hopped on it to brush her teeth. The brand of stools that you should not order is the one that will break under minimal weight.

👤The directions on the stool don't say that it will lock into place. There isn't a lock. You can pick up the stool with your foot, or it can fold up on its own. I bought this for my 3 year old to use at the bathroom sink, but I am worried that it will fold if he steps on it, and he could get seriously hurt. I don't recommend it for children. It would probably be okay for an adult to use it.

👤I bought this stool to support my feet at my desk. My feet were sleeping. I desperately needed help. The stool is the perfect height. It's easy to put it in my desk drawer. I'm glad I bought. You can't beat the price.

👤It's perfect for my son to reach the sink when brushing his teeth. He is 18 months old.

👤I bought this for the bathroom to use the same thing as the squatty potty, and it costs less than $10 bux. The squatty potty costs 50 bux and can only be used for one activity. I can use the step stool as a step stool on a few occasions. Since it is collapsible, I fold it up and put it away, so no one would know it was out in the open. It is a collapsible stool, but it is still a step stool. There are bits of rubber on the step of the stool that I will not slip off. There are rubber nubs on the foot of the stool that sometimes fall off, but a bit of gorilla glue solved that issue.

👤I have trouble tying my shoes. I'm at a point in my life where it's difficult to grab the laces. I had to place my foot higher so I could reach it. The shoe store types were too expensive for me. I travel occasionally and if I can't get a chair in the hotel room it's just a pain sitting on the bed to reach down. The stool folds flat. It's in the bottom of my luggage, so I can reach my shoe. The tool was designed for something other than the intended purpose. It works for me.

5. Tovla Knives 3 Piece Nylon Kitchen

Tovla Knives 3 Piece Nylon Kitchen

There is an anti-skid foot PAD. The rubber polka dots on the stools are put there to prevent one from slipping while standing on top of the stool. It's safe to cut your money back. They know that you and your children will love their kids' chef knives, and that they take great pride in the quality and efficiency of them. Their 100% Tovla Money Back Guarantee makes your experience risk-free. Protect the goldfish's finances! The top safety kitchen knife set for kids is a must have. The little chef set is made of nylon and has serrated edges to help protect little fingers from sharp metal knives. A great gift for kids. Children can experiment in the kitchen. This plastic knife set allows kids to join you in your kitchen activities, and will prepare them to be independent chefs. A good children's knife set will help apprentices to be safe. Excellent quality kids! The children's kitchen product is top quality. Their kids use the SERRATED EDGES and NON-SLIP HANDLES of their cooking and baking tool. The set includes a large, medium, and small knife for precise cutting. Absolutely safe for your health. Their children's kitchen knife set is 100% FDA grade and free of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of the harmful effects of Their testing shows that your preschool children can use them under adult supervision.

Brand: Tovla Jr.

👤I bought these knives to keep my kids busy. They can help me cut lettuce or cut paper. Light weight and plastic, they are probably less weight than a pencil. I tried the knife on a grape fruit. This knife is better than my other knives. Maybe it's just a good knife. I tried an apple. Excellent! I use this knife in the kitchen a lot. Absolutely worth it!

👤Loving these. I have already recommended them to many people. Our 3 year old loves being able to help us in the kitchen more and more. There is a It helps us to teach knife safety without the fear of her getting cut. She has been able to do more than just stir and pour because she has been able to get kids in the kitchen.

👤My granddaughter is 5 years old. She loves them. She was able to work on those cucumbers quickly. She is a picky eater. I hope she will try new things if she helps in preparing food.

👤The product listing and the outside of the box are different colors. I bought these for my son so he could help me in the kitchen, but instead of looking like kitchen utensils, they look like cheap toys. I'm not sure I can get something different in time.

👤It's great for kids. My kids have been using these knives daily since we got them. They are cutting through a lot of vegetables, and are easy to clean, even if you want to make a fancy cut. I would recommend these to any parent who wants their kids to help cook. While we talked about knife safety, we ran the knives across our skin and it did not cut us. I am happy I found this product.

👤This is a great idea. I was happy to get knives that my children would be safe in the kitchen. They are easy to clean, and we use them several times a week. Throw them in the dishwasher. There is a These don't cut very well. My kids "chopped" carrots with them and ended up with shredded looking carrots. They work better for apples. They don't work for soft foods like bread and cheese. I'm not sorry that I bought them, but I felt compelled to tell future buyers that they don't work very well.

👤A great product to teach small kids how to use a knife. The kids chopped their garden vegetables. There is a bunch of playdough outside. They were happy when they got them. My kids have been fighting with butter knives and other "safe" knives for years, but I finally found a product that helps me in food prep. They peel oranges. The knives are large enough to be used in the kitchen and at child care and educational places.

👤It's great for softer veggies like mushrooms, peppers, olives, and waxy potatos. Every kid has to start somewhere. I would recommend these to anyone.

👤These knives are great. My 4 year old got them. He can help in the kitchen more. He loves them, they give him a sense of independence, and I love them because I know he is safe and can't hurt himself with them.

6. SDADI Kitchen Step Safety Toddlers

SDADI Kitchen Step Safety Toddlers

In the near future, teach your baby to cook and counter height. Make your kitchen fun. It could be put in the washing room to make it easier for kids to brush their teeth. It is made from solid wood and coated with a non toxic coating. Four-sided railings are perfect for your baby. No fall over risk is ensured by A shape seating. It has attachable anti-slip strips on four legs. The age is 18 months and 3 years. The dimensions are 18.1W x 34.8". 6 months free reason for return,lifetime free-parts guarantee. 6 months free reason for return,lifetime free-parts guarantee.

Brand: Sdadi

👤I love it, my 13 month old loves it, but it has a bit of a safety problem: it is easy for her to fall backwards when she bends down. She fell the second time we used it. There is a She fell on her back and head after she dropped some snacks and bent to pick them up. When she enters and stands in the stool, we lowered the fabric from a ribbon. This type of feature doesn't come by default. We are happy with the stool and feel we mitigated this issue. My toddler is excited to use it. It is perfect when we are helping with door prepping and watching us in the kitchen. I am not sure if the cage is tall enough, but it is sturdy. At 13 months old, my 100 percentile seems to fit. I don't know if it will happen in 6m or 1y. My kid doesn't seem to try to exploit that and wiggle left and right, so I'll let it be for now. It will be 5 months later. The chair has proven to be reliable and useful, so I am increasing the rating from 3 to 4 stars. It is not completely level. The extra ribbon we added to make it easier to get in and out was removed recently.

👤My 18 month old loves helping in the kitchen. It is sturdy and I didn't smell anything. He always wants to be in the stand. There is a The bar on the back that is supposed to keep the child from falling out is useless, so I gave it 3 stars. My son has fallen out before. I thought he was crawling out and falling but he lost his balance after his foot slipped out of the back. I was standing there both times, but it didn't do anything. This may be better for an older child, but not for my small 18 month old.

👤We bought the stools for our girls. They like to use them in the kitchen to make food. The girls are kept safe with the non stick pads that come with them because they were easy to set up. It took them a while to learn how to climb in and out of them, but they are very good at it now. This product is recommended by me to other mothers.

👤I wanted to get a stool like this for my daughter. She likes to be involved with what I do. I thought it would be great for Thanksgiving. I was concerned that most of the stools I looked at had a large opening in the back where a child could fall out. I understand that there needs to be an opening so the child can climb in and out on their own, but I don't think there should be a gate that you can open and close to prevent falling. My daughter fell out of the back of the stool on her head after she stuck her wobbly butt out for the first time, I took a chance and sure enough, the very first time we used the stool, my daughter fell out of the back of the stool on her head. You can't look away for a second. If you are actually cooking and paying attention to that, you will probably grab something at some point and your child will fall out of the large gap in the back. There isn't much protection in that respect. My brother came up with the idea of turning the cage unit around so the front with the safety bars is in the back and the back with the opening is in the front to prevent it from falling. She can not climb in and out on her own. She is at the age where she really wasn't doing that, so now it works for us. Love it! There is a It was easy to assemble and reassemble, and it has a light and can be moved around. It is a great deal compared to other stools out there. I will probably buy at least one more for my parents house and possibly another for my in laws. It's fun when you make a safety switch.

7. Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool

Utopia Home Foldable Step Stool

It folds away for convenient storage, and the maximum standing height is 9. The stool can hold up to 300 pounds and is made for kids. The space isFFICIENT. The design of the stool conserves space after it is folded up. Pull the handle and push from the sides to fold it up. The stool is very easy to carry around with it's handle being highly durable. The right afterlife. The stool gives your child more height. There is an anti-skid foot PAD. The rubber polka dots on the stools are put there to prevent one from slipping while standing on top of the stool.

Brand: Utopia Home

👤I bought this product for my college freshman because she had a hard time getting into her bed because her dorm room bed was too high. She likes this stool. She loves that she can put it under the bed when she doesn't need it and open it when she does. It says it can hold up to 300 pounds. I am a big girl, more than 200 lbs but less than 300 lbs, and when I stood on it to hang her curtains it cracked in the middle. I don't know if it was me or the stool. It didn't support up to 300 lbs. If someone larger wanted to stand on it, they would need to stand with their feet up, not in the middle, where there is no support. I wouldn't have expected the stool to hold up if the description had said up to 200 lbs.

👤We needed to buy some stairs for the cat to get to our bed. He tried to jump up on the bed, but missed and fell back on his back. The first time it was funny, but then it became sad. Cat steps are expensive. A three-step ladder is $80. I put the slightly taller step next to the one I purchased. The cat likes his steps and shows them off when we have visitors. I took the new cat sitter into the room to make sure she knew that if she saw the steps out of place, he would have to put them back. He was very proud of himself. There is a At any rate. These little stools are adorable. They are fun to have around. For short people or cats. It's a good thing.

👤The main reason for getting this stool is for my toddler, and I was skeptical about it. The reviews that I read say that it doesn't lock until there is weight on it. I didn't buy it until I saw my sister had one. I watched her use it well. I tested it and it's safe. There is a It doesn't "lock" until there is weight on it. This isn't a safety issue that needs to be worried about. It's safe because I've stepped on it in all directions. The lift is very small. The circles keep people from falling. There is a Unless you get a faulty one, it's not a problem. It can't collapse on it's own when fully opened. I trust my toddler can use this if it can hold me sturdy.

👤This handy stool has many useful things that you can do with it. Our toddler uses it to step up to the sink, get on the couch and bed and go to the toilet. It is easy for our toddler to carry around and open and shut. She uses it to sit at the coffee table when she is crafting. The adults are 175 lbs. It has been used to reach higher shelves in the kitchen. There is no fear of the stool closing up when we are standing or sitting. There are rubber pads on the bottom of the legs to keep the stool in place on the floor and rubber circles on the top of the stool to prevent it from slipping. It's very handy for storage since it folds up. It's a great space saver to take with you in the car. This stool is very useful. I will purchase more to keep around the house.

8. KidzWerks Child Standing Tower Adjustable

KidzWerks Child Standing Tower Adjustable

A weight limit of 200 lbs makes the 13 x 14 x 13 sizedurable and sturdy. Simple design, clean white color. The kids kitchen step stool can be adjusted to 16 or 20 inches. As your child grows, adjust the tower height. The child standing tower toddler step stool is made of premium wood. The toddler step stool is the perfect height for your kitchen counter. Not too heavy! There are anti-sLIP pads included. Anti-slip pads are included in the KidzWerks Child Standing Toddler Tower. The original child standing tower is the trusted brand in kitchen step stools for kids. It is safe, secure, and reliable.

Brand: Kidzwerks

👤I decided to keep one of the kitchen helpers stools I purchased on Amazon. All three of them have design flaws that make them unsafe. You should be next to your child when they use any of the products pictured. The raised edges of the tower made it impossible for my grandson's foot to slip off the sides. The front of him has a piece of wood in it. The opening on the back makes it possible for him to slip backwards. I don't have to listen to him say "Up Up Please" anymore because none of these towers are accident proof.

👤The Learning Tower by Little Partners seemed to be the most popular of the category, but I bought this Kidwerks tower instead. The design and size of this tower was the reason I preferred it over the other tower. I thought I'd share my thoughts after having it assembled and in use for a day. It took about 15 minutes to assemble. The instructions aren't very well designed, but they were easy to figure out. The pieces of wood are screwed together with philips heads screws. The wood is high quality and heavy when assembled. Everything was packaged well to avoid damage, and there were no defects with my unit. The screws can easily strip the wood so I don't recommend using a power drill during assembly. There is a The tower is the right size for my 2 year old. I like that the standing height adjusts, but the step doesn't adjust, meaning that when you place the standing base to the highest level for your little one, the step is likely going to be too far for them to reach. I don't have any other towers to compare this to, but I didn't like the fact that my 2 year old was able to remove the rear railing without modification. I might try to tape or screw it to prevent it from being a weapon. The cut-outs on the sides allow rambunctious kids to climb up above the standing height, and could possibly tip the unit. The tower seems to have a lot of side-to-side stability, but a child could push that to the limit. There is a The screw covers are a bit darker than the wood, so that's a minor quibble. I left them off because I preferred the look of the screws and I was concerned about the hazard of the screw covers.

👤This is being used for our grandson to stand at the counter with us. If not attached, they could cause serious injury if they slip and slide off the platform. We screwed it in to make it stable. Two of the openings are too big. The item should have something to hold the child in. Our grandson was seriously injured when he fell through the large hole and hit his back and spine on the Sharp wood edge. It is going to the dump.

👤I had high expectations of this product since it had good reviews. The quality of the wood is questionable. The surface of the units was not safe for toddler use.

9. Melissa Doug Step Stool White

Melissa Doug Step Stool White

The original child standing tower is the trusted brand in kitchen step stools for kids. It is safe, secure, and reliable. Sturdy wooden two-step step stool for kids, available in white, natural, and espresso to fit any home decor. Straight back makes it easy to push up against a wall. A cutout under the top step makes it easy to pick up and carry the stool from room to room. It is easy to assemble with just aPhillips head screwdriver, not included, and detailed illustrated instructions. It's a great gift for kids ages 3 and up.

Brand: Melissa & Doug

👤We wanted to compare the two for our 2 year old. The kid's stool was a bit smaller and the back had an angle. We liked the size of the two of them better, because it had a straight back and lined up with her bed. The only negatives with our stool were the paint problems and the fact that it had silver screws, but over all M&D was a better choice for us. It looks really cute in her room, but I wish it was priced a little lower. The back angle of each stool against the bed is shown in the pictures.

👤I'm not sure how this can be called a "wooden" stool. It isn't made of wood. I was disappointed to find that all the pieces are made of particle board and covered in a cheap veneer. The piece fell off when a screw went through the pre-drilled hole. The edges of the hole looked like cardboard. It's a poor quality material. I thought I missed something when I ordered, but it's wood in the description. You should be aware of what you're getting. I don't think it would hold 100 pounds, and even if I was able to assemble it, I don't think it would hold up to my toddler. The dimensions were what I wanted, but this was returned.

👤There is a warning! The surface of this stool is very slick. A child will fall off if they wear socks. The stool is not made of wood. The sticker on the press board looks like wood. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤This is similar to the step stool my toddler used to have, so she loves using it for a chair and reaching the sink to wash her hands. The rubber strips that stick onto the bottom are awesome. I only deducted one star because I dislike the term "wooden" when it is used for particle board with a wood-look veneer. You would need to spend twice the amount of money on solid wood. I don't like the term "wooden" when it's not made of wood.

👤1. The stool is made of particle board. 2. The item description doesn't make it clear that you have to assemble it.

👤The stool works for the intended purpose. It's great for washing hands or helping mom cook. This item is press-board and I am very disappointed. I would not have ordered it if I had known about it. I was looking on Amazon for a stool that was both wooden and tall enough to allow my child access to the sinks and counter spaces. I like Doug andMelissa products because they use more wood than plastic and their toys are usually a decent quality. The wooden element was important to me because I wanted a product that had a smaller carbon foot print and less processing to produce, would be easier to repair, and not need to be recycled or thrown in a land fill. I have a specific issue with press- board. The press- board will degrade eventually. We didn't have time to return the gift because it was already Christmas eve and it was not natural wood. It's too heavy for my 3 year old to move. It arrived on time, so we were happy.

10. Acko Folding Lightweight Foldable Bathroom

Acko Folding Lightweight Foldable Bathroom

The rubber polka dots on the step stool's surface help to prevent injuries from slipping. It will give you the grip you need and it looks great. Features improved the folding bar, which can prevent it from collapsing while standing on it. The foldable stool has a safety stop gap feature that allows it to be used. Four round corner safes protect your kids' body. All of the design is put into place to be safe. PREMIUM QUALITY The internal structural design of the step stool makes it extra strong and safe. It can hold up to 250 lbs. It's used for kids and adults sitting indoors. Make sure the step stool is open before you use it. When the stool folds up, it saves more than 90 percent of your closet space. It's easy to fold away for convenient storage, so you can open it with one flip of the hand. It's so small you can hide them in a corner at home. The portable folding stool is great for in the kitchen, bathroom, RV's and more. Do you worry about not enough room for a place stool when you go out for a picnic? Quality is guaranteed if you use quality materials. The folding step stool has been approved by the EN 14183 certificate. They need to reach up a high place for safety's sake. Stand on the stool and keep your feet on the middle of it.

Brand: Acko

👤The step stool is not safe. I'm a lady with a weight of 145 lbs. I was thrown to the floor by the broken stool that was rated to hold 250 lbs. The stool broke. See the pictures. This could have been a disaster.

👤The description said the stool was good for both kids and adults and had a weight limit of up to 250 lbs. There are two stickers on the stools. One says 250 lbs but the other says 75 lbs. If a person has to weigh 75 lbs or less, what is the best step stool? The limit for is 250 lbs. Are you sitting on it? It's a stool. It was very misleading. The reviews show that a lot of people are standing on it. I don't think they are under 75 lbs, but it says not to. I wonder if the stool is safe. I might have to return them. Had I known, I would have ordered something else.

👤It was like a house of cards when I stood on it. It folds up to save space. If you only ever sit on it, standing on it is dangerous. I was not hurt when it broke, I dropped down on my feet. Had one side failed, I could have been worse off. Why would this thing fail? That's why the plastic from China is substandard. I noticed that their review was back-dated by a year. I reviewed it in March 2020. It's possible to bury a bad review.

👤I was surprised to find that the step stools were not as light as I had thought. It appears that the folding to store is easy. Keeping them in their standing position doesn't show up as well as keeping them in their standing position. If you want to push them over, you have to choose the right spot. I haven't observed them enough. They did the job I needed for my child. That is all.

👤I got this set for my two year old to use in the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen stool is only 8 in. He can't reach much. There is a He can wash his hands with this stool in the bathroom. There is a The height seems a little daunting compared to the standing space, he refuses to use it in the kitchen, opting instead for the short stool. Even though it holds my weight, it feels a little wobbly when using it. It becomes unstable very quickly. You have to make sure it is stable again if you attempt to adjust it. . Not a big deal for me as an adult, but not ideal for my toddler. There is a It folds easily and has a nice handle, but it's much heavier than I thought, and that's a negative. My son can't carry it, but he does carry his shorter stool around all over.

👤There is a stool in this listing. The other stool is called Regency. I assumed they were universal size when I bought 2 of them from other stores. The stools are about 3” higher. It's fine for what we will use them for, but we wanted to make sure we knew how high these are for reference to others.


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