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1. U S Kitchen Supply Perforated Seasonings

U S Kitchen Supply Perforated Seasonings

Star Light has a turnable twist on the top so you can make different patterns, lights can make the whole room, car and more up with a great piercing red galaxy worth. The set of 2 professional tea ball strainers have micro fine mesh. The tea strainers catch fine particles and make steeping free of debris. You can hang the tea balls from a teapot, tea cup, coffee mug, or stockpot with the attached chain and hook. To open and close them, twist the top. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. A quality tea ball strainer is the secret to getting the full flavors out of your tea. Their tea ball strainers allow the tea leaves to expand while steeping, so you can get that perfect cup of tea every time. It's ideal for use with all types of loose leaf teas. You can use your own blends of herbal and Chai teas with your own infusions of herbs, spices, floral and fruits. Iced or hot tea can be made. Do not use finely ground coffee when using it. It's great for use in pots and pans. Tea ball strainers are essential for all tea lovers. If you bundle them with a section of lose leaf teas, they're a perfect gift. Bring your friends and family to brew their first tea. Their set of tea ball strainers are built to last.

Brand: U.s. Kitchen Supply

👤I know that this product is cheap and should not be sold, after using these 4 times and thoroughly cleaning them more times than I can count. They are not saying that they are using a material called STAINLESS STEEL. This product has left a film in my cup and a metallic taste to the tea, each time I have used it. I thought it was just me or a dirty cup, but after the third and fourth times, I knew it was a product. I have used my other steepers and have never encountered this problem. One of them had a chip that was removed from the metal coating. It is made of some type of blue plastic. The film at the top of the tea leaves a silverish film in the cup after the tea is finished.

👤I wanted to like these tea balls. They looked great when I opened the package. I washed them and prepared to steep some tea. The ball was in my cup. I was very excited. The tea leaves began to float in the water. On no! There were a few. I thought I could deal with that. The top of the water was covered in leaves after I left it to steep for a bit. The only thing I could do was pour the tea through a strainer so I could drink it, which makes it a lot more convenient. I attached a picture of the strainer, which is a large one, so you can see how much came out. I am returning these, but I am really sad.

👤The hole is large enough to allow any amount of particles to go through. The item was damaged when it arrived. The lowest possible cost to manufacture in China is what it says. Lesson learned, I threw it away.

👤I bought these to be used in jugs. I thought the small holes in the ginger water would be hard to get the ginger flavor out of. I fill up the infusers with ginger I grate on a micro spice grater. The hooks at the end of the chain are perfect for attaching to the opening in my container. I use a container of ice tea to let my ginger grow. Half ginger water and half sugar free lemonade are some of the recipes here. Half ginger water, fourth apple cider, and fourth lemonade. There is ginger water, cayenne pepper, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and raw honey. Enjoy! I have seen no rust on the infuser after a month of use. I have to grate fresh ginger when the water lever gets low because the infuser is submerged in water for 20 hours a day.

👤These are used for various loose leaf teas. A cup of tea calls for 2 grams of leaf and 6 to 8 ounces of water. These fit 2g well. 3g is good when dry. Don't expect to use much more for big cups of tea since they have fully expanded to the size of the "tea ball" once the water's soaked in. I'm not rating this off of a gold standard, but compared to similar ones. 4 stars for that. There is a First of all... There are holes in it. You're likely to get some particles in your cup. Tea is usually left in the bottom of the pot after it is poured, even a teapot with an infuser. I've used tea balls that were not so cheap. I get less. It's the same as if I made it in my tea pot. You don't want to drink the last part of the cup. There is a Material. It is easy to clean. Looks decent. Not too flimsy but could cause some damage. There is a The top is on slightly. It's loose on one of these and I have to double check it but it's tight enough to stay and no tea comes through. The lid is snug and nice. There is a These aren't perfect. I used a scale for my tea and had to do a double take. I tared the scale and added tea to it, then swapped it out for my wife's cup of tea. The difference was 9 grams. Quality control isn't 100% on these. I'm not surprised that some people are having issues with theirs. Take off lid, stick in tea, put on cup, pour on hot water. It was easy. A teapot can take a lot of time to clean. After dumping the tea and removing the tea which may have wedged it into the holes, they clean nice and easy.

2. Tealyra EasyTEA Infuser Strainer Capacity

Tealyra EasyTEA Infuser Strainer Capacity

Tea strainers are essential for all tea lovers. The great tea can be made for your friends and family at home, office or anywhere else. The professional tea ball stiffener. Premium quality tea ball strainers with extra- fine mesh are rust proof. The tea strainer ensures that there is no debris in the tea. You can hang the tea balls from a teapot, tea cup, coffee mug, or stockpot with the attached chain and hook. To open and close them, twist the top. It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The perfect cup of tea. Every time. The best way to get the full flavors out of your tea is by using a quality tea ball strainer. Their tea ball strainers allow the tea leaves to expand while steeping, so you can get that perfect cup of tea every time. It's ideal for use with all types of loose leaf teas. You can use your own blends of herbal and Chai teas with your own infusions of herbs, spices, floral and fruits. Iced or hot tea can be made. Do not use finely ground coffee when using it. It's great for use in pots and pans. A perfect gift item. The tea ball strainer is a must for all tea lovers. It is a great gift for holidays and special occasions if you bundle them up with a section of lose leaf teas. Bring your friends and family to brew their first tea.

Brand: Tealyra

👤See photos of this review. I wanted to make kombucha. I make up to 1.5 gallons of tea at a time. I may buy a larger strainer. I was not sure if the FORLIFE would hold as much as two Tealyra strainers because the Tealyra strainer cost less than the FORLIFE. I am writing this review to answer some questions I had about capacity and design, but I found no answers. There is a I tried to put 4 tbps. The English breakfast tea that was put into this filled it to a depth of 1.1" and left a clearance to the rim. The tea leaves were tightly packed in the strainer, but I think they brew fine. I dunked the strainer in the pot of tea and drained it after lifting it to rinse the tea leaves. You can see my photos for how much. Afterbobbing the tea strainer with the chain to pull out the remaining water, the tea is looked at before and after expansion. I show the cake of tea I dumped out, so you can see how packed the tea leaves were. The four quadrants you see in the last photo were broken into by the top of the cake. I added two more photos. You can see how much tea is in it. 4 tbps. It is probably too much for this strainer. LID LOCKING MECHANIS The strainer's lid is secured by a pair of small knobs on the inner side of the rim that fit into a pair of channels pressed into the rim of the strainer. The channels have knobs that are locked into place. To put the lid on, you have to align the knobs with the channels' entry points, push it down, and twist it until the knobs reach the ends of the channels. The lid is so secure that it can be difficult to remove, and it allows no tea to escape. There are possible signs of oxidation. There is a The underside of the lid appeared to be the beginning of oxidation after one use. Scrubbing doesn't remove them. If these eventually become rust, I will update this review. There is an update 9/25/2021. There is no rust after three and a half years.

👤Before buying this one, I looked at and compared many similar tea infusers. I used it daily for hot tea for three months. I loved it for many reasons. There is a The bottom recently fell out, much to my disappointment. Just fell down. I didn't try to pry it. I wash the infuser. Toxic/questionable glues would get into my tea, so I can't use a different method to attach the bottom piece. The cylinder should be welded into the bottom for permanent attachment. The photo shows the infuser resting on the cover. I'm not referring to the rubber-rimmed stepping lid as the bottom portion of the infuser. There is a The infuser performed well until after the 30-day deadline. I left a message for the company that makes this item. I left a message on their website. I haven't heard back from the company since about a week ago. I left another message and sent them an email. There is a My time has been wasted because of zero customer service response. There is no change or loss of time for working people. To make profit off a product that doesn't last six months is criminal. Tealyra's claim of " incredible ability to provide you with..." out of this world customer service!" was not enough for the company. The best customers in the world. In my case, their customer service was so out of this world that it was non-existent. They don't deserve my business at this point. What hypocrisy. I bought this infuser in the first place because it is a smart design. It was the only infuser that met my functional needs and it was worth the price. I would be willing to pay more for it if it were made in my own country. There is a After I used my unit and was happy with it, I was excited to buy other units as gifts for friends, family, and co-workers. I can no longer remember that prospect. There is a So, buyer beware. If my unit was a failure, you should fork out $11.50 and your expectations of product longevity. There is a The August 30, 2016 update is here. The company finally responded to my messages, but its customer service still left a poor impression. See what I have to say.

3. Large Infuser Scoop Trays Apace

Large Infuser Scoop Trays Apace

The only tea strainer with advanced Ultra-Mesh Technology is the UNLOCK NEW FLAVORS, and it's the only one that locks every alabaster and Florentine. Their tea infuser set is made from so-called 304 STAINLESS STEEL that it won't rust, dent, or warp, so it's worth the price. It's enough for everyone, so you can brew tea for yourself and your friends, or even for a houseful of friends. Tea ball can open any large, medium, and fine tea leaf, without leaving debris in your cup. Simply set the tea infuser on the INCLUDED DRIP TRAYS to cool, then use warm water to rinse both clean in seconds. The gift that lasts and lasts is toXin-free and gorgeous, which is why most cheap tea steeper sets are harmful to your health. Their tea set is made from the highest quality food grade materials and tested for purity, performance and safety.

Brand: Apace Living

👤I keep buying tea infusers, only to be disappointed by the amount of tea in the cup. I left a lot of debris in the cup when I tossed my old ones. I have made 3 cups of tea with this set and it has been great. The way the top screws are locked into place makes me like it. It's easy to load and unload the tea leaves. I like the look of thesaucers to rest the tea infuser on when you are done with tea. The infuser holds a pot of tea, which is nice, but I use mine for a cup at a time as my teapot has a built-in strainer. The seller, Apace Living, gave me some useful tips on using the tea infusers. The most useful thing they sent was this: "Try this to eliminate tea debris." For about 10 seconds, place your tea infuser into a cup. For another 5 seconds, stir it around. Take out the tea maker. There is a Place it in the second cup and let it steep. Enjoy a cup of tea with minimum or no tea debris. It doesn't affect the strength of the cup of tea and it helps to eliminate debris. There is a I would highly recommend these to any tea drinker.

👤These are great! I think they've misinterpreted the mechanism when they mention having issues with them. These don't have a snap-on top. They have a quarter-turn style where there are three tabs that fit into three slots and you have to give a little twist once the tabs are seated. These don't open! Definitely not a design flaw. The little hook on the end of the chain is for when they flip upside down. You pour the water in, the steeper may flip upside down, but then the hook grabs the edge of your mug and the chain won't fall in. I love these! It's a good thing.

👤The design is cool. The saucer is a nice feature. The clips on the underside of the cap are very flimsy and can break off easily. I read about this issue in other reviews and was very cautious when I put the lid on, but it didn't matter because one of the clips broke off three weeks after I got the set. Don't use this infuser and look for something more durable.

👤I enjoy cooking with herbal teas. I have used cheese cloth before. I didn't know that they made tea infusers larger than a cup, but they have enough room to season several quarts of water for cooking. They would have been a five star rating. I wish they were more weighted. They don't want to flip, roll, or lay on their side if they have a heavier base. The weight wouldn't be as important if the locking mechanism was better. There are three raised catches that attach the lid to the base. It's important to try it first before it's filled with herbs or tea. I thought I had locked it up, but it wasn't fully seated and the lid popped off.

4. Zulay 2 Pack Tea Ball Infuser

Zulay 2 Pack Tea Ball Infuser

Four different bright colors can meet your family or friends preferences, easy to distinguish, avoid mistaking. The Zulay Kitchen Tea Ball Infuser is made with 304stainless steel and has extra- fine mesh holes. It's good for steeping your natural and organic loose-leaf for a strong cup of tea. The package includes a set of tea ball infusers. The infuser is designed with extra-fine holes and a tight lid to keep stray bits out of your cup or teapot. It is convenient to place the infuser to different sizes of teapots, cups, mugs, and bottles by using a 4.7 inch hook. It makes retrieving the tea easier. The package has a mini dish saucer for the infuser to rest on. This tea ball infuser is very portable and easy to maintain because of its length of 2.2 inches and diameter of 1.5 inches. If you want the leaves to be cleaned after you've finished brewing or steeping, handwash is strongly recommended. Zulay guarantees no hassle with its Tea Ball Infuser - Set of 2 and they back this up with a lifetime guarantee. They will make it right if you contact them. This product will live up to your expectations if you order now. They will cover you even after the return window. Chances are you will not need to reach out.

Brand: Zulay Kitchen

👤The strainers have small holes. I used it on my loose leaf tea which is the tea with the smallest powder-fine bits it in. It worked well with it. There was nothing in my tea. There is a They are easy to rinse out. The hook on the mesh ball strainers is smaller than the hook on my mug. There is a They are easy to clean. Remove the cap, empty into a compost and rinse the tea leaves out. There is a If you want to do a whole pot of tea, they are large enough for a single mug. There is a The first package I received was too big for both of the bottoms. Zulay's Customer Service has an email address on their website. I told them about the problem and the order number and they responded quickly. They requested my shipping address so that they could send me another package. The tea strainers that came with it are perfect. Zulay and this product are definitely recommended by me.

👤These tea strainers are adorable. The tea strainer balls are more difficult to use. I like the taste of Mamaki tea and it is said to be good for my high blood pressure. I used to put off making a new batches because I hated dealing with the balls, which were a pain to fill with the tea leaves and often leaked in the brew. I had to re- connect after the two halves separated a few times. I just fill one of the little canisters with leaves, screw on the top, and put in the boiling water to steep. I lost a hook off of one of the canisters. I tightened the wire to prevent another hook loss after I replaced it with a hook from one of my tea balls. Great product!

👤These tea strainers are very good. The mesh is very fine and the screw top seals tightly, making them easy to use and clean. They are a bit cheaply made. The mesh in the lid popped out after the second use, so it's no longer usable. There are some discolored spots where pieces are soldered together. The purchase was not the worst.

👤I've tried them all, most break after a few months of use, all leave a trail in your cup that is annoying if you are a psychic. These are gorgeous. The surface is probably done with a laser. The screw cap reminds me of a film canister. No traces, ever. Don't be cheap, this is your best value over time.

👤I don't leave reviews on a lot of items, but I have to say that I am impressed with some of the items. I just made my first two cups of tea with these and both of them were perfect for a full bodied tea. They are large enough to hold a cup of tea that is 20 ounces or more. I was surprised that there were no dregs at the bottom of the cups. The infusers were easy to clean and added no taste to the tea. I can't think of a way to improve them.

5. Stainless Seasoning Strainer Seasonings Seperation

Stainless Seasoning Strainer Seasonings Seperation

These spice filters are made of high qualitystainless steel, which makes them rust-proof and safe to use. The wire mesh design can effectively prevent the floating suspended solids from causing any problems. The hook at the end of the chain will let the spice filter hang from your pots and pans and you will never be worried about the infuser falling into the pots and pans. You can hang it on the wall or on the cupboard with the attached chain and hook. This strainer is perfect for seasoning tea and seasoning coffee. It can be used to store other items. Bring the pleasure of infused fragrant tea to your family and friends with this great gift.

Brand: Fdit

👤This item is great. You can make Thai Beef Broth. All my spices are in one container. After boiling for a long time. You can scoop clear soup with a ladle without bones or fat if you clean it out and place it back in the soup.

👤Works well for making injection marinades for turkeys. The injector didn't get stuck.

👤I use this for soups. This striner is great because I cook a lot of thai and chinese food.

👤The wire cage is not tight enough to prevent free liquid flow or not to let bone fragments out. I worked out great for the big one.

👤I used it to hold desiccant beads in my safe and it was easy to use.

👤Schnelle Lieferung is a song. Richtige Gre, was immer immer. There is a ABER is in den Geschirrspler. Ich ist schlecht verarbeitet ist und Drhte ist. Ich wrde gerne 15 Euro, das ist immer. Is it possible that you are a Kinder?

👤I bought the large size because I wanted a bubble bar bath strainer and it works perfectly, even though it is a little bigger than I expected. I put my bubble bar on the tap as I fill my tub and it makes the most luxurious bubbles.

👤Beaucoup was large pour usage in cuisine. Vous pouvoir faire un pot-pourri suspendu d'herbes/fleurs aromatiques.

👤Die Kche Ansonsten gute Verarbeitung is gross.

6. Gizhome Stainless Strainer Infuser Mulling

Gizhome Stainless Strainer Infuser Mulling

After-sales service If you have any problems with their products, please contact them, their professional customer service team will reply you within 24 hours, and they will consult the issues with seriousness. Thanks for buying from them. 4 cm is 4.5 cm. The package includes 4 x Tea Ball Strainers. The materials are made of food grade materials. Won't let you down and won't rust. You can brew your tea with ease. Replacing your old tea bags will allow you to drink fresh tea. It's not suitable for small tea loose tea. The hook is designed to hang teapots. The attached hook lets the ball hang from your teapot or pancho and is easy to remove when your herbs have been steeped. You can fill the basket with tea of your choice. The tea ball chain is fixed on the edge of the cup and you can shake the bubble ball to get what you want.

Brand: Gozola

👤Many reviewers had issues with opening and closing them. They were not super sturdy so they could easily bend or warp out of shape. If you can use 4 of them, they are much cheaper than other similar products.

👤Would have loved to give this 5 stars, but one arrived without a hook or chain. The others are great. Some people had a hard time opening and closing their businesses. I have a 9 year old boy that loves lavender tea and he can open it and close it.

👤It is nearly impossible to shut the ball strainer down once you have placed the contents inside. These are going to be thrown away.

👤The tea ball strainers will be used to make ornaments.

👤I used this in my chili. It was sturdy and closed. I had to wait for it to fully cool before I could open it and clean it out. Next time I'm closing it, I might not put as much pressure on it. Very happy.

👤Works as they should. There were no issues at all.

👤It works well and is easy to use.

👤Great item. It's hard to open.

👤Amazon! You did it again! I've given you another 14 dollars of my money for a product that is poor in taste and quality. I hope you have a good day. Don't buy this product if you don't want to drink loose tea.

7. Vivian Stainless Strainer Filter Infuser

Vivian Stainless Strainer Filter Infuser

Purchase with confidence! 60-days money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty. The Tea Infuser is made of anti-rust, scratch and smash, 11 cm/ 4.3 inch. It's easy to clean, just flush it with water upside down and inside out. It could be used to remove coffee particles, ingredient, andchafing dish. It's easy to prepare loose leaf tea, one cup at a time. The tea balls with brush are an easy way to brew cups of tea from loose tea leaves.

Brand: Vivian

👤Don't buy. It's not safe for food or drinking. Not 100% steel. See the picture.

👤This is large and great for storing pickle spices. It would be perfect for making a gallon or larger Iced Tea. This won't fit in most jars. It's made in China and the quality is not perfect, but it's made in China so that it can work.

👤This product is what I was looking for, to make tea, water, cooking and other things. I will give it a Strong 4 Stars, but it doesn't get 5 because it's too big for certain things. I didn't read the description, which said that it was 11 cm wide and 9 cm tall. It's great if you can think of anything. If I have any issues with wear or durability, I will update.

👤Love it. Not only for soup herbs. Also for chicken gizzards. A replacement for cheese cloth. It's easy to remove when making soup.

👤I don't like to clean up flowers and herbs from bath bombs. I put it in the strainer and then dropped it in the bath. It is a perfect size for most bath bombs and contains all of the mess for bath bombs that have lavender, rose petals, other herbs, etc.

👤I use mine for cold brew coffee. It makes it easier to clean up the rest of my straining instruments. Treat form factor for large batches of tea and coffee.

👤Was impressed with the size. Used to make small teas. It is possible to hold up to 8 teaspoons. It's best to spray with soap before washing.

👤This product is great for seasoning soups and stew. It could be used for a large teapot.

8. Hemoton Infuser Stainless Seasoning Strainer

Hemoton Infuser Stainless Seasoning Strainer

A variety of models are easy to use. It is convenient to clean. A fine mesh strainer is more useful. Long chain and hooks are easy to use. It's used for tea, soup, and pork. The material is high quality.

Brand: Hemoton

👤This thing is much bigger than we anticipated. The part of the locking mechanism that is very sharp was the reason why we returned it. I pressed on it to lock it and it cut my finger.

9. Threaded Connection Stainless Extended Seasonings

Threaded Connection Stainless Extended Seasonings

The package includes: Size 10 x 12 soup bag set of 4 plastic bags Better performance and a reasonable price. You can easily hold 4 cups of tea. It's perfect for making a lot of tea at once. The parts are made from 18/8 steel. It is easy to clean the dishwasher. Their tea strainer has a threaded connection design that makes it easier to open and close. Tea leaves won't leak out during the process of brew. Tea leaves, particles or grounds can be held intact with extra fine mesh holes. The smaller chain is 4.7. It's best to fit teapots, mugs or cups in different sizes. The professional tea maker is the House Again Advantage. There are multiple high-quality products for you to choose from. Customer service is always friendly and worry-free.

Brand: House Again

👤There are only two reviews for this item. I can make tea for 2 quarts, or a gallon, in a large size. You will get 25% off after the first order when you buy from TeaLyra. com. The selection is amazing. The tea holder is very small and the screws on it are tight, which makes it easier to put together and from which leaves slip through. If you need a large size, buy it.

👤I agree with one of the reviews. Why aren't more people reading the reviews? I've used other infusers, but it's larger than this one. I wanted to purchase this. I had no idea it was that big. I was looking for many things, and size was one of them. The size, price, and quality are all important. There is a I've shown you the true size, the fine mesh, the screw on top, and a partial showing of how much tea liquor I have from a variety of teas. I believe tea has a great taste. If you bought the infuser, please testify. If you're interested in buying a quality affordable infuser with size and moreFunctionality A nice package is misfortunate in delivery. The house is small. Again, tea is being infused. I don't think I'll need two of this one. In the spirit of sharing? Buy it for yourself or as a nice inexpensive gift. I'm happy. The little chemist is happy because he was looking for what I was looking for.

👤It is what I was looking for. Others said it's not the small one. It's larger for a pot or a pitcher of tea. I use it to make iced tea in a larger pitcher. It worked out great. The chain is long and well made, and it doesn't fall through like a mesh one I have that it's replacing. It's not as thick as the one I have in a tea pot, but it's fine. It closes well and has nice holes all over. Would buy again. I'm very happy.

👤I use this strainer with tea and coffee. The holes for a metal strainer are not very large. The top has holes. The holes seem to be larger. I like to make yerba mate and I don't like the pollen in my sip. Coffee filters can remove most of the leaf and pollen. The metal strainer doesn't remove pollen. It is not good for coffee that is medium to fine ground. I drink from this metal strainer when I drink from Peet's.

👤Before I bought some loose leaf as well as some Rasa, I had a titanic tea infuser. The drinks were like a soup of sticks and leaves. I bought this pack and they work great. They're easy to clean and don't rust, even though I have terrible water quality here in the desert. They are an excellent tool to use for cooking, so you don't have to go in and pick out cloves or bay leaves.

👤I use loose leave tea and have a tea ball. I have used the mesh ones with the latch but they always let the water out and if you don't care you can dump the whole thing. Not a problem with this one. I will be buying a second one to use during canning season because I absolutely love it.

10. Fu Store Stainless Strainers Strainer

Fu Store Stainless Strainers Strainer

Money back guarantee. They back up their set with a one-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. A brand-new product or a full refund is just a few clicks away. Get this handy combo kit to make your kitchen a safer place to cook in. It is important to clean and dry after use. It is long lasting and made of 304 grade steel. The rivet is made of aluminum. Don't forget to wash and dry after use. It's easy to brew your leaf tea with ease if you get the job done. When your tea have fully steeped, hang the ball from your teapot with the attached hook and it will be easy to remove. You can drink fresh full tea now that you can replace your tea bags. It's not suitable for small tea loose tea.

Brand: Fu Store

👤It wasn't obvious until I tried to use it, but you can only fill one half of the sphere with tea leaves with a spoon. This is a container with a lid. gravity will make the leaves fall when you try to close the lid, so a lid that is not flat is stupid. If you have a large bag of tea leaves, you can pinch a chunk of tea leaves in between the halves of the leaf to fill the entire sphere. The strainer won't close until you remove the correct amount of leaves, which is a hassle because I have done this before. You can not set this on a table because it does not have a flat bottom, and you have a lot of wasted space inside the lid that does not get used. There is a I only see two purposes for this product. It is a teaching tool for design students to see an extremely bad design. The public can learn that good reviews on Amazon do not mean a good product. This product has an average rating of 3.4 stars, and 899 reviews at the time of this writing. I can't understand why anyone would rate this thing higher than the minimum score.

👤It tasted like tin. The frame and chain are cheap magnetic metal. The frame and chain were picked up by a magnet. The metallic taste in the tea was horrible and one was starting to rust. I immediately returned them.

👤I have always used a tea press for my tea, but with these I don't need to keep as much stuff in my cupboard. These can be opened up and stacked in a drawer or cupboard. It is easy to clean and use. I bought one at the store. I got one for the same price as the two here. I bought 2 sets so we could take them with us when we travel and keep some at home. This will allow us to offer delicious tea to our guests without having to use the tea press. A great gift idea for anyone that likes tea.

👤I don't know how to make tea without it. The leaves were sequestered into the mesh, but I had some concerns. A few very tiny tea leaves escaped from the tea holder. I think it could have been a bug or tea, I don't wash my cups all the time, but I just rinse them. I have to wash our dishwasher because it broke last week. I haven't done that since I was a girl. I will have a problem if I have this problem because it will take 30 days to create a new habit. I need someone to fix my dishwasher, but I am not sure if you can send them to me. There is a I think this product is worth it. I would buy more. Came with a 2 pack. I could really use 3. I would like to have the option to buy a 1 pack. 5 starts!

11. Stainless Twist Lock Sphere Strainer Filter,2

Stainless Twist Lock Sphere Strainer Filter%EF%BC%8C2

The package includes tea ball filters. It is easy to clean and non-toxic. A chain is used to keep tea or spices secure. It's perfect for a teapot, tea cup, herbs,spices or loose leaf tea. The dishwasher is safe. Keep dry after use.

Brand: Damai

👤The twistlock's quality is very poor, and not all parts are made of steel.

👤These are great for cleaning small parts. The locking mechanism worked on a few of these, but you have to fiddle with it to get it to lock in place.

👤The package doesn't seem to fit two of the strainers. There should be two of them according to the package and Amazon description. The one we received was damaged. There are plenty of other companies to choose from.

👤They were stuck together. I cut myself on a piece of wire. The chain broke. It needs a different way to connect.

👤El filtro est quisas demasiado. No me gust, la malla is no es tan fina. No debiesen salir in the same way as the orégano, the perejil, etc.

👤Son dos artculos, solo me.

👤They work well for large leaf teas. The smaller buts in some mixed teas will get through. I like drinking those bits. I thought these would solve the problem. They don't.

👤I could not twist it open. They let me keep the good one and immediately refunded. I need 2 so I bought 2 more. The frame is thin metal. They haven't opened up in my kettle yet. I make a gallon of tea. I thought it was too small for the amount of tea I needed. They've been working well.


What is the best product for cooking infuser ball?

Cooking infuser ball products from U.s. Kitchen Supply. In this article about cooking infuser ball you can see why people choose the product. Tealyra and Apace Living are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking infuser ball.

What are the best brands for cooking infuser ball?

U.s. Kitchen Supply, Tealyra and Apace Living are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking infuser ball. Find the detail in this article. Zulay Kitchen, Fdit and Gozola are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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