Best Cooking Grate Model # G460-0500-w1

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1. Uniflasy Charbroil 463242715 463242716 G533 0009 W1

Uniflasy Charbroil 463242715 463242716 G533 0009 W1

Four sections are used for 4-burner grills. It's perfect for Char-Broil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242715, 463242716, The dimensions are 17 x 9 1/2 for each and 17 x 28 1/2 for the total. Before ordering, please confirm the size of your cooking grate. 3 Pcs is included. Retain Heat- Cast iron grate not only heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also deliver professional sear marks. Prepare for 15 minutes and brush with a grill brush. It is made of durable cast iron. Do not chip or rust out the bars, they are more durable and leave beautiful grill marks on the food. How to avoid Rust? Make sure that you clean your grill after each use, Season it with oil, and leave the damper open so that condensation doesn't collect in the grill.

Brand: Uniflasy

👤The Charbroil grill has the IR trays on it. They work well and are less expensive than the Charbroil grates. These grates are cast iron but not coated with a protective coating, so they must be seasoned and cleaned regularly or they will rust. The maintenance on these grates is very important. The advantage is that cast iron has outstanding heat retention. It's easy to cook perfectly seared meat. They will last a long time if you maintain them well.

👤The replacements from Char-Broil were more expensive. I thought I would try them. It was a perfect fit. I am confident that I will get a lot of life out of these.

👤The grill plates fit perfectly on the 2016 Tru-Infrared model. It was a great value as direct to CB. Even if they last 1/2 as long as the originals, I'm happy with the quality and price.

👤I stored them in the garage over the winter after I used them all summer. They are still new. They become more non-stick with use and care, like cast iron pans. I think these are excellent. The original grate that came with the grill was better than the ones we have now.

👤We bought them based on the grill's model number. If you want to search for grill grates, you should get the actual measurement size. They needed to be replaced because they did not fit our grill. You should check them within the 30-day return window and contact Amazon if they are incorrect. Amazon only has a 30-day return window, while the company offers a 90-day return. They have a shiny metallic coating on them that is not straight cast iron, which is something I have never seen on any other cast iron product.

👤Our old grill was ready for the landfill and was turned into an excellent outdoor cooking grill by these grates. Even though we hadn't used it much in the past, these perfect grates saved us from buying a new grill. We were able to find this product and I am so thankful.

👤This brought the grill back to life. The cost of the replacement parts for the non-infrared grill is over the top, and I can't imagine using it again. This is the set you are looking for.

👤Replacement grate for my grill. They fit. The seller was very helpful. They should have sold the plates.

2. LANEJOY Barbecue Stainless Multifunction Cooking

LANEJOY Barbecue Stainless Multifunction Cooking

The portable outdoor folding grill is a practical Campfire Grill that makes it easier to cook a hot meal outdoors. Designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots. It is not suitable for direct contact grilling. The wire mesh for the barbecue is made of high quality 304stainless steel. BBQ wire mesh is food safe. The grill cooking grid grate can be used as a cooling and baking rack and is used for outdoor cooking. You can use it in other ways, but pay attention to the size of its size, to avoid the trouble of returned purchase. There are three sizes of the metal mesh: large, medium and small. The most suitable size should be paid special attention to. Grills grids are well-made. The BBQ net is round and corner border. Do not hang clothes, make the barbecue net strong and easy to clean. The Neat Grid is a way to bake food evenly for outdoor cooking. It is widely used to grill food in a household or at a picnic.

Brand: Lanejoy

👤The grill was useless after a weekend of cooking over a fire. The wires were bent from the heat. I replaced a 20 year old grill that was in better shape than the new grill that I bought.

👤I use them for play areas for the birds because of the soft edges. The safest metal to use is shir steel. You're good to go if you add a few perches and toys.

👤After spending 2 hours searching for the exact part to replace the charcoal tray on my otherwise OK Master Forge grill and smoker, I decided on getting these cooking grid grates to lay atop the edges of my existing charcoal tray, which developed a hole in the middle from heat stress. This seemed like the best fit and an excellent value, since no exact replacement part was available to ship immediately. It is lightweight, so it doesn't add stress to the handle-crank lift mechanism that raises and lowers the charcoal, and I have a back-up to replace it if it burns. I grill an average of 1x/month and I am confident that this will extend the life of my grill and keep it from going to the landfill for at least 2 more years.

👤I put these on top of the grate for my grill. I wanted to prevent food from falling through the grate. These work well. They have not warped even at very high heat.

👤It fits my Brinkman Smoke 'n Grill better than any other I have found and I like the size. The parts I ordered for the 1995 Brinkman model are no longer available. The strength seems to be good for steaks, burgers, chicken, and small roasts. I have not been able to cook because of the weather. The fact that it's made from a type of steel called STAINLESS STEEL makes it a better choice for cleaning than the original style steel. I was very happy that it fit.

👤These are not made of steel. They do what they are supposed to.

👤It's perfect for making a grill over the fire.

👤The deal is for 2 separate grates. Will be giving them a test soon.

👤Es un producto.

3. SafBbcue Replacement Charbroil 463241013 463243812

SafBbcue Replacement Charbroil 463241013 463243812

If you want to avoid buying mistakes, please compare their cooking grate and emitter plate set with your original parts and check your original size. The Char-broil Commercial 2 Burner 3 Burner is compatible with 463241313 T22D. T36D T-22D 463241 314 . Grills. The Performance 3 Burner is compatible with the Charbroil thermos 2 burner. The Performance 3 Burner is compatible with Char-broil. Grills. The Charbroil Performance 4 burner is compatible with this one. G519-A400-W1 grills. The Charbroil 5 burner is compatible with the G570-0036-W1 Grills. The Charbroil Classic 5 burner is compatible with this one. Grills. 3-pack cast iron grill grate and 3-pack premium stainless-steel Emitter plate are included.

Brand: Safbbcue

👤It's for my char broil. Emitter plats are different from originals in three ways. The holes are at the top of the crest. I think this will be more hot than char broil because of the holes. Grease can be trapped in the channels without holes. It might be an advantage if it means less plugged holes. There is a The gauge of the steel emitters may be less durable because they are lighter. There is a The rounded waves shape of the original wave is more saw tooth than it is. The holes may be a little smaller since they pass through a bend. Can't say if these are better or worse.

👤The grills and plates are the same strength as the original ones. The design of the plates seems to have improved since the holes that let heat directly through seem to be a little larger. The heat was responsive to slight changes in the gas dial, so cooking with them worked well.

👤The model number that I have matches the one in the description, but it is not the same. The plates are not set as they should be. The design that came on the grill was different.

👤I received a nice buy and these fit the Char Broil grill. It's worth it if your grill is in good shape.

👤It's a perfect fit for the char-broil gill model. Not the same as the originals. It gets a job done.

👤I needed replacements for my grills. The grate was a perfect fit.

4. GGC Replacement Chargriller Griller Porcelain

GGC Replacement Chargriller Griller Porcelain

Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with theirs before you place your order. Replacement parts for Chargriller are 2123, 2123, 2828, 3001, 3008 and 3072. Cast iron retains heat superbly, Heavy duty, Non-stick, Durable, and easy to clean up. BBQ grill, gas grills, electric burner, charcoal oven, and others. Materials: porcelain coated cast iron; dimensions: 19 3/4" x 6 3/4" for each, 19 3/4" x 27" for 4 PCS. There is a replacement for the original part numbers. Before placing an order for aftermarket replacements, please check the dimensions of your original parts.

Brand: Ggc

👤The steel grate I purchased was used to build a plant stand. I got the idea while watching a home improvement show. These grates are very strong and are a great size for holding small/medium pots, they are very clean and modern, and are less expensive than many similar "plant stands" available. As the mood changes, can rearrange into different configurations. Very pleased with the purchase.

👤The 4-pack is a good fit for CharGrill 2020. The product description states that the set is not porcelain coated. It is not covered. I need to make the solution work because this is a disappointment. It can be seasoned, like all cast iron. I'm hopeful that seasoning the grill-grates will make the investment worthwhile. Correct your product info.

👤It was a perfect fit. Will work well. They were given 4 stars as it was stated that they are porcelain coated. These aren't coated. Needed so I used it. It's still a good value. There are two different styles in the pictures. One porcelain coated and one not. "porcelain coated" needs to be removed from the description. The porcelain is more rounded. Non coated, triangular.

👤I thought they would stick, but I realized my cast-iron pans don't stick once coated, so I make sure to spray or put some oil down, and nothing sticks to them, nothing worse than before. There is a If you're reading this, you might want to look for an alternative, but I'm happy with them as they are.

👤I don't grill that often. I want clean grates when I do. I covered the grates with foil after 10 years because they were starting to rust. They are a perfect fit. No more foil needed! It is back to those grill marks.

👤The grill is over five years old and in good shape, but the grate was getting a bit rusty. They wouldn't clean very well. The universal replacement grate is a lot cheaper than a $400 to $500 grill.

👤The porcelan coating seems thin and we'll see how it holds up over time. There is a These fit my old Char Broil drum grill better than the originals and work better with the original lifter handle. There is a They are over $20 cheaper than the raw cast iron Char Broil replacement grates.

👤The grill marks are really bad. The product is easy to clean. They fit into the grooves. Man oh man. Does this product last? Make your mark on family memories by getting out and grilling America.

5. Replacement G369 0030 W2 G469 0005 W1 G460 0500 W1 Char Broil

Replacement G369 0030 W2 G469 0005 W1 G460 0500 W1 Char Broil

If you have any problems with the process of receiving or using the product, please let them know. They will give you a solution within 24 hours. Please check the size and model of your grill part. There is a larger clearANCE and a larger diaMETER soLID RODS. The charbroil replacement parts grill grates are made of a type of enamel. If it's taken care of, char- broil 2 burner grill parts will last a long time. High heat retention and cook food fast are some of the things that can be achieved. It is more durable than others. The porcelain coating grate is not like that. There is a communication with Charlie Grill. The original model of replacement parts. The charbroil grill replacement parts are not included in the G469-0005-W1, G362-0008-W1 and G362-0008-W2. The char-broil signature has a high temperature. CHARBROIL PERFORMANCE PARTS 2&3&4&5 are included. The charbroil grill is compatible with the following: FITS NEXGRILL EVOLUTION 2 BURNER GRILL. The nexgrill evolution 720-0864m home depot has replacement parts. The grill parts kit is compatible with the nexgrill. nexgrill grill kit for home depot, model# 720-0864, includes grill, replacement parts, and thermometer. There is only a single listing forfits char broil commercial tru in forearm 4 burner grill parts. 2 x (2-pack) is required for Charbroil Commercial TruInfrared 4 burner. The char-broil commercial 463642316 parts include a har-broil gas grill replacement part.

Brand: Charbrofire

👤It looks and fits like the original. I would like to give a few years of delicious barbecue.

👤The grills are great. There is a My grill is perfect. Very happy.

👤If I had not trashed the old ones, I would have returned them. There are no signs of a porcelain coating.

6. Direct Store DS102 Stainless Replacement

Direct Store DS102 Stainless Replacement

To clean, use a paper towel or cloth. Always dry the grate with a towel before storing if you clean with soap and water. After each use, put a coat of cooking oil on the grill grate. The grill grate should be treated with a saturated fat oil if it hasn't been used in a long time. If you're looking for parts, the brand and model are special notes. No. If provided, this item might be compatible with the shopping guide listed below. Before ordering, please double check the size and shape of your original parts. The total is 25 x 25 x 17 and the grid is 12 x 12. Vermont Castings Models: 463250509, 463250510; Char Broil Part Numbers: 80017395 Great outdoors models: 1000, 1000K, 7000, 7000W, 7500, 8000, 8100, 8500; Replacement for Great outdoors part numbers: MJHAZ00600, AZ00600. Replacement for Vermont Castings Models: BM616, GC616, GC716, GC816, 500, Heatwave; Replacement for thermos models: , 80017395.

Brand: Direct Store

👤These were what I was hoping for, but they were too big to fit on my grill. I thought it would take me a few seconds to shave the excess off with a sawzall. These are built strong. It took a few minutes to cut it. They are a great value because of the good price. There is a There are great marks for build quality and just one star off for the size. I would order them again if I knew I would have to cut them.

👤I bought two sets of grills to replace the fake one I had. I took good care of the unit and it was very disappointing to see the old ones chip and make the iron corrosive. It was necessary to add another one to make it fit perfect, and it was easy to cut the STAINLESS with a 1/6 cutting wheel. I was happy with the results and both sets. If you own a BBQ unit, you should always check your grills with a magnet and inspect the steel for rust andcorrosion if you need to replace them. It was easy to clean after BBQing and it looked great. Happy man! Making grilling enjoyable.

👤I replaced the cracked and rusting grate on my grill. You would expect these to work. Make sure the grill is hot before putting meat on. If you are grilling meat with a lot of fat, trim a chunk off and use the hot grate to "baste" the meat before putting it on.

👤Solid steel is used to make the grates. The sizes were correct. After only 2 uses, this steel started to rust, even though it looked nice when new.

👤It was as advertised. Solid steel with no rust is proof. There was no warping. Really happy with the purchase. I wish I'd switched a long time ago. The grill was better quality than what I received.

👤I picked up the package at the post office. The package was too heavy and I was certain that a mistake had been made. There was no mistake when it was opened. I thought I would get more heavy duty. Thank you to the manufacturer for making a real grill grate, not just a flimsy one. I'm pretty sure it will work on the cabin grill when I get out there again.

👤I had a hard time finding the right size. The grids are well constructed. Service was excellent. It was received much quicker than anticipated.

👤I decided to go with a new grill grid made of stainless steel. These are heavy and reasonably priced. Excellent quality! Our grill looked new again.

7. Char Broil Tru Infrared Replacement Emitter 4 Burner

Char Broil Tru Infrared Replacement Emitter 4 Burner

Colortrak has a line of salon products that are comfortable and effective for styling, coloring and processing applications. Colortrak products are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of hair color by incorporating ergonomics, design, and real-world testing by brand ambassadors. The Char-Broil Commercial Series TRU-Infrared 4-Burner gas grills made prior to 2015 have one section of premium stainless-steel emitter plates and porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. Not compatible with Char-Broil grills. You will enjoy no flare-ups, juicier foods and even-heat for years to come if you use the Char-Broil TRU-Infrared emitter and grate. The grill model year is identified by the last 2 digits of the model number located on the back of your grill or inside the product guide. The lower plate is 18.35-inches L x 7.70-inches W and the upper grate is 18.27-inches L x 7.14-inches W. Four sections are used for 4-burner grills.

Brand: Char-broil

👤I think I got screwed when I bought the grill five years ago. The wavy mesh screens were the only things I got. It is difficult to clean and rusted. The cast iron cooks and cleans better with these replacements.

👤I have an issue with the product, it states in the title and description that it is for use with 4 Burner Charbroil TRU-Infrared Grills made prior to 2015. ... Why limit the purchase to three? For the fourth set, the shipping can't possibly be that much more. The system won't allow me to order it right now, so I have to wait until they deliver the fourth set. Will update with product info once they are here.

👤The original design was 1000% improvement. Char Broil should have offered replacements for the poor design.

👤The Charbroil Signature TruInfrared 4- burner grill is a lot of use, so these are for it. The original had grids with porcelain cooking grates. I cringed at the price tag, but still ordered 3 of them, which is still cheaper than a new grill. The grill is worth some work. I wanted to replace the burner tubes as well. I bought the generic ones on Amazon at a fraction of the price of the original ones. There is a My review was very unhappy with these. Why? Measure your grill. My original grate was 17x9". These are 17x6 I need 5. There is a The only place I can get the grid that goes beneath the cast iron grate is Charbroil. I am not returning them because of that. There is a The design leaves a GAP between every grate, which is the worst part. I used to cook so that the food didn't go to the edge of the grate, but now it will be nearly impossible to not lose a lot of meat in those gaps. I am so disappointed in the design that was clearly about profits and less about designing a user friendly grill experience for their customers. The company should be ashamed. Never again! I will sell this at a yard sale if I get a Weber next time.

👤I like my new grill grate. They fit perfectly. There is a There is a picture of old and new. There is a If you have more than one grate, you have to order replacements. The BBQ should begin.

👤I thought I was buying a single emitter. I got a cast iron grate. I tried to find a cast iron grate for this grill, but I couldn't find one, so I decided to use the single emitter. This came with both. The cast iron grate is what I wanted because the small holes get clogged after one use, and I don't like the emitters. I will give the old emitters a good cleaning because I now have 3. I might even drill out the bigger holes. I'm very happy with the grates.

👤This was the perfect fit for my Char-Broil 3 burner grill. I have a grill that I bought about 5 years ago and never had any issues, but recently I noticed the grate was starting to rust and pieces were beginning to fall off. I wanted to get the original part since it's the infrared grill. I was having a hard time finding the same one. I noticed that it used four pieces instead of three, but the measurements still matched the span I had to cover. The grate does not fit my model number, according to the q&a. I decided to give it a try. It was a perfect fit, just as I had measured it. The price was a little high but in the end it renewed the life of my grill and I can continue to use it for another five years. I don't have to buy a new grill and spend three times the amount because it ends up being worth it.

8. Weber Grills 7638 Porcelain Enameled Cooking

Weber Grills 7638 Porcelain Enameled Cooking

The package has a dimensions of 59.69 L x 0.762H x35.052W. There are two gas grills - the Spirit E-3110/320/330 and the Spirit SP-320. Instructions for care. Grill on high for 15 minutes and then brush it with a grill brush. After the grill has cooled, use Weber Grate Cleaner and Scrubber Pads.

Brand: Weber

👤My ex ended up with my Weber Genesis Silver grill in the divorce, and anyone reading this will love it. I was sad about the loss of this grill, I was the one who bought it and cooked on it for over 15 years. In my new home, I was sad that I didn't have my old grill, but I found an abandoned Genesis Silver grill on the sidewalk ready for garbage day. I brought it home, cleaned it up, and got my Weber back. It could make someone happy.

👤I wanted to confirm that these are compatible with my old Silver Genesis C. I have not cooked on them yet, but I can tell you that they are a lot nicer than the discontinued model. They fit perfectly. There is a They go flat side up. The cross bars are in the way of the other side. The cross bars were between the main bars on the old model. The photo on the box clearly shows them. There is a The old model is a little heavier than these. I am glad I got mine, but at least these cooking grids seem to be up to snuff, even if people say Weber has gone down hill. I will try to come back once I cook something on them. Wow...realized. I was thinking back in 2004. Getting old. I have cooked on this about 15 times. The best grate I've had is on the Weber. I don't think they will last forever. I will probably get two or three years out of them. I oil them up every time I use them to make sure they don't get rusty. The nylon bristled brushes seem to work well even after some food, and I am trying them out for cleaning. I grill 120 times per year in Texas. I bet I have over 1000 cooks on this grill.

👤We bought our Genesis Silver C in 2002. I've done two deep cleans of the inside of the bars and gas tubes, and replaced them over time. The cast iron grills rusted out after 18 years. I had to replace the grills after some denial and rusty burgers. These are amazing. The old ones were heavier. They're not static. One side is fine, the other side is not. The need for seasoning and oiling is kept in the coat. The product is endorsed by the 5-year warranty. Our first run this week, my grill heated faster and was hotter than the old ones, which is great because these do make a difference!

👤I bought these in April of last year. They were the most expensive grilles on Amazon. I contacted Amazon and Weber for warranty replacements in June. The grilles began to fall apart. I didn't get any results for a month. I'm giving up because I can't use my grille anymore and I'm buying cheaper replacements. I am very disappointed in this purchase.

👤These are not the same as they were a few years ago. They have to be used flat-side up. The skinny side is not designed to be used that way.

9. Hongso Replacement 810 1750 S 810 1751 S PCB006

Hongso Replacement 810 1750 S 810 1751 S PCB006

If you own a 22 inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, you can buy a replacement parts kit instead of buying them separately. Made from porcelain coated cast iron, it's durable. The dimensions are 19/16" x 9 5/16" each and 19/16" x 27/15" total. The cooking grill grate passed testing to meet or exceed relevant standards and can be used directly in barbecue foods. It's safe and healthy. The grid surface is easy to clean and prevents sticking. Porcelain cast iron grates are able to heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also deliver professional sear marks, which increase the beauty of food. Brinkmann models are compatible. If you want to choose the perfect fit cooking grate, please double measure your original parts size and compare with ours.

Brand: Hongso

👤Very sturdy. These have a lot of weight on them. The food stays on the surface. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It was a nice finish. seafood and veggies come off easily. I couldn't find the right grate for my Oklahoma Joe smoker. I only needed two but the price was still better than any other grate I could find. The packaging is good quality and easy to clean.

👤It took me forever to find a set of replacement grill grates that work with my Oklahoma Joes offset smoker ad gas grill. The set did the job.

👤I could tell by the package that it was a returned item. I found out why I put them on my grill. They would have been perfect for my members grill. The top of one of the grill grates is a bit wider than the others, so it barely overlaps and doesn't lay flush with the others. It's so disappointing. Why would you change the parts? I will call customer service to find out about the return.

👤My old grate was rusted. The new ones are great replacements.

👤Food doesn't stick to the grate and it's great for cleaning. They are made of strong material. They were too wide for my grill. Thankfully my husband was able to take one to work and have it cut down a bit. I'm very happy with them.

👤It was a perfect fit. The product is good. It was very easy to clean.

👤It was perfect for my grill. Excellent quality grill grate.

10. EasiBBQ Stainless Charbroil 463242715 463242716

EasiBBQ Stainless Charbroil 463242715 463242716

The story of The Myth. The Legend cast iron is famous for it's long-term durability and versatile nature. This 17” Grid masters heat distribution is cast from solid, pure, premium-grade steel and iron. It's compatible with Char-Broil Commercial TRU-Infrared 463242715. It's compatible with Lothey's and Walmart. It is compatible with the original part number. The package includes a premium emitter plate. It is easy to install and replace. The dimensions are 17 x 9. Measure your parts and compare them to theirs before you order. The heat from the burner tube can be distributed better through the Emitter Plate, there are many holes in it.

Brand: Easibbq

👤I manage a luxury condo in Hawaii. The original ones that came with the barbecue lasted a long time. I didn't notice a problem with cleaning until they were worn out and had holes in the metal. These trays go under the cooking "grates" and cook by the flames underneath, rather than the flames underneath licking the food. It looks good when you first buy it, but it isn't very good. The quality and ease of cleaning was not as good as the original, and one of the trays warped, after I and the maintenance man got these new ones. All 3 trays were caked on. I have to order more of them. I hope I don't have to change them. The barbecue is more likely to smoke and that makes it look like I am not keeping the barbecue clean and doing my job. I'm going to look for a different seller.

👤Measure the grill. They don't fit every model. They are a chop saw away from fitting. It's cheaper to cut off a quarter of an inch from the third pannel than it is to buy other stanless pannels. You can buy painted steel junk parts for twice the price, but it feels like better quality. I will update this after I use the grill for a while to see if they last.

👤It was easy to deal with this company. The product was shipped with the greats. They were packaged better than anything I have received before. The products were perfect. It was the same as my grill. There is a The company is TERRIFIC! The products are of good quality and the price was less than the original grill company. I highly recommend them to you. You will not be sorry, but you will be with them.

👤I bought them for my Char-Broil. The fit seems sturdy. Overall happy with the product. It seems like it's as good as the orginals.

👤It was a little expensive, but rejuvenated that part of my grill.

👤The item fits well but not as well as the original product. I will update after more use.

👤These grids are a great fit for my grill, they are great value, and it is back to 100% function.

👤These were a great replacement.

11. Hongso Porcelain Replacement G533 0009 W1 PCB004

Hongso Porcelain Replacement G533 0009 W1 PCB004

Flare-ups are reduced by improved grilling. It makes food taste better at a time. Lothey's has a Gas Grill and Char-Broil Commercial TRU-Infrared. The original part number is CHRG 533-0009-W1. Premium Cooking Grill Grates are upgraded. The cast iron is durable, sturby, and easy to clean, and the grill grate passed testing to meet or exceed relevant standards. 17 x 9 1/2 each, 17 x 28 1/2 total, 3-pack. ThePorcelain coated Cast Iron gas grill has cooking grates that are brushed clean with a grill brush. Make sure you measure the size of your original cooking grid grate and compare it to theirs before you place your order. They will reply within 24 hours if you have any other questions.

Brand: Hongso

👤The bars on this grill are round in cross-section, which is different from the oem grill pieces. The heat distribution is not correct. Not the same as the Tru grill.

👤I bought these grates a few weeks ago and I am very happy with them. I was questioning whether these were the best to purchase after reading some reviews. They were still highly rated, but not as high as some of the plain cast iron ones. I took a chance and they are perfect. It is a perfect fit, as good as or a better fit than the ones that came with the grill. The underside of the grill had been reviewed and I thought it didn't have the channels that fit on the diffuser. It locks them in perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase again or recommend them to others, even though it's not known if the porcelain coating will hold up.

👤These work well. The cost of the manufacture replacements was much higher than the value of them. The clean up is the same as the original plates. They work well and give great grill marks.

👤Some reviews say that the underside of the grate wasn't cleaned. They were on top of the old heat defiers. After about 6 summers, the factory defusers are starting to fall apart, but I'm still using these grates for my 2nd season.

👤The grill grates are made of porcelain. The porcelain coating is better than the teflon coating. I have had these for a year and they are holding up. There are no chips in the porcelain. Highly recommended!

👤I used these grates as replacements on my grill and they are just slightly smaller than the originals but still fit well on my grill and so far have cleaned up and cooked good without any problems.

👤The Char Broil grill was perfect because it was arrived on time.

👤This is for the Hongso 17” grate. The product is good. After a couple months of use, the factory grate seems to be holding up well, as the initial quality of the enamel is better. The grooves on the bottom are very similar to the ones on the waffle grate.


What is the best product for cooking grate model # g460-0500-w1?

Cooking grate model # g460-0500-w1 products from Uniflasy. In this article about cooking grate model # g460-0500-w1 you can see why people choose the product. Lanejoy and Safbbcue are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grate model # g460-0500-w1.

What are the best brands for cooking grate model # g460-0500-w1?

Uniflasy, Lanejoy and Safbbcue are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grate model # g460-0500-w1. Find the detail in this article. Ggc, Charbrofire and Direct Store are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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