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1. Kitchen Projects Decoration Super Outlet

Kitchen Projects Decoration Super Outlet

It isdurable: You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year. The jars are shaped with a hinged lid. The front and back of the jar are perfect for applying labels. They are the perfect size for many items, such as bathroom bath salts, paper clips for the office desk, or glitter for arts and crafts school projects. Pairs well with wood and neutral colors for a rustic themed wedding or a birthday party decor. Adding sand to the jars will give them a more rustic vintage look. There are endless art and crafts possibilities with clear bottle capsule. Light up the outdoor evening by lighting tea candles in mason jars surrounded by floral arrangements and silk ribbons to match the desired color aesthetic. It's the perfect container to hold a message bottle, for samples, scrap-booking, wedding favors, wedding decorations, or to hold tiny trinkets. Clear jars make it easy to show homemade organic product samples to clients. It can be filled with herbs, spices, and sugars to make it easy to see seasonings when cooking and baking. The jars are 3 inches tall and hold 3oz. Each order comes with a package of jars. Carefully designed to save space but also keep the contents fresh for convenience.

Brand: Super Z Outlet

👤I wanted to keep the spices fresh. My bad that I didn't read the reviews. These are decorative. If you're looking for something that is air tight, this isn't it. I had a strong blend of spices that I sealed in a jar, but the smell was strong when I opened the pantry door. I took one and filled it, closed it and laid it on the sink, and the water slowly seeped out. Oh well... Where in the description did they mention air tight? My bad, not theirs.

👤The jars are small and nice to give as gifts, but I was looking for a bigger jar. If you are thinking about having the jar hold a liquid, it would not be my first choice because the seal is not water tight. If you want to store something for a long time, you should put the ingredients in a jar that is dry, but not water tight, because it will let air through the gasket seal.

👤The wires became dull during the first wash. One wash! It will likely be poor. There is no indication where this is made, and what is the seller hiding?

👤I ordered two packs of these. One of them came three to pack because of the broken one. I can't complain much about the price. I think I could have returned one pack. I am one short, but I needed these. There is a They go pretty good for the money, so don't be surprised by breakage.

👤Good quality. My 18 month old held them up several times while she colored on them using an oil based paint sharpie. I recommend the oil based sharpie if you plan to draw on these. After the marker was dry, I tried spraying modge podge over it. I would not do that. It does not scratch off easily. The purchase was great. As described. The packaging was great compared to the others. These arrived quicker. I don't know if they are air tight.

👤I got these for my friend to make her own scrubs. They are easy to clean. The metal part is cheap but I think it will do the job. I went to my local craft store and found jars that were much cheaper. I liked how these looked.

👤I used them to contain a small amount of bud for travel use and it worked great, but the fact that one came cracked through the top made it hard to use. I messaged the seller and sent pictures when I opened the package. That was a while ago. I would have rated this 5 stars if I had gotten a reply or replacement for it like I asked.

👤These are the perfect size for favors and I am using them for my sister's bridal shower. They snap and seal well. I've bought them one case after another because I'm happy with how they turned out. They arrive within the time frame of 2 days.

👤The glass is thick. Quality is good. It was expected that it was short and fat.

2. Paksh Novelty 1 Gallon Glass Airtight

Paksh Novelty 1 Gallon Glass Airtight

Save your money and get a 100% guarantee for long life used. You can freeze up to 1 year. Store for up to one year. A 1-gallon glass jar is perfect for an assortment of purposes. This large mason jar will be useful for many things, from making kombucha to canning. It's great for dry food storage. The 1-gallon jar has a white metal screw-on lid. The preserving jar has a plastisol liner that creates a vacuum seal. The wide-mouth jar is great for filling with large fruits and vegetables. The 4 inch wide mouth of the jar makes it easy to reach deep inside. The clear glass jars make it easy to see the contents. The glass of the jars is certified by the USDA to be food grade, so it won't harm the food or the flavors. The jar is dishwasher safe, but the lid should be washed by hand. The dimensions are 10" tall with a wide opening.

Brand: Paksh Novelty

👤The kids are metal, but all four have plastic lids. I don't want to return them so I would prefer metal lids since I am eliminating as much plastic as I can. They are good jars.

👤A friend of mine worked in a restaurant and gave me 2 jars. The first generation of recyclers! They were great for storing my flour and sugar, since I lived in an ant hill. The jars were well-stocked many years ago. The jar openings weren't wide and the lids failed. My search for replacements began. The jars are perfect. They are the ideal size, not too small or large, with a large mouth. I tried a jar larger than my kitchen cupboard, but it wouldn't fit in my cupboard. The jars fit in a standard shelf. They came in a set of 4. I spent less for 4 than I did for 2 designer jars. I think I will find a purpose for the other 2 before long. There is a This is the storage solution you are looking for.

👤The jars say they have a metal lid, but they don't. They are plastic. It was very disappointing. We ordered them because of that.

👤I used these jars to store my homemade kimchi and the lids are so cheap that they are worn away after the first use. The ones I use to store dog food are ok. If you put food in these, it may destroy the lid.

👤They are 1 gallon glass jars with metal lids. I bought these because they were square in shape, but I could have spent less money on round jars if I had known they would work the same.

👤Don't buy them! They break easily. I bought them in gallon and 1/2 gallon sizes. I am throwing the covers away. They are not strong at all. If it is not a legit Ball brand jar, it is not to be trusted. There is a The glass was weak after the 30 day return day. Ball brand or glass made of borosilicate is a good choice for sturdy glass. You can get your money back if you try all your products before the return date. The 1/2 gallons said paksh novelty above the title. I was warning a friend about how bad the mason jars were, and I didn't know it was the paksh novelty.

👤I contacted the USPS and they sent me another glass bottle after they messed this up. Delivery day came and was marked shipped, but there was no pack. After several weeks, they finally sent a third pack of lids, but the "lost lids" showed up, and it was a mess. We have broken a few since the purchase, thanks for reading if you made it this far.

👤These are very strong glass. Each jar was wrapped in bubblewrap and packed in a bigger box, which was then shipped to Amazon. The big box was destroyed in transit, but the inner box and jars were perfect. The seller used care in packaging them.

3. Wide Mouth Gallon Glass Jar

Wide Mouth Gallon Glass Jar

Includes a 1qt sauce pan with lid, 2qt sauce pan with lid, 3qt sauce pan with lid, and a dutch oven with lid. These jars have a wide mouth and are made of glass. Use your 1 gallon jar as a gallon glass canning jar. A gallon mason jar is a great jar to use. These are large jars. The extra large mason jar can be used as a fermentor. The one gallon glass jar with lid is perfect to use as a kimchi jar. The one gallon glass jar with lid is perfect to use as a kimchi jar.

Brand: 1790

👤My story is here. I am in my 60s. I was blessed to know an old lady who had come west in a covered wagon when I was a child. She would bake cookies for us. I have never had anything like them before. Even though I like pins on pins, they never had a recipe for these cookies. I tried everything from yeast to baking mix. Nothing was close. It hit me last week when my sister and I were talking about the cookies. It's very difficult! It made sense. The pioneers did not have packaged yeast. They used sourdough. There were recipes for sourdough sugar cookies that I found on the board board. I found a recipe for sourdough starter. I bought these jars from Amazon and they are doing great. The second jar will be used to give my daughter a gift. sourdough sugar cookies are the most important.

👤I replied nicely to the email that asked how I liked the product, but the jars were not useful, the cloth was small and stiff, and the bands were too big. I received a reply that said the bands were not a perfect fit. The bands were not a perfect fit and could not be used. I was okay with the product until I got a terse reply. They did not address my comment about the cloth. Walmart has a better deal. The seller did their best to make me happy, sending me another jar and two bands with cloth. They could make this product a lot better by providing better fitting bands and bigger cloths. Again, I appreciate their efforts.

👤It's hard to believe a jar is anything that someone would be excited about, but I've recently gotten into ferment and been pretty good at it. In a short period of time, I have acquired a nice glass jar and bottle collection. The plastic screw tops make these perfect for the gallon size. I have broccoli in one and cauliflower in the other and I like to taste them and see how they come along. I'm only snugging up the lids a little bit to let any built up gasses get out, because the tops do screw on tightly, and they are leak-proof. I might get bubblers and put them on the lids, but for now they work just fine, and they're perfect for what I'm doing. I like how they're sold in pairs, so I have one to make up a new batches of whatever I'm making, while the other is already finished, so I can eat it. There is a It's good to know that you can put boiling water on them right off the stove and use them again without the risk of them cracking. There was a piece of cloth and a rubber band to hold it in place when they arrived. I didn't think I'd use it in light of what I've been doing, but within a day or so of their arriving, I found myself mixing up something very fine that needed to be strained, and my finest mesh strainer still wasn't fine. I had use for it. The cloth is intended to cover the jar while you're making kefir, kombucha, or any other beverage that you want to keep out flies and other harmful organisms, and each piece is large enough for that, with the included rubber band also being the perfect size. I'm happy with these jars, and expect to be able to estimate my needs as I start using up all of the various kinds of items and combinations I've made up, as I use up what I've already made and start making up some new batches. I would love to have more of these jars. Very recommended...!

4. Stackable Kitchen Canisters Containers Airtight

Stackable Kitchen Canisters Containers Airtight

It's perfect for storing dry kitchen staplers, preserving large amounts of ready-to- eat food, and canning summer bounty. Beans, coffee, rice, candies, drinks, jams, and sugar will not be eaten by mites. The jars in the set are made of food-grade high borosilicate glass, which is better for you than plastic jars. It is suitable for all kinds of environments. There are dishwasher and microwave safes. They upgrade glass food storage jar's lids to keep food fresh longer and protect against air bugs. It's great for wet or dry foods, baking goods, cookies, cereals, tea leaves and spices. The set of 5 is 2x small and is for powders, flour, coffee, tea, spice, salt, honey or sugar container. 2x Medium is a measurement of 3.8 x 8.1 inches (10 x 20 cm) for nuts, jams, seeds,cut fruits and candy jars. The 1x Large is great for pasta, rice, and etc. A 5 piece canister set in clear glass is convenient and attractive. The wooden lid and translucent glass blend in with your kitchen decor. Useful use. The jars are great for many things, including rice, cookies, teas, seeds, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and etc. You can use them for homemade gifts. Useful use. The jars are great for many things, including rice, cookies, teas, seeds, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and etc. You can use them for homemade gifts.

Brand: Leaves And Trees Y

👤The canisters are very thin and fragile. The item arrived quickly and looked great. One of the canisters was on my counter top. Not dropped... The canister shattered when bumped as one would with normal use. There were chia seeds everywhere and a glass well. These aren't necessarily cheap, so I expected better quality. I wouldn't recommend it. I will be looking for an alternative set of canisters because I think the others will eventually shatter as well.

👤They feel a little more fragile at the top. I knocked it into something hard the other day and it didn't crack, so I'm not as worried about them breaking anymore. I don't have children in my home so that might be something to think about. There is a The lid is tight. My labels look great on them. They make a great replacement for the bags of flour and sugar I usually have to pull out. I'm happy.

👤One of the glasses broke in the washing machine, even though it said it was machine washable. Otherwise, very air-tight and cute. It's good for its price. There is a I realized it was too tall for my washing machine. The tall one should be washed by hand. Otherwise, very thick and sturdy. Great deal.

👤The product is sturdy. We put different types of coffee in the containers and use ours for our coffee bar. One container fell off the counter and hit the ground. It is very durable and has a great look.

👤So pretty! Cotton balls, face wipes, rice, and bath salts... It will fall if you put it in the top of the toilet. They are made of glass. One of my things broke. The lids are pretty nice. The plan is to buy more sets. I love these!

👤I've had them for a while. They are presentable in my kitchen. When I need to change the dates, I just use the highlighter on the back. The lids are my biggest disappointment. The looked great. They're on the container. Some look off. One leans off the container. They look great, but they are not perfect.

👤I was hesitant to buy these because of the reviews. I have been using them for a few months now and have no cracks. I gently put them back down. The lids are very strong. When you close them, you can feel the force of it. They are not as big as you think. Only one of the jars can hold a bag of cereals. I use the others for small things like nuts or cookies. I really like them. The food is kept fresh by the lids.

👤These are wonderful! It's beautiful, simple and surprisingly sturdy. There is a It's packaged soo. You will make two trips to the recycling bin. There is a My cabinet is beautiful, no longer chaotic evil. If you pull the Trigger, you should buy these and corresponding spice jars. There are lil labels and chalk pen. Not that farmhouse stuff has minimalist labels. I cook several times a day. They have stood up to my clumsiness. There is a A good one. Not a single broken jar was found several months later. I bought more. Make your kitchen beautiful with these!

5. Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Yogurt Pudding Containers Wedding Favors

Ball Mason Jars: Ball has been around since the early 1900's and is the most recognized name in home canning, representing everything you could want in a Mason jar with old-school American-made sturdy glass, supporting USA jobs! 30 glass pudding Jars with 2.8” W 3.4” H come with food-safe, corrosive resistant lids, which meet certified safety standards. A great way to store pudding,milk,yogurt,cookies,ramekin,homemade jams,jelly, small dessert and more. Food grade and heavy duty glass is perfectly satisfying. Preservative and high temperature resistance are leak proof. It looks bright. You can keep your food fresh by using these yogurt jars. It is the same with storage tanks that you can put anything you want. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled. jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled.

Brand: Brajttt

👤love it... It's perfect for my candle making.

👤I am very satisfied with the jars I bought for candle making. I've gotten a lot of questions about where I got these. I can't hold that against the producer because this product wasn't made for candle making and I was only able to see the sides of the jar. The product was well packaged and the glass was thick and durable. I recommend buying this product for what you need.

👤The jars were perfect for what I was looking for. Everything came in one piece.

👤I love these. The glass is strong and large. If you push em down hard enough, most of the corks will stay in place. Some people don't like to stay. I haven't had an issue with it. I use them for dried herbs, bath salts, and gifts. It's a great deal for the price, they're a great size and stinkin cute. I will buy these in the future.

👤I buy frequently. One box out of two always has jars smashed. It's frustrating that they take a while to arrive. They are pretty cool for those that aren't smashed. If you want to get a whole bunch of 30, make sure you ask for a refund of broken jars, because they are more often broken than not. No way to get a refund for smashed bottles without the whole package being returned. It was frustrating as hell.

👤The glass is heavier than I expected and the cork lid is thick and durable. There are rope twine and labels. The packaging is insulated to protect the glass, which is extra supported by being placed into cutouts and each piece is placed in individual slots that are snug and contained in foam! I want to need more and come back for these.

👤The wife wanted to make her own candles. Everything you need is in the box.

👤We use the jars to store tobacco. It is perfect for our needs. Jars are easy to open and close. They were pretty strong after falling from 3 feet. We have them on top of the other and in the row. They are very helpful. Very happy with the purchase.

👤I wanted to have a nice spicerack with all my spices in the same jars, so I bought two packs of 30. I was worried that the cork wouldn't fit well enough to block air, but it turns out they are perfect. The look is exactly what I wanted it to be.

👤The jars are cute. They were not packed well in the box and a couple broke it. This is very frustrating as they are expensive. They need to have packing material on top of the top layer to prevent this.

6. Paksh Novelty 1 Gallon Airtight Plastic

Paksh Novelty 1 Gallon Airtight Plastic

Made in the USA. The mason jar is the perfect vessel for making large quantities of all kinds of ferment food and drinks such as kefir, sauerkraut, and much more. It is easy to make huge portions of food with the large mouth of the fermentation jar. This large canning jar is shaped and sized for canning a variety of items, including homemade pickles, canned peaches, jams, jellies, preserves, tomato sauces, and more. The glass gallon dry food storage jars have an airtight seal lid. Store dry foods such as rice, flour, oatmeal, pasta, and candies. In the pantry, fridge, or kitchen cupboard. Their wide mouth jars are large enough to hold larger fruits and vegetables. The wide mouth makes it easy to reach in the jar to clean it out. The 1-gallon glass jar is made in the USA of high-quality, thick-grade soda-lime glass that has been certified by the USDA as food safe. The lid is made of plastic that is free of harmful chemicals. It's dishwasher safe. The dimensions are 6” x 6”

Brand: Paksh Novelty

👤The wrapping of these jars was amazing. I've never seen packaging wrapped in such a way. The jars would not have broken in transit. Thank you! I use the jars for dried goods to put on my counter. I have ordered these jars before. They look great on my counter, they are easy to get the flours out of the jars, and you can see what is in the jars. Thank you again. I'll probably order more soon.

👤We "risked it" and one of them was broken into pieces. We won't touch the shards because they were pulverized. It doesn't bode well for the long run that the other 3 are intact. We won't be heating these jars, but if you are thinking of storing them, it might be a good idea to switch to another brand. There is a The seller has to pack glassware. The jars are packed inside the box and the packing is correct. There is a A child can be taught this.

👤Love, love, love these jars! It is very inexpensive and versatile. There are also lids included! I have used these jars to measure things. I made my own measurements on them. It's really easy to do with a sharpie. Where else can you find a glass gallon jar for under $10? Making bread! It's easy to watch the rise. It's very easy to mark for measurements. It's wonderful for tea. Any kind. I have used it for plain black, plain white, plain green, herbal, and 4) It's perfect to use for kombucha and Jun teas, they're perfect for keeping up with your daily water/fluid intake, and it's affordable.

👤They are used in our dipping facility to store silicone. We've ordered these for a long time and if we get a broken one, they are quick to replace. The metal lids were replaced with the plastic ones when we replaced our last order. We didn't know they were changed because the description said "Paksh Novelty 1-gallon Glass Jar Wide Mouth with lid". The plastic lid will be eaten by the Xylene. Our current storage situation is problematic due to the fact that I had to order a couple sets of replacement lids which aren't expected for a couple weeks. When we ordered, the description said they were plastic, but that was not the case.

👤I like these. I use gallon jars for my baking supplies. Specialty flours, sugar, and brown sugar. They are clean and free of lead. I also bought the 1/2 gallon size. I'm replacing my plastic storage options. Plastic and food storage are not covered by the freeBPA.

👤I don't know if I would trust them to hold up. They sound like they're going to break when they collide. If you were going to show off what you put in the glass, it would have to have some flaws. I don't have kids so I use them to store dry goods. I'm not concerned about them breaking. There aren't a lot of affordable options for a large glass jar. If I ever need more storage, I'll probably buy more.

7. Glass Spoon Chrome Finish Screw Top

Glass Spoon Chrome Finish Screw Top

There is 8 Oz. The San Francisco Salt Company made a glass chef's jar with a spoon and a chrome screw top. Buy salt in bulk and fill these jars again and again. It's great for homemade bath salt blends and salt scrubs. Practical jar with wide opening and spoon to get just the right amount of seasonings for your recipes Beautiful display. A jar on a kitchen counter is a good place to display gourmet salts or seasonings. It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. At the San Francisco Salt Company, they are confident that you will be completely satisfied with their products, which is why they stand behind every single item that they sell. They will make it right if you don't like your purchase. SQF Quality code, organic compliant facility, packaged in the U.S.A.

Brand: San Francisco Salt Company

👤I fell in love with the smoked sea salt at the market. Vendors sell it for $5/ounce. The interpretation of the Seattle salt is very good. You need to use more to get the same smoke flavor. It's a good value because it's about 1/2. The spoon is attached to the lid.

👤The container is large enough to hold my Malden Salt Flakes, from humidity or temperature change. I keep this glass container in my cabinet so it's easy to reach my stove and countertop. I am very pleased with the metal screw on the glass top container and wooden spoon.

👤This is the second jar of Pink Himalayan Salt. That is indicative of its good stuff. The salt tastes great compared to standard table salt, and it does great for cooking. The small jar is really cool. There is a Including two pictures. A coffee cup and a small amount of water will help show size. The wooden spoon is an awesome accessory that can be found on the side of the jar. Excellent.

👤Such a great product! I bought this to make my own essential oil bath salts. I made a custom label for it. I love it! The spoon is cute.

👤If you don't mind donating your funds to a business that isn't in state, it's very tasty and worth it.

👤I read a lot about this salt and decided to try it. My last two dishes, spaghetti with meat sauce and biscuits and gravy, have had a significantly enhanced flavor, even though I have not compared it to any others. Being a single father of two, I cook a lot. The taste of my dishes gets a lot of compliment. The only way I can explain it is that the flavor was amplified. I will also speak for the skeptics. It is possible that I did something different in the prep work, but this is not likely. Being a single father, I run by a very strict schedule, and my cooking is the same way. It's on the pricier side for salt, but you get what you pay for. Feel free to send me some of the companies that I would like to try. I will show it to you!

👤It's not clear if it was due to the manufacturer or the delivery. I don't know if it was tampered with or if something got inside. I threw it away because I couldn't ask for an exchange for a damaged item. I will not be buying from this seller again. I dipped my finger in the flavor to see if I would like it. I did not test like that. It tasted like salt.

👤I thought I would try it because it was cheaper than other brands. It tastes good, but it has more water in it than other fleur de sel I have bought. They can lower the price because of that. I didn't appreciate the trick with the pricing, I love fleur de sel. We couldn't sprinkle it because the wet crystals clumped up. Leaving the lid off for a few days dried it out.

8. Sauerkraut Pounder Mason Vegetable Fermentation

Sauerkraut Pounder Mason Vegetable Fermentation

It is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The kraut pounder is one solid piece of beech wood, making it not easy to crack and split into food. Strong enough to pound cabbages or other pickle veggies out juice and tightly pack them into crocks and jars for best fermentation- faster and easier than hands and spoon. It can fit perfectly into wide and regular mouth mason jars, fido style jars, and ceramic fermentation crocks. The design and shape was finished in an ideal length of 12. It is comfortable to hold thanks to the curved shape. They will give you a full refund if you don't like your sauerkraut pounder.

Brand: Soligt

👤There is a wood fillinger. It said that there was no glue or wood filler used. There were two spots of wood that I had to shave off and sand down. I thought the product was advertised. There is an update. I received a second product. The pounder split after just one use, and it appears that it will only get worse from here. This wood is not very good. I contacted the customer support and they gave me a lot of misleading excuses, including that the wood was not wood filler and that the split was due to dry weather. After sending me 2 shoddy products and giving me a bunch of untruthful explanations for the product, they refunded me for the product. The experience is laughable because the representative's excuses for the poor quality of their products are not true.

👤One of my photos shows a person standing next to a jar. I was going to buy a different brand. I went with the Soligit pounder because the other stompers reviews were mediocre at best. I almost bought a Masontops tamper-pounder but decided not to because of reviews which said it was made of pieces of wood together. I read a lot of reviews and came across this piece of Solid Wood, which was one piece of the Soligit pounder. It seems that beech wood is a popular type of wood used in the country of Germany, which is called Kraut central for Kraut tampers. The reviews said it was solid beechwood, and that the size was also good, so I said I would buy it. I bought one. I use mineral oil to keep it from drying out. I have two different sizes of tampers in my collection, each made of solid wood. I love the taller one from Humblehouse called the Sauerstomper and the smaller one from Soligit.

👤This was bought in February and had not been used until today. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and there were two cracks. It's a waste of money.

👤I didn't get around to using the Soligt sauerkraut pounder that I bought in July of last year. I made a bunch of sauerkraut and found it had a crack of about 3 inches. I washed and dried it immediately after using it. There are multiple cracks in it starting at the bottom and moving up. I'm not happy with my choice. I thought the pounder would be a good product.

👤Did you have a blemish that appeared to have been a small repair? Not a big deal to me. I didn't think much of it, but after making sauerkraut the blemish is becoming a split down the grain of the wood. I think it will work. I am concerned about what type of glue or substance was used in the attempt to repair the blemish. The box has already been thrown away. It is not worth the trouble to return.

👤Solid wood! It was great for packing my Giardiniera. I was very happy with this purchase, it was a lot bigger than I anticipated. Please let me know if this review was helpful.

9. Canning Wedding Shower Favors Kitchen

Canning Wedding Shower Favors Kitchen

The jars are 3 inches tall and hold 3oz. Each order comes with a package of jars. Carefully designed to save space but also keep the contents fresh for convenience. 40 glass jars with 40 black lids are in a safty package. The glass jar is made of high quality glass and has a clear body that is FDA passed. A mason jar is ideal for wedding favors, honey,herbs,jam,shower favors, baby foods,candle making,candies,pie,DIY magnetic spice and so on. You can use the jars to make party lights. These jars are a unique and personal gift for your loved ones. A neat kitchen and home is what you should organize. jars come with regular silver lids to preserve food, so you can use them for storing, convenience is what they need in their daily life, small bottle large capacity! It is easy to clean dishware safe. It is easy to clean dishware safe.

Brand: Qappda

👤It's perfect for baby food. I ordered two sets. I wash and put the baby food back in the box because they come well packaged.

👤I bought these jars because they were advertised to be high quality and food safe. I used the dishwasher for the first time and it cracked. Adding cream and refrigeration can cause many more cracked, leaking, and shattered lids in the hands of young children. Completely unacceptable. These are not food safe, dishwasher safe, or refrigerator safe.

👤I bought these to store my spices and replace my jars. I can see them all on one level because they fit in a drawer. I was very impressed with the black sticker labels and white ink marker. The bonus was that the marker came off with a little wiping. The permanent metallic pen would work with the stickers. I did a quick test for anyone looking for that information. They are perfect for dry spices and aesthetically pleasing.

👤These were bought to be used as thank you gifts for my baby sprinkle. These are amazing for the price. They were well packaged. They are simplistic and easy to modify. The only thing I can say is that the sides of the glass aren't completely straight down, so the label I put on the side didn't lay perfectly straight. The glass is thick enough to keep it strong, but not so thick that it's cutting into the container space. The lid is sturdy and seals well. I will be buying more of these to make candles.

👤I love these jars. They are perfect, I purchased them for my herbal goods. They are easy to clean and there were no defects. I made bath salts and candles out of them. Will purchase again.

👤When my local store did not have 4oz Ball canning jars in stock, I was in a pinch to get 4oz Jelly jars. I've used the one piece lids before so I was comfortable ordering them. The packaging was very safe. The jars and lids are of good quality. They were easy to fill and process for my son's wedding.

👤I used to use 4 oz mason jars, but I wanted the ones with one-piece lid and smooth sides. The trick was done by these. They stack better than metal-lidded mason jars. All of my jars were intact. There is a film on them, most likely from the packaging process. I don't think I would trust them upside down and filled with liquid because the lids don't feel like they seal completely.

10. KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

KAMOTA Regular Magnetic Whiteboard Included

jars are dishwasher and microwave safe and can be put into the oven and freezer too. It can be recycled. Premium strong high quality glass jars with silver lids -- 12 pieces 16 Oz mason glass jar set with silver screw lid, which is made of the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience, is available. 100% food safe grade glass and dishwasher safe are the only things that can be tested for the presence of BPA. Silver lids are lab certified. KAMOTA glass jars have an elegant design and transparent glass that can clearly distinguish what is inside. The included lid seals tightly to prevent leaks and preserve foods while still being easy to open and close, which is why each lid is designed with ease of use and storage security in mind. It's versatile and can be used for food, jam, spices, honey, cosmetics or homemade candles. It's perfect for wedding favors, shower favors, party favors or other homemade gifts. Try filling with bath salts, body butter, candy, nuts, buttons, beads, and essential oils. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift.

Brand: Kamota

👤This product and Amazon's handling of the situation were very disappointing. I bought jars for a large project. The jars were cracked and some of the tops popped off as they were being processed in a hot water bath. I lost a lot of food. Not worth the money. I was refused a refund by Amazon.

👤I wanted to make overnight oats for the week. These are the right size. These were in perfect condition when they arrived. The glass has no branding on it. You get labels with your order. It's easier to put them on the glass. I like the clear branding on my jars. It was perfect! There is a I can't comment on that aspect because I didn't need these to be leak proof.

👤The jars can be used for candles according to the description. That is not the case. The jar is not suitable for the heat of a candle and it turned into a dark black color. When the container can't handle it, this should not be advertised. I was disappointed with my purchase.

👤These jars are not "true mason jars". I bought these for use in my store and they cracked when put in the freezer. The cost of the jars is more than I am. They are only good for storing dry goods. They are not for canning and freezing. If they don't pay attention to their reviews, the rest of them will include images. I bought these because the questions asked section specifically addresses if they are true canning jars and the answer is yes. Look at photos from other reviews. The jar is not a true mason jar.

👤I was surprised to see that one of the jars had an impact mark on the bottom rim of the jar, since they are very well packed with foam below, on top and form fitted around each jar. I'm not sure if it was damaged before packing or not, but it's a little disappointing since these were to be gifts for friends and family. I decided to use it outdoors with a solar lid that has twinkle lights since the crack is not all the way through the jar and it might crack during the winter.

👤I bought a set of jars and have had a number of issues with them. One jar had a defect that made it impossible to use for canning or anything since it leaks with the lid on. I threw that jar away. If you don't remove the rings from the jar, the lid will be pulled off when you check the seal. This is a huge problem after processing. I had to re-can 3 jars because of the ring issue and couldn't check another 4 because of the same problem. I was transferring hot tomato sauce to the canner when one of the rings popped off. I was able to use another ring because I wasn't burned. I would have lost all the contents if I hadn't found it. They sent you an offer of a 1-year warranty, but the website doesn't work, so you can't register for it. I am not holding my breath. They got back to me quickly and offered a replacement or partial reimbursement for my issues. The partial replacement was handled quickly. Customer service was excellent. It is referred to as theDR: The jar shape is nice and the packaging is excellent. There is a The 1/12 jars had a faulty rim which made them not water or airtight. The rings popped off when picked up. It is difficult to take the lid out of a jar if the rings are tight or have defects.

11. Anchor Hocking Storage Container Gallon

Anchor Hocking Storage Container Gallon

The mason jars are suitable for decorations and crafts. You can use the classic canning jars to make party lights. Give your loved ones homemade cookies in these beautiful jars as a unique and personal gift. Also included: There are two 1-gallon jars in this jar set. You should keep what you buy fresh. All-clear glass. It isdurable: These glass jars are thick walled and wide mouthed to make it easier to scoop and to protect what you buy. It's safe. The glass is made from Anchor Hocking. It won't taint food or drinks with dangerous chemicals. These glass jars are perfect to hold all kinds of dry goods, including flour, cookies, rice, coffee, spices, candy, and much more. American made glassware has been made since 1905. American made glassware has been made since 1905.

Brand: Anchor Hocking

👤There is a glass jar on the counter. The lid is not sealed. It is sitting on top. I bought to keep dog treats in, but what good is it if air gets to it and dries them out, making them old? I did not return them. I put the wrapped stuff in them. I might give them to Goodwill.

👤I use these to hold my sheets in my laundry room. Wow! What a difference it makes. I have received praise from friends for seeing the contents easy. I took the risk because I was afraid they would get damaged in shipping. They were nicely packaged and that was not an issue. Go for it. I don't think you will be disappointed.

👤I bought 5 of them and they come in doubles. I thought they were smaller than they are. I plan to buy some food grade silicone to make some "oooo", and I found a video on how to make a seal on glass containers. It's good to watch YouTube! I want to buy enough to have some ready for at least 1 month at a time, so an airtight seal is important to me, and I plan to put my smoothie mixture into these containers. These containers look very modern. Update Update Update Update No good. I made a mess. It smelled like chemical fumes in my home. I had to clean my hands too. Lesson learned! I used to use a sealant, but now use a putty. I'm very happy with the result. You can see it in the picture. The first few reopen after you put the putty on, because it's still tacky. That also gets fixed with reopenings. The seals on all 10 jars were made from the 2 packs of silicon putty I bought. None left over. If you want to set really fast, you should only mix 1/2 of each yellow and white together. At one point, I almost didn't make it to finish the first 5 jars, because I did one whole set at one time. I was so scared! I only mixed up half of the blend after that. Take the lid off and put it around the outside of the jar. I put the lid back on and rolled out another snake to make sure that the seal was high enough to cover the lid, and that the putty was high enough all the way around. It's very difficult to remove the glass from the face. ... I accidentally broke a glass jar and I wanted to save the lid and seal for another jar. My aunt said she would buy one for me. I didn't take any stars away from the product because I'm not using it the way it was designed for. I'm very happy with the results. Take a look at yourself.

👤I like these. I use them in my laundry room for laundry and scent booster Pods. Thankfully, no one in our family was dumb enough to eat them.


What is the best product for cooking jars glass?

Cooking jars glass products from Super Z Outlet. In this article about cooking jars glass you can see why people choose the product. Paksh Novelty and 1790 are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking jars glass.

What are the best brands for cooking jars glass?

Super Z Outlet, Paksh Novelty and 1790 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking jars glass. Find the detail in this article. Leaves And Trees Y, Brajttt and San Francisco Salt Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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