Best Cooking Grate for Fireplace

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1. Kamado Joe Big II Grill

Kamado Joe Big II Grill

The soft grip handle is built with one piece of food grade metal and has a soft comfort grip rubber handle. It is suitable for both left and right handed home chefs. The air lift hinge reduces dome weight. The grill dome can be lifted with a single finger. The exclusive divide and conquer flexible cooking system has a half-rack design that allows you to cook different foods on different levels. Patented, All-Aluminum, rain-proof control tower top vent maintains consistent air setting for precise airflow management. The double-thick wire mesh fiberglass gasket is 10 times the life of normal industry gasket. The new multi-panel firebox six-piece design eliminates breakage.

Brand: Kamado Joe

👤When Big Joe arrived, I was very excited. I wanted to get back into BBQ and charcoal after years of grilling gas. I had to disassemble the grill on the sidewalk after it was dropped out the back of the truck. There was a bent shelf clip and the top gasket was damaged. I fixed the clip on my own and made a note to contact them for a new gasket. This is a heavy thing, so be sure to have some help moving it. There is a I've been able to do some amazing 12 hour pork shoulder cooks, ribs, vegetables, and typical small dinners. The grill is attractive and the smokey flavor is amazing. There are some things that are disappointing. There is a Kamado Joe won't send me a new gasket because I lost the little manual that came with the grill and they only have the serial number on a piece of paper. That is not acceptable for the amount of money these costs. There is a The ability to reduce the size for smaller cooks using the firebox divider was part of the appeal of the big joe. I have found that results are variable and depend on how you stack charcoal and the way you use the divider, so I don't use it anymore. It looks like they no longer include the divider with the grill. That makes a lot of sense. There is a It is hard to regulate temperature. There are a lot of dimensions to consider when setting vent settings. You can't open the grill often if you stack the charcoal poorly. If you go into the grill too frequently you can cause a large temperature spike. It's hard to bring the grill down once it gets too hot. There is a This is a good option for a barbecue. It leaves a lot to be desired. The customer service is pushing me to not recommend this product.

👤This is a review of the delivery. The grill is 480 pounds. This is a hard object to move. The delivery service came one and a half hours later than they had said they would. They were rude and refused to bring the grill to the backyard. There was no notice that the delivery was only for doorsteps. I can't move the grill on my own. I will have to pay someone to help me bring it back. I am not happy with the service.

👤I got my Joe with a broken latch because of the product provided by VM Innovations. It looked like a grill was sent to me before I received it. Don't buy from them. There is no excuse for a damaged product at this price point. The Kamado Joe Grill is amazing and highly recommend. It's easy to use and thought out. The tools that come with it are useful. All in a great product! There is a If you buy the Big Joe, you should have a few strong people available to put it in the base.

2. RedSwing Portable Folding Campfire Outdoor

RedSwing Portable Folding Campfire Outdoor

REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them immediately. Heavy Duty is made of welded and coated steel. This helps the grill resist oxidation. The legs angle out for stability and help take the weight. It's easy to fold up underneath the grill. The large size is 16.9''x12.2''x 7.9''. A generous grill top for camping, picnicking or campground. The grill grate is easy to set up and use. There are no tools required. Stand it up, unfold the legs, and it is ready. The camping grill can be used to cook over an open fire with existing cookware. There is hot coffee and stacks of pancakes. You can cook a meal in a pan, boil water over the campfire, or use the freestanding backpack camping grate to grill food. The camping grill can be used to cook over an open fire with existing cookware. There is hot coffee and stacks of pancakes. You can cook a meal in a pan, boil water over the campfire, or use the freestanding backpack camping grate to grill food.

Brand: Redswing

👤The grill is great in size and function, but it rusts after use. After cooking over the campfire in Tomales Bay, it was warped and rusted. If you want to cook directly on top of it, it might not be worth the money, maybe it would work better in a less humid environment.

👤The grill worked well over a camp fire. Based on first use, it appears that it will last long enough to get the value paid.

👤Quality made, works well. There is a I needed a special rack for an experiment in my fireplace. There is a This fit perfectly over the grate and a small amount of wood and kindling. It would be great to put a pot on outside. There is a I will keep it handy.

👤I have a set of Lodge cast iron skillets, one is a 10 and the other a 12 and they will fit on this rack. There is no room for the coffee pot on the side that hangs over. It holds the empty skillets without a problem.

👤The campsite was MzEd to cook over the open flame. I don't like using the grates at the campsites. This worked well. It is small and lightweight but large enough to fit four steaks at once.

👤Light-weight and sturdy. Our winter home firepit is a great size. Will buy a second one for the firepit in our summer home. A great steak over coals!

👤It did a good job cooking several meats. The legs fit our pit just fine.

👤It was taken for camping. It is very easy to use over a fire. Food was cooked on it very quickly. It was easy to fold down after it was cooked off.

3. Stansport Heavy Duty Rotiserrie Grill 24 Inch

Stansport Heavy Duty Rotiserrie Grill 24 Inch

The above ground fire grate design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping the wood dry and off the ground so you can start fires in any condition. It makes for a quicker and easier clean up. The cooking surface is made of steel mesh. The height can be adjusted up to 44" The rotiserrie spit has a turn and locks in multiple positions. All steel construction. 2 steel arms are included for holding pots.

Brand: Stansport

👤The StanSport Heavy Duty Rotisserie Grill was a good purchase for what I was looking for in a fireplace grill. I grill over hardwoods from my yard at least three times a week and needed something indoors for bad weather. It helps lower my electric bills. I had looked at both of them, and the one from TexSport, which had a welded bar on the underside of the grillmesh. The StanSport has a bar on the bottom supports, but the item pictured does not. Most of the same features were found in the StanSport, which was a bit less expensive. There is a The fireplace has about 40" of vertical space and is a medium to large one. The assembly was very easy to follow. It is possible to assemble the grill for either left or right hand, but for right hand rotation the thumbscrews are on the backside of the rack, which makes it slightly harder to reach, but not really a problem. I was able to lower the grill surface so that the food would cook faster but still have a nice smoked flavor. It's nice to be able to adjust the temperature of the food to keep it from being too hot or too cold. The rotisserie is easy to change positions and is stable when set into one of the four rotating positions. The construction is said to be made from steel, which is light enough for use outdoors, but strong enough to hold up in the elements. The parts are clean and the finish is good. The painted surface could burn off over time, but I'm not sure the type used. It would be great to know the product description from the manufacturer. There is a I would like to see a heavier gauge mesh on the grill surface to reduce warping in high heat, and some type of tension on the swing arms to prevent them from rotating. Both of these were not a deal breaker. There is a The value is great. The price is down because this is made in China. I would recommend this product for general use, but it would be a little light for everyday or commercial use. I'm happy with this grill, it will keep me from freezing in the snow and rain, and it will allow me to use my outdoor grill in bad weather. If this one holds up through the winter, I might consider getting another one.

👤The product was easy to assemble. I put rock over the legs to protect them from excessive heat damage. I was unable to find what it was when I burned it for the first time. We cook out most nights from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, and I got this for our cabin. It will have been worth the money if we get at least one or more seasons out of this. Will follow up in a few months.

👤Good idea, but poor execution. There were no instructions on how to grill. The grill is too big for my fireplace, but I can make it work. I'll probably have to re-weld the welds after a few uses. The grill mesh is very thin, and warped while I was burning it off. I'll probably put a screen over it. Don't buy this item unless you plan on cooking above your flames. You can find someone that welds and build a grill. I destroyed the packing box before I tried the grill.

4. REDCAMP Campfire Stainless Portable Carrying

REDCAMP Campfire Stainless Portable Carrying

Heavy duty and portable. The legs angle out for stability. The legs can be folded up to make it easier to transport and store. The outdoor grill with carrying bag is essential for camping and backpacking. The over-the-fire camping grill and legs are made of high quality 304 and 202 steels. This helps the grill resist oxidation. It's more durable than iron and it's lighter. There are two sizes available. The grill is 13 feet 9 inches when unfolded and 9 feet 9 inches when folded. It is possible to cook over an open fire with existing outdoor cookwares to make delicious outdoor feasts, hot coffee, stacks of pancakes, fried eggs and crispy bacon. You can cook a meal in a pan, boil water over the campfire, or use the freestanding backpack camping grate to cook food. REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will reply to you within 24 hours if you contact them immediately.

Brand: Redcamp

5. Weber 7435 Cooking Grate

Weber 7435 Cooking Grate

Their heat resistant gloves protect hands when cooking, baking, pot-holding, and grilling. It's a perfect kitchen help for high heat cooking, baking or grilling. It fits Weber 22 in. The grill models are One-Touch Silver, Bar-B-Kettle, Master-Touch and One-Touch. Weber has a genuine grill grate. The handles are angled for easy lifting. Heavy-duty plated steel grates are durable. Not compatible with a smoker.

Brand: Weber

👤The grate is functional as a replacement grill. If you want a grate like the one that came with your grill, this isn't the one for you. The bars that go across the grate are not as thick as the original Weber grate. They are thinner and there are less of them. I counted the number on the grate. There are 34 of them, including the two end ones, in my original and REAL replacement. There is a What does this mean? There is a lot of space on this grate. Smaller pieces of food can go through the grate. It's cheap and flimsy. I don't understand why Weber allows their name to be on the grate. Too much stuff falls through for me to use it on a regular basis. I bought a Weber replacement grate at Home Depot. There is a It's worth it because the bars are twice as thick and there are more bars in the grate. The ends of the original grate lift up to add more charcoal, like the one I bought at Home Depot today. If you're only cooking large pieces of food, then this grate may serve your needs, but for flexible grillers, it won't do.

👤This purchase has been pending for a long time. The last grate was in dire need of replacement. The aluminum foil was shouldering most of the meat by this time. This is the first review I have submitted with a photo, to show the wear of years of torture and being exposed to the elements. The old grate was not as sturdy as the new one.

👤I agree with Wayne's findings. The flimsy 25 bar substitute for the Weber round cooking grate for 22 1/2 kettle grills is not as sturdy as the previous Weber round cooking grate for 22 1/2 kettle grills. The larger spaces around the handles allow more food to fall into the coals. The picture on the website is incorrect, showing the wrong product. The build quality seems fine for a lightweight grate. It's made in China or Taiwan and it's shiny, so it doesn't matter to me. Weber sets the specifications for its products. "Made in USA" is what the website description states. Again, wrong. There is a I think Weber changed the specifications in 2012 because the label on the grate is copyrighted that year. I don't believe that reviews prior to 2012 apply to the product Weber is shipping. If you want to make a difference in the replacement market, bring out a sturdy steel grate like Weber's days of yore, since the cooking grills generally don't last as long as the kettles. I sent it back to Amazon.

👤I bought a Weber grill grate to use on my kettle for backyard campfires. My maternal grandmother had a kettle that was over 100 years old. I can walk away from the fire without having to worry about the fire blowing out or falling into it. I can use it on my propane fire pit to set a pot of food on for re- heating quickly, and I can also use it inside to make a microwave.

6. Sunnydaze Northern Outdoor Burning Firepit

Sunnydaze Northern Outdoor Burning Firepit

The Weber Bar-B-Kettle Performer is compatible with the One-Touch Master-Touch. The large size for extra warmth and ambiance is 32 inches square x 26 inches tall and has a steel fire bowl that is 25 inches square x 9 inches deep. The deep firepit is made from heavy-duty thick steel that is more durable than other iron or metal fire pits and finished with a bronze-colored high-temperature paint for heat and rust resistance. A multi-functional grill and fire pit set includes a folding square cooking grill grate, a spark screen, a poker tool, and a built-in wood grate. The 3-star pattern and steel mesh screening on the walls and the mesh spark screen allow for fire to be viewed from multiple angles. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor provides for its products.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤The bar is outside. It helps keep the kids away from the pit, as well as providing a nice place to rest hot dog roasting sticks while making hot dogs or s'mores. This is a sturdy unit. The fact that you can see the entire fire burning through the grate is one of the more enjoyable things about this unit. After our sister in law had hers for a couple of years, we got ours. I believe putting fire bricks in the bottom of the fire pit helps keep the bottom from burning through. We bought a cover to keep it dry during storms. If there is a big storm coming up, we can pick up the whole thing and store it in the garage. Ours is set on large patio bricks to make it sit level on the ground and prevent sparks from hitting the grass. We are very happy with our purchase.

👤The very small fire poker they include, never needs to be used. It should be three times longer. If you touch the wrong piece of wood while stirring it up, your hand and a couple inches past your wrist are going to burn. It hurts, but I just singed the hairs on my arm. There is a It's a nice design, but not sure how it will warm up during the cooler months. There is a I recommend getting a can or two of rust-oleum high heat to get more life out of it. It's a good idea to spray every piece of it. It would be great if it included a specific cover. I've used it a few times. I like it for the price. It needs a little more money to be safer and last longer.

👤On the first use, the paint was curled off the top. The paint is gone. We received this a few weeks ago and used it for the first time tonight. Since it was put together, it has not been exposed to the elements.

👤Everyone thinks it's too cute and this is a lot bigger than I expected. I like that it sits low so the fire can warm your feet and hold leaves. I put sand in the bottom to make it last longer. All of them were very happy with my purchase.

👤The material was cheaper than the pictures showed. The supports are made of metal. The cover that was in one of the pictures was not included. The correct fire proof stones are an expense, we had to buy them for the bottom. We used paving bricks, half the price, and they seem to work. It is not looking like it will be sturdy and outdoor. We like the idea of being able to cook with the children while we burn our down-wood. It was too expensive for what it was. It should have been more than that.

👤Good quality for the price. I have used it a few times and it works well, only change I made was to put in 2 pieces of angle iron on the bottom to raise the logs for better ventilation.

7. Walden Fire Grate Round Diameter

Walden Fire Grate Round Diameter

The camping grill can be used to cook over an open fire with existing cookware. There is hot coffee and stacks of pancakes. You can cook a meal in a pan, boil water over the campfire, or use the freestanding backpack camping grate to grill food. Heavy duty. The fire pit grate is 45% stronger than common steel. It fits in a large fire pit with its 29.5” diameter and 12 inch steel. It's great for 30 inch fire pits. The fire pit grate keeps wood off the ground which allows for better air flow from underneath the fire. This creates a less smoky fire. The fire grate is built to last with strict focus on quality. You won't have to shop for fire grates anymore. High-temperature powder coating ensures that the steel fire grate holds up against high temperatures and prevents rust from developing. The above ground fire grate design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping the wood dry and off the ground so you can start fires in any condition. It makes for a quicker and easier clean up.

Brand: Walden Backyards

👤The idea of creating air flow in my fire pit is something I like. The grate warped and sagged after one use, but it was one of the many great reviews. I took these pictures and videos after one use. It did warp a little. I don't think this affects the performance of the product. I still give it 5 stars because it does what I bought it for.

👤It was disappointing that only one 7 log fire warmed it to a red glow, causing the grate to collapse in the middle. The new grate has a pizza bowl in the center. Save money.

👤I liked the design and the reviews were good, but it was pricier than I expected. This was a perfect fit for my fire pit. All welds looked good. I only had a short time to burn a fire. It worked out as I had hoped. The air was able to circulate and keep the fire going. This was the first time I had all of the logs burn down. The grate was stable because the logs were flat across the surface. It will be a while before we know if it is durable but so far it is.

👤I have a 30" fire pit. The steel is strong. I didn't find the ember retainer to be a big deal because I didn't get the one with it. If I really need a screen on top of the fire, I'll just put it there. The small ember retainer on the other one is not important.

👤works well... If this had a smaller support ring in the center, it would be perfect.

👤Weak in the middle. After the first fire, it started to change shape. I put a brick under the grate to keep it from getting worse. The mfg could put a leg in the middle to solve this. If I buy another one, I will have a six inch circle or square of the same type of steel, with legs welded to the bottom before using.

👤The grate was perfect for our fire pit. It is awesome! It is a perfect size and strong. We are so happy we got it.

👤There have been two fires on this grate. The middle began to fall apart. So disappointing. When I got this grate, I was very excited. The price was a let down. It gets two stars for having the right concept of allowing air below the flames. It would be one star if not for that.

8. BALI OUTDOORS 32in Fire Grill

BALI OUTDOORS 32in Fire Grill

Not compatible with a smoker. The grill can be swung left or right. The grill is fixed by screws. Remove the grill and you have a fire pit. Humanized and Sturdy Steel Construction. Children are far away from the fire and drinks and roasting supplies are not hot, which is why the black round fire pit is designed with an outer ledge around the central fire area. The steel construction of the outdoor fire pit is long- lasting. There is plenty of space for a raging fire in the Unique Log Rack. The log rack and Poker are included. This fire bbq grill has a large cooking grill area that complies with FDA food grade. It is easy to assemble and measure 24inch by 32inch.

Brand: Bali Outdoors

👤This pit checked all the boxes after a lot of research. Well made with good materials. It is very easy to assemble. Well packed for the shipment. Design for strong fires. Excellent air flow. There is a foot rail for tootsies. The ring is around the edge of the drink. There is a A very sturdy cooking rack. Side to side easily removed. Fire cooked food tastes better. There is a wire rack on the pit that holds burning wood. The less direct hot fire against metal will last longer. The bed of ash works well. Quality materials. I am still looking long term. There is a The weather in coastal northern CA is never too hot or too cold. It is possible to use year round. There is a Keep covered. Don't allow rain or snow to accumulate in the bottom. Adding their coverage is important when buying a pit. The cover is made from good materials. There is a It is pretty. Not heavy enough to be moved. There is a Their phone and email support is excellent. Since building fires, friends, neighbors and I are having conversations such as humans have done. There is a This is where 2020 was acknowledged. Many weenies are going to roast. There is a Thanks. Some photos are odd. There is an update... March. Still happy. It's amazing how much people enjoy sitting and having conversations. There are two rules in my garden. No politics or religion. Both unresolvable. Will not divide. It works. The world is open to everything else. See? I told you that the pit is fire's magic. There is a Thanks.

👤I was excited to set it up. The setup is very easy. This is not built to last. This isn't even built to be built. The legs of the fire pit were poorly manufactured and the iron didn't stick, so I haven't used it. I plan on coming back. I'll change this with the results.

👤It's still March and it's on the deck, so it will be moved when the snow is gone. Even though I have 4 small screws left, I have nothing bad to say about it. I hope to have visitors and this will be great to have in the front yard. I'm considering putting a fire, cook stakes, or hot dogs down at the river, as it would be nice to go down there and have a fire, cook stakes, or hot dogs.

👤I would drill a hole in the bottom of the fire pit to make sure it doesn't hold water.

👤I would buy it again. It's a very well made fire pit, that's all I have to say.

👤I am very disappointed that this product is not the same as the one I saw in the picture, it looks like it is made of thin metal, but the picture looks real nice and thick, my friend has the same type and it is real thick.

👤Have not used it yet. I like the size. I did not follow directions correctly. When putting on a bottom ring, do not tighten screws until you line up all the holes. A piece of cake.

9. Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Handles Screen

Sunnydaze Large Outdoor Handles Screen

A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor provides for its products. This large fire pit is large enough for a large gathering of friends and family. The fire bowl is 30 inches in diameter. The height is 24 inches tall with the spark screen on. The total weight is 23 pounds. The lip is 0.25 inches thick and the base is 6 inches tall. The bowl is made of steel. The deep metal fire pit bowl is made from thick steel and black high-temperature paint finish for heat and rust resistance. The portable handles allow the fireplace to be moved anywhere and has decorative brass-colored highlights that complement any outside style. The fire pit set includes a mesh spark screen for added safety from flying sparks, a poker tool to easily control the flames or logs in the fire, and a wood grate for better air flow. The fire pit set has everything you need to make a cozy memory. This steel outdoor fire pit is easy to set up and assemble. Simply connect the base to the fire bowl and you will be able to light up the night. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is what Sunnydaze Decor backs its products with.

Brand: Sunnydaze

👤This is a nicer fire pit than the ones you can buy at the big box stores. It costs more. There are some weaknesses. The outdoor fire pit is 0.25-inch thick and has black high-temperature paint. There is no part of the fire pit with 0.25-inch thick steel. I would be hard pressed to say that there is even 1 inch thick steel. It's nicer than some of the super-thin steel you find in big-box stores and cheaper models. It's not heavy and you can move it around with ease because it's nowhere near.25-inch thick steel. It would be rather heavy to have a quarter inch thick steel. There is a The sides of the model do not have decorative open spots. There are drain holes in the bottom of the bowl part and in the bottom base part that lead to aMoisture trap. You can use the fire pit on the back porch because the sides are not open, and you don't have to worry about ash falling out and messing up the deck. This is not true with a lot of other fire pits. The ash mess is contained until you are ready to clean it up. There is a It looks nice. I will update this review if I notice that it is rusting. There's no evidence of scratches or anything after we burned it several times. We don't use metal tools with the fire bowl.

👤I got a chance to pull out the bottom portion of the fire pit. It is completely covered in rust. I have put the cover on every time I use it, and never let it sit out in the rain. I am really disappointed by this product. I bought this just over a year ago and have used it many times. 5 coats of high temperature grill paint are applied to the inside of the bowl and wire top to provide extra protection from heat and rust damage. It was bought a heavy duty cover to protect it from the elements. The screen lid fell apart after 10 uses.

👤I have a fire pit that I have used for about 4 months and it has been used for about a dozen different things. The grill is well made for the money, but it isn't heavy duty. I power washed the interior of the pit and found a good portion of the surface rusted. The power washer took off most of the rust and I applied a high heat black rust-oleum spray paint for the grills on the inside of the pit. The screen top was power washed and coated with rust-oleum after it had some incipient rust. I didn't think this pit would last for more than a year before I needed to paint it, but I would like to have seen it for more than a year.

👤I bought this for my husband's 40th birthday party. That was a few weeks ago. It's been used nonstop. Our house is the place to be in the evening. People have beers. Kids eat marshmallows. Many people seem fixated by fire. It has been a source of joy for many. It took my husband 10 minutes to put it together. It's pretty cool looking on its own. It has a GoT vibe to it. I chose it for more than just the look. There's never any standing water in the bottom because it has two drain holes. We live on a lake with mosquitoes. It was in perfect condition when it arrived. One of my better purchases this year.

10. Walden Diameter Premium Catcher Outdoor

Walden Diameter Premium Catcher Outdoor

The cast iron contruction grate is long lasting. It was a perfect fit. The new upgrade is thicker and flatter than the original parts. It will last for a long time. If there are any issues with this item, please contact them. The ember catcher keeps your fire hot for hours. Heavy duty. The fire pit grate is 45% stronger than common steel. It fits in a large fire pit with its 29.5” diameter and 12 inch steel. It's great for 30 inch fire pits. The fire pit grate keeps wood off the ground which allows for better air flow from underneath the fire. This creates a less smoky fire. The fire grate is built to last with strict focus on quality. You won't have to shop for fire grates anymore. High-temperature powder coating ensures that the steel fire grate holds up against high temperatures and prevents rust from developing. The above ground fire grate design keeps the fire cleaner by keeping the wood dry and off the ground so you can start fires in any condition. It makes for a quicker and easier clean up.

Brand: Walden Backyards

👤One word. Wow! Only used since November. It seemed like it would last for 5 months, but it wasn't. I don't know if Walden knows this is dragging their name in the soot. Maybe they'll read this and help me out. In a spooky Bela Lugosi voice, you should beware, the Munster's 'lab' is under the stairs. That was a funny show.

👤I wanted something to keep the wood and hot coals off of the ground, so I purchased this for a stone fire pit that we recently had installed on top of a stone patio. I researched all the different types of round and square grates, but I am very happy that this is the one I ended up getting. It fits inside my fire pit. The diameter of my pit is just over 30". The quality is what I love about this. You can tell the welds are top-notch because of the thick and sturdy round-bar that is used. The black finish on the bars and welds will stand up to heat. There is a cheaper way to get this. I would spend the money and get this one, because the ember catcher is much stronger than I thought, and it is welded on really well. I was going to go to the home depot and get some chicken wire fencing to help catch the fire, but I was going to cheap out and not get it. It is not a cheap or thin wire mesh. I am very happy I spent the extra money on it. I pay for a rain cover for my fire pit, and I don't expect to leave it open often, because I am good about protecting what I pay for. I would expect this to last a lifetime. If you leave it out to get wet, I would expect to see some rust eventually, but I still think it will last an incredibly long time since it is so well made. It would look great if you sprayed it from time to time with a high-heat BBQ primer paint.

👤The grate is exactly as described. I put a row of fire pit bricks into the rgound and a concrete bottom for the grate to sit on. I was worried that the fit between the grate, stone and steel fire ring was too tight. It all went well. The grate is sturdy, well built, coated nicely and I will check it out in a year. I only put it in this season, so it will be seen. So far, a great chase. pardon the pun, I know

👤I have a 30" fire pit that I need to get the wood off the ground to burn properly, and this fit the bill perfectly. It should last for a long time. The fire pit is not that deep so I didn't want it to create too much of a gap under the firewood. It works well for my pit, because there is only about two or three inches of lift. The steel mesh in the center helps keep the fire going and the ambers from falling down, which helps keep the fire burning longer. Excellent design, very happy with the purchase.

11. Fireplace Chimney Outdoor Kindling Firewood

Fireplace Chimney Outdoor Kindling Firewood

Tips to Avoid Rust1 remove your grate after each use, Season them by brushing with oil, and leave the damper open so that condensation doesn't collect in the grill. The liberty foundry fireplace grate clears 4in under the iron bar. The firewood should be removed from the chimney floor to allow air to circulate. The log holder rack is made of thick steel. A thick steel construction with a V-shape fire wood rack hold fire logs and kindling close to white Birch logs for easy lighting. The wide bars of wood burning fireplace tools make it easier to hold wood. The log buring grate is made from thick and solid square bar steel. The metal wood rack allows the air to circulate around the logs. This small log grate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fire places. Customer care. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today! Customer care. They are dedicated to providing you with premium products and customer care. Don't wait any longer and enjoy your products today!

Brand: Amagabeli Garden & Home

👤The delivery was prompt and the packaging was great. The large size fit our fireplace perfectly after Threw out the old grate. It looked like a well made grate, but within a week of having a fire, a noticeable sag occurred. Maybe this grate needs some support. The four strong legs help to prevent sagging. Apparently this isn't enough, as their claim isn't enough. It's pretty disappointing to have a product fail.

👤The product seems to be working. It's shady to offer 10% off for a five star review. Paying for reviews is wrong. I will buy elsewhere.

👤The picture was only used for one use. After an hour-long fire, finish burnt off this grate. The part on the upper left is what the finish looked like when it arrived, but it is now a charred color and not exposed to the fire. That is not ash, it is the burnt finish of the unit. I will write a review so that nobody else has the same surprise as I did.

👤Is not made of iron. It is cold roll steel. After the first day, his fireplace started losing shape. The middle lay on the bottom of the fireplace by the end of the week. I had to find a piece of steel to hold up the center so it wouldn't fall out. Don't spend your money. You can spend the extra money and get a real grate.

👤The grate is very solid and appears to be made will. This item is true, it has a rear width of 18 1/2 and a front width of 22 1/2. The front bar has a slanted top depth of 10 1/2'. The height is 4.

👤There is Bulletproof. Don't try to save money on a fire grate. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a grate that will complement a modern fireplace. It is stylish and functional. Over 40 fires and 2 months, the paint has served perfectly. A light stroke from a brush makes the appearance better. It provides the right height to provide an impressive economy. We get 4-5 hours out of Duraflame logs when we use them. 3 small seasoned split logs burn with a healthy even flame for 2 hours and each additional log provides over an hour and leave you with a healthy bed of coals on the firebox floor that provide heat in the room but not accelerate the wood burn on logs in the grate. This is a smart purchase and I am considering another one.

👤We purchased this grate 3 years ago and decided it was time to replace it. It would last another season. It's very sturdy. The grate is perfect for our needs. It's 3/4" bars hold up very well where other lighter grates tend to degrade over a short period of time. This grate is very good.

👤When I saw it, I thought it was expensive, but after I received it, I changed my mind. This is made from heavy steel. I have had log grates where the metal was half the size and it would always melt and bend. It looks like it will hold up in the heat. The front legs were a little too wide. The description said it was 21 inches, but the one I received was 22 1/2 inches. I was able to adjust the torch to fit my body. I would recommend it.


What is the best product for cooking grate for fireplace?

Cooking grate for fireplace products from Kamado Joe. In this article about cooking grate for fireplace you can see why people choose the product. Redswing and Stansport are also good brands to look for when you are finding cooking grate for fireplace.

What are the best brands for cooking grate for fireplace?

Kamado Joe, Redswing and Stansport are some of the best brands that chosen by people for cooking grate for fireplace. Find the detail in this article. Redcamp, Weber and Sunnydaze are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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