Best Cooking Grate Round

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1. WINTRON Porcelain Cooking Replacement Genesis

WINTRON Porcelain Cooking Replacement Genesis

The wire weaving is made of 1.8mm thick steel. The frame is smooth welded. The Weber gourmet BBQ system sear grate is compatible with 7585 for Weber Summit 400/600 series gas grills and 7586 for Weber Spirit 300 series and Genesis 1-5, Genesis 1000-5000, and Genesis Silver B/C gas grills. The grill grate is glossy and anti-rustier, which makes it easy to clean. The cast-iron grate evenly conducts heat, creating professional sear marks while sealing in the flavor of your food.

Brand: Wintron

👤The grate doesn't fit my grill, and everything sticks to the coating. I was hoping this would be as good as my original cast iron ones.

👤It is easy to fit our grill. Also, it was made well.

👤It is ok. It's large and it's cheese. It works as it should.

👤No ser. Weber tiene un buen desempeo.

2. Campfire Grill Grid Fire 24 Inch

Campfire Grill Grid Fire 24 Inch

Grill marks make the BBQ more fun. Extra heavy gauge steel. The grill is chrome plated and easy to clean. It's ideal for campfire cookouts. The diameter is 24 inches. It is not possible to ship to international addresses.

Brand: Firering Grill Grid

👤This is not a 24 inch grate. I have to bend it all up and use it for charcoal in my grill build. I will order a grate that is less than 24 inches. If they say that it should be no larger than 24 then that's what a manufacturing company should know. How do they expect customers to fit something into a hole? Do they consider customer expectations? If I had an educated guess, their tolerance on this product would be + 1/2. Their tolerance should not be greater than 24. There is a My recommendation is to stay away from a poorly manufactured item that they can't live with. The description of the product should be changed to reflect that there is no way of knowing the dimensions of the grate you will receive, though it may be near 24. The description might read "closer to 24" than other inches. Something in between would be more appropriate. The manufacturer could always describe an engineer's foot size for the discrepency in their tolerances, after all, who knows who's foot they used to engineer a 2 feet in diameter grill grate. There is a I gave some Continuous Improvement advice. Edward Deming would be very proud of me.

👤This does not work. I put it on the fire pit. It was not a raging fire. This may have been constructed out of paper. You will have to return it, so don't waste your time.

👤It fit in my firepit and grate support was custom made. Remember, not an open flame that touches the grate, only used over coals.

👤It got the job done and got three stars. It's a simple, light and inexpensive way to grill over an open fire or can-stove. My hotdogs rolled off because it warped so badly on the first use. After it cooled, it didn't go back to flat. I use it upside-down so my food doesn't roll off, but the cross-bars are on the back so the food doesn't sit on the grill.

👤The wire used in the grate is less than the metal used in coat hooks. Cheap isn't even the word for it. The description says it is "Extra heady gauge steel". Rome makes a 24 in grate. It's more money but it's worth it. I bought it. I'm happy. The Romes-123Grill-Chrome-Plated is available on Amazon.

👤I bought this to cover my burn barrel. I didn't plan on cooking it on top of my barrel, but it took on a dome shape, and it did some extreme warping. It works well for what I need it for, but might not be a good idea for your grill. There is a It wasn't meant for a burn barrel, but the heat it was subjected to will be similar to a typical charcoal grill when lighting it.

👤The top bead of our firepit is perfect because we used two stacked truck rims. Steaks are better over a campfire. We don't remember to bring the grill in so it's been put side in all weather conditions and has not shown any signs of rust. Nice grill!

3. 18 Inch Stainless Cooking Classic Charcoal

18 Inch Stainless Cooking Classic Charcoal

Save time with less scrubbing. It's a fact of life that no one likes cleaning up. It is easier to clean and maintain nickel plated steel. You spend more time chilling and grilling than cleaning the grill grate. Kamado Joe Classic Joe KJ23RHC + KJ23NRHC is made of 18-inch Round STAINLESS STEEL. The big green egg grill models have an 18-in round grill. The cooking grid is compatible with the original cast iron one. The Kamado Joe Classic Joe series charcoal grills have a Heavy Duty Whole Round STAINLESS STEEL Grill Grid.

Brand: Wintron

👤The size is listed as 18. It is not 18. There is a It's too big for my grill. I'm not happy. Take care of this description. There is a The grill is useless to me.

👤This is not 18 inches. It wouldn't fit my grill.

👤Weber doesn't offer a 18" cast iron grill for their Kettle grill. It's actually 17 inches. It does fit the Weber smoker. I will make it work. The cast iron grill is too small for a hair. If you want to play with it, it's worth it.

👤I was walking away when I heard what I thought was a casting break, I wanted to heat and season it before we went out to big bend, I started a fire in the fire ring and was pleased with the progress, I was walking away when I heard what I thought was a casting I guess you get what you pay for.

👤It's easy to add charcoal or woodchips with the hinged opening.

👤It's perfect to use with my tripod.

4. KAMaster Stainless Charcoal Accessory Replaces

KAMaster Stainless Charcoal Accessory Replaces

Please double-check the dimensions of your existing grate before ordering, the 1 inch hole is great for support of the original Char-Griller. A must-have accessory for weber is 100% STAINLESS STEEL. A magnet can be used to test for safe steel. No worries about rust sticking to your food. For 22 inches Weber grills, weber 7587, weber 7586, and weber 8835 are the ones that you should use. The lift-up section of the kettle allows you to easily add briquettes. The two raised side handles make it easy to lift the grate. There is a note about this. When the grill is heated, a high temperature approved glove or a cooking utensil can be used to lift the grid up. Save time with less scrubbing. It's a fact of life that no one likes cleaning up. It is easier to clean and maintain nickel plated steel. You spend more time chilling and grilling than cleaning the grill grate.

Brand: Kamaster

👤There are two areas to open the grate that came with Weber. The area that opens in this one is more useful because it is larger, I just place the grate in a way that makes adding more charcoal more convenient. I made chicken that covered the entire thing and the gauge was not affected. I can't get over the fact that my family, friends and I have been eating chrome and rust for the past few years, so I've decided to go with the chrome and rust option.

👤This is the best price I have seen for a replacement for a Weber kettle cooking grate. It's perfect for low and slow bbq and is decent. If you want to lay down bold sear marks, there are thicker options out there that are more expensive. This is a perfect solution for teaming up with a Slow-N-Sear and Smokenator.

👤I found different magnetic properties when I looked at it. The grate that came with way was much more heavy duty. Weber. The larger single hinged grid is better than the two small openings on the original. The new grid will help me keep my Weber Performer grill for a long time. Good construction is worth the cost.

👤The grill grate on my cheap grill rusted in no time. I swapped it out for this one and it is a great grill that is great to cook on. The split grate makes it easy to cook coals.

👤It was much heavier than the original. Very. It was well made. It was a bit more expensive than I expected, but it's not made of steel. I would recommend this to anyone who uses their kettle frequently.

👤Most likely no high quality steel because it is barely magnetic. The build quality is not good. There was a bolt that was missing. Some of the bars weren't even attached to the rest of the grate, where you could see they had tried to attach them. The product will be terrible.

👤I wanted to go for the grill that was made of stainless steel, and so far I am not disappointed at all.

👤Excellent grill grate. The construction of the steel makes it easy to clean. It should have been this way from the factory.

👤You can add charcoal easily if you have an excellent grate. It's easy to spin during a cook. Solid construction.

5. Onlyfire X Marks Cooking Outdoor Campfire

Onlyfire X Marks Cooking Outdoor Campfire

A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor provides for its products. It is the center of family gatherings because of the large cooking space which allows you to grill all at once. Sturdy, nice handles do not get hot, so it's easy to move the grate over a bit to add some coals or wood. It is easy to clean and durable. This cooking grate is great for grilling. Steel construction for resistance. Grill marks make the BBQ more fun.

Brand: Only Fire

👤The steel mesh of this grate warped in less than 5 minutes, which is disappointing. I built the fire, put the grate on the fire pit, and walked away. The mesh was warped out of shape when I came back. I don't believe it's up to full heat yet because I lit the fire 10 minutes before I put the grate on the fire. I don't understand why this warped so quickly. I will be looking for a grate that is strong enough to hold my fire pit.

👤I was reading other people's reviews of good and bad, and I am glad I did, because I was pondering whether I should buy that or not. My husband knows how it works and he loves it. Other people said that it was useless. I don't agree with that one, but I don't put that on that fire pit to prevent it from doing that. My husband raised it using leftover pavers from the fire pit to prevent it from overheating. Hope this will help you.

👤There is an update. I expected this to last but so far it is holding up. It has been left out on the fire pit for a couple winters. Our two dogs are standing on it all the time and we are holding up fine. There is a We ordered this for an event. It was supposed to arrive two days later. It hasn't left the shipping facility two days later. The second one I ordered arrived the next day. Two weeks later, the first one hasn't arrived. Requesting a money back. There is a Now for quality. It is very light. We did not cook anything on it like we planned for our event as I am sure it won't last, but we wanted it to cover our pit, so I will keep it.

👤We threw out the food because it had a black film on it. It was the first time it had heating up. The food was ruined the second time. The black came off when I cleaned it. It is rusted over useless junk.

👤We cooked outside for the first time last night, using the grate that fits perfectly on our Landmann 36" firepit. It was fun to camp out in the backyard. We love this item and plan to use it throughout the year, but I don't know how it will hold up over time.

👤I like this grill and it's a great price. This fits perfectly on our fire pit, which is a kind of camp fire with a round masonry wall. There is a There are pros and cons. The handles do not get hot, so can be removed to add wood, and the warps in the heat, which is easily bent back into shape, are not a problem. If the warping gets worse, you will be able to make an extra bar or two across. Will buy another one if the grill burns out. It's worth buying a replacement at this price. Really pleased.

6. OLIGAI Cooking Stainless Replacement Barbecue

OLIGAI Cooking Stainless Replacement Barbecue

This product is a great gift for friends and family. The Cooking Grid Grates have 2 vertical poles in the center and 25 evenly arranged bars, it provides greater weight tolerance and increased strength than other ordinary grill grate. The professional grinding process makes the edge of the grille smooth, so that you can use it safely and conveniently. Heavy Duty STAINLESS STEEL is made of 304-grade STAINLESS STEEL. The wire cooking grate is a replacement for the cast iron grate. That will last and won't rust. The model is easy to use, it has a diameter of 15.5 inch, which can be used for medium green egg,weber,char-griller,smokey joe,grill dome,kamado joe classic, most grills of the same dimensions. There are barbecue ceramic grill accessories. It can be cleaned with an oven brush. It is easy to clean and anti blocking.

Brand: Oligai

👤It was very well made. Heavy work. The grate that came with the Kamado Grill was not as good as the one I have now.

👤Ask about works with older models.

7. Sunrise Multi Purpose Stainless Steel Barbecue

Sunrise Multi Purpose Stainless Steel Barbecue

The outdoor round BBQ campfire grill is ideal for camping, hiking, picnicking, BBQ and other outdoor activities. You can clean it with a paper towel, cloth, or grill brush after use. The grill net is round. The diameter is 8 and the height is 1. No foot. The heavy duty barbecue grill mesh is suitable for restaurant use. The wire weaving is made of 1.8mm thick steel. The frame is smooth welded.

Brand: Sunrise

👤It was bought to cook over a stove. It fits over my solo stove which is 7 inches in diameter. It makes for a nice Korean bbq style grill for 2 if you fill it with wood pellets and charcoal. I bought a couple so I can swap them out.

👤I use this in my Akorn JR so that the small coal doesn't fall to the bottom. The temp went up to 600 f.

👤Better than the original grill. It was easy to clean. I replaced the grill on the japanese bucket grill.

👤The grate in our chiminea was our Multipurpose.

👤I use this for baking potatos at a slower pace.

👤The brazier I have is a small size. Quite heavy, will not bend.

👤I put the grill on the bottom of the bird feeders to make it easier for larger birds to stand.

👤Totally exceeded my expectations.

8. Hongso SCG195 Stainless Cooking Ceramic

Hongso SCG195 Stainless Cooking Ceramic

Heavy duty cast iron is easy to clean. The cast iron grate only heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also give professional sear marks to meat and veg. Kamado Akorn Kamado Kooker, Pit Boss K 24 and Char-Griller 16620 are examples of applicable models. The lifting section can be used with this lifter to add chips smoking chunks and charcoal. Substantial bars hold heat well, prevent sticking and give deep sear marks to meat and veggies. The food is hard to fall between the rods. The grill grates were tested to meet or exceed standards. 304 STAINLESS STEEL is a high quality material that is easy to clean, maintain, and install. Please double-check the dimensions of your existing grate before ordering, the 1 inch hole is great for support of the original Char-Griller.

Brand: Hongso

👤The Kamado Akorn grill is compatible with this one. I replaced the cast iron grate that I broke on my Akorn grill with this one because it works very well.

👤The cast iron grill that we replaced had rusted. The new grill cleans up just fine.

👤This is the replacement grate for my Char-griller kamodo. When I saw this one, I was happy. It works well, I can open the portion to add fuel or wood, and clean it up with a ball of tinfoil. If you need to replace your cast iron grate, I would recommend this product.

👤I should have bought this a long time ago. I went through two cast iron grates because they were rusting. I don't have to worry about maintaining it because it works just as well. A good wire brush is all it needs. If you own an ACORN, I highly recommend you invest in one of these. You will need it sooner or later.

👤It fits nicely in my Char-griller akorn. The raised rack that came with the akorn fits nicely. The eye that warmer mounts in is very sturdy and thicker, giving me great confidence that it will handle bigger items without issue. There is a The section for adding charcoal moves nicely with no side to side movement. Look forward to using it.

👤I bought this item because the one that came with my grill bent when I put a chicken on it. I bought it because it said it was for cooking and I have to prop it up with a can because it bent just like my first one. They said the Chargriller is only for warming and not for cooking. I'm a bit disappointed.

👤The intention was to use the folding grate to stoke the fire. It works, but no need for stoking the car. Fast delivery is great for my application.

👤I had a broken grill grate on my Komodo egg grill, but I couldn't find one. I found this one and ordered it, it is a perfect fit. I can use my grill again.

👤I can close the lid on the bbq, but it would be great for the second level to keep the food warm.

👤La imagen y con las medidas correctas, buen articulo.

👤El accesorio tienes unas accesorios.

9. Dracarys Cooking Accessories Classic Char Griller

Dracarys Cooking Accessories Classic Char Griller

You should measure 8.25-inches wide. The Cast Iron cooking grate is made of high density cast iron, it can endure higher temperatures than normal grate, and gives off a more even heat and holds it longer than steel. You can get grill marks on your steaks with this cast iron grid, like the famous chef did, your family and friends will think you're a grilling genius. This is an excellent barbecue accessory, it is easy to clean the grate. The heat retention and the grate's longevity are what any "yard chef" would want. This 15" round grill grate is an excellent big green egg accessories, fit for medium big green egg Medium Big Green Egg,Char-Griller Barbecue Ceramic Grill and Smoker, 15 inch Diameter, and any same size grill,fire pit. It is a perfect replacement for your primary cooking surface. How can I avoid temptation? When the grill is not in use, cover it with a paper towel and a dash of oil to keep it seasoned. 2. When all of the food is gone, place it on a clean, hot stove or grill and wipe it dry. 3. The grill notices should be left open NationMaster so that condensation doesn't collect. 4. After each use, make sure you clean your grate. 5. If you have to store your grill for a long time, make sure to coat it with cooking oil.

Brand: Dracarys

👤The cast iron grill broke when I heard a loud pop. It was convenient that it broke outside of my return period and that I spent over $50 on a junk grill. I was very excited to find a cast iron grill. I'm extremely disappointed.

👤The dimensions are perfect for a Smoke King Smoker. The Smoke King's chrome plated grills that I ordered to replace were the first. There is a The heat retention and the grate's longevity are what any "yard chef" would want. I was very happy with this product and the upgrade it gave me.

👤It can be used in my Green Egg. It works very well once seasoned. So far, very pleased.

👤The first one was broken. I know what kind of shipping abuse can break cast iron. Returned it, received another one, and it was great. They recommend peanut oil for seasoning on their website. Awesome!

👤This grate is very easy to clean. The grate bars come to a point at the top. There is a It cleans up easily. Can't go wrong with cast iron if you care for it.

👤The new grate was perfect. It cleaned up the grill marks on the steaks.

👤My broke in the first few uses.

10. CHEF Steaming Grilling Stainless Dishwasher

CHEF Steaming Grilling Stainless Dishwasher

Hand wash in warm soapy water. The round cooling rack is made of pure steel and is Rust free after cleaning. The best way to save time on repeat cooking is to use a cooking rack that is elevated 1 inch. Sturdy rack feet for holding heavier food, Oven safe and durable use for years, and premium STAINLESS STEEL thick wires with solid seamless welding, not easy to fall out and prevent rack warping, are all features. Smooth edge without rough spot for your comfortable grasp, Close parallel line prevents food from falling through, Overall mirror finished craft for releasing food and cleaning easily, convenient to wash by hand and dishwasher. There are three different sizes, Large dia.1012”, Medium dia. 9” and small dia. The stockpot pressure cooker is a perfect tool to layer food from your cooker, for baking and cooling cookie, steaming or roasting chicken.

Brand: P&p Chef

👤I bought one rack from another source for more than the entire set. I sent it back because it was bad. The set of 3 racks is perfect. I got more than the one large one that I needed. The 7.5" and 9" are compatible with my stockpot. I haven't had a chance to speak to their longevity yet, but they seem to be as good a quality as my intellectual property, and I feel like they will last a long time if maintained as they should be. Don't leave them sitting in water for a long time, don't bake food on them to eat away at the finish, and don't let them drink water for a long time.

👤I bought these for canning. I boil the jars in my large soup pot. The racks held up well. There isn't any rust on them so far. I only use them once in a large pot of water and once in a large Skillet of water to cook the lids. There is no rust on the surface of the wrecks and they fit well inside of a variety of Skillet and pot sizes. They work well and are lightweight, and of course Amazon ships fast. I have everything I need for the weekend.

👤I use the racks in my cast iron pots or crock pots to raise my chickens and roast them above the grease that comes from cooking. It keeps the meat from getting wet. They do their job. I'm sure you could use them in larger air fryers. I purchased them for the job and they do a good job.

👤I was looking for a nice round rack that would allow me to use a pot of boiling water instead of using a big long cookie cooling rack in the cabinet. This set is the perfect size and gives you 3 different options to use on different pots, it is very easy to clean and store stacked up. The units are very sturdy.

👤I just received them. I haven't had the chance to use them yet. I hesitated to buy them because I read reviews first and a few people had said they were broken or bent when they arrived. I decided to purchase them because of the positive reviews. The metal is very heavy and well soldered. No breaks or bends. I think they will hold up. They came in different sizes to fit my pots and pans. I'm happy with the purchase.

👤My wife needed the rack to jar some fruit and she was very pleased with it. We have two smaller ones.

👤I keep pans from burning food by using the cooking rack in my outdoor ovens. Love them.

👤These fill the bill well. I use a round, covered pot for steaming or stove-top-smoking. They are well suited to the job. It could be a little stronger. They're priced fairly and will be fine for everything.

👤The description says that the joints are welded together, but they are not. I didn't want anything to be soldered as it could cause harm to the food. There is a The wires are crooked and the joints are hand-soldered. There is a I'm not sure if this is real steel. These are not magnetic at all. There is a The product is returning!

11. CAMPMAX X Marks Heavy Duty Campfire Cookware

CAMPMAX X Marks Heavy Duty Campfire Cookware

The Kamado Joe Classic Joe series charcoal grills have a Heavy Duty Whole Round STAINLESS STEEL Grill Grid. The fire pit cooking grate has two sizes, L: 30 inches/76.2 cm in diameter, and XL: 36 inches/91.5 cm in diameter. A large cooking surface is needed for a large group. You have the option to choose according to your needs. The X-Marks cooking grill is made of heavy-duty iron with a coat of paint on the surface, which is durable, food-grade, rust-proof and high-temperature heat resistant. The BBQ cooking grate has a diamond-shaped mesh grill that can transfer heat efficiently and distribute heat evenly. It can make food look more delicious by creating X-shaped sear marks. The over-the-fire camping grill grate is easy to clean. It has two handles for maneuvering around fire. The iron structure helps to hold the weight of food. The outdoor round BBQ campfire grill is ideal for camping, hiking, picnicking, BBQ and other outdoor activities. You can clean it with a paper towel, cloth, or grill brush after use.

Brand: Campmax

👤The first use warped it.

👤I thought others might want to know if it is safe to cook on this, since I didn't buy it to cook food directly. The description says it is coated with food grade paint and all the photos are photoshopped. I don't think it's a thing. It smelled like burning plastic or paint after I put it over the fire. If you need something to cook on, I would look at something else.

👤This was purchased to add to our outdoor cooking pit. It's strong enough for dutch oven cooking. It's a great addition for all outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

👤This grill was placed over the underground pit so it would be perfect for a night of BBQ.

👤A fire pit cover was needed. The pit is 28 inches in diameter. The cover is 30 inches high. A good construction.

👤I would refer to it as a medium duty product.

👤The weight is perfect. I would recommend it. It was made from a washing machine tub.


What is the best product for cooking grate round?

Cooking grate round products from Wintron. In this article about cooking grate round you can see why people choose the product. Firering Grill Grid and Wintron are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grate round.

What are the best brands for cooking grate round?

Wintron, Firering Grill Grid and Wintron are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grate round. Find the detail in this article. Kamaster, Only Fire and Oligai are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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