Best Cooking Heater for Camping

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1. Camping Heater Warming Heating AdvancedShop

Camping Heater Warming Heating AdvancedShop

Can only be used in the USA under the 120V standard. The weight of the material is 400g and the size is 14.5-5.12 cm. The burning flame is changed into radial heat energy. In combination with heating, water boiling and barbecue, it is widely used. High-temperature resistant steel is adopted. It's suitable for all kinds of stove. It is used in the home, it is generated by far IR radiation heat, good heating effect, high efficiency, convenient. There is a package that includes a Heater cover.

Brand: Bulletshaker

👤This is an inexpensive solution to warm a small area. The steel of this will store and distribute the heat well enough. There is a This product works well for my needs. The bottom slots fit in a stove. A slip and a twist puts it in place. The tall 8oz canister can provide three to four hours of heat on a low setting. It provides plenty of heat, perhaps two hours, using a canned heat option. I would cover the opening with the lid upside down. This increases the burn time, but still provides plenty of heat with the stove cover. It fits over the can. I also tried this with tea light candles. The heat output is lower than the butane stove. I didn't try this device with my Coleman stove. I am sure it would work, but the fuel sources are meant for well-ventilated areas. There are three other item recommendations. A carbon Monoxide detector. You can use it in your home and put in fresh batteries before you go camping. I think the low price and the ability to prevent death is worth it. Do not put the detector on the floor or at the top of the tent. It's best not to be near a window or door about midway. 2. A smoke detector. If you set it off inside your tent, it's wrong. A stove fan. The blades should be turned and the warm air moved slowly. It doesn't need to spin fast like a fan to keep you cool. A stove fan helps to warm the small area you are trying to warm by moving the heat.

👤It warms my van. Make sure the CO detector is working, open the vent, crack the windows, and put the thing on top of the stove. You can put water on top of it. You should burn it off the first time you use it. It smokes for the first 10 minutes.

👤I only use this during the California power shut down. When it was 35 outside, the camper's temperature was up to 75 inside and it was still warm when the top popped. People say it's cheap. It's not. It's made from a type of steel called shir steel. It's a small tool that takes up little room in my van. I took my Mr Heater away.

👤The camper van and tent are going to be used a lot this coming season. It won't be worth it to commit to a big expensive heating system right now. We are going to get a more elaborate camper but for now, I wanted something that I could easily set up and break down, that wasn't permanent and definitely wasn't expensive. I went with a blanket (12V, plugs into cigarette adapter in the car) and a chimney. I was not sure how well this would work. I understand the concept of the chimney and heat rises, but this seemed too simple and inexpensive. It was perfect when I tested it on my folding sterno cooktop. I have a Coleman propane stove that I can use if I want to adjust the heat. There is a It didn't take long for it to work. I only tested it with a sterno can, but it was hot within minutes. You can feel the heat coming off it if you put your hands around it. This is perfect for our current camping situation, and I'm really happy I went with this set up for this year. When we have a fancy camper with a fancy heating system, I'll keep it for when I need heat in a small space. Really happy with this.

2. SoloWilder Camping Portable Burning Outdoor

SoloWilder Camping Portable Burning Outdoor

It's perfect for fishing, camping, backyard cooking, or survivalists. They attach great importance to the use of the stove inside the tent in addition to the basic cooking function. The design of a closed stove body was adopted in order to make the stove more suitable for heating the tent. It is possible to prevent the stove from leaking carbon monoxide and increase the safety of camping by sleeping at night. To allow campers to observe the burning of firewood inside the stove, they added a fireproof glass to the front door. Campers can add firewood in time to prevent the stove from going out. This stove has a partition. The wood at the bottom can burn more fully if the contact area between the wood and air at the bottom is increased. More heat can be released from full combustion. It's a good design. They have added another layer of ashtray. The ashtray can be removed. If there is too much wood burning ash at the bottom, you can pull out the ashtray and pour the ash out of the stove. Put it on the stove. The tent firewood stove is small, light, and foldable. It can be used at home and also outside. The size of the firebox is over 7 inches. The stove legs have been upgraded. The stove legs were slender. After many tests and considering the stove's stability, they adopted a thicker leg. The foldable stove legs can be used to reduce the space occupied by the stove so that you can carry more important camping equipment.

Brand: Solowilder

👤The design of the stove and the quality of the metal make me like it. One of the reasons I purchased it was that it was painted black, which is a great plus. The wood stove's seams are not welded well. They can make other improvements. Add a damper 2. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. 3. Make sure the item is welded. A gasket is being added to the door. I spoke to Amazon customer service early this morning and decided to get a refund since the company can be reached to make sure I get a wood stove that is welded well. It was a waste of time. There was nothing done for the item to be replaced. The returned and replacement status were not updated in the system. I don't have a lot of time and need a wood stove. I have to fix the problem myself. I can use a welder or gasket cement. I'm very disappointed that this company didn't take the time to fix the seams. The price of the wood stove needs to be reduced.

👤The product exceeded my expectations. It was well made. Quality materials. Love it.

👤I'm not able to talk about the heat factor yet. I didn't notice that the stove's seams were welded. The pipes fit together well when I opened it last night. The pipe fits over the lip instead of inside, so I gave it one star. I've asked if this is correct. If I can understand this design, I'll change ratings. I haven't found extension pipe online. There's no elbow so be prepared to search. I need this to work so I'm praying it doesn't ruin it. Update to come! There is a The stove can fit in a small space. I'm not sure if it will last. I'm not sure if I'll add a coat of fire paint, but I'm hoping it won't.

👤It was a lot smaller than I had expected. The whole setup was up to my chest and I am 5'11" I would have liked to see a damper, but I had to buy a few more extensions. I have a small hot tent, but the stove is not a bad one.

👤The burning chamber cannot burn completely without the interior air intake. It was too smoky.

3. Portable Burning Camping Cooking Emergency

Portable Burning Camping Cooking Emergency

It is recommended that you use in a well-ventilated area. They offer a one-year warranty on all parts. If you have a problem, please contact them. The portable wood burning rocket stove is suitable for outdoor events. Hunting, fishing, outdoor cooking, picnic, backyard cooking are all examples. Take some branches or twigs. No matter where you are, you will always find fuel. The wood burning stove comes with a free fire poker and fire tongs. You can have an easier time if you add fuels and clean ashes. Solid construction. The cylindrical configuration reduces weight while maximizing performance. The rocket stove has an air inlet port. Oxygen enters the fuel chamber. A board is under the rocket stove. The board protects the lawn from the ashes of wood burning. MULTIPURPOSE STEOVE The legs of the portable wood stove are based on the environment. You are using a rocket stove on the ground. The stove can be portable without legs. You are using this rocket stove on grass. The legs can keep the rocket stove stand on the grass and keep a safe distance between the stove and grass. The heat from the stove doesn't damage your lawn. Sturdy side handles and portable handles have been designed for this stove. It is easier to move it around.

Brand: Tafeida

👤The metal is sturdy but unsure of its thickness. The legs are sturdy. Looking forward to trying it out. The "tabs" seem too easy to lose so plan on welding them on.

👤I am impressed. The stove is sturdy and made well. So far, so good. The support to hold the pot is a negative. You're screwed if you loose them during travel.

👤This stove cooks great with a 16 inch cast iron WOK and you can start with a small amount of charcoal and use small kindling to cook.

👤It was equally as heavy as the sturdy one. The material is solid. Even in high winds or rain, it's easy to start and maintain a fire. Those who like to play with fire are entertained. There is a A lot of embers from the bottom of the stove can get blown away, so it's recommended to stack rocks around the legs.

👤Well solid and constucted. It's a perfect size to carry. I tried to cook some eggs, bacon, and thin beef brisket, but it didn't work out.

👤A small garage, a large tent, and a little shed. Use as a stove or combo. Happy to give 5.

👤The air vent and bottom ash prevent the rocket action of a rocket stove. Product works well and would be decent for cooking. I like the bolts. It allows for adjustment of surfaces that are not straight.

👤I think the pieces that make up the pot are a bit jany. They should be all one piece.

4. Coghlans Camp Heat 2 Pack

Coghlans Camp Heat 2 Pack

The slow cooker handles can be held through the openings on both sides of the container. The world's largest brand of camping accessories. Everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. Practical,durable, afforadable. For heating or cooking in emergencies. Non-toxic fumes. 4 hours of burn timer per. Can. There are two canned cans of diethylene glycol.

Brand: Coghlan's

👤We have had bad windstorms and were looking for something that could be used indoors. Convenience for cooking or heating in camp, home, or in emergencies are safe and harmless for cooking or heating with canned heat. I received the canned heat and it has a warning on it. Skin irritation is caused by Vapor harmful to skin. Flammable. Vapors will ignite. Avoid breathing. The vaPORS are the ones that are VAPORS. Capitals are mine and as much as possible while using this product. There is a Which is it? "Odorless and non-toxic fumes are safe and harmless", or "The vapors are harmful and you shouldn't breath them, or" I don't think I'll be comfortable using this in a confined space, so I'll most likely return it and get a propane stove instead.

👤Coffee, tea and soup were not heat during the Texas freeze. Adding a can of hot beans would have been great. These were bought with a camp stove. These were given a low rating. They leaked in transit, although they haven't used. I didn't open the box immediately since we were 800-273-3217 I am not sure if the caps were sealed correctly. This was not wrapped in plastic. What a mess.

👤The cans arrived on time, but the carboard/paper container they were in was damp. I thought it was because of the water in the air, but it wasn't until I had it in a heated house for a week that it dried out. There was a small piece of material coming out of the sealed portion of the can and over the top of the lid which the cap screwed on to, and I noticed that at least one can was wicking fluid out of the cap and onto the tip of the can. This allowed the fluid to move through the top of the can and down the treaded can to the paper container. A bit dangerous if the fluid caught fire. If Camp Heat paper container looks wet, this could be the problem.

👤All they have to do is give them a small amount of money. This doesn't affect everything in the box. Half of it has now been done. The product is wasted. Don't care? You should.

👤I used twice. The water is boiled in about 5 minutes. I have burned for an hour so far. I don't know how long they will last. It works perfectly in my stove.

👤I bought two of these 2-packs and a small Coghlan's folding camp stove for my Hurricane Preparedness Kit. I've not used either of them yet, but I'm sure I'll be happy to get it once I finish eating my tenth package of cheese-and-peanut-butter crackers. There's nothing like a hot meal to distract you from the ongoing disaster. It is worth the money.

5. Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

The perfect hostess gift is a chic set that is practical and stunning for any special occasion. A camping stove with coated steel construction is strong enough to hold a heavy pot. Any type of canned fuel or solidified alcohol can be used for heat. The front door and sides are tall. essential gear for camping, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤Be careful with what you buy. As it burns hot enough to boil water, the only fuel that can be gotten from the Sterno is "Cooking Fuel". "Canned Heat" pot warmers burn at only 185 degrees and will never boil water.

👤I use this for camping in my van or tent. It was tested at home. It only took me 30 seconds to set it up. I put the pot on top of the sterno can and it was very sturdy. No worries about the pot falling off. It's perfect for when I only need one burner and don't want to break out the big Coleman propane stove. I got a heat diffuser for use on top so I can double the usage of this stove as a back up tent heater, and it worked very well for that purpose as well. I used the AdvancedShop heating cover on the Camping Mini Heater Warming Stove cover. Really happy with the setup. It was fast shipping on it. I've provided pictures of a medium saucepan and a heat diffuser.

👤This is what you think it is. I use twigs, pinecones, and Sterno. All worked well in this stove. One thing that is annoying is that the little door can affect the flame inside if it stays shut. You can fix it with a screwdriver or something in front of it. It was easy to clean and works well. Tin foil on the shelf is the best way to hold burning materials. To keep it clean. The stove is a little heavy. If you are car camping, it is still very portable. It might be an issue for backpacking. It does what it says it will do and for a very good price.

👤I bought this for my kit. It is sturdy and can be used many different ways. You could use things other than sterno. I used my stove as a proof of concept. If one needed sticks, they could use them in it. This is the most important part. Coffee. I can't exist without coffee. That is not true. I can exist without coffee, but anyone who has to be around me doesn't want to. I have to have coffee. This is a problem when my house is all electric. I own a Coleman propane stove, a propane single burner unit, and a propane grill. One can burn up a lot of propane in an extended outage, but those stupid little canisters are not cheap. I could use a larger propane tank, but it's inconvenient and the propane is not cheap. Since I don't have a fireplace, I decided to use an alcohol stove. I bought a stove kit after that. I like that thing. There is a problem. Yes. The coffee. I can't just throw a percolator on the kit. I have to either use a backpacking stove, make French Press coffee by boiling water in my JetBoil, or I need something that will support my percolator. This is the kind of thing that engineers think about when the power is out for a long time. The Coghlan's Folding Stove can be entered. I can put my percolator on top of my alcohol burner. It's dah! Coffee. I can use sticks if the mountain blows up or we have the Big One, but only if the mineral spirits, Heet, and any other burnable fuels are gone. During Armageddon, I can have coffee. If I had to, I could cook food with this. It is a fun little stove, so it is great for camping, road trips, and emergency kit. I think I will buy a second one so that I can leave it in my car. Have you ever watched Survivorman? The quality of this stove sold me on it after I read reviews and looked at it in stores. I'm very happy with it. It's a great addition to my kit and is very useful. I am glad I bought it.

6. Coleman Bottle Propane Stove Green

Coleman Bottle Propane Stove Green

Steel braided hose is included to use with the propane tank. Up to 10,000 total BTUs is the cooking power. The pressure regulation is. Even in extreme conditions, pressure control is important. More efficient cooking with less fuel is the perfectHEAT design. AJUSTABLE BURNER: 1 It fits an 8 inch pan. The wind blows. The shield burner can be used for maximum heat. The burner and base are separate from the propane bottle. Run time: On one 16.4 ounce propane cylinder, there is up to 2.5 hours on high. There is a limited warranty for three years.

Brand: Coleman

👤When I'm camping, I use this to boil water. I refill my tanks. I bought one about 15 years ago, but it got swept away in a Gully Flood. This was bought to replace it. Looks the same. Good idea, but has the same poor quality construction that I find in most things from Coleman. The attitude of "let's make it as cheap as possible", found in most "made in China" equipment they produce, leaves me unimpressed. The plastic insides of the valve mechanism feel loose and do not give me a feeling of confidence when I turn it off. When not in use, the tank and stove must be separated. Why not use a quality valve? I would have paid more for a better product. I have simple propane soldering torches that screw to the top of the tanks, which is 10 times the quality of the same money. Coleman wants you to break the valve and throw the unit away. Many people here accept poorly engineered products and give 5 stars to everything they buy. Not a happy camper. I will not buy another. There is an update... The product that I found was a much better quality product. I bought it.

👤works well for money. I found a good carrying case for it. The plastic container is 9x8x68. You can get it from anywhere from $4 to $5. It fits the stove and base.

👤It worked well for the first year. You can see the burn marks on the plastic and the gas leaking from the knob in the picture. It's a shame.

👤A small. It's lightweight. It's very easy to attach the propane tank. The Burns were evenly burned. In windy situations, does well. It's perfect for camping.

👤I wouldn't want anything else other than this one, even though it may be a little bigger than other portable ultra light camping stoves. I read that the overall area to place a pot/pan on is small and can be flimsy, so I purchased this guy. It held all of my camping pots/pans perfectly, and since you slide the bottle of gas into the round base, you can adjust it if you are on a slope. This will be a staple for future camping trips.

👤This is a very well made item. It is convenient to use. The cylinder can be plumped into the base with the help of the top. The short, fat cylinders are used instead of the long, long cylinders you usually see plumbing use. I had one of these things, but I can't find it anywhere, so I ordered another one. The part of Florida I live in, the Panhandle, did not get hit by the storm. There is a My old stove helped my father and I through Hurrican Ivan in 2004. We didn't have power or water for a week and half of the trees were knocked down. Our roof lost every other row of shingles, the storm windows blew out with loud bangs, and the siding of our house blew three blocks down the street, which my neighbor, John, returned to me as a joke. We 800-273-3217 I also have a Coleman propane stove. I can't find that either. I used this stove a couple of times before deciding the single burner was enough for coffee, tea, or dinner. We ate Hormel with no beans and Bush's chili beans thrown in. You don't have to use soapy water on the joints to check for gas leaks with this stove. There is one connection. If it does hiss when you screw it on it means the valve is open. There is a To light it, just open the valve and light it with a match or butane lighter. You use the valve to turn it on or off. There is a If you're not familiar with propane torches, the gas coming out makes the connection icy cold to the point that frost forms. No kidding. The same principle that makes your refrigerator work will cause frost to form. I told you to torch mind you. I didn't allow the burner to run full blast. The cooking grid is very sturdy and might eventually be hurt by the flame. If I ever find the old burner, I will compare it to the new one. There is a There is a word about liquid fuel stoves. The Coleman dual fuel stove will burn over four times what is in a cylinder per gallon, according to a add for a dual fuel stove. The cylinders only hold 16 ounces of liquid and the gallon has 128 ounces. There is a The liquid fuel gasoline stove blowing up and sending people to heaven was a joke the person used to make. Methane, ethane, propane, and butane are the straight line gases. You get gasolines, mineral spirits, fuel oils, and tars after this. Natural gas and ethane are not liquids at safe pressure. At 15 atmospheres of pressure, propane is a liquid. The stuff in your bottles is liquid. Butane is liquid at the pressures you find in bottles. propane is more expensive than butane, butane is ideal for plastic lighters. Natural gas is cheap, but an actual cylinder of gas would give you less cooking time. They use gas in city vehicles, but they don't have a great range per charge. There is a If you like to camp or live in hurricanes, this and other Coleman products are very nice. I give it five stars.

7. Fltom Portable Burning Shelter Stainless

Fltom Portable Burning Shelter Stainless

If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them. The stove can provide warmth and heat to a space in an outdoor camping trip. The maximum height of the sectional stove pipes is 4.69 feet. The height can be adjusted to fit different spaces. The flat top of the stove is where you cook. You can use the wood burning stove to cook anything you can cook on the range in your kitchen. Natural fuel sources like firewood, twigs, wood chips, and other wood are easy to use and safe in camping wood stoves. Run the flue pipe out of the top of the tent. The whole stove is portable. It's easy to store and carry the collapsible four legs and chimney pipes.

Brand: Fltom

👤I'm writing this review while the initial burn is going on. This is outside. I'm very pleased with the purchase of the tent stove. I did a lot of research prior to ordering, since I was torn between a lighter stove and a Fltom stove. The other stove was a bit lighter and had a window and an exhaust baffle, which the Fltom does not. The Fltom appeared to be a better quality construction and more efficient burn design when viewed by reviewers. I was told to be realistic and not expect too much after realizing this is a very inexpensive stove. It appears to be even better than I had thought. The Fltom is a keeper for me. I expected the stove to have minor issues, based on other reviews. Some of the complaints seemed common for most stoves. It was expected to have some damage from shipping. The door's latch was bent about a half inch and it was easy to fix by hand. One pipe section required a small amount of hand bending at the open edge, it just required a gentle amount of hand pressure to correct. This metal is easy to work with. The stove was nicely packaged for shipping. Bubble wrap was used to protect everything. The stove is not air tight, and I didn't expect that. The stove draws well after a fire is 800-273-3217 There are a lot of small openings before this drawing action. See later in the review for some solutions. The rectangular exhaust insert was supposed to be loose. It is more than expected. If jarred, I wouldn't rely on it to stay connected. It will need some tweaking. I'll try to bend a little. If that doesn't fix it, I might try something. - I was expecting it to have some rough edges. There was a rough edge in the deep interior of the stove. I think it will burn smooth on its own. The paint was expected to be cheap and lose a lot during the initial burn. The paint held up well during the initial burn. I spray it with BBQ paint once it wears off. This is something to be expected with wood stove and BBQ pits. You're probably wondering why I gave this stove 5 stars, or why I even bothered to order it, knowing it would require so much tweaking, or why I didn't go for the cheaper stove that came with a window and baffle. This isn't my first stove, and when I saw the design, it looked like it could use a secondary burn of exhaust gases, which is a huge deal in a stove this small and inexpensive. There is a I believe it tapped into the secondary burn during the initial burn. The stove is a box inside of a double walled one. The inner box has a lot of small openings along the top of the walls, as well as some upper shelving to keep gases out of the exhaust pipe. This looked like it could be a good set-up for things like a secondary burn of exhaust gases, and the outer box was a heat shield, so it didn't need to be as large as a single walled camp stove. There is a It came with a door with a sliding opening and a nice STAINLESS PIPE. The door has a sliding intake adjustment. The door was well made and designed, but the intake adjustment is almost useless considering all the permanent secondary intake holes along the bottom of the outer box. We need a way to temporarily block off the secondary intake holes on the outer box so that the sliding intake gate can snuff out the fire. I will use magnetic tape. I used 1/2 wide tape, which was too narrow, but it stuck fine and was easily removed or added back. The holes in the magnetic tape are not as hot as the stove is. Since the initial burn, I have tried magnetic tape. It fit perfectly. With the secondary intake holes covered, the door shut, and the main intake gate closed, I anticipate more control over this awesome little stove. There is a I wasn't sure about the dimensions of the stove box before delivery. The dimensions of the outer box walls are not counting legs, pipe, rectangular pipe insert, door, or warming rack. The outer walls are about an inch from the inner walls. One can nest in the other warming rack. A subtle feature. After the initial burn, I put the stove back in with wood, and then closed the door and slid the intake. The stove top temperatures were hottest above the range cap. After the door was closed for a while, the temperature settled down to 500 degrees. The fire burned for 2.5 hours without anyone knowing it, because the door and intake gate were shut. There was very little ash left. Almost everything was incinerated, that indicates to me that the burn was efficient. Within 10 minutes of loading the wood, the smoke became clear. I plan to put a baffle into the smallest stove pipe section and position it as the first exhaust pipe out of the stove box. I was going to install a small window in the door. This might be more difficult than anticipated since this is a fairly large door. Can't believe how nice this stove is. It was a bargain.

8. Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

Unigear Burning Potable Stainless Backpacking

The wooden spoon is easy to hold and fit in deep jars, containers or canisters. Premium quality steel is used for backpacking. The Unigear camping stove is portable and Ultra Compact and comes with a carrying bag for easy carry. It's perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking. Food, boil water, and BBC can be cooked with many kinds of pots. Meet your camping needs. High efficiency It's easy to use a camping stove that uses wood, spirit burner, twigs, leaves, coal, gas, and solid fuel tablets, which makes it easy for outdoor camping or hiking. If you have any quality problems within 6 months, you can contact them.

Brand: Unigear

👤There are pros. It's very heavy in comparison to what I was expecting. You can put any smaller cooking heat source within. Alcohol, gas, and wood. I am not sure about pellets. There is a The hinge design and loose fit in the tabs reduces the chance of warping. There is a The size is strong for up to 10 pots and pans. It's safe for small campfires. Don't blame me if you set California on fire. Again. There is a There are pros and cons. The pan needs to be deeper. There is a It's not for long distance backpacking because it's heavy. There is a The top grate needs more tines to hold steaks and sausages. There is a The square footprint makes finding a really flat surface difficult. There is a Overall: It is as bulletproof as one can get. It's perfect for a car camp. You can fit any heat source inside. It's a small stove. They are working for you, don't mind the sloppy joints. It is kept from twisting in high heat. There is a Since I just got it, I can only give it 4 stars for now. If it's used correctly, I think it will end up 5 stars. Will update in a while. There were pine cones and oak twigs in the ten pounds of charcoal. It warped some. It was screaming red hot a lot. The job is done fine. The folds are flat enough to fit into the pouch. You can use a wire brush to remove the ashes. After building a coal bed with fuel on top, expect about 1.5 hours of run time. Can feed it sticks for hours until it becomes a big mound. You should clean up. It works well on cinder blocks.

👤The stove is strong. To assemble is simple. I wish there were more accessories on I bought a griddle from the website and it fits the stove perfectly.

👤I love using this stove. I got a chance to try it out with some charcoal briquettes on the lower rack. I was able to cook corn, mushrooms, and some chicken on a grill. The pan is stable on the wall. The vegetables were initially cooked on the included top rack without any issues and then transferred to the grilling plate for the final cooking. There is a The sharp edges were the only con. I got a few cuts handling the folding sides in the 4 rectangles. I used a small diamond file to deburr them. There is a I'll be trying different sources of fuel in the next few months. Will be updating pictures. There is a It's very easy to clean. The ash was ready to be stored. The ash just blows off and the stains give it character. Look forward to using this again.

👤I received a wood burning stove in two days. It went together in a few seconds. It can be used in many ways... You can use wood sticks, chips, fire started sticks, and charcoal. You can remove the ash tray and use propane under the grill. I boiled 2 cups of water. You can use a pot on top of a frying pan to make coffee or soup. When you get your Unigear wood stove, fold it all together and put it in your backpack, and then you can go! You will not regret it. Thank you Unigear!

9. BLUU Thermostat Portable Protection Compliance

BLUU Thermostat Portable Protection Compliance

The folds provide a flat heating surface on top of the stove and can be folded out for drying small items. Extra cold. The portable propane heater has more heat and a wider range than other portable propane heaters on the market. The portable propane tank heaters can be used to warm a 300 square foot space. There is safety. If the oxygen is too low, the automatic shut off will turn off the propane heaters. Everyone is safe in outdoor/tent/indoors uses. Their heaters are designed to be energy efficient, so when they reach your desired temperature, the heater reduces its core temperature. This helps the heater to be more energy efficient. On low it runs for up to 5 hours and on high it runs for up to 2 hours. The temperature can be adjusted. The perfect temperature can be picked by their heaters. Convenient knobs allow you to make easy adjustments. It is recommended that you use in a well-ventilated area. They offer a one-year warranty on all parts. If you have a problem, please contact them.

Brand: Bluu

👤It is very difficult to get lit after the rubber feet fell off, if turned on low it would go out and use propane like crazy. The customer service manager that reached out to me was amazing in their ability to make things right for me despite the disappointment of the heater. For restoring my faith in customer service.

👤During the winter time, our neighborhood loses power. When it's really cold and the power goes out for more than an hour, it's a big deal. We got a propane heater for that reason. There is a The box clearly states that it's for outdoor use, so please take that into account. I plan to use it indoors with a carbon Monoxide detector and propane gas detector to be extra safe, but I need to use it indoors during the winter because our family cannot sleep without heat. There is a compartment for a 16oz propane bottle. I use this with my propane gas tank for the grill as I always have 2 extra propane gas tanks. I was happy to learn that I can get the gas hose for the propane gas tank for free by texting the number provided in the user manual, even though I was disappointed that it does not come with a hose. I received the automated response and will be able to use the propane gas tanks that I use for my grill, since I followed the instructions. There is a The handle of the heater is sturdy and easy to carry. It knows how to adjust the heat level as well as pilot ignition. I will update this review once I get the gas hose and hook it up to my propane gas tank for a trial run, but this is a great backup option to provide heat for my family in case of long power outage during the winter. I'm going to bring this to the camping trip if it gets really cold at night.

👤The old review was about false advertising. What they say on Amazon. There is safety. If the oxygen is too low, the automatic shut off will turn off the propane heaters. Everyone is safe in outdoor/tent/indoors uses. The box says only outdoor use is allowed. Please remove this product from Amazon. No returns either. BLUU apologized for a packaging error in the new review. They gave me a replacement or my money back, but not the original one. Their customer service was excellent. I would buy from them again. There is a I lost power for 55 hours after writing the original review. I was worried about the pipes freezing in my house. I used the package indoors even though it said not for indoor use. I have a CO detector on each floor of my house and a low oxygen shut off on the heater. I felt safe. I opened a bathroom vent to let fresh air in when the heating was set up. The temp was around 63 degrees. I ran it for the entire power outage and only changed fuel tanks. A tank lasts 2.5 hours. I used 2 1lb tanks and then hooked up my grills 20lb tank. The power came back on. The Brave Little Toaster is the heating system that saved the pipes in the house.

10. Portable 12V Personal Prepared Reheating

Portable 12V Personal Prepared Reheating

The portable design of the food warmer is very easy to carry. The size is 8.25 x 6.69 x 4.25 inch. The capacity of the inner is 1.5L. The extra plastic box has a capacity of 0.45L. The Alfredx mini personal portable oven can cook raw food and also heat leftovers. The portable microwave can heat most foods in about 1-2 hours, but you can take it anywhere. The reheat food oven is portable and lightweight, it can be large up to 11 feet by 9.1 feet. Other companies have similar products. Car drivers can eat home cooked meals on the go. No need to worry about food burning or being blurry. It will cycle if the temperature is between 140 and 230. You don't have to worry about the temperature or time settings. This is a slow cooker, so it isn't over cooked. If you could cook a meal without setting a timer, adjusting the temperature or stirring food, how much time would you save? The Alfredx fast oven eliminates time constraints from your meal. Put this personal slow cooker in your backpack and you will not even feel its weight, it can be taken through railway, airport and metro security. A great choice for truck driver, railway worker, flight attendant, office worker, patrolman, nurse and more.

Brand: Alfredx

👤I bought this for use in the car to keep my mother's food hot when I took her out for drives. I can't take mom out for drives because of covid 19. We eat lunch at state parks or metro parks. Mom complains if her food is not hot, and this has been excellent, almost too good, at keeping her food hot until we get to our destination. The model I chose was larger than most of the other bags. It is possible to fit two plastic square carry out containers that are 8 in square cake pan size. The container is about 2 1/2 to 3 inches high. For a total of 6. It is nice to have my lunch in the bag. It seems safe with foil or paper wrapped food and with cardboard or plastic food containers, but do not use stinging agents! The styrofoam is melted by the heating element. My bag now smells of mom's food. If you have a Styrofoam melt down, the bag cleans up easily. I put the plastic 8x8 carry out containers in the lunchbox upside down to create an air pocket between the heating pad and the styrofoam carry out containers. Mom's food stays hot and does not melt, so no room for my food that way. There is a I am happy with this bag. If it weren't for covid, I wouldn't have bought one. It would be great for work or for taking a hot dish to a family member.

👤I bought this bag because I can't use the microwave on my electric plant-based diet. I use it to heat up my food. I put my food container in the fridge and plug it in when I eat lunch at 1pm. I have to blow on my food at 1pm to cool it off. It works well at family gatherings. I don't have a way to heat my food so I can go places and not starve. Great product.

👤Update again. They contacted me after I sent them an email. They were great and I received a replacement. Very happy with the seller! Almost all of the sellers I purchase from on Amazon don't respond to my issues. An update:! I had it for about 3 months and it melted when it got hot. I don't know why. I tried to contact the seller, but he is still not responding. I am not sure if I would recommend this item. A small home cooked meal can be cooked in 1 hour. It is awesome. I love it when I am truck driving. The bottom material seems to be ripping from the heat after about 10 uses.

👤This bag is everything. I usually put the bag in the HR before my lunch because I deliver packages for a living. The food is hot. Take the lid off of your food. I love this bag because it keeps me eating healthy.

👤I love this product. It worked well. It has been 4 months since I bought. When I used it last week, my food wasluke warm after being plugged in for 1.5 hour or so. I thought I plugged it in too early. I plugged in an hour and a half early. There was a red light on. The sides and bottom of the warmer were warm to the touch. I thought it was working. Another hour has passed. I opened the bag and found my food still cold and the bottom warmer warm. I have been using the same plastic container since I bought it and it was never a problem. I really liked this product.

11. 12V 24V 110V Microwave Reheating

12V 24V 110V Microwave Reheating

The butane heater is easy to carry and move around, it is designed with small size, lightweight and a handle. You only need to prepare a propane tank. hose is not included in the kits to make it work. The food warmer is 3-in-1. It's best to heat your food quickly. A multi-use 12V, 24V, or 110V connector is needed for your portable food warmer lunch box. Enjoy warm tasty food and be done with it in less than an hour. There is no monitoring required for automatic checkpoint control. The portable oven for your car and work will cook, thaw, and rewarm your meals without burning, over cooking, or producing bad odors. Simply place your meal inside and plug it in to cook it at home or on the go. There is a container with multiPLE CONTAINERS. The portable warming lunch box is compatible with heat- resistant containers. The portable lunch box can hold up to 9 liters of food and can hold up to 6 liters of food. It is convenient and convenient. The lunch box has a carrying handle and a collapsing design. You can carry the portable warming lunch box with you wherever you go. It's a great choice for taking to work in a car, truck, office or both. Aotto is their commitment to providing their consumers with high-quality products. If there is a manufacturer defect, contact their service team for a free replacement. They offer a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Aotto

👤I bought this in order to travel this summer. It works great in my house. I plug it in by my desk so I can check on my food while I'm working. I can't wait to use it in my travel trailer or truck when I can't use my microwave because I don't have hookups.

👤I was able to warm up my food quickly and easily when I traveled and I am very happy with the purchase because it saved me a lot of time and it worked well. It doesn't get dirty or smelly. It's a winner situation. I love it!

👤This little oven is great because it holds my lunch and also heats up my food. I work outside and there are no microwaves, so this is really useful. I plug it into the cigarette outlet in my car about an hour before lunchtime and it is ready to go. I am very happy with this product, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing it.

👤I liked the high usage of this product.

👤It's difficult to write a bad review for something that works. I work in a box truck all day and this little thing is perfect for warming prepared meals. It warms up quickly. It will take 45 minutes to warm up and an hour and a half to freeze.

👤It's great for long drives and lunch. You can plug it in the office or car and have a hot lunch waiting for you.


What is the best product for cooking heater for camping?

Cooking heater for camping products from Bulletshaker. In this article about cooking heater for camping you can see why people choose the product. Solowilder and Tafeida are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking heater for camping.

What are the best brands for cooking heater for camping?

Bulletshaker, Solowilder and Tafeida are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking heater for camping. Find the detail in this article. Coghlan's, Coleman and Fltom are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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