Best Cooking Jars Wide Mouth

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1. Ball Half Gallon Jars Wide Mouth

Ball Half Gallon Jars Wide Mouth

The wide mouth mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. The ball wide mouth half gallon is a classic brand. There are jars with a band. There is a multi-PURPOSE. It's ideal for preserving jams, sauces, and mustard. It is safe and easy. Reusable dishwasher safe. Each order contains Ball, Half Gallon Wide Mouth canning jars. It is made in the USA.

Brand: Ball

👤Adult life consists of waking up, making breakfast, and spending the rest of your day trying to find containers for all of the objects you have sucked into your circle over the course of your 20s, 22s, or 30s. A computer is a good container for information, but the market doesn't think it's a good idea to bring the Palm Pilot back into circulation. Computers aren't a good container for soup. If the temperature of the soup is regulated by a waterproof lid and waterproof building material, bonus points will be given. There is a You can go to bed feeling accomplished and complete, as you attain oneness with the universe, once your things are all in their containers. The purchase of two Ball Half-Gallon Jars, Wide-Mouth made me feel this way. I bought some radishes at the farmers market at the end of the season. I bought four pounds because I was aware that it would be another year before I could eat these little red orbs, and in fear of their departure, I bought them. There is a They are in one of the jars with a small amount of water, sugar, and salt to prevent it from doing anything. They taste sour and sharp. The other jar is empty. I can give you a good tip that you should try to get ahead of the game whenever possible.

👤I was excited to put my jars to use. One of them was destroyed. I fear I will get cut if I open the plastic. Why would someone package them that way? Poorly packaged. I need these jars today. My time and money were wasted. I was disappointed.

👤I decided to live on homemade soup this winter, but needed a way to put all that soup into the frig. I used to have glass containers large enough to hold 6 quarts of soup, but no longer do. The glass containers had to fit in my frig, either leak proof or sit upright. There's no chance of leaking. The door of our frig is where these fit in. I could use a few more. Maybe next year. I like that they can handle very warm liquids, and the lids seal up very well. They don't take on the flavor or smell of what they've been holding because it's glass and you can easily clean them. If I didn't have soup in them, I would use them to keep my wine cold so I could take only a few mugs when I wanted to heat it up. These are a good size.

👤I didn't think to shop around first. I found a six pack of jars at Walmart for the same price after they shipped. I'm too lazy to return them. I don't need 6 right now. I kept them. I put a pour spout on them for easy use. The look of my laundry room has been renovated.

👤The mason jars were large enough to hold all the milk. Coffee filters and rubber bands are used because the metal lids can rust with kefir. I'm okay with using coffee filters.

2. Ball Wide Mouth Mason Capacity

Ball Wide Mouth Mason Capacity

The one gallon glass jar with lid is perfect to use as a kimchi jar. 6 pack canning jars are perfect for canning, preserving, and fermenting fruits and veggies that can be canned and sealed for up to 18 months. There are markings for precise filling. Writing dates and identifying contents is done with a label line. The sturdy glass construction is made in America and USDA approved. Clear glass jars are easy to see and wide mouth canning jars are easy to fill and wash. A quality air-tight seal with each lid is ensured by the Almighty Seal. For a freeze capacity of up to 3 weeks, fill up until 12 ounces. Preserve can be stored up to 1 year. You can test with dull sounds for best seal. Make and serve drinks, desserts, salads, and overnight oats. Mason jar decor is a great way to make a unique gift. Paint flowers, candle jars, and other items to make them look better. Ball Mason Jars: Ball has been around since the early 1900's and is the most recognized name in home canning, representing everything you could want in a Mason jar with old-school American-made sturdy glass, supporting USA jobs!

Brand: Sewanta

👤This is a scam. These are 8oz and not worth the price. You can buy them for $1 and a dozen for 10 dollars at Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, etc. If I didn't take them out, I would return them all.

👤I bought these before I knew what was happening. The jars are over priced. I can buy 12 of the same jars for $12 elsewhere. $30 was paid here.

👤I like my new jars. I like the wide mouth and straight up and down design. There are no ridges at the top. My son didn't like the last jars I bought because he couldn't get his tongue out of the jar. It's a good thing. Thank you for the jar opener!

👤Everything I needed and wanted was there. They are expensive. I saw them at Walmart. The quality is good. I can't complain about that.

👤I decided to pay a steep price for a set of Ball jars to freeze soup. The curvy neck made the Ball jars crack in the freezer. The jars with straight shoulders sometimes fail, cracking under the pressure of the expanding liquid. The higher density of soup causes the liquid to expand sideways rather than up, cracking the glass, despite leaving space on top. The cost effective solution is probably Ziploc bags.

👤I bought them for freezing. I bought the blue jars a couple years ago and have been looking for freezer 16 oz jars. These are not expensive for me. If you buy canning jars more cheaply, they are the wrong jars. These jars are used to make big pot meals. They have a freezer on them. The description is off. If you want to freeze, buy these jars. They are great. Can you buy other jars for less? If you want, you can use these for canning. I think they are multi-purpose.

👤It's perfect for taking soup to work. The plastic ones don't leak when used with the metal ones.

👤The jars are easy to use. These are homemade jams that I make from local fruit. The last set I ordered came with 6 bubble wrapped jars instead of a cardboard box. The original cardboard box with its jar separating compartments is very useful for storage. It's much better than six jars. I would order again because prior orders have been in the case.

👤Thank you so much! Very well packed. There is a It's a good product to make good food. Valuable!

👤The description matches the one in the picture. Storage jars are very useful.

3. Paksh Novelty 1 Gallon Airtight Plastic

Paksh Novelty 1 Gallon Airtight Plastic

Made in the USA. The mason jar is the perfect vessel for making large quantities of all kinds of ferment food and drinks such as kefir, sauerkraut, and much more. It is easy to make huge portions of food with the large mouth of the fermentation jar. This large canning jar is shaped and sized for canning a variety of items, including homemade pickles, canned peaches, jams, jellies, preserves, tomato sauces, and more. The glass gallon dry food storage jars have an airtight seal lid. Store dry foods such as rice, flour, oatmeal, pasta, and candies. In the pantry, fridge, or kitchen cupboard. Their wide mouth jars are large enough to hold larger fruits and vegetables. The wide mouth makes it easy to reach in the jar to clean it out. The 1-gallon glass jar is made in the USA of high-quality, thick-grade soda-lime glass that has been certified by the USDA as food safe. The lid is made of plastic that is free of harmful chemicals. It's dishwasher safe. The dimensions are 6” x 6”

Brand: Paksh Novelty

👤The wrapping of these jars was amazing. I've never seen packaging wrapped in such a way. The jars would not have broken in transit. Thank you! I use the jars for dried goods to put on my counter. I have ordered these jars before. They look great on my counter, they are easy to get the flours out of the jars, and you can see what is in the jars. Thank you again. I'll probably order more soon.

👤We "risked it" and one of them was broken into pieces. We won't touch the shards because they were pulverized. It doesn't bode well for the long run that the other 3 are intact. We won't be heating these jars, but if you are thinking of storing them, it might be a good idea to switch to another brand. There is a The seller has to pack glassware. The jars are packed inside the box and the packing is correct. There is a A child can be taught this.

👤Love, love, love these jars! It is very inexpensive and versatile. There are also lids included! I have used these jars to measure things. I made my own measurements on them. It's really easy to do with a sharpie. Where else can you find a glass gallon jar for under $10? Making bread! It's easy to watch the rise. It's very easy to mark for measurements. It's wonderful for tea. Any kind. I have used it for plain black, plain white, plain green, herbal, and 4) It's perfect to use for kombucha and Jun teas, they're perfect for keeping up with your daily water/fluid intake, and it's affordable.

👤They are used in our dipping facility to store silicone. We've ordered these for a long time and if we get a broken one, they are quick to replace. The metal lids were replaced with the plastic ones when we replaced our last order. We didn't know they were changed because the description said "Paksh Novelty 1-gallon Glass Jar Wide Mouth with lid". The plastic lid will be eaten by the Xylene. Our current storage situation is problematic due to the fact that I had to order a couple sets of replacement lids which aren't expected for a couple weeks. When we ordered, the description said they were plastic, but that was not the case.

👤I like these. I use gallon jars for my baking supplies. Specialty flours, sugar, and brown sugar. They are clean and free of lead. I also bought the 1/2 gallon size. I'm replacing my plastic storage options. Plastic and food storage are not covered by the freeBPA.

👤I don't know if I would trust them to hold up. They sound like they're going to break when they collide. If you were going to show off what you put in the glass, it would have to have some flaws. I don't have kids so I use them to store dry goods. I'm not concerned about them breaking. There aren't a lot of affordable options for a large glass jar. If I ever need more storage, I'll probably buy more.

4. KAMOTA Canning Wedding Favors Shower

KAMOTA Canning Wedding Favors Shower

Improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol makes next- generation tubing less likely to pick up stains. Premium strong high quality glass jars with silver lids are made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience. 100% food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe are included. Silver lids are lab certified. KAMOTA wide mouth glass jars have an elegant design and the transparent glass can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lid seals tightly to prevent leaks and preserve foods while still being easy to open and close, which is why each lid is designed with ease of use and storage security in mind. Use for baby food, jam or jelly, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. It's perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, candy, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. The wide mouth mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. The wide mouth mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift.

Brand: Kamota

👤I love these! The regular Ball mason jars were too big for my lunches. These 4oz jars are the perfect size for my overnight oat mixes and lunchie-things. The reason that I only gave 3 stars is because the rings and lids are smaller than other wide mouth jars. If you put a different wide mouth ring on these, they won't seal, and if you use this ring on a different jar, it will leak. As far as I knew, wide-mouth jars were standardized.

👤I wanted to like the jars. I have Kerr and Ball jars that I like but I don't like the branding on them and was looking for something plain. The jars are plain, but that is the only characteristic I like about them. After taking them out of the box, my hands were black with dirt. I had at least one jar that was cracked, but compared to others, I am thankful that it was only one. They are not 100% interchangeable with other lids, as seems to be the debate in these reviews. I replace my metal lids with bulk plastic lids to avoid issues with rust, but it will be difficult to find a single one that works for all of these jars, because some of those lids fit on some of them. I thought I was killing 2 birds with one stone because I was going to use the metal lids and rings from these jars for canning other jars. Oh no. I have Kerr, Ball, Anchor Hocking and Kilner mason jars and these are not compatible with them. The canning jars are universal and interchangeable, but not with these. The quality of these jars is sub par, despite being more expensive. The glass has flaws. The reviewer said that they were so irregular that they wouldn't seal on them when trying to can in them. I will probably not return them since it is so hard, but if you are buying them to make some craft with and give away to someone you like, I would skip it.

👤If you will, these are not "Kerr" or "Mason", they are a generic brand. They were not "Mason", far from it. I took the flat seal lid out of the box and turned it off. I had to have 2 stitches after it sliced my finger. The edge of the seal lid is not curved, it is sharp as a hunting knife. They gave me a refund after I explained my complaint. There was no email from the seller.

👤The jars are solid, but one was broken and the other had a bubble on the glass that was not sharp, not sure how that passed quality control. I was given a credit by Amazon for the 2 jars, but I am not sure it would have been worth it. The 22 Oz size and straight sides make them easy to clean. The problem is large. Is the 2-part lids made by those manufacturers that work with the wide mouth jars not compatible with the ones I own? The plastic 1-piece wide mouth lids seem to work, even though they aren't sealed.

5. Regular Mouth 16 Ounce Measurement Preserving Overnight

Regular Mouth 16 Ounce Measurement Preserving Overnight

It isdurable: Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 1 year, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. The best jars for canning are self-sealing and long- lasting. Home canning will allow you to eat healthy and save money, while also allowing you to choose what goes into the food you eat. Quality glass is made with upgraded soda-lime glass and food grade glass. The glasses are clear and smooth to the touch. The vibrant colors of the contents allow you to keep an eye on the progress. Completely dishwasher safe. Superior lid-Mason jars are leakproof. The metal lid is lined with plastisol. The food will last longer and taste better. The standard-sized mouth makes it easy to fill and refill the jars. Cleaning is easy. The regular-mouth lid can be replaced. It's perfect for storing dry kitchen staplers, preserving large amounts of ready-to- eat food, and canning summer bounty. Beans, coffee, rice, candies, drinks, jams, and sugar will not be eaten by mites. It's perfect for storing dry kitchen staplers, preserving large amounts of ready-to- eat food, and canning summer bounty. Beans, coffee, rice, candies, drinks, jams, and sugar will not be eaten by mites.

Brand: Paksh Novelty

👤This jar is only 12 ounces and is not large enough for a 16 ounce jar. I don't know if they think filling the jar will make 16 ounces, but that's a shame.

👤I didn't pay attention but I trusted their advertising. This is a jar of 12 ounces. Disappointed.

👤I used them to make ice cream. They did a great job. I haven't used them for canning so I'm not sure if they're good for that.

👤I bought these for my coworkers. They were cheap and strong. Cute for the occasion.

👤If you use these to can, you should have a backup supply of lids. The hot water bath had 4 of the 6 lids buckled. The Ball Sure tight lids were used.

👤I am looking for something. One of the jars was cracked and I was waiting for a replacement from the seller. All in a great item.

👤These aren't freezer safe. I needed jars to freeze the soup. The jars were left two inches of room in the fridge before being frozen, and then re-warmed in the fridge over several days. I have other jars that have not had this issue. I can't believe that all of them broke. All at different times. I only had them for a month. I want my money back. These must not be real jars.

👤These were perfect for overnight oats, they were decent quality.

👤I like these. They are thick glass and have a sturdy bottom that can hold a pressure can. Nice size too. I like the look of them. Right now, I'm ordering more.

👤I used these jars to store fruit that was going to be used in jams and it was thick enough to resist damage.

👤If the seals get worn out, you can buy new ones.

👤I am very happy with my jars. They are perfect for my needs. Study as well!

6. OAMCEG 4 Piece Airtight Preserving Perfect

OAMCEG 4 Piece Airtight Preserving Perfect

Their moonshine pour spout lid 2 pack is dishwasher safe and comes boxed so it is insured to survive the shipping process intact and ready to pour. The best pouring spout on the market today is a mason jar. A rubber gasket is included in the set of 4 wire top glass jars to ensure a leak proof seal. Glass is a better choice for storage than plastic. Glass doesn't oxidize, retain smells, or make food smell bad. The mason jars are made from the highest quality glass and have superior resistance to breakage. The jar has a unique design that is perfect for every home and business. Use the container to serve coffee, tea, cocktails or create art, place fairy lights in it and turn it into a light fixture, or store and showcase any ingredient for a unique decoration. Each set of 4 hinged glass jars includes 8 chalkboard labels, a plastic scoop, 4 replacement gasket seals and a chalk marker. You will never have to play the guessing game if you have each jar labeled with its contents. The bottle is covered with pearl cotton. The bottles should be protected in good condition. According to their buyers' reports of glass bottles leaking, they have made a lot of improvements, not only working with higher quality factories, but also adding 4 replaceable gasket seals. They will pay attention to the voices of buyers and try to improve the products. They hope that the OAMCEG Team will not let down everyone.

Brand: Oamceg

👤The statement says "leakproof rubber gasket", but I used these jars for canning. They leak. The flimsy gromits that hold the lid in place look cheap and I am worried about the possibility of my vegetables being contaminated by oxygen.

👤It was packed well and arrived in tact. These jars have labels and a marker in them. They are not air tight, so I knocked off a star. You can test this by partially filling with water, locking the lid and turning it upside down. It's still a good deal if you don't need air tight.

👤What do you want these for? To seal out the air and put food in it. There is a I've never seen a product like this before. chrome is thin and non-existent in places so they are guaranteed to rust. The seals are very thin, low quality, and do not work well. The lid moves around easily when it's "clamped" down. The lids do not seal well even when they are perfectly centered. I put water in these, made sure the lids were centered, and when I tilt them out, the water flow out was about 50% of the rate of a pitcher. I tried covering the top with plastic. On top of that. Same deal. I'm sure these are great if you want to store a child's marbles. If you want to store food or use these for other purposes, forget it!

👤The food was being stored in theses and they fell into it. A piece of glass embedded in my couch caused a cut on my finger. When I reached for something, I cut my finger and realized it was from the jar I was eating from. Imagine if I cut my throat by mixing it with the breakfast food. A piece of glass was floating in my boiling water last year and I had pasta in another jar. The quality at the rim is terrible. The glass is slowly chipping away and you can hear it when I open them.

👤I was looking for jars. Excellent quality and affordable. The service after the sale was perfect. They responded quickly to a small issue. I am very satisfied with the entire transaction. I assure you that you will be making the right decision if you purchase this product. A+.

👤The price and size were perfect. I just needed 1 for sourdough starter, but these were less expensive. The clips are perfect, the glass is good, and they are cute. I will order again when I need more.

👤I was struggling with my pantry storage because ants kept getting in my sugar and oatmeal, but no more after I got these!

👤I'm very impressed with these. I don't know if they're leak-proof, but I use the rest of them for dry stuff, and my chilli oil well is held by them. It seems to work well. Feels strong. It's easy to clean. All the parts are easy to remove and reassemble. I might buy more in the future.

7. Mouth VERONES Wedding Favors Shower

Mouth VERONES Wedding Favors Shower

Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 3 weeks, and fresh preserve up to 1 year. The set includes a case of 6 Mason Jars and Silver Lids. High quality clothes. The set is designed for convenience. Each jar can be used for many different things. Use glass jars instead of disposable containers for your supplies because cans can affect the flavor and freshness of your supplies. The Verones mason jars have an elegant design. The jars have clear glass. You can use the wide mouth silver lids to store the jars. TILE & MULTIPURPOSE: The quilted mason jars are ideal for shower gifts. Make a Thoughtful Gift - fill with Preserves, Spices, Jams, candles, or Honey - decorate with string, Ribbons, or create one-of-a-Kind wedding Favors. Save your money and get a 100% guarantee for long life used. You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year. Save your money and get a 100% guarantee for long life used. You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year.

Brand: Verones

👤I drink tea and coffee in mason jars. The jar cracked when I poured water in it. I thought it was a mistake, but I just cracked another one. I've bought thinner walls in the past but I couldn't resist the urge to buy 6 at once. There is a I don't think they work well for other uses.

👤The jars look nice, but the lids don't fit, so you can't seal them. If you want to use them for canning or something like that, look elsewhere. These won't hold up.

👤You can with them once, but don't buy additional seals and lids and canning with them again. These are not standard wide mouth jars. Rip-offs are very expensive. I was not happy with all the Ball jars that were available through Amazon. You can get real wide mouth Ball jars at your local ACE Hardware store. You can get a 12-pack of beer at my local store for only $12, but you can also get some delivery or curbside pickup. Disappointing that vendors are taking advantage of the situation.

👤The pattern on the jar is pretty. I was not happy with the measurement. It overflowed when I poured 16 Oz of water. I could use a maximum of 12 Oz of liquid. It shouldn't be over 10 OZ to freeze liquids.

👤When I ordered these jars, I had a plan to make jam on the day I picked the blackberries. I got home from berry picking and opened the cute jars, they were all intact. I started preparing the jars for sterilization after cooking my berries for jam. I was shocked to learn that the lid will not tighten. If you try to tighten it, it pops off. The ring is useless. I had nothing else to put in my jam so I tried to use them. I have to use it all up before it goes bad. This is a joke. A canning jar that only looks like a canning jar is useless. Very angry!

👤These were packaged in a very strong foam to prevent any damage. The lids leak. I am very disappointed that Mason Jars would leak, I'm not sure why they would do that.

👤The company was great to work with and the original pack I got did not seal. I washed them after taking them out of the box. I used my food saver to seal them, but the lids were too large. The rings were not damaged. I threw the box they came in. I was with them. After I contacted the company, they sent me new rings and lids. They are perfect now. I have gotten many jars from them before and will continue to do so, they are a great company to work with.

👤I have been using these jars to come up with new ideas. Breakfast with fruit and salads for lunch. I used them to serve dessert with banana pudding and whipped cream. When I want to get rid of a large milk carton, I just pour the liquid into one of the jars and it will free up space in the fridge. They make great containers for food gifts.

8. Ball Ounce Jar Wide Mouth

Ball Ounce Jar Wide Mouth

Glass/metal is the material. Half gallon Mason Jars with Bands and Lids are in this pack. Glass mason jars can be used for canning, crafting, and juices. Wide mouth jars are best for whole fruits and vegetables. The jar has lines for easy measuring. Made in the USA.

Brand: Ball

👤I was able to get 6 jars at Walmart for the same price.

👤The interiors are foul-smelling. I opened the jars after scrubbing the bases of the packing tape and found 888-353-1299 It was very bad! I've bought them before and they've been fine. The convenience of shopping online is ruined by the fact that I have to return items, and I will think twice about doing so again.

👤It's too expensive. I bought a box of 6 sz jars at a local store for $13. It is unusual for me to be disappointed with price match on Amazon. It's :-

👤I knew what was in the box when I picked it up. The glass was moving. It was not packed very well. There was no damage to the outside of the box. I wanted to make a crafting idea for Christmas. Hopefully the next two will not be damaged.

👤The jars are large. There is a These are jars that you can use to safely store large items. They are big. When you open the lid, it's refreshing. Every time you close it, it seals tight. There is a My brother dropped a jar on the concrete and it bounced off like a ball. Not even a scratch. I store my homemade soups in these jars because it's important to me that they don't break because of the 64 ounces of liquid in them. I have purchased mason jars with thicker glass in the past and they break just as much as any other jar when hit the wrong way. These will last you forever if you're careful.

👤There is a reason for Ball. Ball State University is named after the founder. The glass quality, thickness, and conformity are still there, even if you don't know where they are made. I use these to make sauerkraut and kimchi. I would use them to make eggs and other things that need to be stored for a while. For making large batches of things like sauerkraut, it's convenient to make it in a large size.

👤Jars were clean and intact. I use these for cold brew coffee and iced tea. I use the County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker to keep a steady supply of coffee. Great product! I would buy more if I had more space in my fridge.

👤The product is good, but it is much cheaper at Walmart.

👤The quality of the jars is good. They are large enough to hold my dry goods. They are practical and useful.

👤I have purchased those jars before. I'm using them for a lot of things.

👤Llegaron rotos. Vienen mal empacados y al ser de vidrio. Son bonitos, no tienes porque el empaque era.

👤No, tantas medidas existen para venga tan mal empaquetado. Is it possible for me to ayudar? Tener las dos piezas.

9. Ball Mason PINT Wide Mouth Freeze

Ball Mason PINT Wide Mouth Freeze

The 1-gallon glass jar is made in the USA of high-quality, thick-grade soda-lime glass that has been certified by the USDA as food safe. The lid is made of plastic that is free of harmful chemicals. It's dishwasher safe. The dimensions are 6” x 6” It's ideal for preserving jams, sauces, and mustard. A quality seal is ensured with each lid with a custom time tested compound. The brushed silver design on the outside lid matches kitchen designs. Store up to 1 year, freeze up to 3 weeks, and fresh preserve up to 1 year.

Brand: Ball

👤I ordered this item because it had Ball brand and ounce markings on the side of the jar. I wanted the ounce markings so much that I chose this item out of many alternatives and paid a premium for it. The jars arrived well packaged, good shape, but unfortunately they are Kerr brand, but they don't have ounce markings and are an unusual sort of wavy glass instead of straight clear glass. If I were just canning jam and I didn't really want to use the jars with the measurements on the side, I would be fine with that. The jars themselves are in great shape, other than the photo, jar markings, and brand being misrepresented. We put all of the jars in the dish washer before we realized the error, so it's too late to return. Disappointed.

👤I think it's because of pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins on pins All over the house, we use mason jars as vases, decor, and storage. I used the chalk paint on these to store pens and other items in our craft room. My husband loved them, they turned out to be really cute. I'm sure they're good for canning.

👤I used these to organize my cabinets. They look great. I had 4 different sets of spices and all of the original bottles of spices. I ended up with a lot of expired spices because it was hard to see what was there. I can see what I have when I open the doors, and I can keep a record of what needs to be replaced. I put spout lids on the larger jars for larger containers. The jars are sturdy. There are many uses for these.

👤These jars were used to make cherry jam. The jam was terrible but these jars sealed it up. I felt like a canner. My wife found the jars full of jam on the kitchen counter. I had a serious discussion with him and he agreed that neither of us would eat it. The jars were clean after we poured the jam.

👤I bought these jars because I heard so much about the dangers of storing food in plastic containers and the possibility that the plastic could cause cancer in the long run. The performance of the jar was so good that I was happy with it. I was able to freeze food in these jars for weeks on end without any problems. I found that the food would last longer in these jars than it would in plastic containers, even in the normal refrigerator. I have been using these jars for over a year now and I am very happy with the fact that the metallic coverings off the jars never rested and I have been using them very regularly. I didn't think I would get such good quality jars, which would last me a long time, even though I paid a lot for them. The upside to this job is that it doesn't hold the orders of what you're storing it for, it washes quickly and easily, and is dishwasher safe. There is a I plan to purchase more sets of these jars and throw them away when I return to the United States. The purchase of these jars is a good idea.

10. FRUITEAM Quilted Crystal Storage Butters

FRUITEAM Quilted Crystal Storage Butters

American made glassware has been made since 1905. The 4oz mason jar is great for storing beans, seed, drink, seasoning, jam, yogurt, honey and more. The glass revolution has a diamond pattern design and is easy to clean. Relax and do more with your family. There are extended features. Beside storing, the glass jar can be used for a lot of things. Protect Them. Keep jars dry as soon as possible after they are cleaned for longer use time. The canning jar lids offer the best seal quality, your food remains preserved just the way you created it. When canning, only the lid can be used. The canning jar lids offer the best seal quality, your food remains preserved just the way you created it. When canning, only the lid can be used.

Brand: Fruiteam

👤I thought they were made anywhere other than China. I was very disappointed to find that they were not.

👤I had an idea to use them for my drawer. They turned out great. I love them. I think the jars were overpriced because when I found them in the store they were only $8 for 12 jars, which was less than what I paid on Amazon. It came with little circle labels and a pen. I wouldn't buy it from Amazon again because of the price. I love them now that I have them.

👤The inner seal rusted as I sterilized them. They need to be removed from the market. I heard three jars crack while I was doing the last step to sterilize the jars. I am disgusted.

👤Quality control is a problem with this. The jars are well packed and nice to look at. I got 12 jars and 11 rings. I had to buy a set of 12 rings and lids to make my canning happen. There is a I didn't buy labels because they came with them. They do. The jars have a cut out for oval labels. See the pics. The cost of extra rings and labels is much more expensive than I thought. It was not the same as a convenient all in one box.

👤The jars come packaged perfectly so they don't get cracked or broken. They are the right size for storing seeds. I didn't expect them to have markers for labeling. If you double check the size, you'll find that the smaller jars are used for honey or jam, not large items like peaches.

👤I was excited about this order and I was not disappointed. These are the perfect size for my homemade bath salt that I'm making for loved ones this Christmas. I didn't know it had stickers and a chalk pen on top of the jars. That was a big plus. They were well packaged and did not break. I plan on ordering more asap.

👤These jars and lids are thinner and lighter than real name-brand canning jars, and not a single one formed a seal when I tried to close them in a hot water bath. If I read the Q&A more closely, I might have figured it out, but the product description made it sound possible. They would be good for something else, but I wouldn't buy them for food storage.

👤I was happy to find a jar of this size. The jars have issues. They can crack 2 if they have limited rapid heat/cold adaptability. The lid will rust 3. The edges of the liners are very sharp. There is a These will be done for me. They won't be given as a gift because of the sharp edges.

11. Ball Mason Mouth Bands Jars

Ball Mason Mouth Bands Jars

It helps to keep canned food sealed up. The Ball Mason Jar Company is based in America. The surface of the single-piece tunable diaphragm is smooth and easy to clean. The child's side converts to a bell with a non-chill rim. Improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol makes next- generation tubing less likely to pick up stains.

Brand: Ball

👤If you want a good laugh, get this. The jars came in a pack. The box was placed in a thin cardboard box with no packing and poorly taped closed. The sizes were bowed out when I found them on the doorstep. When I picked it up, I could hear glass shards moving around and glass dust falling from the box. Not a good sign. I didn't try to remove the bottles for fear of injury, but at a glance I can see that most of them have been reduced to small pieces. The wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of Oz is like this. It should be interesting to return this for a refund.

👤The jars were shipped from a Walmart distribution center. The jar was broken.

👤Almost all were broken. Couldn't use because of all the broken glass. Needed to toss something.

👤I damaged the box and found two shattered jars.

👤These were more expensive than the off the shelf price at my local store. There is a My fault was not checking my local store first. I will use but not re-order.

👤You have to pay for the return. Save money.

👤The Mason Jar system has been used for more than 150 years. I use them to store dried fruit and beans. I don't reuse the stamped lids for long term storage because I reuse the jars and rings. There is a The wide mouth quart is great for holding coffee in an air tight container. There is a They have a million uses. I keep a supply of stamped lids so I don't have to worry about the seal.

👤I like the wide mouth jars from Ball Mason. I use them for soup canning. They are easy to clean. The jars are of top quality. Having them delivered to my front door is very important to me.

👤I thought the fussier designs should be tagged as decorative. There are many other listings that leave it blank. I can't fault the seller. I should have asked. I am very disappointed in my original review. I want the jars to be completely plain, not the "decorative" ones with fruit designs. The jars I ordered were clearly pictured as plain, and the listing did not say decorative. I have a box full of jars that don't serve me. We all know how to send a package back. I will give these to someone. I need to resume my search for penicillin ones.

👤Paying extortionist prices for mason jars is worse. I'm not sure if the seller is aware of this, but people pay a premium for ball branded mason jars for their aesthetic appeal, which is hampered when the logo has been sanded down due to the other jars. Minor flaws are expected, but not to this degree. I recently ordered ball mason jars from two other sellers, one of which was Uline, which put at least 4 inches of foam peanuts on all sides of their shipment, but also labeled the box as "fragile" to let the courier know to treat it with care. The seller put about one quarter inch of bubble wrap padding without a label that said the contents were fragile. I encourage anyone reading this to shop elsewhere because I am very disappointed in my order.


What is the best product for cooking jars wide mouth?

Cooking jars wide mouth products from Ball. In this article about cooking jars wide mouth you can see why people choose the product. Sewanta and Paksh Novelty are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking jars wide mouth.

What are the best brands for cooking jars wide mouth?

Ball, Sewanta and Paksh Novelty are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking jars wide mouth. Find the detail in this article. Kamota, Oamceg and Verones are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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