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1. Techwood Countertop Infrared Stainless ES 3201C

Techwood Countertop Infrared Stainless ES 3201C

The inside dimensions of the oven are W 16" x H 8.5" x L 10. Techwood electric hot plate is perfect for all kitchens, it has a timeless design and is easy to control. It's ideal for dorms, offices, camping, RV/caravans, holiday homes, daily use or entertaining, or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen for its small size. Techwood's double cooktop 1800W provides more convenience for cooking as it heats up food quickly and evenly with minimal heat loss and saving energy. The functional plate can work without any cookware restrictions. The product is suitable for all types of pot and pan, ranging from 7.1 inches to aluminum. The thermostatic knobs of the plate control the separate temperature of the burner, which allows you to cook food like scrambled eggs, frying fish, soup, warm sauces, melt chocolate, grilled cheese, boil water, cook pasta and do so much. The burner automatic safety cycles on/off. Techwood offer a hassle-free return policy and 18-month promise. No other hot plate beats their quality and efficiency. All of their products are covered by Product Liability Insurance. Refer to the instruction manual for more information.

Brand: Techwood

👤The gas stove in my apartment building was turned off because of a leak. The landlord agreed to reimburse the hot plate or toaster oven for each apartment if the repairmen could not check the whole building in 4-5 weeks. The two burners were the same size and I chose this one. Other options in the same price range had a small burner. I'm very happy with the purchase. It is easy to clean. It's hard to judge the temperature of an electric stove top, so expect to burn a few things. It's easy to get overheated because the temperature dial is very sensitive. You learn quickly how to judge the temp and cooking. I'm not a fan of electric stove tops, but in a pinch this has worked.

👤I read all of the reviews before buying this item. Every bad review was due to each customer stating that the unit they had purchased and only used once, was not boiling water because of the high heat cutting out and it took up to a few hours to boil a pot of water. A few hours? I was not sure how that could be done since it seemed sufficient and most of the people I talked to said they had no issue cooking any kind of food, including meats which must have a certain core temperature. 1800W is a bit of energy for a 120v unit, and that was my main concern, I cannot afford high utility bills. The water boiling issue was the first thing I tested after I received this product, since most want to use it for that purpose, especially a single guy like me who eats a lot of pasta and likes to cook quickly. The pot of H2O would get very close to a boil but wouldn't get there due to the high heat cutout. The unit was on full heat and it was obvious that it wouldn't boil at that rate. I used my brain to find a solution to this problem since most people are cooking things that require a couple of cups of water. If the heat was cut off frequently, the water wouldn't maintain its temp, which would damage the elements if not regulated. If you see steam rising from your pot of water and it isn't boiling or even coming close, just remember that heat escapes to wherever the temp is cooler, like taking a shower with the door or curtain open, so you keep it shut, right? The way to keep the heat in a pot is the same thing. Put a lid on the pot. If you keep a lid over the pot, it will boil in no longer than 7 minutes. Wow! It took me 5 minutes to figure it out. It shows how ignorant and simple minded some people are. They didn't want it to work just to write something negative to support their own personality, so instead of trying to solve the problem and just going right to their manifestos online to bitch and moan about one of the easiest devices to use, it was like they didn't want The standard kitchen stove top uses 220-240V, so a 120V portable burner will take more heat to achieve the same result. When the burner is on, the heat inside the pot will increase and hold that heat even when the burner is off. It's very annoying to see how many times the same thing was written, just the lack of common sense is mind blowing to me. I know it hurts to think about something other than the likes they received on their Facebook of their cat licking itself, so maybe you shouldn't have the device anyways. You can remove the lid and it will remain boiling, and also prevent it from boiling over and flashing off water to make the level lower. I am not trying to be smart, but it is baffling to me to see people throwing tempers because they don't understand the basic physics of things. Not even my product. I am offended by this. Just a realist. I have to tell these clowns that they are looking for BS. It is paying off to pretend you are an intelligent person and eat fast food.

2. CUKOR Cast Iron Electric Countertop Portabel

CUKOR Cast Iron Electric Countertop Portabel

Guarantee: The Bonsenkitchen cooker has passed the certification and is free of quality issues. They offer a one-year warranty and lifetime Customer Service and Technical Support to address your concerns. Being small in size and light in weight, the burner can be a perfect travel solution because it consumes little space in cabinets or countertops. It is easy to clean with wet cloth. It's an ideal choice for student dorms, offices, campsites, RVs and home. The hot plate needs to be warm for 10 minutes for best use and cool down gradually. When in use, please don't touch the burner body. There are multiple functions. It can be used for home-style Teppanyaki and BBQ with a barbeque plate and rack, but not for frying, stir-frying, or slow cooking. The burner can be used with any flat-bottomed cookware made of a variety of materials. The power supply works with 120V/1800W. It's safe and durable. The burner has advantages like no radiation, no open flame, no carbon monoxide, and voltage and thermal regulators. It will support cookware as heavy as 22 lbs. All of their products are certified by ETL, and their factory has passed the BSCI certification. Eco-friendly and efficient: The burner cycles on and off to maintain the desired temperature. It has a thermal fuse for overheating protection. Other advantages include: flameless, no carbon monoxide, no radiation, and no stovetop required. It is safe and saves electricity. There is a warranty. Their product comes with a 30-day return policy and 18-month free replacement policy. They will get back to you in 24 hours if you contact them. If you use your cookware to boil water, please cover it with a lid. After the burner cools down, please clean it.

Brand: Cukor

👤Our attempt to reduce bad air quality during the west coast fires led us to buy this. We turned it on outside at high heat for 15 minutes after following instructions. It jumped up from 1 to 400 in a matter of minutes when we used it. It was worse than cooking with gas. There was terrible air outside, and who could not let it out.

👤I absolutely adore this! I rent a room in a house and this item allows me to prepare simple meals without disturbing the other people in the house and it's so easy to clean up.

👤I made my first meal in weeks. The burner is doing well so far. It is easy to clean and lightweight. I have a cookie sheet underneath my table because I am afraid of damaging it. Great purchase.

👤The table top is hot. The temperature control on the burners is great. It does not stop food from being cooked. It's easy to clean and it's the right size for a studio, dorm or small apartment. It took me a while to set the right temperature for cooking, but I was set after a day. It's a good recommendation for people who cook very little or just want to warm a few leftovers.

👤I'm pretty sure the top reviews are paid. I bought this product thinking it would be great. I was very disappointed. The smell is still there even after two days, but it took me five minutes to burn it off and 10 minutes to get it off on time. If you can't do it outside, it will stink up your house and make you angry. Cleaning is okay. I've had worse, but I wouldn't say it's easy. The temperature doesn't get high enough. I was trying to fry up some chicken cutlets and even though I used very little oil it never warmed up to a frying temperature and all I got was soggy, wet and uncooked chicken. I've had hot plates before and I'm pretty sure I did everything right. It's good to make some tea, pasta, and vegetarian dishes. It's not hot enough to make meat.

👤We had a single burner hot plate, but it wasn't enough to cook dinner outside. The double burner is perfect. The cast iron one had better temperature control than the IR, but the IR heats up fast. The hot plate and smoker grill complete our outdoor cooking needs. We can now cook the entire meal outside without having to leave the house. We used it last night.

👤I did a lot of research before buying this product. This works very well if you don't have a stove.

👤I bought this after the brand's cooktop died on me. I'm very pleased with the performance of this cooktop. It is easy to clean and lightweight. I like the fact that it's easy to move around because the steel around the burners doesn't heat up. The glass burners are more resistant to rust than metal burners and I like that. Great purchase!

3. Cuisinart CB 30 Cast Iron Single Stainless

Cuisinart CB 30 Cast Iron Single Stainless

Non-slip feet are used for cooking. A heavy-duty cast iron plate. 1300 watt large plate. The temperature control can be set from low to highest heat. The indicator lights are ready and on. "Coil-less" cooking surface is easy to clean. There is a limited one year product. The dimensions of the unit are 11. W x 2 and L x 11.

Brand: Cuisinart

👤This item is dangerous. Be careful and beware. Never leave unattended. I put a half full 6qt. on my first use of this appliance. The pan of water needs to be boiled. I walked away for a while. My grandson rang the ship's bell. Not what I wanted to hear. I went back to find the temp. The thermal switch is smoking. The base was burning hot, if I had not put it on a fire proof surface it could have been disastrous. It is possible that mine was faulty. Then again. I wouldn't recommend this product.

👤This burner is great for when you want to cook for a crowd or when you want to fry bacon outdoors in order to avoid having grease spattered all over your kitchen. There is a The time it takes to heat the burner is average. There is a I have found the temperature to be accurate with a numbered dial. There is a The highest setting on the dial is five. The burner does not change color at its highest setting so be careful. There is a When the burner is turned on, an indicator light shows you when it's ready, and when it's not. It is a good idea to use a short cord for an appliance like this because it would be easy for a dangerous accident to happen. There is a The flat top is easy to clean and spills won't leak into the device. I was surprised that this fifth burner was lightweight. There is a It is easy to put things in a kitchen cupboard.

👤It's a shame that they put their name on this product, it would make their long time customers feel like they're getting quality. You too are an Amazon customer. Shame on you both. It was bought to cook breakfast in the morning. The work was done until 10/11/2018. They want me to invest in shipping to fix the problem. Will use the money to buy one at Walmart.

👤It's very heavy and solid and looks good. I put it on my stove top, rather than hiding it in a cupboard. It has enough space between its legs to straddle over a large plate. I wanted to cook large pots of food. I already had a smaller iron-plate burner that worked well for smaller pots of food, but it didn't have the power that this 1,300- watt Cuisinart can produce. I tested it by heating a large pot full of cold water, on the highest setting of 5, on the control knob. It took 34 minutes to bring the water to a boil. Later. I cooked 10 quarts of beans in a steel pot. It took 55 minutes to bring it to a full boil. It was kept at a low boil by lowering it to 3 1/2. I paid an extra fee for a 4-year extended warranty that pays for shipping for repairs. If you don't have grounded electrical outlets, you'll need a 99-cent accessory from any hardware store.

4. GIVENEU Cast Iron Adjustable Thermostats Stainless

GIVENEU Cast Iron Adjustable Thermostats Stainless

It is safe and efficient. The burner cycles on and off to maintain the desired temperature. It has a thermal fuse for overheating protection. Other advantages include flameless operation, no carbon monoxide, no radiation, and no stovetop required. It is safe and saves electricity. If you use your cookware to boil water, please cover it with a lid. The 1800W double burner is powerful. Their double burner has 1100W+700W burners and 6 levels of temperature control. You can make two kinds of food at the same time. You can meet your needs for all kinds of food. GIVENEU cast-iron electric double hot plate is compatible with all types of cookware, like ceramic pot, casserole, aluminum pan, teapot, steak plate and so on. It is easy to operate and turn on/off the burner. The burner will shut off the power when it reaches a certain temperature. It's safe for cooking. Excellent quality. This electric double burner is made of cast-iron heating element and is easy to clean. The anti-skid rubber feet prevent the electric burner from moving during cooking. It's ideal for office use, camping, parties, boats, RVs, student accommodation, traveling or home. GIVENEU offers a 30 days no-worry return guarantee and a 24 months replacement warranty. If you have a question about their product, just contact their customer service and they will be happy to help. Your purchase is safe.

Brand: Giveneu

👤The electric hot plate is well packaged and secured. The hot plate looks really nice when opened. It feels light and strong. The electric cord was enough for me. During the first run, the hot plate gets warm very quickly. The control knobs look nice. There was a bad smell coming from the plate. I tried a lot of different sizes of pots and pans and the stock pot heated up well. It is a nice looking hot plate that can be found in the market at a reasonable price. There is a Pros: high quality, lightweight,durable. The electrical cord could be longer and there could be a bad odor during the first run.

👤The hot plate is easy to use. It took about 15 minutes to reach maximum heat on the small plate, and it was able to boil water in seconds, which I used to make sugar syrup in 30 seconds. I was able to cook quickly with plenty of hot food. Would recommend.

👤The appliance is a great small one. The electric stove is perfect for camping, cooking outside or even at home, it's also great for holiday cooking. It goes to my favorites of the kitchen helpers. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My video reviews are in HD on my YT channel, skyforce95, and they show that the electric burner of this size heats up relatively quickly for an electric burner of this size. The power cable is 2.5 feet long, and when you first turn it on there is a strange odor as if the coating is burning off, and it would have been better if the light stayed on.

👤It takes a while to warm up. Warm it up 30 minutes before you need it.

👤I like the construction. Variable temperature control is available. The heating element is heavy. It will take a few minutes to fully heat up, but once it does it will cook with high intensity.

👤We had to try it out. My husband will use it in his trailer. I love my stove and took a little getting used to. It will be perfect for camping.

👤This burner set is very sleek and high quality, and I love it because I can use it for outside parties as well as back up when power goes out.

5. Upgrade Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop

Upgrade Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop

Space saving design. Bonsen kitchen cooker has a temperature range from 140 to 1800 Watts and it can heat up quickly and save you time. The built-in count-down digital timer provides high-precision operation, eliminating the need to wait on your food to be ready. The non-stick glass surface and over-heat protection make it easy to clean. After each use, wipe with a damp towel. Wait for the temperature to cool down before wiping. Magnetic cookware like cast iron, steel, and enameled iron are compatible with the induction cooktop. If no cookware or incorrect cookware is detected, the auto-pan detection will shut the unit off. Guarantee: The Bonsenkitchen cooker has passed the certification and is free of quality issues. They offer a one-year warranty and lifetime Customer Service and Technical Support to address your concerns.

Brand: Bonsenkitchen

👤I was wondering if I could hear water for my coffee in the morning. I plugged it in. The darn thing never stops. When shut off, it draws almost a half Amp 24/7. There is a This is a pig. It's very expensive to use if you don't always plug in. They hung up on me after 15 minutes after I called the customer service number. The mail box is full after someone called again to leave a message. No more happy...

👤I was already looking for a burner to use as a test before committing to a new range since I would not be able to get gas to my new house. This was the lowest cost burner I'd seen, and it came up as a flash deal. It's fine in most ways, except for one unfortunate design flaw, and it went with three stars because of the low cost. There is a The good first. Features and controls are easy to use and good build quality. The heat adjusts at least as fast as a gas burner. The cast iron I use is too large. One liter of water in a goose-necked kettle can be boiled in 50 seconds, compared to one liter in my electric kettle which takes about one minute to boil. It's only 1800 watt and full ranges have at least one burner of over 3000 watt. It worked well to cook Ahi in a cast iron skillet. It's purpose is to give me some confidence that the range of electric devices would be better for me. I didn't like the fact that it turned off when you removed the pan, and it got upset if you tilt it. The bad. If it wasn't for one unfortunate design decision, this would be a 4 or 5 stars. It has eight pre-set temperatures, but don't know if they reach the actual temperatures, but those are the printed markings. The intervals are all 40 degree intervals except for one 80 degree interval. It leaves a 80 degree gap between 180 and 260 degrees, which is the primary medium temperature at which most stovetop cooking takes place. 260 setting is a little hotter than you want to saute mushrooms and green onions for an omelette. It's too hot to cook an omelette, and 180 is too low. The only way to make a decent omelette was to constantly switch between the 180 and 260 settings, since it doesn't like you to pick up and shake the pan. If they needed to stop at eight preset, they would have preferred a 220 setting instead of the 420. If you're okay with that, it could be a good buy. If you want one for one with increased fine adjustment settings, pay a little more.

👤It is amazing. We bought a cheap coil burner but it took us 20 minutes to fry an egg because it died quickly. We got 2 of these induction burners instead. Can finally cook! They heat up fast. You can do anything with them. They are better than the gas stove. Even if the gas comes back on, I will continue using these.

6. Techwood Adjustable Temperature Stainless Compatible

Techwood Adjustable Temperature Stainless Compatible

The design is small and lightweight. Techwood cast-iron hot plate has 2 thermostatically controlled heat settings that make it easy to cook a variety of foods such as warm sauces, scrambled eggs, grilled cheese, soup, pasta, vegetables and so. You can use it to keep food warm. Techwood electric stove can be used with any type of cookware in your home, such as aluminum pans, copper pans, cast lron frying pans and non-magneticstainless steel pans. The maximum size of pots and pans is 7.5 inches. The body is made of steel. When cool, wipe with a clean cloth. The Techwood countertop burner is perfect for dorms, studios, RV/caravans, work, camping, everyday use and as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen. You can use it in confined spaces because of its small and light size. The cooking range is powered by 1800W and can heat up food faster than conventional cooking ranges. A brushed steel housing. Non-slip feet for cooking. The handle is made of solid steel riveted. The design keeps cool on the stove. Over-heat protection is built into it. Electric cooktop is safe to use and doesn't emit harmful radiation. Techwood has an excellent fan-favorite 18-month promise and friendly customer service, their customer service will be online all the time to help you. US Product Liability Insurance protects Techwood products. The instruction manual has more information.

Brand: Techwood

👤I've had this for almost a month and I'm happy with it. It's easy to use and reliable. It's sturdy and cooks well because it evenly heats. It doesn't come with a carrying case. Wrap it in a heavish blanket for protection. It's compact and sturdy because it has a nice weight. It's easy to clean the burner, but be aware of spilling food or liquids on it, as the surface can be strained and particles can get caught in the grooves. If you're looking for a basic, straight forward electric burner, it's worth the purchase.

👤I was looking for a portable stove that could cook fish quickly. There are a few with 1500w power. I chose the Techwood stove for a number of reasons. It has handles. Only two of the dozen stoves have handles. It is the least expensive of them all. It gets to 400 degrees so you can deep fry your fish. It takes fifteen minutes or so to reach that temperature, so be patient. I am happy to report that my fish has turned out great, I have used it many times now. The Techwood line is a great choice if you're looking for a portable stove. The company will provide excellent support if you need it.

👤If you really want to cook, don't buy. It takes a long time to heat up and a long time to fry an egg.

👤The double burner was worth the price. I have been buying cheaper ones that don't work after a while. I can have two pans side to side with room in between. The side handles are very strong. It makes sense to have handles for moving the burner. One feature that could be improved on is the power control knobs. I just love this double burner! It's easy to clean, especially when I compare it to other burners. We are living off grid and the power is not affected by the wattage usage. My last burner used 1800 watt hours. This one uses a lot of power. This was a great purchase for our off grid household.

👤It's been used about 10 times so far and would recommend it for small spaces. There is a The big burner is easy to use and clean. Perfect size! It's easy to store and pull out when we need it in our small kitchen. There is a The first time you use it, it's really stinky. Instructions have you heat it up with no pots or pans the first time, make sure the room isventilated. It takes a long time to cool down. A long time. If you use a small burner on its own, it will take awhile to heat up.

👤We have used a stove with only 2 working burners for a long time and I thought this product would be helpful. I was excited that we would have more working burners because I have seen similar products used in the past. We used the hot plate last week and it is smaller than we had hoped, but if they were both smaller in size they would fit. The rice was cooked in a large pan and boiled quickly, which was great, and it was finished much quicker than our stovetop burners. The food was ready at the same time. The temperature control is confusing because there is only a short time and a long time. The light goes on and off. The feature is similar to the function of our deep fryer, so we figured it out on the first use. We are pleased with the product and the 4 stars is because it could be slightly bigger which I already addressed and the temperature could be a bit easier to understand with numbers instead of just a line to get the temperature where it is needed.

7. DIDO Electric Countertop Crystallite Stainless

DIDO Electric Countertop Crystallite Stainless

The water service vessel kit has purge/drain ports that allow regular cleaning. The kit includes pressure relief valves for protection against excessive pressure and lead free tankless water heating valves. The double burner and the glass plates heat quickly and evenly. You can cook more than one course at a time with independent thermostat controls. The hot plate works well with all types of cookware from aluminum cookware to copper jam pots, glass pot,tea kettles and nonmagneticstainless steel pans with a maximum size of 7.1''+7.1''. It's easy to meet your everyday cooking needs, such as boiling water,re heating sauces, making soups, frying steak, cooking pasta,grilling cheese and vegetables, and more, by heating cookware in seconds. It's accessible and safe. If you plan to use it for home kitchen, apartment, RV, office or back garden, the portable burners are a good choice. The indicator light cycle may be off during operation if the safety features are not used. The top glass plates are easy to clean and the non-skid feet make it easy to stand up. Please contact them at the first time if you have any questions about the products. If it is a quality issue, they provide 18 months free replacement service. It takes a full 20 minutes to cool down. Before using, please check the manual.

Brand: Dido

👤The unit arrived this afternoon in good working order. It is easy to unpack and use. The burners are large. The unit is light enough that it can be put away when not in use. There is a When I first ordered it, I was given a delivery window of two weeks out, but then I got a notification the next day that it was shipped. Shipping gets delayed in transit. The vendor kept trying to convince me that I could just cancel the order. I did not sign up for anything other than normal shipping, and it arrived within the original window. That was kind of them to offer, but not necessary. September 2021. The unit is moving quickly. Works well! The cookware and tea kettle were both cast iron. It's fine to heat up. Very pleased!

👤This product is terrible. One knob wouldn't work and the second burner wouldn't work at all. It was thrown in the garbage after one use. I wouldn't buy this product. Since I wrote my initial review, the company has contacted me and offered to give me a refund if I change my review. I am not going to change anything because they only were going to give me a $50 credit for the product. You decide...

👤After 2 months of use, this product has stopped working. It needs to be unplugged in order to shut off because it is stuck on high. I tried to get a support call, but I filled in my number and submitted it. I received a message that the service wasn't working. I have to email the manufacturer to try and get a reply because there is no where on the product box to call. I don't like buying stuff that is made like gasoline. APPLIANCES should not break down before 2 months of use. There is a Don't spend your money on this. There is a new word for it.

👤Control knobs are mounted up-side-down. The knobs should be in the correct orientation.

👤1800 watt burners are equal to 1800 watt burners. The burner temperature doesn't go over 200 degrees. You can just cook some scrambled eggs. You can't cook meat on it or cook something that is medium heat or more. The knobs on the range make it hard to cook on it.

👤A cast iron hot plate is very hot. It is hotter than most cast iron hot plates. It has to be turned off at a certain temperature because it would burn up. Any hot plate would work. The smoke is coming from a production facility. They seem to use a heavier coating of oil. The control knob was made on an angle. That is not going to affect the use of the product. I use an 11 inch griddle that has a cooler area around it. The center of the griddle is used for cooking, while the edges are used for keeping food warm. You're getting a great deal for the price.

👤The steam came from the button. The box was in perfect condition. The water had to be boiled for 5 minutes. There was no smoky smell. The steam didn't stop and turned off for ten minutes. The button was inspected. It is crooked as if it was manufactured wrong. Returned and received a full refund.

8. Cusimax Electric Countertop Portabel Cooking

Cusimax Electric Countertop Portabel Cooking

Automatic safety cut-off function makes this safe and durable. The hot plate will automatically cut off for a few seconds when the set temperature is reached to prevent overheating and avoid potential dangers. It is easy to clean. The body is made of silver and is resistant to frequent use. TheCUSIMAX Double Hot Plate is suitable for all types of cookware. The maximum size of pots and pans is 7.4 inches. It works with glass and aluminum. No stovetop required for convenient and cooking independently. Their burner has a temperature control and non slip feet that help you cook quickly and easily. Two dishes are being cooked at the same time. It's great for every day use or as an extra cooking appliance in a busy kitchen. The temperature is regulated by a thermostat. The body is made of black steel. When cool, wipe with a clean cloth. The body is made of smooth steel and looks good. The burner can cook in smaller spaces. Cook food including grilled cheese, soup, pasta, and vegetables, and do so many other things. The heating light can be turned on and off. The correct temperature is being maintained and this cycling is normal. CUSIMAX offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy. Product Liability Insurance of the United States covers all CUSIMAX products. Refer to the instruction manual for more information. The machine will get hot because it has a higher calorific value. The heating light can be turned on and off.

Brand: Cusimax

👤I use it when camping to cook. It gets very hot. It holds heat for a while. It seems to be sturdy and high quality. There is some weight to it. The 20 dollar burners were cheap and not sturdy. This one is worth the extra money I spent. The base gets pretty hot when it sets on four legs. It is and electric burner. If I use it on my counter top, I put a metal cookie sheet below it. I would rather use the electric burner than the propane stove because it uses the campgrounds electricity. It gets hot enough to sear steaks.

👤If you received a damaged product, you should check to see if it was already returned. I sliced my hand open when I opened the box. Quality control is either non-existent or they don't care that their products are damaged and dangerous. I returned to the damaged area to make sure the next person didn't get hurt.

👤This is not a five-star review, but a warning to not burn your entire condo building down. The Great Kitchen Appliance Shortage of 2020 is still in progress, so I had to buy a single burner for temporary use. Three months after we ordered the fancy stove, it hasn't arrived. The electric hot plate was needed. I just ordered something that didn't look ugly and could ship fast. When a product description says "1500W", the teacher from Peanuts hears it and I'm not a fan of numbers. Well. I felt called to civic duty to return to Amazon and warn the general consumer public that if they dare venture into the MAX level, they may actually burn a neighborhood down. If you're like me, it's very likely that you're also affected by seasonal affective disorder. The switch back to an electric stove was an adjustment for me, as I've been cooking on gas for a few years. I think this model has some NASA powers that could heat the surface of this thing to match the temperature of the planet Mercury. I don't make breakfast or drink coffee until the first half of the day, and I'm not a cook. This thing can get my almond milk so hot that it's still hot a half day later. I'm so impressed. There is a In summary, doesn't look ugly, shipped fast, five stars, please don't catch your neighborhood on fire.

👤I got the electric hot plate after trying a few electric stoves. This one worked well. It was very easy to unpack. There is no assembly required. Nothing big. Light weight to carry. The heading plate was covered. It was removed before being switched on. There is a There is a on-off switch. When the temperature is set, the plate will start heating. During the first few minutes of heating, there was some vapour coming from the sides. When we used this next time, there wasn't any vapour. The plate was hot within a few minutes. The stove top and sides were showing some heat when the plate was used. The on-off and temperature control switches were not on. It's ok for us. It takes 15-20 minutes to cool down. There is a We used this stove many times. It worked out well for us.

9. KITOSUN Multipurpose Electric Charcoal Burner

KITOSUN Multipurpose Electric Charcoal Burner

Capable of supporting up to 400 LB or 200 LB pot filled with liquid. The electric burner is easy to use. Plug in the sockets and twist the knob to MAX. It can quickly heat up coconut charcoals. All sides of the coals will burn. The quick light charcoal tablets are ready to use. The Mini Electric Coil Burner is 120V 1000W, it heats up faster. AWG 18# heavy duty rubber cord has been approved. Its body is made of a steel housing that is resistant to fire and high temperatures. There are rubber feet for cooking. It is safe and durable. The portable hot plate is a flat hot plate. Aspace saving design is easy to use in confined spaces. It's perfect for dorms, offices, Garden, Grill, BBQ, Good for everyday use or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen. The steel body is durable because it is coated in solid enamel which does not get rust or paint smell. The coiled heat elements are protected with the STAINLESS steel rack. You can also cook food. It's easy to control and clean. Simply turn the control knob to the desired position, it will keep the temperature constant until the setting is changed. When cool, wipe with a clean cloth. The package has a booklet for instructions.

Brand: Kitosun

👤The seller accused me of being paid to leave bad reviews and called me a liar. I sent proof that I've bought this burner twice, which is not my job. I was happy to buy this burner again even if the second one broke, but I never had a manufacturer bully me on Amazon before. The second unit failed within 60 days and the seller continued to message me and bully me about changing my review score. If you can, avoid KITOSUN from other companies. There is a The price is comparable to other electric burners. I was hoping the KITOSUN was built to make charcoals. I only used it for a month in my home, not a full time job.

👤Before it thinks cook, it tern off.

👤It's great for lighting charcoal not boiling water and it has a weird smell that is similar to burning plastic, but it's definitely not a bad product and will probably last a long time. I felt it on me after the second use of food waste.

👤I had a cheap hookah burner. The old one would occasionally turn off as a temperature control safety mechanism. I don't like heating coals with that feature. The burner works well.

👤The product leaves marks on my cabinets and kitchen roof. It is too exposed to heat.

👤There were no problems to report. Does the job.

👤My kids love camping.

10. Duxtop 9620LS Induction Countertop 1800 Watt

Duxtop 9620LS Induction Countertop 1800 Watt

Lift up the heating coil after it cools completely to access the plate beneath then wipe away any spills or messy drips. There are densities of heat. You can set the two independent heating zones separately using the display screen on this professional digital countertop insturment by Duxtop. The Duxtop burner uses 120 Volts, 15 Amp of electricity, which is standard in all North American homes. Child safety lock system helps protect from injuries. The rapid heating of the cookware makes cooking fast and easy, and the touch control panel is simple to operate. Food doesn't burn on the glass cooktop with no open flame or heating element. It is easy to clean with a damp towel. The power mode or temperature mode is what it is. You can choose the perfect level for your cooking task from the preset levels. Press one button to switch cooking modes. It is recommended to fry, steam and saute. Try to keep food warm or bring water to a boil. The energy efficiency isFFICIENT. The energy from the microwaves is placed directly into the cookware without the use of a heating element. This makes them very energy efficient. The Power Sharing feature allows the burners to share power while in Power Mode to avoid electrical overload and increase efficiency. The range of applications. This cooker is compatible with a variety of iron and steels. It should be compatible if a magnet sticks to the cookware. It's lightweight and attractive, making it great for home and outdoor cooking. The warning system was built to North American electrical standards.

Brand: Duxtop

👤I've had this for a few years. It took me a while to learn to cook on it. Understanding how long it took to get the pan hot, what each of the settings meant in terms of relative heat, etc. It's been my go-to for single pan/pot cooking if I'm using the Instant Pot. I haven't had any issues with my single cooker. It looks the same as it did when it was in the box, but there are a few small scratches on it that you can tell it has been used. This only had one when I wanted two. I came back here to order another single stove and saw the dual stove and ordered it. There is a It's important to understand that the single or dual cooktop can only draw 1800W of power, and that's not enough for a stove. You get 1800W. If you're thinking about a dual cooktop, you need to consider that the single one will not be able to drive both cooking surfaces at the same time, even though it will be able to focus the full power on one pan. I don't think that matters. It's not likely you'll be boiling two large pots of water at the same time. The heating area is limited by the wall outlet. I've enjoyed my single cooktop, and I'm looking forward to having more flexibility with the dual cooktop. Why are the stars four stars instead of five? You can't use the power that the outlet can provide. The products are not to blame.

👤I have two old Duxtop burners that failed after many uses. I decide to buy a dual burner model. It does not heat up as fast as my old single burners. Not sure if this is done by design. It doesn't boil water as fast and pans don't heat up as fast as I thought. I noticed that when I tried to pop popcorn in a pan it wouldn't pop even on the highest setting. I pulled out my old single Duxtop and it was popping very fast on a lower heat setting. Will be contacting Duxtop to see if it's a defected unit.

👤For 8 years, we had a single burner. We used it daily. We decided to replace it with a double unit because it stopped working. I was happy to find the same brand as our old one. What a great purchase. There are two large pans on it. The controls are great, you can control temperature, medium and low. There is also a timer. We have been using it for several weeks and it is a great purchase.

👤I decided to get away from American food and experiment in my cooking. There is a The first curry was made in the house. The wife was not happy. The first use was yesterday. I cooked the curry outside for my friends. The combination of the Duxtop and Copper Chef cookware was more than enough to get the job done. It is very fast to heat up oil. The left burner has a temp that allows you to crank it up. It was nice to fire up everything. There is a In a later test with a fry, the right burner at 1000 watt worked just as well. Set time and temp is awesome. The interface is easy. I can cook food that is intense without being offensive. --- There is a note on the burners. The equipment can't exceed 1800 watt total power. The LB is 1800 watt. 1000 watt is what the RB is. Something has to give if you run both. LB is all you have. If you run 1200w on LB, you can do 600w onRB.

11. GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner 1100 Watts

GAU 80305 Electric Single Burner 1100 Watts

The hot plate and individual temperature controls provide enough heat for all your cooking needs, with a wattage of 1000 Watts. Can be used in the office. Features a temperature regulating device. The power indicator light is on. The rubber feet prevent the product from sliding. Space saving design. The manual states that this item should not be used for more than 60 minutes in a 2 hour period.

Brand: Imusa

👤This is not a good product.

👤You get what you pay for. The first time I fired it up, it blew up and filled my apartment with the smell of burning plastic. I opened the windows, grabbed my cat and we sat in the bathroom for thirty minutes waiting for it to come out. After it had smoked me out, I am still hungry and I will order out if it happens again. I started cooking after it didn't smoke. The damn thing turned off when it got up to temperature. I had to move my water from full on to full off in order to keep it boiling. I threw the little Imusa in the garbage because it obediently turned itself off and died after it was tuckered out. Don't buy it.

👤This product could cause serious burns. The device is not level and pots will fall off and cause burns. A 10 inch pot had trouble staying on the burner. The pot would try to slide off the burner if you tried to stir soup. The country it is on is perfectly level and the legs are not adjusted. I had to wedge something under the left leg to make it stable. I know it isn't an expensive product. I needed it until I replaced the cook top. We tried to contact the company directly, but they didn't respond so we are still hoping. I don't like the company that calls itself IMUSA USA and then makes their products in China. Almost all electronic is produced there. It appears to be deceptive to me. I dislike deceptive companies. I think it's important to mention this part. I can tell you that it shuts itself off and has a problem turning itself back on. It's not terrible for the price. Someone gets a hot pot of anything dumped on them and it's a lawsuit waiting to happen so it should be leveled from the factory.

👤I am very happy with the burner I ordered from the hookah company, it is much better than the one I got. If you find this helpful, please hit the button.

👤The product is worthless and not worth the cost of transporting it to the landfill. If you want to cook something with a resemblance to a consistent temperature, be prepared to micro manage the dial for 45 minutes. I don't understand how a cooking device can be called a cooking device if it doesn't stay in a mode that resembles a consistent temperature. You can actually adjust the temp on a camping stove. If you leave this unit to its own devices, there are two modes, one completely burnt and the other not cooked. If you leave it on low, you will get a high for 15 seconds and then off for 15 minutes.

👤The temperature knob does the bad things others have mentioned and something worse, but it's only been used for 5 months. Sometimes, when I turn it off, the indicator light and burner stay on. Very dangerous. It only takes a very bad problem for me to do it.


What is the best product for cooking heater electric?

Cooking heater electric products from Techwood. In this article about cooking heater electric you can see why people choose the product. Cukor and Cuisinart are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking heater electric.

What are the best brands for cooking heater electric?

Techwood, Cukor and Cuisinart are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking heater electric. Find the detail in this article. Giveneu, Bonsenkitchen and Dido are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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