Best Cooking Jacket for Women

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1. Ergodyne Chill Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling

Ergodyne Chill Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling

There are multi-patterned shirts. Sun Zip Front hoodie shirt is lightweight and fitted without being too tight, great for a day of athletic, workout, running, yoga, swimming, hiking, cycling, fishing and any other of your women's favorite sports. The cooling technology can be used for up to four hours of relief from the heat. 100% quilted nylon with mesh side panels is breeches. M, L, XL, and 2XL are the four sizes. Multicolors are available in gray or hi-vis lime. You can soak in water for 2 minutes. For up to 4 hours, remains hydrated. For up to 4 hours, remains hydrated.

Brand: Ergodyne

👤After 45 minutes of yard work in the sun, I didn't sweat. The vest was very cool. It is highly recommended to wear a 100 percent poly shirt under this vest. If you wear cotton, you will end up wet. Most China made clothing runs large. I was almost swimming in it when I wore an XL. Water always seeks the lowest level. The vest has a bottom edge. Your pants will end up wet.

👤There are a number of things to know about this. 1. This vest is not good for working in high heat and high humidity. It needs low humidity to be effective. 2. If you can add a bit more water before you wear it, you can keep in a plastic bag for motorcycle trips. Don't store this way, it will start stinking when you get to the trips. 90 Is this a good thing to have? It makes a big difference. 4. We take bottles of water and pour it on the front shoulder area every 45 minutes or so to keep it wet. 5. It feels strange the first few times you use it. The pants will get wet. It was worth it.

👤It worked out great. It requires a lot of water. You will be wet. I used this today and it worked out well. It was cool until it was dry. It was very hot. The vest went back to cool after I wet it. A bottle of water won't be enough, it takes at least a gallon to get the vest activated, and you will be wet. It feels good, not cheap. The plastic is large and did not hang up or stick. The back comes down off the neck but it doesn't cool the neck. There was no interference with my helmet. The front is open to mid-chest allowing some air flow down the front after the vest dries, but I did not see it as a positive once the vest dries. There is a The vest is somewhat rigid when wet and does not flap in the wind. The vest floats around a little after it dries, but not to the point of a problem. The water is 8.2 lbs per gallon so the vest starts out heavy and gets lighter as it dries. I sat on the bike with the bottom in my lap. My core was covered and kept cool. The pants and shirt will be a little more damp than usual.

👤I'm only giving this a 4* review because it keeps me cool. This vest only touches my shoulders. If I sew it up, it may fit. That removes over 12 of the material. The size chart says to order 10 to 12. I sit on this vest. It would ruin my saddle since I bought it for horseback riding. I use it around my farm with a belt on. It would ruin the seat you are sitting on. It leaks on your pants. Prepare to be soaked to your underwear if you wear jeans or cotton. It will soak your shirt, so a tech cool or similar shirt works well. Your bra will be soaked too. In the dry heat of the AZ, this keeps me cool.

2. HISKYWIN Protection Cooling Outdoor Performance

HISKYWIN Protection Cooling Outdoor Performance

100% polyester double-sided cloth is soft, lightweight, absorbent, and quick drying, which protects against rashes and abrasions. Permanent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays is provided by theUPF 50+ tee shirts. Flat lock seams. It is comfortable and durable. The women's half zip sunscreen clothing is easy to take off. There are multiple color choices. It is recommended for keeping cool and protecting your skin from the sun while outdoors.

Brand: Hiskywin

👤I love this shirt. It is comfortable and soft. It's as thin as a t shirt. I love that it has thumb holes. It's true to size. For reference... I ordered a medium. I am 5'6" and weigh 132 lbs.

👤Oh yeah... The 1X provides a wide bottom so you don't have to pull the shirt down, and the length goes down through the hip length, which I really like.

👤I ordered 4 of them. They had bright colors so that I would be able to see them in the dark. The material is soft and the colors are true. I'm very pleased with the order and the jackets are very well made. The sleeves are a little longer than most, so you might have a bag at your wrist, but it's not a big deal, and you have the thumb hole which helps. The company's sieve chart is in the photos, so be sure to order using it. Or you will end up with something too large. I ordered a small based on the company's measurement and it was perfect. The product is good, the price is good, and the colors are nice. I would definitely recommend this jacket.

👤I weigh 140 lbs. I ordered it up to the max and it fits perfectly. I like the material and it fits me. It is a very well made item. I ordered it in lavender. I don't want to wear my other shirts. I think the apricot will be in my future.

👤I bought one of these tops last year and am getting more of them. The one I bought has held up well and has not been pilled or thinned. Some people have said that the fabric is thin, but they must be reviewing the wrong product. The fabric is not so thick that it is heavy or hot. I hang it dry because it washes well with my other clothing. There is a This fits my body perfectly. It doesn't fall straight down like a men's shirt, but it isn't as curved as to hug my middle. The weight makes it easy to work out on a cool day. The color is soft but not insipid. It hangs well and is silky.

👤The shirt is light weight and comfortable. I tried the apple shape. My usual size is snug in the tummy area. I need protection from the sun. I don't like to put on sunscreen because of the issue of pre-cancer removal. The belly area was snug. I would like a looser fit there. The rest of the shirt was great and the coverage was great. Arms were long but not an issue. When I ordered the plus size, it was out of stock. Will try when in stock again. Going on a FL trip soon, so really need this type of shirt to wear, will keep shopping for sun protection.

👤The top shows the feminine figure but not much. The top looks sporty with the zip up. Is it as expected? I would purchase again. I was given a gift card to write a review, but it was honest and I really like this shirt.

3. Cooling Comfortable Breathable Anti UV Protection

Cooling Comfortable Breathable Anti UV Protection

Sun sleeves that are like a second skin are designed to prevent 99% UVA/UVB rays. You can play any sport in the summer. The material is ice-cold and comfortable for anyone to wear. The shawl and sleeves have a lower temperature outdoors. One size fits most women. This shawl is almost suitable for all outdoor sports. You can wear it to play a variety of sports. Nothing is more important to them than your satisfaction. If you don't like their cooling shawl, you can get a full refund or replacement.

Brand: Wolover

👤Looking for protection from the heat. There were a lot of these available. I bought two different ones. This one is cooler. It is not completely opaque, but it is thinner, lighter and more breathable, and it appears to provide good protection. You can clearly see that it does nothing for your neck or back. I have a broad shoulders and it fits perfectly in a spare room, but there is a gap between the boob and armpit when wearing a tank top. Fine with short sleeves. If you are a bit on the fluffier side, it will be tight. I haven't tried those options that have "sizes"

👤I bought this to wear under t-shirts, without the bulk of wearing a second shirt. It works very well.

👤They left marks on my arms and on my skin.

👤The material and stitching are poor and the item is not comfortable. The arms are 3 inches too short for me, I'm 5'8" 120 lbs. I thought using the thumbholes would make the arms longer, but it means stretching the sleeves past their maximum length and very uncomfortable. The sleeves are baggy and the arm holes are tight. There is no indication on the packaging of any kind and certainly double this is an kind of "anti-UV" except as afforded by "any covering is better than none" type of anti-UV. The small amount of poor quality material is over-priced.

👤Awesome! It works just like I thought it would, and the material keeps my arms cool.

👤These shawls are great. I use them to make my sleeveless golf shirts into long sleeves.

👤This golfer is playing golf in 86 degrees. There are high wind conditions. It was comfortable all day and there was no sunburn. I can wear something as short as a cap sleeve because this has no gap around the upper arm, which is the best part. I don't wear sleeveless so I'm not sure how this would perform under that. I purchased black and nude. This was much more comfortable than my sleeves which I have to pull up and get a sunburn on my arm where they don't cover. If you need to put on sunscreen, you can take off the long sleeve tops in the middle of the golf course, but you have to do it in the shade. If it helps, I'm 5'3'' and 130# and the one size works - just a little long and loose on my arms. I would rather have that than short and tight.

👤It was purchased at the beach. Good protection from the sun and sand.

👤Light. It is easy to wash and dry. Cool on body temperature. The sun is burning off arms.

4. INVOLAND Jacket Lightweight Workout Activewear

INVOLAND Jacket Lightweight Workout Activewear

If you want a regular or loose fit, choose a larger size. The jacket is lightweight and soft, which makes it a good choice for active sports. It's suitable for running, cycling, golf, etc. It's perfect to wear with jeans, yoga pants, and simple shirts. Suited for both women and ladies. The features are full zip up front, two side zip up pockets, long sleeve with thumb holes, and Slim fit. Outwear performance. The US Plus Size is in the list. The model wears a size 16W, she is 5'7" and 176.4 lbs, Chest 40.6", Waist 30", and Hip 45.3" There are 16 24W, XL, 2X, and 3X jackets available. They focus on plus size clothing for women and offer superior service, return or refunds. If you have a question about size or fit, please don't hesitate to contact them and their style experts will help guide you.

Brand: In'voland

👤Most of my boxes were checked. I have a belly and boobs that are between 18 and 20 pants. I was not sure if this would fit my girls, but it does. good! I don't think there is room for a t shirt with these bad boys, so if you want to wear actual clothing under yours, go up a size. I bought it for its light weight and not for warmth. I will be using it for walking and I am sure I will be comfortable. I didn't buy it for the hood, so I haven't paid much attention to it. The thumb holes are what I like the most. I will not live without a warm up jacket. I found a warm up at WalMart for 25 bucks. It was perfect. A mixture of gray and white, stretchy, yet compression-y was fine with me. But the thumb holes? It was perfect! After losing 16 pounds, my arms were baggy and tight, but they hid my bulges and looked sexy. I left it on my chair at the casino. I am still looking for you, you warm up jacket thief! You could have turned my jacket in to lost and found. I don't think so. There is a This jacket does not measure up to My Baby, but it is not the fault. There is a The pink is very similar to the picture, it pops out against the gray and white. It covers my butt well. It seems that the zip is well made. So. I am 85% happy and I am not going to complain. It is lightweight, a plus in my book, but I wish it was a little bit more compression. If that makes sense, I wish it felt more like you were being held in. It is not a high end jacket and I don't know how it got there. I have looked for it there a million times and I don't remember the brand, so if you want that, you won't find it here. There is a When I lose the Covid 20 or 30 I would buy this little number again. I will buy the next size. Cheers!

👤It's perfect for light windy days. My wife says that she would recommend this for a light spring day, since I'm up north with a chilly wind. It's small so order up a bigger size. The fabric is very stretchy. The fabric is strong and the seams are very durable. I try to stress the pockets and sleeve seams as a male. This did a great job of moving. It is very well made. The pockets are deep and nice for women's wear. It's a vibrant, but not "hey I'm in a circus". I don't think you can rip the thumb holes. I can't find anything wrong with it. The zip is made of smooth material. I think you ladies will love it.

👤I like this jacket. I bought a smaller size because I am familiar with it. It fits. It is form fitting. If you want to buy 2 sizes bigger than your normal size, I recommend it. I wish I could have done it now. This is very light. The colors are bright. This is definitely something worth getting. It is enough to keep the cold air off of your arms if you go for a jog in the morning.

5. Libin Protection Outdoor Performance Pockets

Libin Protection Outdoor Performance Pockets

The fabric of the UPF 50+ can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The fabric is absorbent. Technical soft, quick dry and lightweight fabric keep you cool, high density mesh fabric for enhanced ventilation and quickly wicks sweat away from your skin; 4-way comfort stretch fabric for enhanced mobility let you move comfortably. The hoodie design provides extra sun protection for your neck, low profile thumbholes, 2 side hide pockets, and 2 inner deep pockets to keep your personal belongings safe. It was designed for sports. No tag collar increases comfort. The sleek and fitted design of this full zip hoodie jacket makes it functional yet stylish, it is lightweight enough to keep you cool after a workout, but also durable enough to keep you warm and protected during a nighttime jogging. There are multi-patterned shirts. Sun Zip Front hoodie shirt is lightweight and fitted without being too tight, great for a day of athletic, workout, running, yoga, swimming, hiking, cycling, fishing and any other of your women's favorite sports.


👤I ordered a jacket from two different brands and found out that they are the same manufacturer. The Baleaf is missing, so I kept this brand. There is a lavender, true pink, and Zippers! There is a The white is a bit neutral with a hint of cream, so it goes well with other colors, but will clash with other neon-white clothes. The HiSkyWin half-ZIP jacket is not a zip pocket. I plan to convert the hood to a jacket for my dog.

👤It has small holes so you can put your thumbs through it. I wear it all the time and will be buying more. I have to make up for the 25 years I burned myself by not listening and wearing sunscreen.

👤I am editing my review. The sleeves on medium were too tight. I bought a large after returning it. I am happy with the jacket and the fit is better. Its lightweight and comfortable. There is a Im 5'2"/ 125 lbs. The large is loose on me but that's what I was looking for. Medium would have been fine, but the sleeves were tight. The light blue color is very pretty. The pictures are accurate. --- There is a I ordered a medium and it fit well, but the sleeves were very tight. The sleeves were tight, but I do not have big arms. The rest of the jacket fit as expected. I returned it. I bought it to wear in warm weather. I don't want to wear clothes that are tight when it's warm outside. Since I didn't wear it, I can't comment on the quality. I didn't like the brand emblem. The fabric was soft. If the sleeves were not so tight, I would have kept it.

👤I was looking for a jacket that was light and lightweight and this jacket is perfect. There are two large and deep pockets on the inside and two large and deep pockets on the outside. I have a bottle of water in one of the inside pockets and a phone in the other. One of the pockets is used for my house keys. I ordered a second jacket in the white color for myself and a jacket for my granddaughter.

👤It protects from the sun. I've worn some Nike sleeves and they were so light, soft and fresh that I felt like my skin was naked. This doesn't happen with this hoodie. The fabric is hot. It is a little larger than expected.

👤Excellent material, good fit. I'm 5 feet 5 inches tall. Can't wait to wear it!

👤It was very comfortable and light. The material is not as clear as the picture shows. I'm 5'2 and sweater almost covered my butt. I prefer something shorter. It is true to size with some wiggle room. I could have gotten away with an xs.

👤This is a lightweight sun cover. I bought a few brands to try. I like this one because of its color and more secure pockets. I think it runs large in the arms, which is very unusual. I returned the Med and now have the Small size. It fits perfectly. If you are between sizes, go down. The only reason this doesn't get 5 stars is because it lacks the sewn material at the top of the zipper which prevents the plastic from poking you. It pokes. I'm usually a size medium or a women's size 8/29 jeans. I'm 127 lbs. My bust is 36", waist is 29" and hips are 38" I like things a little loose in my midsection.

6. Willit Protection Running T Shirt Performance

Willit Protection Running T Shirt Performance

It keeps you dry and comfortable, because the fabric is lightweight and Breathable. UV protection. The fabric rating is good for protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. No-Chaffe COMFORT: Flat lock seams and no tag collar offer great comfort. It is machine washable. The design is shabby. Extra coverage for sun protection is given by the thumb holes. The construction of gurals allows for a greater range of motion. Their sun protection running shirt is lightweight and fitted without being too tight, making it great for running, hiking, fishing, biking and all kinds of outdoor activities. If you prefer a loose fit, they suggest you order one or two larger sizes.

Brand: Willit

👤I bought almost every color of these tops after loving the first one. I have long arms and a long torso. They are long enough to cover everything up, even when I'm wearing pants that are too low. I wear them out to work on the farm and wash them multiple times. One has a few loose seams at the wrist, but they still have lasted longer than most other tops with that type of wear and tear. The colors are flattering. The product was great for the price.

👤I wore this all day. It is lightweight. Quickly. There was no burning for this girl. I was very happy.

👤I like the light weight and cooling feel of the material. The colors are warm in the spring and summer. Even though I am 70, I like a little cheerful color in my life. I have to agree with the size up of the reviews. Which I did. It all fit, but I preferred it to be a little loose. I will buy again when they have larger stock, I used to be a large so I could fit in a small. I am 5'0" 170# chest 42. These shirts are perfect for Spring/ summer up North and for vacations in FL. AZ. Pre-cancerous spots have been removed from me. It is important to have clothing that is good for the body. I wear sunscreen with a SPF of 50 and these shirts would not affect my face. Will buy again from this vendor. The time will come when you will be able to find a UPF of 50.

👤You would know I bought it because I took the picture. It's cool for the summer because it doesn't absorb sweat. It keeps you cool. The sun doesn't cook you so it provides a protective layer. If you could freeze to death in the cooler weather, it would be just that thin. I didn't have any problems so you won't need another shirt underneath. I think it's worth a buy.

👤I find it very hot to wear. The shirt is designed to fit slight women. It doesn't fit a shapely woman. It fit in both large and small parts. I thought it might be a slight mesh, but it wasn't. It would add an unbearable layer under the clothes. Cool UV protection for larger women.

👤I bought this for my wife. She likes it. It works as advertised. It's hot in south-eastern Texas. She was hoping it would be cooler. It is possible that any shirt would be hot because of the hot summer here. She's very happy with this purchase.

👤I ordered the largest size and it would fit a size 6. The company stated there was no excuse for the size. The material had a nice silky feel. I have never had a size problem like this.

👤I like the appearance, feel, color, comfort, and flexibility of use, and I enjoy the freedom of putting on sun screen every few hours. I bought the Sun Protection shirt for kayaking, but ended up wearing it for a walk with a friend, running to the gym, and thinking about wearing it to work on an informal day because of the comfort and color.

7. HeartSoul Through HS030 Tapered XX Small

HeartSoul Through HS030 Tapered XX Small

A contemporary fit drawstring jogger womens scrub pants has a low rise, rib knit waistband, lots of pockets, and rib-knit cuffs. Petite sizes are available from XXS to XL. The scrub joggers are made for comfort and style. Underscrub was sold separately. The Heartsoul womens jogger scrub pants bring on-trend jogger styling to your work uniform. This versatile jogger is work-to-weekend approved thanks to the amazing stretch fabric, a durable and comfy rib-knit waistband, and a front tie with subtle heart shaped heat transfers. The four-way stretch in Dobson is innovative. The joggers scrubs are made from a textured dobby fabric. The lightweight fabric is soft and stretchy and easy to care for, making it great for work. Women will buy these jogger scrub pants again and again. There are lots of pockets to store your gear. The Heartsoul womens jogger scrubs have two roomy front pockets, two roomy back pockets, and a pen/instrument slot on the right leg. These scrubs for women jogger pants are made with loving details and filled with fun and feminine touches. A rib-knit waistband and cuffs are included. There is a heat transfer design on the back right leg. There is a heat transfer design on the back pocket. There is a locker loop at the back waist seam.

Brand: Heartsoul

👤The height is 4'11” and the Waist is 23-24 in. 95 lbs. I'm a XXS Petite in Grey's Anatomy scrub pants and they are always a little big on me. I am small chested and not curvy. I have never purchased Heartsoul scrubs before. These pants are jogger style. The fabric is more of an active type fabric. They are not seen through. I think it's not too thick or thin. I live in Southern Arizona and they're not warm like my other scrubs, but it's perfect. It's not a big deal if I wear the waistband slightly below my waist. These are still professional looking even though I am a nurse. I need a pair of scrub pants that don't drag on the floor. There is a I have the pants with the heartsoul pater top in the first 4 photos. I bought two pairs of joggers in 4th of April. They are still going strong. I added a new picture. I have washed them many times and they have not lost their color. There was no overstatement. The side pocket zip up is functional. I have tried the Figs and the Cherokee infinity joggers and have found them weird on me because I am short and the Cherokee was too suffocating on the waist. These are comfortable and hesitant to buy any other brand.

👤I weigh 260 lbs. It's hard to find good pants. I carry most of my weight in my stomach, but I have a waist and some slender legs. I ordered a tall one. They are perfect for me. The waist band is comfortable and comes up at the right height, but it doesn't cut into me what it says in the description. They do not expose anything when bending or squatting. The leg/butt area gives you enough room to be able to move. I love the high quality material. I wish the draw string was functional and that there were more colors to choose from.

👤I ordered a large because of my weight. I should have gone with the medium. Hope this helps.

👤The strings on the pants are not tightened. The material is light and soft. These jogger pants are perfect for my large calves, but they are hard to find, but they fit me well. Will definitely order more.

👤I love the fit of these scrubs. I am 5'2 and usually wear xs/s petite, but I bought the small one because it fits great. It was loose and fitted in the right places. I think the waist should be tightened so that the waistband string doesn't fall off. The elastic waistband is very comfortable and does not tighten much. I will be purchasing more pairs.

👤Let me tell you about the fit of this scrub pant. They are 1/2 size big. Cat hair cannot stick to this fabric. I bought these scrub pants in a black color, but they were black in color. I ruined my stethoscope, my required white shoes, a few phone cases, and countless bras and panties with the color transfer. I put on a lab coat that turns black when I rub it off. Refer to the attached photo. I contacted Heartsoul about the problem, and they told me to separate the scrubs from my other laundry. I wouldn't wash my scrubs with my regular clothes. I was told that they would reach out to their "managers" and that I would get back to them. It's been 6 weeks. + You haven't responded to me. I called their Customer Care line this afternoon and was told that despite the manufacturing issue, they can't do anything for me and I need to reach out to whoever I purchased them from. Really, really bad. There is a Unless you are willing to accept that the color transfers onto everything these scrubs come into contact with, I wouldn't recommend these scrubs. I will purchase a different brand. I have to replace these scrubs. There is a I wash these scrubs with Shout Color Catchers and the white sheet still comes out purple when I am them. They're 6 months old. Add an eyeroll.

8. BALEAF Running Workout Lightweight Pullover

BALEAF Running Workout Lightweight Pullover

A quick dry and lightweight fabric on the back combined with soft and stretch fabric on the front can keep you dry and comfortable all day. A hidden window design on the wrist allows you to check your watch or fitness tracker without the thumbhole being pulled. Extra coverage can be given to stay safe in the sun with long-raglan sleeves with thumbhole. The right side pocket has a hidden zip that can keep your cash and keys safe. Sun protection is provided by long sleeve pullover shirts, which have an all-round protection from the sun's harmful UVA/UVB rays. Baleaf long sleeve shirts are great for workout, running,hiking, fishing, seaside,sailing, traveling, camping and any of your favorite outdoor activities.

Brand: Baleaf

👤All of the running gear from Baleaf fits me well. It is good quality. I bought a thermal zip up fleece, this shirt and 4 pairs of leggings, and they have all been amazing. I am 5'3 and 125 lbs and usually buy a small. Have been running for a while.

👤I have been wearing this in the warm weather and it has kept me dry and cool. The dark colors look great and hide the dirt, which makes it a little warmer than if it were a lighter color. If it gets wet, the maroon one shows. The pocket is large enough to hold my keys and headphones, but not large enough for my phone. I have been hanging it to dry because it has washed well so far. Order down one size because it runs big. I had to exchange my large for a medium when I took a woman's large. I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 150 lbs. The page is sewn into the side and it is a bit annoying, I will probably have to get my seam rippers and remove it completely. I have similar shirts with the same problem, and I only cut out the tag from those, so they are just as itchy, so I would recommend removing every piece of the tag. I will order a second.

👤I contacted the company to inquire about the defect. Communication was going well to me. They asked for photos and I complied. Then silence... They have ghosted me despite my continued attempts. Two of my shirts are doing well, but they need to address this one. Baleaf is not a good company. I ordered these in 3 different colors and love them all. I got them for a hiking trip. They were perfect. I wore it over the Baleaf shirt. I ordered the medium because I'm 150 lbs and tall. Since it's a thin shirt, it's easy to take along on activities where the weather is unpredictable. It's easy to wash, hang to dry and preserve them. They are quickly dried. I've ordered some items from Baleaf. They seem to make quality active wear.

👤I am very happy with the shirts I ordered. I will order more since I walk everyday in Florida. There is a The fabric is very soft. It feels good and is comfortable. These shirts are large. The other Baleaf shirt I ordered was tight and didn't have enough elasticity. I got the looser fitting 2 XXL and it was good. I'm really happy with these and it covers my neck as well.

👤I was not disappointed when I purchased this for my trip to San Francisco. It was the perfect weight and dried quickly. I'm thinking of buying it again in a different color. I had to return it for a Medium because I was usually a Large. When the zip up is pulled all the way up, there's nothing that can be done to prevent the part of the zip up from touching my neck, which was sometimes irritation to my skin.

9. Protection Cooling Pockets Running Performance

Protection Cooling Pockets Running Performance

UV ProtectionCertified UPF50+ light jackets for summer protect your sensitive skin from harmful rays, effectively block melanocytes. The hoodie design provides extra sun protection for your head and neck, low profile thumbholes ensure your sleeves don't roll up, and the cardigan with reflective strips decorates, extremely enhancing security of running at night. Flatlock seamlines and no tag collar reduce chafing and increase comfort, while 2 side hide pockets and 2 inner deep pockets keep your personal belongings safe. Their running jacket/hoodie full zip hoodie is made of high tech fabric that can quickly dry, making you feel cool and comfortable. These light jackets with a casual fit are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, like hiking, fishing,YOGA, beach vacation, kayaking, cycling,golf, traveling or just taking a walk around your house.

Brand: Gmttfour

👤Cute but big. I'm 5'2 and 120 lbs, and I have a big feel.

👤It seems like a good jacket for walking. My only problem is that many of the reviews said to size up. I am wearing a lot of jackets. Next time, I will order my actual size.

👤It fits great. Hike in Phoenix with a new tattoo. I was protected from the sun by the sweater. It worked out great.

👤This hoodie is very good quality. I'm 5,7 and 38c and I'm very good.

👤I bought this jacket in three colors. I have had skin cancer. I have to cover my arms. It's light and comfortable. The thumb holes on my hands cover the top of my head. The white one is perfect for summer. The white is a dirt magnet. I can't get more than 1 wear without washing and drying. I think it's the fabric, the dirt clings to it. It washes out. I put it in the laundry room. It would be good to note.

👤PRO: 1. A long sleeve shirt is commitment, but a jacket is too much, because we live in a warm zone. 2. You can take it off, but it's light. 3. When the A/C is on, wear in the car. CON: 1. The price was compared to others. 2. There are limited colors. Other: 1. If you want a long sleeve shirt that has pockets and a hood, buy it. 2. Don't buy if you want a warm jacket.

👤The jacket is light and has good coverage. The sleeves are long and the thumb holes allow them to cover my hands as well. I am very careful with the zip up and down of the zip up. I would buy it again.

👤I was happy with it at first, but after a few wears it started catching, so I had to zip it. Overall, it's pretty low quality.

10. Baleaf Protection T Shirt Outdoor Performance

Baleaf Protection T Shirt Outdoor Performance

TheUPF 50+ fabric provides maximum sun protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. It's a great shirt for hiking and swimming. Technical fabric keeps you cool and dry while you run or workout. Raglan sleeves and flat-seam construction ensure a full range of motion and help reduce chafing, so it can be worn as a sweatshirt or undershirt.

Brand: Baleaf

👤The item description says it is anti-chafing. It is not true that the side seams and sleeves are not, that the flat stitching is useless, and that the ridges are quite annoying. There are pictures below.

👤I'm 5'6 and 170 pounds. It was a good fit. Not too big and not tight. If you want a more fitted style, I would get a L. XXL.

👤During my Grand Canyon rafting trip, I washed it in the river each evening and hung it up on a bush to dry. The experience was mostly wet. While on the river, there were hiking excursions in the hot sun. This shirt dried quickly, helping to keep me warm, but also keeping me cool, during the hikes. It was dirty by the end of the two weeks. It was possible to wash it with Dr. Bronner's bar soap in cold river water, but it wasn't enough to keep it from setting.

👤This shirt is what I needed. I have a 32D bra size and am 5'2 and 130 lbs. I am a little curvy but not overly so it is safe to say. I ordered a small size and it fits perfectly. I use it to garden, go to the beach, or just hang out. The purple is on Amazon. I am very happy!

👤I have a serious health condition that prevents me from being in the sun. It takes me about three hours to mow this. I'm not going to abuse this nice garment. I will be ordering more of these for wear. I live in a hot state and this is very comfortable. Thank you for the great price and product.

👤It's a great base layer, but fine for stand-alone wearing. It looks like underwear when wearing alone, but it's not too loose or bulky for a base layer. I love the colors I bought. The white one is not very sheer.

👤This item is on the fitted side of the torso. I prefer a more non-fitting style for running, jogging and other outdoor activities. My size is between small and medium. I could have ordered a large and been more comfortable. 135 lbs. The item is made well and has an SPF in it. The price is very reasonable and I will order again.

👤I ordered a medium because a lot of reviews said they fit small. They are pretty large. I should have gotten a small. The shirt is well made. I would order it again in a smaller size.

👤I wore this at sports day in 25 degree heat. I did not get burned. It was light to wear. The blue colour is very nice.

👤The fit was a little on the big size. It was quite long for me as well.

👤Other people have said that arms are very long but can't roll up. I can't wait to try it in the heat. I don't like my t-shirts tight so I bought a generous size.

👤Love it. Live in Portugal and need to stay out of the sun at times.


What is the best product for cooking jacket for women?

Cooking jacket for women products from Ergodyne. In this article about cooking jacket for women you can see why people choose the product. Hiskywin and Wolover are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking jacket for women.

What are the best brands for cooking jacket for women?

Ergodyne, Hiskywin and Wolover are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking jacket for women. Find the detail in this article.

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