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1. KEOUKE Bacon Grease Container Strainer

KEOUKE Bacon Grease Container Strainer

The oil pot is made of iron with a mesh strainer and a lid, it can help you make better use of the cooking oil. The oil strainer has a non-stick coating inside and outside. The mesh is made of steel. The kitchen oil container has a non-slip coaster tray to prevent oil from dripping onto the counter. The small pour spout design works well. bacon grease, cooking oil, coconut oil, bacon grease, fat, frying oil, hot oil, and so on can be strained. Grease Keeper is easy to clean. If you clean the strainer, the oil can't overfill the rivet, and the filter can't be soaked. Return policy for 90 days is perfect after-sales service. Please send me the picture if there is a problem. I will either replace it or give a full refund.

Brand: Keouke

👤This pot is cheap metal and the description is a lie. The handle extends past the bottom of the pot, so it won't sit on the counter. The handle causes it to tilt and wobble when you sit it down. The density required to screw up a handle is amazing.

👤The container is beautiful. I don't like how long the handle is. Balance is thrown off by the handle resting on the counter. The handle was not like what was described.

👤I have not had a chance to try this product yet, but I can already say that I love it. When I cook bacon in my cast iron skillet, I use the grease that comes from it to add flavor to other dishes that need oil. There is a The spout makes it easy to reuse or dispose of the oil. The plate that comes with it will catch any spillover. It looks good on the stove. I don't mind because it's actually perfectly sized, even though it's a little smaller than I thought.

👤The only complaint I have is that the handle is long. I'm pleased that it lifted up from the tray on the shelf. I thought it held less grease.

👤The container was as promised. The handle seems to be a little long, but maybe it is for stability reasons, not a dealbreaker. Overall design and function were very good. I love the tray.

👤I wanted to like this but it didn't happen. I ordered different pots. There is no quality control with this product. The handle is longer than the bottom of the pot. I had an issue with one of the pots. For the other, it was fine. I was going to send the pot back with the bad handle, but after washing it, I noticed the meshed strainer was starting to rust. I washed the pot before putting grease in it. If I keep it longer, it will get worse quicker. There is a If you have a good pot with a good handle and you can deal with rusty strainers, the pot should work. I would prefer more quality.

👤I told my fiancée that using rando jars and glasses for grease was ghetto and that we would have to get a container. She didn't think it was necessary. She fell in love with it immediately after I got it. She won't stop using it, and has no complaints. A good investment.

👤It's not often that you buy a product and get surprised by the quality, but that's what this item did. It is easy to use and clean. The screen top keeps food out of the grease.

2. Oggi 7347 Jumbo Grease Stainless

Oggi 7347 Jumbo Grease Stainless

2pcs olive oil spouts, 1 pc Stainless Steel Funnels are included in the package. The bottle mouth should be fit for 0.66 in. Measure the bottle mouth before buying. The large cooking oil container is easy to use. Fine mesh strains particles to make sure used oil is reuse. A container with a tight fitting lid keeps oil fresh and clean. The strainer and container are made from robust steel. It looks great on the kitchen counter. It blends in with black and white appliances.

Brand: Oggi

👤The lid broke after one use of the container. I called Amazon and was told they don't have a way to get the lid. No answer after trying to call Oggi himself. I noticed the round 7 cup lids fit. I have had my pyrex set for over five years and I just bought a new lid. Hopefully this will help other people.

👤In the past few months, I've used the canister twice. The construction of the steel is strong and works well in my fridge. It is a bucket. It does what a bucket does. When straining out the mess from a big frying day, the filter helps a lot. There is a The lid is the issue I have with the product. I pulled it out of the fridge and found the lid cracked in two. When it goes into the can, it is always room temperature. The container's lid is not doing its job, even though it is sitting adequately with the crack. It is kind of an expensive bucket, so I'm disappointed. The manufacturer should be able to replace my lid.

👤I bought this because it was metal and had a strainer. The product has neither a hinged lid nor a pour spout, but it is pictured on the box. Keep looking if those two features are important to you. It fits my needs for me.

👤The product only holds 3.75 quarts, not the advertised 4 quarts. I used a new gallon of oil in my deep fryer and had one cup left. I am holding the deep fryer oil. The strainer removes everything but small pieces. There is a I would have been happy with this product if it held 4 quarts as it states in the item name.

👤I like the 4qt model so far. There is a It's about the size of a standard paint can and has a mesh strainer for catching the gunk in your oils. The strainer can be left in place with the lid attached if you want. The lid is made of plastic. There is a We'll see how it holds up. So far, so good.

👤Something very strange happened, so the rating was lowered from five stars to two stars. I washed it in the dishwasher for the tenth time, and when I flipped it right side up it started dripping liquid everywhere. What the hell? It looked like it came from a small hole in the bottom. It was not leaking from the main container. It looks like they made this container out of two pieces, and I'm pretty sure the bottom flat piece is glue on. They must have had a plug in the bottom hole. I'm not sure if I want to keep using this thing until I know what's going on. There is a My building joined NYC's cooking oil recycling program. The program diverts oil from the sewer system, and the oil can be used as animal feed or refined into biodiesel. I needed a way to store the used oil in the basement because it's a pain to bring it there. My favorite metal is scuplture. This can is the perfect size for my cabinets, and the built-in strainer keeps gunk out of the can. The strainer probably saves me from a stank because I remember reading that the smell of grease recycling is mostly from the bits of food that get mixed in with cooking oil and grease, rather than the grease/oil itself. There is a The strainer could be a lot more coarse, and it would probably catch more junk. I've found that smaller mesh sizes allow for flow while catching smaller stuff when I've tried it out.

3. Evelots Storage Strainer Container Bacon Grease Keeper Stainless 5

Evelots Storage Strainer Container Bacon Grease Keeper Stainless 5

Family friendly kitchen supplies from Talisman Design make baking and cooking easy and fun. Kitchen supplies that are effective and durable are a must have. The canister can hold up to 5 cups. You can reuse your oil and bacon grease. The strainer has a handle and lid. Grease can be poured for frying or cooking. This strainer can be used for daily kitchen use for sifting flour, brew loose leaf tea, straining gravy, and so on. Measures approximately 4.75 Inches diameter, 6.125 Inches Wide (Including handle), 4.25 Inches Height overall. A real estate seller. Evelots has provided unique products with a 30-day easy return policy for years.

Brand: Evelots

👤I like this container. Even if you eat bacon every day, it's big enough to catch it drippings. I like to fried my food in butter and bacon grease. The bacon fat container is great to recycle because it is a premium product and it is difficult to get enough fat onto food on a diet of a high-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

👤I can keep my favorite vegetable juice in this container and use it to cook other dishes. The strainer is able to remove bits. A bottle of healthy olive oil gives a new container the mean eye. To keep the supply fresh and new, I need to clean it up every 3 months. I'll probably die early from using all that good stuff, but it will be worth it.

👤I need a canister to reuse oil after I started frying food. This one is small. I'm not sure if a hole would be developed because it is thin. The cover has force to open it. I'm not sure about this product. The mug is used for size comparison.

👤A small grease pot with a heavy screen.

👤There were no dents or mars to the finish. It works as expected. The strainer has a bale on it. It would show fingerprints less if it was available in a different finish. I'm not a fan with a shiny look. A personal preference is not a knock on the product.

👤It's a great way to store my bacon. The lid is perfect to keep it contained. I like that it's dishwasher safe.

👤When I put my oil cup on the stove to warm it up, I saw smoke coming out of the steel cup and I threw it away. My oil was still hard and steel should not be reacting this way. It is not made in the US. This is problematic. Is it possible that I get an app called cultivate to see where my products actually come from, since Amazon can't check all of its sellers sources?

👤The cap on the cup appeared to have scratches. It took some effort to open the lid. The whole thing is dull and cheap. Since it is so much trouble, I will return it.

4. Ceramic Grease Container Strainer Storage

Ceramic Grease Container Strainer Storage

If your product is damaged or faulty, they will give you a full refund. If you are not completely satisfied with their grease can for kitchen with strainer and coaster, please contact them. The Grease Container is made of ceramic. The surface is easy to clean. It can be washed in the dishwasher. The Grease Container has a high-quality 304stainless steel filter which can exclude bad debris and let you have the good materials you want. It is suitable for all kinds of scenes, including family, hotel, cafe, party, restaurant, with the elegant white porcelain and simple design. It is a good gift for friends. It can be used to store sugar pepper, spices and so on. Make it more enjoyable.

Brand: Ontube

5. Ayesha Curry 46948 Enamel Grease

Ayesha Curry 46948 Enamel Grease

The P.O.L. is a male throwaway cylinder thread. The bacon grease can is made to last. The big can provides a lot of storage for bacon grease. The bacon grease can is not intended for stovetop or oven use, but it has a sturdy handle for easy countertop control. The full line of stylish and functional Ayesha cookware and bakeware is complemented by modern colors.

Brand: Ayesha Curry Kitchenware

👤I'm confused by the reviews that say it's too high. I can't imagine why it wouldn't last for a long time. We put bacon grease in it. My husband was using one of our dinner bowls to store grease. Some people said it does not hold a lot. You must be doing a lot of cooking. The video shows it holds 2.5 cups of liquid. It is very cute. It is large enough to hold a few weeks worth of grease, but small enough to not be the centerpiece on my counter. I have attached some pictures of it next to containers to give you an idea of how big it is.

👤It's almost exactly what I wanted and I don't blame the product for that. It would be perfect if it had a mesh inside to catch the stray bacon bits. We like it. It's heavy enough to hold bacon grease and be stable. The lid is not too tight or loose. It's useful, sits on the counter by my stove's top, and doesn't cause any trouble.

👤I used this immediately as I had some bacon grease waiting to cook it. I can see how it might be damaged if the carrier is rough with your box. Fortunately, I did not. The country blue-grey is true to what you see. I put a picture of it next to a bottle of oil for reference. The only thing missing is a strainer to separate the small bits of meat that get poured in with the grease. I will need a small hand-held strainer to help with this. It is cute and functional at the price point.

👤Cute little pot will be perfect. I didn't give it 5 stars because it arrived with chips. I was going to order a second one, but I think I will pass. It gets tiring to get bad quality control products.

👤I love the look of this, it's cute and matches our red appliances. There is a It doesn't take up a lot of space because it works well. I love it! There is a I don't ever use bacon grease for anything. I'm pretty sure he doesn't. It's keeping him from using one of my mugs to store grease, so it's a win win.

👤This thing is adorable. I was worried it would be too small. I was pleasantly surprised. It arrived undamaged. I bought the red one to match my kitchen theme. I think the size is perfect. It is about a cup and a half. The lettering is made of silver. There are silver metallic speckles on the red one, but I don't remember seeing them in the description. It wasn't something that bothered me, but it was unexpected. If you look at it closely, you can tell. I would choose not to have the speckles. I don't have a good enough picture to show. I still enjoy it. Instructions explain how to use a strainer for those who are complaining. Sometimes you can't have both. I do not strain my bacon grease. The bits are what I love the most. There is a I can't fix the pics that are uploading sideways. Sorry for that...

6. Storage Strainer Container Stainless 2 5L

Storage Strainer Container Stainless 2 5L

Remove the filter and clean it with hot water. Don't soak in water for a long time. The sturdy construction is made from high quality food grade steel. There is a 10-Cup capacity. The oil pot has a mesh filter that can be removed. You can reuse the oil. Save used oil with a fine mesh strainer that will separate food pieces from the cooking oil. Oil can be recycled for real flavor. The side of the pot has a spout that stops oil dripping down it. You can save money by using cooking oil for multiple times. All Collections come with a 60 day easy return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Li-gelisi

👤Measures up, a great filter! I bought a 2.3L container by another Mfr, but it didn't measure up as it should have held over 10 cups compared to the 1.3L ones I ordered that were too small. There is a There is room for oil in this filter.

👤I was sure it would hold more oil, but it didn't. The lid would form a seal. The container has a lid on it. I'm not sure if I should leave it out or put oil in it since there is nothing I can do to keep it from spilling out. I'm going to put my oil in the bottles again.

👤The lid is loose and the pour spout is not covered so air can easily get into the can. I will need to put plastic wrap over the open can and put the lid on top to keep it air tight. If you want an air tight oil container, get something else.

👤The product is sturdy and well made. This product is highly recommended.

👤You used to store used cooking oil, wish you had a variety of colors to choose from.

👤Be alert! I ordered two. The approval was given for the return. I have to pay the postage. The post office wouldn't accept the printed label for the return on Amazon because it didn't have an address. The spill tray for the bottom does not fit in the grease container. The seller would give a message refund without shipping.

👤Sturdy and looks good, is a good quality item. It holds more oil than most containers. The seller was good at communicating the tracking details when asked. It was worth the wait.

7. Eatelle Cooking Container Strainer Stainless

Eatelle Cooking Container Strainer Stainless

COUNTERTOP SAFE is simple and easy for you. They included a food grade Silicone Mat and Silicone Mitt with every purchase, making the cooking even more enjoyable, safe and easy. TheLIABLE CONSTRUCTION is made from well-polished food grade STAINLESS STEEL. Stable, long lasting, easy to clean. A fine mesh strainer is included to collect the food pieces from any types of oil. You would be amazed at how much it catches, keeping the grease/oil clean. It's a great way to use the delicious flavor of BACON in another meal. The oil grease keeper can hold up to 5 cups of oil or fat. It does not take much space on the countertop and will match other appliances. 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year free replacement warranty are included in the SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Brand: Eatelle

👤I have been using this container for over 3 months and I love it. The strainer is easy to clean when I pour grease. I use the strainer in between batches to clean the previous batches. It is nice that it has a handle to do that. A red piece under it is a big help. It is easy to clean. Click helpful if this was helpful.

👤This grease container is very nice. It's a little bigger than I had thought, but that's fine with me. The metal is light but not strong. It would be hard to beat this product for the money. The description says it would do all that and it does it well. There are two little silicone items included in the container. I am very happy.

👤It works like it is supposed to, and it has little extras thrown in that make it easier to use.

👤A large amount of bacon grease can be found in the container in the corner of the refrigerator. The cover does not seal, but so far it does not seem to be a problem. I don't know if the strainer is something I need, but it does keep bacon grease out of my mouth. I would recommend the price of the product.

👤I used to hold my cooking grease in the old crisco cans, but my husband hated them. Everyone is happy now that I replaced the cans with these. I thought they were smaller than they are, but they hold my oils the same as my old cans.

👤I like the quality of the mitt and mat, but the can and strainer are thin. The metal was slightly damaged when I removed it from its packaging. The container has a wide opening for easy pouring. I think the product will be easy to empty and clean, but it won't be as durable as I would like.

👤The bacon bits are caught in bacon grease. The container has a top and screen insert. Also, finger tip covers to protect your hand. I like it. I used an old coffee mud and it looked tacky on the stove.

👤It works well and is large enough for draining grease from my pan. I chose this brand because of the missing heat resistant mat.

8. Makerstep Colander Stainless Expandable Vegetables

Makerstep Colander Stainless Expandable Vegetables

Their fine mesh strainer enjoys quick customer services. If you have an issue, please contact them. They will help you out until you are satisfied. This professional grade oval colander strainer with fine mesh basket is your premium quality solution for a variety of kitchen tasks. You can upgrade your kitchen with premium quality kitchen gadgets that are re-mastered by Makerstep. The handy kitchen tool has been refined to provide more support for your cooking adventures. The large over the sink design, rubber grips and STAINLESS steel body is sure to boost cooking efficiency. You can do a lot with the Masterful Draining Solution, which includes straining and rinsing pasta, food, fruits and vegetables, to quick drying dishes, filters, sifting and similar washing and cooking tasks. The frame with feet on the bottom is rust proof and is used for drying and straining. The metal colander strainer with mesh basket is easy to clean and maintain. Store it on the rack, shelves or sink when not used. They are dedicated to producing top quality kitchen items and flawless customer service. You can rest assured that you are getting top quality strainer, which is backed by their money-back guarantee. Now is the time to boost kitchen productivity.

Brand: Makerstep

👤I've had this item for a while. There is a It's easy to use, sturdy, and fits my sink so I can wash a lot of things at once. There is a Food gets trapped under the rim and it's hard to remove. If you can clean the food from under the rim, I would recommend this.

👤I was trying to replace my kitchen aid over the sink strainer when I thought I would tie it. The concept is great but the product is very flimsy and sharp. I cut my fingers and hands with paper.

👤The unit on the long sides has a screen attached to it. There is a gap between the screen and the rim on the round part. I start my soup with a chicken. The chicken was strained using this strainer. I cleaned the strainer after I finished. There is a I strained rice the next day and found chicken and carrot in it. Chicken and carrot bits were stuck in the strainer in the middle of the screen on the inside of the item. The screen isn't attached to the appx. The rim is a quarter of an inch. The rice was caught between the steel rim and the strainer. The round part of the strainer is shiny and makes it hard to see stuck food. I could see the stuck food if I had someone hold a flashlight in the right way. I tried to dig it out from the inside, but I couldn't because of the angle of the rounded side. It took about 10 minutes per rounded side to get the food out, and another few minutes to clean the area where the chicken had been. Very disappointed. My wife ordered one of these as a shower gift for me and I bought one for her as well. I will return both. I think this would work well for fruit or raw veggies. I don't recommend straining rice or anything soft that can get under the rim. I've used similar strainers for years and never had a problem. The extending arms seemed sturdy and were easy to extend. It is hard to clean and so easy to use.

👤It was draining well over the sink. I got a nasty slice on my finger when I washed it. The middle portion of the strainer has rails that are very sharp. I am going to try and get the mines down.

👤I wanted it to work. There is a It felt a little loose when I took it out of the flimsy bag it came in, but I thought it would be fine. I washed it with a gentle hand wash and it turned out great. I didn't get to use it.

👤If all of the metal of the unit is of the type of steel that you use, it should not rust. I wanted to use these to serve banana, onion, and the like containers with air circulation. The quality window screening material is heavy gauge and probably not durable. The feet do not have rubber or plastic covers. I don't know how long the unit will last. I will attempt to update this review if either of these fail. If it comes, I think that Amazon would refuse to accept the item for a refund and the USA importer would not accept the item or go out of business. The product is actually manufactured in the PRC. Hopefully, the USA importer has inspected the PRC factory where the unit is made, and verified that the correct materials are being used, unlike a certain "discount" mass merchandiser wood flooring material retailer that sold certified flooring made in the PRC that in fact was. For the price, I was hoping for more substantial construction and materials. It was shipped from a USA warehouse to a USA customer, rather than being drop shipped from a site in the PRC.

9. VEVOR Fryer Grease Bucket Rust Proof

VEVOR Fryer Grease Bucket Rust Proof

Glass Octopus glass oil bottles come with blank chalkboard labels and white chalk. Help you to manage oil in a more clear way. The customer service is backed by Glass Octopus. The fryer grease bucket has a large capacity within its small size. It can hold 6 gallons of oil, which can be used to reduce the number of oil buckets. It can be stacked up to save space. A filter bag is also available, which can be used to remove particulate matter from the oil. The oil disposal caddy is made of Premium Steel, which is about 0.02" in thickness, and is difficult to modify. The inside and outside are covered. The blue exterior coating on the fryer oil caddy is rust and corrode proof. The interior is covered with a food grade coating, which will allow you to store the oil in it at ease. The fryer oil bucket has locks for better seal. Pressing down the lock catches will make the lid tight. The cushion ring beneath the cover will improve the seal performance. The double assurance design of the fryer oil transport container makes it possible for the storage and transportation of the fryer oil. The deep fryer grease bucket has two user-friendly handles. The top handle is made of steel. It calls attention to easy lifting and hard to break. The side handle is convenient for moving and pouring oils. The bucket and lid are connected by rope. The cover can be placed against the barrel to save space. The grease bucket for fryer is suitable for many places, including but not limited to restaurant kitchens, fast-food chains, hotpot restaurants, bars & grills, cafeterias, and public canteens.

Brand: Vevor

👤We use this to save the oil in the fryer for our food truck. I would recommend anyone to save and move their oil.

👤This thing is very dangerous. If you have a food truck, you need fryers.

👤Great bucket! It was the perfect size for what I needed.

👤When you spend over a hundred dollars for a pot and get it in, you will have a large dent on the side.

10. Container Stainless Porcelain Stoneware Separator

Container Stainless Porcelain Stoneware Separator

There are multiple landscaping USAGES. A set of cookie cooling racks can be used to chill, roast, bake, or grill all kinds of food. Fit applications perfectly. There are two people who are friendly - Papa and Koke. Don't waste the animal fat. You can use it in other dishes or grease a pan. No need to throw it out. Grease is cheaper than buying oil or sprays. The only ceramic grease keeper on Amazon has a pour spout for easy transfer of fluids from the container. You don't need to search for a glass jar or coffee mug to pour grease. The canister can stay on the counter when you need it. Lifting a heavy pot or pan from the jar is a breeze if the lid sits perfectly on the jar. The only colors other than black or white that are offered in this stoneware grease container on Amazon are unsalted and unsalted. What matches your décor? The design and colors of the kitchen compliment each other. You should leave the oil container in view so that you can see it. This will lead to more use and value for you. You can either showcase the side labeled "Grease" or turn it around by hiding the strainer under the lip. The grease keeper is made from high quality ceramic and has a mesh strainer to keep bad bits out and allow good stuff to pass through. Next time you need it, use the grease that's been sieved or put it in a container and let it cool. 100% safe to come in contact with food. If you do have a problem with your new purchase, just let them know. They will make it right. 100% satisfaction with their customers and products is what they strive for.

Brand: Gator Goods

👤This is a good buy and I would buy again. I initially wasn't impressed because the lid sits a little wobbly on top and the handle isn't very comfortable to hold onto. I started using it. It works well. The fine mesh hand held filters are not as fine as the fine mesh ones, so it catches every single solid you could imagine leaving behind. The fat from one package of bacon was less than a tenth of the container. I keep it in the fridge because it will last 6 months on the counter. We use this fat to cook everything. It's much better than steel.

👤I loved the idea of a bacon jar in my fridge, instead of a mason jar. That was a mistake. The LID doesn't stay on, even though it is very attractive and the strainer is great. What happened? The lid fell off when my husband used it. It should have a seal inside the lid, but it is not. tin foil is placed on the top of the refrigerator to stop it from smelling. I give it a 0 for usefulness and a 2 for appearance.

👤$30 is too much. I wanted it. I absolutely love it. I've never seen bacon grease like this before. I like that it's ceramic. It says "grease" on the front, so random kitchen fairies don't clean it. The screen is tightly woven so that the smallest of crumbs won't get through. All who have seen it. The small "pour spout" is a joke, so small it looks like a flaw instead of being put there. I'm very happy with my purchase, and would recommend others to do the same.

👤I bought this in February of 2019. Don't you love it when someone posts a review on something that hasn't had time to put it together? I've had this for two years and while I like the appearance and it is sturdy, there are two flaws that make it a failure. The knob is at the top of the lid. It is too short to have a good grip on. If it gets greasy, it becomes more annoying. I can't remember how many times the lid has slipped from my hand. I've been lucky that the lid hasn't broken when dropped. The filter screen is a problem. It has done a good job, but the manufacturer's glue doesn't last. The screen has become detached from the frame. I will replace it with a different brand because of the issue with the lid.

👤The jar looked beautiful sitting on the counter in our farmhouse style kitchen. I give it four stars because it would be helpful if they added a handle to it. It becomes slippery if grease gets on the outside and is hard to clean because it is slick and smooth. There was a small amount of grease on the side of it which caused my husband to drop it and it shattered into tiny pieces everywhere. We had it in our kitchen for 2 weeks.

11. Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

Chihee Strainer Stainless Container Dust Proof

The size is 16.8 x 3 cm and 6.6 x 1.18 inch. You can enjoy your dressings on the go without worrying about waste or leaking. The oil strainer pot helps them separate food from fat. Food grade SUS 304 is a high temperature resistant material. It is easy to hand clean the separate parts. It is important to keep hygiene and to keep dust out. The fully loaded capacity is 2L/68oz, which is equivalent to the capacity of 2 bottles of 1000ml edible oil, and the optimal capacity is 1.6L/54oz. Use oil, multi-purpose, one pot to meet the daily needs of the family. It can be directly heated and compatible with open flames, so it can be used to solve the problem of reuse of cooked oil. High quality and durable. The parts are made of 304stainless steel and have no rust, high temperature resistance, or wear resistance. The pot body is 2mm thick and has a long service life. The pot body is welded to the handle, making it difficult to break. The perfect design cooking oil container has a lid to stop dust from falling into the oil. An anti-slip coaster tray will prevent oil from spilling onto the counter top or range top if there is a mesh strainer on it. The small eagle mouth shaped pour spout design works well. It is comfortable to hold. Chihee has high quality products and services. They will reply to your email within 24 hours. They will try their best to help you until you are satisfied if you contact them as soon as possible.

Brand: Chihee

👤The capacity is large enough and the strainer filters really well. It is easy to clean the strainer. There were no drippings in the pot. If it happens, I suggest wiping it clean as it may get sticky and harder to clean later on. There is a Since I started using it, there have been no cons.

👤I was concerned about buying a unit. The strainer would be too coarse and would let too much particulate through, which would make the oil useless. The strainer would be too fine and you wouldn't be able to pour oil into the can without stopping and letting it drain them pouring more, etc. The unit works well, so my concerns were for nothing. You can pour a pot of grease directly into the oil and strain the smallest particles out of it, making it usable for longer.

👤The grease can is larger than I expected. It is about the size of a small coffee pot. I wasn't expecting the tray that it sits on, I guess I didn't look at the picture closely enough It looks like it should be easy to clean. The strainer will make the saved grease cleaner because it is large enough to pour the grease into it without it running down the side.

👤Liked it. The size is what it is. The tight lid makes it easy to catch drips. The edge of the strainer tab is not liked. I almost cut my finger on the metal. The lid roll has metal that shows through it. There is a black detail. I don't think this pot will last very long. There is a I worry about the strainer sharp edges in the house. There is a The price is excessive and will be returned.

👤All the little bits are strained out. My dad used to call it bacon "butter" because it was made from fried potatoes, okra, and even half and half for pie crust. A good container with a good handle. The lid doesn't click down on the back side and I don't know if the strainer part should be removed for storage or not. The strained handle was pushed down and the lid was tight. I'm happy now.

👤Get this! If you need a place to store pan grease, then look no further. It is well made, comes with a handy tray for drippings, and the handle is great for transporting so that it won't slip out of your hands. It is my blessing and I am very excited about it. This is the one! I am telling you something.

👤We upgraded the type of cooking oils we use and wanted to get some of the oil back. This seemed to be the best value for the money after studying and looking at the options. It is.

👤I don't fry a lot but when I do I don't want to waste the grease. bacon for beef Bourguignon... I never have a can for bacon grease. Last year I melted a plastic trash can and tried to hit a small can with it, so this year I decided to treat myself. I love it! It works perfectly and is well made. I can keep things in the fridge or on the counter. I use bacon grease in a pan of vegetables or potatoes a lot. I wasted all of that before.


What is the best product for cooking grease container with strainer farmhouse?

Cooking grease container with strainer farmhouse products from Keouke. In this article about cooking grease container with strainer farmhouse you can see why people choose the product. Oggi and Evelots are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grease container with strainer farmhouse.

What are the best brands for cooking grease container with strainer farmhouse?

Keouke, Oggi and Evelots are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grease container with strainer farmhouse. Find the detail in this article. Ontube, Ayesha Curry Kitchenware and Li-gelisi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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