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1. SHLA Disposable Plastic Handling Cleaning

SHLA Disposable Plastic Handling Cleaning

1000 Pieces plastic gloves are durable and fit most hands. It's easy to apply, perfect for handling and serving foods, hair dye and dish soap, cleaning oil and dirt. Protect your hands with powder free PE gloves, they provide protection for your skin from foods, oil, dirt, trash and shared objects that you want to touch directly. Each package contains 100 gloves, easy to put in your car, kitchen, and bag for outside use, and they are light, 0.2g per glove. The width of the palm is 10in and the length is 5.5in. The width of the palm is 14 cm and the length is 7.5 cm.

Brand: Shla The Right Connection

👤The pack of 1000 is described. It's only 10pk.

👤I thought I got more gloves than I ordered. A box of bags was delivered to me. Each bag contained 1000 gloves. I was expecting a lot of boxes. I couldn't tell if these gloves are thin or not. The gloves fit better than other similar gloves, and they hold up to mashing and mixing meat and vegetables by hand.

👤These gloves seem to have it all. I use them to pick up dog poop from our golden retrievers. I had been using latex gloves but ran out during the Pandemic and decided to use these instead. I will never return. These are so much easier to remove than latex gloves. The clear gloves make me feel more comfortable because I can see my hand inside. My hands are dry. One of the best parts is taking off a poopy glove with minimal touching, and these are perfect for that. They are very lightweight and clear, and they go on so much easier than exam gloves, because they are separate easily in their stacks. I can see using these gloves for a lot of other things, including house work, painting, working with chemicals or cleaning. The cost of exam gloves is much higher. I will buy these again and recommend them.

👤I like that it is economical. The gloves can be slipped on and off. They are perfect for cleaning my mom's bottom. She has Parkinson's and is unable to perform ADLs.

👤These gloves were bought for handling food. I would buy them again. They aren't indestructible gloves. You would pay more for them if they were. Not what I was looking for. They are great for little chores and food prep. I used to buy gloves at dollar tree, but they were better. They are durable for gloves.

👤The reality is that the gloves are very sturdy and hold up well, even if you think they are fragile and easily torn. I would recommend taking a few minutes to separate them from each other, because they are a bit annoying to do. If you have small hands, they are large enough to fit them, but you will probably notice that they are bunching in the plastic.

👤They work well for what I need. I have arthritis in my hands and wear compression gloves. I cover them up instead of taking them off for bathroom breaks. Exam gloves are much more expensive. I would use them to apply my cat's medication, but they make a loud noise which scares her. There is a People complain they're small. They won't fit the large hands. I wear medium exam gloves and have a 7.5" wrist around my upper palm. Even though they are wearing compression wrist support, these gloves fit. They'll fit a size 8 hand, even a size 9. There is a I pulled a glove on either side of a seam to see if it would split. I used a fair amount of tension, but didn't go full out "Hulk" on it. It held up well. I could poke a finger through it. It wasn't instantaneous. I think it held up longer than my finger. A great light weight glove. I will be buying more.

2. Eco Gloves Plant Based Compostable Eco Friendly

Eco Gloves Plant Based Compostable Eco Friendly

Compostable and Earth-friendly: Made from renewable and sustainable plant-based materials. European TUV Austria is compliant with both the U.S. standard and the European one for 'OK Biobased' and 'OK to Compost'. Strong, durable, and lethal: these are the qualities of a lethal deterrent. Strong seams make it leak resistant. Food grade compliance is high quality and compliant. Extra-long, ambidextrous, and extra long to cover hands and wrist accessories are included. It is ideal for most sensitive skin types. It's ideal for sandwich bars, delis, butchers, and high traffic areas like gas stations, schools and hotels.

Brand: Eco Gloves

👤I compared the UNNI gloves to the Eco Gloves. There is a I got the UNNI gloves in medium and the Eco Gloves in small. I'll get the UNNI gloves in small next time. There is a The Eco Gloves fit better because they are small. These gloves are not tight like medical gloves, but still have a shape to them to help keep them from sliding off. Both gloves had the same amount of wear and tear. The Eco Gloves have a slight shine to them. The UNNI gloves have a more neutral look. The UNNI gloves are cheaper. I'm not sure which one I like better. I will have to put them together to find out.

👤These are great. They come in a thin box. They fit in my glove box perfectly. I use them when I add fluids to my car or add air to the tires so I don't have to clean my hands. I don't have to feel guilty about filling the landfills with plastic because they are bio and compostable. It's a good idea to recommend!

👤I love that these gloves are made from compost. I wear gloves for my job as a real estate agent, and I wear up to 20 gloves a day, and I have been since covid. I was guilty when I was buying the gloves and sending the waste to the landfill. These gloves are earth friendly and I am thankful for that. The rubber gloves make your hands sweaty, but they are not that good.

👤Work well for scuba diving. Gloves made from plants are durable. I have a ring finger that is muscular, but my fit is good, it's a bit snug around the ring finger than the other digits. I love being able to throw these with the composted kitty presents. Keep these on hand.

👤I liked the idea of these, but they were more like plastic than rubber. They fit together. They were hard to use and ripped easily. I hope that better and better products are made. Nice try, but back to the drawing board.

👤I didn't know how much I disliked getting my hands dirty until I got these gloves. I use them all the time. There is a They're plant-based and safe to eat with so I've been using them to eat messy foods like chicken wings and bbq ribs, and they're awesome! I use them when I tend to my plants. My family loves them and uses them all the time.

👤If you want to cut down on disposable gloves, these gloves are an excellent choice. The opening at the wrist is wide and they are not as convenient. They are great for quick jobs and trips to the store, but not for heavy cleaning. They are much better for the environment than other food grades. There is a big impact if you use half the time. I will buy again.

👤It is used for small manufacturing purposes. There were no problems with tears. They were thin and comfortable, yet they protected my hands. I would have known that these were available earlier. Glad there is an alternative.

3. Disposable Polyethylene Industrial Glovesfor Cleaning

Disposable Polyethylene Industrial Glovesfor Cleaning

The measurement is:11.2 inches. Most people have hands. No water leak, strong seal, and anti-skid. It can be used in many places. The gloves are produced in a dust-free workshop. 100PCS

Brand: Brandon-super

👤The package was very thin. I counted only 90 of the gloves in the pouch because they were so thin. They were counted 3 times and the same time. If these are supposed to be used for food prep, you have to touch them all. I probably wouldn't buy these again.

👤Order different gloves and save money. I use gloves for everything. These gloves are not good. They are slippery and you have to be extra careful because you can easily drop dishware and they were sticky. They stuck to the glove while trying to roll meatballs. I knew they would be cheap, but I didn't think they would be as bad. I was hoping for gloves that were affordable. I was wrong about these.

👤Personal protection when handling items outside of my home.

👤Do not buy them. They are not sanitary. They are not gloves. I have no use for them, they are just thin pieces of plastic cut in the shape of a hand. Throw them in the trash. I apologize that I can not post a photo. Like I said. I threw them away. Imagine cutting a piece of plastic in the shape of a hand. There is no place to put your hand. Smh! It was ripped off for sure. I would not give a star to this person. I needed these for my daughter's birthday. I have to find some in time. Smh!

👤These aren't as durable as latex or vinyl gloves. They cost a fraction of the price and have many uses. I use them to trim chicken and clean the toilet. If you move your hands too much, you can get small tears. It depends on how big your hands are. If they are a tight fit, move with your hands. A small leak in the glove is not a big deal if you get a tear. I'm going to use these instead of the more expensive gloves because of the price.

👤The description says these are good for cleaning and sanitizing. This is incorrect. My hands got wet with minimum cleaning. Not a good buy at $8.00.

👤We needed gloves to pump gas. The order was delivered 3 days later. There is a The gloves were described.

👤These are cheap but you get what you pay for. You put them on and they break. I think they have a brief task purpose.

4. Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves Large

Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves Large

These gloves are ambidextrous and black, ideal to keep you safe and sanitary. They are available in many sizes, from Extra Small to XX Large. There are condoms. These disposable rubber gloves are thick and stretchy, so they don't rip or tear easily. As you work, they offer great grip. Premium surgical gloves. These exam gloves are medical grade and are perfect for professional medical office settings, or have them on hand to go in first aid kits. The best cooking utensils. These gloves are perfect for food service and home kitchens. The multi purpose gloves are great for a lot of things. LaTEX free gloves. These gloves are perfect for people with latex allergies. They are also free of parasites. Only for single use. Ready to go. These are packed in 50 boxes and are perfect for your car, gym bag, hand bag, diaper bag, or travel use. In blue, pink, and clear colors are also available in bulk supply.

Brand: Fifthpulse

👤I'm so sorry. These gloves were cheap and useless. I thought they were going to be like the ones I've bought before at Sally's Beauty supply. The gloves couldn't be put on because they were stuck together. I couldn't get my fingers into the ones I pulled apart. They ripped quickly. I'm aware they are disposable, but the quality is terrible. I put a lot of money into products for my cleaning business. I had to leave a review in order to get 1 star. julie ennett was the one who got the trophy.

👤Don't get these if you work on machines. There was no grip on the glove. It is easy to break from the most minor injury. Not very tough. I spent my money on these.

👤I need gloves when staining and using other chemicals in my woodworking business. These gloves are the worst I have ever used. After applying gloves, my hands were stained. If you're using them for something that should not make contact with skin, they are potentially very dangerous. No protection, no stretch, no uneasiness.

👤The use of this glove is worse than the reasons it got one star. I use these gloves to clean, cook, and handle greasy auto parts. I tried to use them for everything. The gloves break when you pull them on even if you are gentle with them. They don't stick to your skin and want to fall off. The gloves don't have anything to keep food out of between the glove and hand, so food gets in between the glove and hand if you're handling dirty food. They break when doing any kind of work with them. They are cheap, that is the good thing about them. I feel like I got less than I paid for.

👤The gloves are so flimsy that there isn't a job for them outside of sitting quietly with your hands laid in your lap. There is a I didn't use these where there was a risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens. These should be removed from sale or at the very least have the medical jargon removed from the description as they are unsafe to use in a clinical environment. They are half a micron thick, cheap and tightly packed. Avoid at all costs.

👤Gloves are not described. They are useless to me because they were stated latex free. This is the first non positive review I have left.

👤I will definitely be buying more when I run out. There is a I have a hard time finding a glove that fits my hand. I can have a full range of movement without the gloves on. These are durable enough to use while I am working with harsh chemicals, and have the proper size for my hand. I like to wear these when I prepare meals that can be messy or raw. If you don't get the right size, you will end up with tears and blisters on your hands, and they are meant to be tight-fitting, but you want to keep that strong bond. If you are sweaty, I suggest getting a bigger size so you have more room to fit inside the gloves and prevent any damages. I usually wear xs but went with a small. The gloves fit tight to your hand and allow you to make a more precise "touching" movement that feels natural as if the gloves were not even being worn. I hope the review helped you. If so, please hit the helpful button. Thanks and cheers!

5. OKIAAS Disposable Powder Free Household Xtra Large

OKIAAS Disposable Powder Free Household Xtra Large

The palm width is 4.5" and the length is 9.6". If you're not sure about the size of the gloves, always choose the larger one. Latex-Free & Powder-Free is made of food grade Polyvinyl Chloride with non-latex and non-powder. The ideal solution for people who are sensitive to latex. Their cleaning gloves are made with 3mil thick PVC and are elastic. It's great for household and commercial situations like food preparation, gardening, laboratory, beauty hair salon, veterinary, and other light industrial applications. Ambidextrous and comfortable fit Well tailored fingertips ensures a good feeling for fine equipment handling, can be worn either the right or left hand, and fit both men and women equally. Able to use a mobile phone.

Brand: Okiaas

👤The size is off, but these work well. I am a medium so I ordered that, and they are tight. Next size up.

👤These are replacements for my unavailable Amex M Nitrile subscription. Mr. uses large nitrile gloves. I bought the large size after reading reviews. They are very comfortable, offer full dexterity, and do run a little small compared to standard nitrile, but they are flexible and do not stretch like a balloon. I have not tried to blow them up. There is a Medium size hands fit well for me. If that size existed in other gloves, my mates' large hands would fit more flush/tight and have to be fitted on with more wiggling and pushing between fingers, but he still had dexterity and said they felt better than most plastic gloves. There is a Since the large isn't big enough for medium hands to use safely, I would recommend buying a bigger size. They are thick enough to handle most tasks, like food handling, prepping meat, dealing with wounds, light garden things, dying hair, art projects, and cleaning gunk or handling chemicals. As much as any nitrile. If you think you'll tear the first pair, I'd keep an extra pair out. Due to their composition, I have not tried double gloving. There is a My fingernails are sharp and can sometimes slice the material after a period of use. They will tear with a little abuse around sharp items. For most things, they protect as well as nitrile does. They don't have a lot of stretch, but they have a lot of flexibility. We tend to need disposable gloves a lot in our house, so I will buy again as needed until my subscription restarts. My short but sharp fingernails puncture gloves if I dig in dirt for a quick task. I tried regular gloves while harvesting carrots, but they were not as good as regular gloves. I couldn't wait to harvest because I've worn out all of my garden gloves. I think that's correct.

👤It's very easy to get off and it's very durable.

👤These gloves have been purchased twice by me. It's perfect for light cleaning and to protect hands. It is good to share because it is what my husband needs, but it is a little big for my hands.

👤Food prep does the job well.

👤They are easy to put on and not slide everywhere. When I chop fruits and veggies, nuts and fir cleaning for her house, my daughter saw that I was using them for cooking. I wish I could recycle them.

👤It's a waste product. Not thick enough. It tears quickly. The tape cannot hold the glows. Don't buy.

👤There is a hole in these gloves almost every time I use them. It was too thin and flimsy. I would not buy these again.

6. Disposable Gloves Kitchen Cleaning Transparent

Disposable Gloves Kitchen Cleaning Transparent

Plastic Gloves are ideal for any messy projects you might have. The restaurant gloves are made of plastic to help keep your hands dry. The cooking gloves shape makes it easy to use. This pack of gloves are slide on, making it convenient and easy to use. These clear gloves extend to cover part of the wrist as well as provide further protection from splashes and messes, and they are one size fits most.

Brand: Juvale

👤They are used when seasoning meat, poultry, fish. I use them when cutting smelly foods and chopping onions. They stick to your hand to give you a feeling of grabbing. I would buy again. There's something about how they fit on my fingers that bug me, I can't put my finger on it.

👤These gloves were bought a few months ago. I wanted some additional PPE and they were cheap. These were better than nothing because they were out of stock and subject to massive price gouging. They don't look like much and the appearance is odd. The packaging is marked Size Large, which is not the case for these. I'm a medium-sized man, measuring 8-1/2" around the widest part of my palm. These fit me well and have enough room across the palms to be considered Men's Large. I could see where some people could be difficult to fit in because they are not stretchy like latex or nitrile gloves. The space between the ring finger and little finger isn't very large, but it's manageable. The fingers are not wide and might not fit thick fingers. The gloves are short, but cover my wrists. The plastic is very thin and I only use it in light situations, like handling food or painting my hallway. The packing tape got stuck to a glove when I opened the package and refused to come out even when I tried hard. The glove did not tore. I don't think these gloves are wonderful, but for single-use light-duty plastic gloves, they actually serve their purpose and I have found them useful to have around for certain situations.

👤I can't stop laughing. The Chinese Post finally delivered these in August after I ordered them in February. I have large hands.

👤During times of Covid... I use them when pumping gas at gas stations and in grocery stores for pushing my carts, as well as when having to open public doors to stores or office buildings and on elevators to select floor buttons. I don't have to worry about how many I use or how often because these gloves are cheap. I only need to wear one glove for one hand so they last even longer, and I discard them after each use.

👤I filled these with popcorn for my daughter's graduation party.

👤It was received on time. I didn't like that the gloves weren't included in the box. It was put in a bag. It was in its own box when it was ordered.

👤The server needed this item to serve after my sisters funeral. I had to make a local purchase for this item and the fact that it arrived 2 days later doesn't impress me. I no longer need this.

👤My son's wedding is where I ordered these. They were perfect for the job. I had people helping me throughout the night and I had peace of mind that the cookies were being handled with clean gloves. The men who pitched in could wear them. Women with small hands had no problems with them. They did not come in a box, that was my only disappointment. It was difficult to keep track of where they were last placed because they are packaged in a clear plastic bag. I would put them in a container for visibility.

7. Wostar Disposable Gloves100pcs Gloves Industrial

Wostar Disposable Gloves100pcs Gloves Industrial

Powder Latex Free sanitary gloves have a superior grip and texture, and can be used with many phones and devices. The Exam Vinyl Gloves are made with 3mils thick PVC and are rip and tear resistant. Food Safe Gloves are tough and can handle a workload. From the kitchen to the lab. The gloves are stronger than latex. Gloves that are made of polyvinylchloride leave your hands free from liquids, oil, slip, gases, and sharp objects. An ideal solution for sensitive people. Basic lab work, hair coloring, tattooing, food preparation, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, arts, and crafts, just meet your professional need and offer a clean operate withVinyl Examination Gloves.

Brand: Wostar

👤The box was completely destroyed and the gloves were easy to rip. It's disgusting. I want to protect myself and my family from the deadly virus, but I can't do that with this pack of trashy gloves. Definitely returning and buying somewhere else.

👤My gloves have tripled in price so I bought these. I thought they would work better on my half with amputations because I could see where to adjust. My hands are small, the one that was amputations' at first knuckle joint was really small. I bought a small. If hands are free of anything, they go on. No way. It's difficult to get on and they split once you do. I want a refund. The wind closed on February. Something.

👤The product is not large compared to other suppliers I've purchased before. If you want to return this product, you will need to print a return label and wait for a refund.

👤Terrible quality, leaks, and tears easily.

👤These gloves fit my hands well. They are snug so they don't slip off, but not so snug that they tear easily. I clean the cat box while I wear them to wash dishes. I usually need an extra small in these types of gloves because they are too big. This small is perfect for my use. If you fit well in a small size, you may need a medium in this brand. My hand is 7 inches around the palm and 6 inches from the base of the palm to the middle finger.

👤My daughter needed a box of disposable gloves to take her test. The box worked out perfectly. The gloves work well for protecting your skin from harmful chemicals. I've used them a few times while crafting. I like to paint and stain wood and these gloves are great because they don't make a mess. They are easy to put on. I ordered a medium. They fit nicely.

👤These gloves are not very good. I pulled out at least 15 that were torn up. The description says that don't break easy. While putting them on. A lot of them tore. They are cheap to buy, but so is the quality.

👤I was looking for black gloves because of their aesthetic nature. I can tell you that the resin will eat through the gloves. I used glitter only for last coats because it can be abrasive and cause small tears in gloves. Even with the smoothest of tumbler, the un torn glove would still get the resin. I would double glove but still get the smell of the substance that was in the glove. I have purchased these gloves at least 3 times and have had the same problem with every box. Don't buy these if you plan to use the same pair of gloves for more than 10 minutes. My nails are brittle and my fingers don't feel at the tips. The lack of protection offered by these gloves is what I attribute this to. I warn you that it's my own fault.

8. Leberna Nitrile Disposable Mechanic Automative

Leberna Nitrile Disposable Mechanic Automative

There is a box of 100 nitrile gloves. It's easier to open and remove the cuff with it rolled. The gloves measure from fingertip to cuff. Black gloves are strong and resistant to puncture, cut, and abrasions. Black gloves are free of latex and offer incredible stretch. You can see a glove size chart in the second image. Gloves disposable latex free medium are comfortable, snug-fitting, ambidextrous, and have a fully enhanced textured grip to provide an improved grip on wet, dry, and oily surfaces. Strong puncture resistance is not compromising on sensitivity. It's ideal for tasks that require strength but still need to be intricate. The gloves have bare hand sensitivity. You can wear them when handling touch sensitive devices. Synthetic nitrile is used to make gloves black. The gloves are latex-free, powder-free and chemical-resistant. People who are allergic to natural rubber can use black cooking gloves. Strong barrier protection and excellent comfort are offered by disposable gloves. Black color hides dirt, grease, oil, and pollen. Black tattoo gloves are a great fit for many jobs. Black food gloves are designed for professional use. nitrile gloves are safe for food handling, food preparation, food service, janitorial service, home, automotive, mechanical, industrial, workshop, tattoo artists, salon and spa professionals, hair coloring, tattoo, painting, cleaning, pet care, home improvement, arts, crafts, travel, retailers Their own brand of nitrile gloves was introduced recently. You should try one box before ordering in bulk. Even if they are the same size, different styles fit differently. The materials, thickness, elasticity and texture are some of the factors that can affect the fit of a glove. Medium duty is 5 mil. The gloves in this listing are not made for heavy duty jobs.

Brand: Leberna

👤I have tried other gloves and they break and get discolored. I use hand santizer all day on my gloves, and they stay strong. They look better on the job because they are black.

👤I bought these gloves because I'm tired of getting my hands stained while working on my cars or staining furniture. I found them to be a bit small, so I wanted to point out a couple of things. I can get them on, but I wish they were bigger. I wore a hole through one of the fingers while I changed the oil and bled the brakes on my car, so they aren't all that tough. They should be perfect for painting or staining, but you'll probably need to replace them halfway through the project. They work well and are comfortable.

👤These are small and fragile. They put them on. They will tear around your finger tips if you work on cars. I usually buy a different brand of gloves, but these were too cheap, because all gloves have increased in price due to covid.

👤The gloves are not 5mil. They did not last 8 hours for normal work. I used to have 5mil and I can recycle them even on the day of the festival. These ones are small. I ordered large, but it doesn't fit like a medium. It is too tight. I won't buy again if the price is $20.00. Don't fall for a scam. I have real 5mil and know the difference.

👤These gloves are the worst I have ever used. After 5 minutes of use, the break through is done. I own a small cleaning company and have used gloves from many different manufacturers that did not tear up quickly. I don't recommend them. There is a I spent a lot of money on several boxes.

👤The size on these is terrible. When I first put them on, they tear at the cuff, but they fit like an L or M. Absolutely terrible.

👤If you don't get them on before the last minute, they will tear. They are not 5ml. The flimsy box they come in isn't 5ml. Shop elsewhere if you want to save time and money.

👤The gloves are small but tough. I will order it again next time.

9. Disposable Medical Synmax Gloves 100pcs

Disposable Medical Synmax Gloves 100pcs

Their vinyl gloves are latex-free and powder-free, which is a safe solution for those affected by common glove allergies and sensitivities. synmax vinyl is the right thickness for most uses and has a smooth finish for greater feedback. The palms are 0. It is 7mm thick. It's great for use in a lab, kitchen, shop, or around the house.

Brand: Basic

👤I think the gloves are great for the price. Don't expect these gloves to be as good as the ones on Amazon for less than 30 bucks a box. The get the job done is what they are not the best at. I use them for automotive purposes and sometimes cook in the kitchen, but I haven't had any issues with them. Some customers have stated that they haven't had a rip yet. The fit is good. It is true to size. I can not see through them. It was a great value. I will be buying them again.

👤My husband is the cook in our house. He doesn't have to wash his hands as often because they have worked out so well for him. We keep them in a drawer in the kitchen. Will stick with these.

👤It's next to impossible to get my fingers to the complete ends because of the tacky inside.

👤The quality of the disposable gloves is great. You can use it for a lot of things. If you are looking for disposable gloves, I recommend the seal on my hands.

👤I use them as a styling tool. They are better than what we get in our professional supply stores. These haven't had holes in them. They're a bit past my wrist, but they're thick and fit well. I usually use gloves with dark colors on them, but they have not seen through on my fingers. I'll be buying these again.

👤I was looking for gloves to cook my meats with. These are perfect and they don't break easily when I am preparing food. Will order again in the future. It won't be soon with the amount that they give you.

👤It's thin, but useful for a quick touch or shake. Even if you clean up the kitchen or bath, fingernails can still go clean.

👤I was using these to clean a part and felt a burning sensation and the cleaner dissolved the gloves. I thought they would protect from fluids, but I am not sure.

10. Dura Gold Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Dura Gold Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves

A box of 100 Dura-Gold Duratection gloves. 6 mil nitrile gloves that resist punctures, cuts, snags, and abrasions for maximum protection, and they offer incredible stretch with no tearing or pinching. To find your correct glove size, use their glove sizing chart image. A fully enhanced textured grip and comfortable, snug-fitting ambidextrous gloves give an improved grip on wet, dry, and oily surfaces. These gloves have bare hand sensitivity so you can use them with touch sensitive devices. Premium quality gloves made with synthetic nitrile elastomers are latex-free, powder-free and chemical- resistant. Those who are allergic to natural rubber can use latex-free nitrile gloves. The black glove hides dirt, grease, and grime. There are different sizes of gloves available. Their safety protection gloves are used in the most common environments. The gloves are safe for food handling, food service, home, automotive, mechanical, industrial, workshop, chemicals, tattoo artists, salon and spa professionals, travel, schools, indoors and outdoors. The Dura-Gold Brand is a division of a trusted worldwide company that has been in business for over 45 years.

Brand: Dura-gold

👤I like the 6mil thickness on gloves for everything from working on construction projects to cooking. I have bought 6mil nitrile gloves before and they feel more robust. The way the gloves are packed is ridiculous. The gloves were shoved in the box in a way that only the top of the box could be destroyed to remove them. I had to separate the gloves after peeling back the top of the box. I won't be buying Dura-Gold brand gloves again. The price was reasonable. The frustration of trying to separate gloves isn't worth the savings.

👤I considered this brand an alternative since Gloveworks was being price charged. I like the brand of glove tears that this one has. The box arrived damaged.

👤I can recommend them because they are a well-made glove and they are very close to my favorite brand. I need to use gloves that are 6 mils or thicker in my work, anything less and they tend to rip fairly easily when handling small parts like bolts, screws, and springs while trying to be dexterous. Light auto work can be done with them. The X-large was ordered based on the chart. I usually wear a large fabric glove, these feel a bit tight, if a medium fabric glove wearer like a little play in the glove, they could wear these. You will not fit in these if you wear an XL. They don't flop around because of this, having to stop and pull the glove tight onto your fingers is a no-go when handling small parts. If they were powdered, you could slip them off if you pulled the fingers on the glove. If the other brand was more expensive, I would buy again.

👤I need to wear gloves all day long to give me good grip and not have a lot of excess at the fingertips. These fit my small hands perfectly and I and I can make it through a whole day and sometimes reuse the next day they are so strong that I still have good grip.

👤I bought these to get a better value. I had been using a more expensive brand of gloves. These XX large are baggy and make it difficult to work with. The 8 mil gloves last longer. Light work is fine for them. I will try a smaller size if I buy them again.

👤I use these gloves for mechanical work because they are 6 mil thick and hold up well. The best price I was able to find was on Amazon, and they fit nicely and were tight. I will purchase more when necessary.

👤I was looking for gloves that wouldn't tear immediately, but that were disposable. I needed something that was durable and could be used for a long time, but Home Depot's gloves were too expensive and only lasted for 2 or 3 uses. The extra large size fits like an extra large, they are true to size and possibly run a little bit large, so I liked that. As advertised, they are durable. $16 for disposable gloves might be a bit steep. They are great. They can last for more than one job, one pair for the whole day, and I use them everyday at work. So. I will keep buying these gloves because they save me money.

11. Care Plus Disposable Gloves Allergy

Care Plus Disposable Gloves Allergy

Food handling can be unsafe if a properly-gloved staff is not present. These gloves are made of thick vinyl and are a great way to keep your staff in compliance. These gloves are perfect for everything from food handling to janitorial work. In any setting! These Gloves are perfect for environments where latex and other Allergens may be a concern. Flexible and resilient, these gloves offer a consistent fit. They are disposable for added convenience. You can easily throw the items away after each use. Providing the right size gloves is a key component to safe food handling. Gloves that are too large can fall off, and Gloves that are too small can cause more damage. Care Plus Products have a variety of sizes to choose from. These gloves are designed for delis, sandwich shops, concession stands, and any commercial kitchen. For fast and efficient gloving. The perforated box is sanitary and easy to use. These Gloves are perfect for tasks that require constant glove changing in your food service operation. The Powder-free Poly Material is easy to slip on and off, and it doesn't get in the way of your tasks. They're also free of latex.

Brand: Care Plus

👤What is wrong with people? My mom is 97 years old and I am her care giver and this Gloves are useless and rotten and rip every time I use them. I was not able to get my regular at Samms, I hope Trump does something about these prices. How many laws are taking cake of their mother? There is a These companies make Amazon looks bad.

👤When I opened the box, I found burnt marks on the gloves, as well as ripped fingers, and the seller still hasn't responded!

👤When I put the gloves on, I was surprised to see them tear. I don't think these gloves will protect us against the coronaviruses, even if this is a one-off.

👤You will have to be carful to put these on. I will not buy them again. Why take the chance when the virus is killing people?

👤They rip the glove when putting it on. Very poor material. Do not buy this glove, you will be wasting your money. Excellent quality!

👤I was able to find them online. They were small. I bought a medium thinking too big for me. Hopefully my husband could use them as well. I couldn't get my hands into them for my husband. Not strong enough to clean.

👤The gloves are average in quality. When I pull the gloves towards my wrist, the tears are almost always present. It happens constantly. Every 3 pairs tear up. I understand that it is difficult to get PPE due to the corona outbreak, but it doesn't help when these end up with holes in it.

👤These gloves are thrown away so they can be used to keep you from touching germs. There is a They work well for that purpose. They don't tear the hand. They will allow you to perform simple tasks, like handling food or dyes, and then throw them away. I have never experienced improper size for large hands, small hands, or children's hands. I washed them out after a light use, and they held up to multiple wears, even though they are not intended for this. I have no complaints. There is a Do I wish they were cheaper? Absolutely. They work. I'm happy to have them.


What is the best product for cooking heat gloves disposable food safe?

Cooking heat gloves disposable food safe products from Shla The Right Connection. In this article about cooking heat gloves disposable food safe you can see why people choose the product. Eco Gloves and Brandon-super are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking heat gloves disposable food safe.

What are the best brands for cooking heat gloves disposable food safe?

Shla The Right Connection, Eco Gloves and Brandon-super are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking heat gloves disposable food safe. Find the detail in this article. Fifthpulse, Okiaas and Juvale are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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