Best Cooking Grate for Smoker

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1. Lifter Cooking Kamado Accessories Charcoal

Lifter Cooking Kamado Accessories Charcoal

It's not for lower charcoal grate usage. This BBQ tool can be used for most heavy-duty cast iron grate, like Big Green Egg,Kamado Joe,Primo,Pit Boss, and other. It's a good companion for cast iron heavy grate. BBQ is NECESSARY. The update grate lifter can be used with one hand. The Grate Lifter's handle has been upgraded to make it easier to use. Heavy grate can slip off the grate lifter during use. The grid lifter made of cast iron is more resistant to rust and is more durable. It is possible to make a heavy duty cast iron grill grate that is resistant to heavy weight without distortion. It's easy to keep your hands away from hot surfaces. It's easy to adjust or remove steel or cast iron grids. It's easy to store and hang, and never worry about losing it again. The upgraded grid lifter comes with a beautiful leather lanyard, and it also improves the product packaging. Christmas can be a great gift for your family or friends.

Brand: Kamaster

👤It does not work with the Kamado Joe Cast Iron grates, but it is advertised. It doesn't work like the Kamado Joe cast iron grate tool, so I ordered it to use with my Kamado Joe Classic II cast iron grate. You can check your descriptions on Amazon.

👤The product looks sturdy and well-made. I didn't get to use it because it was too big. It was my fault that I didn't measure the opening before buying. It's heavy and thick, so I believe it would have been perfect for replacing the grate in my stove.

👤I like this. I can fix the strap that is too short. Even though I know this is intended to be used on a different grill, I am using it on my Weeber grill. It works as I wanted it to. It's nice to have cast iron grates that are replaceable.

👤I bought this grill for my big green egg. The best grill I have ever owned. It's easy to clean because there's no food falling through. I do. There were no issues with this grill.

👤This is what we needed to complete the BGE Minimax. A great purchase...

👤I got what I was looking for. I thing is overpriced for what it is. It's worth that much, but I think it's a good product that does what it's supposed to do, and it's what was described.

👤I liked how strong it was. I think it's made from cast iron. It didn't fit between my grates as I had hoped. It's easy to clean. It's worth trying for the price. I had to wear a glove because it is short.

👤It was quite rustic looking when it arrived. There is a It was on a dock in the tropics. Not a good casting.

2. LANEJOY Barbecue Stainless Multifunction Cooking

LANEJOY Barbecue Stainless Multifunction Cooking

It's easy to store and hang, and never worry about losing it again. The upgraded grid lifter comes with a beautiful leather lanyard, and it also improves the product packaging. Christmas can be a great gift for your family or friends. The wire mesh for the barbecue is made of high quality 304stainless steel. BBQ wire mesh is food safe. The grill cooking grid grate can be used as a cooling and baking rack and is used for outdoor cooking. You can use it in other ways, but pay attention to the size of its size, to avoid the trouble of returned purchase. There are three sizes of the metal mesh: large, medium and small. The most suitable size should be paid special attention to. Grills grids are well-made. The BBQ net is round and corner border. Do not hang clothes, make the barbecue net strong and easy to clean. The Neat Grid is a way to bake food evenly for outdoor cooking. It is widely used to grill food in a household or at a picnic.

Brand: Lanejoy

👤The grill was useless after a weekend of cooking over a fire. The wires were bent from the heat. I replaced a 20 year old grill that was in better shape than the new grill that I bought.

👤I use them for play areas for the birds because of the soft edges. The safest metal to use is shir steel. You're good to go if you add a few perches and toys.

👤After spending 2 hours searching for the exact part to replace the charcoal tray on my otherwise OK Master Forge grill and smoker, I decided on getting these cooking grid grates to lay atop the edges of my existing charcoal tray, which developed a hole in the middle from heat stress. This seemed like the best fit and an excellent value, since no exact replacement part was available to ship immediately. It is lightweight, so it doesn't add stress to the handle-crank lift mechanism that raises and lowers the charcoal, and I have a back-up to replace it if it burns. I grill an average of 1x/month and I am confident that this will extend the life of my grill and keep it from going to the landfill for at least 2 more years.

👤I put these on top of the grate for my grill. I wanted to prevent food from falling through the grate. These work well. They have not warped even at very high heat.

👤It fits my Brinkman Smoke 'n Grill better than any other I have found and I like the size. The parts I ordered for the 1995 Brinkman model are no longer available. The strength seems to be good for steaks, burgers, chicken, and small roasts. I have not been able to cook because of the weather. The fact that it's made from a type of steel called STAINLESS STEEL makes it a better choice for cleaning than the original style steel. I was very happy that it fit.

👤These are not made of steel. They do what they are supposed to.

👤It's perfect for making a grill over the fire.

👤The deal is for 2 separate grates. Will be giving them a test soon.

👤Es un producto.

3. Cooking Masterbuilt Electric Smokers Stainless

Cooking Masterbuilt Electric Smokers Stainless

Provide more evenly heat and retain superbly, help to produce professional sear marks on the food. Help to produce professional sear marks on the food by providing more evenly heat and retain superbly. Help to produce professional sear marks on the food by providing more evenly heat and retain superbly. It's perfect for the Masterbuilt 40in electric smoker. The MB20070115,MB20071619,MB20071819,MB20072618,MB20072718,MB20072918,MB20073018,MB20074719,MB20075519,MB are also fit for fit masterbuilt models. For each, the dimensions are 19.69" W x 12.28" D. A cooking rack. Before purchasing, please check for the size and model of your original parts. These racks are very sturdy and easy to clean. It's easy to install a new smoker. FDA grade FDA grade chrome plated steel wire is the material. Replacing old grates with heavier gauge material will refresh your smokers. The wire rack is perfect for the Masterbuilt smoker. If you have any problems with the process of receiving or using the product, please let them know. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you.

Brand: Ajinteby

👤I received my grates and they look great. I ordered the grates because they were advertised as being made of steel. I questioned the seller about the grates being chrome plated and he said they were attracted to a magnet. The seller told me that the grates are made ofstainless steel. I believe they are chrome plated steel.

👤These cooking grates are nice, but I found they weren't compatible with my smoker. I recommend them to others.

👤Everything went well. Three times they have been used.

4. Weber 7432 Cooking Grate

Weber 7432 Cooking Grate

3-pack cast iron grill grate and 3-pack premium stainless-steel Emitter plate are included. The grill is for 18 charcoal grills. The Bar-B-Kettle and the Smokey Mountain Cooker Smoker have the same parts. It is easy to use and replace. nickel plated steel grate It's not for lower charcoal grate usage.

Brand: Weber

👤Purchase went well and the new grate was received in time for our trip. The grate is disappointing. My Jumbo Joe is at least 20 years old and has a long service history. Things seem to be smaller today than they were in the day. The tension was rolled around the wall of the kettle. The replacement is at least 1/2 inch smaller. We had to wrap several places in foil to make sure the grate stayed in place. It worked, but was disappointing. Sometimes that's good, but in this case it's not, and nothing is made like it used to be.

👤I am a BBQ/smoked meat enthusiast. The grate looks perfect! It was awesome at a great price. When I have some flat stuff, I put it over another grill to increase the grill space. I checked it out and it almost fit in the lower space of my smoker. It hangs up on the bolts and brackets. The water pan is about 2 inches above the rim. You can check it out before you buy because it's the same diameter as the original top grate. It fits perfectly up side down at the bottom grate. The handles on the bottom grate hold it at 0 and 180 and the handles on the top grate hold it at 90 and 270. It fits up side down on the top grate. The lid is not interfered with at the circumference. If I double up the top rack with flat meats, that's also an option. There is a I looked at how the rib rack I have fits with this one. The handles of the rib rack touch the lid to lift it. If the ribs aren't over the handle height, the double bottom rib rack won't work as well as it could. The spare ribs flopped over the rib rack handles, making my last session difficult. Maybe the butt could go on the 2nd layer. I have a 12 hour day. I load different shifts of meat. Another grate adds more potential. I'm going to drop that 13 bucks and get a 4rth rack for my smoker just to have the option of loading whatever I need at the same time.

👤I was having trouble finding a replacement cooking grate for my kettle grill at the big box stores in Nashville. I decided to go for it and check Amazon, but then I would have to pay half of the original price for the grill. The size of Amazon was what mattered. The grate fit on the grill after it arrived. Cookout time this weekend!

👤This is smaller than I anticipated, but it seems to be of good quality. We have grilled on it a few times and no issues so far, but we just set it on top of the existing grate and it works well.

👤I wanted to make a homemade smoker. I made a smoker from a water tank and they were the right size to fit it. The diameter is 17. They are constructed well enough and are doing fine, even though they are not thick and sturdy like some more expensive grates. I would recommend these for the price and good quality.

5. Unifit Diamond Pattern Porcelain Replacement

Unifit Diamond Pattern Porcelain Replacement

Brinkmann models are compatible. If you want to choose the perfect fit cooking grate, please double measure your original parts size and compare with ours. Traeger 34 series pellet smoker grill, Pit Boss 1000 series, 1100 series, and Austin XL pellet smoker grill are all compatible. Heavy duty gauge and 40% heavier of cast iron material with non-stick porcelain enamel coat are good quality. The diamond pattern design creates perfect grill marks. The bottom side of the grade strips is good for cooking and smoking. 3 PCS in pack. The PC has a width of 12.2" and a depth of 19.4".

Brand: Unifit

👤First thing. I bought a heavy BBQ grate to use in my smoker. It fits in the Traeger with two different pieces. It is heavy and holds a lot of heat. There is a It is a pain in the ass to clean, that's the only thing I don't like about it. It was really hard. I have tried everything to clean it, from brushing it to putting it in the dishwasher. I have only cooked meat that has had dry rubs on it and even that gets fat and rub in between the diamond shaped cutouts that is really hard to clean out the next time you use this grate. I don't want to cook something with any sugar in it because it will never be clean after that. There is a Again... I wanted to like this more than the three stars I gave it. It's a nice grate for a gas BBQ. It's not possible to burn stuff off of the grate after a cook. It is nice quality and heavy. It is very easy to clean off the original Traeger grate with crumpled up aluminum foil.

👤Three are very good. I have a traeger pro. They fit perfectly. The diamond pattern is the best thing. The one that comes with the traeger is very large and difficult to clean. I can clean them in my sink. I like these things. They look great in my traeger.

👤It was sprayed with cooking spray to season it before I used it. It worked out perfectly. It works for my Pit Boss 700 classic.

👤I originally gave a 3-star rating for this product, but upon arrival it looks like a steel grate. The seller told me that the porcelain coating is sprayed on unlike traditional porcelain coating that looks like plastic. The grate fits my grill and I am looking forward to it working for several seasons.

👤Absolutely perfect! I bought these for my husband. Our grill is coated with cast iron that leaves great grill marks. It's a great value for the cost and free shipping. Thanks!

👤The grill grate is made of porcelain and has no need for season. The cook surface should be new in years to come if it is kept clean. Measure twice, cut once, and you'll find the perfect size to fit your stock grate. Guests will be impressed by the non-standard pattern of the sear marks.

👤The product is great. Make sure you have the flat side up. It is easy to clean.

👤The first set of grates I ordered were missing one, but the seller was quick to respond and I received a brand new order complete with everything included. The smoker is perfect for this application. I would highly recommend these for anyone who wants to build a new smoker or repair an old one.

6. AJinTeby Charcoal Grid 7440 One Touch Bar B Kettle

AJinTeby Charcoal Grid 7440 One Touch Bar B Kettle

The PC has a width of 12.2" and a depth of 19.4". One-touch, Bar-B-Kettle, smokey mountain cooker smoker, jumbo joe, original kettle are the replacement parts kits for the Weber 18.5" grills. It's compatible with weber 7432 cooking grate and weber 7440 charcoal grate. The package includes a cooking grate. The Charcoal Grate is 1 x 13.5 inches. It is made of high quality STAINLESS STEEL. It is easy to clean. It will be brand new if you add some soap and water to it.

Brand: Ajinteby

👤I have doubts about it being smilng. The seller doesn't give any information on its composition. It looks like the other types of non-stainless grates on Amazon. It costs a little more than the other similar grates because it has a pan that fits in the center. The pan seems to be of good quality. The pan would be good for beer can chicken. The original weber grate is stronger than it looks, so I will probably keep it. The one I received was slightly different from the one pictured. The one I received has 5 bars welded together instead of 4 on the flip up ends. This really doesn't make a difference, but it does point it out. If it is good quality, this is a great deal.

👤I ordered it on June 24th and thought I would get it on July 4th. It was in stock for 22 days before it arrived today. PRIME is a joke. You can't get the same or heaver grill with the same pan because it's not the same. Don't buy this one, I will send it back. Don't buy! I received a replacement grill today from Weber, it is a lot better than the one I received from Teby. Get the Weber one.

👤I took a chance. The product description and other reviews seem to have been written for a different product. There isn't a bowl. None of these are open. I have a WSM water smoker and these are perfect for it. The bar stock used for the cross-grates and handles is slightly smaller than the original. The bar welded to the underside of the cross-grates is heavier than the one 888-270-6611 There is a A full set of replacement grates could cost as much as $80.

👤The replacement for the charcoal rack was too high. I bought this kit for less than what it cost. All 3 fit perfectly, the middle rack has handles now that the magnet barely sticks. If you want a good value upgrade, get this as thick or thicker than the original. I am very happy with this.

👤I bought a grill that doesn't fit my fire pit. It is larger than the grill and slides around. I don't know if it is larger or smaller than advertised. This grill is nice and would recommend it.

👤It looks good. It's sturdy and heavy. Happy with the size. I was hoping it would be small. It doesn't fit right along the weber grate. The cooking area will be affected. I can't wait to use it.

👤They work well on my husband's grill.

👤Garbage. The charcoal grate is too large and sits high in my kettle. The grill grate is too small. It's really bad.

7. Uniflasy Cooking Charcoal Smokey Mountain

Uniflasy Cooking Charcoal Smokey Mountain

The Neat Grid is a way to bake food evenly for outdoor cooking. It is widely used to grill food in a household or at a picnic. Weber 22 inch/ 22.5" smokey mountain cooker is compatible. Weber 7436 cooking grate, Weber 85041 lower cooking grate, and Weber 63014 charcoal grate are compatible with the 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker. The cooking grate is 21.5 inch. The cooking grate is 20.75 inches. 63014 The charcoal grate is 18 3/10 inch. The package includes a cooking grate, a lower grate and a charcoal grate. The steel grate is non-stick and easy to clean. The function is to hold charcoal. Your grill's life span can be extended. The cooking grate has raised side handles that allow you to add more charcoal without removing the grate. If you own a 22 inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, you can buy a replacement parts kit instead of buying them separately.

Brand: Uniflasy

👤When I decided to use my grill again, I let it sit outside for years. The metal was in good shape, but the grills had taken it. I bought these to replace them, and they are excellent quality, good price, and the correct sizes.

👤I bought this grate to make up for the purchase of the charcoal vortex for my Weber kettle. The grate has a circular cut-out in the center that is perfectly aligned with the dimensions of the Vortex. It has two openings on the sides that allow access to the charcoal area. The Weber grate is not flimsy and was only 4 stars on sturdiness.

👤It is a wonderful kit. I wanted to use my Wok on my car. The center hole is the perfect size for my wok. Making stir fry on the pit adds a whole new level of entertainment.

👤Picked up a Weber that was abused. They destroyed the easy clean system. This grill looks like new, because this kit slid in just fine.

👤The grills in my Weber Bullet smoker had rusted over the years, and this set was a perfect replacement. It fit perfectly when it arrived on time.

👤The grates fit perfectly. My fiance was very happy with this purchase since he got all three needed at a great price.

👤This is a good price for a replacement grate.

8. OLIGAI Cooking Stainless Replacement Barbecue

OLIGAI Cooking Stainless Replacement Barbecue

This product is a great gift for friends and family. The Cooking Grid Grates have 2 vertical poles in the center and 25 evenly arranged bars, it provides greater weight tolerance and increased strength than other ordinary grill grate. The professional grinding process makes the edge of the grille smooth, so that you can use it safely and conveniently. Heavy Duty STAINLESS STEEL is made of 304-grade STAINLESS STEEL. The wire cooking grate is a replacement for the cast iron grate. That will last and won't rust. The model is easy to use, it has a diameter of 15.5 inch, which can be used for medium green egg,weber,char-griller,smokey joe,grill dome,kamado joe classic, most grills of the same dimensions. There are barbecue ceramic grill accessories. It can be cleaned with an oven brush. It is easy to clean and anti blocking.

Brand: Oligai

👤It was very well made. Heavy work. The grate that came with the Kamado Grill was not as good as the one I have now.

👤Ask about works with older models.

9. Unifit Cooking Replacement Masterbuilt Electric

Unifit Cooking Replacement Masterbuilt Electric

The chicken leg holder is made of high quality steel and will stand the test of time, so you get your money's worth. It's perfect for the Masterbuilt 30in electric smoker. Including but not limited: MB20070619, MB20071117, MB20071418, MB20071518. The package includes a cooking rack pack. FDA grade chrome plated steel wire andavier gauge material are better than the original brand. It's easy to install and easy to clean a smoker. Please measure your current size and shape, make sure this fits your original parts.

Brand: Unifit

👤I was lucky to get out. A few things were left behind by my friend's husband. He never came to get his stuff. After the divorce was finalized, her Lawyer said she could do whatever she wanted with it, so guess who got a new smoker? I bought these on a whim because her ex-husband removed all the racks inside except one. They fit perfectly. I don't know the model number of my smoker, but I do know that it has a digital display on the top of the unit where you can adjust the temp and turn it on and off. Either way, the racks were very well made, easy to clean, and in every way, shape and form were the same as the original ones.

👤Does not fit a Masterbilt Smoker. The Racks are 1/3” smaller than the original.

👤I make jerky every once in a while, but these were originally for pork belly burnt ends. I might use these racks all the time in my smoker. The racks are very easy to clean. I plan on buying another pair to be able to use them all.

👤This work is great for our smoker. I was looking for a way to take mini meatloaf from the kitchen to the smoker without having to transfer it to the rack in the smoker. These are perfect and they are so thin that they don't interfere with smoking.

👤The replacement for my Masterbuilt smoker grate was perfect. My old ones were getting harder to clean. It is much easier to clean up after a smoke sesh now.

👤The original factory grate was not as good as the new ones. Will recommend and buy again when we need them.

👤It's sturdy and thickness is perfect for vegetables. The wire rack is not the easiest to clean. Excellent price and delivery. I had to find other companies.

👤It's great for smaller items like smoking hot peppers or jerky built better than the factory ones.

10. Uniflasy Cooking Replacement Masterbuilt Electric

Uniflasy Cooking Replacement Masterbuilt Electric

It is easy to clean. It will be brand new if you add some soap and water to it. Most Masterbuilt 30 inch electric smoker has a cooking rack replacement pack. Including but not limited for the model: MB0619, MB20071117, MB20071418, MB20071518, MB20072218, MB20072318, MB20072518, MB20073119, MB20073519, MB20073919, MB The dimensions are 14.6" x 12.2" for each. The package includes 3 cooking racks. Before purchasing your original parts, please check the size and model of your parts again. Food grade chrome plated steel wire is high quality and will last a long time. It's convenient for family dinners or parties. It is easy to install a smoker. The cooling rack is easy to clean, just soak immediately after use and use a vegetable brush to get crumbs and bits out of the cross sections, then cleaning is simply a piece of cake.

Brand: Uniflasy

👤I like using the rack. I have always used the regular racks for making jerky and had some issues with the meat staying on the rack. Even with small pieces, the racks are not a problem.

👤The new racks fit perfectly in our smoker.

👤It was a nice surprise. It was delivered way sooner than expected. If the set is grates, a replacement is needed. There are no visible flaws. It is necessary to use a dozen more times to be certain of the quality.

👤We received these grills as a used gift. Looking forward to smoking more.

👤These were the replacements that were needed.

👤Replacement racks are great. My smoker kicked the bucket.

👤They are easy to clean.

👤It's perfect for the Masterbuilt smoker.

11. Hongso Replacement 810 1750 S 810 1751 S PCB006

Hongso Replacement 810 1750 S 810 1751 S PCB006

If you own a 22 inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, you can buy a replacement parts kit instead of buying them separately. Made from porcelain coated cast iron, it's durable. The dimensions are 19/16" x 9 5/16" each and 19/16" x 27/15" total. The cooking grill grate passed testing to meet or exceed relevant standards and can be used directly in barbecue foods. It's safe and healthy. The grid surface is easy to clean and prevents sticking. Porcelain cast iron grates are able to heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also deliver professional sear marks, which increase the beauty of food. Brinkmann models are compatible. If you want to choose the perfect fit cooking grate, please double measure your original parts size and compare with ours.

Brand: Hongso

👤Very sturdy. These have a lot of weight on them. The food stays on the surface. I am very happy with my purchase.

👤It was a nice finish. seafood and veggies come off easily. I couldn't find the right grate for my Oklahoma Joe smoker. I only needed two but the price was still better than any other grate I could find. The packaging is good quality and easy to clean.

👤It took me forever to find a set of replacement grill grates that work with my Oklahoma Joes offset smoker ad gas grill. The set did the job.

👤I could tell by the package that it was a returned item. I found out why I put them on my grill. They would have been perfect for my members grill. The top of one of the grill grates is a bit wider than the others, so it barely overlaps and doesn't lay flush with the others. It's so disappointing. Why would you change the parts? I will call customer service to find out about the return.

👤My old grate was rusted. The new ones are great replacements.

👤Food doesn't stick to the grate and it's great for cleaning. They are made of strong material. They were too wide for my grill. Thankfully my husband was able to take one to work and have it cut down a bit. I'm very happy with them.

👤It was a perfect fit. The product is good. It was very easy to clean.

👤It was perfect for my grill. Excellent quality grill grate.


What is the best product for cooking grate for smoker?

Cooking grate for smoker products from Kamaster. In this article about cooking grate for smoker you can see why people choose the product. Lanejoy and Ajinteby are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grate for smoker.

What are the best brands for cooking grate for smoker?

Kamaster, Lanejoy and Ajinteby are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grate for smoker. Find the detail in this article. Weber, Unifit and Ajinteby are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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