Best Cooking Hat Ir Hairnet

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1. Cleaing Bouffant Disposable Hair Black

Cleaing Bouffant Disposable Hair Black

Execellent for Multi Purpose - 100 packs, Bouffant cap is great for cooking at home or doing food preparation, as part of PPE in hospital, facial treatment etc. The 24 inch hair cap is perfect for long hair. It's low-cost to have a disposable cap for hygiene in your workplace. The caps are comfortable and Breathable because they are made of quality polypropylene. The elastic border doesn't leave a mark on the forehead because it is strong.

Brand: Cleaing

👤A Paramedic in a busy city. I have been using the disposable caps. The fire department couldn't provide. I've been using them. I need them before you get them. It was delivered on time. I highly recommend.

👤I did not buy these to hold my hair. I bought these to cover the fruit from the birds. There is a They were outside in the sun, wind and rain for a couple of months before I plucked the fruit. There is a It's pretty darn good if they lasted outside for so long.

👤I like the larger size that is easy to fit over my big hair, so I don't have to mess up my doo.

👤I use them for work. They started buying some that I don't like and won't wear them. They used to buy these. Thank you for giving me what I need.

👤It's a good idea to cover your head during the flu season.

👤They can be used as a pool pump skimmer.

👤The texture of hair is changed by the material of the cap. My hair grew out from under me. I can't seem to return it. I don't think I need to spend six dollars to get this item back. Please help. Please have a label.

2. Chef Works Unisex Beanie White

Chef Works Unisex Beanie White

The poly/cotton base has a cool vent. The back has a Velcro closure. There are 7 colors: Gray, Merlot, Orange, Blue, Berry, Black, and White. No more then 104 degrees, machine wash warm with like colors.


👤This is a great cap. I've been looking for a skull cap that won't make me sweat like a pig and I've found one. I've worn hairnets in the past because I stand next to a very big and hot oven all day and wearing a skull cap along with a chef coat is torturous. I live in a climate that is almost tropical. It was hot and humid. Even in February. ) I had many different brands of touques and caps, but they were either poorly made or made with fabrics that were notbreathable. I searched for a cap that would suit me after discovering the glories of Amazon. I have an average head and short hair so anything that's one size fits most is good for me. I found the Chef Works DFAO-BLK Total Cool Vent Skull Cap Beanie and thought it would be perfect. It's made of mesh material and has a built in sweatband. Great idea, bad execution. The cap has no structural integrity, so it just takes the shape of your head, making it look more like a winter hat than a scull cap. They think most people have heads the size of pumpkins because it was wayy too big and made it look like I had a mushroom head. It was a great idea. I liked the company but not the structure or the fit. This product was the next choice. I bought a black and white one. It has a nice structure that is professional looking and they vent well from the top of your head. The way the straps are designed makes them very comfortable and they don't get caught in my hair. I think I have found the perfect skull cap for professional chefs, because of the variety of colors, great price, and high quality. I'll be getting more of these from the same seller as well. eChefstore has some fast delivery. I chose standard shipping and it was delivered in 2 days. All of the items I bought from that seller arrived the same way. He/she is a "Quick Draw McGraw" with their promptness of shipping. Take my word for it. If you're a chef looking for a skull cap, add this cap to your cart. You will not regret it. I don't!

👤I wear regular chef beanies. This one is too small, like a kid hat. Maybe for men with brush cuts. If you have any hair, it will be out with this hat.

👤It could use some elastic in the back to give it more room. I removed the chef tag because it was not for use in a kitchen.

👤I don't think I could wear it as a yarmulke.

👤It was a perfect fit and function. Very affordable.

👤The hat was used for a costume. The quality of the material was good.

👤I bought this hat because I couldn't fit my hair under it because it was too short. I didn't know that this hat was made by the same company, so it was the same size, just with a Velcro back. I bought another one from somewhere else, and returned it.

3. Chef Works Unisex White Size

Chef Works Unisex White Size

It is available in black and white. Try to tumble low with machine wash.


👤I wanted something to wear around the kitchen, and the velco on this is wonderful. It is easy to fit this hat if my hair is up in a pony or clip. Not having elastic saves me a lot from tension headaches. Thank you for the chef hat.

👤My daughter has been wanting a chef hat for a long time. I was happy to find a Junior Chef apron that was not a toddler size. I got her a hat. She loves it! There is plenty of room for her to grow, the area is about 3.5 feet long, and she will never outgrow it. I thought the fabric would be thin, but it is not. There is a cute little tag that has a fork on it. She wears a chef hat when she cooks. Move over cake boss. Competition is coming up!

👤I wanted something with a little more personality, so I got a new hat. The hat is not too tight and you can wear it to stay on good. Since it's floppy, long hair can go up in a ponytail and it doesn't look weird. When you take off your apron, your hat is messed up, and that's not something I worry about. I know how to pull it675316753167531, after a few wears and looking in the mirror. You can play with any look you want. It's washed well. Will buy again.

👤Four of these were ordered for my family who cook. Each person was given an apron. The hats are perfect. This is a fun Christmas add on for us. Our family loves to cook so we probably won't use them every day. I thought this would be fun. The hats are well made and there is a back that adjusts the size. I tried one on for our family because they have larger heads than most people. It has a wide range of adjustment. It will fit my husband as well. Great find!

👤It does what I need it to do, but it doesn't look like the photo. I thought this would be a good addition to a costume. My nieces and nephews like to wear it when they help us cook. There is a The shipping was the largest set back. I received a notification that it was shipped on March 31st after I ordered it in March. I got it on May 4th. There is a This would be a perfect costume. It's fun for the kids to wear when they help you cook. Make sure you order it a month in advance so you can get it in time.

👤I liked the chef hat a lot. It is comfortable and can be adjusted.

👤I bought this hat for my kids to wear in their play kitchen, so here's my review from a parent's perspective. The quality: The hat is very well made. I would recommend it for a preschool classroom. I like the fact that it's machine washed. There is a The label says "one size fits all" and that's true. It can be used to fit either a child or an adult. My daughter and I are all fine. We get a lot of laughs from it. Dress up clothes can cost a lot. It's nice to get a high quality item at a decent price.

4. Adjustable Elastic Breathable Kitchen Cooking

Adjustable Elastic Breathable Kitchen Cooking

Cotton and Polyester are soft and easy to clean. One size fits most, it fits well on your head, and won't fall off easily. The mesh fabric for excellent breathability could make you feel cooler. The chef hat works in high temperature environments. It is good work for restaurant chef, waiter/waitress, industrial workers, kitchens, hotels, and other jobs.

Brand: Cityelf

👤Work in a cafeteria and hate wearing hair nets. They are fantastic, I purchased them hoping they would surfice. I wear a hat that is not tight fitting so I don't get headaches, and I wear my hair in a ponytail. I will never have to wear a hair net again.

👤I loved this. I felt like a real chef. I am not a chef. I cook a lot. I did a prayer breakfast at my church and I enjoyed this for the ZOOM lesson.

👤My wife likes the bright red stripe on thechef hat, which is made of black cloth. Yes. She received it in her Christmas stocking. It looks good on her, and she covers her hair well. She keeps the hair out of our food when she cooks it. It was worth the price. Thanks. 12-31-2020 My wife said it was comfortable to use. /mb.

👤The hat is a little more modern and stylish than the one on the wagon train. The mesh on the back is not hot in the kitchen. It's better to cover your hair than to have a sweaty-hat hair style when your shift is over. It is cute for its function. Well washed.

👤A good hat for female chefs. I feel that short hair is not good for long hair. I wear it for work.

👤It is cute and cool, but it is big for me with short hair. It is great if you have long locks. It helps to get food smell into your hair as you cook.

👤I looked nothing like the picture when I got the mail for season one.

👤The hat is easy to wear. It takes time to put on and take off a hair net. The hat looks great.

5. Elastic Kitchen Cooking Service Adjustable

Elastic Kitchen Cooking Service Adjustable

Made of cotton and polyester fabric, it is easy to clean and comfortable to use. The fabric is strong and easy to clean. Good product for those working in food service. The elastic part is not too tight just right, it fits well on your head and won't fall off easily. People with long hair don't have a problem fitting their hair inside. The chefs cap is cool and comfortable, and can be washed and dried easily. The mesh material in the back allows you to breathe and not get hot. Vented mesh helps keep you cool. It is easy to keep hair out of the way while cooking with a mesh cap. It's great to keep your hair out of the way when you are cleaning or gardening. If you have long hair, it works better than disposable hairnets. This hat is perfect for working in a kitchen. They are suitable for many jobs, such as restaurant chef, cooker or baker, waiter/waitress, industrial workers, coffee shop, home kitchens, hotels, etc.

Brand: Dxyaky

6. Funny Chef Hat Adjustable Kitchen

Funny Chef Hat Adjustable Kitchen

There is a funeral hat. The perfect gift for a male or female who enjoys cooking. May The Forks Be With You Chef Hat is a gift that will make anyone have a good laugh. The chef hat is made with a high-quality blend of cotton and polyester and can be worn for long periods of time without causing discomfort. Their cooking hats fit any head up to 13 inches in diameter. Machine wash and tumble dry low will get your chef hat looking as good as new again. Fun and function. Their chef caps are meant to be used in any cooking conditions, they will protect hair from the gas flames on your grill to the steam on your stove top, all while keeping your hair protected. It's a great gift for any occasion.


👤It's "Star Wars" themed and I like it. I thought to myself, "I have to get that" when I first saw it. I thought it was funny. I have an apron that says the same thing. My hair is out of the way. I bought it for myself. I'm happy that I did. I like it.

👤This was a gift to a family friend who is a Star Wars fan. The light saber forks logo and high quality material impressed him. For a perfect fit, the self-adjusting head band was needed.

👤I bought this for my nephew and he loved it. He is an evolving chef. He liked that it was changeable. It was a perfect gift for a cartoon lover.

👤The chestnut and apostle are MATCHING APRON & FORKS. There is a May the forks be with you.

👤It was a perfect fit and easy to adjust. The kitchen staff needed some laughs and this brought them one.

👤My husband is a Disney storm trooper. He loved this present for Christmas in 2021.

👤This was a small gift for my son, but he was happy with it.

7. HIC Harold Co Kids Chef

HIC Harold Co Kids Chef

HIC has a kid-sized Chef's Hat that can be used to wrangle hair and keep the forehead dry. It's made from a cotton that's universally and fully adjusted to fit most children. Chef hat with 3-inch band and Velcro closure is easy to access. It's great for cooking, baking, grilling, tailgating, gardening, arts and crafts, and home projects. It can be washed in mild detergent and dried.

Brand: Hic Harold Import Co.

👤I thought it would be cheap, but it was much better. It is long and heavy. I have seen flimsy things elsewhere. Would buy again. I bought this apron to help my three grandchildren decorate with their handprints and stencil as a Christmas gift for their mother. We had fun.

👤If you're over the age of ten, it won't fit. I ordered a hat that didn't fit. I would have returned the hat, but I decided against paying the $7 return fee. I thought I ordered the wrong size. I double checked that I had ordered the correct size. Guess what? I didn't get to fit my normal head. It didn't fit my daughter's head, and she has a normal head as well. My garbage can is now lined with two hats. Hope this helps.

👤After reading the reviews, I thought this would be perfect for my toddler. It was too small for their children, so it was perfect for my little guy. Wrong! I tried it on him and it fell over his face. I could wear it on my head. This is not a small child. I'm not sure what happened or if the manufacture started making them bigger. It doesn't fit small children. My chef loves to cook with us. I thought this would be a great gift for him. It's easy to return Amazon Prime because I have it. It was given two stars because it was a decent quality material.

👤My children couldn't wear them. I didn't get the adult size because I thought they'd be too big. I was wrong. You can take the adult size down or up to any size head with the help of the velcro. The children's size does not. It only has the smallest amount of elastic, which didn't give my child enough stretch.

👤We got a hat for photos. It worked out perfectly! The price was great and it was shipped quickly. It will last for dress up as well. It would fit most children. We tied a small band in the back to make it fit better since I used this with my baby.

👤Chef was happy to have a hat on because the temperature was in the 80's. He looked handsome in that hat. All of the ladies liked his look. There is a It will be able to be used again at future family gatherings. My only thought is that a couple of more inches could be added to increase the diameter of the hat. Highly recommended.

👤The hats I ordered were exactly the same size for both kids and adults, even though the tags on the products were labeled as such. There is only one size of the product and it should be advertised as such. The hat can be adjusted to fit a 5 year old and an adult with a regular size head. I can't complain.

👤The chef hat is ridiculously small. I am an adult male with a large hat size and the Velcro is too short to start to adjust. I would be very surprised if the adult size hat would fit a child, and not an adult. Only the trash can be used.

8. Black Chef Hat Adjustable Size

Black Chef Hat Adjustable Size

A cute apron set is a great gift. The measurement is for a hat that is 5.5" in diameter and four inches in height. The chef skull caps are a different type of hat. There is a fastening strip in the back. The top mesh allows heat to be dissipated. Keeping you cooler in the kitchen.

Brand: Sunrise Kitchen Supply

👤The little chef hat is perfect for my husband. He got a good laugh out of it when he received it as a gift. He looked like a pro chef in our kitchen. It is good quality. Love the mesh on top of your head and the back of it.

👤A chef's hat that doesn't feel hot. This one is better than the baseball cap style. It's easy to clean after a long day at work, hang to dry, and a clean hat is ready to use.

👤My husband had to put his own piece of velcro on because it wouldn't fit his head despite the fact that it is an option. He wears it daily and it is very comfortable.

👤It fits me perfectly. I have a small head so it would be small for larger heads. It is so light that I don't have to worry about my hair getting out of the food. I don't know if I'm wearing it. It's a thumbs up!

👤I can't find a hat that fits my hairy noggin. I found this fit me easily despite the reviews. The mesh crown was a pleasant surprise. The mesh keeps my head cooler and the sweat away. Glad we tried it.

👤I've tried a lot of chef hats from Amazon and this is the one I like the best. The band around the hat is large, the top is mesh and the velco works well. It's very comfortable and doesn't squeeze the head.

👤The product was good for the price. If you start sweating on the line, it will leave white marks. It barely fits my head. That is a small head. I had to cut the fabric so it wouldn't fit in a small head. Light and comfortable around the ears. I got another one but it didn't do the job I needed it to.

👤If you are an adult, don't try and put your hair up in a bun and wear a hat. It is too small and short. I think it's better for a young man.

9. WonderWink Wonderwork Unisex Scrub Pewter

WonderWink Wonderwork Unisex Scrub Pewter

The Elastic band is in the back. The Sweat Band is inside. The WonderWink logo is at the center back.

Brand: Wonderwink

👤It's difficult to find a scrub hat that checks all the boxes. The hat is well made, but it's too tall. There's 4 inches of material on top. The material is thick, so it stands on top of your head. Most men don't have long hair and need a lot of room on top. I would never buy another brand if this fit better. The hat has flaws.

👤I removed the sweatband. I was able to fold the edge to get the fit I was looking for. The proper fit was more important than the wide sweatband. I'm happy with the fit after some modifications.

👤The scrub hat I was sent had sweat stains and hair on it. Refer to the pictures.

👤I am an average sized male and this hat is large. I look like a silly chef if I wear it with my eyes and ears uncovered. There is a It is great if this is the kind of hat you are looking for. If you need to wear glasses or hear during your procedure, pass on this one.

👤It is a sturdy hat. I have a small to medium head and there is some space above it. I like that it doesn't affect my hair. I have washed it many times and it is very comfortable to wear. I tie it around my pony's tail. It is very comfortable.

👤It's large. I have a medium sized head, but it's definitely not small and it's definitely not huge. The srub cap is large. There was too much excess at the front end, so I couldn't tie it tight. It's great for not messing up your hair, but not what I'm used to. Not as svelte looking as most surgical caps.

👤It's cute, comfy, and a good fit for big heads like mine. The strip of terry cloth added to the inner forehead is everything.

👤There is a variety of colors. The back tie straps are comfortable. The cotton is good. It is easy to wash and dries quickly. There is a The white fabric on the front of the inner cap is non-slip. I adjusted it by cutting the white material back so that it wouldn't show in the front. There is a It is a great product.

👤The purpose of the caps is to cover your hair. I don't know who's head this would fit, even when you fold the top over and pull it tight, it makes the top of your head look big.

👤I was looking for a small scrub cap. I had to fold them up because they were too big. My ears looked like Scottish fold cats when I put my cap on, and then I put on a shield. These fit my head perfectly. My ears are happy. The soft sweat band at the front makes them more comfortable. There are no buttons on the sides. I use ear saver clips for masks and will order again, they are in 4 different colors.

10. LilMents Elastic Kitchen Catering Cooking

LilMents Elastic Kitchen Catering Cooking

The pack is enough for every working day of the week. The size is. The elastic has an option to fit the recommended head circumference of 22 - 24 inches. For smaller sizes, clips may be used. The cotton is made of 80% polyester- 20% cotton and is comfortable for long use. The design of the hats helps keep the hairs away, and the material allows the hat to stand and keep its shape. There is an air hole at the back. INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED allows protection during transit and storage, and can be individually used and gifted as needed.

Brand: Lilments

👤I must have gotten a lot of hats. The description says the hats fit a head of 22-24 inches around, but the hats are flat and measure a full 24 inches. The price is great, but I wish the description was accurate. Also, not machine washed.

👤These were high quality chef hats. Happy customer, who can change the price of 6 hats to $20? No electric band, no stretching of any kind.

👤We used them for a family cooking day. If we never used them again, I decided they were worth it for one time. The fabric is very nice. They're great. Our kids have used them many times. They're fun.

👤These are a great value. The construction is perfect and the fabric is not cheap. They fit everyone. I own 18 of them.

👤The price is worth it because I love how they look. The people looked great for the event.

👤It's perfect for my chef friend. She has a stretchy band in the back that fits her big head. Would buy again. Excellent quality!

👤These hats are amazing. It's nice for a very low price. The fabric is thick. My son and his friends are going to have a cooking contest. They will definitely use them again after loving them.

👤It was worn with joy by the Donut Doctors. A victory!

👤Sono, ben fatti. Ottimo prezzo!

11. 10oz Apparel Skull Piping Knifes

10oz Apparel Skull Piping Knifes

The fabric is made in the USA. There is a fine line of cotton with a contrasting color sewn into the back. The chef knife design is embroidered. The professional in the kitchen will appreciate the chef gifts. One of the best chef accessories is a skull hat.


👤Someone has made a cooks hat. Most of these skull type, mesh top cooks hats are small to fit men's sizes. There is a There is room for a guys head in this cooks hat. Excellent quality construction and material. I bought another today. What is not to like about quick shipping?

👤When I read favorable reviews about its size accommodations, I gave this a try. A quick adjustment of the strap snugged it up. There is a I spend my workday in a warm kitchen and the vented top helps with body heat dispersal. I forget that I'm wearing it because it's light and comfortable.

👤The hat is horrible. The material is good but it is made for someone with a XXXXL head. I wear a M/L in fitted hats and this beanie requires the Velcro strap to be pulled almost 100% to over lap and it causes it to double up behind my right ear. If you adjust the hat on your head, it will be off center because the stripes don't go all the way around the hat. It was a strange fit and design. Maybe the one I got was not perfect. Unless you have dreads in your hair, you have no idea how normal a person is. Would not recommend.

👤My husband loves to cook and so I gave him a chef jacket and a hat, which is very comfortable and cool looking, because he loves to cook. I embroidered his jacket so it looked professional. Wow. It looked great. He loved it. My Father saw everything. He loved cooking and had to try everything. My Mother asked me to do the same for her, as she will give it to my father for Christmas. I usually don't do reviews, but this hat is great quality, looks awesome on and off, and it's a great price. I highly recommend.

👤My son is going to flip his lid on Christmas morning. His hobbies include growing hops and beer, planting and harvesting his own vegetables, and chef-ing for family and friends. The perfect gift for him is the affordable mesh hat, which is a must-have beanie for those who enjoy cooking and sharing their talents all year long.

👤The mesh at the top helps keep the head cool. The space at the back of the hat in the picture is closed, so that's why my head size requires that the velcro be adjusted to the end. Most people would not notice that the hat is cockeyed in the back. There is a The hat came creased and even ironing it wouldn't remove it. A few weeks of sweating in the kitchen will fix that.

👤It was easy to place an order. The one size fits all strap worked well for my size head, which was weird in between large and XL.

👤This was a great gift for him. I bought it for my son on his birthday. The cloth felt good. It was definitely not cheap looking. It was worth the money. I will be buying more in the future.


What is the best product for cooking hat ir hairnet?

Cooking hat ir hairnet products from Cleaing. In this article about cooking hat ir hairnet you can see why people choose the product. and Cityelf are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking hat ir hairnet.

What are the best brands for cooking hat ir hairnet?

Cleaing, and Cityelf are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking hat ir hairnet. Find the detail in this article. Dxyaky, Hic Harold Import Co. and Sunrise Kitchen Supply are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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